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Kya Yahi Pyar Hai: Episode 57 on page 20 (Page 3)

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Had originally been posted on IF.in. I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 14


Pritem comes into the canteen with a big smile on his face.


Pritem: (smiling) Hey, guys how are things going.


Manisha: you're very happy, what happen.


Pritem: (falling in his chair) I'm in love.


Priya: (shocked) Love. Wow, I didn't it will happen that fast.


Arjun: (making pretend he's reading a newspaper) Headline News, Pritem Kumar falls in love


Anurag: (slapping Pritem on the back) my best friend in love. I thought this day would never come.


Mitesh: Hello!


Priya: (trying to act funny) Hello


Mitesh: very funny. Would anyone want to know who he fell in love with?


Pritem: (with dreamy eyes) this girl I met on the net.


Anurag: Wah yaar ek lakhi mele aur woh bhi net par.


Arjun: You know most of them are LIARS.


Pritem: like you said "most", this is the one, my soul-mate, my love, my -


Arjun: Please don't say life.


Pritem: Fine I won't.


Arjun: whatever, I'm going to go get soda, anyone want anything.


Anurag: yeah, soda


Mitesh: same here


Priya: Water


Arjun: (with a smirk) Magic words


Priya: (smiling) Please. (When Arjun turns to leave for the counter) Loser.


Arjun: (back turned to Priya) I heard that.


Priya jaw drops open.


Anurag: Pritem, when did you start to chat with people online? You never told me.


Pritem: Like about 6 months now.


Mitesh: 6 Months wow, did you ever see her picture.


Pritem: No! She wanted to keep it a secret till we meet.


Manisha: watch, she'll turn out being ugly.


Pritem: Kali Nazar Na Laga.


Priya turns to see if Arjun is coming. She sees Arjun talking to a girl.


Priya: (turning to Manisha) Manisha, Look at Arjun. (Everyone turns to look)


Manisha: umm maybe you don't need to dance with him.


Priya: (putting her hands together, looking up) Thanks you god. (Arjun comes from behind; he hits her on the head) Awo


Arjun: (getting the soda and water around) you won't lose me that easy.


Priya:  What do you mean? I just saw you with that girl and I through -


Arjun: (cutting her off and sitting) that's your problem you think too much.


Priya jumps up, Pritem tries to hold her back. Priya tries to force herself out, so she could choke him. Priya backs down


Mitesh: Then what about that girl?


Arjun: oh her, Naina has been after me for the pass week, asking me if I got a date for the dance.


Priya: So why don't you go with her. And leave me happy.


Arjun: First and far most of all I would never leave you, happy. Anyways have you seen her? She ugly! Well now looking at you. I think I should have said yes to her. (Priya hits Arjun)


Manisha: just because she's ugly. Pritem is better then you. Pritem is going to the dance with a girl he hasn't even seen.


Arjun: You are? When did this happen.


Priya: when you when to get the soda. He told us about the girl he is being to the dance, that's he has been chatting with for 6 months.


Arjun: Thanks you for the recap, Ms. Informative.


Priya: Welcome Mr. ill-advised.  Anyways, I know someone you can go to the dance with.


Arjun: (jump's up in his seat) really, who? Is she pretty


Priya: Who is not important. But you'll be shocked when you see her.  (Arjun thinking of a gorgeous girl) You have to consider her your date. So it means that you can't leave her for another girl. No matter what happens.


Anurag: (whispering in Mitesh's ear) Dal may kuch kala hai!


Arjun: (dreaming) Yeah whatever. (Pauses. Arjun back to reality) Wait! Why? Is there something wrong with her?


Priya: No I just don't want you to leave her cause many guys have left her for another pretty girl.


Arjun: I don't care she just has to be gorgeous


Manisha: You sometimes disgust me.


Priya: Like I said you'll be shocked. (pauses) wait! Never mind it. I'll find someone else for her.


Arjun: (jumping up in his seat.) Why should I forget her? Why someone else?


Priya: Cause I have a feeling that you will ditch her for another girl.


Arjun: No I won't!


Priya: Fine, but if you leave her, you will have to be my umm (pauses) ghulam for 2 weeks.


Arjun: (putting his hand out) done


Priya: (shaking Arjun hands) done.


Mitesh: (whispering in Anurag ears) I think your right, Dal may kuch kala hai.


Manisha: (talking to Anurag and Mitesh) what are you guys talking about.


Anurag and Mitesh: Nothing


Everyone continues to talk. The bell rings everyone gets up to leave.


Priya: You guys go ahead I have to meet up with someone.


Manisha: Alright, but be quick.


Manisha, Anurag, Arjun, Mitesh, Pritem leave. Priya runs behind someone to catch up with them. After a few minutes, Priya arrives to Mr. Verma's class and takes her seat next to Anurag.


Anurag: (writing the notes and looking at the board) what are you planning to do?


Priya: (also writing notes and looking at the board. Trying to act innocent) me?

How can I plan anything?


Anurag: (still writing the notes and looking at the board) don't act so innocent, what are you planning for Arjun?


Priya: (still writing the notes and looking at the board) just wait and watch.


Anurag: (still writing the notes and looking at the board) whatever

The class ends Mitesh goes up to Anurag.


Mitesh: So what is she planning?


Anurag: you know girl's, they a complete mystery.


Mitesh: What did she say?


Anurag: Just wait and watch


Mitesh: (trying to act funny) Then we shall do that, Just wait and watch.


Anurag and Mitesh leave. Anurag drops everyone home. Priya begins to do her homework and getting ready for the dance.


Priya: Ok mommy papa I going.


Anil: Remember to tell Anurag we would like to speak with him.


Priya: yes papa


Anil: (getting up walking to priya) oh yeah most important of all (kissing priya on the head) have fun.


Kiran: bye beta.


Priya: (leaving) bye


Priya leaves and goes into her car. Priya arrives at the dance. Priya gets out of the car and enter the dance room. Priya looks around and finds Manisha.


Priya: Hey, you look good.


Manisha: You don't look bad yourself.


Priya: Where is every one?


Manisha: Oh Anurag, Mitesh and everyone.


Priya: Yeah.


Manisha: Oh their like making a late entry.


Priya: late entry.


The door to the room open, four figures is seen at the door and they start to walk in.


Manisha: (looking at the four figures) Well, here they are.


Priya continues to look at them. Slowly, Arjun, Mitesh, Anurag, and Pritem faces begin to show (if you're wondering what order they in, they in this order). They continue to walk towards Manisha and Priya.


Manisha: (looking at them) Keep Looking.


Priya: (was about to look away, but, stops). Why?


Manisha: Because Pritem is going to trip, somehow he always does, at the same spot.


Priya: Really that's odd. When, I would love to -


Manisha: (cutting her off) watch, he's going to fall in 5,


Anurag: (talking to Pritem) Please don't trips


Manisha: 4,


Pritem: I can't help it, I always trip on the same exact spot.


Manisha: 3,


Anurag: Whatever! Just don't trip (


Manisha: 2,


Pritem: (acting like a little boy) I think that spot don't like me.


Manisha: (with a smirk) 1. Now


Pritem trips but holds himself back. Everyone who was watching him starts to laugh. Pritem gets back up.


Anurag: (walking to Priya and Manisha, loud) from everything you could have done, you had to trip.


Mitesh: Don't get mad at him.


Arjun: Yeah that's our calling card, we're the trippin guys.

Now they in front of Manisha and Priya.


Pritem: (hugging Manisha, acting like a little boy) Anurag is screaming at me again. (Looking at the spot where he tripped) It isn't my fault that spot don't like me. (Mad, talking to the floor spot where he tripped) A**hole. (Everyone laughs)


Manisha: (laughing, hugging Pritem. Pritem head on her shoulder) don't scream at my baby again. (tapping on his head like a baby. Pritem lefts his ear brow with a smile)


Anurag: (pulling Pritem away) Ok! Let's go dance. (Anurag and Manisha are about to leave, but Priya holds on to Manisha)


Priya: (talking to Manisha) don't you want to see who I hooked your brother up with.


Manisha: oh yeah I forgot.


Arjun: (happy) where is she? (Getting happier) Where is she? (happier) where is she?


Priya: Hold your horses. You look like a dog who's getting a bone after such a long time. (Arjun barks) Oh you just did not just do that.


Manisha: (covering her eyes) Oh you're not my brother.


Arjun: What? (Mitesh hits him on the head lightly)


Anurag: what ever, who's the girl.


Priya: She is right over there. (Pointing to a girl)


Arjun looks dreaming at the pretty girl, that Priya was pointing too. Arjun hugs Priya.


Arjun: I love you, I love you, I love you, and I love you. (About to kiss Priya)


Priya: (Holding Arjun face) Not her,


Arjun: (letting go of Priya) Then who.


Priya: The girl behind her.

The girl (whom Arjun thought was his date) moves to the side.  Everyone is shocked.


Arjun: (with his mouth open) her!

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Had originally been posted on IF.in. I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 15

Arjun: (letting go of Priya) Then who.

Priya: The girl behind her.

The girl (whom Arjun thought was his date) moves to the side.  Everyone is shocked.

Arjun: (with his mouth open) her! Out of everyone you picked-

Mitesh, Pritem, and Anurag: (looking breathless and dreamy) Naina

Priya: what's wrong with them?

Anurag: Doesn't Naina look good tonight.

Pritem: yeah (Anurag was about to walk to Naina, Pritem hold on to his shoulder and pulls him back. But still dreamily looking at Naina.) Where are you going?

Anurag: Going to ask Naina if she wants to dance.

Mitesh: (Also dreamily looking at Naina) No you're not because I'm going to ask and by the way you have Manisha.

Anurag: Who Manisha?

Manisha: (hitting Anurag on the head) your girlfriend Manisha (walking away)

Anurag: (walking behind her) Come on I was just joking, Manishaaaaa. I'm sorry.

Priya: (in front of the dreamy Pritem. Priya snaps her finger) and don't you have to find your date.

Pritem: (putting his hand on his head) oh yeah I forgot. (Pritem leaves)

Arjun: I have to say Naina does look (dreamy) sexy.

Priya: when a girl wants to change herself, she can turns heads. (Pauses)  But why would you understand

Mitesh: (Mitesh looks at a girl, who walked passed him) you make him understand. While I go and study her. (Pointing to the girl he walks to her).

Naina: (standing in the distance. Looking at Arjun, thinking) what are you thinking, come and ask me to dance.

Arjun: (thinking) should I go and ask her to dance. Maybe she'll say no the way like I did to her.

Priya: No she won't go and ask her.

Arjun: What? (Pauses) how did you know what I was thinking?

Priya: I tell you that later (pushing Arjun towards Naina direction) now go dances with her.

Arjun walks towards Naina.

Pritem: (behind a lot of people, walking towards Priya. Yelling) Priya

Priya turns to look at Pritem. Arjun walks to Priya and kisses her on her cheek. Priya mouth drops open in shocked.

Arjun: (whispering in her ear) Thanks

Arjun walks away; Priya turns to look at Arjun. Pritem reaches Priya.

Pritem: (in front of Priya, waving his hand in font of her face) Priya

Priya: (turning her face) huh! (Pauses) yeah

Pritem: you have to help me find Anjali. I don't know where she is.

Priya: so Anjali is her name. Wait! How you would recognize her. You don't even know how she looks like.

Pritem: I know but go to every girl and that doesn't look like a girl from this school and ask if she Anjali.

Priya: First I'm new here, so I don't know who's in this school or not. (Pauses, putting her hands together in front of her lips) Hey! I got an idea, why don't you go on stage and scream (with her hands spread apart) Anjali, mere jaan where are you?

Pritem: (putting his hand on her shoulder) that's not bad idea but mere jaan to tum ho. 

Priya: (sad, looking down) that means your having an affair.

Pritem: (shamefully, looking down) yeah. (Pritem and Priya look up at each other and start to laugh.) Come on help me find her.

Priya: (jumping out) Paagal

Pritem: (coping her) lets go

Priya and Pritem split apart and go looking for Anjali. Priya begins to look around and see a girl near the door. Who seems to look uncomfortable.

Priya: (looking at the girl) Maybe she is Anjali. (Priya walks to the girl) Excuse me, but are you Anjali.

Anjali: Yes

Priya: Are you looking for Pritem.

Anjali: yeah and you are

Priya: Oh sorry, I'm Pritem's friend Priya.

Anjali: Oh he told me about you. Where is he?

Priya: (looking around) umm he might be here somewhere, oh there he is (pointing, screaming) Pritem.

Pritem: (looks towards Priya and starts to walk towards her) (talking to Anjali) hi. (Turns to Priya) So did you find her?

Priya: I would like you to meet your blind date, Anjali and Anjali this is Pritem.

Anjali and Pritem look at each other. Priya looks to see who would talk first.

Pritem: Would you like to dance.

Anjali: yeah sure

Pritem and Anjali walk away.

Priya: (talking to herself) yet again I am alone. (Looking around) Ok I have to stop talking to myself before people think I'm crazy. (Priya walks to the snack table. Manisha walks up to her) Where's Anurag.

Manisha: He got a phone call, he when outside to receive it. Where's everyone?

Priya: Mitesh is studying some girl. Pritem's is with Anjali and Arjun is with Naina.

Manisha: Anjali!?! Who's she?

Priya: Pritem blind date

Manisha: where are they?

Priya: (looking around) right over (pointing) there.

Manisha: She looks alright.

Priya: Yeah

Mitesh: (walking up to Priya) Hey I want to show you something.

Priya walks with Mitesh. Priya see Anurag arguing with a girl who is trying to hug him.

Anurag: (noting knowing Priya and Mitesh were there) look you can never be my girlfriend I have Manisha and no matter what happen I'm not going to leave her for you.

Girl: Anurag would you please listen. (Aurag leaves the other direction from Priya and Manisha)

Mitesh: I wanted to show you this cause what happen the other day in the laundry room. (Mitesh and Priya get a flashback of the time Priya fell on Anurag)

Priya: (sad) Oh you saw that

Mitesh: yeah

Priya: (sad) yeah I kind of felt as if I was walking on the wrong direction, (trying to put on a smile) thanks for being me back.

Mitesh: Sorry

Priya:  You had too

Priya leaves and walks to Manisha

Manisha: what did Mitesh wanted to show you.

Priya: (thinking) should I tell her

Manisha: (waving her hand in front of her) hello

Priya: he wanted nothing.

Manisha begins to look around. Manisha notices a guy who was looking at Priya. Manisha moves aways from Priya and the guy walks towards Priya. Manisha then again moves back to Priya and the guy stops and turns back. Manisha again moves away, guy moves closer. Manisha comes back to Priya, the guy stops and turns back again.

Praia: (confused) what are you doing?

Manish: Don't look but there's this guy in front of us, he is staring at you.

Praia: ok! But what does that have to do with you moving back and forth.

Manish: when I walk away he walks to you, and then when I come back he stops and goes back to where he was standing. So I should walk away so you can find out what he wants. (Manisha walks away and grabs Anurag how was walking towards them)

The guy walks towards Priya

Sunny: Excuse me, hi my names is Sunny

Priya: Priya

Sunny: Would you like to dance

Priya: Sure

Everyone dances to the song Ishq Hai Jhootha from Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena. Priya and Sunny walk back to the table. Manisha and Anurag at standing next to them.

Sunny: (looking at the time) sorry but I have to go got work and school tomorrow. But I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me tomorrow.

Priya: Umm I don't know.

Manisha comes from behind and puts her hand on Priya's shoulder

Manisha: she would love to come. She'll meet you at lets says 7:30 in front of Global Cinema.

Sunny: ok bye

Manisha: (smiling) Bye

Priya: bye

Sunny leaves. Priya shift Manisha hands off her shoulder.

Priya: Now he will expect me to come tomorrow and I still haven't asked my dad.

Manisha: don't worry your dad won't say no, you been on other date why would he say no now.

Priya: (shyly) I never been on a date

Manisha: what I can't hear you

Priya: I never have been on a date.

Manisha: you're kidding right.

Priya: if you call a friend outing, then yeah I have been on a lot of dates.

Manisha: ok just ask your dad, if he says no then ask your mom.

Priya: I don't feel like going on a date.

Manisha: you have to, you promised him.

Priya: yeah, wait you promised him; it was you who told him the time and place.

The song Rubba from Musafir is playing in the background. Manisha and Priya continue to argue. While that Pritem and Anjali walk towards them.

Pritem: Manisha, Anurag, I would like for you to meet Anjali

Anjali: hi

Anurag: hi

Manisha: (rudely) so you're the girl Pritem been talking about all day.

Pritem, Anurag, and Priya: Manisha!

Manisha: what

Priya: (talking to anjali) don't mind her she a little tense today.

Manisha: (rudely) I not tense she's lying. Whatever I was about to say -

Priya: (grabbing Manisha and pulling her away) Manisha come with me. I have to tell you something.

Priya pulls Manisha to the side.

Priya: what the hell the matter with you.

Manisha: I not saying anything wrong, am I?

Priya: why are you acting so mean to Anjali for no apparent reason.

Manisha: I don't trust her. I still don't see what Pritem sees in her. She going to break Pritem heart,

Priya: First, it's a crush, it not love. He's happy with her and you should be happy for him and if she does break his heart then we can talk about this then. But, right now we should be happy for him.

Manisha: fine let's go.

[Will if you guys want to know what happen between Arjun and Naina here you go.

Arjun and Naina are slowing dancing to the song Rubba. The song is about to end.

Naina: Ok I'll just going to come out and say it. How do I look tonight?

Arjun: You look absolute great.

Naina: Better then before.

Arjun: much

Naina: So if I came here looking like I was early today, would you dance with me?

Arjun: I would have too or else I would have to be Priya's ghulam for 2 weeks.

Naina: So you're dancing with me right now, so you won't have to be Priya's ghulam.

Arjun: No! Cause I want to

Naina: So if I was looking ugly, you'll only dance with me because you don't want to be Priya's ghulam. And now you want to dance with me because I look pretty. (Arjun stays quiet and looks down) Tell me the truth.

Arjun: the truth (Naina nodes her head. Looking down) yeah

Naina: (taking her hands of Arjun shoulder). Sorry then I think we should just be friends and we should put this so called dance on a pause.

Naina leaves and walks towards Priya. Arjun stands there mad.

Naina: thanks

Priya: for what?

Naina: making me look nice tonight.

Priya: it's ok. So anything happen between you and Arjun.

Naina: No. I told him I wanted to be friends.

Priya: But why I thought you two would hit it off.

Naina: he only liked me for my beauty not me.

Priya: Cause Arjun doesn't know you, yet. Give him some time for him to look beyond your beauty.

Naina: But till then I want to be friends

Priya: Alright

Naina: Anyways it getting late I should go home.

Manisha: we should go home too, it's late.

Anurag: Naina, you want us to drop you off.

Naina: no its ok I live near by.

Anurag: Ok

Naina leaves.

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Had originally been posted on IF.in. I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 16


Everyone leaves and walks to there car.

Mitesh: Wait Priya where's your car.

Priya: My driver dropped me off. (Jumping out) oh yeah that reminds me, Anurag you have to come to my house, my dad wants to talk to you about the other night.

Manisha: that's great. Anurag can drop me home after I go to Priya's house then.

Pritem walks away with Anjali.

Anurag: (to pritem) where you going?

Pritem: going to drop Anjali home. Bye

Everyone: bye

Pritem and Anjali get into the car and drive away.

Priya: why are you coming to my house?

Manisha: So I could know that you asked your dad if you can go for your date.

Mitesh: date wow with whom.

Priya: Some guy name Sunny

Mitesh: Sunny about 5 11, black hair, hazel color eyes,

Priya: yeah, you know him.

Mitesh: No, the only thing I know he a good kid

Priya: Still I don't want to go on a date with him.

Manisha: you have too, you told him you'll come.

Priya: I told him. -

Anurag: Before they get started again. Can we please get into the car? The faster we get to Priya's house the faster I go home to sleep.

Everyone gets into the car. Priya and Manisha continue to argue. Anurag drives to Arjun's house. Arjun gets out and closes the door with a big bang.

Anurag: (loud) Yo! What was that for?

Arjun ignores him and walks into his house. Anurag drives away.

Mitesh: what's wrong with him?

Priya: I think I know, Naina wants to be friends with him.

Manisha: No wonder, as well as I know my brother, he's mad that she was running behind him and now that he is running behind her. She wants to be friends and I think he thinks that you set it up.

Priya: why would I set it up? I wanted Naina and him to hit it off.

Manisha: Don't worry I'll tell him.

Mitesh gets off the car and goes home. Manisha, Anurag, and Priya drive to Priya's house. They arrive to her house and walk in.

Anil: Come and sit. Kiran get them something to drink. (Kiran comes in with drinks)

Manisha: Aunty, Can I talk to you, Priya not going to tell you anything.

Manisha leaves with Kiran & Priya to Priya's room.

Anil: what was that about?

Anurag: Nothing ladies stuff.

Anil: Ok Look Anurag, I already heard it from Priya, but I really like it from you.

Anurag: After everyone left the club, me and Priya told everyone that. (Anurag repeats the story to Anil. [I know you guys are tired of reading this sentence, this might be the last time you read this. MAYBE!] Anil carefully looks into Anurag eyes and finds no tense feeling in them.). So Uncle that's all that happen.

Kiran, Manisha, and Priya come down and sit.

Kiran: Are you sure you never been on a date.

Priya: (draggling) Yes Mom

Kiran: what about the time with Akshay.

Priya: I was accompanied by Avinash [this is the close friend that Praia was talking about when Manish asked her about her friends.] and Dipak.

Koran: (thinking) what about (pauses) No (putting her finger up) that (pauses) you're going on that date.

Praia: (sarcastic) Damn If my mom told me to go on a date. I must have a boring life. (Kiran hits lightly on her head. Kiran, Priya, and Manisha begin to giggle)

Anil: (mad and confused) Date!?! What Date!?! Who's she going on a date with!?!

Anurag: Some guy name Sunny.

Anil: (to Priya) do you know this Sunny. I want to meet him first (turning to Anurag) Do you know him? What does he do? Does he have a record? [meaning police record]

Anurag: (shocked, seeing Anil turn to him like that) Uncle, I only know his name. (Pauses) But I think she shouldn't go.

Anil: I second that! (Turning to Priya) You're not going.

Kiran: (standing up mad) Why shouldn't she go? And what do you mean by record? Anil you think too much?

Anil: (also stands up mad) She doesn't even know this Sunny.

Anurag: I second that (taking a sip if his drink)

Manisha: (stands up mad) what do you mean (copying Anurag) I second that

Anurag: (standing up mad. Putting his glass down) Why should she go out with a guy she doesn't know.

Everyone continues arguing. Priya is sitting on the couch eating M&M. Looking back at forth, from her mom and Manisha to her dad and Anurag [Mostly she's enjoying herself].

Kiran: What about the time you were young and you sneaked out of your house to meet me.

Anil: Well -

Koran: it means she's going.

Anil: (confused) yeah uh I mean no.

Kiran: no I won she's going.

Anil and Anurag fall into their chair in defeat. Kiran and Manisha give each other a high five.

Kiran: I have to reheat the food (Kiran walks to the kitchen)

Manisha: Hey lets go and see what you should wear tomorrow

Priya: Sure.

Priya and Manisha get up

Anurag: hurry up we have to leave.

Manisha: ok (Priya and Manisha go up to Priya's room)

Anurag: Uncle, I have to say you started off good. But not a good ending.

Anil: It's not over yet.

Anurag: (confused) what do you mean?

Anil: (Speaking low) Don't take me as a very overprotected father, but India, actually the world have changed. So can you do me a favor.

Anurag: Sure

Anil: (speaking low) Follow Priya and Sunny

Anurag: What!?!

Anil: (speaking low) Don't mess it up just follow them and don't let her find out or both her and her mom wouldn't let me hear the last of him.

Manisha and Priya are at the top of the stairs.

Priya: (thinking) what could dad be telling Anurag.

Manisha: Aa What are you thinking? (Priya points to Anurag and Anil) what?

Priya: (walking down the stairs) nothing

Anurag: I get help from Mitesh, Pritem and Arjun.

Manisha: (standing next to him) why you need help from them.

Anurag: Nothing

Manisha: I sick of this word nothing.

Anurag: ok then a quantity of no importance.

Manisha: Very Funny

Anurag: yeah I know (getting up) let's go.

Manisha: (hugging Priya) Bye (letting go) Bye Aunty, Bye Uncle.

Kiran: (coming out of the kitchen) eat something before you go.

Anurag: No Aunty it getting late. We should be going. (Walking to the door) Bye

Anurag and Manisha leave.

Anil: They going to get married quick.

Priya: How do you know that.

Anil: Senses

Kiran: oh yeah Nanni called

Priya: (excited) when? I going to call her right now

Priya runs up the stairs and jumps on top of the bed. She grabs the phone and dials her Nanni #.

Avinash: Hello

Priya: Hello, Is Nanni there.

Avinash: yeah who's this?

Priya: Priya

Avinash: yeah after such a long time you call, Mere yaad nahi aaye.

Priya: No! Ok do me a favor, stop eating and give the phone to Nanni.

Avinash: How do you know I'm eating?

Priya: Because whenever your there you'll be stuffing your face.

Avinash: yeah and when you use to leave from my house you use to leave the refrigerators half empty.

Priya: (shocked) Avinash

Avinash: Priya

Priya: Ok give it to Nanni

Avinash: No

Priya: give it to her

Avinash: No

Priya: Aa put on the speaker

Avinash: why?

Priya: Just put it on.

Avinash: (putting on the speaker) fine.

Priya: Is it on.

Avinash: Yeah

Priya: Ok (screaming) Nanni phone it's me - (Avinash picks up the receiver) Hello Hello

Avinash: Yeah why did you do that for?

Priya: you weren't going to give it to Nanni, so I took matter into my own hands.

Avinash: Rascal

Priya: I know

Her Nanni walks in

Avinash: Nanni's here I'll put you on speaker.

Priya: Hey Nanni

Nanni: (sitting on a chair) how are you beta? How are your studies?

Priya: they both fine. What about you, how have you been?

Nanni: Oh I am doing well.

Avinash: (sarcastic) I'm fine too thanks for asking.

Priya: Aa go stuff your face

Nanni: Priya! You're a lady, ladies don't speak like that.

Priya: But Nanni, he's always bugging me.

Nanni: No Nanni Shanni

Avinash: Ha ha

Nanni: Avi

Avinash: Sorry

Priya: Ha ha

Nanni: It's your age to get married and you're acting like kids.

Priya: I'm too young; I'm only 20 about to turn 21.

Avinash: WOW! She's getting old.

Priya: Aa look at you, you're 22, I won't be talking.

Nanni: You both continue to fight. I have to get my beauty sleep.

Priya's Nanni gets up and walks like a model out the room. Avinash whistling behind Priya's Nanni

Priya: Modeling

Avinash: (picking up the receiver) Yeah

Priya: (wickedly) so how's Sonia.

Anivash: Oh my god. She is nothing but a pain in the neck. So what have you been up to?

Priya: a lot

Priya and Avinash continue to talk throughout the night.

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Rachu_1987 IF-Sizzlerz

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LOL just read it all n its fabbbb!!!!! lol i totally love arjuns character LOL LOL LOL n his n priyas fights LOL LOL n cuteee priteim Embarrassed   Embarrassed its a fab storyyyy totalllly loving it Big smile plz continue soooon
~Sirius*Ysh~ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2007 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
well totally love this one...

i promised that i would read the full thing na? i read it!!!!

and im so so so so so hooked on to this story and u knw what i am glad i caught THIS one cos u update a LOT and very FAST!!! i love that in you...

i read it from beg to end... great cos its in one post...

and really love arjun/priya ka jodi... want them to get together Embarrassed...

and anurag is sweet bt i cant see him wid priya... arjun and priya r too cute...

and yea its obvious anurag isnt in love with manisha... then what will happen to naina...

u gotta update fast...

i can actually picture the scenes in my head and glad to say u have chosen the pics for ur charecs well...Embarrassed..

oh and one more thing... i could spot a LOT of grammatical errors all caused by small typos and u might want to overlook that next time...


.:Misty:. Senior Member

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Posted: 19 May 2007 at 6:26pm | IP Logged

Had originally been posted on IF.in. I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 17

Kiran comes into Priya's room while she is sleeping.

Kiran: (shaking her up) Priya wake up! Manisha here to help you get ready for your date.

Priya: (pushing herself up) Yeah I'm up, tell her to come up stairs.

Manisha: (going through her closet) to late, I'm already up here.

Priya: oh Great! (Falling back on her bed)

Kiran: (brushing through Priya's hair) Ok get up and get ready. Its 6 [P.M.] (Kiran leaves)

Manisha: you were also tired in school. Why? What happen?

Priya: (getting off her bed) I was talking to Avinash all night.

Manisha: Oww who's Avinash?

Priya: (walking to the bathroom) It not what your thinking. We're just ready good friends.

Manisha: (sarcastic) Right, I believe you.

Priya: (at the door) Manisha

Manisha: No I really do.

Priya walks into the bathroom and opens the sink. The door closes behind her.

Manisha: (seeing the door close. Childish) Priya and Avinash sitting on a tree (Priya comes out with a hand full of water and throws it on Manisha) Priya!

Priya: (copying her) Manisha! (Priya runs to the bathroom)

Manisha: (knocking on the door) that's not fair. Watch when you come out I'll get you. (Manisha goes back to picking out clothes)

After a few minutes Priya comes out in a robe. Grabs the dress from the bed and goes back into the bathroom. Priya comes back out dressed and begins drying her hair.

Manisha: you look better with wet hair.

Priya: (drying her hair) I don't like my hair wet sometimes. (She stops drying her hair when she hears people laughing downstairs) Who's downstairs?

Manisha: Mitesh, Anurag everyone else.

Priya: What are there doing here.

Manisha: I don't know your dad called them.

Priya: My dad's too much.

Manisha: what do you mean?

Priya: Never mind. Let's go.

Manisha: what about your makeup?

Priya: I don't like putting on make-up.

Manisha: (pulling Priya in front of the mirror) Come I'll put some on. (Manisha puts make up on Priya) There you go.

Priya: (looking at the mirror) hey it look's good. Thanks!

Manisha: you welcome. Let's go.

Manisha and Priya walk downstairs. Everyone downstairs gets up. Pritem grabs his heart and falls into the couch.

Kiran: (looking at Pritem) Beta Pritem your name suit's you. Tum deewane ho.

Pritem: (getting up, pulling his collar up, acting fresh) Yeah I know. (Anil stares at him) Sorry.

Priya: Ok I should go. Sunny waiting (grabbing her bag)

Anurag: I through we'll drop you there.

Priya: No its ok I have my own driver. (Priya leaves)

Manisha: You can drop me home.

Anurag: fine let's go

Everyone leave and drives behind Priya. They drop Manisha off and continue to drive to the cinema.

Anurag: (at the cinema. Standing outside his car) I can't find her.

Arjun: there's she is (pointing at the entrance)

Anurag: You know what to do right

Arjun: (happy) I was born to ruin her life.

Meanwhile, Sunny and Priya are talking

Sunny: I didn't know what movie you would like, so I'm wondering No Entry.

Priya: Sure I wanted to watch that movie too. (Priya and Sunny walk to get the ticket)

Anurag: Alright they going to buy they ticket, lets go (they walk across the street and they get on line)

Arjun: They better not watch a sad love story.

Anurag: We're next

Mitesh: Can I know something, why are you behind them? What are you going to get out of it?

Anurag: I don't know what I'm going to get out of this. I don't know but I have this weird feeling that there is something wrong with this. But I'm here so he won't do anything wrong.

Mitesh: (acting like a father) Priya's a big girl, she know right from wrong (back to himself) Anyways how do you know if he'll do something wrong.

Anurag looks at Mitesh with the expression of "what are you saying"

Counter lady: hello how may I help you?

Anurag: yes I would like to know what ticket those two (pointing to Priya and Sunny) purchased.

Counter lady: Sorry it's against the cinema policy.

Anurag: Damn! Ok hold on (he grabs his phone and dials Priya #) Hello Priya

Priya: Anurag!?!

Anurag: Yeah what movie you watching?

Priya: why?

Anurag: Just asking

Priya: No entry

Anurag: Oh ok thanks

Priya: wait why you want to know

Anurag: Umm (pausing) because what if we go to the movies later on, I don't want you to see the same movie.

Priya: (surprised) ahhh ok. (Priya cuttes her phone and looks around for Sunny, who was getting popcorn, and sees Mitesh and Pritem. Thinking) oh so my father sent spies. Ok now the fun just started)

Anurag: Alright 4 tickets for No entry (he takes out some money and pays the lady) Alright lets go.

Anurag, Mitesh walk into theater and take they seat 3 rows behind Priya and Sunny. Pritem and Arjun come back with popcorn and soda.

Anurag: What are you doing? We're only here to watch Sunny.

Pritem: Correction, you and Mitesh are here to watch Sunny. Arjun and I are here to watch the movie.

Anurag falls back onto his seat mad. After a few minutes of the movie, Sunny begins to yawn and stretches his arm.

Anurag: look! Look! He's doing trying to put his arm around her.

Mitesh: Maybe you were right.

Sunny while bring his arm down, he puts his arm around Priya. Anurag and Mitesh look around and see Pritem and Arjun eating popcorn and grab the cup of popcorn. Anurag and Mitesh begin to throw the popcorn on Sunny. Pritem and Arjun look at each other and begin throwing the popcorn too. Priya and Sunny turn to look back. Anurag, Mitesh, Arjun, and Pritem notice that Priya is about to turn around, so they duck.

Sunny: (looking back) who's throwing that?

Priya: (turning back around) you don't want to know. Let it be.

Sunny turns back around. The boys get back up.

Pritem: That was close

Arjun: We're guys are lucky that no one in front of us. You have a clear view.

Mitesh: It's not luck it's called friends

Arjun: huh?

Mitesh: My friend is the manager here and he kept the seat empty for us.

Pritem: then what about the girl in the counter?

Mitesh: He can't do everything on the name of friendship.

Sunny tries to put his arm around Priya again and again, after every 5 minutes. However is unable to since Anurag kept on throwing popcorn.

Anurag: (throwing popcorn) Yo this guy doesn't know how to stop.

Sunny turns around and the boy's hide again.

Sunny: (turning back around) why are you stopping me from going to the manager?

Priya: Ok look that is Mitesh and Pritem, maybe even Anurag and Arjun.

Sunny: why would they throw popcorn at us?

Priya: Cause my father told them too. They don't want you to get close to me.

Sunny: (smirking) really (putting his arm around Priya)

Anurag: Yo the popcorn finished.

Mitesh: Same here.

Arjun and Pritem: (knowing that there got nothing left to eat) great!

Sunny pulls Priya closer. 

Priya: what are you doing?

Sunny: I just want to know what they'll do if I made pretend to kiss you (pulling her closer)

Priya: (shocked) Kiss me (pushing him away)

Anurag and Mitesh take the popcorn cup and throw it at Sunny. Sunny looks back at them.

Sunny: (turning around) why do they keep hiding?

Priya: they think that I don't know they're here.

Sunny: oh

Priya: ok let's watch the movie.

Priya and Sunny continue to watch the movie. So do Pritem and Arjun. Mitesh and Anurag are also watching the movie but keeping an eye on Sunny.

The movie ends Priya and Sunny walk out like Mitesh, Anurag, Pritem, and Arjun were never there.

Sunny: Imagine if they were following us.

Priya: (looking at the stores window) Yeah they are I can see they reflection on the glass. (Sunny turns to look at the glass) Sunny I'm sorry.

Sunny: for what

Priya: for them throwing popcorn and following us.

Sunny: it's ok. It's was kind of… fun.

Priya and Sunny begin to walk faster.

Anurag: why are they walking fast?

Pritem: Maybe they know were following them.

Mitesh: Hurry up they walking quicker

Priya: I have 3 questions for you.

Sunny: Shoot

Priya: ok first do you like to run? Second, have you ever had to run on a date? Third do you mind if we ran?

Sunny: yes umm no and yeah sure I won't mind if we run.

Priya: Great! There's a first time for everything ok first lets walk quicker and then when I say now we run, got it.

Sunny: got it.

Priya and Sunny begin to walk quicker. So do Anurag, Pritem, Mitesh and Arjun.

Priya: ok now

Priya and Sunny begin to run away. Mitesh, Anurag, Arjun, and Pritem begin to run behind them.

Sunny: Priya there's a park across the street lets go there.

Priya: great more hiding room.

Priya and Sunny run into the park. Mitesh, Pritem, Arjun and Anurag run across the street and stop.

Anurag: (catching his breath) Ok I take the north entrance, Pritem's takes south, Mitesh you take east and Arjun will take west. (Arjun, Mitesh, and Pritem are holding on they knee, catching they breath. They all look at Anurag as if he had gone crazy) Just catch them.

Pritem, Mitesh, Anurag, and Arjun break up and run into the park. Priya and Sunny run and hide behind the slide [It's not just a slide, it has a jungle gym, poles, another slide attach to each other. What I'm trying to say is that if you don't look closely then you can't see them hiding behind the slide]

Sunny: there's Arjun, Mitesh, and Pritem. Where's Anurag?

Priya: (turning Sunny around) right over there. How are we going to get out of here?

Sunny: Don't worry they'll move. (Thinking) Hey the minute they move, you see all those trees, we'll run there.

Priya: ok

Mitesh, Pritem, Arjun, and Anurag give up and group together.

Arjun: I couldn't find them.

Mitesh: me either It's getting dark that's why. Priya and Sunny run out towards the trees.

Pritem: (yelling) there they are. (Pointing)

Priya lets out a squeak after hearing Pritem.

Mitesh: (yelling) Priya

Priya and Sunny continue to run towards the trees. Mitesh, Pritem, Arjun, and Anurag run after them.

Priya: (stopping behind a tree) we should split up.

Sunny: Sure But will you be alright by yourself.

Priya: yeah

Sunny and Priya split. Pritem, Arjun, Anurag, and Mitesh see them split and begin to run after them. Anurag and Arjun run behind Priya, while Mitesh and Pritem run behind Sunny. Priya rest and begins to giggle behind a tree. Arjun finds Priya and taps on her shoulder.

Arjun: hi!

Priya: Hi! (Realizing it was Arjun) Shit

Priya runs a bit further. Arjun follows. Priya circles the tree so does Arjun.

Arjun: (circling the tree) I got you so there's no point of this whole circling think.

Priya: You don't have me until you catch me.

Arjun: alright

Arjun runs behind her but falls into a mud puddle and is completely covered with mud. While getting up Arjun gets an idea. Priya turns to look, but doesn't see Arjun. She stops and begins to look for Arjun. Arjun snicks behind her like a zombie and taps on her shoulder. Priya turns and screams. Priya begins to walk backwards, scared. Arjun continues to walk towards Priya like a zombie. [Due to Arjun being covered with mud Priya doesn't recognizes him] Priya turns and runs away from Arjun. Arjun run behind her. Priya looks back and see Arjun running behind her. While running and looking back at Arjun; Priya bumps into Anurag. She looks up and hugs him as hard as she could. Arjun stops in front of Priya and Anurag, looking at Anurag. Anurag gives a gesture of he doesn't know what happen.

Anurag: (moving Priya always from him) Priya are you ok.

Priya: (moving away. Calming down) Yeah I'm sorry I don't know what came over me.

Arjun: (cleaning his face) did I scare you

Priya turns to look at Arjun and laughs, so does Anurag. Anurag, Priya, and Arjun walk back into the park. Mitesh and Pritem and Sunny come back into the park also.

Pritem: (acting like a cop) you both are under arrest, anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of Anil Malhotra.

Anurag: You know something we were sent here to keep an eye on Sunny, but it was really you we should have kept an eye on.

They all walk back in front of the cinema.

Priya: I going with sunny

Mitesh: But we're following

Sunny: ok sure I don't mind.

Priya and Sunny get into the car. Mitesh goes to his trunk and gets out a blanket and lays it on top of the back seat.

Mitesh: (talking to Arjun) try not to get any mud on my car.

Arjun: (getting into the car) Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

They all drive off and arrive at Priya's house. Anurag, Mitesh, Pritem, and Arjun go into Priya's house. Priya and Sunny are outside talking.

Priya: Sorry for all that happen tonight. I didn't know it will go this far.

Sunny: No I said it was ok. It was kind of fun, after such a long time I felt like a kid. I should be thanking you.

Priya: I should go now.

Sunny: yeah you should

Sunny reach over to Priya and kisses her on her cheek. Sunny walks back to his car. Priya walks up to her steps and turns to watch sunny leave. Priya turns and opens the door. Priya enters and see her father with his arms crossed. Arjun is behind Anil giving her a gesture that she died.

Anil: what were you thinking, running away from them?

Priya: I'm sorry dad.

Kiran: (coming out of the kitchen) she did what?

Priya: look mom this is what happen, I arrived to the cinema when we got a ticket we went inside to get popcorn. But then Anurag called me asking what movie I was watching. After I cut of the phone I looked around for sunny, who was buying popcorn, and I saw Mitesh and Pritem buying tickets so I knew dad told them to follow me

Kiran: (to Anil) you sent them to follow her. How could you?

Priya: and then in the theater they began to throw popcorn at sunny and then the cup; that was holding the popcorn.

Anurag: cause he was going to kiss her. (Anil and Kiran are shocked)

Priya: He wanted to know what you would do if he pretended to kiss me. Anyway before I was so rudely interrupted, I pushed him away before he threw the cup. Then when we left they begin to follow us. So we ran into the park and then we just ran around and now we're here.

Kiran: (talking to the boys) I'm disappointed at all of you, mostly you Anil. You should have called like you always did. Anurag and Mitesh you look like the smart ones, why did you go with this.

Pritem: Actually we meaning me and Arjun we're the smart ones we were there to watch the movie.

Arjun: and we just threw popcorn because it seemed like fun and (acting like soldier) we're boys it are duty.

Pritem and Arjun walk like soldier towards Kiran. Pritem, Arjun, Kiran, and Priya are across Anurag, Mitesh, and Anil.

Mitesh: I was there as a big brother and causes Anurag dragged me. (Walking towards the other side)

Anurag: tum be.

Anil: (yelling) Party change (whispering to Anurag) who told you to bring them and why did you throw popcorn. I told you not to mess it up, just follow them.    

Anurag: I don't usually do anything without them. And that they only thing we could do to stop him from putting his arms around her.

Anil: Alright but still we lost.

Anurag: What do you mean?

Anil: they have more people.

Anurag: so

Anil: When Kiran gets involved it her rules, not mine. Her rules are the person who has more people on they side wins. If it's equal the first person who changes his mind loses. So it's better if we say sorry and get on with our lives.

Anurag and Anil: (talking to Priya) we're sorry and we'll never do this again

Anil: except I'll call

Priya: fine with me

Anil: chale

Anurag: where and for what

Anil: I have to go to the kitchen for the punishment. 

Anurag: Punishment

Anil: too wash the dishes

Anurag: (yelling) I'm not washing dishes this is not even my house.

Anil: Don't raise your voice and when did you I say that you have to clean it

Anurag: Sorry I through you was telling me to come when you said chale. But don't you have a maid.

Anil: My wife does everything at home with the help of me and Priya. So she says she doesn't need a maid.

Kiran: (throwing an apron on at Anil) Anurag beta look you don't have to clean the dish, but don't think that this is not your house. All of you are welcome here. Think of this as your own house.

Anurag: ok Aunty

Kiran: (to Anil) Now you straight to the kitchen

Anil: Yes madam

Everyone leaves. Priya grabs another apron and puts it on and begin to help her dad.

Anil: what are you doing?

Priya: helping

Anil: why

Priya: If it wasn't for me you wouldn't be here

Anil: oh mera beta (hugging her)

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Thank you Gaurav''s Love and ~Sirius*Ysh~ for your comment. Ysh i'll try to go over and fix my mistake more.


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~Sirius*Ysh~ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 May 2007 at 10:14am | IP Logged
sure!!! ypur mistakes have redeuced a lot in this chapter!!!!

I really like this one too... it was fun and i could picture all the charectors!!!!!

and sunny seems sweet... wish you showed Arjun being jealous!!!

i like arjun/priya pair better than anurag/priya pair :">

but yea tey're cute too... its just that i like the fighty fighty love-hate thing u knw...

great chapter and wanna know what happens next!!!!
pleeez update soon



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