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Kya Yahi Pyar Hai: Episode 57 on page 20 (Page 4)

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Posted: 23 May 2007 at 3:29pm | IP Logged

Had originally been posted on IF.in. I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 18

Priya walks into the canteen.

Priya: hey (wondering) where's Pritem

Mitesh: he didn't feel like coming to school today.

Anurag: (mad, but doesn't show it much) so how's your boyfriend

Priya: (confused) Boyfriend who?

Anurag: Sunny

Priya: (laughing) Sunny is not my boyfriend.

Anurag: Yes he is

Priya: No he's not

Anurag: (begins to show that he's mad) Yes he is

Priya: (getting mad) No he's not

Anurag: Yes he is

Priya: (mad) how are you going to go and tell me that he is my boyfriend?

Anurag: you when on a date with him.

Priya so! One date doesn't officially make you boyfriend or girlfriend

Anurag: yes it does

Priya: No it doesn't

Anurag: yes it does

Priya: No it doesn't

Anurag: you're so negative

Mitesh, Manisha, Arjun watch back and forth from Priya and Anurag.

Arjun: (yelling) I'm the only one who fights with Priya.

Anurag and Priya: (looking at Arjun) shut Up (Arjun jumps back as Manisha and Mitesh laugh)

Priya: I'm negative (Priya sees sunny at the door, yelling) Sunny (sunny looks up at Priya) Come here (sunny walks up to Priya) If you go on a date once, does officially make you are boyfriend and girlfriend?

Sunny: No

Priya: (speaking to Anurag) see

Anurag: But could a first date indicate that you are boyfriend and girlfriend

Sunny: yes

Priya: But what -

Anurag: (cutting her off) Sunny you can go, she just going crazy.

Priya: I'm crazy, I'm negative well you're (stumbling on her words, everyone giggles) you're (pauses) Uhhhhhhh

Manisha: forget him; he's in the mood of bugging everyone.

Priya: (calming down) why weren't you in class today.

Anurag: Didn't feel like going

Manisha: I don't want to go to class today.

Arjun, Mitesh, Anurag: me either

Manisha: Let's cut [cut, buck, meaning don't attend class]

Anurag, Arjun, Mitesh: Fine

Priya: But I want to go to class

Manisha: Come on it will be fun.

Priya: I want to go to class

Anurag: (giggling) what you're in love with Mr. Verma

Priya: You're disgusting

Priya gets up to get away from Anurag. Priya walks behind Anurag. Anurag grabs her hand and pulls her. She falls on top of Arjun.

Arjun: (in pain) my legs my legs, your crushing my legs

Priya: (still on Arjun) I'm sorry, I'm soooooo sorry

Arjun: (in pain) get off my leg

Priya gets up and moves a side

Arjun: First it was hurtful to stand, sit and just be with Pritem. Now it's Anurag. I wonder who's next.

Manisha: what do you mean now its Anurag?

Arjun: remember the day Mitesh was teaching her to defend before we came to the canteen, she fell on top of me and that day I was with Anurag and yesterday night I was running with Anurag and I fell in the mud.

Priya: why don't you just disappear from my life?

Arjun: why don't you disappear from mine?

Pritem walks in

Pritem: (sad) hey guys

Manisha: you ok

Pritem: na

Manisha:  why what happen?

Pritem: Nothing Anjali

Mitesh: why?

Pritem: she had to leave; before she left she wanted to meet me.

Manisha: Priya I told you didn't I

Priya: I'm Sorry

Pritem: why would you say sorry? Its destiny

After a few minutes the bell rings.

Manisha: Why don't we go to the park?

Anurag: sure

Priya: ok you guys have fun. Bye

Manisha: wait we'll drop you

Priya: what if Mr. Verma sees you.

Manisha: we're going to stop at the corner.

Priya: ok

Anurag: (leaving) yes he is

Priya: (leaving) no he's not

Anurag: (leaving) yes he is

Priya: (leaving) no he's not

Everyone walks to the class. Manisha, Mitesh, Pritem, Arjun, and Anurag stop at the corner. Priya walks towards class.

Anurag: she really walking towards class

Mitesh: Yo Arjun grab her before she enters

Arjun runs towards Priya. Arjun grabs Priya before she enters the class and drags her to the stairs. Manisha, Anurag, Mitesh, and Pritem run by the class and reach Priya and Arjun at the stairs.

Priya: (mad) what the hell were you thinking? Never and I mean never grab me like that

Arjun: (mad) I don't get an enjoyment doing this. You're the one who was walking into class like you were all it.

Mitesh: can we go now.

Priya ignores them and walks down the stairs. Pritem also ignores them and walks down the stair. Anurag, Mitesh, Manisha, Arjun walk behind them. Priya and Pritem walk out of school towards the park.

Manisha: I can't see them like this. we have to do something.

Mitesh: But what

Manisha: I don't know.

After a few minutes in the park, Priya and Pritem sit on the grass, back to back. Priya taps on Pritem to hand him the bag of chips.

Manisha, Anurag, Arjun, and Mitesh are sitting on the ledge looking at Priya and Pritem.

Anurag: This is not fun.

Mitesh: to make it we have to do something to get them back to normal.

Arjun: well we have a long week off from school, they'll get better.

Anurag: that's it

Manisha: what's it.

Anurag: look we have about the whole week off.

Manisha: So

Anurag: so let's go to my farmhouse for the week, it will be change of atmosphere.

Manisha: (pinching his cheek) you're so cute when you say something smart.

Manisha gets up and walks to Pritem and Priya.

Manisha: hey guys (Priya and Pritem look up) we have decided that we're going to Anurag farmhouse for the vacation.

Pritem and Priya: aha

Manisha: well then we're leaving tomorrow at five. So pack you bag and we'll meet each other in front of Mitesh house.

Priya and Pritem: aha

Everyone comes and sits next to Priya and Pritem. Pritem lies down and Priya lies down and puts her head on Pritem's stomach.

Manisha: So Pritem you'll pick me and Arjun up and drives us to Mitesh house and Priya Anurag will pick you up. And then when we come back we drive to Mitesh house and Pritem you will drop us home and Anurag will drop Priya home.

Pritem and Priya: whatever

Manisha: so it settled

Manisha lies down and puts her head on Priya's stomach. Anurag lies down and puts his head on Manisha stomach. Mitesh then puts his head on Anurag and Arjun puts his head on Mitesh, creating a circle. They all lay there looking at the sky.  

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Rachu_1987 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 May 2007 at 6:12pm | IP Logged
awwwww the part b4 this was soooo hiliriousssss with them running around in the park like kids!!!!! LOL dis part was so funny with anurag n priya fightin LOL LOL continue soon hunnn
SuhanaSafar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 May 2007 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
Awww...thanks for posting all the sections. Finally got a chance to read it all. Very cute story...but I don't want Priya and Anurag to end up together. If that happened, I doubt Manisha and Priya can stay friends. I'm curous about this Avinash character...he seems interesting. Can't wait to read more!
~Sirius*Ysh~ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 May 2007 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
that was such a cute part... ic ould visualize the circle LOL

i loved arjun and priya fighting... but anurag and priya are cute too Embarrassed

nd poor pritam yaar... hes so cute LOL

great job! and love this chapter!!!!

update soon

.:Misty:. Senior Member

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Posted: 27 May 2007 at 10:48am | IP Logged

Had originally been posted on IF.in. I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 19

Everyone started to pack. Priya is taking out some clothes from the closet.

Kiran: (looking through Priya's bag) Did you take your toothbrush?

Priya: oh no I forgot. (going into the bathroom)

Kiran: so when are you going to come back.

Priya: (coming out) the end of the week maybe, I not sure, but when Anurag comes I'll ask.

Kiran: ok finish packing, I'll wait downstairs.

Kiran leaves. Anurag and Pritem get into they car and drives towards Manisha's and Priya's house. Anurag arrives at Priya's house and begins to continuously honk the car horn. Priya opens her window and sticks her head out.

Priya: (yelling) Anurag, I'll be right down. But the way, when are we going to return?

Anurag: (yelling) the end of the week, the latest.

Priya: (yelling) ok

Anurag: (yelling) hurry up

Priya comes back in and closes the window. She grabs her bag and runs down the stairs.

Priya: Mom, the latest I'll be back is the end of the week.

Kiran: (speaking from the kitchen) Ok call me when you get there.

Priya: ok bye

Kiran: (coming out) wait, aren't you going to eat something before you go.

Priya: I'll just take a paratha.

Priya walks into the kitchen. Lefts the plate and takes out a paratha.

Priya: (rolling the paratha) I eat on the way there.

Kiran: take a napkin

Priya: I know. (kissing her mom on the cheek) ok bye. I call dad in the office.

Kiran: ok have fun.

Priya: (putting her shoe on) I will

Priya puts the rolled up paratha in her mouth. She grabs her bag and heads for the door. Anurag is inside the car, chewing on his nail, looking straight. Priya walks up to the car and knock on the window. Anurag turn and opens the door. Priya throws her bags to the back and gets in. she takes a bite of the paratha. Anurag drives away.

Priya: (after swallow the bite) You know that biting your nail is bad for health.

Anurag: I wasn't biting I was chewing

Priya: (grabs his hand, showing him his nail) you were biting.

Anurag: that part of the nail ripped off

Priya: (letting go) yeah right.

Priya and Anurag arrive at Mitesh house.  Mitesh is outside, Priya and Anurag get out of the car and go to the back seat to get they stuff, so they could put it in Mitesh car.

Priya: (putting her stuff in the back of the expedition) Where's Manisha?

Mitesh: Don't know they late.

Anurag: Actually there they are.

Pritem pulls up to Mitesh driveway.

Arjun (coming out of the car) Sorry for being late, Manisha couldn't decided on a hair style to do.

Manisha: (taking out her bag) look who's talking the person who was in front of the mirror for an hour.

Pritem, Arjun, Manisha grab they stuff and puts it Mitesh's car. Everyone gets in. Mitesh get into the driver seat, Anurag in the passenger seat, Priya behind Mitesh and Arjun behind Anurag in the middle. Pritem sits behind Arjun and Manisha sits behind Priya in the back. Mitesh begins to drive. After a couple of minutes.

Priya: (calling her dad) hello papa, we're left.

Anil: When will you be back.

Priya: maybe at the end of the week.

Anil: ok have fun. Call when you get there.

Priya: ok bye dad (cuts the phone)

Manisha: Priya, you're going to love the house and the scenery it just to dead for.

Priya: Really! I can't wait.

Arjun: Anyways you know that Anurag house is haunted.

Priya: Yeah like I'm going to believe you.

Arjun: I didn't say that you should believe me. I was just informing you.

Anurag: It's not haunted it just that before I bought it someone died there. A guy around his 20's.

Priya: How did he die?

Anurag: (turning to look at Priya) this is what the representative of the house told me. The guy who lived there was Mohan Gupta. Mohan was home alone that night, mostly he lives with a roommate, but he went to visit his family. Anyways, he was upstairs when he heard something break, like a glass or something. When he came down he saw 5 people trying to steal some of his stuff. He quietly walks upstairs to call the cops, but one of the robbers saw him going up and told the others. While Mohan was dialing the number all the robbers came behind him and brutally murdered him. There wasn't even one part of his body that didn't stab. Some say that they all watched him die. Whenever they thought he was breathing they would stab him. Another said that, until they weren't positive that he was died, they kept stabbing and stabbing him. But after he died they took the body and kept dipping the body in the water, I think to clean it off. Then there took the body and hung it on the tree in the back of the house. After a couple of days his friend return and saw dry blood leading from the front door to the masses amount of dry blood on the floor of Mohan's room, he called the cops. They made an investigation, but didn't find anything. The only thing there found were proof that there were 6 people which was including Mohan and that they took his body to the lake next to the house and found him hanging on the tree. The weird thing is that the robbers didn't take anything. So Mohan's friend sold the house. This guy brought it but then moved to Mumbai. After that my parents brought it when I was 18. But there's no sign of any ghost, so you don't have to worry.

Priya begins feeling sick to her stomach.

Priya: (holding her stomach) stop the car

Mitesh: what?

Priya: Stop the car

Mitesh stops the car. Priya jumps out and ran to the side of the road and begins to throw-up. Everyone gets out and walks towards Priya. Manisha runs to Priya.

Manisha: (holding on to her) Priya you ok

Priya: (shaking her head) yeah water

Manisha: Mitesh you have water

Anurag: yeah I do.

Anurag grabs and begins to search his nap-shack. Anurag throws the bottle of water at Priya. Priya rinses her mouth and spits out the water. She drinks some water and washes her face. Everyone walks towards the car. Mitesh puts his hand on Priya's head.

Mitesh: You ok

Priya: yeah

Mitesh slides his hand of her head.

Anurag: sorry I shouldn't have told you

Priya: It was just the thought of someone dying like that. (Unable to make an expression)

Mitesh was about to walk into the driver seat.

Anurag: I'll drive

Mitesh: ok

Anurag goes to the driver seat Mitesh to the passenger. Priya sits behind Mitesh, Manisha sits behind Anurag, Pritem sits behind Priya, and Arjun sits behind Manisha. Priya puts her head to the side to rest and looks across at Anurag, who is chewing on his nails.

Priya: you're biting

Manisha: (not hearing what she said) huh

Anurag: It chewing.

Priya: biting

Anurag: chewing

Priya: biting

Anurag: chewing

Priya both ways it's bad for your health.

Anurag: how is it bad?

Priya: there are germs in your nail and then they go in your mouth.              '

Anurag: that's why they invented mouthwash.

Priya: yeah when you eat they go into you stomach.

Anurag: that's why we have antibodies, sweetie.

Arjun: Yo I came here for a vacation not a health lesson.

Manisha: just put on some song.

Mitesh puts on Nakhre. Everyone falls asleep except for Anurag and Mitesh. They arrive at Anurag's house.

Anurag: (shaking Priya to get up) Priya wake up we're here

Priya: (sleepily) huh

Anurag: Priya we're here get up.

Priya: no 5 more minutes.

Priya goes back to sleep. Anurag tries to wake her up but she's falls fast asleep. Anurag picks her up and takes her into the room.

Anurag: (looking at Priya) Good night.

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~Sirius*Ysh~ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 May 2007 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
great part this one too!!!

and that murder was too gross na i felt lyk priya too LOL...

and a week alone together??? wonder whats gonna pop up now :> :> :> :>

waiting for the next part WinkWink

spotted quite a few grammar errors... u may want to look into that Tongue
otherwise i enjoed the chapter!!!


ImPerfection Goldie

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Posted: 30 May 2007 at 4:22pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.
.:Misty:. Senior Member

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Posted: 03 June 2007 at 6:46am | IP Logged

Originally posted by ~Sirius*Ysh~

great part this one too!!!

and that murder was too gross na i felt lyk priya too LOL...

and a week alone together??? wonder whats gonna pop up now :> :> :> :>

waiting for the next part WinkWink

spotted quite a few grammar errors... u may want to look into that Tongue
otherwise i enjoed the chapter!!!


Thanks... I was actually in a hurry that day... so therefore i didnt have time to go over the grammer...


Edited by .:Misty:. - 01 November 2007 at 12:51pm

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