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Kya Yahi Pyar Hai: Episode 57 on page 20 (Page 2)

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Had originally been posted on IF.in. I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 6

In The Club

Priya walks in. Anurag walks up to Priya,

Anurag: The club is about to close, you sure you want to go on with the bet.

Priya: I'm completely positive.

Anurag: fine. What ever you say.

Anurag and Priya walk back to everyone.

Anurag: We have something to tell everyone. But after the club closes.

Mitesh: What is it? Why can't you tell us now.

Anurag: Just wait till then.

The DJ goes on the microphone

The DJ: Do to some important event. The club has to close in about 30 mins. So have fun till then.

The DJ goes and plays Deedar De, He gets off the stage.

The DJ walks to Anurag.

The DJ: Hey, Anurag. (Anurag shakes his hand.) Tell me when your done here. So I can come back and close the club.

Anurag: Sure! Don't worry we wouldn't take that long. We'll be done after half an hour or 45 mins.

The DJ: All right (he goes back on the stage)

Everyone goes back to dance. After about half an hour, the DJ announces the club closing. Everyone begins to leave.

Anurag: Hey, where are you going?

Arjun: Didn't you hear, the club is closing.

Priya: Not for us.

Pritem: What do you mean by that?

Anurag: The important thing I wanted to tell you was that there is gold hidden in this club.

Manisha: Wait! Anurag how do you know that?

Anurag couldn't know the answer to that question and starts to look at Manisha, with the expression of 'what are you saying.'

Priya: You know the DJ is Anurag friend and he owns the club, he told Anurag, that there were gold in the club. He told Anurag that if he helps him, find the gold then he and who ever helps him with get a something amount of gold.

Pritem: So what are we waiting for, Lets go look for gold. (his eyes starts to glow)

Pritem and Arjun go crazy searching for the gold. They started to have small fight when their thought they might have found the gold. The club started to look like a tornado ran thought the club. Chairs and tables were upside down or just plainly thrown across the floor. However, Manisha and Mitesh just lifted a couple of tables and chairs or helped break up a fight between Arjun and Pritem. Priya leaning on the wall, not caring, just watching them. However, Anurag walks in from the back and starts to get mad at the mess Pritem and Arjun made.

Anurag: (screaming) what are you guys doing? (everyone one stops and looks at Anurag) I just told you guys to flip around some table and chairs. So it seem like you guys don't care if you get the gold or not. So I can win.

Priya: (leaning of the wall. Normal Volume) You told them the bet. That cheating you know, I win.

Manisha: Wait! You don't care if he cheated.

Priya: I knew he would, (walking to Arjun and Mitesh, jumping over tables and chair) so I told Arjun and Pritem that their was gold hidden. (walking towards a wall) and there is (pulling a bag from behind the wall border) and here it is. (throwing it to Arjun and Pritem)

Pritem and Arjun eyes start to glow when their saw the gold coin.

Priya: Don't get happy, it only about 1 dollar a piece.

Pritem: (mad) Meaning, we just wasted are time looking around for just 50 dollars. (throwing the bag, up and down, happy) That was good.

Arjun: (mad) it isn't, she used us. You don't care, but I dooooo. (he sneezes several times)

Manisha: (looking at Arjun) Arjun take your allergies medicine or you'll blow up like a balloon. (opening her purse and taking out a packet of pills. Throwing it too Arjun)

Arjun: (catches it and points to Priya) I will talk to you later (walks towards the table to put the pills in a glass and begins to break it into a powder) where's the water?

Mitesh: There isn't any, just drink it with soda.

Arjun pours soda over into the glass. Arjun picks up the glass about to drink.

Anurag: First, come and help us with the mess you made.

Arjun puts the glass down and goes to help. Everyone starts to clean up the club.

Manisha: (cleaning) how did you know that Anurag was going to cheat.

Priya: I didn't know, until he came back to me, when I came back into the club after receiving a call from my parents. He asked if I was sure. So I knew he had something up his sleeves. So then later I went up to them and told them to forget what Anurag said and to look for the gold cause there is really gold hidden in the club.

Arjun: Yeah she fooled us into 50 dollars worth of gold.

Pritem: Something so pretty could be so evil. I LOVE IT. (thinking) Wait, Anurag, she won.

Anurag: So?

Pritem: She is the first person to ever beat you.

Mitesh, Arjun, and Manisha: (also surprised) That's right. Congratulations.

Priya: (bowing) Thanks

Anurag: it's the first and only time.

Priya puts down the chair and goes to take a drink. Priya picks up the glass to drink. Meanwhile, Everyone was talking and picking up things. Priya goes to the back. The DJ walks in after they finished.

Anurag: Hey! We're done here. Thanks so much.

The DJ: Anytime.

Everyone one except Priya walks toward door.

Arjun: (stops and sneezes) Hey guys wait! I forgot to take my medicine. (walks toward table)

Manisha: (walking towards door) Priya, you talked to you dad what did he say? (looking around) Priya, Priya. Hey, guys where's Priya.

Mitesh: I saw her go to the back.

Manisha walks toward back. But, stops when she here Arjun say something.

Arjun: Hey guys what did you do with the glass my medicine was in.

Mitesh: I didn't do anything with it.

Anurag: Me either.

Pritem: same here

Manisha: Didn't you drink it.

Arjun: No.

A noise is heard in the kitchen.

The DJ: what was that?

Manisha: It might be Priya (walking towards the kitchen; about to open the door)

Priya jumps out intoxicated wearing a chef hat and apron.

Priya: (intoxicated) The chef is in the club.

Everyone looks at Priya stunned.

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Had originally been posted on IF.in. I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 7

Everyone looks at Priya stunned. Priya was about to fall but Manisha catches her.

Priya: (intoxicated) hey, thanks bud. My buddy old pal. You're cho chweet.

Manisha: Someone help me. (Everyone walks to Manisha, Arjun helps her)

Arjun: (helping Manisha) do you tell she drink my medicine.

Pritem: She can't get crazy like this just by drinking your medicine. The only effect of allergy medicine is sleepiness.

Manisha: (leaning Priya on Arjun) No it's Not. You remember last time you came to my house. You saw my dad act crazy, right. Like he was some kid. That was cause he drank Arjun medicine. We called the doctor and the doctor said that the medicine wasn't for my dad, so he got energetic, like a kid. But by the doctor came to my house, my dad was fast asleep. He woke up knowing only a little of what happen.

Arjun: (taking Priya off of him) In short, she drunk my medicine, so she will act like this for about 30 to 45 minutes. And she'll fall fast a sleep. So that mean we have to take her home quick.

Mitesh: (looking around) Yeah sure, but, Where is she?

Priya: (screaming at the top of her lungs, childish. On the stage) Look! I'm a scratchin Chef. (starts to giggle, while scratching the record).

The DJ: (loud and mad) Anurag, Stop her before she break's my records.

Anurag walks to Priya.

Priya: (turning around to Anurag) Yes, what is your request for tonight.

Anurag picks up Priya and put her over his shoulder. Priya is screaming

Anurag: Lets go! Thanks for everything. (Anurag turns to leave. Everyone is following from behind)

Priya: Manisha Aunty, tell Anurag uncle to let me down. (hitting his back)

Manisha, Pritem, Arjun, and Mitesh, they'll stand in a line in this order. Pritem and Arjun are laughing, Manisha hits Pritem and Mitesh hits Arjun. Pritem and Arjun both look to the side holding their heads. Priya giggles like a little girl. After watching that.

Anurag: Priya, why are you giggling?

Priya: Mitesh Uncle and Manisha Aunty just slapped Arjun and Pritem Uncle.

Everyone walks out of the club and into the parking lot. Anurag lets Priya down.

Manisha: What are we going to do now? If her parents see her this way, they will not trust her going out.

Priya: (spinning around a poll, childish) My parents aren't home. They gave me the permission to go to your house. We can have a slumber party.

Mitesh: (holding his head) Now, what are we going to do?

Manisha: Nothing. She'll come to my house. Priya, lets go.

Everyone except Anurag walks to the car. Anurag walks to his bike.

Priya: (starts walking to the car) Ok! (stops) What about my clothes?

Manisha: You can wear mines. (Putting her hand on her back, leading her to the car)

Priya: (getting Manisha hands off of her) No! I want my clothes.

Manisha: (mad) Fine. Lets go

Priya: I want to go on the bike.

Mitesh: You can't with the conditions you're in.

Priya: No! I want to go on the bike (stomping her feet)

Anurag: (getting of his bike. walking to Priya) Fine you can go! (holding her shoulder) You have to promise me you will behave like a good girl.

Priya: (jumping) I will, I will, I will. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. (Priya run's to the bike)

Manisha: (worried) How you're going to get her to my house then. She might end up sleepy on the way back. What if she falls over the bike falling asleep.

Anurag: (picking his hand on her cheek) I take her home, she'll get her clothes and we'll come to your house, in my or her car.

Priya: (on the bike, speaking like a little girl) Anurag Uncle, Hurry up! I waiting. (sketching the 'ing')

Everyone turns to look at Priya they all smile at the way, Priya looked sitting on the bike)

Manisha: (smiling) Ok! Just hurry back. (she kisses Anurag)

Anurag and Priya are driving on the road. Priya starts to sing "Halka Halka Sa Yeh Sama" from the movie " Chocolate"

Priya: (singing) halka halka sa yeh nasha.

behka behka sa yeh sama

aa jaana

aa jaana jaane ja aa jaana yeh sama

jaaye na jaaye na

woh woh woh

halka halka sa yeh nasha

Anurag: (driving the bike) you sing really good, but can you plz stop singing. (the bike makes noises) what is it now?

Anurag pulls off to the side. Priya and Anurag get off. Anurag stoop over to see what's wrong with the bike. Priya look over Anurag.

Priya: (looking over) uncle, what happen to the bike?

Anurag: Anurag (getting up).

Priya: (confused) Anurag!?!

Anurag: (getting up, holding Priya's shoulder) No! My name is Anurag. Please don't call me Anurag uncle. (letting go of her shoulder) There's is away something wrong with this bike. We have to walk home. (Anurag takes out the keys of his bike). Lets go.

Anurag and Priya starts walking. Priya continues to sing different songs. Anurag also started to sing with her. Anurag stops. After seeing Anurag stop, Priya stops also.

Anurag: (searching for his phone) I forgot to tell the mechanics, to take my bike (picks up the phone & make a call to the mechanics)

Priya starts to walk away. Anurag phone gets cut off. Anurag realize that Priya not there. He looks around. He runs towards her after seeing her. Anurag reaches Priya.

Anurag: (catching his breath) why did you walk away.

Priya (rubbing her eyes) I feel sleepy. I want to go home. Can't we get a taxi.

Anurag: If we can, I would have, but you can't get a taxi this late. And I would call my driver. But my phone dead out. When I called the mechanics. (paused) What about your phone.

Priya: (holding her head) I don't have it. I left it in the club.

Priya puts her head on Anurag shoulder's. Anurag puts his arm around Priya waist, to hold her close. Priya puts her arms around Anurag's necks. Priya and Anurag walk to Priya's house. Priya and Anurag starts to sing different song while walking. They arrive to her house.

Anurag: Priya go upstairs and get your clothes.

Priya walks up the stairs and into her room. After 5 mins, Anurag realize he hasn't called his driver. He picks up the phone.

Priya: (on the top of the stairs; holding her head) Anurag.

Anurag turns around. Priya loses all her senses and falls down the stairs.

Anurag: (dropping the phone, about to run to Priya) Priya!

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Had originally been posted on IF.in. I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 8

Priya: (on the top of the stairs; holding her head) Anurag.

Anurag turns around. Priya loses all her senses and falls down the stairs.

Anurag: (dropping the phone, about to run to Priya) Priya!

Anurag run towards Priya and drops to the ground. Priya is unconscious laying on the floor.

Anurag: (slapping Priya lightly on the cheek, trying to wake her up) Priya! Priya come on wake up. (Anurag grabs her hand and checks her pulse) You're alive, wake up. (Anurag gets up and walks to the kitchen, fills a glass of water and goes back towards Priya. Anurag starts to sprinkle water on Priya) Priya! wake up! You hear me.

Priya: (cleaning the water off her face, still laying on the floor) Mommy, Not now. I just saw a beautiful dream with John Abraham. Just give me 5 mins so I can steal him away from Bipasha.

Anurag: (laughing) Stop dreaming about John because he is not in your near future or either is Bipasha in mine. So get up.

Priya: (getting up and rubbing her eyes, walking towards the stairs) Who are you? What are you doing in my house. Look I know how to fight you don't want to mess with me. (Priya was about to fall; Anurag catches her)

Anurag: (holding on to her.) You can't even kick Pritem correctly, heck, you can't even stand straight now.

Priya: (pushing Anurag away, walking up the stairs. Turning around at the third step) How you know that? And who the heck are you? (Priya was about to fall again , Anurag gets a hold of her)

Anurag: (holding on to Priya) It's me Anurag. (pushing her up)

Priya: (getting up) Oh hey! What are you doing here.

Anurag: tell you later. First go upstairs and sleep.

Priya: (beginning to talk like a child) Ok. Anurag (walking up the stairs) Uncle. (priya begins to sing halka halka sa yeh nasha)

Anurag: (holding his head) Shit! The evil kid's back! (Walking behind her)

Priya and Anurag enters her room.

Priya: (starts to jump on the bed) Anurag Uncle, read me a story or I won't go to sleep.

Anurag: Ok --

Priya: (continues to jump on the bed) No! Actually, sing me a lullaby.

Anurag: A lullaby! Are you crazy.

Priya: (Continues to jump, smiling) No, I'm Priya, the angel.

Anurag: (smirking) Angel! My foot. (priya looks at him weird) Fine I'll tell you.

Priya stop's jumping and lays on her bed and turn to the side facing Anurag. Anurag starts to sing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.' After 'Like a diamond in the sky' Priya falls a sleep. Anurag finish the song, realizing that Priya fell asleep. Anurag puts his hand on her shoulder, shaking her. Seeing if she's sleeping.

Anurag: (shaking her) Priya are you sleeping?

Priya grabs his hand like it was a blanket and turns to the opposite side, facing the wall. Pulling Anurag on to the bed. Anurag gets up and sits up on the bed.

Anurag: (Pulling his arm) Priya! I have to go home, let go of my hand. (he tries to pull harder, but Priya cries, when he does) Priya, are you awake.

Priya: (holding on to his arm tighter) No!

Anurag: (smiling) then how come you answered me.

Priya: I'm speaking in my sleep.

Anurag: How can you talk in your sleep? I heard people walk and ----(Anurag stops knowing that he was going to answer his own question)

Priya: and what. People walk and what. (waiting for a answer) Nevermind, let me go to sleep, I have to go to school tomorrow .

Anurag (thinking): What should I do? She not letting go of my hand? (Anurag gets an idea and tries to go over Priya, to get the phone on the other side.) If I just can get the phone, I be able to call Pritem. (after a while Anurag quits) I'm not going to be able to get the phone, I try to get my hands out after she sleeps.

Anurag puts his head on the backboard of the bed and closes his eyes thinking of different things. Slowly Anurag tends to fall asleep.

The next day the sun rises. The alarm starts to ring nonstop, Priya finally opens her eyes, She looks out the window at the sun and clouds. Priya realizes that she is holding on to someone hand. She turns around and see Anurag sleeping up on her bed. Priya starts to freak, trying to thinking what happen yesterday. While drawing a blank she gets a glimpse of the time.

Priya: (Looking at the clock. She push Anurag) Wake up! We're late.

Anurag gets up with a startle, hitting his head against the backboard. Priya gets off the bed. Anurag holding on to his head, get off the bed.

Priya: (worried, pasting back and forth) What are you doing here? I have to get ready. You know we're late. What are you doing here? I have to get ready. What are you doing just standing there. Leave.

Anurag: (Mad and Yelling, Priya stands straight, like she was in the Military). Shut Up! Look I didn't want to spend my night here. This is all because of you. If didn't drink Arjun medicine, we wouldn't be here talking, we would be in school. (calming down, puts his hand on his head). Now go and get ready, we late. I call Pritem and tell him why we didn't show up at Manisha's house last night. (a little mad) Oh yeah! no word out of you till we get to school. (Anurag turns arounds to leave. Priya also turns around to go into the bathroom. Anurag turns around). Oh yeah, Priya, (Priya turns around) tell your driver we need a drive to school.

Priya: Ok (Anurag turns and leaves the room. Priya quotes him) 'tell your driver we need a drive' phbbbt.

Anurag: (coming back in the room) What was that?

Priya: (startled) Nothing. I was singing.

Anurag: You sing to much.

Anurag leaves the room, smiling.

Priya: (holding her head) That was close. (thinking of what just happen, smiling and happy) Why am I so happy. (picking up the teddy bear that was on the floor. thinking for a few second. Talking to the teddy bear) Will anyways, I got to get ready, can't be late for school, now can we.

Priya puts the teddy bear on the bed and walks happily into the bathroom. Meanwhile, outside the room, Anurag is going down the stairs.

Anurag: (thinking and also smiling) Why am I so happy. I never felt like this before. Is it because of what happen upstairs (Anurag is at the last step, he turns to look at Priya bedroom door, turning back. Walking to the phone). It can't be.

Anurag reaches the phone and sits on the couch. Anurag picks up the receiver and call's Pritem

Mitesh: (on Pritem phone). Hello.

Anurag: (surprise) Mitesh! What are you doing with Pritem phone.

Mitesh: Oh nothing he when to find out if the girl was Karisma or Mohini. (wondering) Where were you guys last night? We waited up for you.

Anurag: (again holding on to the back of his head, where he got hit by the backboard) where do I start? After we left the club. (Anurag starts to tell Mitesh everything that happen). So now I'm here talking to you.

Mitesh: (Amazed) You did have a wild night. Well you better come before Mr. Singh class, cause you knew what he did last time, when it was your cousin marriage. He made you stay after school and you missed the wedding.

Anurag: Don't worry I have nothing planned today.

Mitesh: Nothing else happen last night, right?

Anurag: What do you mean?

Mitesh: I mean nothing happen between you and Priya that might cause a … Problem.

Anurag: (stand's up. Really mad) How could you let these type of ideas come to mind. Me and Priya are just friend's. I care for Manisha as much as you do. I wouldn't let anything happen that might ruin the relationship between all of us.

Mitesh: (feeling guilty) I know - I should have brought this up. Now I'm feeling guilty. - You know that I love Manisha and Priya as if there were like my own sisters. I just don't - want to see them - hurt.

Anurag: (calming down) Don't worry - I know (trying to crack a joke) you don't have to get sentimental on me. (Priya walks down the stairs) ok Priya here, meet you in the canteen. Bye. (cutting the phone)

Mitesh: Bye (cut's the phone. Pritem walks up to him.) Mohini or Karisma

Pritem: Mohini (Mitesh starts to laugh) yaar when will my Karisma come into my life.

Mitesh: Don't worry she'll come. You never know she just might be near by (Manisha walks up to Mitesh and Pritem) Hey, I just got off the phone with Anurag. He said that him and Priya were going when the bike, as usual, broke down. (mitesh continues to tell them what happen, last night) so now they're late. (the bell rings) and I'm going to be late if I don't make it to my next class. Bye! (Mitesh leaves)

Manisha: Pritem lets go.

Pritem: (grabbing his bag madly) I not going to let Anurag get away like that. (Pritem walks away)

Manisha: (catching up. Along Pritem) What do you mean?

Pritem: You'll find out soon.

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Had originally been posted on IF.in. I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 9

Anurag and Priya arrive to school. They walk down a empty hall, only for a few teachers and students. Priya sneezes.

Anurag: Look I told you to dry you hair before we go but you were in a hurry to get to school. Now you're going to get sick.

Priya: Ok! Stop acting like my mom.

Anurag and Priya get in front of Mr.Singh classroom door. Priya turns the knob and walks in.

Mr. Singh: (looking down on his book) You're late. You're very lucky today, I have a important meeting after school. So next time you're late… detention! (looking up) Now take your seat.

Priya and Anurag walk to their seat.

Anurag: (quietly to Priya) that good for nothing son of -

Mr. Singh: (cutting Anurag off) What was that Mr. Kapoor.

Anurag: (turning around) nothing

Priya was shocked to see that even the distance between them and Mr. Singh, he was still able to hear them.

Priya and Anurag when and sat in their seat.

Priya: (taking off her bag) How did he -

Anurag: (continuing Priya's sentence) hear us?

Priya: (shyly) yeah

Anurag: like I said he has this evil eye on me. Over that he has magic power's (Anurag acts like he's doing magic. Making Priya laugh)

Mr.Singh: Ms. Malhotra is there something funny you would like to share with the class.

Priya: (sinking in her seat, embarrassed) No Mr. Singh.

Mr. Singh: ok now back to our lesson, bacteria in the (Mr. Singh continues with his lesson).

Priya shove Anurag to keep him awake. The bell rings.

Anurag: Lets go before he comes here and lecture us on being late.

Anurag and Priya gets up to leave and reach the door.

Mr. Singh: Ms. Malhotra -

Priya is about to turn to go to Mr. Singh when Anurag grabs Priya's hand and pulls her out of the room. Their both run down the empty hall. While running Priya bumps into Arjun. Priya falls on top of Arjun. Her left hand behind Arjun.

Arjun: (Calm) will you do me a kind favor of (yelling) getting off of me.

Priya: (on top of Arjun, calm) first and most important of all (yelling) get off my hand.

Arjun: (moves to the side, so Priya can get his hand out) Now can you get off of me.

Priya: (getting up) Glad too.

Arjun: (Pulling his hand out) Now get me up.

Priya: (walking away) Yeah right

Anurag pull's him ups.

Arjun: (cleaning of his back) That girl is evil. EVIL.

Anurag: (Anurag and Arjun start to walk towards the canteen) You just think that cause you only seen her mean side. Otherwise, she really sweet.

Arjun: Whatever, I hate her. Anyways, what happen to you last night, you didn't come or call us.

Anurag: Didn't Mitesh tell you.

Arjun: No! I only saw him this morning.

Anurag: Oh anyways me and Priya got on the bike and left (he tells him what happen the night before).

Anurag and Arjun reach the canteen. Priya and Manisha are waiting outside.

Arjun: what are you doing out here?

Manisha: Mitesh said to meet him at the gym, he going to teach Priya some fighting skills. So that's why we're out here to inform you.

Arjun: Fighting skills! He should be teaching her how to be a sweet and nice girl to good hearted people, like me

Priya: (mad) Like you!?! (Arjun nod's) Please! Manisha lets go before he compliments himself, again. Also, I don't want to hear his nonsense (grabbing Manisha arm leaving)

Arjun: (looking at Anurag) NONSENSE (walking behind priya. Anurag follows) What do you mean by nonsense. Darling, that was a fact.

Priya: Whatever! (priya stops and turns around) And don't call me darling again. Cause I'll never be your darling. Got that?

Arjun: Who said that I want you to be my darling. You're not even worth it.

Priya gets mad and wants to scream but doesn't. Priya still holding on to Manisha arm, rush out the door. Arjun and Anurag start to laugh. Anurag gives Arjun a high-five and walk behind them. The four reach the completely empty gym. Mitesh is inside playing basketball. Everyone puts there bags down.

Mitesh: (juggling the ball) where's Pritem?

The gym doors powerfully swing open. Pritem walks in like a storm.

Pritem: (walking towards Anurag, mad) Anurag, I'm not going to leave you today? (grabbing Anurag collar) What the hell do you think of yourself.

Anurag: (mad, but calm) Get off my collar!

Everyone looks at them in a shock.

Pritem: (pulling it harded) What the hell do you think of -

Anurag: (cutting him off, pushing away) Get off my collar or else!

Pritem: Or else, what? What the hell are you going to do?

Anurag: You don't want to know what I'm going to do.

Pritem: (pulling on his collar) Show me! Or are you just talk.

Anurag: Fine! (Anurag lefts his hand)

Pritem: (moves away) Sorry, Sorry, Sorry. I was just playing.

Everyone calms down.

Anurag: (fixing his collar, goes and sits next to Manisha) Pritem you're lucky. You were just playing cause I would have taken all my anger out on you.

Pritem: Sorry. I just wanted to say stupid thing, like how can you spent a night with the girl I like. Or how can you spent one night with a girl and not how it will effect your relationship will Manisha? T.V. Drama, brother T.V. Drama. (talking to Manisha) What do you think, Manisha?

Manisha: I trust Anurag with my life (putting her hands around Anurag neck) Like, I trust you, Mitesh, Arjun and Priya

Priya: (Sad) You don't think that I'm those type of girls that can spent a night with a guy. When her parents aren't home. I just want to tell you that I don't want you to get the wrong idea about me. I'm not cause I can't remember anything from last night. Also, if I knew that Anurag was with me in the bedroom last night, I would have gone to another room or just told Anurag to leave. I don't want you guys to get the wrong idea about me.

Manisha: Don't worry, We don't! We saw the way you were last night. (everyone nods they heads)

Mitesh: ok lets stop this T.V. Drama. Priya lets starts. (Priya gets off the bleacher and walks towards Mitesh) first, I going to show you how to attack. Ok try to hit me. (Priya try to punch Mitesh. But Mitesh gets a hold of her hand.). Ok! That was good, but this time with more energy.

Meanwhile, Arjun catch sight of three girls walking in from the corner door across from them. Arjun gets off the bleacher and walks towards the girls.

Arjun: (standing next to them) Hey ladies, How are you babies doing today.

Back to Mitesh and Priya.

Mitesh: Ok Priya, I going to throw balls at you and you have to dodge them but then pick it up and throw it back.

Priya: Ok

Mitesh throws a ball . Priya dodges it and picks it up and throws it with all her might. The ball goes past Mitesh and straight to Arjun head. Arjun hit's the wall after being hit by the ball. The girl get scare and leave. Manisha, Anurag and Pritem stand up on the bleacher

Arjun: (holding his head, Mad. Yelling) PRIYA!

Priya: (removing her hand from her mouth) Sorry

Arjun (walking stormily towards Priya) What the hell is your problem. Am I the only one that you like hitting.

Priya: (shyly) It was a mistake.

Arjun: (mocking Priya) It was a mistake. Mistake my foot. Now I got no date for the dance, thanks to you.

Pritem: There's enough time for you to get a date.

The bells rings.

Arjun: (walking away facing Priya) If I don't get a date for the dance. You're going to be my date. (Leaving though the doors)

Manisha: (tapping on Priya) Here's your bag. So you're coming to my house today?

Priya: Yeah.

Manisha: Ok! Mitesh will pick you up.

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Had originally been posted on IF.in. I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 10

Priya walks out of the school. She looks around, she spots Manisha and Mitesh standing next to Pritem and Anurag, Whom are sitting on the edge of the sideway. Priya walks up to them. Arjun speed down the road on the expedition, nearly running over Pritem and Anurag feet. While Arjun was speeding by, Anurag kicks the car, with no worry of getting hurt. Priya trying to gasps for air Priya starts to cough after being shocked.

Manisha: (slapping her back) you ok. (Pritem and Anurag turn around and stand up. Mitesh looks at Priya).

Priya: (coughing) ye - Yeah. The whole scene -(coughing) that happen.

Mitesh: Oh! That you'll see a lot of that.

Arjun honk's the horn. Everyone walks to the car. Arjun gets out of the car. Mitesh goes to the driver's seat and Anurag to the passenger. Pritem and Manisha go to the back.

Arjun: Priya maharani are you coming or not (standing in front of the car door).

Priya makes a face and tries to walk in, but Arjun stops her. Priya moves to the left, Arjun moves to the left. She moves to the right, he moves to the right. Priya stop moving and so does Arjun.

Mitesh: (honking the horn) Come on, Arjun. Let her come in.

Arjun: (looking at Priya) she has to go though me first.

Priya looks up at Arjun with a smirk. Priya places her hand on the middle of Arjun chest and walks half way closes to him. Everyone watches in amazement.

Arjun: (thinking and sweating) what is she doing?

While Priya slightly grabs on to Arjun shirt. Priya walk more closer to Arjun and pull him to the back of her and walk into the car, laughing. Everyone in the car also starts to laugh. Arjun straightens himself thinking about what just happen and turns around and looks at Priya, Priya continuing to laugh and closes the door.

Anurag: (smiling) Come on, she did that to move you, not to get close.

Arjun gets mad and walks to the other side of the car and gets in. Pritem starts to laugh again the minute he gets in. Arjun slaps him lightly on the head. They drive away. After a couple of minutes.

Anurag: Mitesh, curve to the side, I have to go get my bike.

Mitesh turns to the side and stops, Anurag gets off. Anurag turns around

Mitesh: you want us to wait.

Anurag: No, where will my bike go if you wait for me.

Priya get off the car.

Anurag: where you going?

Priya: front seat.

Anurag: (moving out the way) see you guys later.

Mitesh: bye (Mitesh drives away)

Mitesh: So Priya, your parents always leave you like this.

Priya: No, its just when there's something important and there don't want to disturb my studies. Like today, we had a test in English.

Mitesh: Oh I see. (stopping the car) Ok Pritem your stop.

Pritem (Arjun and Pritem get off) ok laterz. (Pritem walks to Priya's window) Meet you later, honey (Rising her cheek).

Pritem walks away. Mitesh drives away.

Manisha: (laughing) Paagal, Do you guys think that Pritem ever find his right girl.

Mitesh: As far as I know Pritem, even if he does find her, he won't know it.

Arjun: I believe that if he does, he fall for the wrong one.

Priya: meaning?

Arjun: Oh god! You know nothing. (Priya turns to give Arjun a face) That's all you can do is make faces.

Priya: No, I can do more. And I already gave you a example before. (Arjun stays quick and looks out the window.) What happen? Got nothing to say.

Mitesh: (cutting Arjun off) Ok stop fighting cause Manisha, Arjun, you stop is here.

Manisha: Hey, thanks, bring her to my house after she picks up her bags. I'll go inform my mom.

Arjun and Manisha gets out of the car. Mitesh drives away. After a complete of minutes.

Mitesh: Priya, Don't take me wrong but did anything happen last night.

Priya: I knew this question would pop up! Don't worry, nothing happen. I know you care for Manisha more then anyone in the world. But,-

Mitesh: I know all that, Anurag told me. Its not just Manisha, that I was wondering about. It was you.

Priya: Me? Why?

Mitesh: I have seen everyone very closely and the people around them. Anurag is the attracted one and I have notice that whenever Anurag pass girls there is not even one girl that doesn't turn to look at him. And Anurag and Manisha are going out. (Mitesh stops the car) I just don't want your heart to break, if you end up falling in love with Anurag.

Priya: Don't worry, nothing like that will happen. Also, if it does then I can control myself.

Mitesh: (starting the car, driving) ok! But if you need something your brother is always here for you.

Priya: (looking out the window) Thanks

Mitesh and Priya reaches Priya house. Priya goes inside her house and grabs the bag of clothes that was there from the night before. Priya gets back into the car. Priya and Mitesh arrive to Manisha's house. Priya gets off

Priya: (getting her bag) aren't you coming in.

Mitesh: no I'm going to the gym with Anurag and Pritem. (Priya turns around and walks to the door. Calling from behind). Priya,

Priya: (turning around) yes

Mitesh: Ask Arjun if he wants to go to the gym.

Priya: (smiling) sure. (Priya walks up the stairs and rings the bell the door opens. Manisha mom is at the door) Namaste Aunty, Main Manisha ke dost Priya hoon.

Neha (Manisha Mom): Come in, Come in, what are you doing out there. Come in

Priya walks in Manisha comes out of her room. Neha walks into the kitchen.

Manisha: (tying her hair) Hey, that was quick.

Priya: (holding on to her bag) Yeah, Where Arjun?

Arjun: (after hearing his name. Singing) Mera Jadu Chal Gaya

Priya: (cutting him off) For your kind information, I wouldn't dare on calling you. It was Mitesh, he was just asking if you wanted to go with him to the gym. Anurag and Pritem are going with him.

Arjun: who said I was talking to you. I was just singing.

Arjun grabs his jacket which was on the couch and walk towards Priya. Arjun wallet fall out of his jacket while grabbing his coat and falls in front of Priya foot. Arjun bends over to get the wallet. Priya step back touching the wall. Arjun pauses and goes back up with a smirk. Arjun goes closer to Priya. Priya pushes herself against the wall. Arjun raise his hand to get his keys, which was on the key holder next to Priya head.

Arjun: (standing in the same position. One inch away from Priya's face, smiling) Bye. (Arjun opens the door and leaves)

Priya: (looking at the blushing Manisha. After releasing her breath) I hate your brother, he's just so so -, there's not even a word to describe him.

Neha: (from the kitchen) who just left, Beta.

Manisha: It was Arjun, Mom. He when with Mitesh to the gym.

Neha: (coming out) He should have told me. I wanted to tell you both that, me and your dad are going to Mitesh father's party with Anurag and Pritem parents. We'll be late.

Manisha: (smiling) Take your time. Have fun, don't worry about us.

Priya and Manisha go to Manisha room. One hour later, Vikram, Manisha dad, arrives and takes Neha to the party. It starts to turn dark.

Manisha: (closing door) My parents are gone, (pauses and walks to Priya, in front of Priya) we're the only ones home. (yelling and moving away from Priya to jump on the couch) LET'S PARTY! (jumping on the couch)

Priya: (smiling while looking at Manisha) What do you have planned?

Manisha: (stops and falls on the couch. Scratching her head) I didn't think about that

Priya: Well, we'll think of something. But first I want to change. (Priya walks into Manisha room. She comes out in her PJ's.) Now I'm comfortable.

Manisha: I'll go and change too. (she walks into her room)

Priya see a open door and curiously walks in. She opens the light. Priya notice there had a balcony and goes and opened it. Priya looks out on to the beach across Manisha house.

Priya: (yelling) Manisha, You never told me that you lived next to the beach.

Manisha: (coming from behind) I didn't, it might have slipped my mind. (putting her hand on her shoulder) You want hot chocolate.

Priya: yeah sure. (Manisha walks to the kitchen, but stops in front of the stereo) Manisha, you know what song would go best with this scenery the song that had the very good tune (Manisha play's the song 'Nahin Samne Tu' or 'Nahin saamne ye alag baat hai' from the movie 'Taal'. Priya hears the song and turns around) How did you know I was talking about this song.

Manisha: Maybe lucky guess. But when ever it's night and I'm alone at home, I go to the balcony and away put on this song. (Manisha walks to the kitchen)

Priya: (following from behind, singing along with the song) Mere paas hai tu mere paas hai

Mere saath hai mere saath hai

Tera naam maine liya hain yahaan

Mujhe yaad tune kiya hai vahaan (Priya stops in front of Arjun room) Manisha (Walking into the kitchen)

Manisha: Here's your hot chocolate, lets go set on the couch. (walking into the living room and sits on the couch; Priya follows her) What were you saying

Priya: Would Arjun mind if I wore his clothes?

Manisha: (curious) Why would you want to wear his clothes?

Priya: You'll find that out later, Would he?

Manisha: Not if he doesn't find out (smiling)

Priya: (jumping out of her seat and put the cup on the table) Thanks, you won't regret this. (Priya runs into Arjun room and goes searching thought his closet)

Manisha: (after a few minutes, yelling) Priya why you taking so long. What was it you wanted to do.

Priya: (walks into the living room wearing Arjun clothes acting like Pritem) Girl, I know you like me, but you don't need to be sweatin about me.

Manisha: (laughing) Priya

Priya: (falling onto the couch) Who Priya! (putting her foot on the table) I'm Pritem.

Manisha: Ok!

Priya: (sitting on the edge of her seat) Aren't you tired?

Manisha: No why?

Priya: Cause you been running in my mind all day!

Manisha: (laughing) ok ok stop, I have to hand it too you, you did the best acting of Pritem. Like it was really him in front of me.

Priya: you want me to do Mitesh. But it won't be funny cause I don't know how to do him that well.

Manisha: sure! Don't worry he is the serious type.

Priya: (jumping up and down like a boxer) lets starts. first, I going to show you self-defense. Ok try to hit me. (Manisha lazily kicks Priya) Ok! That was good, but this time with more energy.

Manisha: ok Now do ummm Anurag!

Priya: (screaming) what are you guys doing? I just told you guys to flip around some table and chairs. So it seem like you guys don't care if you get the gold or not. So I can win. (Talking proudly) Well why would I care, I always win. Now this is his caring version after I sneeze. Priya, I told you to dry your hair before we go, now you're going to get sick.

Manisha: He said that when?

Priya: When we were coming to Mr. Singh class. Ok now Arjun turn! (Priya walks back to the hall. Walking back to the living room) Yo, Yo, Yo, Arjun in the house. Yo girl can I ask you a question. How was Heaven when you left it? (pauses) There's a dance coming you want to go with me. I have a lot of girls to reply to, so girl, don't make them wait. Cause the more the girls wait, the more there fall for my cute charming face! (pauses) Oh you want to be friends, that ok but let me tell you one thing a girl who becomes my friend, always falls in love with Arjun (pointing to herself)

Manisha: (pointing, low) Arjun

Priya: Yeah! Sweetie, that's my name don't wear it out.

Manisha: (pointing, still low) No, Priya! Arjun.

Priya turns around and covers her mouth.

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Had originally been posted on IF.in. I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 11

Manisha: (pointing, low) Arjun

Priya: Yeah! Sweetie, that's my name don't wear it out.

Manisha: (pointing, still low) No, Priya! Arjun.

Priya turns around and covers her mouth. Arjun along with Pritem, Mitesh and Anurag are waiting at the door. Arjun slowly starts to walk towards Priya in complete madness.

Priya: (walking backward, with her hand in front of her) I'm so so sorry (Priya hit's the table while walking back) sorry.

Priya continues to move back, putting things in front of Arjun to give her more time to run. She enters the kitchen. Arjun follows in front of her.

Arjun: (moving things Priya had laid in front of him. Moving the last piece really hard) Come here

Priya runs away, Arjun follows from behind.

Arjun: (running behind Priya) Who the hell told you can wear my clothes

Priya: (running around in circles) I said I was sorrrrrrrrry (running towards Pritem) Pritemmmmmmmmm Help!

Pritem: (moving away) I not getting in the middle of this.

Priya: thanks

Arjun continues to run behind Priya. Priya gets a idea and runs into Arjun's room and jumps onto his bed. Arjun runs behind her and enters his room. Arjun stops and closes the door.

Arjun: (closing the door) You're not coming out of this room alive.

Priya: (standing on the bed) Really, we'll see.

Arjun: (taking off his jacket and throwing it on the side). I really do hate you.

Priya: (making pretend she's Arjun again) Don't hate the player, hate the game.

Arjun: that's it, get over here. (Arjun jumps to get Priya)

Arjun falls on the bed. Priya moves to the side and jumps off and runs out the door. Arjun gets up and runs behind Priya. Priya turns around and runs back to the door, cause she forgot to close the door. Both Arjun and Priya bump into each other. Arjun falls on top of Priya. Priya and Arjun bump their heads as they hit the floor.

Arjun: Now, I got you where I want you.

Priya: (holding her head) ok that's enough, please get off me. (pushing Arjun up)

Arjun: (grabbing Priya's hand and pushing it down) No! I finally got you. I not going to leave you.

Priya: (yelling) Manisha, help Arjun's trying to kill me.

They all look at each other and run out the room. They stop at the corner of the hall.

Priya: (pushing Arjun up) What are you looking at get him off me. Mitesh and Anurag walk towards them and pulls Arjun off Priya. Priya lays on the floor holding her head.

Mitesh: (pulling him off) Arjun what is your problem. It was just a joke.

Priya: (Anurag helps Priya up.) Don't worry. I just wanted him to get off me so I could bug him some more.

Arjun: (mad) go ahead, do more if you want, look if I care. (Arjun walks to the living room, sits, and turns on the T.V. Everyone looks at each other and there walk into the living room and sits with Arjun. Priya walks in and begins to act like Arjun.

Priya: (acting like Arjun. Talking to Manisha) Do you believe at love in first sight or should I walk by again? (Priya walks by again, stopping in front of Manisha and sits next to her) You know something when I and you met, Angels whispered "perfect". (Priya looks at Arjun, who's seriously looks at the T.V. Priya gets up and pulls Manisha up) Can I borrow your library card (walking around Manisha) um um um cause girl I would love to check you out.

Everyone begins to laugh.

Arjun: (slamming the remote on the couch) That's it you're dead.

Priya: Wa - o, See ya. (Priya begans to run)

Arjun jumps up from the couch and chases Priya. Priya runs down the hall and into the bedroom, she had enter before where she saw the balcony. She runs into the room and through the balcony door and down the balcony stairs. Priya turns around and begins walking backwards. Priya spots Arjun running down the stairs and everyone running behind Arjun. Priya turns around and runs throught the small woods. In the middle, Priya stops and leans on a tree to catch her breath. Priya turns to see if Arjun's coming. She spots Arjun looking around, she turns and begins to giggle. Priya turns to see Arjun again.

Arjun: (after seeing priya) There you are.

Priya runs through the trees and on to the beach. Arjun catches up and both Arjun and Priya fall into the water. Everyone continues to follow from behind. Priya and Arjun start to fight in the water. Pritem and Anurag try to pull Priya off of Arjun. Manisha and Mitesh try to pull Arjun off of Priya. However, Priya get lose and jumps on Arjun. Manisha and Mitesh accidentally lets go of Arjun. They both begin to fight again. Finally, all of them get a good grip on Arjun and Priya and pull both of them out of the water. All of them walk home.

Arjun: (being held by Manisha and Mitesh) You fight like a girl?

Priya: (also being held but by Anurag and Pritem) I am a girl, idiot. You know something Mitesh, you should teach Arjun how to fight he needs more help then me.

Arjun tries to push away from Manisha and Mitesh

Mitesh: (mad) that's it from both of you. You guys better stop or else it wouldn't be good for the both of you.

Arjun and Priya: yes

There all continue to walk home. At home, Priya gets into the shower. After coming out she goes into Manisha room. While Anurag, Arjun, Pritem and Mitesh were in the living room.

Manisha: you guys need to control your anger.

Priya: (getting mad) I can't no offense but I hate your brother.

Manisha: (seeing Priya get mad) Ok, lets talk about something else like, how was life in London, did you have any boyfriends there.

Priya: Boyfriend! No, just a really good friend. Anyways, life in London was great, when ever I use to get out of school I would go to my grandmas house, I love her the most in the world. Me and my friend would go to clubs, parties or just hang out. (priya continues to tell her how her life was in London).

Meanwhile, Arjun gets out of the shower and walks to the living room.

Pritem: Hey, what do you think Manisha and Priya are talking about in there.

Mitesh: I was wondering that to (getting up) you want to go see what there talking about

Anurag, Arjun, and Pritem: (looking at each other and then at Mitesh. In a voice of a shocked girl) Mitesh.

Mitesh: what Mitesh? I can't talk crazy once in a while.

Anurag: I don't mind lets go.

Anurag, Arjun, Pritem, and Mitesh walk to Manisha door and begin to listen.

Priya: (holding on to a pillow) So how did you guys meet?

Manisha: Well Mitesh, Me and Arjun have been best friends since we were small, same as Pritem and Anurag. One day Mitesh and Anurag almost started a fight on a stupid rumor. But one of Anurag friend Juhi, who's now in London. Her last name is Rai. Do you know her?

Priya: No

Manisha: Anyways, Juhi comes and tells them that it was a rumor someone started.

Priya: what was the rumor.

Manisha: Oh it was nothing.

Priya: then tell me

Manisha: ok fine the rumor was that Mitesh slept with Juhi and that Juhi was pregnant and he told her that she should abort the child or else he will kill it himself.

Priya: (taking her hand away from her mouth) Who spend the rumor.

Manisha: some guy who didn't like Mitesh or Anurag. After the misunderstanding was over we became good friends.

Outside: Anurag: (Putting his hand on Mitesh) Sorry

Mitesh: It's ok

Inside: Priya: how did you and anurag become boyfriend and girlfriend

Manisha: When we first became friends I would usually hang out with Pritem. You know how much of a flirt he is, so he always tried to flirt with me. But then later I started to spent more time with Anurag. People started to ask if we were girlfriend and boyfriend. After getting tired of saying no, we decided that we should turn into boyfriend and girlfriend. You know something, next month is our anniversary is coming up. I would have forgotten it if it wasn't for the day me and Anurag went to the mall. I saw this beautiful ring on display that I want for my anniversary. But this happen before you came. (Anurag leans off the door thinking for a bit and returns to listen at the conversation) So what type of guys do you like.

Priya: Me? Well I like those type of guys that have a bad boy look but without the bad boy behavior. I don't mean I want him to be a cowardly person. I want him to be a person who can fight for me. If someone who can stand up for me. I want him to be a aashiq and a real man. Who only loves me.

Everyone moves away from the door.

Pritem: you guys have to help me become Priya's dream man.

Mitesh: you're crazy

Arjun: yeah for love.

Anurag: look you'll fall in love when it has to. You can rush these things.

Mitesh: And how do you know if Priya likes you.

Mitesh, Anurag, and Arjun walk away

Pritem: (walking behind them) come on guys

Inside: Priya: I bet you know what I mean. Like Anurag-

Manisha: (cutting Priya off) Anurag is no aashiq. I love him, but he still haven't said that he loves me. Anurag is like Pritem. He acts like a friend to me. You would have never guessed that we were boyfriend and girlfriend if it wasn't for me. (getting up and walks to the other side of the bed) All right lets go to sleep, I'm tired. Good night.

Priya: (getting up and walking to the other side) ok goodnight.

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Had originally been posted on IF.in. I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 12

Manisha and Priya are both in the kitchen. Neha comes running down.

Neha: (grabbing a glass of orange juice) Ok beta, you dad and me are running late. So I won't be able to make you guys breakfast. So you have to make it yourself. (taking a sip) ok I have to run. (she kisses Manisha on the head. Walking out, yelling) oh yeah wake your brother up. Priya it was nice having you over, come more often.

Priya: Wow! Your moms in a rush.

Manisha: yeah. Can you do me a favor and wake Arjun up.

Priya: Sure

Priya leaves and walks into Arjun's room. Arjun is sleeping like a baby.

Priya: Arjun wake up. (getting louder) Arjun get up, (priya shakes Arjun) Arjun get up. Are you listening get up. (Priya picks a pillow on the side of him and hits Arjun with it. Arjun moves and faces the roof.) God, this guy is so lazy.

Priya is about to move out but sees a glass of water. Priya walks over to the table, picks it up, and walks back over to Arjun. Priya holds the glass in front of Arjun face and pours all the water over his face. Arjun walks up moving side to side trying to cover his faces.

Arjun: (with his eyes closed) PRIYA!!!

Arjun gets up, mad. Priya runs to the opposite side of the door, towards the window. Arjun chases behind her. Priya jumps and runs on Arjun bed. Priya jumps off and runs towards the door. Arjun continues to follow Priya's step. Anurag walks into Arjun room and bumps into Priya as she tries to run out the door. Priya is almost about to fall back but Priya gets a hold of her.

Anurag: (holding on to Priya) How did I know (helping Priya up) that you guys were going to fight again.

Arjun: she started it. She spilled water on me.

Pritem: well that not my fault, you're a heavy sleeper.

Anurag: ok ok (talking to Arjun) get ready manisha want you downstairs fro breakfast. (talking to priya) and you, do I have to give you a invitation.

Priya: ok I'm going.

Both Anurag and Priya leave and enter the living room. The door bell rings.

Anurag: oh that might be Pritem

Anurag walks to the door and opens it. Pritem walks in a hurry holding on to Shilpa whom is crying.

Pritem: (hurrying in) Priya. The person I was looking for. (stopping in front of her. Bouncing Shilpa in his arms) My parents left me with Shilpa and now she hasn't stop crying, she only stopped once in the car.

Priya: (grabbing Shilpa) give her to me. (bouncing Shilpa) did you feed her.

Pritem: I tried everything. I feed her, burped her. Everything.

Priya: (looking down Shilpa diaper) change her.

Pritem: (feeling stupid) No.

Manisha and Mitesh walk into the living room.

Manisha: (walking quick) Shilpaaaaaa (grabbing her) What have you been up too.

Priya: She has to be changed

Manisha: (handing Shilpa to Priya) ok, first let me baby-proof my shirt. Go upstairs to the bathroom and I be there. (manisha runs to her room)

Priya: (talking to Pritem) where's her diaper.

Pritem: in the car I go get them. (he leaves)

Priya walks up the stair and into the bathroom. Manisha gets out of her room and runs up the stairs to the bathroom. Pritem walks in and runs up the stairs. Mitesh and Anurag stand there looking at everything.

Arjun: (coming out of the bathroom. Putting on his shirt) why is everyone running up the stairs.

Mitesh: Pritem forgot to change Shilpa again. Lets go up stairs.

They walk up the stairs and into the bathroom.

Anurag, Arjun, and Mitesh: Woooooooo what was that.

Manisha gets mad and closes the door.

Pritem: (coming out of a corner) Manisha kicked me out too. I think we should go down stairs.

They all walk down stairs and into the kitchen. After a few minutes Priya and Manisha (holding on to Shilpa) walk downstairs and into the kitchen. Pritem at the door is holding a card, which is written "sorry." Manisha walks by him really mad. Priya walks in front of Pritem.

Priya: why are you saying sorry.

Manisha: (giving Shilpa to Arjun. Walking back to the door, mad) Cause this is not the first time he did something like this. (talking to Pritem) If you can't take care of Shilpa then why do you take the responsible of her.

Pritem: (trying to get Manisha to smile) I'm Sorry

Manisha: (looking at Pritem) You know something (punching her lightly on the chest) I really hate you.

Pritem gives Manisha a hug.

Everyone walks into the hall.

Arjun: (Holding Shilpa) Awwwww group hug.

Everyone joins in and hugs Manisha and Pritem. Anurag accidentally grabs on to Priya's hand.

Priya: (trying to pull her hand away, thinking) Pritem please let go of my hand.

Everyone moves apart. Arjun takes Shilpa to the couch and begins to play with her. Priya and Manisha walk into the kitchen. Unable to see who's hand he's holding and thinking that it's Manisha. Anurag pulles Priya' hand. Priya gets pulled back and falls into Anurag arms.

Pritem: (walking to Manisha) Look Manisha, people are secretly holding on to each other hands. (Putting his hand on her shoulder) I'm telling you that, me and you would had make a better couple.

Anurag: (letting go of Priya and walking towards Manisha) I thought Priya hand was Manisha and about you too being couples (taking Pritem hand off Manisha) will never happen. (grabbing Manisha hand)

Manisha: (letting go of Anurag hand) why? (hugging Pritem) you're jealous or something.

Anurag: Why would I be jealous (grabbing Priya hand and pulling her towards him. Hugging her) I got Priya.

Pritem: (taking Manisha hand of him. Pulling Priya) Lay off, she's mine.

Priya tries to pull away.

Anurag: (holding on to her tighter) No! She's Mine.

Pritem: You have the wrong impression, she mine.

Manisha: Wait, what about me.

Priya tries again to get free.

Anurag: (swing Priya in his arms) We'll find someone else for you.

Manisha gets mad and walks into the kitchen. Priya tries to go behind her, but is still being held by Anurag. Priya turns to look at Anurag.

Anurag: (holding on to Priya) let me go.

Anurag lets go of Priya and walk's into the kitchen.

Mitesh: (walking to Priya from behind her) Now look at the drama.

Anurag walks next to Manisha and grabs his ear.

Anurag: (holding his ears) I'm Sorry. (Manisha ignores him. Anurag get on his knees. Saying instead of singing the song 'I'm Sorry' from 'One Two ka Four') I'm sorry, o sorry, jaane do, Hota hai, chhodo bhi, jaane do.

Manisha: (looks down and gets on her knees. Singing same song) That's okay, that's okay, jaane do Hota hai, chhodo bhi, jaane do. (pauses) I love you.

Anurag: (smiling) I know.

Manisha and Anurag get up and walk towards them.

Mitesh. Arjun, Pritem, and Priya: awwwwwwww, that was choo chweet.

Anurag and Manisha: (Anurag pushing his sleeves up) You want us to show you chweet.

Mitesh, Arjun, Pritem, and Priya: No, no, no it's ok.

The bell rings, Manisha goes to open the door. Pritem mom, Payal is at the door.

Manisha: Namasta Aunty, (telling her to walk in)

Payal: (walking in) Namasta Beta, is Shilpa here.

Manisha: yeah. (turning to Arjun) where is she.

Arjun: On the couch sleeping.

Payal: (walking on the couch) Good. (Looking at Priya) Are you Priya.

Priya: (nodding) How did you know?

Payal: (picking up Shilpa) Oh Pritem told me.

Priya looks at Pritem, whom turns his head looking at a picture on the wall.

Payal: Ok I have to go. Bye beta.

Pritem: Bye mom.

Payal: (at the door) Mitesh, tell your dad, Me and Mohan had fun at the party.

Mitesh: Sure Aunty.

Payal leaves. Manisha turns to leave into the kitchen. When she gets a glimpse at the table. Picking up a catalog in a hurry.

Manisha: My favorite store Glamour World just open at the mall near by. Priya you want to go.

Priya: Yeah sure

Arjun: I have to go to. I need a date for the dance, cause someone here doesn't want me get a date.

Priya: I said I was sorry.

Pritem: You don't need to say sorry. Yo Arjun, You try to bug her again, you will have to deal with me.

Priya: (cutting Arjun off) Wow! You changed over night. Hope god could do the same for Arjun (cutting Arjun of again) Anyways, Manisha do you have a washer and dryer. I got nothing to wear.

Manisha: yeah in the kitchen. Behind the door, that's next to the storage door.

Priya: Do you have a salwar kamiz, that I can wear.

Manisha: yeah! In my closet. But wear the ones on the red hanger, cause the one that's on the white hanger, I wear those outdoor.

Priya: Ok

Priya walks into Manisha room and locks the door. She goes to the closet and takes out a red hanger. After a few minutes, she comes out with a small bag full of her clothes. Priya walks down the stairs and into the laundry room. Priya puts all her clothes into the washer and turns it on, but it doesn't start. She tries again but it doesn't work.

Priya: (yelling out of the room) Manisha, the washer not working.

Manisha: (walking in) we have to get a new washer. Hold on Arjun fixed it last time. Let me get him (walking out)

Priya waits playing with her finger.

Arjun: (comes in whistling) see the washer hates you too.

Priya: (making a face) Just shut up and fix it.

Arjun: If you want to be that way, fix it yourself.

Arjun is about to leave Priya grabs his arm.

Priya: (holding his arm) Please, I'm sorry.

Arjun: you're lucky I feel generous today.

Arjun moves the washer front and goes to the back of it. After 5 minutes he comes back up and moves it back to the wall. Arjun starts to leave.

Priya: (yelling from behind him) Thank You

Arjun: (leaving) what ever.

Priya adds soap to the clothes and turns to leave.

Priya: (turning around) I forgot the bag. (Priya sees soap coming out of the washer. Yelling) Arjun, is the soap suppose to come out of the washer.

Manisha comes rushing in.

Manisha: the soap is what? (looking at Priya trying to clean the soap, helping Priya) Guys we need your help.

Everyone comes walking in. they see Manisha and Priya with a mop trying to clean the soap. Anurag, Arjun, Pritem, and Mitesh run to help. While walking to help Pritem slips on the soap. Everyone begins to laugh. Pritem trips Manisha. Anurag, Priya, Mitesh, and Arjun continue to laugh. But now both on Manisha and Pritem. Manisha pulls Mitesh, Mitesh gets a hold of Arjun, both of them fall together. Knowing that she would be the next to fall, Priya pushes Anurag in front of her. Arjun pulls down Anurag. Everyone sits up, looking at Priya. Priya starts to get worried.

Priya: (trying to sneak out thinking) I just make pretend they don't see me.

Pritem: (grabbing Priya's hand) where do you think your going.

Pritem pulls Priya down. Everyone starts to have a throw soapy water at each other. Everyone tries to get up, but ended up slipping on each other. Manisha slips and falls on Prtem. Arjun slips and falls on Anurag. Mitesh slips and falls on Priya. All around everyone tries to get, everyone nearly slips and falls on some one. Manisha gets up and tries not to slip. Priya nearly gets up, but falls on Anurag. Priya picks up her head and looks at Anurag. Both Priya and Anurag begin to look at each other. Priya tries to get up again but slips again. Anurag holds on to Priya.

Priya: (looking at Anurag. Not knowing she's being held by Anurag) sorry

Anurag: (looking deep into Priya's eyes) It's ok.

Priya: (Priya tries to get up. But Anurag holds onto her without knowing) Can you let go of me.

Anurag: (letting go) Sorry

Priya gets up. Priya goes and stands next to Manisha, whom is trying not to fall.

Manisha: (holding on to Priya) Ok you guys clean this up. While we go upstairs and get cleaned up so we can go to the Mall.

Manisha and Priya leaves. Mitesh, Arjun, Anurag, and Pritem look at them leave, like they had just been conned.

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Posted: 11 May 2007 at 7:12pm | IP Logged

Had originally been posted on IF.in. I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 13

Priya and Manisha are in Manisha's room. Priya is sitting on Manisha bed, thinking about the moment she fell on Anurag in the laundry room. Manisha is applying make up. A car horn is heard outside.

Manisha: (getting up) That must be, Mitesh, lets go. (Priya is still thinking, not knowing that Manisha calling her) Priya! Priya (shaking Priya) Priya!

Priya: (confused) huh? Yeah! What?

Manisha: (confused) Priya Are you ok. You're on Earth. Do I need to tell you more.

Priya: Oh! No. Sorry.

The car horn rings again.

Manisha: Lets go before Mitesh goes crazy.

Priya and Manisha grabs they bags and walk out of the room, to front door. Mitesh, Anurag are waiting in the car. Manisha opens the door, but it was locked. Anurag is lost in his thought. He's also is thinking about the time Priya fell on him. Manisha taps on his window harder.

Mitesh: (moving Anurag) Anurag

Anurag: huh? Yeah! What?

Mitesh: Manisha (pointing the window)

Anurag puts his window down.

Manisha: Unlock the doors.

Anurag unlocks the door. Priya and Manisha enter from different sides.

Mitesh: (while Priya and Manisha gets into the car) Anurag, I don't want to be a bus driver today. Can you drive. (Anurag and Mitesh get out. Walking pasted each other) Thanks

Anurag: No Probs

Anurag gets into the driver seat and Mitesh into the passenger seat. Anurag starts the car and begins to drive.

Manisha: what is wrong with the both of you.

Mitesh: who both?

Manisha: Priya and Anurag (Priya and Anurag look up at the rear view mirror to look at each other. They look back down again) When I was upstairs Priya was lost in her thoughts (Anurag looks up at the rear view mirror. And then looks at the gas limit). And now Anurag was lost in his thoughts.

Priya: (looks up [yes] to the rear view mirror [again] and then turns to open the window and looks out the window. Thinking) Was Anurag thinking the same thing I was. (thinking about the time Anurag said sorry to Manisha in the kitchen) He can't. He loves Manisha.

Anurag: (thinking) could she being thinking the same thing.

Manisha: See their lost in they thoughts again.

Priya: oh sorry I was thinking of - umm about my parents.

Mitesh look's up at the rear view mirror in disbelief.

Anurag: Before we go to Pritem house we have to stop for gas.

Anurag drives up to a gas station, to the full service gas pump. Priya looks out the window. While looking around, Priya see Anurag through his side mirror. Anurag waiting for the gas tank to fill. He looks at side to look at the numbers on the pump. But instead spots Priya looking at him. Priya notices that Anurag was looking at her, she quickly looks away. Anurag laughs.

Mitesh: (outside of the car) What was so funny

Anurag: nothing

Anurag pays the guy and drives of to Pritems house. Arjun and Pritem come out of his house.

Pritem: (in front of Priya's car door, outside. Holding on a box of chocolate) Some sweet for my sweet.

Priya: (smiling, grabbing the box) Thanks

Pritem falls to the ground [for example. In the movie 'Bunty Aur Babli,' before the 'Kajre Re' when Aish calles Amitabh, but Abhishek thinks she's calling him and when he turns to look at her, he falls. Like that] Priya turns to look at Manisha the turns to looks over out the window, down. But she doesn't see him.

Priya: (still looking out the window, down) Pritem, Pritem. (coming back in and turning around) Pritem is not -.

Pritem: (sitting next to Priya) BOO! (Anurag starts to drive)

Priya: (Priya gets scared and starts to scream. Hitting Pritem) I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.

Pritem: (grabbing Priya's bag and hitting her lightly) I know, I know, I know (Priya grabs her bag and puts her head on Pritem's shoulder)

Arjun: (In the back) I think I'm going to lose my lunch.

Manisha: shut up Arjun that was cute. (pauses, turning to faces Arjun. With a smirk) or is it that your jealous.

Anurag stops the car. Mitesh and Anurag turns to look at Arjun. Priya lefts her head, both Pritem and Priya look back to look at Arjun. Arjun sits quiet.

Arjun: (after a few second, acting if he doesn't cares) Yeah me Arjun jealous. Why would a sexy guy like me, who can get any girls in the world, be jealous of Pritem and Priya.

Priya: then why can't you get a date for the dance.

Arjun: (mad, pointing to her) you stay out of it.

Pritem: Yo Arjun watch it, I told you before.

Arjun moves back. Anurag starts to drives the car again. They drive to the mall. Manisha jumps out of the car and grabs Priya's hand and pull her into the mall. Pritem, Arjun, Mitesh, and Anurag walk behind them. Manisha and Priya go up the elevator and into Manisha favorite store Glamour World.

Manisha: (entering and pointing) look at those shirt, those pants, those shoes. Lets go (grabbing her hand)

Manisha goes on a rapid, picking out clothes, for her and Priya. Manisha and Priya got to the fitting room, to try on the clothes. Manisha comes out.

Manisha: (calling Anurag, Mitesh, Pritem, and Arjun over) Yo, guys how do I look?

Anurag, Mitesh, and Pritem: You look good

Arjun: ahh! It's ok.

Manisha: ok, now's Priya's turn (walking to Priya's door. Holding on to some clothes) Priya wears these and show me how you look.

Priya: (grabs the clothes. Looking at them) these? Manisha I can't, I don't wear mini mini-skirt or mini tank tops, this small. Actually I never wore them.

Manisha: dosti ke kasam. Wear them. You just have to show it in front of me.

Priya: fine (priya closes the door, after a few minutes, she opens the door) here you are, happy.

Manisha: (grabbing Priya's hand) Guys, now tell me how Priya's look. (pulling Priya)

Priya: (trying to pull away) No Manisha, come on please don't

Manisha: (pulling her) what are you afraid of (pushing her in front of Mitesh, Anurag, Pritem, and Arjun) how does she look?

Priya tries to pull her clothes down, so she can cover herself. Mitesh, Anurag, Pritem, and Arjun then turn the other way, they backs facing Priya. Priya runs into her room. Manisha runs behind her.

Manisha: (knocking on the door) What's wrong? What did you run away. Please tell me.

Priya: (opens the door, mad) why? You asking me, why? I wore them cause you told me too. But not so you could throw me in front of them. If you wanted to throw me in front of them. You should have threw me in front of the naked. Cause that's how I felt out in front of them. I can't believe you did that.

Priya walks always, Manisha follows behind her. Anurag, Arjun, Pritem, and Arjun walk behind Manisha.

Manisha: look, I didn't mean too. (Priya continues to walk away) I didn't mean to hurt you, would you please stop and listen to me. (Priya stops in front of the counter) Look I didn't know you would react this way. (Priya pays the girl and leaves) What do you want me to do?

Priya: (stopping) sorry

Manisha: (stopping and confused) what?

Priya: I just wanted you to say sorry. Just one word, 5 letters. Sorry.

Manisha: I'm sorry.

Priya: It's ok. Manisha just please don't do anything like that, again.

Manisha: Trust me. I Promise.

Manisha goes back to the counter and pays for her clothes. Every one leaves the mall. And gets into the car and drives home. They stop at Pritem house first. Priya and Pritem comes out.

Priya: Pritem I have to tell you something

Pritem: go ahead sweety.

Priya: I know you tried to act like my dream man.

Pritem: What dream man? I don't know what you are talking about.

Priya: Pritem come on.

Pritem: (sad) who told you.

Priya: No, It was that I heard you say after I left the laundry room, 'that's what I get for trying to act like her dream man.'

Pritem: (combing back his hair) oh you heard that.

Priya: If you have to act like someone dream man then that girls not for you.

Pritem: Yeah I know but when is she going to come.

Priya: You just have to wait. (Pritem tries to say something, Priya covers his mouth) You just have to wait.

Priya walks to the car. Pritem walks home. Next Arjun and Manisha leave, Manisha kisses Anurag good bye. Next, Mitesh leaves. Priya gets out and goes to the passenger seat. Anurag and Priya talk all the way to Priya's house.

Anurag: You know we have a lot in common.

Priya: yeah

Anurag: so you going to be Arjun date tomorrow.

Priya: like I have a chose.

Anurag: (stops the car) well there's your house

Priya: ok Bye (getting out)

Anurag: Bye (Anurag drives away)

Priya walks to her door. Priya searches for her keys. The door opens, Kiran at the door.

Priya: Hey mom, how was the wedding. (walking in)

Kiran: It was beautiful. We have picture and a movie if you want to see. How was your sleep over.

Priya: (in front of her dad) Mom Dad, I have to tell you something. Don't get worried nothing happen.

Anil: (kind of worried) Go ahead.

Priya: well after you cut the phone, I went back into the club and. (priya continues to tell them what happen the night after her parents left) I didn't want to hide it from you. So that's why I'm told you.

Anil: I want to talk to Anurag

Priya: Papa I told you what really happen.

Anil: Anurag told you what happen and you're telling us what he told you. I would like to hear it from him.

Priya: ok, after the dance tomorrow I tell him to come, (priya is about to leave).

Kiran: Beta, it not that we don't trust you, its that I want to hear it from him.

Priya: Yeah I know the parents instinct. Oh yeah where's the picture.

Anil: No you have school tomorrow. You can see them when you come home after school. Good night.

Kiran: Good night

Priya: Good Night

Priya: walks up to her room and goes to sleep.

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