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The sweet young girl with the timeless, sweet voice and the incredible confidence on stage... Yes, it is none other than Antara!

Let's find out some more about our Idol!

Date of Birth: July 10th, 1987
Birth Place: Maslandpur, West Bengal
Residence: Mumbai (formerly Kolkata)
Education: English Honours (First Year)
Family: Father & Mother (Debobrato & Runu Mitra)

Antara Mitra grew up with music: Her father is a music teacher. Since the age of three, Antara would sing along with other children who came home to learn music from her father.

But this didn't mean that Antara didn't consider other career options. At one time, she was keen on taking up medicine but gave up the thought on discovering the high fees for the course. Today she aims to be a singer, if not a music teacher or a professor, like her father.

A fun-loving and straightforward girl, Antara is a confident performer, something that even Farah Khan accepted during the theatre round. An admirer of Asha Bhonsle, Alka Yagnik, Kishore Kumar, Sonu Nigam and Jagjit Singh, Antara hopes that some day, someone will take her name in the same league. Antara loves classic novels and sleeping!

Antara epitomises all that Indian Idol stands for. Belonging to a small village on the Indo-Bangladesh border, Antara represents talent that has been unearthed from the interiors of our country and that has bloomed in the glitz and glamour of Mumbai.

A confident performer with an unbeatable voice, Antara has come a long way from the small town girl that she was. Her makeover has transformed her into the shows 'Naomi Campbell' and her brilliant performance in the galas has shown us that this small town girl is set to go places!

Now let's see some of Antara's likes!

Idol: Asha Bhonsle
Actresses: Rani, Preity, Kajol & Ash
Motto: B+
Food: Mutton biryani, chicken

Miss Antara? Take a look at the almost-500 pictures collection. First, let's see her performances - her piano & gala rounds performances have MP3 download links, too! And some videos, too!

First, where it all began... Her audition!

After getting through the auditions, Antara flew to Mumbai for the theater round!

Antara breezed through the theater round and then was in the real competition - the piano round!

Videos - Thanks to ANKITA31 - Please join the forum and then you can download!
Rangeela Re Video

Attached Image

Attached Image
Antara got the highest votes the next day and was through to the galas!

The next day, Antara was saved! She was in the Top 10, and sang the song she recorded for the Woh Pehli Baar album!

user posted image
Antara was safe again, and into the Top 9 - Retro round!

Tere Bina was her best so far. All the judges liked it, and Antara was safe for another week!

Then in the Top 8, Valentine's special...

user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

user posted image

Yes, Antara was safe again, and into the Top 7 - Folk round!

The judges all LOVED it, and Antara was safe again!

Then it was Top 6 - Blockbuster film songs.

Farah and Anu liked this performance, Sonu liked it too but said that her voice was capable of taking that song to greater heights.

In the results, Antara was in the bottom three for the first time with Meenal and Karunya, and in the bottom two with Meenal. She sang Bairi Piya again.

When Antara was voted out, she sang...

Jeena Yahaan 

Antara was back for the finale, she sang a group Woh Pehli Baar and Saaki Saaki, then Right Here Right Now with Karunya and Meenal!

Right Here Right Now

user posted image
user posted image
Then Antara sang Jawaani Jaaneman solo...


In the II2 concert, Antara sang Woh Pehli Baar, Salaam Namaste, and Saaki Saaki. Antara and the other girls sang Agar Tum Miljao

Now, let's see some more of Antara's solo pictures, shall we?










Liked them? Now let's take a look at GROUP pictures!


Wasn't that fun? Now let's read this FC Survey (thanks to Zee for the questionsEmbarrassed)

First of all, guess who? It's Sumesh, of course!!

1) What did you think when you first saw Antara?

Her simplicity & style of singing is just attracted me.... She was singing Duma dum mast kalandar...after that she become so emotional when Anu started against her...Though he didnt support her then thankfully sonu & Farha gave her chance...She was like crying & the way she run to towards her parents & all..It was like unforgettable moment for me...Then itself I though thsi gal got something which will make her go TOP....

2) When did you become Antara's fan?

I become her fan in audition round itself while she sung duma dum mast kalandar...I prayed that somehw she come to TOP 28...When I heard her nayee nayee batein then it become pakkka that she will come to TOP 3...Even when she asked abt X factor I feel like she gonna come to TOP 2 like amit sana too...

3) What are your top 3 most favorite of Antara's performances?

Morni bagama & Zarra zaraa is just superb performances..In singingwise though tere bina scores is in third place I liked her Ruki Ruki Rangeelare & Mere hathon mein songs as better performances than that ...Tu rutta tho is a new song for me & that song is the one I sung maximum till now...Bheri piya is also a good performance too..but she could have done better too & I felt she shoudl have selected some other song too like silsila yeh chahat kka from devdaas...

4) What do you like most about Antara?

Ofcourse the confidence & the way she carries herself in stage other than her singing....

5) Do you like her look before or after the makeover?

Ofcourse I like both....But after makeover she become like an angel which is a fact...

7) Describe Antara in 3 words

Confident Stylish & Sureeli

8) What is Antara's greatest strength and her greatest weakness?

Her Confidence & Positive Attitude is her strength..Sometimes she become so emotional which others take in a wrong way...But for me she is just perfect....She is simple & got a lods of stage presence & a sweettttttttttttt voice....

9) What song would you have liked Antara to sing that she didnt sing in Indian Idol 2?

Still I feel her shaadi song was a wrong choice...I would like her to sing Tare hai Baraati song from Virasat for shaadi gala...Since she is comfortable with sunidhi,  shreya songs & even sung duma dum mast kalandar & morni with different voice I really felt she could have select Sabkki baratein aayi song too...Bheri piya is also not a good choice as She could have done better if she selected Silsila yeh chahat kka song & am sure she wont ever come to bottom 3 that gala....

10) If Antara was reading your survey, what message would u give her?

She dont need any of my message...Becoz she is mature than her age itself to take good decisions...Her motto in life is B+ too which is cleary seen in her farewell speech..I have only one thing to say is that am just crazy for her & I want her to come with a bang soon.....

1) What did you think when you first saw Antara? She is hot ..

2) When did you become Antara's fan? after i saw her first time she is singin..

3)what are your top 3 most favorite of Antara's performances?

Mere Hatho me No No Churiyan hen

4) What do you like most about Antara? She is Simple..

5) Do you like her look before or after the makeover?both

7) Describe Antara in 3 words .. She is luvly ..

8) What is Antara's greatest strength and her greatest weakness?

donno sorry

9) What song would you have liked Antara to sing that she didnt sing in Indian Idol 2? Mere Haath me Tera Haath ho ( fanaa )

10) If Antara was reading your survey, what message would u give her?U r a gud singer keep strugling ..

1.diamond in the rough...

2.when she sang kaisi paheliTongue

3.a.ruki ruki thi zara behaktha hai.....c.morni baga main...d.bairi piya bada bedardi....(cant decideLOL)

4.really everythingBig smile


7.sweet,talented and gorgeous

8.greatest strength-talent.weekness-emotional

9.chalo tumko le chalen,hum un fizaon main......Embarrassed

10.jhalakh dikhlaja...we are all there for you forever,watching you every step and wishing you all the very best....Big smile

1) What did you think when you first saw Antara?

well i first saw her while she was givng her audition nd sony was showing the real life of the IIcontestants where i noticed her & thout wat a girl she is who frm a small town nd i my self cud prayed plss god make dat girl dreams cum true..

2) When did you become Antara's fan?

actually after her audition round i had impressed by her performance nd her voice quality which was luvlyy nd her theater round "kaise pheli" made me a fan of her..nd after dat her piano round hatke confidence perfomance("rangeela") forced me to become a true & great fan of was an absolutely mind blowingClapi was jus like wow to hear dat her swt & melodius voice..apart frm dat her make over had left lot of impression not only 4 me, for all those who belived dat small town girls can do nothing & cannot be look gud..Clapbt she did it..Clap

3) What are your top 3 most favorite of Antara's performances?

of coz i luved all of her preformances since she is my idol..never get bored to hearing nd watchng her performancesEmbarrassed

but if ur asking most fav top 3 of her den i wuld like to choose 1 st morni its myy mos fav by her (which has shown her versatility of singing, absolutly an amazing, superb, luvly performance by her)ClapClapClap

2ndly..i'll go for Rangeela.. as it was da 1st performance by her which had proved dat she has an unbeliveble talent of singing & made all of us to beleive dat she has a perfect play back voice to become a play back singer..ClapClapClap

3rdlyyyy i'll go for zara zara thoug im very fond  her ruki ruki as it was totally rocking performance by herClapClapClap

4) What do you like most about Antara?

thr is no doubt dat i like everything abt her as she was a total package with mix of beauty nd brain. but mostly i like abt her is her confidence level as we all kno frm da very begining also she is very confidence nd composed singer which i jus luv abt her..Tongue

5) Do you like her look before or after the makeover?

yea i liked her looks b4 make over nd after make over also.. as evry knows she is a very very pretty girl..but make over brought her a new look which made her not less den a rock star..ClapClapClapoops yea as we all kno she has become a pariskii modell...

7) Describe Antara in 3 words

confident, talented & innocentClap

8) What is Antara's greatest strength and her greatest weakness?

Ummmm her greatest strenght is her confidence level which is very high inspite of being a small town girl she never get hesitated to face the truth unlike other new comers nd dat was da spiritClap.. but her weakness point is dat she cries a lotEmbarrassed,.. she is very very emotional..Embarrassed

9) What song would you have liked Antara to sing that she didnt sing in Indian Idol 2?

Ummm it wud be "kaj ra re" from da movie bunty aur bubbly..Clap

coz i jus luv dat song nd wished to hear it form antuEmbarrassed

10) If Antara was reading your survey, what message would u give her?

awwwwwwww Antuuuuuu darling i jussssssss luv u as ur a swthrttt nd myyyyy mos fav idol.. so many ppl out thr who r totally fida on u & ur swt & melodius voice .. ..ur fans like me jus want to hear more frm u..soo pls make all of us proud by making something big..  here wishing u all the success in everything u doo..Clapmay god make all of ur dreams cum trueClapClapClap

Weren't those answers great? Let's see what's been going on with Antara after II2:

  • Bappi Lahiri loved Antara's voice
  • She was Lata Mangeshkar's favorite
  • Shreya Ghoshal wished her good luck
  • Was offered contract with Anu Malik but rejected it
  • Doing many stage shows in Mumbai from April 30 onwards!

Want more of Antara? Let's go through some of the II2 chats!

ipshi.777(Its Antara's cousin) asks hi antara remember me its mona(ipshita mitra). i just wanted to ask u that how did u feel when u were announced the contestant with the highest no. of vote??? anyways tanu didi aamii jaantaam kii tumi highest votes paabe.u sang very well
Celebrity says I was too stunned. I knew I would be among the top three, but I didn;t think I would top. I thought people would vote based on region, and in my village, there would be few people who could afford to vote for me. But I was wrong!

sumeshsnair (Its Sumesh LOL)
asks ANTARA & SAGAR ALL the best....tell me whom do u both think as biggest threat among gals & guys?
Celebrity says Sagar: Karunya Antara: I think everybody could be a threat -- It all depends on who performs well on a particular day.

whiz2kids2002 asks antra what is the real sceret behind your great achivment
Celebrity says My love for music, nothing else! I eat, drink and sleep music. I wanted to become a doctor, but couldn't do that because of financial reasons. From then on, I was determined to make a mark in music.

'I'm not in love with Antara' (Panna out chat)

indianidol says Panna!!!!!! But he's out now Cry

mashy25 asks wen is ur bday antara?n whom among da guys do u like the most??
indianidol says July 10. I think Amey is a very nice and mature person.

asthamathur21 asks Antara who is ypur favourite contestant among all contestants and why??
indianidol says As singers, I like Amey and Karunya. I'm a little confused as to who I like more, but I think Amey brings a little more feel to the song. But then, Karunya is still very young and has a lot of time to catch up.

smartalec asks hi antara, why do u cry so much for other seems like a drama...plz do not overact like this..u r here just to sing not show ur acting skills
indianidol says It's just that I get attached to people very easily, and yes, I am a very, very emotional person.

smartalec asks Hi panna, i'm sorry u were voted out tht u can no longer win this competetion ..who do u think is most desrving candidate to win this year's Indian Idol..????????
indianidol says Antara Mitra

sonaahana asks Hi Antara, Did you always want to be a singer?Who taught you?How did you decide that your career was singing?
indianidol says Yes, I've always wanted to be a singer. My father is a music teacher and I learnt the basic Saregampa from him. When I was 10, I went to learn classical music from Shobana Mukherjee. Mine is a music-oriented family. Music has always been part of our life. Papa thought I was quite good at music, and told me to consider music as a career.

sonyaee asks Antara, who is your favorite singer and why?
indianidol says Ashaji. Because she's the most versatile female singer in India. She's perfect and she's my inspiration.

sonyaee asks antara, why only two girls left in II2? Do you think viewers prefer male contestants and why?
indianidol says Yes, they do. More women watch Indian Idol. When I watched idol 1, I always voted for Rahul Vaidya and Amit Sanaa, but barely voted for Prajakta or Aditi. Women watch more TV, vote more and tend to vote for male contestants

monamine asks Antara: since Minni asked Meenal who is the hottest guy among Indian idol contestant n didnt ask u I want to ask you that same question
indianidol says Panna!!!


Amey has no time for a Valentine bash!(Monali out chat)

deepeshgarg_eca asks hi meenal congrats u safe i have voted for u i want to ask u that u think a girl cant make indian idol
idol says Surely, why not? It's true that in the last three weeks, girls have been getting voted out. But I think Antara and I can give a good fight to the guys.


'Meenal is just a good friend' (Amey Ravi chat)

Megha_Amey asks hi ravi, itz sad that once u sang really well and got voted out, my question for u is, now that u are out..who do u think is the most deserving for the 4 males and 2 females for the idol title?
celebrity says Amey Date! Among girls, I think both Meenal and Antara are equally good.

sonyaee asks Hi Amey, how are you? If you could sing a song sung by another II2 contestant, which one would it be and why? Thanks!
celebrity says I'd like to sing Tere Bina, which Antara sang in the Retro Round. I love that Lataji song, and had I been a girl, I would have sung that!

Antara Karunya chat(After Antara out)Cry

madhy asks antara..who is ur fav judge aomong the indian idol judges?
karunya says It has to be Sonuji... he is always so straightforward with the singers about their performance.

sandy.sharmaa asks hi antra i think this tym ur exit was obvious coz last tym u said indias janta should vote wid brains.... that was so rude.... these people gave u so much love and respect and so really hurt us... so thats y u r out today.... my advice for u is next ti
karunya says I did not mean that they should vote with their brains. It just came out that way. What I meant was that they should listen to the singing and then vote, and not based on the overall performance. Because sometimes a contestant may sing very well, but their stage performance may not be up to the mark.

smartalec_06 asks Hi antara, what was your best and worst moment on Indian Idol???
karunya says My best moment was when I was selected in the Top 28. And my worst moment was when I lost my voice for a while and could not practise.


karunya says Hi Sapna. My aim in life is to be a really good singer and I will try very hard to make my dreams come true. I say that everyone should be confident in themselves.

smartalec_06 asks Hell Antara, U came from a small village how did you find life in Mumbai??
karunya says It was very good. In my village, life comes to a halt by 9 pm. But in Mumbai things start only then. There is pace and movement in Mumbai life and I love that.

deepa1021 asks Antara, what are your future plans?
karunya says I want to sing, sing, sing... be it playback or for albums.

gorgeousgal_1 asks antra whats ur moto in life??
karunya says My motto in life is just like my blood group: B+

smartalec_06 asks Hi Antara, you are a very beautiful girl would you like to work in movies if you are given a chance??
karunya says Yesh, of course I would like to. :) But I should get a good offer, a good role.

sonyaee asks Hi Antara, which Bollywood actress would you like to playback sing for?
karunya says I would like to sing for Kajol, Ash, Preity and Rani.

sonyaee asks ~~~Antara, We Ur Fans want to See u Win a FilmFare Award in Upcoming Future and We know u can Do it!! , Ur Bestest Fans Karishma N Sumesh~~~
karunya says Singing is my life and I will work hard to achieve my dreams. Thank you for your confidence in me. :)

smartalec_06 asks Hi Antara...i'm anjali frm and my friend karishma from US who is one of your biggest fan wants to know which contestant on Indian Idol are you closest with? Name one?
karunya says Hi Anjali, I closest to Neha, Panna, Karunya and Meenal

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Dama dum mast.....      Audition round
Kaisi Paheli hai.....      Theatre round
Rangeelare.....     Piano Round
Ruki Ruki.....     Gala 2
Tu Ruttatho .....     Top 10
Tere bina.....     Top 9
Zara Zara.....     Top 8
Morni bhagama.....     Top 7
Bheri Piyaaa.....     Top 6
Mere Haathon.....     Top 5 Voted out !!!CryCryCry

Grand Finale: Woh Pehli Baar, Ek Main Ek Tu, Jawani Jaaneman, Oh Saki Saki

Concert: Woh Pehli Baar, Salam Namaste, Agar tum Miljao, Saki Saki


Antara Mitra- Rangeela Re

Antara Mitra- Bairi Piya

Antara Mitra- Morni Bagaan

Antara Mitra- Tere Bina

Antara Mitra- Tu Rutha To

Antara Mitra- Zara Zara

INDIAN IDOL 2 - Antara Mitra - Tu Rootha To

Antara Mitra- Ruki ruki: 3.html

Antara Mitra- Mere Hathon Mein: .mp3.html

If that wasn't enough Antara fun for you, check out these tributes!

A TRIBUTE TO ANTARA MITRA VIDEO: +__2006-03-11_Project1.wmv&d=1

ANTARA MITRA SLIDE SHOW: 281%2F1142322573tf9.smil


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ok guys...I know many content missing....I edited from last fc...many pics not able to see many pics in last FC too...

will do more editing later if I get time... Big smile

I cleaned all FC link & rewrite it with same color font also updated member list too...
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Day 1

SONG 1:-

Saathiya ... Saathiya
maddham maddham teri ye geeli hansi
saathiya ... saathiya
sun ke ham ne saari pee li hansi 

 SONG 2:-

Tu hi meri shab hai subha hai tu hi din hai mera
hi mera rab hai jahaan hai tu hi meri duniya
waqt mere liye main hoon tera lamha
Kaise rahega bhala hoke tu mujhse judaa

Day 2

Song 1

Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam
Pyaar hota hai deewana sanam
Ab yahan se kahan jaaye hum
Teri baahon mein mar jaaye hum

Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam ...
Aankhen meri sapne tere
Dil mera, yaadein teri

O, mera hai kya
Sab kuch tera
Jaan teri, saansein teri

Meri aankhon mein aansu tere aa gaye
Muskuraane lage saare gham

Tujhe Dekha to yeh jaana sanam
Yeh dil kahin lagta nahin
Kya kahoon, main kya karoon

Haan, tu saamne
Baithi rahe
Main tujhe dekha karoon......

Song 2

Mere haath mein tera haath ho
saari jannatein mere saath ho
tu jo paas ho phir kya yeh jahaan
tere pyar mein ho jaaun fanaa

tere dil mein meri saanson ko jagah mil jaaye
tere ishq mein meri jaan fanaa ho jaaye
jitne paas hain khushbu saans ke
jitne paas hothon ke sargam
jaise saath hain karvat yaad ke
jaise saath baahon ke sangam
jitne paas paas khwaabon ke nazar
utni paas tu rehna hamsafar
tu jo paas ho phir kya yeh jahaan
tere pyar mein ho jaaun fanaa.......

Day 3

song 1

Ae mere humsafar, ek zara intezaar
Sun sadaayein de rahi hain manzil pyaar ki
Ab hai judaai ka mausam, do pal ka mehmaan
Kaise naa jaayega andhera, kyoon naa thamega toofan

Kaise naa milegi manzil pyaar ki
Pyaar ne jahan pe rakha hai jhoomke kadam ek baar
Vahin se khula hai koi rasta, vahin se giri hai deewaar
Ae mere humsafar, ek zara intezaar
Sun sadaayein de rahi hai manzil pyaar ki.....

Song 2

Dil Ne Tum Ko Chun Liya Hai, Tum Bhi Usko Chuno Na
Khwaab Koi Dekhta Hai, Tum Bhi Sapne Buno Na
Dil Yeh Mera Tumse Kuch Keh Raha Hai, Suno Na...

Doorr Ho Kar Bhi Doorr Tum Nahin Ho, Paas Ho Lekin Paas Kyon Nahin Ho
Tanha Tanha Samay Mehki Mehki Hawa, Keh Raha Hai Jahan Jo Suno Na...
Dekhlo Mausam Kitna Suhana Hai, Pyaar Karne Ka Yeh To Ek Bahana Hai...
Muskurati Fiza Gungunati Hawa, Kehraha Hai Jahan Jo Suno Na...

Dil Ne Tum Ko Chun Liya Hai, Tum Bhi Usko Chuno Na....

Day 4

song 1

Tere Naam Hum Ne Kiya Hai Jeevan Apna Sara Sanam
Ho Jeevan Apna Sara Sanam
Pyaar Bahut Karte Hai Tumse Ishq Hai Tu Humara Sanam
Ho Ishq Hai Tu Humara Sanam

Tere Ishq Ne Saathiya Mera Haal Kya Kardiya
Gulshan Bhi To Ab Veerana Lagta Hai
Har Aapna Hum Ko Begana Lagta Hai
Hum Teri Yaadon Mein Khoye Rehte Hai
Log Hume Pagal Deewana Kehte Hai
Tere Bina Tere Bina
Tere Bina Naamumkin Hai Zindagi Ka Guzara Sanam
Ho Zindagi Ka Guzara Sanam

Song 2

Fiza, Fiza, Fiza, hey Fiza

Tu hawa hai, fiza hai, zameen ki nahin
Tu ghata hai to phir kyoon barasti nahin
Udti rehti hai tu panchhiyon ki tarah
Aa mere aashiyaane mein aa

Main hawa hoon, kahin bhi theherti nahin
Ruk bhi jaaoon kahin par to rehti nahin
Maine tinke uthaaye hue hain paron par
Aashiyaana nahin hai mera
Ghane ek ped se mujhe
Jhoka koi leke aaya hai
Sukhe ek patte ki tarah
Hawa ne har taraf udaaya hai
Aa na aa
Hey, aa na aa ek dafa is zameen se uthe
Paaon rakhe hawa par zara sa ude

Chal chale hum jahan koi rasta na ho
Koi rehta na ho, koi basta na ho....

Day 5

Song 1

Lafzon mein keh na sakun bin keh bhi reh na sakun...
Nasha hi nasha raat din hai na pucho yeh kaisa pyar hai...

Halki si barsaat mein, pehli mulakat mein,
Pehli hi baar mein dil ko mere le gayi,
Chahat ke ikrar mein anjaana gham de gayi.
Na jaane kya baat hai lage ki din mein raat hai
Nayi hai subah to nayio shaam ajab haal mera yaar hai

Mera dil meri jaan mein yahan tu hai kahan....
Mein dekhun mudke jidhar,aaye mujhe tu nazar
Kehti hai chahate deewana mein ho gaya
Teri chahat mein sanam najaane kab kho gaya
Yeh kaisa hai asar mujhko na itni khabar kab jaaga
Kab so gaya jane man janeja ....

Song 2

Bheegey hont tere, pyaasa dil mera
Lage abra sa, mujhe tan tera

Jam ke barsa de, muhj par ghatayen
Too hi meri pyaas, too hi mera jaam
Kabhi mere saath, koi raat guzaar
Tujhe subah tak main karoon pyaar
vo oh oh...

Sansen aach teri, tan aag tera
Chhenain neend meri, loote chain mera
Kala jadoo kare lambe baal tere
Aakhen jheel teri, dore laal tere

kabhi mere saath koi raat guzaaar
tujhe suabh tak main karoon pyaar
vo oh ho.... 

Aakhen kah rahi jo na hum kahain
use sun le too jo na lab kahain
Too na soye aaj, main na sooun aaj
Tujhe dekhooon aaj, tujh mamin khoyun aaj
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Posted: 26 February 2007 at 2:27am | IP Logged
Bitu ur Day 5 song is sexy naughty & its a more physical love than romantic love... LOL

Those songs can be good for mallika or rakhi hot mirchis than Antara Big smile Big smile

so definitly I deserve to win in Song 5....

Laffson mein is so pure romantic number by abhijeet sawant & that any gals will fall hearing that song Wink U got few votes for that song only becoz people havent seen/heard abhijeet sawant album... Big smile
kothra IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 February 2007 at 2:36am | IP Logged

Congrats for a new club...
Lol.. LOL

Lage raho..Lage raho

Edited by kothra - 26 February 2007 at 2:38am
sumesh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 February 2007 at 3:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kothra

Congrats for a new club...
Lol.. LOL

Lage raho..Lage raho

kiskke saath lage rahoLOL

OOPS I stopped my gossipping atleast in this FC as koeli & poonam mad at me for more jodis...LOLLOLLOL

waiting for koeli decision...donno why bitu not fighting with me CryCryCry

Bitu if u ask Koeli her personal favourite then am sure she will definitley vote for mine for all songs except second one...Big smileBig smileBig smile

But she said she wont vote ...she will do this according to public choice only & want to be completely fair accordign to that

atleast for tie she should vote or dedicate her votes rt?Big smile
_sukhi_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 February 2007 at 3:07am | IP Logged
wwooooooooo hoooooooooooo congooooooooo on the new club everyone yo sumesh gud job yaaar Clap Clap Clap putting it all together an the songs are nice man Big smile
sumesh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 February 2007 at 3:19am | IP Logged
Day 4 song gal also singing song...

Main hawa hoon, kahin bhi theherti nahin
Ruk bhi jaaoon kahin par to rehti nahin
Maine tinke uthaaye hue hain paron par
Aashiyaana nahin hai mera

see in these lines gal also singing firstly which shoudl not happen...if female lyrics too it can be handled by male version actually eventhough its couple song...but here it fails...

also in this song only praising gal in all romance at all...hw come its romantic song ...teh guy is not expressing his love for her LOL

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