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Rakhi Sawant to bowl bouncers

You have seen her as an item girl, seductress, actress, reality show participant, singer, super girl and what not. Not Rakhi Sawant dons a new hat - that of a cricket commentator. With the world cup fever hitting the nation, television channel FILMY, in its continuous endeavor to give its viewers the best, has launched a new presentation 'Rakhee ke Bouncers'. The show has the sizzling Rakhee Sawant teaming up with seasoned comedian Suresh Menon to add a different dimension of entertainment to the World Cup. Rakhee Ke Bouncers is packaged in a 3-minute vignette format which will air through the day on FILMY, starting March 23.

Rakhi Sawant

In Rakhee Ke Bouncers, Rakhee and Suresh will give their comments on cricket terminology, match results, statistics etc., in their inimitable, funny style. Rakhee Sawant plays a 'bindaas bimbette commentator', who knows all about fashion and films but nothing about cricket. Suresh Menon plays her co-commentator, appearing on the show in different avatars of famous personalities like Sidhu, Srikanth, Tendulkar, Nana Patekar and Dilip Kumar to name a few.

Talking about the show, Shailesh Kapoor, Marketing & Content Head of FILMY, added: "In sharp contrast to all the serious World Cup analysis on various channels, our show promises light-hearted humor and a twisted look at cricket. Rakhee is one of the most exciting faces on television today, and in Rakhee Ke Bouncers, our viewers will see her in a new, comic role. Cricket can't get hotter and more glamorous than this!" /rakhisawant200307.html

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Item girl to Supergirl

She entered the industry as a sizzling 'item' girl but today Rakhi Sawant is a hot star on TV. What's more, she's also tried exercising her vocal chords for an album...

What was your reaction when Filmy approached you to do a show on cricket?
I felt very good because Mandira has already proved that cricket is not male-centric. The only difference between our shows is that mine is a comedy while hers is a serious discussion on the game. Rakhi Ke Bouncers is a 3-minute show giving a different dimsion on the World Cup.

Are you happy with the title Rakhee Ke Bouncer?
It's cool and glamorous.
Do you have to prepare for the show?
No, why should I? I have enough knowledge about cricket. I have been following the game since my childhood. Moreover, in the show, I am shown to be someone who is completely ignorant about the game. It's a comedy show and all my comments will be original .
So, who is your favourite cricketer and which team do you like?
Australians play very well, but obviously I cannot say that theirs is my favourite team because I am an Indian and my loyalties are with my country. As for cricketers I like Dada (Saurav Ganguly), Sachin Tendulkar and Dhoni. My only grouse against them is that they are spending too much time on doing commercials. Whatever position they have reached today is because they are playing for the country. Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan are actors and it doesn't matter how many products they endorse. But cricketers are brand ambassadors of the country and they have to devote more time on practise rather than to commercials!
You seem to be doing a lot of comedy-based shows on TV.
Yes, I love comedy. It's very difficult to make people laugh and you know, jo hasega woh phasega. People instantly connect to humour and that gives me a high.
< = src=""> < = src="," =text/>
Are you enjoying being the co-judge of Comedy Ka Badshah, Hasega India with Raju Shrivastava?
It is fun but I don't like Raju touching me all the time. I have told him many times but to no avail. I am tolerating it because if I react negatively there will be a controversy which I want to avoid.
Many times the stand-up comedians try to make you the butt of their jokes...
Yes and I hate it. Thodi masti theek hai but it gets irritating after a point. Even the jokes are not upto the mark. I tell them outright that their jokes are tasteless, but my comments are edited out. I liked VIP who used to genuinely raise laughter and Jai, a boy from Ahmedabad. I think Sunil Pal is amazing and so is Ehsan Qureshi.
From an 'item girl you have graduated to being the hottest property on the small-screen...
Yes. All I can say is that the sun has risen for me and I am basking in its glory. I want to cash in on the rage on every medium from TV and films to stage shows. I am getting a lot of offers from Sony and other channels. I am also doing many films as a lead. There's Rahul Rawail's Buddha Mar Gaya, Sanjay Gupta's Shootout At Lokhandwala and I have even been offered a Salman Khan film that I have yet to finalise.
Isn't Shootout... a multi-starrer with Sanjay Dutt, Suniel Shetty amongst others?
Yes, there are many stars but I have an important role.
What do you think was the turning point in your career?
I think Bigg Boss on Sony turned the tide for me. I consider the people behind Bigg Boss as my Godfather. I was written about everywhere and flashed on all channels. The show got me a lot of publicity and people started writing to me. If I get another chance to be a part of the show I will definitely go with my boyfriend Abhishek.
A lot of unsavoury things were also written about you, and your fellow inmates were not very friendly.
The only person who was close to me was Ravi Kissen, who still keeps in touch with me. Even Baba Sehgal was friendly. The rest of them were shrewd and manipulative. They were playing politics. They felt that they could gain viewers' votes by crying. Everyone was pretentious. I was the only person who showed my real self. I am a bold and bindaas girl by nature and that is what came across.
And yet you want to go into the house again?
It has a lot of benefits.
And now you have turned a singer with Supergirl.
(Cuts in) I am the first supergirl of India whose mission is to save the country from terrorists and bomb blasts. While Krrish, Spiderman and Batman will be busy deciding who amongst them will reach a disaster site first, Supergirl would have already done the deed!
How do you feel being the only girl amongst Superguys?
All of them tease me a lot but I am very strong.
So, how is Rakhi as a singer?
I have no knowledge of sur or taal. But Chamapakji (Venus) forced me to sing and here I am crooning 'Yaara na dil laga, phas hi jayega...'. The song has an universal appeal and I must say it has shaped out well.
How has the industry treated you so far?
When I came into the industry, nobody used to take me seriously. Sab faltu baatein karte the, but now nobody dares to do that.
Would you like to comment on Mika Singh making a video on the controversial kiss?
I think it is a very cheap stunt by a cheap man. I don't want to comment anymore on that.
Recently you distributed computers to the students of BMC...
Yes and very soon I am going to adopt two children through Lions' Club and sponsor their education. A couple of days ago I was in Pune where I visisted Hridaymitra Prathisthan where we donated Rs 21 lakhs. I personally gave Rs 51,000 for those are suffering with a hole in their hearts. As soon as I wrote out the cheque, many people came forward with their contribution starting from Rs 2000 -5000. As a citizen, I want to do a lot for children and old people.
What about your mother who has shifted to your brother's house?
I have done everything for my mother and now I want to do something for the under-privileged.

Are you interested in politics?
No. I can do a lot for the people without getting into politics. Ministers can only give speeches. In fact, I am getting threatening calls from some people for helping the needy. They tell me "You are not a MLA, so why are you doing it?" However, one of my greatest ambitions is to meet George Bush.

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Abey haath kya lagata hai, Raju!
   By: Shaheen Parkar
   March 26, 2007

Rakhi Sawant blasts Raju Shrivastava for his touchy-feely act on the Sony show, Comedy Ka Badsshah

Touch Me Not: Rakhi Sawant

Everyone knows that Rakhi Sawant is one bindaas babe. She doesn't care a damn when it comes to flaunting her attitude or her assets (not necessarily in that order!).

But the brazen item girl does get offended sometimes, especially when she feels things are getting out of hand.

It is learnt that Rakhi recently flew into a rage on the sets of the Sony weekly Comedy Ka Badsshah — Hasegaa India, which she co-hosts with comedian Raju Srivastava.

The cause of Rakhi's ire, which flared at the Concorde Studios in Goregaon a few days ago, was Raju's touchy-feely act on the show.

Suggestive signs

Says an onlooker, "Raju was only doing what the script demanded, but Rakhi was very angry.

She was fed up of Raju mouthing suggestive dialogues like 'main tumhe dekhna chahta hoon', etc.  and getting physical with her on the show.

Everyone thought this was strange because from day one Raju had to portray himself as someone completely smitten by Rakhi."

Comedy Ka Badsshah — Hasegaa India has been conceived and produced by the Optymystix duo of Sanjiv Sharma and Vipul D Shah, who earlier produced shows like Ye Meri Life Hai and the first season of Indian Idol (both Sony). Vipul is also the director of the comedy show.

When asked about Rakhi's outpourings, Vipul says, "I was not present on the sets when it happened, but I was told about it later by some unit hands. I was told that sparks flew because Rakhi was upset about certain things in the script."

Post her outing in Bigg Boss on Sony, Rakhi took on Comedy Ka Badsshah —Hasegaa India, which consists of a combination of spoofs, gags and stand-up comedy.

The show also has a hilarious segment — Hamari Bahu Rakhi. Incidentally, Rakhi's boyfriend, Abhishek Awasti, also featured in some episodes of the show.

Hands off!

GALTI SE LAG GAYA: Raju Srivastava

Adds the onlooker, "It is just harmless wooing by Raju, but Rakhi is taking great offence to it. Basically, it is a creative difference. There are no ego clash involved."

When we check with Rakhi, she admits that she has been taking offence to Raju's antics. "I don't like it when he keeps on falling on me or touching me.

I tell him to back off even on camera, but that is usually edited out from the show. I have told Vipulji about it. Let's see what he does about it," she says.

Raju, on the other hand, laughs off the incident. "I don't know what people have been saying about this, but there is no reason why Rakhi should get upset.

In fact, she ribs me to make fun of her  both on and off screen. I am only doing what the director tells me to do," he says.

Raju has another problem on hand. "The feedback that I have received after this show is not very good. Several audience members, especially senior ones, are uncomfortable seeing me with Rakhi.

They consider me a performer for family audiences, but with Rakhi around they feel I am not catering to all age groups," says Raju, who is also seen in Comedy Show Ha Ha Ha (Star One) and Nonsense Unlimited on  (DD).

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Rakhi's PETA cause

Rakhi Sawant manages to be in the limelight, this time it is because she is campaigning for PETA, an NGO fighting against cruelty to animals. In an effort to increase awareness through media coverage, she had painted her body with in the shades of the tiger and it took the make-up persons four hours to do so. She was inside the cage, roaring and trust us, she looked like an angry Tiger too. We caught up with her to know more about what made her take up the animals' cause.


Why you choose to advertise for PETA?
When these people approached me about this, I thought that I would advertise for a genuine reason. Personally I like animals and can't tolerate if they are tortured. Hence I choose to advertise for this.

What do you want to convey through this?
I want to say that don't use animals in circus, don't put them in cages. Imagine how you would feel if you were caged. We can shout and ask others to remove us from this mess, but can these animals speak? They cannot speak and hence cannot express their feelings. So please leave them to their natural place where they can stay and not in these cages.

Are you a vegetarian?
I am not talking whether I am vegetarian or non vegetarian. I am telling you not to use these animals in a circus. "Hum log animals ki Pooja karte hain"

You have painted your body; tell me how do you feel?
It took me four long hours to paint my body, I am too tired and inside this cage I feel I will die.

Tell us one thing that made you to do this?
Two years ago a Russian circus caught fire, all human beings escaped but all animals were dead because of the fire. When the rescue department reached there they saw dead animals holding the rods of the cages with their teeth. Image the condition of those poor animals. Animals are given shocks on their private parts so that they can perform for the circus. There are also many incidents where animals have killed their trainers so why give pain to them and also put your life in danger. Give these shocks to the ministers and see how they can bear the pain.

What do you want to convey to the Government?
Government should take care that at any cost they should not allow the five animals banned for the circus to perform in circus. I mean when I say at any cost. I don't want to tell that openly "Yahan insaan ke marne pe kuch nahi hota, to jaanwaron ke liye kya hoga" but if we will not care for these animals then who will. I am there for PETA and will give my full support to them in future too. Whenever I will see any one torturing animals I will not leave them. America has proved it that those children who torture animals become serial killers when they grow up. Hence never ever allow children to torture the animals.

Do you have any qualities of a tiger in yourself?
Yes, I do have the qualities of a tigress, even I am bold like a tiger and unless and until anybody harms me even I don't harm them. Unless I think that I am a tiger I cannot perform a dance item.

Even Shilpa Shetty campaigned for PETA, what do you think about her?
I find her like me, even she likes tiger print clothes. She is an item girl and so am I.

As circus is for enjoyment and children love watching circuses, so do you think that your message will be taken seriously?
Ask their parents to put them in cage and watch them performing. How will they feel?

People may think that you are doing all this just for publicity.
I don't care if they think that I am doing all this for publicity because I know what I am doing.
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Raju SrivastavRaju Srivastav, not laughing!

Raju Srivastav, a man known for his humour and his laughter... has been extremely upset! But, Why?

Ever since Rakhi Sawant accused funny-man Raju Shrivastav of touching and feeling her during the shoot of Comedy Ka Badshah, the man has been extremely upset. Rakhi had said that she had asked him not to touch her, but he had not listened to her and continued the touchy-feely act.

An angry Raju retaliates, "Maybe she liked the 'touchy' gestures or maybe she was convinced by one of her friends to stay back on the show. Finding and making gags on a day-to-day basis is not Rakhi's profession, its my profession. So when I signed the script producer Vipul Shah told me to just try and pull her leg to make her speak, otherwise there is no actual work for her as this serial is not about dance or music, and she does not know anything about gags."

Wonder what Rakhi has to say to that…

Raju who had worked in some Hindi movies (Baazigar, Main Prem Ki Diwaani Hoon, to name a few...) says his life took a "U" turn after the Laughter challenge on STAR One, which helped him reach people's hearts and homes.
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Rakhi wedged in a 'Mahasangram'

Controversies favourite baby Rakhi Sawant is once again caught in a contention. The incident happened on the sets of her Sony show, Comedy Ka Badsshah Haseega India where producer Vipul D Shah was busy canning the first episode of Mahasangram India - Pakistan Special.

Now the initiative which looked like increasing cultural harmony by bringing stand up comedians from two nations together on a common platform took a different turn when an Indian contestant walked out of the sets accusing Rakhi of a biased judgment.

Here are the details: Funnymen Albela from India and Sultan from Pakistan were the first two contestants pitted against each other in this episode. After the first round, Sultan scored higher then Albela. In the second round, Sultan completed his stand-up comedy and it was Albela's turn to present his gag. That's when Albela refused to perform accusing Rakhi of a being unfair claiming that she was more lenient towards Sultan because he hails from Pakistan. To which Rakhi retorted, "We have taken this decision from our hearts'. She was speaking on behalf of co-judges Raju Srivastav and Pakistani stand-up comedian Kasif.

Albela flared commenting that he was not like the Indian cricketers who would take defeat easily and that to him it means his career. Rakhi tried to pacify him saying, "Our (India's) USP is to be nice to people". But Albela had made up his mind and stormed off the sets. The producer had a tough time convincing the angry man to complete the episode and "it was quite a task", he sighs.

What we figure from all this hungama is that either the makers have woken up late and are celebrating a belated Fool's Day or it's simply a publicity peg as the production is going to air the entire drama as it is. What say?

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Rakhi on Koffee with Karan!
   By: Tushar Joshi
   April 5, 2007

After countless occasions of showering praise on the hyperactive item girl, Karan Johar has finally invited her for a chat on his 'hallowed' couch

It's My Time Now: Rakhi Sawant

Will she, won't she? After leaving us wondering for the longest time, Karan Johar has finally sent an official invitation to Rakhi Sawant to appear on Koffee with Karan.

Talk about the great leveller: after having high-handed actors like Kajol and Rani Mukerji snootily deriding her the show, Rakhi can now cock a snook at them from the very same couch (but something tells us that she won't).

Karan is currently shooting for his next set of celebrity banterers, and the episode featuring Rakhi is expected to go on air in May.

Bindaas babe

Talking about the invitation, Rakhi says, "I couldn't believe Karan Johar was on the phone with me. My palms got sweaty and I was mumbling and jumbling up sentences. This is the first time in my life that someone actually made me speechless."

She will don a designer outfit for the show. "Imagine having Manish Malhotra make something for me! It's a dream come true. I can't thank Karan enough for giving me this opportunity," she says.

Sawant always yearned to be on the show, "There are only two bindaas people in the industry. One is Karan Johar and the other is Rakhi Sawant. I think the day we meet we will be chatting non-stop," says Rakhi, excitedly.

No Mika, please!

Sources claim that Karan actually complimented Rakhi and told her he was her biggest fan. "Yes, he told me that his mother Hiroo and he would watch Bigg Boss religiously and cheered for me.

I was  touched. I never dreamed,  one day be on the same show as people like Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan."

How does she plan to tackle the speedy rapidfire round? "I will be nervous, for sure. But I will speak my mind. However, I told Karan that my English is not as good as his.

So he sweetly said that I could speak in Hindi."
She has no idea who she has been apired with on the show, "But if it is Mika, I will strangle him on the show itself!"

We can hardly wait!

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Rakhi SawantRakhi Sawant accused of favouritism by contestant!

Rakhi Sawant seems to have a reserved section for herself in every newspaper. Every other week she is reinventing herself in a new avatar.

From item girl to reality show participant to co-host in a comedy show to an ambassador of animal rights to a heroine in a forthcoming film, Rakhi Sawant has come a long long way from her Mika-kissing days. High as she is on this new found glory, a backlash can come as a nasty surprise. Recently a participant of the 'Comedy Ka Badsshah Hasega India', Albela Khatri, walked off the stage after accusing her of being partial and favouring another participant over him.

But Rakhi is not moving from her stance. She says, "The Pakistani performer scored 9/10 and gave a fantastic performance. After that it was Albela's turn to perform, but instead he started asking for the scores and said he will perform after the scores are allotted to him. This is not correct."

She adds furiously, "He made the situation worse by saying "Dusron ke ghar ke diye jalate jalate kahin apne ghar me andhera na ho jaye" which means don't let a Pakistani score more in front of an Indian. He also said that he was a very good scorer in STAR One. I asked him to perform first and then ask for scores. Also I am here to choose a good entertainer and I am not at all a partial person, for truth I can stand against anybody."

"In the first round Albela scored 7/10 and same in the second round. Even Sultan scored the same points in the second round. There was a tie between the two. I gave good marks to those who make me laugh and it's natural that if I am not getting entertained, my audience will also not be. My audience will not laugh on any crappy joke. So I always give marks that make us laugh a lot. I am not scared of anyone and bold enough to fight for a good cause. While I was in an argument with Albela, both Raju Shrivastav and and Pakistani judge--I forget his name--were sitting besides me but they didn't utter a word. I was alone to fight for this cause.

"I even asked him to perform and leave the rest on judges. It's the judges who decide the scores and not them.

"After all this the shooting was continued smoothly."

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