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Kya Yahi Pyar Hai: Episode 57 on page 20 (Page 6)

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Posted: 14 June 2007 at 4:46pm | IP Logged

Had originally been posted on IF.in. I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 22

The ghost continues to look dead hard at Priya.

Priya: (trying to yelling. Walking backwards towards the stairs) An - An - Anu

Priya gets a hold of the stairway railing. The ghost tills his head.

Priya: (screaming) ANURAG! (Priya runs down the stairs)

Everyone jumps out of the couch and runs towards the stairs. Priya comes running down scared and unable to talk.

Anurag: (holding onto Priya's arms) Priya! What happen!

Priya: (looking and pointing upstairs) the -, ah -, -st.

Mitesh runs upstairs.

Anurag: (shaking Priya) Priya say something, what the hell happen upstairs.

Priya: (stilling pointing and looking upstairs. Unable to talk) the -, ah -, -st.

Mitesh: (coming down) no ones upstairs. Everything's in place.

Anurag: (holding on to Priya's face) Look at me! Priya! Look at me! (Priya turns to look at Anurag) what happen upstairs!

Priya: (catching her breath) there… there was a ghost… upstairs. There was a ghost. (Tears begin to come out of Priya's eyes)

Anurag lets go of Priya in disbelief. Priya walks to the couch and sits, still scared stiff.

Anurag: Priya… how could they be a ghost. I telling you there is no ghost.

Priya: (combing back her hair with her hands) I'm telling you there is a ghost. I saw it.

Manisha: (to Arjun) did u do anything?

Arjun: I was down here with you how could I do something like that (joking to Priya) you don't want to be the boy who cried wolf.

Priya: (mad) Arjun! Shut up. I saw what I saw. I saw a ghost upstairs.

Pritem: maybe it was your imagination maybe because of all the stories.

Priya: Pritem I saw it with my own two eyes. It was a pale… (Unable to find words) it looked like a corpse.

Manisha: maybe she right maybe there is a ghost.

Anurag: (mad) there is no ghost.

Manisha: (pointing to her) but look at her, Anurag. She is scared out of her mind. (Anurag turns to look at Priya, who is laying her head on Mitesh shoulder) maybe even if it wasn't a ghost. She did see something.

Anurag: fine! Let's all go up and check.

Everyone goes to their room to check; as well as the corner room and Sunil's room.

Anurag: Priya there's nothing up here.

Priya: (walking into her room) I don't care, I'm not staying here.

Mitesh: (holding Priya's arm) come on there's only three days till we have to go home.

Manisha: yeah Priya please, look I promise nothing will happen.

Priya: (feeling kind of reveled) fine. But I'm not lying there was something and if I see it again, I'm leaving.

Manisha: (holding on to Priya) fine, let's go, I'm hungry.

Priya and Manisha go to the kitchen and begin to cook. Everyone sits (going to the right is Priya, Manisha, and Anurag. In front of Priya going to the right is Arjun, Mitesh, and Pritem) and they begin to eat. The phone rings

Anurag: (still eating) can someone get that?

Priya: I'll get it. I'm done eating.

Priya gets up and walks over to the phone.

Priya: (picking up the phone) Hello!

Sunil: Anurag?

Priya: wait hold on.

Sunil: this is Priya right.

Priya: yeah

Sunil: nice to hear from you. Priya can you tell Anurag (talking to his secretary) look over there in those files. (Priya get confused) Sorry can you tell Anurag too bring the financial file on the phone.

Priya: ok hold on

Sunil: that's not it.

Priya: Excuse me.

Sunil: sorry I was talking to my secretary.

Priya: oh (Priya puts the phone on the side and walks to Anurag)

Anurag: who was it?

Priya: it's your brother. He wants you to bring the financial files to the phone.

Anurag grabs a napkin; he cleans his hands and runs upstairs. He walks into his room and looks through his draw. He takes out a file and runs down to the phone.

Anurag: (on the phone) yeah got it right here.

Sunil: look for the receipt number 352-11-31M

Anurag: (looking through the receipt) 352-11-31M hmm (pauses) got it.

Sunil: ok tell me how many boxes were sent to the warehouse.

Anurag: (looking through the list) boxes, boxes, 35 boxes.

Sunil: Great that's all I needed (talking to his secretary) you can stop looking.

Anurag: yo you're not coming home this week.

Sunil: no I have a lot of work; I'm staying in a hotel near bye the office. I might come before you guys leave.

Anurag: Alright. But tell me one thing what happen to all of your pictures.

Sunil: oh you know Nandini, she in the graphic business, she took all my pictures and hers and now she making a big collage to post it on her wall.

Anurag: she also took the once with me in it,

Sunil: you know I look good in every picture.

Anurag: Don't play yourself.

Sunil: Hey! She going to edited you out and will add just me to the collage. Ok I have to give the box number to Mr. Khan. Bye

Anurag: Bye

Anurag cuts the phone and walks to the dining table.

Anurag: (talking to Arjun) what? You saw a ghost too!

Arjun: (day- dreaming) what? Me! No!

Anurag: cause you looked shocked.

Arjun: Oh (picking up his plate and walking to the kitchen) what do you want to do now?

Pritem: what about a movie?

Mitesh: which one.

Arjun: (sitting back down) No chick flick. I'm sick off seeing them.

Priya: yeah me too.

Mitesh: what's the date?

Everyone: don't know.

Manisha: Why you asking?

Mitesh: first time Arjun and Priya agree on something (Arjun and Priya make a face at Mitesh). Wow! There also think alike.

Priya picks up her leg to kick Mitesh.

Arjun: (knowing she's going to miss) Nooooooooooooooooooooo

Priya misses and hits Arjun. Arjun fall onto the ground and holds his leg.

Arjun: (mad) I getting bruise on my leg.

Priya: (mad) sorry my legs don't coordinate correctly when you're around.

Arjun: (mad. Getting up) neither does your mind.

Priya is about to kick Arjun

Anurag: hold that leg, little missy. You guys can fight later.

Manisha: yeah, let's go watch a movie.

Everyone gets up and puts their plates in the kitchen. They walk to the living room and begin to watch a movie.

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good chapter! can see that the gramatical errors are reducing Big smile

well i still like arjun and priya ka jodi better than anurag nd priya [:DEmbarrassed!

good job!!!!!
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Had originally been posted on IF.in. I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 23

The next day, Priya gets up and hears the rain. She jumps out of bed and runs to the window. Delighted to see the rain, she slips into her slipper and runs downstairs to the sitting room. Manisha is sitting on the couch looking at a magazine.

Priya: (walking to the sitting room. Talking to Manisha) you're up early.

Manisha: So are you. Where're you going?

Priya: (taking of her slipper next to the glass door) outside.

Manisha: why?

Priya: it's raining

Manisha: so?

Priya: (walking towards Manisha) come with me.

Manisha: no (Priya pulls Manisha off the couch. Manisha pulls back)

Priya: (pulling her) come on it will be fun.

Priya pulls Manisha outside in the rain. Manisha and Priya begin to twirl in the rain. Anurag gets up and stretches his arms. While stretching he takes a look out the window and sees Manisha and Priya. Mitesh, Pritem, and Arjun come out of they room and walk down the hall. Pritem stops in front of Anurag's door and finds him looking out the window.

Pritem: hey guys. (Pointing into Anurag's room)

Mitesh and Arjun walk back to Pritem. They look at Anurag and walk in. Pritem taps on Anurag shoulder.

Pritem: what are you looking at?

Anurag points outside and moves to the side. Arjun, Pritem, Mitesh also look out the window and sees Manisha and Priya spinning in the rain.

Mitesh smirks and shakes his head while he turns to leave the room. Anurag, Arjun and Pritem continue to look at Priya and Manisha affectionately. Priya and Manisha stop twirling.

Manisha: (smiling) ok that's enough.

Priya: (childish) some more please.

Manisha: you play I'm going to go.

Priya: ok

Manisha leaves. Priya continues to spin. Pritem get off Anurag.

Pritem: well I'm hungry, see ya.

Anurag and Arjun: (continue looking at Priya with love) yeah.

Mitesh walks out to the back.

Mitesh: (next to the door holding onto a towel) Priya come in or you'll get sick.

Priya stops and walks towards Mitesh, smiling. Mitesh open the towel and begins drying her hair. Mitesh and Priya both walk in. Anurag and Arjun lean off the window.

Arjun: will I'm going to go to sleep.

Arjun walks out of Anurag room. Anurag walks into his bathroom with a big smile. Priya walks up the stairs and towards her room. Manisha comes out of her room, changed into different clothes.

Manisha: you going to go change.

Priya: yeah

Manisha: do me a favor when you come back out wake up Arjun.

Priya: (mischief) sure, I will. (Walking into her room)

Manisha: priya!

Priya: Don't worry I'll wake him up.

Anurag comes out of his room.

Manisha: hey (gives a kiss to Anurag)

Priya: (holding onto her door) owwwww.

Manisha: Jhaa (lifting her hand, making pretend she will slap Priya)

Priya bites her lips and closes the door in a hurry.

Anurag: (laughing, holding on to Manisha) Chale.

Anurag and Manisha walk downstairs.

Manisha: I'm not cooking, you guys cook.

Anurag: (on one knee in front of Manisha) yes madam, what would you like to eat this fine morning?

Manisha: (lifting Anurag by the chin) whatever you would like.

Anurag: (standing up. Cleverly) ok cereal then.

Manisha: that was so mean.

Anurag: you said anything.

Manisha: but I didn't mean cereal.

A glass is heard breaking upstairs.

Anurag: who did you sent up stairs to wake up Arjun?

Manisha: (feeling stupid) Priya…

Priya: (running down the stairs) Helpppppppp (running towards Mitesh)

Mitesh: (grabs on to Priya as she runs by him) I got you.

Anurag: (grabs on to Arjun) now what happen.

Arjun: (mad) she is brainless.

Priya: (mad) oh yeah!

Arjun: yeah!

Priya: (trying to find words) well if I had something to say, you'll be hearing it from me. (Nodding her head)

Arjun: see! See what I mean.

Manisha: what happen?

Arjun: I was lying on my bed with my eyes closed. She comes in then she leaves. She comes back with 5 glasses of water. She puts them down and one by one she continues to pour them on me.

Manisha: (talking to priya) why would you do that for?

Priya: like he said he had his eyes closed. So I decided why waste my breathe calling him, if I was eventually was going to pour water on him. When I looked to the side his glass was empty. Then I when out into every ones room and took all the glass that weren't used and poured it on him.

Manisha: reasonable.

Arjun: (mad) but why 5 glasses

Priya: like you said I'm brainless (sticking out her tongue)

Arjun tries to struggle out of Anurag grip. Priya hides behind Mitesh.

Pritem: (talking to Manisha) everyone knew this will happen. Why did you sent Priya to wake Arjun?

Manisha: the only people who could wake up Arjun up are Mitesh and Priya. It takes longer for Mitesh to wake up Arjun then Priya.

Arjun: (walking away) don't worry I'll get you.

Priya: Jhaa Jhaa Raja.

Arjun looks at Priya with a huge extent of anger. Priya bites her lip and hides behind Mitesh. Everyone goes back to they business.

Pritem, Mitesh, Manisha, Anurag get ready to go out.

Anurag: you guys sure you don't want to go. (Arjun nods)

Priya: (looking thought the bookcase) yeah. By the way you got any good books here.

Anurag: yeah (walking towards Priya) it's right here. (Taking out a novel from the bookcase and handing it to Priya) it's a suspense novel, very intersecting. I finished it in two days.

Priya: with Arjun in the room, I finish it by the time you get back.

Arjun: what is that suppose to mean?

Priya: it means what I said.

Arjun: what did you say?

Priya: (ignoring him) when you come back bring me some headache medicine.

Pritem: why you have a head ache?

Priya: (looking at Arjun) No. but by the time you get back I might just get one.

Everyone looks at Arjun flipping through a magazine.

Arjun: (looks up) what?

Pritem: Nothing. Let's go.

Mitesh: both of you behave yourself.

Priya and Arjun stand straight as soldier.

Priya and Arjun: yes sir.

Mitesh: there they go again. I should keep a diary and record -

Manisha: (grabbing Mitesh from the back, leading him out) lets go.

Mitesh, Manisha, Anurag, and Pritem leave.

Priya and Arjun sit across from each other. Priya begins to read as Arjun glances through the magazine.

Priya: (looking up at Arjun) what are you doing?

Arjun: huh?

Priya: you're just flipping through the magazine.

Arjun: well, I would like to tell you that a magazine is made to glance through. Or just to do the crossword puzzle in the back.

Priya: You know - . Never mind I don't want to start a fight.

After a few minutes Arjun looks up.

Arjun: and what about you, you're skimming through the book.

Priya: I'm not skimming.

Arjun: yes you are. you flip the page after every two minutes.

Priya: for your kind information, I was speed reading. I took speed reading in London.

Arjun: nice to know. But who cares.

Priya returns to her book. Priya and Arjun both put their legs on the foot stool in front of them. Both of them push each other legs off to put there foot on the foot stool. Priya puts her legs up, again, Arjun legs fall off. Arjun puts his legs up, Priya legs falls.

Priya: (stands up mad) you know what I'll be the adult here and leave you and your foot stool alone.

Priya walks to the fire place next to the bookcase and sits against it. After half an hour Priya looks up from her book and doesn't see Arjun. Priya fold the corner of the page and puts it on the table. Priya gets up and wonders to the living room to find Arjun. Arjun is sitting in the living room.

Priya: what are you doing?

Arjun: watching a movie.

Priya: which one.

Arjun: Barsaat, you want to watch.

Priya: sure.

Priya walks and sits next to Arjun. After about an hour Mitesh, Manisha, Anurag and Pritem, come back for shopping.

Manisha: can't wait till I show Priya what I brought.

Anurag: yeah out of my mon-

Mitesh: (pointing a finger in front of his lips) shhhhhh

Mitesh, Manisha, Anurag and Pritem stays quiet and listen to the quietness around them. They all run to the door. Anurag hastily try to stick his key in.

Pritem: hurry up.

Mitesh: you don't know if they killed each other.

Anurag: I trying.

Manisha: the quietness is scaring me.

Anurag opens the door. Everyone runs inside.

Manisha: no ones here.

Pritem: (looking at the fire) maybe Arjun chopped up Priya and threw her in the fire.

Anurag: oh please

Mitesh: let's slip.

Mitesh and Pritem runs up stairs. Anurag and Manisha run to the living room.

Anurag: Manisha look (pointing to Arjun and Priya)

Manisha: (looking at Priya and Arjun) oh so sweet. (Yelling) Guys we found them

Mitesh and Pritem run down stair to the living room. Priya and Arjun are sleeping on the couch. Priya has her head laid on Arjun shoulder. Arjun has his arm around Priya.

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awwwww so sweeeeeetttt!!!!! i love arjun priya jodi!!! Big smile Big smile Big smile
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hey when r u continuing the story?
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Originally posted by Gaurav''s Love

hey when r u continuing the story?

LOL hehehe... soon i promise... was thinking of posting it this week... but was very busy... had actually thought of yesturday to post it but it was my birthday so was out all day with friends... so possibly soon...

Sorry for not posting

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oh ok then....happy birthday btw Tongue will b waiting
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Had originally been posted on IF.in. I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 24

Manisha: (shaking Priya. Speaking softly) Priya! Wake up, we're back.

Priya: (opening her eye) hmm! Oh hey you guys are back. (Priya gets off of Arjun's shoulder, looking at the time). Wow it's late.

Manisha: yeah.

Priya: I thought it would be 5 or 6. (Priya gets up while smacking Arjun on the face). Arjun wake up they're here.

Arjun: (opening his eyes) what?

Pritem: (giggling) we thought you guys might have killed each other. But you're sleeping together here like babies.

Arjun: (still sleepy) hmm. Yeah! Me and Priya… sleeping together… babies. I'll do it. (Pulling his pillow)

Everyone looks at Arjun or each other. Priya picks up a pillow and hits Arjun.

Arjun: what? Can't you let a guy sleep?

Manisha: hey, guess what I brought, let's go upstairs.

Manisha runs up the stairs, Priya drags her herself up the stairs, still sleepy.

Manisha: (pouring everything out of her bag) I brought shoes, shirts, pants, a bag, jewelry. Oh yeah (picking up a perfume) smell this smell soooooo good (spraying it in front if Priya's nose.

Priya: hmm that does smell. (Priya faints and falls to the ground).

Manisha: (dropping to the floor) Priya (slapping her) Priya, don't do this to me (Priya lays on the floor with her eyes closed. Anurag walks pass the room.) Anurag help, (shaking her) Priya (getting an idea) water.

Manisha runs to the bathroom and grabs a towel. She opens the water and soaks the towel in the water. She walks back out to Anurag who is on the floor, trying to wake her up. Manisha drops next to Priya.

Anurag: what happen?

Manisha: (squeezing the water out of the towel onto priya's face) I don't know I just told her to smell the perfume I brought.

Priya: (covering her face) Stop!

Manisha: you ok what happen.

Priya: (wiping her face) you tell me (everyone gets up)

Manisha: (picking up the perfume bottle) the only thing I did was tell you to smell the perfume (putting it under Priya's nose).

Priya faints again and falls on to the bed.

Manisha: yup! That actually what happen, but she fell on the fall. (Holding her head) not again.

Anurag: (on the bed, next to her) Get the towel.

Manisha sits on the other side of Priya and squeeze the rest of the water on to Priya. Priya gets up.

Anurag: (holding the back of Priya) ok (talking to Manisha) you don't let her smell it. There's something in it that is making you faint.

Priya and Manisha leave the room.

Anurag: (he smells the perfume and throws it on the bed) Umm! Smells good!

He combs his fingers threw his hair and leaves the room, smiling. Remembering every expression Priya made when she did something stupid. Manisha, Anurag, Priya go into the sitting room. Arjun, Mitesh, and Pritem are in the living room; Priya grabs her book and begins to read. Manisha grabs a box and hands it to Anurag.

Anurag: what's this?

Manisha: I accidentally slipped a card through the crack and I need the number on the card. Can you take it out for me?

Anurag: yeah (looking at the box) oh wait this has screws. I need my tools, Priya.

Priya: (Priya who is about to walk upstairs, stops and turns) yes

Anurag: can you get me my tools if you're going upstairs.

Priya: yeah (Priya takes a step upstairs) wait where are your tool?

Anurag: (looking at the box) it's in the corner room. The lights are gone there so there will be a flashlight on the table outside the door.

Priya ok (prey walks up the stairs.)

Priya walks down the hall to the corner room. She opens the door and puts the book down on the table and picks up the flashlight. The door closes behind her. She turns turn in on and sways the light from on corner to the other. Priya freeze as she rewinds the sways. Priya stops the light in front the face of the ghost, she had seen before in the hall. The ghost slowly moves towards Priya. Priya drops her flash light and begins to scream as she tries to turn the knob.

Priya: (banging harder and turning the knob) help Manisha… Anurag! (She continues to turn the knob) Manisha, anyone please help me. (She continues to bang on the door.)

Mitesh, Arjun, and Pritem walk into the sitting room.

Mitesh: did you hear someone scream?

Anurag: It might be the T.V.

Mitesh: no we just turned it off.

Priya then again screams.

Anurag: Priya!

Everyone runs up stairs.

Anurag: (tries to open the door) Priya you ok. Unlock the door. (Not hearing Priya's reply). Let's break down the door.

Anurag and Mitesh try to break down the door. Pritem holds onto Manisha as she begins to cry. Priya pushes herself harder against the wall. The ghost takes his last step in front of Priya. Tears begin to fall out of Priya's eyes. Priya slides down to the floor. The ghost also bends down to the floor. Priya looks into the wicked gleaming eyes of the ghost. The ghost raises his hand about to touch Priya's cheek. Priya closes her eyes in fear. Anurag and Mitesh need two more push to break down the door. They break it down. Priya quickly turns and looks at Anurag and Mitesh. Everyone at the door looks at Priya. Who sitting with her legs again her chest, crying.

Priya: (pointing in front of her. She turns to look at the ghost. Speaking softly) Bhoot (pauses) huh!

The ghost wasn't in front of Priya. Everyone walks in. Anurag looks at everyone as he sits next to Priya.

Anurag: (wiping her tears) Priya you ok? What happen?

Priya: (scared stiff) Bhoot

Priya puts her head against Anurag's shoulder. Anurag looks up at everyone else. Everyone looks at Anurag with a confused look, wondering what's going on.

Anurag: (taking Priya off his shoulder) I think we should leave. Priya (Priya is unconscious. Anurag feels Priya's forehead) she's burning up.

Arjun: we should call the doctor.

Anurag: every doctor is out of their clinic and the hospital is hours away. I'll take her in the morning. But first let take her to her room.

Anurag picks up Priya and takes her to her room. He lays her down and pulling a blanket over her.

Anurag: we should let her rest.

Manisha: yeah.

Everyone leaves Priya's room and walks downstairs to the sitting room.

Mitesh: what the hell is happening? I starting to think there is something in your house.

Manisha: maybe there is a ghost (looking at Anurag) what are you doing?

Anurag: (pouring cold water in a bowl) nothing. Manisha order some pizza.

Manisha: ok

Anurag: Thanks

Anurag takes the bowl and walks up to Priya's room. He puts the bowl on the side table of Priya's bed. He walks into her bathroom and comes out with a small towel. He drips the towel in the bowl and squeeze out the extra water. Then he puts it on Priya's forehead. He continues to do that. After a while, Manisha comes at the door.

Manisha: (looking at Anurag and Priya for a few minutes) how is she?

Anurag: Cooler then before.

Manisha: By the way the pizza's here come down and eat.

Anurag: (putting the towel on Priya's head) I'm not hungry.

Manisha: you sure. You haven't eaten anything since morning.

Anurag: (taking off the towel) yeah I'm

Manisha leaves the room wondering what is wrong with Anurag. Anurag continues to put the towel on Priya's forehead. After an hour, Manisha walks into Priya's room. Anurag is about to walk into the bathroom, to refill the bowl.

Manisha: Anurag it's about to turn 2, aren't you sleepily? Go to sleep. We'll take Priya to the doctor in the morning. (Hearing Manisha Priya regain conscious but is still is a bit sleepy)

Anurag: I guess you right. (He puts the bowl down on the table). Let's go.

Manisha and Anurag leaves and go into they rooms. After a few minutes, the doors to Priya's window push open. Priya gets up feeling a numbing chill. Priya sees a shadowy image at the window. Priya rubs her eyes and sees the ghost at the window, looking at her, smiling. Every nerve in Priya body freezes as if they had been paralyzed. Anurag takes of his shirt about to go to sleep. Anurag is just about to go to bed, when he hears Priya scream. Anurag runs out of his room and into Priyas room. Priya has her head between her legs. Anurag walks in and sits on the bed as he puts his hand on her head. Priya jumps up scared

Anurag: Priya it's me Anurag. You ok?

Priya push herself out of her position and hug Anurag really tightly. Everyone walks in.

Manisha: (mad and confused) what's going on?

Priya and Anurag slowly push each other out of each others arms.

Priya: (scared and stumbling on her words) There was - a ghost at - the window.

Mitesh: at the window. (Mitesh walks towards the window and looks out side) Maybe it was the fog causes there is nothing but fog.

Priya: I saw it again. I swear.

Manisha: (mad) Anurag can I see you outside.

Anurag gets up and walks out the room with manisha. Mitesh sits on Priya's bed to comfort her. Priya hugs Mitesh.

Manisha: (mad) is there something between you and Priya that I should know about.

Anurag: (confused) what do you mean?

Manisha: Are you more then friends. (Mad) Are you having an affair?

Anurag: (mad) No! Why the hell is wrong with you. Where the hell would you get that idea?

Manisha: cause in the corner room, you were holding on to her if she was the most precious person to you. Then in her room, it seemed like you wouldn't eat or sleep until she got better. Then right now, I just couldn't take it. (Laying her head on Anurag chest)

Anurag: Manisha, you're the one who told me to look at how scared and frighten she was. So when it happened again, I took care of her. And her parents sent her with us with the trust that nothing will happen to her. I also know Priya has no feeling for me. She just scared and if it was you, you would also grab on to anyone who was next to you if you were scared. (Combing through her hair) There is nothing between me and Priya. 

Manisha: I sorry. I don't know. I have been so confused lately.

Anurag: its ok (he holds on to her tightly. He begins to thinks, having flashbacks of what happen in both rooms) what is happening to me? Why am I pushing myself towards Priya for?

Priya comes out rushing out of her room. Mitesh, Pritem, and Arjun come out of Priya's room.

Priya: (sitting on the chair against the wall. Looking down holding her head) Anurag, that's it I can't take it anymore, I want to leave.

Anurag: we'll leave tomorrow.

Priya: (looking up) No I want to (slowly looking behind everyone else, getting up) leave now.

Everyone turns to see what Priya was looking at so painfully. Everyone's mouth drop open.

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