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Kkoi Dil Main Hain


aaliyah Senior Member

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Posted: 03 December 2004 at 5:35pm | IP Logged

What an episode. i thought today was gonna be a boring episode...but no...ejaz baby was shown lots...so i'm very happy...plus fur ball (samay ...i do like him guys but not more than ejaz) is in the suspicion zone just as i had predicted. heres the update for all you ejaz khan fans out there....he looked so cute in kajal's wind chime flashbackhttp://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/Ejazkhan_sonysno1/http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/Ejazkhan_sonysno1/Embarrassed

The episode begins on Nitu and Kajal. Kajal says to Nitu that she needs to go to hospital as she has an appointment for a check up and that Samay will be waiting for her.  Kajal leaves. Kajal is on her way to the hospital when the car breaks down. Kajal ask the driver what happened. The driver says to kajal that he will just go and check what's wrong with the car.  Kajal waits in the car while the driver tries to fix the car. Kajal looks out of the car window when suddenly she sees arjun on a motorbike near her car. Arjun smiles at her and rides off. Kajal is shocked. She calls his name and gets out of the car leaving her mobile on the car seat. She calls behind arjun but he doesn't stop. Kajal gets into a taxi and follows Arjun. She tells the taxi driver to drive fast as she continues to call out Arjun's name. The traffic lights go red and the cars stop. Kajal gets out of the taxi and runs to Arjun's motorbike. As she goes close to him and touches him the person on the motorbike turns round. It is not Arjun. The lights turn green and everyone drives off. Kajal is left standing there very upset.

Next scene Samay is shown (in hospital) calling Kajal. The driver picks up the mobile. Samay asks (thinking he's speaking to kajal) kajal where she is and reminds her that she has an appointment and is already late. The driver tells Samay that he speaking to him and also informs him that their car broke down.  The driver tells Samay that Kajal called for a taxi and went. Samay asks the driver as to why he didn't stop her. The driver says that he was about to stop her but she went before he had the chance to stop her. Samay hangs up the phone and starts to think where he will find Kajal.

Later Samay is shown coming home. Nitu is sitting on the couch. Samay goes up to Nitu. Nitu asks Samay where Kajal is. Samay says, "What kajal isn't home". Nitu says that she is not home and it has been a while since she left for the hospital. Samay then tells Nitu about Kajal's car breaking down and her taking a taxi. Nitu then says that "where could kajal be". Kajal walks into the house. She is very upset and quiet. Nitu goes up to her and asks her where she was. She tells kajal that she should not go anywhere without telling them in her condition. Kajal then tells Nitu and Samay that she saw Arjun. Samay on hearing this seems to get irritated. Samay says to Kajal (pointing at Arjun's photo with the mala around it) that she needs to look at the photo. Samay tells her that Arjun is no longer in this world and that he has left all of them and tells Kajal that her childish behaviour is hurting all of them. Samay then angrily says to Kajal that Arjun is dead. On hearing Samay's harsh words kajal feels faint. Nitu asks Kajal what's wrong with her and tells Samay to help her take Kajal to the couch. Nitu and Samay take Kajal to the couch and Samay sprinkles some water on Kajal's face. Kajal wakes up. Nitu asks her if she is ok. Nitu takes Kajal to her room.

Samay phones the doctor. The doctor tells Samay that kajal had an appointment today but didn't come. Samay says that he came and then tells the doctor everything about what kajal said she saw and how kajal is acting. The doctor says to Samay that the symptoms are not good for her pregnancy and it seems that Kajal has not come to terms with Arjun's death. The doctor says that it is important that kajal forgets arjun and moves on in life so that her child is not harmed. Samay says he will try.

Later Samay is shown in Kajal's room. He is packing all of Arjun's belongings in a suitcase. Kajal walks in. She goes up to Samay and angrily asks him what he's doing. Samay says that he is taking her away from Arjun's memories. Kajal snaps back at Samay and tells him he cannot do this. Samay says to Kajal that she is encouraging him to do this, as she is not accepting that Arjun is no longer in this world. Kajal says to Samay that he has no right to do this. Samay says that he does have the right as Arjun was his brother and he wanted to see her happy and that his soul will not rest until Kajal has accepted his death and has moved on. Samay goes to pick up the photo on the bedside cabinet (Arjun and Kajal's wedding photo). Kajal is crying and stops Samay and tells him to leave the photo there. Looking at Kajal cry Samay doesn't pick up the photo and leaves the room without Arjun's belongings. As Samay leaves Manmeet is outside Kajal's room. He is also upset.


Later kajal is shown asleep is her bedroom. She is dreaming of seeing arjun the night before and then seeing him on the motorbike. She wakes up. She looks at her bedroom window and hears the wind chime on it. She looks at it and has a flashback. She remembers Arjun looking through his drawer. Kajal comes in and asks him what he is looking for. Arjun says to kajal that he is looking for a hammer. Kajal laughs and says why are you looking for a hammer. Arjun holds up a wind chime and says that he needs a hammer so that he can hang the wind chime up. He asks kajal if she could find the hammer for him. Kajal starts looking for the hammer in the drawers while Arjun pulls a table near the window and stands on it. Kajal brings the hammer and pretends to hit arjun with it. She says here you are. Kajal tells arjun that it was in the same place. Arjun smiles and thanks Kajal. Arjun hammers the nail in and puts up the wind chime. Kajal plays with chime and smiles at Arjun. Arjun smiles back at her (really cute). Arjun comes down and tells kajal that he put this wind chime up so that each time she hears it she remembers him and that each time it chimes it means that he is thinking of her and wants to tell her something. He tells kajal that if she ever needs him she just needs to phone him and he will come running to her side. He then hugs kajal (so sweet). Then Kajal's flashback stops and she is back to bitter reality. She looks at the wind chime again and smiles. Suddenly the mala on Arjun's photo falls off. Kajal looks at the photo and then hears the chimes. The wind chime is moving a lot. Kajal gets up and holds the wind chime and starts crying. She says

"Arjun I know you are here and you want to tell me something. I know you are not my imagination, I feel your presence, please arjun show yourself, arjun please…where are you arjun, where are you." Kajal looks outside and sees arjun walking on the garden bridge. She is shocked. She runs downstairs and outside into the garden. She goes to the bridge and starts calling Arjun's name out. As she is calling Arjun's name, someone touches her shoulder. Kajal turns round thinking it is arjun but finds Nitu and Samay there. Nitu asks kajal what she is doing in the garden so late at night (well one could ask nitu the same damn question). Kajal says that she thought she saw someone. Samay says that she should have asked him to come as well and not all on her own. He tells kajal that no one seems to be here and that it's very late so she should go to sleep. Nitu and Kajal go inside and Samay is left standing very upset.

Next morning Kajal is shown sitting on her bedroom windowsill. Samay comes into her room. Samay asks kajal how she is feeling. Kajal says that she feels fine. Samay then says that he actually came to apologise for his behaviour at night (trying to remove Arjun's belonging etc) and that he understands that Kajal's feelings for arjun are natural so he shouldn't have interfered. Samay tells Kajal that he knows how hard it is to forget the memories of your loved one. Kajal says to Samay that it is OK. Samay then tells Kajal that dad has gone office and mum is also out. He tells kajal that he's also going office and that she should have breakfast and takes care of herself. Kajal says to Samay that he doesn't need to worry and that she will take care of herself. 

Later Kajal is shown sitting downstairs on the couch all alone and lost in Arjun's thoughts. She remembers her happy times with him and also has flashbacks of his death. Kajal gets up and goes to close the door. As she is about to close the door the Inspector comes. Kajal invites him in. The inspector tells kajal that he needs her help in order to track Kushal down. The inspector has an envelope in his hand. He tells Kajal that they have traced all the calls made from and to Kushal's mobile till the day of Arjun's death and was wondering if kajal could have a look at the numbers and see if she can recognise any. The inspector takes the papers out and gives them to kajal. Kajal looks through the numbers. As she is reading the numbers she gets worried and starts to cry. Looking at Kajal's expressions the inspector asks kajal if she has recognised any numbers. Kajal (trying to hide her tears) says no. The inspector then takes the papers and thanks kajal for her time and takes his leave.

As the inspector is leaving Samay comes in. the inspector says hi to Samay and goes. Samay comes in and looks at kajal, he then goes to look for some files. He has his back to kajal and asks her as to why the inspector came. Kajal harshly says to Samay that the inspector brought details of all to the calls made from and to Kushal mobile on the party day. Samay looks up but doesn't seem to be really that interested Stern Smile(strange –arjun was his brother). Kajal then continues and says that the inspector wanted to know whether any of the numbers were of someone we knew. Samay looks up (still his back towards kajal) and asks kajal whether she recognised any number. Kajal wipes her tears and says yes. She then says to Samay "do you know whose number it was". Samay asks whose. Kajal tells Samay that it was his number. Samay is shocked to hear this and turns round. Kajal says to Samay that "what's more shocking is that it's not Kushal who called you, but its you who called Kushal." Kajal starts crying again. She then asks Samay whether he phoned Kushal. Samay doesn't say anything. Kajal asks him again. Samay then says "Hain maine Kushal ko phone kiya tha…aur arjun ke bare mein baat ki thi (yes I phoned Kushal, and also talked about arjun)." Kajal is shocked to hear this. The episode ends.

From Aaliyah


Delicacy42 Groupbie

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Posted: 03 December 2004 at 5:54pm | IP Logged
ooh thank you so much for the update! Big smile
~LiL*PrInCeZ~ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 December 2004 at 6:59pm | IP Logged

thanx for the update

duz dis mean dat samay iz involved in arjuns murder?Confused

TiN24 Goldie

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Posted: 03 December 2004 at 8:05pm | IP Logged
thanks for the update!
Princess IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 03 December 2004 at 8:59pm | IP Logged
thanksBig smile
shahidlover24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 December 2004 at 10:40pm | IP Logged
Thx for the great update!

Ms. Bholi Bhali IF-Sizzlerz
Ms. Bholi Bhali
Ms. Bholi Bhali

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Posted: 04 December 2004 at 12:06am | IP Logged

thanks for the update

how can this happen................how can samay do that...........

Girl Senior Member

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Posted: 04 December 2004 at 6:59am | IP Logged
 i dont think this means that samay is behind all this

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