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ANGAD-KRIPA:UNFAITHFUL part 48.A pg 55 (Page 6)

rimsibani Goldie

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Posted: 24 February 2007 at 4:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nehagupta_9

Awwwww, awesome part.... sooooo sweet they confessed their love!!!!! Embarrassed
My prediction: When Kripa goes home, her parents will be takin Mishty's rishta or sumthing to Angad's house, I am guessin sumthin like this will happen!!!!

thanx hun, d yes u r rite upto a certain extent......but nt fully.....
i assure u more romantic scenes!!!!!!!!!!!!Embarrassed

rimsibani Goldie

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Posted: 24 February 2007 at 4:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by .:KYPHlOvEr88:.

awesome! Clap

rimsibani Goldie

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Posted: 24 February 2007 at 4:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by iamsmart

it was gr8,fabulous,awsome

i m happy tat u guyz are likin it!!!!!!!!!
brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 February 2007 at 4:47pm | IP Logged
great parts.. wonder how mishti will react.. i mean cuz this is wat the parents wanted.. no? so they wont mind but misthi.. ooo...

i hope they dont seperate!! i mean change it around nad not she left and became preggy cuz thats geting old!

plz and thanks

continue soonn
rimsibani Goldie

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Posted: 24 February 2007 at 5:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by brainychild92

great parts.. wonder how mishti will react.. i mean cuz this is wat the parents wanted.. no? so they wont mind but misthi.. ooo...

i hope they dont seperate!! i mean change it around nad not she left and became preggy cuz thats geting old!

plz and thanks

continue soonn

no....i m nt gonna make it that ektaish""......i m gud u c!!!!!!!!!!Wink
rimsibani Goldie

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Posted: 24 February 2007 at 6:24pm | IP Logged

# 12

"kripa", suryabhan called.
"Papa?aap?", kripa went forward to hug him, "par aap toh agle hafte aane waale the?"
"haan beta, but josh is not only excellent but also very efficient. Uski wajah se kaam jaldi kahtam ho gaya."
"Ok. Papa, mishty kahan hai?" she asked him eagerly.
"who upar tumhara besabri se intezar kar arhi hai." He smiled and winked at gayatri.
"Achcha, aisa kya?" she asked him.
"Haan and I promise you beta, she has wonderful news for u."
"tab toh main usse abhi jaa ke milti hoon." She goes upstairs eagerly.
[Btw I 4got to tell u guyz that since mishty and aaliya were in same colleges, they had accompanied suryabhan and josh for Australia so as to have a nice holiday.]

" Mishty, Aaliya" she called cheerfully as she opened the door. Mishty who was unpacking along with aaliya looked up and ran forward to hug her sister and then she swirled her around agyfully.
"Arre, arre, kya baat hai? Itni khush?", but kripa knew that nobody would be more happier than her. After all she had spent the most wonderful part of her life with the man she loved the most.
"kripa, tum sunogi toh tum bhi jhoom uthogi." Aaliya said cheerfully.
"Achcha ab bas bhi karo. Mujhe batao na. neeche papa bhi theek se nahi bata rahe the. This suspense is killing me." She said. Mishty blushed.
"mishy", gayatri called from below, "beta tumse koi milne aaya hai."
"Aaliya, tum batao na kripa ko, main abhi aati hoon." And she ran downstairs.
"Kripa, here it is, the bestest news… mishty aur nagad ka rishta pakka ho gaya." Aaliya said happily.
"what?" she was shocked. [ remember ektas usual style of breaking the black and white image of the person who is shocked? Same way kripa ko imagine karo. SmileSmile]
she could not hear anything that aaliya said. Her breath stuck. The world revolved around her but everything else came to a halt. She tried her level best to hold her tears back but couldn't.
"ye…ye…tum …aaliya…kya keh rahi ho?" her voice faultered.
"is everything ok kripa?" she asked worriedly, obviously kripas reactions were not hidden.
"haan…main theek…hoon." She said, her voice breaking.
"toh tum ro kyun rahi ho?" aaliya was worried.kripa wiped her tears and said,
"nahin toh."
Obviously since aaliya dint understand anything so she dint question her any further, and continued,
"pata hai, mishty ne na mujhe, imagine, mujhe nahin bataya ki who angad se pyaar karti hai. But finally, Australia mein isne mujhe ek din bataya. And you know na that I am a good girl", she smiled kiddishly, "so I told surya uncle. Pehle toh surya uncle was not happy, but logically dekha jaaye toh it was a good proposal. Toh unhone haan kehdi and fir", now she hesitated, "I don't know whther I am the right person to tell u." she looked confused.
"Bolo aaliya." Kripa said without any expression on her face. Her world had torn apart. After all whose wouldn't.
"Nahin kripa, I think uncle, auntie should tell u."
"Nahi aalia, plz batao."
"Theek hai. Fir jab uncle ne haan kehdi toh unhe yaad aaya, that you were also in the queue", she sniggered kiddishly, "so uncle got worried. Aur ek din uncle ne yeh baat josh se share kardi. And you know what kripa???" she said the last few words very excitedly,
"josh offered his hand for you!!!!"
"Kya?", kripa was almost choking for breath. If mishty and angads news had killed her then this one had killed her beyond death.
"are u fine kripa?", now aaliya was really worried. But kripa, since she cud stand it no more, left that room, ran to her bedroom, locked the door, sat down beside the bed and cried and cried till her throat became hoarse. She whined. She felt empty. After about half an hour,
"Kripa", mishty knocked her door.kripa got up wiped her tears and opened the door.
"Smile kripa. Itna udaas kyun lag rahi ho." Mishty said cheerfully.
'now', kripa thought, 'now is the right time to ask her how much she loves angad.'
"Mishty tum angad se kitna pyaar karti ho?", she asked to the point.
"Kripa, she said, 'finally' she thot, 'finally I can open my heart to kripa' , "I love him beyond the limits." She said looking lost in thots. "Kripa, itna pyaar, jitna heer-ranjha, laila-majnu, romeo-juliet bhi nahi karte the." She turned, grabbed kripa by her ahnds and said,
"Kripa main angad ke bina adhuri hoon. Main chahti hoon mere din ki shuruwat uska chehra dekhne se ho. Mere din ka ant uska chehra dekh kar ho. Kripa who mere khwabon, khwahison, meree season, meree ankhon mein hai." She smiled, blushed and said,
"Love is soooooooooo beautiful kripa."
"Mishty", aaliya came in and said, "aao lunch karlo. Aur tum bhi kripa."
"Main zaraa thaki hoon, baad mein aaungi" she din feel like eating. Who would?
"Are you sure kripa?" Mishty asked.
"Haan", she tried to put up a fake smile but failed.
Mishty and aaliya left. Kripa again locked her door and went back to the same place to sit.
Then suddenly two people appeared infront of her. Kripa rubbed her eyes again and again and again, because they looked exactly like her. [ I will identify them as, k1-> wearing white suit and    k2->wearing black suit. Ok like usual ekta serials they are not angel or devil, they are just two different that kripa(k) is having. We, better to say, I also don't know at the moment which one is good!!!!!!!! So the one that sounds simple is black and the one who is more complex is white.]
K: "tum?" she said half crying, "kyat um mere madad karogi?"
K1 & k2 in unison : "of course kripa."
They smiled.
K1:" kripa tumne dekha na? mishty angad se kitna pyaar karti ahi?
K2:"toh kripa bhi toh karti hai."
K1:" meree baat poori hone do. Tumhe bhi waqt milega." Turning to kripa she said, "kripa mishty angad se kitna pyaar karti ahi. Who tumhari choti behen hai. Kya tum uske liye angad ko chod nahi sakti?
K:"main angad ke bina nahi reh sakti."
K1:"so cant mishty"
K2:" kripa yeh tumhari life hai. How can u spoil ur life? Tum agar iska kehna maanogi, toh angad tumhari aur mishty ki zindagi barbaad ho jayegi. Aur haan, josh ki bhi."
K1:"par kripa, mishty will be so ahppy. Mom aur dad bhi toh khush rahenge."
K:and kripa, poor girl was getting more confused.
K2:"jyada socho mat. Jao, sabko sabh kuch such such bata do."
K1:" Nahi kripa, don't. tumhare aise karne se mishty ka kya hoga, tum jaanti ho, haina? Abhi wo jo kuch keh ke gayi hai, tum janti ho who sach hai. Aur mom dad ka kya? Who commit kar chuke hain. Unki respect ka kya?" kripa tehn looked at k2. now k1 got angry. "ab aage tumhaari marzi." And tehn she disappeared.
K2:"your life. You decide. Forget everyone else." And then k2 also disappeared.

Kripa finally came to a conclusion. She wiped her tears and thought,
"Bhagwan mujhe himmat dena. Jo amin akrne jaa rahi hoon, usme mera saath dena." And then she went down to tell her decision.
"Mom, dad" she said as they and mishty sat on the sofa. Aaliya had alredy left by then.
"arre haan beta, tumse ek bahut important baat karni hai.", surya motioned her to sit.
"Dad, use maloom hai. Be straight to the point."
"Mishty", gayatri told her to keep quite.
"kripa, humne beta tumhari zindagi ka ek faisla liya hai. Aur kyunki yeh life tumhari hai, I want your final opinion. Kya tum josh se shadi karma chahogi?" he asked. She closed her eyes, remembered the moments spent with angad. She remembered the kiss and last night. Now all of it seemed like a dream. A tear came down her eye.
"aap bhi naa. Aapkko toh puchna nahi aata." She smiled at her husband, turned to kripa and asked her, "kripa, kyat um josh ko apna humsafar banaogi?" each and every word that gayatri spoke stung her and broke her heart into thousand pieces. She then mustered all her strength that was left with her to say,
The sharma family jumped with joy. And kripa turned and ran to her bedroom crying.
"Sharma gayi meri beti." Gayatri smiled. Now mishty and gayatri became senti. They got up to follow, but surya said,
"usko rehne do. Let hers pend some time alone. Let her cry." And a tear stroked down his eye. And then he also left from there, teary eyed.
Both mishty and gaytri hugged each other. And then the phone rang.
G: gayatri
C:hanji. Namaste ji.
G:jee namaste. She wondered who the lady was.
C;is that mrs. Gayatri sharma?
G:yes. May I know whose on the line?
C:mrs. Khanna, I m josh's bhua, mrs. Anu khurana.
G:oho. Namaste ji. How do u do?
C:I am fine. Actually josh ne mujhe aapke beeti ke rishte ke bare mein bataya tha.
G:hanji. Toh kya socha hai aapna?
C:of course, mrs. Sharma, we are obliged to make up this relation.
G: arre, then congratulations to you.
C:aapko bhi, gayatri. Ab rishta toh pakka ho hi gaya hai, toh kya hum kal shagun le aayien?
G:kal? She thot that it was too early, but none the less agreed and said, "ji haan".
C:chaliye fir , kal hi milte hain.

MISHTY although knew all this, but still to confirm her doubts asked,
gayatri smiled and said
"hurray", mishty yelled and went to her dads bedroom to tell him the good news.

Angad had been trying kripas number since moring, but it was switched off. He became a little worried and thought that he would visit her in the evening.
The sharma house was full of relatives. Even aaliya was there. The khannas knew about kripa and josh but they forgot to tell this to angad, as he was at dadis place.
People were jostling here and there to decorate the place. But nobody met kripa as she had strictly advised the others to not to disturb her.
Angad reached her place and was surprised to see all this. He saw aaliya, and went upto her.
"Oye chipkali, yeh kya ho raha hai?"
"bhaiyya!", she said happily, "seeing you after a long time." And hugged him.
"bhaiyya, aap bhi chupe rustam nikle." She said.
He wondered what he was saying.
"Kya?", he asked.
"aur nahin toh kya, chori chori pyaar? Hmm? Lekin ab hum sablo pata hai." She smiled.
"kya?" he wondered why kripa told them. Earlier she said she wudnt, but now….he dint understand. ' shyad usse raha nahi gaya' he joked to himself.
"Kripa kahan hai aaliya?" he wanted to yell with joy.
"Kripa?" she wondered why he was asking for her. "who to apne room mien hai."
"theek hai. I will be back soon." He said this and left without waiting for a reply leaving her in confusion. He went towards her bedroom, when mishty spotted him.
"hi angad.", she called. She thot that dilip uncle had told him.
"Congratulations." She talked about him and herself. But he thot she was referring to him and kripa.
"Thanx and same to u. kripa kahan hai?" he asked getting impatient. Deep inside his heart, something told him that something was wrong. But he didn't know what.
"offo, tum mujhse baat karo naa. Kripa keh rahi thi ki use koi disturb naa kare." She Smiled and suddenly remembered, "arre angad tum meree help karo naa, plz yeh phool upar laga do. Thank god mujhe yaad aa gaya, warna mama toh mujhse naaraaz ho jaatien." He did as she told him, but wondered what happened to kripa.
"yeh decoration kyun?" he asked.
"Arre, kal larke waale shagun laa rahe hain na."
"Yaani ki main". He mumbled to himself. Somehow either things were going real fast or either, he thot, he was slow.
"Nahi silly.", she smiled shyly, "itni jaldi nahi. Pehle kripa fir meri."
"wahi toh keh raha hoon, meri."
"Arre", she thot he was being silly just to irritate her, "Tum yeh jaan bhoojh ke karte ho na?" and without waiting for an answer said, "but I like it. I like everything you do." She said looking lovingly at him.
Now it got too much for angad. And he was confused to the hilt. And felt that the sooner he met kripa, the better.
"Mishty, excuse me. I want to talk to kripa." He said curtly.
"But why angad? She is a lil upset over this marriage thingy. Obviously any girl would." She said the last part more to herself than to him. But now angad got impatient and said.
"excuse me" and went towards her bedroom.
"shayad he wants to congratulate her." Mishty thot to herself and left.
"Kripa", he knocked. Kripa got up, wiped her tears, looked at herself in the mirror. She was looking very forlorn and tired and she thot that this was the right time to tell him everything. She gathered up all her energy and opened the door. There she saw angad standing at an arms distance. She wanted to hug him and undo everything she said to her parents, but alas! It was too late and alls he could do now was NOTHING.
guju_girl1 IF-Rockerz

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great story continue soon Smile
rimsibani Goldie

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Posted: 24 February 2007 at 7:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by tava

great story continue soon Smile

thanx hun...i m abt to post it.Wink

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