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Kya Yahi Pyar Hai: Episode 57 on page 20 (Page 7)

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Had originally been posted on IF.in. I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 25

Priya comes out rushing out of her room, Mitesh, Pritem, and Arjun follow behind her.

Priya: (sitting on the chair against the wall. Looking down holding her head) Anurag, that's it I can't take it anymore, I want to leave.

Anurag: we'll leave tomorrow.

Priya: (looking up) No I want to (slowly looking behind everyone else, getting up) leave now.

Everyone turns to see what Priya was looking at so painfully. Everyone's mouth drop open. The ghostly figure stands outside of Arjun's room.

Priya: (intensely scared) that's - that's

Everyone speaks one after the other.

Anurag: (shocked) Sunil!

Pritem: (shocked) Sunil!

Mitesh: (shocked) Sunil!

Manisha: (shocked) Sunil!

Priya: (confused) Sunil!

Arjun begins to laugh. Everyone looks confused at both Arjun and Sunil.

Arjun: (laughing) you guys should have seen your faces. (Copying them) Sunil! (Begins to laugh harder)

Anurag: (trying to figure thing out) wait wait wait. (Mad) what the hell is going on?

Mitesh: (mad) Wait it was both of you playing this joke. Both of you came up with this.

Sunil: (taking off the make up with a washcloth that in his pocket.) no actually -

Arjun: (cutting off Sunil, proudly) this whole master mind plan was my idea. I called Sunil the day we made the plans to come here and told him what to do.

Sunil: (pacing back and forth) and the only way, Priya would recognize me was the picture in this house. So I took all of them and took them to my office and made an excuse that Nandini took them. Just in case if someone asked me what happen to the picture. (He stops pacing).

Arjun: (begins to paces) and the minute you got off the phone and came to the dining table and ask me if I seen a ghost. I was afraid because I didn't know what Sunil might have said since I didn't think anything about that.

Anurag: so you didn't call from your office?

Sunil: (starts to pace) No I did. After Priya ran downstairs, I when inside my room and I grabbed my sport bag with my clothes inside and when out from the window. While driving to my office, I took off the make up and the clothes I was wearing because I had my office clothes underneath. Then I called you for the number of boxes I needed (he stops pacing).

Mitesh: and what about the room.

Arjun: (paces back and forth) well I sent a quick text message to Sunil that Priya was coming up when I heard Anurag tell Priya if she could get his tool box. And as nice as Priya is, she said yes (he stops pacing)

Sunil: (pacing) so I ran to the corner room. Luckily it was unlocked. I stood next to the window. So I could leave the room before anyone could see me and because I'm a profession at climbing out the window and into someone's room. I went easily into Arjun's room, the minute Priya closed her eyes. (He stops pacing)

Arjun (pacing) and then when Anurag left Priya's room. I told Sunil to go in front of Priya's window. (He stops pacing)

Sunil: (pacing) I waited outside Priya window, till she moved or turned in bed. When she did I pushed her window and she got up and screamed. Then she hided her face and I quickly climbed into Arjun's room. (He stops pacing)

Arjun: (walking towards Priya) then I walked out to see why Priya screamed like everyone else.

Manisha and Pritem: But why did you do this?

Sunil: you guys know me very well, that if I get a chance to play a prank on someone, I don't let it go and she won't know me until she falls into my pranks. (Talking to Priya) Priya I'm sorry if I might have crossed my limit. (Priya looks down about to cry)

Arjun: (cutting Sunil off, smiling) I'm not. She deserved it, for all the stupid pranks and things she did to me. (Pointing while looking at Priya) remember when I told you that I'll get back, this time I did something about it. Now you will think twice before you play around with me again. (Tears begin to come out of Priya's eyes. Arjun look away from her) and you know how fun it was (looking at Priya, happier) you know how fun it was that - .

Priya slaps Arjun. Arjun holds on his cheek and looks up at Priya. Priya begins to cry and runs into her room. Manisha runs behind her. Priya locks the door and lies down on her bed and begins to cry.

Manisha: (knocking on the door) Priya! Open the door. Please, talk to me.

Mitesh: (talking to Arjun) is they something wrong with you. Are you crazy, she did these things because for fun… to give you and everyone else a laugh. And you go ahead and do something like this.

Manisha: (walking towards Arjun) you didn't feel bad when she got locked up in the room and fell sick. (Sunil gets shocked after hearing that Priya fell sick) you didn't feel a like bit of guilt that you tried again to scare her some more.

Anurag: Sunil! Arjun didn't realize it, but you're older then him, you should have made him realizes what he is doing is wrong.

Sunil: I thought it was a harmless joke. I didn't know what happen after I left or else would I be crazy to scare her after she fell sick.

Arjun bends his head in shame.

Pritem: I could actually understand if Priya forgives Sunil, but you forget it. Sunil at least said sorry. You just went on and rubbed it in her face, (copying Arjun) how fun it was. You must be insane. (Pritem leaves into his room)

Anurag: I still can't believe you didn't feel pity for her even after she fell sick. I wouldn't even do anything this low. (Anurag leaves to his room)

Mitesh: this is the lowest thing you have ever done. You been my friend since we were small and I never thought you could do something this low. (Mitesh leaves to his room).

Manisha: you know what… forget it. I got nothing to tell you. (Manisha leaves to her room)

Sunil: (puts his hand on his shoulder) Sorry man. (Sunil leaves to his room).

Arjun sits on the chair and has flash back of the time he scared Priya and what everyone said now.

The next morning, Priya comes down to the sitting room.

Priya: good morning

Manisha: Good morning. (Closing the gas) Breakfast is ready, can you wake up Arjun. (Remembering what happen last night) Sorry I'll wake him up.

Priya: No it ok, I'll go.

Priya walks upstairs into Arjun's room. Priya moves Arjun until he wakes up. Arjun sits up and looks at priya leave the room. Arjun stands up really mad and has flashback of the night before.

Arjun: (slapping the vase off the table) damn!

Everyone begins to pack there bags. Sunil comes to Priya's room.

Sunil: (knocking on the door) can I come in?

Priya: (folding her clothes pulling it in the bag) yeah.

Sunil walks into her room and sits on her bed.

Sunil: So how you feeling?

Priya: A little better, temperature going down.

Sunil: that good (Pauses) Hey sorry for last night. If I knew you fell sick, I would have come clean.

Priya: I know I heard everything last night.

Sunil: So will you forgive Arjun. (Priya stays quiet) Never mind I got my answer.

Sunil gets up and leaves. Priya continues to pack her bag.

Everyone begins to load they bags in the car, Sunil hugs everyone good-bye.

Sunil: (Smiling) It was good to scare you - meet you! It was good to meet you!

Priya: (starts to laugh) Bye (hugs Sunil) 

Sunil: (while hugging her) forgive him.

Priya lets go of Sunil and goes into the car.

Anurag: come home more often, Mom really miss you.

Sunil: yeah I will.

Anurag hugs his brother and gets into the car. All of them drive home. Not one word was exchanged between Priya and Arjun. They reach Mitesh house. Everyone takes out they bags and loads it in either Pritem or Anurag's car. Everyone gets into there car, expect for Priya and Arjun, who are still loading there stuff in the car. Mitesh waits on his steps, for them to leave. Priya and Arjun close the trunk and walks to the front to get in. Priya is about to open the door, when Arjun grabs her hand.

Arjun: Sorry (Priya stays quiet, Arjun get mad and pulls her in front of him)

Manisha: (inside the car) what's happening? What's happening?

Pritem: I pull down the window.

Manisha: No! Then they won't say anything.

Anurag: (jumps into the passenger seat and has his ear against the tinted window, Thinking) what are they saying. Damn! I can't hear shit.

Arjun: (while that was going on. Mad, yelling) Why aren't you saying anything to me? Why don't you yell or scream at me, please say something to me. (Slowly down) If you don't say anything I won't be able to forgive myself.

Mitesh: (thinking) forgive him forgive him.

Priya: (pulling her arm away) what the hell do you want me to say to you? What you want me to forgive you, fine I forgive you. But what more can I say after what you heard last night. (Putting her hands together) So please leave me alone, because I don't need you.

Anurag gets back into his seat. Priya gets into the car.

Anurag: what happen?

Priya: (mad) nothing. (Softly) I'm sorry.

Anurag: (starts up the car) its ok.

Arjun gets into the car.

Manisha and Pritem: what happen?

Arjun: (sadly) nothing.

Anurag and Pritem drive out of the drive way. They all go there separate ways.

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aww the end was so sweet cant wait for next part
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Had originally been posted on IF.in. I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

CHECK OUT PAGE ONE: Tell me if my first post on page one is more helpful for someone who are new to reading my story or for whom has not read my story for a long time.

Episode 26

Pritem takes out a book from his locker and flips through the book looking for something. He looks to the side at a girl who is curly her hair with her finger, who is looking right back at Pritem. He again look to his book and then to the girl. The girl continues to look at him. The girl winks and Pritem nearly drops his book. The bell rings, Pritem throws his book into his locker and grabs his bag. He runs down the hall to manisha class. Manisha is coming out.

Pritem: Manisha, Manisha, Manisha.

Manisha: what, what, what?

Pritem: How do I talk to girls?

Manisha: what?

Pritem and Manisha begin to walk to wards the gym.

Pritem: I was standing in front of my locker, when I look up from my book, this girl was looking at me. Then when I looked up again, she winked at me. (happy) This girl actually winked at me. I think my life is about to change for the better.

Manisha: (feeling kind of jealous) what does that have to do with me?

Pritem: You can teach me!

Manisha: teach you what exactly?

Pritem: how you girls think? How to talk to you girls?

Manisha: (sitting on the bleacher) You're crazy.

Pritem: (sitting on the bleacher) Come on please, for me?

Manisha: No

Pritem: Please.

Manisha: (rudely) No

Pritem: (trying to make her feel bad) Fine, me and my broken heart with leave you alone. I'll live alone for the rest of my life. (getting up to leave) Who cares, if I don't have a shoulder to cry on.

Manisha: (grabbing his hand) Fine I'll help you.

Pritem: Thank you (kissing her on the forehead) Thank you (kissing her on her left cheek) Thank you (kissing her on the right cheek)

Manisha: (moving Pritem face) Ok stop. But first we need to lay some ground rules.

Pritem: Ok, but you girls need to trust us more. We not like those dirty pigs that just want to get a girl in bed.

Manisha: I don't mean it that way.

Pritem: Anyways shoot

Manisha: One! You can't go out with a girl one day and drop her the next. Two! You can't go out with two or more girls at once. And three! (pauses) I haven't thought of it yet. But when I get it I tell you.

Pritem: I'm your Pritem and I wont even think of doing that. But If you want me to write it down and sigh it, (grabbing his bag) I can take out a paper and pen. (opening his bag).

Manisha: (putting her hand on top of Pritem hand, stopping him) There no need.

Pritem puts his hand on top of Manisha and flashes her a big smile.

Manisha: (thinking) I trust Pritem but why do I feel like this is not a good idea. Why is hurting me so much.

Later on in the day Manisha leaves her house and goes to Pritem house. Manisha rings the door bell and walks in.

Manisha: so you ready for your first day of class.

Pritem: actually I have to watch Shilpa so can we work at my house.

Manisha: sure where is my darling shilpa.

Pritem: Upstairs sleeping.

Manisha: (lightly) sorry

Pritem: It's ok she won't hear you.

Manisha: Ok! What do you want to start with?

Pritem: I don't know… lets start with talking. How do I know if I'm talking to much.

Manisha: (talking to herself) this is going to be long.

Pritem: what?

Manisha: Nothing! Anyways the girl you need is a girl who doesn't mind flirting…

Pritem: (cutting her off) me flirting… I never flirted in my life.

Manisha: yeah right… and a girl who doesn't mind someone who doesn't talk to much. Someone who could acts childish sometimes.

Pritem: are you here to help me or make fun of me.

Manisha: I'm not making fun of you. I'm just telling you what I think of you and to me these seem like very lovable traits.

Pritem: well then thank you.

Manisha: oh yeah I forgot to mention crazy. A girl who doesn't mind a guy who is crazy.

Pritem throws a pillow to Manisha.

Pritem: anyways how will I know if the girl is not interested.

Manisha: well you remember Naina right, she is the type of girl who might not go out with you.

Pritem: Why wouldn't she go out with me?

Manisha: Naina is one of those shy, simple, innocent girls. And over that she likes some one like my brother, who is a flirt but is ready to fight with anyone the minute anyone say anything to him. You're the type of person who would make fun of that person until they lay a hand on you. Then you begin to fight.

Pritem: question! What does that have to do with anything.

Manisha: basically I just want to say naina won't like a guy like you and you wont like a girl like naina as a girlfriend. You would only like a friend like Naina but not a girlfriend. Someone like Priya or me would be good for you. Priya is a type of girl who is simple but when it comes to where a guy to begins to flirt with her, she would either break his jaw or his heart.

Pritem: So I need a girl like you!

Manisha: Yeah! (Manisha feels weird and then looks away for a second) anyways lets start with some dialogues. Lets start!

Pritem: I've lost my phone number, can I have yours.

Manisha: Sure! Call me anytime, I won't be home.

Pritem: Damn! That was harsh!

Manisha: well there are some girls out there like that. They just won't be so nice and they just might humiliate you in front of everyone and I can't help you out on that. But remember always start with a friendly comment. Ok make pretend that you're in a club and I'm the girl you interested in. How would you start.

Pritem: (stands up, cleaning his throat) Can I sit? (manisha nods her head, Pritem sits next to manisha) Nice weather we're having. My names is Pritem.

Manisha: Sorry I don't talk to stranger.

Pritem: will I always say there are no strangers, only friends you haven't met yet.

Manisha: what are you a philosopher?

Pritem: ok you lost me there.

Manisha: You can't start off friendly, can you? And nice weather we're having, you're inside a club you couldn't have said something else.

Pritem: sorry I'm more of a flirtatious person.

Manisha and Pritem continue day after day for the next five days, the fifth day.

Manisha: (standing in font of Pritem) ok today's is the last day and we got the conversation thing down. Today is the last day for dancing.

Pritem: (sitting on the couch) I'm not going to dance. I'm not good at dancing to slow songs. I stepped on your foot like about a hundred times the first day.

Manisha: (putting on the music) But stepped on foot like about umm 50 times yesterday. Your improving.

Pritem: No I'm not.

Manisha: Come on lets dance. (holding out her hand)

Pritem: No

Manisha: Don't be a chicken (pulling him) come on

Pritem: fine

Pritem gets up and begins to slow dance with Manisha

Manisha: (after a couple of minutes. dancing) See your improving, you still haven't stepped on my foot, yet. (Pritem smiles) ok now roll me out and then roll me back in.

Pritem rolls her out the back rolls her back into his arms. After being rolled back in Manisha and Pritem looking into each others eyes, they blood rushes through they hearts, which makes it beat faster. They slowly move side to side looking into each others eyes. Manisha looks down.

Manisha: (letting go of Pritem) I think I should go now.

Pritem: yeah it getting late.

Manisha: (walks away to grab her phone and dials her mom) Hello Mommy, can you tell the driver to pick me up and Pritem's house.

Neha: I already sent him to pick you up. He'll be there in a minute or two. (cutting the phone).

Pritem comes behind Manisha and puts his hand on her shoulder. Manisha heart starts to beat faster. Manisha turns around.

Pritem: I could have dropped you.

Manisha: My mom already sent the driver 5 mins ago. (the bell rings) that might be him. Bye.

Pritem: bye

Manisha walks past him. She gets into her car and drives home. After Manisha leaves Pritem scenes a feeling of longing. Later on at night Pritem is moving around in his bed unable to sleep. He wakes up and call Manisha.

Manisha: (sleepy) Pritem, why are you calling me so late at night. I'm sleeping.

Pritem: I don't know, I just have this weird feeling.

Manisha: don't worry! You did will these pass couple of days. You'll find a girl soon. Bye (cutting the phone)

Pritem: But that's not it (cutting the phone) I think I'm in love with you.

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really really good
plzz continue soon Smile
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I was looking forward to your next chapter. Great work! So Pritem has interpreted the feeling correctly...but what will Manisha do when she figures them out? She already has a boyfriend!
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Originally posted by nice444

is your last eposide 26 just wondring

No this is not the last episode... i have written up to 45 when i was writing in IF.in... but they are more episode to be written after the 45 episode... i'll post the next episode soon...

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Had originally been posted on IF.in. I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

CHECK OUT PAGE ONE: Tell me if my first post on page one is more helpful for someone who are new to reading my story or for whom has not read my story for a long time.

Episode 27

Priya and Anurag come into the canteen.

Priya: so that was him and the other guy is dead

Anurag: yeah

Priya: so she changed his face to look like his, so no one would suspect her. (Grabbing a chair)

Anurag: yup (grabbing a chair)

Priya: (sitting down) interesting.

Mitesh: What's interesting?

Anurag: the novel.

Pritem: the novel where she changes his face to look like his, so no one would suspect. (Pauses) you a movie like that came out on DVD, it called Yakeen* [there is no book like the movie Yakeen, and if there is I don't know]

Priya: Cool! I'm going to watch. (Talking to Anurag) Are you coming?

Anurag: I'll be busy. I got plans.

Mitesh: you're busy with what?

Anurag: with things

Mitesh: like what?

Anurag: (rudely) look I don't have to tell you everything.

Mitesh: damn chill. I was just asking.

Anurag: sorry.

Manisha comes in running and hugs Anurag's neck, moving side to side.

Manisha: (happy) I'm so happy.

Arjun: we can see that but what happen.

Manisha: you know that designer contest I sent my designs to.

Mitesh: yeah

Manisha: (screaming) it's been selected.

Everyone: congratz

Manisha: (bowing) Thank you thank you. (Stops bowing) and you know what I'm going to be sent to America to present my designs.

Mitesh: hey that's great.

Arjun: but when did you find this out. I didn't hear about this, this morning.

Manisha: before coming here mom called me and told me that they called and they have selected me.

Pritem: so when are you going?

Manisha: they don't know when but they said next month, maybe.

Pritem: (his heart breaking into a thousands piece) you can't

Anurag: yeah Pritem's right you can't

Manisha: why not?

Anurag: cause what are we going to do with out you.

Pritem: yeah

Priya: but you usually don't get these chances again

Arjun: yeah she's right.

Pritem: (mad) but her father owns a fashion company. She could present her clothes at her father fashion show, anytime she wants.

Mitesh: damn man! Chill out! You're mad like your losing something.

Pritem: (thinking) Tum kya jano

Anurag: ok just wait two month before making any decision, just two months.

Manisha: fine!

After a minute or two

Mitesh: does anyone want any thing to drink.

Anurag: yeah soda

Arjun: nothing.

Pritem: nothing

Priya: water

Manisha: nothing

Mitesh walks up to the counter.

Mitesh: yeah two sodas and a bottle of water.

Mitesh turns to look at everyone but while turning to look he bumps into a girl and drops her books. Mitesh and the girl bend down to pick up her books.

Mitesh: (picking up her books) I'm so sorry, I should have looked.

Jyoti: (grabbing her book, looking up) It's o (pauses) k

Jyoti looks up at Mitesh like if cupid had struck her with his arrow; Mitesh looks up, looking at her the same way. Priya looks up at them.

Priya: (pointing at Mitesh) hey guys look.

Mitesh: (looking up) here you g (pauses) o

Jyoti: (getting up) thanks

Mitesh: you welcome.

Mitesh turns to get the soda and water. Jyoti walks pass him. While paying for the sodas, Mitesh turns to look at Jyoti. Jyoti while walking to let her friend looks back at Mitesh. Mitesh and Jyoti give each other a blushing smile. Jyoti sits down with her friend.

Girl #1: finally you came to the canteen or else you're always in the library.

Jyoti: ok yell at me later. But can you tell me who is he (pointing to Mitesh. Who walking to his table)

Friend: oh yeah, how would you know you're always in the library. Well anyways, he is Mitesh, You heard of Anurag right… Mitesh is his friend.

Jyoti: does he have a girlfriend.

Girl #1: (shocked) Jyoti!

Jyoti: what he's cute.

Jyoti and her friends begin to laugh. Mitesh sits down.

Mitesh: here's your soda and here's your water.

Priya: Kuch hua?

Mitesh: Kya?

Manisha: lub hua?

Mitesh: what are you guys trying to say?

Manisha: what was that thing over there? (Pointing to the counter)

Mitesh: Don't beat around the bush. Come clean.

Manisha: who was the girl you were picking up books for.

Mitesh: oh her! I don't know her but when I was turning and I accidentally pushed her and dropped her books.

Priya: what was that blushing smile you gave her?

Mitesh: she smiled at me then I smiled at her.

Manisha: when should we call the pandit?

Mitesh: pandit? Why do you want to call him? Wait

Anurag: these two (slapping Priya and Manisha on the head, lightly) are trying to say that you like her and that they can't wait till she becomes their bhabhi.

Mitesh: First I don't like her. I don't even know her and you guys could forget of getting a bhabhi because I'm not getting married.

Manisha and Priya: (shocked) why not

Mitesh: I just don't, not in this lifetime and hopefully in the next.

Jyoti hears everything that Mitesh said.

Jyoti: (thinking) if I don't change your mind about me and marriage then mere naam Jyoti nahin.

Girl #1: (snapping her fingers in front of Jyoti) hello! What happen?

Jyoti: Nothing

Girl #1: then help me. How do you do this? (Pointing to a math problem)

Jyoti: first multiple 38 and 17

Everyone continues on. The bell rings everyone gets up to leave.

Pritem: you guys go; I have to ask Anurag something.

Mitesh: ok

Mitesh, Priya, Manisha, and Arjun leave.

Anurag: what did you want to talk about?

Pritam: what do you have planned that will make Manisha stay?

Anurag: (smiling) something, but you have to wait 2 months

Anurag leaves. Pritem stands there heartbroken.

Pritem: oh God, Let Anurag plan work.

School ends and Anurag drops Priya home. Priya walks inside

Priya: (taking off her bag) Mom I'm home.

Kiran: (yelling) we're upstairs in our room.

Priya runs upstairs. Kiran and Anil are packing.

Priya: where are you guys going?

Anil: London

Priya: why?

Anil and Kiran looks at each other.

Priya: what's wrong?

Kiran walks up to Priya and holds on to her hand.

Kiran: Priya your Nanni

Priya: Nanni! What happen to her?

Kiran: momma had a heart attack

Priya: (tears begin to come out of her eyes) what?

Priya lays her head on her mom's shoulder.

Kiran: we have to be with her. So your dad and I are going.

Priya: (about to rush out) I go pack my bags

Anil: you're not going

Priya: (turning at the door) what? Why not?

Anil: your studies haven't finished yet.

Priya: So!

Anil: lower your voice.

Priya: sorry

Anil: I already called up Manisha parents you'll be staying with them till we get back.

Priya: but papa-

Anil: no buts! Pack your bag we leaving in 30 mins.

Anil leaves the room.

Priya: (crying) but mom Nanni

Kiran: (hugging her) I know beta. Your dad would have let you come, but your final tests are coming up and it's important you keep your mind on your studies. Your Nanni would be alright. It was a minor heart attack. Now go get ready.

Priya leaves to her room, to pack. Later they leave to Manisha's house.

Anil: (taking to Vikram) If it wasn't an emergency, we wouldn't have bugged you.

Vikram: It's nothing like that. We love to have Priya over.

Anil: (getting up) we should be going. Thanks again.

Vikram: kya Thanks you. Priya is like our child. Best wish to your mother.

Kiran: thank you.

Anil and Kiran turn to leave.

Priya: (sad) papa!

Anil: (stop in his tracks and turns to walk to Priya and kisses her on her forehead) She'll be ok. And we'll be back soon. Take care ok.

Priya: (nodding) bye

Anil: bye

Anil and Kiran leave. Priya runs into Manisha room, crying. Manisha runs behind her. Arjun stands against the wall, depressed.

Arjun: (thinking) I'm sorry for everything. I wish I could tell you how I feel but you won't even look twice at me. How will I tell you…?

Arjun puts his head against his wall and remembers what happen over the break. A tear falls out of Arjun's eye.


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aww it's a awesome mix of sadness/humor/and confusion. i luv it like always plzz update soon

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