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Kya Yahi Pyar Hai: Episode 57 on page 20 (Page 20)

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Posted: 30 June 2009 at 2:26am | IP Logged
Wow! *SPLENDID* Clap Clap I was reading your writing piece at one stretch!!
I can't wait for the next part!! Omg!! Should the college come to an end? Cry

But,regarding the pairing,i want it to be Arjun and Priya Blushing Atleast warn me beforehand if you are planning to pair up Anurag and Priya.....I am trying to find the answer as to why i seem to love Arjun and Priya like anything....i guess i am becoming a die hard fan of Arjun-Priya  Embarrassed Embarrassed Sorry,omg.....i just couldn't help it....LOL
I am keeping my hopes high b'coz i remmber hearing Priya's dad say in the beginning that he knows the two pairs that are going to be formed are Anurag-Manisha and the other Arjun-Priya Blushing

Well,right from the first scene,when Arjun purposely makes Priya's books fall on the ground,then to their lovely quarrels...omg those kicks from Priya.. ..then,to Arjun playing the Bhoot prank with Sunil....LOL

then....saying sorry 'n then Arjun saving Priya from Vikky and slowly starting the new relationship.... Embarrassed not 2 forget the night balcony scene when Arjun proposes Priya..it was just perfect!! the way you made this jodi come up..omg....i can't help but love them lyk anything!! Big smile

but the last dance episode of yours left me in a bad state.. Crywhy did Arjun hv 2 go behind Naina 2 gurls bathroom leaving Priya alone... Cry omg...i just hope he goes inside and then realises that his first and only love is Priya....LOL

please please can yu make it Arjun-Priya?...well,i can't help it you see..'m sorry if i sound rude... Cry

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Episode 54

After a minute or two,

Mitesh: Wait I see him, there he is.

Mitesh continue to follow Pritem but then get stopped at a red light.

Mitesh: Shit now what?

The lights turned green.

Priya: let's just look thru the alley until

Mitesh: Until what?

Priya: I don't know.

After driving by three streets Priya sees Pritem car.

Priya: wait turn around I think I saw his back there.

Mitesh turns his car around at the next light. He turns into the street where she saw his car. Pritem car is crashed into a tree. Mitesh stops the car and both of them jump out and run to Pritem cars.

Mitesh: Priya watch your step, we are right next to a ditch.

Priya: (looking in the car) Pritem? (she doesn't see Pritem in the car) He's not here. (scared) Mitesh he's not in the car.

Priya turns around worried looking down the ditch. Mitesh gets mad and noticed gas is leaking he turns and looks under the car. Fire has all ready started under the car. Priya finds Pritem lying at the bottom of the ditch.

Priya: Mitesh

Mitesh gets up to warn Priya.

Priya: (pulling her) Priya we need to get out of here.

Priya: (pulling back) No not with out Pritem.

Mitesh: (Priya grabbing her) If we don't survive no one will be able to help Pritem. The car is about to blow.

A big click is heard from the engine. Priya and Mitesh look at the car. The hood of the engine blows open and a rush of wind pushes Priya and Mitesh into the ditch. Priya and Mitesh both roll down the hill while rolling down the car explores. Priya continues to roll down but is stabbed by a tree branch. Mitesh stops rolling. Mitesh gets up and runs over to Pritem, whom is unconscious.

Mitesh: (shaking him) Pritem? Pritem?

Priya: (yells) Mitesh

Mitesh gets up and runs to Priya.

Mitesh: (looking at Priya) Shit Priya you'll be ok.

Mitesh helps Priya take out the branch. After taking out the branch, Priya faints.

Mitesh: (shaking her) Priya? Shit!

Mitesh grabs his phone and calls the police

Mitesh: (yelling at the police on the phone) That's to late. Hurry up and get here.

Mitesh cuts the phone and calls Anurag. Rain begins to fall. Manisha, Anurag, Arjun, Naina, and Jyoti arrive. Anurag and Arjun jump into the ditch. Anuragtries to take Priya up the hill. As Mitesh and Arjun try to get Pritem up the hill but are unable to because of the rain. Police and the ambulance arrive and help them take Priya and Prietm to the hospital. At the hospital, Pritem parents arrive.

Payal: Where is Pritem?

Mitesh: Aunty over here?

Mitesh takes Pritem mom and dad to Pritem room. Anurag holding onto Priya's phone as it rings.

Anurag: It's Priya's dad.

Manisha: Well answer it.

Anurag: (on the phone) hello.

Anil: Who is this?

Anurag: Its Anurag

Anil: oh Anurag beta, how are you?

Anurag: ok uncle you?

Anil: Not so good Priya nanni passed away today. I need to speak to Priya.

Anurag: I'm sorry. Uncle I need to tell you something.

Anurag continues to tell Anil what happen. As Pritem regain consciousness and find his mom, dad and Mitesh near his bed side.

Pritem: (confused) what happen? How did I get here? The last thing I remember is a dog came before my car and I crashed into a car.

Mitesh: (mad) Well if you hadnt left the party drunk you wouldn't be here and Priya wouldn't have been in a critical condition.

Pritem: (shocked) Priya? What happen to her?

Mitesh: Priya saw you leaving the party drunk. She came up to me and we ended up following you. (Explaining what happened) and now Priya is in the other room still being checked by the doctor.

Pritem: (getting off the bed) I have to go see her.

Mitesh: (pushing him back) you are not in the condition to get up.

Pritem: (getting up again) I don't care I want to go and see Priya.

Mitesh and Pritem mom and dad help take Pritem to Priya's room. Meanwhile Anurag is still talking to Priya's dad.

Anil: we're coming on the next plane to India, ok.

Anurag: bye. (cutting the phone) Manisha Uncle is on the next plane ride here.

Manisha: (wiping her tears) that's good. (She looks at Anurag) what's wrong?

Anurag: Priya Nanni died earlier today.

Manisha: No!

Anurag: Yeah (looking into the room) How are we going to tell her?

Mitesh, Pritem and his parents arrive to the room. The doctor comes out of the room.

Mitesh: How is Priya now?

Doctor: Her condition is really critical.

Manisha grabs onto Anurag and begins to cry. Everyone begins to cry.

Doctor: Too many toxics bacteria have gotten into her body and is a limit of medication we can give her without over dosing her. All we have left to do is pray.

The doctor leaves. Everyone walks to the room to pray. After praying Manisha, Pritem, and Arjun are shocked to see Mitesh and Anurag praying.

Manisha: you never prayed before.

Anurag: well people come into your life that changes you (remembering Priya praying before Manisha parents' anniversary).

Mitesh: and right pray that is all that can help us.

Jyoti: (runs into the room where everyone is praying) Priya!

Everyone turns and looks at Jyoti.

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AWEsomeeeeee ClapClapClap this one was short updat but great never the less. am so shockeddddddd Shocked priya in critical condition.. omgShockedCry all cuz of prtem. why he have to go out drunk haanCryCry even all the parents came too.. uff so sad. I hope priya and pritem get better really soon without any complications. update sooooooooooonnnnnnnnn Big smileROFL
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Episode 55

The doctor leaves. Everyone walks to the room to pray. After praying Manisha, Pritem, and Arjun are shocked to see Mitesh and Anurag praying.

Manisha: you never prayed before.

Anurag: well people come into your life that changes you (remembering Priya praying before Manisha parents' anniversary).

Mitesh: and right now pray that is all that can help us.

Jyoti: (runs into the room where everyone is praying) Priya!

Everyone turns and looks at Jyoti.

Jyoti: (catching her breath) Priya regain conscious.

Everyone runs to the room. Manisha goes and sits next to Priya. Jyoti and Naina stand next to Manisha. While Anurag, Arjun, Pritem, and Mitesh stand at the edge of the bed.

Manisha: (combing through her hair) How are you feeling?

Priya: (speaking in a weak voice, joking) Fine except for the hole in my body.

Pritem: (about to cry) I'm sorry.

Priya: (weak) naa it's not your fault. But let me tell you something what people say about nature, it being good and all. Naa it has an evil side to it my friend.

Mitesh turns around about to storm out of the room.

Priya: (weak) Mitesh (Mitesh stops) It's not because of you.

Mitesh: (turning around) how do you know?

Priya: I don't but I know it was because of you I am here, alive, in the hospital. Both me and Pritem are here alive because of you. Mitesh you know I love you and if I have to face getting stabbed 50 times because its in my destiny because I am with you then I would never leave your side.

Mitesh goes and hugs Priya. Anurag comes a bit little closer to Priya.

Anurag: Priya

Priya: yes Anurag

Anurag: Priya you're parents called. I told them you were here but

Priya: but what Anurag!

Anurag: your nanni.

Priya: (jumping up) My Nanni (Anurag doesn't say anything)

Manisha: (pushing Priya to lay down) Priya calm down.

Priya: (moving Manisha hands) Anurag what about my Nanni.

Anurag: Priya (tears began to come out of his eyes) I'm sorry.

Priya: (scared) No you're lying. (turning to Manisha) tell me he is lying. (to Anurag) you're lying.

Anurag: Priya I'm sorry this morning your Nanni had a serious heart attack and when they got to the hospital, they pronounced her dead.

Priya: (covering her ears) No you're lying. I cant believe you are lying to me.

Anurag: (sits next to Priya pulling her hands off her ears) she died this morning.

Priya: (hitting Anurag) No she cant you're lying (Priya slowly starts to faint.)

Anurag: (lying Priya down) Priya? Priya? (yelling) Doctor?

Arjun runs out the room to get the doctor. Doctor comes in and sends everyone out.

Anurag goes out and punches the wall.

Manisha: (places her hand on his shoulder) Calm down, she will be all right.

Anurag along with everyone stays quiet. The doctor comes out.

Doctor: She is asleep, her blood pressure is low but other then that she will be fine. The bacteria in her blood is lowering.

Everyone goes home except for Mitesh. Priya parents arrive the next morning. Priya parents sit on the bed next to Priya. While everyone surrounds them.

Anil: How are you feeling?

Priya: ok

Kiran: (places her hand on Priya head) Priya

Priya: (beginning to cry) why mom why?

Kiran: (crying as well) Priya don't cry she had to go it was just the matter of time.

Priya continues to hug her mom and continues to cry. Priya is discharged from the hospital after a couple of days. Everyone is gathered at Priya's house.

Priya: where is papa?

Kiran: he is getting the ticket then going to come back home and start packing.

Manisha: Tickets? Packing? For what?

Kiran: we decided that we will go back to London.

Everyone is shocked. Priya begins to look down at her fingers.

Manisha: what? No!

Kiran: beta your uncle business has been completed and we didn't come with the idea of settling in India. Priya has already finished college and they is no reason to stay. We would love to stay but we already have a life they we cant just leave.

Manisha: no this is not fair. (mad) Priya, why didn't you tell us.

Priya: I didn't know how to tell you.

Manisha: (mad) didn't know how to tell us.

Arjun: (places his hand on her shoulder) when are you leaving.

Priya: (under her breath) Day after tomorrow

Everyone: Day after tomorrow.

Jyoti: are you serious?

Pritem: 1 day isn't enough.

Naina: you cant go, everything is finally getting better.

Mitesh: you just got discharged from the hospital and you're leaving already.

Manisha: this isn't fair, Priya, you should of told us before.

Anurag: (sad but doesn't show it) We'll miss you.

Priya: I'll miss you guys too. But I'm sorry I cant do anything and over that I want to go back home.

Manisha: (jumping off the bed) What? You want to go back.

Priya: (about to cry) Manisha.

Manisha: Don't Manisha me. If you want to go back then go, see if I care. (she walks out of the room)

Priya: (yelling behind her) Manisha! Manisha! (Manisha already left) look guys I don't want to leave you. I love it here. But going to London is where I want to be after Nanni passed away. All her memories are there and I don't want to separate from that place.

Mitesh: (sitting next to her running his hand thru her hair) Don't worry we understand and don't worry I'll explain to Manisha (Mitesh gets up and walks out to Manisha).

Kiran: ok beta finish your packing. I am going to go and finish mine.

Anurag: aunty if you don't mind can I ask you for something?

Kiran: sure beta anything

Anurag: since you are going to go day after tomorrow, can we stay here for these two days?

Kiran: sure beta this house is your as well as our. You could come and go as you please.

Manisha and Mitesh stand at the door as Kiran leaves. Everyone spends the night thinking about all the memories they shared with Priya.

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Episode 56

Everyone spends the night thinking about all the memories they shared with Priya. On one couch its Mitesh, Arjun and Naina, the other Pritem and Anurag, and on another Manisha, Priya and Jyoti.

Priya: oh and I didn't tell you guys. You remember when I was new to the college and I was entering the canteen.

Arjun: No! Don't say anything.

Jyoti: What? Tell me.

Priya: well I was walking in and he was walking towards me and he dropped my books on purpose. (Everyone looks at Arjun while he has his face covered) Then he help pick up my books and while we were getting up he said (Priya turns to look at Jyoti in the eyes) Is you name Gillette?

Jyoti: (looking confused towards Arjun) Where did you get the name of Gillette from?

Pritem covers his mouth, laughing, remembering something from the past.

Priya: (she turn Jyoti faces to look at her again) Cause you're the best a man can get.

Everyone begins to laugh and Arjun begins to jump up and down in embarrassment.

Arjun: I cant believe you told them that.

Pritem: I cant believe you used that after me.

Manisha: (slowly stops laughing) After you? What do you mean?

Pritem: Me and Arjun were at a club like a couple of days before Priya had came to college. I was eyeing a girl and Arjun was telling me she wont give me the time of day. I was thinking about trying a new line that I had read up and just to my advantage she was reading some paper that a person she was with gave her. So I walked up to her and she was walking towards some place in the corner, I think to get better light. While she was walking by I pushing into her and all her paper fell. After saying sorry and smiling a lot we had gotten up and I asked her. She smiled, looked and walked away and I watched her, she turned back and smiled, I was in. (feeling real confidence) I guess after seeing me score, Arjun thought he could use it on Priya. (looking at Arjun everyone begins to laugh) Tell me one thing, did you smile, the witty Pritem smile.

Arjun: (looking down) No

Naina: The witty Pritem smile, what is that?

Pritem: (jumps over to Naina couch and makes Mitesh move to his seat. While Arjun and Naina move down to make room for Pritem) Let me show you

While Naina is moving down, Pritem grabs her arms and makes her look into his eyes and he smile, a sweet, childish smile that had melted her heart.

Naina: (looking at Pritem running her hand through his hair, flirting) Oh my, your smile its wants me to do something.

Pritem: (bring his face closer to Naina) like what?

Naina: Give me your hand and close your eyes.

Everyone looks at Naina and Pritem in a surprise. Pritem closes his eyes, Naina grabs his hand and takes him to the kitchen.

Arjun: (mad and surprised on what Naina might be doing) What is going on?

Manisha: shh

Everyone looks towards the kitchen.

Pritem: awwwwwww Naina!

Naina comes running out laughing with her hand covered in whip cream. While she takes her seat next to Arjun, Pritem comes out wiping off the whip cream from his face with dish towel. Everyone begins to laugh.

Pritem: That was not funny!

Naina: Yes it was (she winks at him)

Pritem: (he smiles and giggles at her) I have to admit though you had me going there for a second.

Mitesh: (smiling) she had all of us.

While everyone continues to talk, Priya gets an idea and walks over to Mitesh and whispers in his ears. He gets up and takes Priya seats. Priya sits diagonal from Arjun.

Priya: Hey Arjun,

Everyone turns to look at Priya.

Arjun: (looking at Priya) yeah

Priya: (moving to the edge of her seat towards Arjun) Come close (Arjun moves closer to Priya) Remember when we were together and I (Priya lefts her leg a little and kicks Arjun in the leg)

Arjun yells at the top of his lungs and tries to heal the pain on his leg. Arjun then moves to the edge of his seat.

Arjun: Priya

Priya: (smiling with a big grin) Yes Arjun

Arjun: Stand up (Priya confused on what Arjun is talking about she stands up.) remember when these childish acts of your use to get on my last nerves, I always used a word before, well how do I put this nicely, before I felt like breaking you into a thousand little pieces. it's a three letter word not hard to figure out. It starts with R and ends with N.

Priya: (moving towards the back of the couch trying to find an exit) Hmmm, I think I know where you are going with this.

Arjun: (getting up and moving closer to Priya) So?

Priya: So I think I should be going.

Priya runs out the room with Arjun following right behind her. Everyone sits there listening to them yelling and knocking over things as they run up and down, room to room. Priya and Arjun run into the kitchen and a big bang is heard. Everyone stand up but don't move. After a minute, Arjun comes running out.

Arjun: (running out) Bhoot! Bhago Bhoot! (Grab and hides behind Naina)

Naina feels Arjun hands on her shoulder and his breath on her neck, she begins to feel weak on her knees. While Arjun hides behind Naina, everyone turns to look towards the kitchen, Priya comes out covered in flour. Everyone begins to laugh.

Manisha: (giggling) you look more of a ghost now then you did before.

Arjun: (moving from behind Naina) Come to think of it you do.

Pritem: (moving towards Priya) What do you mean by before. (wiping of all the flour from her face and head)

Anurag: Oh yeah you weren't here when we came to pick up Priya for the first time. When she came to open the door for us she was covered with flour.

Manisha: Hey why were you covered in flour.

Priya: (cleaning her self off) My mom told me to put both the flour and atta in two containers. After taking out the flour, I went to take out the atta, while bending down, the flour bag fell on me and I was covered in flour. I was going to go upstairs to clean up when the door bell, so I went to grab it.

Arjun: I have to admit you look better now then you did 10 minutes ago.

Priya: (walking towards Arjun) hahaha really and you know what I think

Arjun: (moving to exit the room) What?

Priya: I think you should run?

Arjun begins to run while Priya follows him. But then Arjun suddenly stops and stands straight, as if he was in the army. Priya bumps into him and looks ups at what he was looking at and smiles.

Priya: (talking back to everyone) Guys, I am going to go clean myself up.

Arjun continues to stand the way he is and everyone goes to see why. Everyone watches Priya go up the stairs into her room and then freak out when they see what Arjun was staring at. Mitesh, Anurag, and Pritem stand the same way as Arjun. Manisha stands smiling while she covers her mouth. Naina and Jyoti looks at the boys and Priya dad, who is standing next to the stairs, in surprise of what was going on. Anil walks towards them and stops in front of the kitchen and looks in at the flour on the floor. He looks up at the boys and the boys walk towards him and into the kitchen and begin to clean up. Manisha grabs Jyoti and Naina and takes them to the living room to explain why the boys were acting that way. While they are cleaning, Kiran comes downstairs and doesn't see the boys in the living room and hears some noises in the kitchen. She goes to the kitchen thinking she is going to yell at Anil for making the boys clean up. When she enters the kitchen she is shocked to see Anil on the floor helping Arjun pick up the flour.

Kiran: Anil!?!

Anil: hey, Priya got into an accident again while she was chasing Arjun around. I decided to help these boys out.

Kiran: (Priya is coming down that stairs heading towards the kitchen) But where is Priya? She should

Priya: (at the stairs with a towel wrapped around her hair) I am coming mom. Don't worry I will clean it up. (Priya walks towards the kitchen, she sees the boys finishing up the cleaning) What is going on? Move let me clean it.

Anil: its ok we are almost done.

Kiran and Priya look at each other and then at the Anil, surprised. Everyone gets up after they were done cleaning. Kiran takes Anil to the side.

Kiran: What was that?

Anil: I don't know, but I like them, I don't know why I pretended to hate them. We talked a bit and we got to know each other. I will miss them.

Kiran smiles and hugs him and both of them leaves. Priya take the boys to the living room.

Priya: What was that?

The boys look at each other and then look at Priya.

Mitesh: We don't know but we spoke a little and we got to know each other a bit better. Your dad is pretty cool. Underneath all the mean and strict shell there is a sweet man.

Priya: Ohhh my daddy likes you guys.

Arjun: I think he always did but just gave in now.

Priya: Wow but that was quick. You don't know how long it took Avinash to get on his good side.

Manisha: By the way how is he?

Priya: He is good. Hope he doesn't get fat when I go back.

Manisha: We are going to miss you so much.

Priya: I am going to miss you guys too.

Priya removes the towel off her head and her wet hair falls down to her shoulder. Anurag looks at her while lifting a glass of soda and is completely unaware of the little fight Pritem and Arjun are having. Pritem is about to punch Arjun but misses and hit's the glass Anurag is holding. The soda pours all over Anurag shirt. Anurag jumps up and tries to clean it off.

Anurag: oh my god, guys, what is wrong with you?

Pritem: Sorry

Priya: (grabbing some napkins and handing them to Anurag) You can go upstairs and change in the bathroom. There is one right next to my room.

Anurag: (cleaning his shirt) Yeah I guess I should.

Anurag goes over to his bag that was sitting on the side and takes out a shirt. He runs up the stairs while Priya cleans up the soda that spilled on the couch.

Priya: (applying pressure to the stain) you guys are lucky this couch doesn't stain so quickly. (remembering something) Oh I forgot there is no towel upstairs.

Priya runs upstairs and grabs a towel out of the closet and goes to the bathroom. Anurag takes of his shirt and begins to clean off the soda from his chest and then turns to grab the towel. He doesn't find one and opens the door to call Priya. When he opens the door, he is surprised to see Priya there with a towel, and just continues to stare. Priya stands there as a statue who is around knocking on a door. Both look at each other until they hear Jyoti yelling something downstairs.

Priya: (looking down on the floor) Hmm I thought you need a towel.

Anurag: (trying to cover himself up) I - I need a towel.

Priya: (confusingly handing him the towels and walking away) Yeah I should go get you one.

Anurag: (grabbing the towel) Yeah thanks for the towel.

Priya walks down the stairs.

Priya: (standing at the bottom of the stairs, Thinking) Why cant I just - its good I am leaving.

Anurag: (he closes the door and leans on the door) Why cant I just - its good she is leaving.

Priya enters the room and hits Arjun on the head.

Arjun: (holding his head) What was that for?

Priya: I still hadn't hit you for the time you scared me at Anurag farmhouse.

Arjun: Oh yeah I remember that, I swear I am so sorry about that, it's just you got me so mad and I didn't know what else to do.

Priya: (falls and hugs Arjun around the neck) Its ok you saved me from Vicky.

Naina: I kind of know the story about Vicky but what about Anurag Farmhouse.

Jyoti: Yes what is the story with Anurag Farmhouse, it sound good.

Mitesh begins to tell Jyoti and Naina about the Farmhouse. Anurag comes downstairs and learns that Mitesh is telling them what happen in the farmhouse. Everyone gets their turn on telling they part of the story. Priya and Anurag ignore looking at each other. Arjun ends the story by telling Priya that how bad he felt for playing that prank on her.

Arjun: (thinking back to the time she slapped him after she found out the truth) Wait you did slap me when you found out I was playing a prank on you.

Priya: (thinking back as well) Oh yeah I did. Oh well I should have had beaten you up instead of slap.

Arjun: you know you couldn't do that you love me to much.

Naina looks up at Arjun and then back at her folded hands.

Priya: (hugging him again) Yeah unfortunately I do.

Anurag looks away from her and to Manisha.

Pritem: ok guys we should go to sleep its getting late.

Jyoti: yeah I am tired.

Priya: (getting up and walks to the door) ok girls upstairs in my room and boys down here on the couch.

Mitesh picks up Naina is his arms

Naina: (in his arms) what are you doing?

Mitesh goes and drops Naina on Arjun. Arjun looks at Naina as she looks tries to looks away.

Naina: (getting up) sorry.

Mitesh: (falling on the couch he got Naina off from) Just like home.

Arjun: (looking at Naina) Hey Priya, you are not as heavy as I thought you were (Naina looks at him and he winks)

Priya: (turning to look at him, mad) What do you mean?

Naina: (putting her hand on her shoulder) let go I am sleepy.

Jyoti, Naina, and Manisha go up to Priya room. Priya gets some pillows and blanket for the guys and goes to her room.

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Cool Update!!

Well,it was good to see Priya-Arjun fight.I love them being together!!
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Episode 57

Everyone is a sleep, Jyoti gets up and grabs a book and a pen. She begins to scribble something down when Manisha wakes up.

Manisha: (sleepy) what are you doing up?

Jyoti: (excited) I had a dream!

Manisha: Its good to know you're a fan of Martin Luther King but its 3 in the night cant you write your speeches to change the world later.

Jyoti: Hahaha funny. I just woke up from a dream and I came up with an idea.

Naina: (waking up) Great cant you keep it for tomorrow.

Jyoti: Nope because the boys are sleeping now and they wont be sleeping tomorrow.

Manisha: (sleeping) Boys? What do they have to do with Martin Luther King?

Naina: Well Martin Luther King is a male, he once was a boy before he became a man.

Manisha: Thanks for the history and biology lesson but I would rather pay attention to my closed lids.

Neha: Me too.

Jyoti: (grabs a pillow and throws it at both of them) Would you listen to me.

Neha and Manisha sit up and listen to Jyoti.

Jyoti: I had this dream where we put shaving cream on the boys face while they were sleeping in the woods or forest, something like that. It was so funny.

Naina: (sleepy) Shaving cream on forest.

Manisha: (sleepy) Woods in boys. Got it can we go to sleep.

Jyoti: I was thinking we all pick a name and go downstairs and put shaving cream on they face while they were sleeping. But if you rather go to sleep then that is fine with me.

Manisha and Naina go back to sleep but wake up after a minute and look at each other then up at Jyoti

Jyoti: So?

Manisha and Naina: (looking at each other and then at Jyoti) We're in.

Jyoti: (grabbing the book again) Great, wake up Priya.

Manisha: (trying to wake up Priya) Priya wake up. Priya.

Priya: (moving Manisha arm) Me and John are celebrating our 3rd month anniversary, cant you wait.

Manisha: Forget John Abraham, he will never look at you once I am around.

Priya: (turning around in her sleep) Bipasha sent you didn't she, get out.

Manisha: ok Priya enough get up. We are going to put shaving cream on the boys while they sleep.

Priya: Good luck. (Priya just realized what she heard and gets up) When do we start.

Jyoti: Now! You do have shaving cream right?

Priya: of course.

Jyoti: (ripping up the paper she wrote on) Great! Ok I wrote down the names of the boys and then I am going to fold them and then we pick one by one.

Priya: (Smiling) ok whoever gets Anurag, I got the most girly flower scented shaving cream for that manly man. The scent actually stays on you for a long time.

Jyoti: (she is done folding) ok pick a name.

Naina, Manisha, and Priya pick a slip.

Jyoti: so what name did u guys get?

Naina opens her slip and sees Mitesh's name, Manisha opens hers up and sees Pritem's name. Priya and Jyoti opens her slip, Priya gets Anurag and Jyoti get Arjun.

Jyoti: (mad at who she got) Ok who got Mitesh?

Naina: (looks up sad about who she got) I did.

Jyoti: (jumping up) then pass it on here. (Naina hands her slip and Jyoti gives her to Naina) I was not going to let any of you get Mitesh.

Naina opens up her and feels a bit of joy but then realizes it is for nothing. Manisha and Priya feel the same.

Jyoti: So Naina got Arjun, who did you two get?

Manisha: I got Pritem.

Priya: I got Anurag.

Manisha feels weird of holding on to his name after all that happen. Priya looks up at Manisha and realizes how she feels and takes her slip and give Anurag slip to her. Manisha smiles at Priya.

Manisha: ok lets go.

Priya gives everyone shaving cream and Manisha the scented shaving cream.

Manisha: (handing it back) you take it, making him smell like a girl wont stop him from getting dates since he has me. Mitesh got Jyoti

Jyoti: (smiling) He sure does.

Manisha: (laughing) Sooner or later Naina will get Arjun. (Naina acts like she didn't hear it but hopes it comes true) The single guy out is Pritem, who needs a girl, so he is the best target.

Priya: (looking at the can) hmm I guess you're right.

Everyone sneaks downstairs to the living room.

Naina: Its so dark in here. Should we open a light?

Jyoti: No, they will find out.

Manisha: Shhh they will wake up.

Jyoti: (moving towards Mitesh) I know where my boy is sleeping, I have no problem.

Manisha, Naina and Priya wondered whom they should go to.

Manisha: lets just get anyone.

Priya: ok.

Manisha walks over to the where Jyoti is standing and turn to someone who is laying on a couch next to Mitesh.

Manisha: (opening the shaving cream cap) I got this sucker.

Naina: (standing over the couch which she was already standing next to) I got whoever this is.

Priya: (walking over and opening the shaving cream bottle) I got whoever is in the far corner.

Jyoti: Guess what there was no point of the slip.

Naina: No really!

Priya: shh they will hear us.

Manisha: Lets go.

All the girls begin to squeeze out the shaving cream and begins to apply them on the guys face.

Jyoti: (feeling his foot) I got his foot, where his face.

Manisha starts to laugh.

Priya: (laughing) the other end of his body.

Jyoti: (smiling) right.

Naina while applying the cream someone grabs her hand.

Naina: (surprised) he got my hand. He got my hand.

Manisha: shh you want to wake the other.

Naina: (scared) but he got my hand. (the person begins to move) oh my god he is moving. (the person who grabbed on to Naina pulls her on to the couch) shit. Help me I am on the couch with him and I got shaving cream on my face (spitting it off her lips)

Jyoti: (smiling) only if Mitesh would do that for me.

Priya: Jyoti!

Manisha: (laughing) rely on Naina to get into a mess.

Naina: (trying to get up) hahaha funny. I am serious he got me tied down.

Manisha: (applying a little bit more) Wait I am almost done, I be there.

Manisha finishes up and goes over to Naina. Manisha picks up his hand and tries to pull Naina out.

Manisha: (getting Naina out) wow whoever this is has been working out. (She lets go when Naina gets out)

Naina: (trying to pull on her kameez that is stuck under him) now my kameez is stuck and it not coming unstuck.

Manisha: (holding her head) unstuck?

Naina: (pulling her kameez) you know what I mean.

Manisha: (helping her pull on her kameez) wow it is stuck.

Manisha continues to pull but cant get it out and she loses her grip. She falls back and falls onto the guy she was applying shaving cream to. That person gets up and yells.

After hearing the scream, all the guys get up, grab the girls, cover them with blanket and holds onto them at the waist. All the girls starts yelling "what is going on." Someone grabs onto Naina and pulls her to the door and turns on the light.

Naina: Where are you taking me? (the person lowers the blanket and slowly makes her turn around for her to look at him. Talking under her breath, Surprised) Arjun!

Arjun smirks at her and removes all the shaving cream from his face and applies it on her. Naina stands shock to see him then looks down, wipes her face and leaves. All the remaining three guys pulling the blanket off the girls but still holding onto to them in they arms. Mitesh off of Jyoti, Anurag off of Manisha, and Pritem off of Priya. All the girls look at the guys, smiling, as they slowly raise the shaving cream to there face and began to squeeze the rest of it on they faces. The guys let go of the girls and they begin to chase each other around. Arjun looks at them smiling and then turns to look up towards Priya's bedroom. Naina goes to grab a towel from the closet and finds Arjun looking at her. Arjun waves at Naina. Priya is slowly approaching Arjun from behind, as Naina is about to wave back at Arjun, she spreads shaving cream all over his face. Arjun turns and runs behind Priya. Naina lowers her hand and walks into Priya's room. Arjun comes back to the door to see Naina but just sees the door closed. He walks over to the couch and sits down looking at her door.

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after such a long time....................i always read your ff but never got time to comment ........ plz when your updating next can you give me a pm...it will be really appreciated ...your ff is fresh its so cute ..i just love it  :D

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