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Comedy Ka Badsshah:Hassega India-Articles Archives

This thread will contain articles related to the show Comedy Ka Bassshah:Hassega India.

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"I have not played Holi all my life"

With the fervour of Holi setting in, JYOTHI VENKATESH talks to the 'colourful' Raakhi Sawant about her present and future plans.

Raakhi Sawant has joined the bandwagon of comedy shows with the new show called Comedy Ka Badsshah-Hasega India with Great Indian Laughter Challenge finalist Raju Srivastav as the stand up comedian.

How did you bag the show Comedy Ka Badsshah-Hasega India since it is your debut on television?
I didn't understand why Sandeep Sickand and Vipul Shah called me up when I was shooting for a film called Buddha Mar Gaya in Hyderabad. I never imagined that I would act in a serial like this but because of
Sony TV, I said yes. They told me that it would not be exactly a serial since I would be required to participate in half of the show as a judge.

What is your approach to the show?
It is actually a spoof cum sitcom. Vipul Shah told me that my character was written keeping me in mind. The programme would be different because I am there. After getting tired of politics and corruption the whole day, when the audiences watch my show, they would feel like laughing and forget their problems . I will wear a sexy sari as a bahu. My looks will be as I look as Raakhi Sawant.  Even if I were to play Meena Kumari, my pallu will go a little low. After watching the programme you will
lose weight by laughing your guts out.
Would you let some contestant do a spoof on Mika?
It is a show to discover new comedians. I cannot stop a contestant if he sets out to do a spoof of Mika. When I decided to take a stand on the issue, I knew I would end up inviting controversies but I am glad I did not compromise and let myself be taken for granted.

Has your image undergone a sea change after Big Boss?
I was inside The Big Boss for almost three months and hence I do not know how I was received outside. I concede that my total image has changed for the better after Big Boss. You have seen only one hour every day but I had to spend the rest of the 23 hours with people who used to constantly make fun of me. Before Big Boss, I had never spent time with such vichitra prani (strange creatures) under one roof. I have always been a titli (butterfly) who likes to go on talking non-stop. I didn't make friends with any one in the Big Boss. Though we almost had physical fights we didn't end up fighting because we were told that we will not get even a rupee if we had physical fights.

To what extent have you had to struggle to achieve success?
To reach this stage, I have struggled a lot in life. I have had to sever relations with my
family too. I am proud that though I did not get my father's love, I have been able to stand on my own feet and look after my family consisting of my brother, sister and mother.

Have you bid good bye to acting in films?
I am acting in Sanjay Gupta's Shoot Out at Lokhandwala and Buddha Mar Gaya. I will  not stop accepting offers to do item numbers in films, music videos or stage performances.

I can never forget my roots. I have struggled my way as Neeru to reach this stage when I am known as Raakhi Sawant. I do not want to be stamped in a particular slot. I do not want to look down on anything that I have done till now. I am open to everything- movies, item numbers, stage shows, music videos etc.

Did Amitabh Bachchan recommend your name for the film Shoot Out At Lokhandwala?
I am playing the role of Pooja Bedi in the film. Pooja was near the shoot-out when it happened. Actually Pooja herself was considered for the role but Bachchansaab told Sanjay that he would not like to work with
Pooja Bedi because he would be uncomfortable with her and recommended my name for the part.

Is it true that Dev saab has cast you in his next project?
I am thrilled that a great star like Dev Anand who I met recently told me that he wanted me to act in his next film. He was quite charged when he saw me. I am amazed that he looks young even now at this age. I just cannot imagine that he is 84 years old. I think in several ways Devsaab and I are very similar. Both of us talk in one breath. He is not only amazing but also very handsome. I told him that I would love to work with him even before I could read the script to know what my role is going to be in his film. It is my proud privilege that Devsaab thought of casting me for his film. I am flattered.

When did you meet your boy friend Abhsihek Awasthi for the first time?
I met Abhishek for the first time when he had come to the shoot of my music video Mumbai Shaher. He is a Spicean whereas I am a Saggi. He is very opposite to what I am by nature. My mother was shocked when he came home one day and told me that he was hungry. I made parathas for him. In my life, I have never made a paratha for anyone else ever!

Did you recommend Abhishek for the show?
I did not recommend my boyfriend's name to Vipul. The producers thought that since both of us share a great chemistry, we could be cast as husband and wife in the segment Hamari Bahu Raakhi.

How do you plan to play Holi this year?
I have never played Holi all my life. To tell you the truth, I do not like colors at all, though the audiences perceive me as a very colorful person. p;am p;subsection=showbuzz&xfile=March2007_tvtrack_standard35 2&child=tvtrack

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If it wasn't Holi, it was Raju Srivastava wherever else on the tube you cared to look. The man's become so ubiquitous, it's no longer funny. He's on the Star One Champs, the Sahara One daily comedy show, the Sony weekly Comedy ka Badshah, besides Aaj Tak's Gajodhar and Star News' comedy fillers, and perpaps some more that I haven't caught. The man is obviously making hay while the comedy genre's shining, but frankly, I am suffering from a Raju overdose. It's time we dug up some fresh talent to amuse us. oxpopuli10.php

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Rakhi Sawant gets indecent SMS, threat calls

Item girl Rakhi Sawant on Saturday said she has been receiving indecent SMSs and threat calls from some unidentified miscreants.

Confirming the news report appeared in some sections of media, Rakhi said, ''Yes I have been getting indecent SMSs and threat calls for the past four days. I do not know who these people are and why they are making such calls.''

''They use extremely filthy language. They have even said they know my family and they will harm them,'' she said.

''I get about 49 to 50 missed calls every day. Because I do not take their calls, I have not reported the matter to the police.

I am busy right now. I quietly leave home and come back from work,'' Rakhi added.

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Rakhi turns singer

But the item girl will not have any jhatkas and matkas in the music video of the song.


   Guess who's crooning these days? Rakhi Sawant! The item girl, with a husky voice, has just recorded a song Yaara Na Dil Laga Phas Jayega, and in the video Rakhi will be playing a super girl.
   "It's been a dream to be a superwoman who saves the innocent and less-priviledged. Here through this video I'm realising my dream," says Rakhi, clarifying that it's video with no jhatkas and matkas, but animations.
   Singing wasn't easy, she admits. "I am not a singer.
Hamare khandaan mein koi singer nahin hai. But, yes, every actor has a secret desire to sing someday. I'm lucky to get this opportunity." Rakhi took a good seven to eight days to record the song. "Mere toh hosh hi ud gaye. But I'm glad it's worked out fine."
   It came as a surprise, she says, when she was approached by her rakhi brother DJ Sheizwood and producer Champak Jaain to sing this number. "It so happened that I had gone to meet Sheizwood at the studio when he asked me to come to the mike and hum a line. I was shocked, but I gave it a try. Initially he wasn't happy, but when I sang again he seemed to like it. Later during the recording he kept telling me 'Peth se gaa' and I replied 'Peth se kyun? Muh se gaate hain na?' Gradually I managed to hold my breath while singing."
   The video, incidentally, also features her boyfriend Abhishek in a negative role. Does she wish he was playing the hero? "That doesn't matter. We are artistes at the end of the day," she says. And, no, Rakhi says she has no plans to pursue singing further. "But you can never tell about the future though," she's quick to add.

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Rakhi takes flight

What can we say? Rakhi Sawant never fails to entertain. What's more, it seems her social calendar is choc-a-bloc with events.

On Thursday, she literally got under the skin of her newly launched supergirl avatar and fluttered about at two different promotional events.

The first was to promote a daily three-minute segment for Sahara Filmy, aptly called Rakhi Ke Bouncers! Now don't go getting any funny ideas here.

The show is based on cricket and starts on March 23, and will be on air for the duration of the World Cup.

Later in the evening, Rakhi attended the launch party of her debut album (Yes! She's even singing now!) called Supergirl, and had all the photogs eating out of her dainty hands.

Besides, which man in his right mind would want to miss R-Girl's elaborately choreographed (and often hilarious) movements, eh?

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As Gudi as it gets!
   By: Tushar Joshi
   March 20, 2007
Riteish Deshmukh

Every year, we celebrate Gudi Padwa by enjoying a sumptuous lunch at home.

The spread consists of traditional Maharashtrian delicacies like puran poli. Unfortunately, I couldn't eat lunch at home yesterday as I was shooting for Indra Kumar's Dhamaal.

Why the celebration?

Gudi Padwa means the start of the new year for farmers. Since we come from the farming community of Latur, this festival means a lot to us.

For the farmers, it means the settling of old accounts and the beginning of new ones. In Latur, we celebrate Gudi Padwa in a big way.

Rakhi Sawant

I am down with viral fever and not feeling well, so I am not celebrating the festival this year.

However, my mother is making some sweets and they will be a pooja in my house.

Why the celebration?

Gudi Padwa signifies the beginning of the new year for Maharashtrians.

Keerti Kelkar

This year, my mother-in-law did the puja as I had an early morning shoot.

But I did manage to get some sweets! In the evening, we went to the temple.

Why the celebration?

For Maharashtrians, Gudi Padwa signifies the first day of the Hindu calendar.
Sai Deodhar

I am in Delhi, so I cannot celebrate the festival. Last year, I enjoyed erecting the gudi and doing the puja with my family.

Why the celebration?

Gudi Padwa marks the first day of the Maharashtrian calendar.

Also, it has something to do with farmers and the harvesting season. That is the reason why wheat grain is tied around the gudi.
Ishaa Koppikar

Our Gudi Padwa starts with my grandmother making a bitter paste from neem leaves that we eat before beginning any work. Eating something sweet follows this.

Why the celebration?

Gudi Padwa is a victory celebration.

It is celebrated for Ramji's successful return to Ayodhya after killing Ravana. Gudi means victory and Padwa means new year.

Ashwini Kalsekar

This is the first Gudi Padwa when my parents are not with me. They are presently in London, so I am celebrating it at home by myself.

Every year, we do a traditional puja where we bathe the gods, wear new clothes and erect the Gudi.

This year, however, I haven't been able to enjoy the traditional faral (sweets), since I am unwell.

Why the celebration?

After Holi, Gudi Padwa is a period that signifies a new beginning.
Gauri Pradhan

I celebrate Gudi Padwa every year. This year, I will do the traditional puja and cook some good Maharashtrian food before leaving for my

Why the celebration?

Gudi Padwa is the first day of the new year according to the Hindu calendar, and also Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana on this day.
Anusha Dandekar

I don't celebrate Gudi Padwa.
Narayani Shastri

I had no idea it's Gudi Padwa. What's it about?

What's Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa is considered a very auspicious day. There are many legends behind the celebration of Gudi Padwa.

It is said that the universe was created by Brahma on this day and Satyug began.

It is also believed that on this day, King Vali was killed by Rama who then returned to Ayodhya victorious. Gudi Padwa is celebrated on the first day of the Chaitra month.

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Rakhi Sawant is SUPER GIRL singer


(Joginder Tuteja, IndiaGlitz [Monday, March 12, 2007]

Rakhi Sawant continues to don different hats with amazing regularity.

Starting off as an item girl and then an actress, she has seen it and done all with music videos, reality shows, concerts, stage shows and everything that is needed to stay alive in the world of glamour. And now she would be seen in a new avtar, as a singer, in her upcoming album SUPER GIRL.

For the promotional video of her debut album, she has not just sung but also performed to the choreography and direction of Pappu Maalu. A rich-in-special-effects music video, it has cinematographer Nirmal Jaani at the helm who has shot numerous Bollywood flicks. The album arrives on VENUS.

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