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Hi guyz! Well yesterday nite I read a fanfic and when I waz sleeping I juz had angad and kripa in ma head…so I thot why not write one myself!!! So this is my first fanfic and I hope you guyz like it. I have written down 10 epis buh if you guyz like (which I doubt……I m feeling jittery. :( ) then I wud extend it…. The characters would be the same and so will b their shades, but the story will be different. This doesn't apply to the shades of dilip and naina though, they will b all for a change positive!!!.......... So here it goes……



                     On one side is Dilip Khanna who is a business tycoon in   India and  is gold hearted but his wife Naina Khanna is the bestest wife, bestest mother and the best daughter in law a family could ask for. They are a wonderful couple and are the most appreciated ones of the society. Dilip and Naina have a son and a daughter Angad and Aaliya. Angad is a very happy-go-lucky guy who doesn't give a damn about nefin….actually what else would one expect from a man who is all of 24 and son of a business tycoon. Well he isn't haughty and ruthless but yes, he considers himself special.

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 Aaliya, 20, on the other hand is a very good daughter and is her borthers sweet little chipkali, as Angad lovingly calls her. She is currently doing her college. Oh and Angad….well his dad Dilip Khanna wants him to join business, but Khanna junior is as stubborn as his dad. Mr. Angad wants to have the time of his life and business???....well that can wait.


                   On the other hand is the Sharma family. Sharmas just like the Khannas are the well known faces of the society, they are one of the richest people of India. Mr. Suryabhan Sharma is again an out and out business Giant, just like the Khannas. His wife Gayatri is according to him, the worlds best wife. They together make a wonderful couple, which they actually are. They have two lovely daughters , Mishty and Kripa. Kripa is the older one, 20, and Mishty is 18. Well they are two people in the world who Suryabhan values the most. He can do anything for their happiness. While Mishty is still doing college, kripa has just returned from New York completing her graduation. If Mishty is the fun loving Happy-go-lucky, modern gal, then kripa is the complete contrast of her. She though spent 6 years in New York still is a very simple, elegant Indian girl who believes in her dreams and her principles.


                     The khannas and the sharas are very good friends and business parteners. Whoosh……now starts the story……………



Angad was out meeting his friends and had just parked his car in the driveway of his bungalow. As he was coming towards his house  somebody called him from behind,

" Aaj kal ke zamane mein kaun apni dadi ko yaad rakhta hai, bhai?"

it was Mrs. Khanna 'senior', she was Dilips mother and Angads and aaliyas best friend.

"Arre dadi, aap aise mat bolo, balki mai toh aapse bahut naraaz hoon. Aap apne pote ko bhul gayin."

" keep quite. Main bhul gayi yaan fir tujhe apni dadi ki yaad nahi aati? Kal raat ko dinner pet oh ye badi badi baatien kar raha tha," imitating her angad "dadi main subah subah , in the morning, early early apse mil ke jaunga,' hain toh ab kya hua?" she asked him.

"who kya hai na dadi, main jabi subah utha naa toh main aane hi wala tha par mere dost ka fone aa gaya aur usne mujhe kaha ki—", but before he could complete

"Angad mujhe ek nayi ladki dikhi hai, aur mujhe use patina hai, help me, hainna bhaiyya??" it was Aaliya, she had just returned from a party and had butted in.

Angad said defensively "Aye chpkali, chup kar. Nahi nahi dadi, its all a lie, aisa kuch nahi hai. Aapko toh pata hi hai ki main kitna shareef hoon."

"Haan bhai mujhe pata hai ke tu kitna shareef ahi aur yeh kitni jhoothi, ab baatien bas karo and come and have dinner, its ready." Dadi told angad and aaliya and smilingly went away. On her way she waz thinking how happy her family is.

" Chipkali teri toh", and angad hit her playfully behind her head,

" bhaiyya, sachi batao, kya maine jhooth bola?" aaliya asked innocently, though she was full of mischief.

" umm….,Nahi" angad blurted out.

They both hugged each other and went to their house hand in hand.




" Naina , tomorrow surya and his family are coming for lunch" Dilip told his wife on the dinner table.

"Arre haan bhai, meri gayatri se baat ho gayi hai. Mummyji aap hi dekho na, maine aur gayatri ne kitna plan kiya tha ek achche lunch ka aur dilip aur surya ne usko business lunch bana diya." Naina told dadi annoyingly.

" hou, dad aapne aisa kiya? Par kyun, look at mom, she is so upset, ab bichari kya karengi…." Angad said this making fun of his mom.On hearing this every one on the table laughed. He and aaliya shared a high –five.

"stop it angad, its not funny. Itne bade ho gaye ho, phir bhi 10 saal ke bachche ki tarah naughty ho."Naina told angad.

"Naina , achcha hi toh hai, apne angad aur aaliya itne kiddish ahin, warna log aaj kal kitni tension lene lag gaye hain."dadi said lovingly. She was very fond of her grandchildren, especially angad.

"Mom kuch seekho dadi se, dadi you are the best. Waise dadi can I have 20,000 rupees."

"good going aaliya, ab bolo mama" Naina joked.

"Badmaash mera mazaak udati hai???tu ruk jaa beta, tere ko to main kal dekhungi".dadi said.


"Oh by the way dad, I will be out and wont come for lunch."angad added.

"Nahi nahi , don't do this beta, kal surya ki beti kripa bhi aa rahi hai. After all 6 saal baad aa rahi hai, you must be here."dilip told angad.

"oh common dad, whats the  big deal about it, I mean—"before he could complete his sentence, dilip said

"No means no. end the topic here. Are haan aaliya tum ne kabhi apni maa ke haath ke bane hue rasgulle khaain hain?"

" No dad, I thought she doesn't know how to make them, hai na mom?" aaliya asked her mother, but before she could reply, dilip said,

"well beta, maine hajmola fridge ke upar rakhi hai, khaa lena , aaj sweet dish mein wahi hai."

On this Khanna family members laughed heartily.


Indeed it was a happy family.



Guyz u plz leave comments and plz pm me ne suggestions.








"arre aao surya, gayatri kaise ho" dilip called to the incoming guests.

"achchi hoon dilip, naina kahan hai?"

"andar hai , plz gayatri tum usko rusgulla banana sikhao, varna hum sabko constipation ho jayega."

" ruk jaa dilip, abhi naina ko batata hoon." Surya added jokingly.

"naina ke bache, mishty aur kripa kahan hain?" he asked surya while they got seated.


"are gayatri, chalo tum baith, main bas abhi aati hoon." Naina told gayatri who had come to help her.

"theek hai, I will wait but jaldi karna haan?"

"surya where are your daughters, yaar its been 6 years while I saw kripa, and cant wait." Dilip questioned surya.

"dilip who aati hi hongi, angad aur aaliya kahan --" before she could complete her sentence they came down the stairs.

"hi aunty, hello uncle." Called aaliya.

But angad who was disinterested in everything, dint greet them.

"haan beta kaise ho, hmm?gayatri asked aaliya, "aur tum angad, how are you?"

"I am fine aunty.", then turning to his dad,"I have to leave at 2.30 and its 2 now."

"have patience aunty, they will be here any minute."dilip replied.

Then turning to dlip he said "Surya this is the third time I am asking you where are yer girls. Bhai Mr. angad ki unke friends ke saath appointment hai."he said jokingly.

"Its not funny dad, uncle this is not fair. You should mishty and…and whats her name….kaya? yes kaya ko bolo jaldi aaye." Angad said impatiently. But all were looking at him awestruck.

"Beta angad ab toh tum kahin nahi jaa rahe." Gayatri said laughingly.

"kyun ? ab kya hua?" angad asked as he was taken aback.

"bhai its kripa not kaya, lalloo" aaliya said with clenched teeth.

"Oh! I meant the same…umm…welll, where are they?he asked again.

"Here am I" said a beautiful girl who was fair and just a few inches shorter than angad.

"Finally, hey mishty, how are you doing buddy." Said aaliya,breaking the silence.

Mishty was clad in a black tank top and a denim mini skirt. She was looking beautiful.

"Here am i.",she repeated, "oh and I m fine aaliya, hows everything goin?" she repeated.

"Its great, we were just waiting for you." Aaliya replied.

"Sorry for being late angad. But uncle, aunty, the chief guest has still not arrived." Mishty said mischievously.

"Oh gosh, forgive me, par main ab jaa raha hoon. I m seriously getting late. Kasam se uncle aunty, I swear kal main aapke ghar aa ke kaya se milunga." Angad said this all ahlf running and half walking. And off he went.

"Kaya? Who kaya? Did he mean kripa?" mishty asked aaliya.

" you know him naa" aaliya smiled.

"Par beta kahan hai kripa?" asked dadi.

"Who dadi , kya ahi na, jub hum aa rahe the toh kripa ko na ek zaroori kaam yaad aa gaya, toh hum dono alag alag aa gaye."

Mishty replied.



As angad rushed in his sports car, outside his bunglows gate, his car collided with another car.

"Shit, bloody—" he got out of the car angrily and went to the other car and knocked on the window.

The door opened and out acme a girl dressed in a baby pink patiala suit with pearl earings.

"Cantchu see???? Agar dikhayee nahi deta toh gaadi kyun chalaati ho? Meri gaadi ko loss hua woh ala gaur mera time waste hua who alag." Angad was very enraged and was shouting at her.

" ummm ……..woh , I m sorry , actually I was searching an address and….but I am really sorry for this..i—" but before she could complete,

"Shutup. Crap, gawar stupid." Angad shouted and went back to his car and sped away.

But that girl was so scared , after all this person ahd shouted on her, when he himself was on the wrong side. She was in tears when she got a call from her sister.

'Kripa, kahan ho bahi ? when will you come? Haan?we are all waiting."it was mishty. The other girl was none other than kripa.

"Bas main driveway mein car park kar arhi hoon." Kripa wiped her tears and went in the Khanna bunglow.


"Here she comes",said naina happily as she went to hug her. "You are looking so beautiful beta. Jab 6 saal pehle dekha tah toh itni choti sit hi par ab dekho , kitni badi ho gayi hai meri bachi."

"Thanks aunty. I am fine. Aap sab kaise ho?" kripa asked.

"We are all very fine beta, par surya tumne yeh galat kiya", turning to kripa she said, "aao baitho beta", facing surya she continued, "bhai 6 saal mein kabhi kripa India nahi aayi, not fair. Yeh toh hame bhool hi gayi hogi."

"Arre nahi aunty, how can I forget you people and my dadi. How can I forget you."

"Par naina, yeh to kitni Indian lag rahi hai, tum theek kehte the surya, she is so traditional." Dilip said to surya.

"Aur nahi toh kay , Suryabhan Sharma ki beeti apne sanskaar nahi bhulengi." Surya replied proudly.

"Hi aaliya." Kripa greeted the others.

"Kaisi ho beta", dadi and kripa hugged each other, "you are looking so pretty, bhai naina ek dum theek keh rahi thi , surya kabhi toh bachchi se mila diya hota….hum toh sab kuch bhool gaye."


"Oh god, kya luck hai, theek hai theek hai, fine, fine,make it tonight , ok bye, love you." It was angad who came inside talking on his cellphone.

Kripa gasped as she looked at this amn, he was the same guy who had shouted at her half na hour ago.

"Are angad, tum, kaun si girlfriend se raat ko mil rahe ho?"mishty inquired jokingly.

"Oh shutup mishty", he glared at her , whilke she and aaliya snorted., "my bad luck , my friend with whom I waz supposed to have lunch did not come, so I will have lunch with you guyz." He said irritatingly.

"Oh so this is angad, he is so rude" thought kripa.

Suddenly angad spotted kripa and gasped "Tum?".

"kya ? you guyz have met before? Have you?" aaliya asked.

Angad was angry at her presence. "No , I meant is she Kaya?"

"No duffer it is not kaya, it is kripa."Mishty said as she got irritated of him calling her kaya.

Kripa and angad were still looking at each other.

"Bhai, bhai where have you lost?' asked aaliya.

"Nowhere , I am not hungry, I m going upstairs . Bye." Angad went off. He threw his jacket on his bed and suddenly felt a rush of rage. "what the hell is she doing here?? She is from New York? Doesn't seem so, but ……………urrrugh……why am I so angry??? I am getting mad." Angad was thinking all these things when his bedroom door opened.

"so dude, I thought you were hungry.", it was aaliya, "bhai kya hua, na hi na hello, aapne kripa se theek se baat kyun nahi ki,hmm?"

"Who kuch nahi aaliya, just aise hi, you know my mood swings." Angad said defensively.

"Achcha bhai aaj arat ko yaad ahi na? Josh ke party per jaana hai??

"Ofcourse silly, how can I forget my best friends birthday."

"but phone pet oh aap keh rahe the ki you are going out sumwhere."

"Who toh main kisi ko invite kar raha tha."




"Yeh angad bhi naa, how rude. Road per bhi usiki galti thi, wrong side jaa raha tah. Aur upar se mere ko bolne bhi nahi de raha tha. Jahan tak mishty ne mijhe bataya hai, who to ekdum bigda hua ladka hai, maybe that's why."these thoughts were running in kripas mind when mishty came in,

"Kripa, hi, sorry diturb toh nahi kiya na?"

"arre nahi yaar, go on."

"achcha tumse ek sawaal puchoon?"

"shoot it."

"who tumhe angad kaisa lagta hai?" Mishty, in her heart loved angad a lot. It was not her fault, who hai hi itna charismatic. He had that magical aura about him. His eyes were so deep, and his arms, the girl who would get them around her would be so lucky. He was the most eligible bachelor, he was awesum.

"Kyun?", kripa asked confused and surprised.

"who, who,…aise hi, just waise."

"Achcha ji ab mujhse chupa rahi hai?hmm?" at this point mishty blushed very hard. "Oy hoye", kripa continued, "madam ko dekho toh zara, cool mishty, this is so nice, achcha hai. Does he like you?"

"Arre nahi yaar, I don't know, tu bata na, how did you find him??"

"Oh he's……he's smart and handsum."

"I knew it, now Kripa can you do me a favour?"

"Obviously, kya kaam hai bol."

"Tell mom and dad about it……cuz I wont be able to."

"Silly girl, theek hai, but what if he says no?"

"wahi toh……main na aaj raat ki party main usse poochungi. Wish me luck."

"Kaunsi party?"

"Oops! I forgot to tell you. Remember josh?"

"umm…… your friend rite?"

"Yes, good memory jaan, Yes its his birthday and he has personally invited you. You are coming, no NO's."

"umm…k then."

"k. 8.30 sharp"






AT 8.30




"Damn aaliya! How long are you gonna take??" Angad knocked furiously on aliyas bedroom door.

"Oho bhai another five minutes. Take the car out and I will meet you down."

"Are you sure?"

"Arre yes bhai, pukka."




At Josh's party{guyz  josh is not playing a rockstar here , but his attitude is still the same……he is a nice guy }

"its 9.00 pm and now you come . my best frens should come early….thats not fair." Josh said to angad as he wished him.

"Shut up…it waz aaliyas fault, yeh ladkiyan bhi naah," he saw mishty and kripa enter, they were coming towards them, to be honest to himself, kripa was looking very beautiful,she was wearing a braoad neck churidar-suit, her hair was open and was poker straight, but he would rather kill himself than admit and so again he felt that anger in him....

"happy birthday josh, meet her shes kripa" mishty wished josh.

"hi kripa" josh greeted.

"hi josh , happy birthday", kripa beamed at him…but was not happy to see angad there.

"ahem…main kya keh raha tha, haan, yeh ladkiyan naah sunder dikhne ke liye kitne ghante sheeshe ke saamne khadi rehtee hain, par dekho na unhe toh pata hi nahi hota ki who kitnee koshish karlein who waise hi dikhengi…unke chehre pe plaster laga hota hai foundation ka", indirectly he was commenting at kripa and she had also sensed it so she was angry now on angad. But before she could say anything, mishty said—

"par dekho na angad, ladko kee fitrat ko… who fir bhi ladkiyon ke peeche hi bhagte hain…ab khud hi ko dekho lo naa…har roz ek nayi ladki tumhari girlfriend hoti hai…kitni ladkiyon ke saath tumne waqt guzara hai…par bachchoo ek din aisa aayega jab ek ladki tumhare dil ko chulegi tab hi tumhe ladkiyon ki kadr hogi., what say kripa?"

"haha angad Khanna will never fall for this trap…juz wait n watch. This is what is angad Khanna." Angad said this and went off giving a sour look to Kripa.

"I don't understand whats his problem, mere peeche hi kyon pada hai…jab dekho har pal mujhpe gussa…always glaring at me." Kripa waz thinking all this when josh shouted to the DJ….



And then the high volume music started that kripa hated the most, she did not like rock music…but she enjoyed soft music…ball room dance. Angad took hold of mishty and went on. Then josh asked kripa but as expected she refused…then he took hold of another girl and went on the dance floor…soon everyone present  was dancing. Now the DJ had put on slow music…nd a few minutes later a guy came and asked for dance which she accepted. The slow number went on for quite some time and kripa and her partner drifted between angad and josh. At this time, josh was a little hurt as to why had kripa refused him earlier. The DJ then shouted "SWAP" and kripa landed with josh. Josh suddenly asked kripa,   

"By the way kripa why did you refuse earlier?"

Kripa was takenaback, but she still answered "actually josh I don't like rock,I like slow music, that's why."

And angad who was standing just a step away did what he was best at, creating mischief. So he went to the dj and told him to change the song to a very groovy song and to never change back to slow…the dj did as he was told…So obviously kripa had to leave the dance floor and went to sit. Josh came behind her.

"Drink? He asked her.

"sure", kripa repliedsmilingly.

"It was a great party, I enjoyed being here—"












"yeah it was josh, once again happy birthday" it was mishty who had come after them.

"guyz since you people came late, there is a punishment for you."

"what punishment?" mishty asked.

"umm….its not a hard one, kal lunch sharp at 2 at lubinas…no if's and but's.." he commanded.

"ohh…sure …nefin for you."mishty said. And added to kripa

"chalein kripa?"

"haan haan, chalo." Kripa replied.



"Bhai lets also go, what say?" aaliya asked angad.

"Haan bhai, chale jao mujhe akela chhod ke."Josh said acting as if he was hurt.

"arre nahin josh, tum bolte ho toh ruk jaatien hain." Aaliya offered.

"seriously? That would be great aaliya " josh beamed.

"yes aisa karo aaliya, tum ghar jao. Me and josh are gonna have a hangover." Angad said.

"oh great !i love you angad." Josh said.

"Gosh! U guyz are mad. K the bye." And aaliya left.

"Hey aaliya, btw tomorrow u and I are having lunch together at LUBINA's." josh added.

"thanx, I wud come there."

" oho, to meri bahen ke saath jaa raha hai , kya baat hai?", angad teased him.

"shut up, even you are coming."

"ohh… then that's fine."

"waise bhi, aaliya is not my kind."

"ooh…so whats ur kind?"

"well to be true, I sota liked kripa. Yaar she's just so amazing." Angad's jaw dropped on this. He felt weird. 'But why the hell wud he feel anything?.' He wondered.

"oye, kya hau?" josh asked him.

"who kuch nahin, sorry yaar I forgot to tell you,mujhe na abhi  dadi ke paas jaana hai, aur agar manin nahin gaya to dadi ko bahut bura lagega."

"aur mujhe? Mera kya?" josh sulked.

"sale tere se toh main kal mil raha hoon na" angad said matter of factly.

"obviously, yaar, tu jaa." Josh smiled and added "thanx yaar tu mera sabse achcha dost hai, tu naa hota toh mom dad ke jaane ke baad shayad main na sambhal paata.

"kyat u mere liye yeh sabh na karta?"

"khuda-na-khasta angad, kabhi tere saath aisa ho."josh was startled to hear this.

"josh , ek baat bolun?", angad asked josh, who signaled him for yes," tu na wapas america chalaja."

"kyun?" josh asked surprised.

" cuz mere ilaawa teri yeh betuki khasta-wasta na koi nahi sunega"

At this both of them laughed, and then angad left.

On his way back home, he thot and thot of what josh ssaid about his feelings of kripa.





The next day at lunch, aaliya, angad and josh are seated when kripa comes over.

"hi josh, hi aaliya.", kripa greeted n ignored angad.

"Hi kripa, how are you and where's mishty?", aaliya asked.

"I m fine, but its good that mishty dint come.", she looked at their faces which became blank when she said this, " Oh! I mean tomorrows her birthday, aur main chahti thi ki use ek surprise party doon. Aur isiliye tum sabhko invite karroon, I want all her frens to come,achche uar bure dono." When she said bure, she gave a sharp glance at angad, which he obviously noticed.


"of course kripa, we would all come. Now I am really hungry &I would love if we ordered lunch." Aaliya said.

"of course, waiter." Josh placed the order for the four of tehm, they ate the lunch and got up to leave but aaliya then spotted a fren of theirs.

"oh! Hi pooja …how are you?" aaliya asked her fren.

"hi angad, hi josh, hey aaliya….what a surprise, man!...i m fine …long time no c." replied the girl.

" hmm…got so busy yaar…hey kripa meet her, shes Pooja…and pooja shes kripa…..mishty's sis." Josh introduced them and they greeted each other.

"oh josh, I would take your leave now I have to make arrangements for tomorrow."kripa said.

"Not a problem kripa. Sure we would come. Nahin bhi bulati toh bhi hum aate." Josh replied smilingly.kripa left from there but on the way abck, she spoted a friend of hers and she stoped there to talk to her.


Meanwhile, even angad left from that place and went to teh reception to clear his bills as he always had a room booked in there. As he turned, he heard the tinkle of the chandelier. he saw above and saw that the chandeliar was rocking.'earthquake?' he questioned himself but it wasnt an earthquake he rialised, and again looked above and saw that the loop with which the cahndeliar ws intact had broken and it was in its final stage of coming down. He looked below, and was horrified to see that kripa and her friend was standing just below it. He rushed to them, but it was too late as the loop ahd given away. He swiftly ran towards them as the chandelier also came down . "KRIPA" angad shouted , she turned to see angad running toward s her, but she din undersatnd why he was running and got scared. Angad then jumped and pushed kripa and her friend out of the way and the three fell to the ground, meanwhile, the chandeliar came crashing down. Everybody around them was horrified and there was hocus-pocus all around. People gathered around them to enquire about them.

"Are you fine? Yeh management ko dekho, aaj jhoomar gira hai, kal chat giregi." People all around them murmured in agreement.

In all this, the others had also come and josh panicked as kripa was on the floor.

"arre kripa, are you ok? Theek to ho tum?Chhot toh nahi lagi tumhe/ ab tum theek ho?" josh bombarded kripa with these questions.

"I…I'm fine. Main heek hoon." Now as she said this hers and angads eyes locked for a few acroseconds and then when she raelised this, she looked at her friend and asked,

"geetika, are u all right???", her friend replied yes.

Josh offered his hand to kripa to get up which she accepted. She knew she had to thank angad for saving her life but the look on his face said something else. He was looking murderous. Then again at that point, their eyes locked but then he left from there without saying a word. Whereas josh and aaliya went to kripas place to drop her. As they reached her place,

"Yaar tum dono ko kasam khani ahi that u wont utter even a single word to mishty and that u guyz will definitely come", kripa asked for their promise which they obviously gave. "aur", she added, "angad ko bhi bol dena."

"Arre kripa, angad ko bolne ki zaroorat nahi hai, he will never forget mishty. Dono ek dusre ki jaan hain. Hum bhool saktien hain par who nahi, haina josh?" she asked josh.

"Aur nahi toh kya. They are a gud couple. Chalo ab hum cahlte hain kripa. You take care of yourself and zyada stress mat lena." Josh said smilingly.

"Noted, boss." Kripa replied.


As they left, aaliyas words kept ringing in her head. 'dono ek dusre ki jaan hain.', "matlab angad also loves mishty." She was happy that mishty's wish was fulfilled, but then their was an empty feeling in her.






Now the next day at mishtys party, kripa brings mishty with her eyes closed with a scarf.

" are kripa ab na main tumhe maarungi, jaldi kholo na mujhe surprise dekhna hai."

Mishty cribbed impatiently.

"thand rakh puttar thand rakh.", kripa taunted mishty and the she opened her eyes. Mishty gleamed as she looked at the beautiful surprise. She was very happy and hugged kripa and said, "tumhari 6 saal ki punishment khatam hui."

"oye hoye, thank u mishty, ab hui na museebut khatam."

"oh to yeh baat hai, toh tumhari punishment extended to another one year." Mishty lovingly gave that oh so sad look to kripa. Every body came forward to wish mishty.

After a while,

"Kripa where is angad?  Dintchu invite him?" mishty asked.

" kiya tha naa, shayad aata hi hoga." Kripa said as she got worried.

"Ok then, main bata rahi huun tumhe that if he doesn come, then I m not gonna cut the cake. I am warning you." Mishty said this and went away leaving kripa in deep thoughts.

" I think I should call him….abhi tak nahin aaya." She thought o herself. She then went to the entrance door to call him, but cut the phone midway. ' I cant call him', she thought. 'main…main nahi kar sakti, I don know what to say.' She then went out of the house and thought she would wait for him there only and would thank him there itself. After a while he came,

"who…who..hi angad..", she said hesitatingly.

"hi kripa", he said sarcastically.

" who…angad", he turned to look at her, " who mujhe tumse baat karni thi.", he stared at her,"actually mujhe tumhe thankx kehna tha, for saving my life yesterday."

"Thanks? Yeh tum mujhe kyon keh rahi ho, thanks to tumhe joshkarna cahhiye." His voice was full of bitter sarcasm.

" josh ka?" she was confused.

"aur nahi toh kya, usi ko bolo na thanx.", 'now' he thought 'now, I must say It all', "kripa tum apne aap ko kya samajhti ho, haan? CHUP." He shouted when she tried to say something. She was taken aback at what he said.

"Ekdum chup, tum double faceted ho, bahar se toh badi pavitr, stai savitri and all that crap, lekin andur se ekdum khokhli. Tumhaare saara jhooth mujhe pata hai. Josh, tumhara josh ke saath kya chal raha hai ? haan?" now kripa got what he was trying to say. 'Man! This is a disgusting guy.' She thought. "haan", he continued. " kya chal kya raha hai? Jab dekho magnet ki tarah chipki rehti ho. Agar kuch ahi to batao naa, dhong kyun karti ho?"

"CHUP. Tum ekdum chup chup. Ek shabd bhi nahi bologe." Kripa shouted.

"kyun, dukhti nas pe haath rakh diya kya?", he sneered and added, "actually na kripa, mijhe toh doubt ahi ki kal dopahar ko tum seedhi ghar gayi this yaan", he said sarcastically, "you know what I mean, dontchu." This got too much for kripa, he had spoken beyond the limit and then kripa slapped him.


"you are disgusting. Man you are very disgusting. Isse pata chalta hai ki tumhare dimaag mein kitna gand bhara hai." Angad got furious and wanted to say but kripa din giv him any chance. Kripa started crying.

"angad mujhe lagta tha ki maine tumhe galat samjha, par merit oh mat hi maari gayi thi ki maine tum jaise insaan ko thanx kehne ka socha. Josh toh mera bas ek dost ahi, lekin tum, tum itna ganda soch sakte ho….i just cant believe." She held him by the collar and then after a pause pushed him back. Then she turned her back to him and suddenly she realized,

"Mishty, angad Mishty loves u. who to tumsu—", but before she could say anything, angad said,

"What?", he was taken aback and horrified at what he heard. He then held her by the arm and turned her,

"kya bol rahi ho tum", kripa struggled to release herself, but he din let her go.

"Angad chhodo mujhe, leave me I said."

"kripa maine kaha, mishty kya??. Answer me dammit." Kripa raelised that if she din answer then he wudn leave her, so she told him.

"who tumse pyaar karti hia, aur tum. How can you think so sick."

Angad left her arm and turned and said to himself, 'what do I do now? Yeh sab kab hua'. He then took a resolution and turned towards kripa, and again took her by her arm, brought her very close to himself and through clenched teeth said,

"kripa, I don't. tell her, I don't. And tell her she will be wasting her time."

He then pushed her away and left that place in his car.

Kripa became hysterical and started crying, as all that had happened had shaken her deeply. 'Ab samajh mein aaya, yeh angad mujhse itna chita kyun hai.' She was deep in her thots when she remembered that everyone would be waiting for her. She wiped her tears and went inside.

"kripa its been 9.30 and abhi tak angad nahi aaya, mujhe cake katna hai. Aur –", she stopped looking at kripas expression, "where are you lost? Hey tumne usko invite toh kiya ahi na? waise agar nahi bhi kiya then also he should remember."

"who maine call kiya aur who aata hi hoga." She said this but hse was lost in her thots.

"ok I m waiting." Mishty smiled and went away.

Kripa went outside to call angad. He dint pick up the fone and she got worried thinking that if he din come then what wud she tell mishty. Then wen she dialed it the fourth time he picked up and without listening said,

"main tumhare ghar ke pass ek naye disc 'HASH' mein hoon, come and meet me."

"Angad main wahan nahi aa rahi, tum yahan aaao, Mishty tumhara wait kar rahi hai."

"oh really?" he said and slammed the fone down and switched it off.

After another 15 mints wen he din cum, a defeated kripa took out her car nd left to get him. She got to the disc in 10 minutes nad then wasted another 5 mints searching him. The disc was jam packed, but she saw him sitting at the bar sides with his frens.

"Angad", she called him, he was at 2 arms distance, then he looked up.

"oh, kripa. Enjoying the music? Kya hua ghar pe itna boring tha kya?"

" angad tumne kaha tha ki agar main aaungi toh tum chaloge ab chalo." She said this looking at the floor as she grew uncomfortable in that atmosphere and moreover his frens were staring at her.

"Kripa, itna jhooth." Angad said to show that he was surprised. She was taken aback. "Maine aisa kab kaha? Haan?"

"please , I beg u angad." She was nearly in tears.

"tumne mujhe , ANGAD KHANNA, ko thappad maara", he said sternly, "ab toh tumhe maaf karma toh door, main tumhari shakal nahi dekhna chahta. OUT" he shouted furiously.

"Please angad, meree baat suno," she was now crying, "I …I am really sorry, mujhe maaf kardo, Mishty tumhara—". But angad being stubborn din hear a word and again shouted,

"GET OUT. Isse pehle ki main kuch aur bolun, get out."

Kripa looked at angad, then at his frens, and then gave him one last look and ran away crying.

"Yaar angad, chala jaa, itna ro rahi thi—" one of his frens said.

"Arre jaaunga toh sahi, pur use bhi pata hona chahiye, what happens wen sum1 messes with angad Khanna." He then gave a wicked smile, gulped down the rest of his drink and left.

Kripa was crying but wen she reached her home, she wiped her tears and entered but there, mishty was standing beside the door looking very sour.

" Kripa thanx for messing my birthday party. Thanx a lot. Tumne angad ko invite bhi nahi kiyatha aur mujhe jhooth bolti rahi."

Kripa started to say, "yeh sach nahi hai mish—".

But mishty raised her hand to signal her to keep shut. "bas karo kripa, kya bigada hai maine tumhara, ek toh maine tumhe apne saare frens se milaaya, aur tum ho ki..u are disgusting kripa." Mishty said all this and left her there leaving her crying. Then from inside angad came and in mock brightness of his voice said,

"hi kripa. Yeh tumne achcha nahi kiya, apni bahen ki birthday party spoil kardi…"

She was as it is surprised to c him n said, "tum, tum toh nahi aa—"

"Haan maine manaa toh kiya tha, par tumhe uss thappad ka jawaab bhi toh dena tha" , he said acting smartly.

"Ek baat bataun", he continued as she still cried, "maine naa mishty ko bola hai ki tumne mujhe invite nahi kiya, kit um mujhe pasand nahi karti aur tum chahti ho ki humaari frenship toot jaaye. She looked at him disbelievingly. Then to taunt her he even shouted,

"Aaya Mishty" and left.

Kripa was very upset and turned to leave when gayatri came and called her from behind,

"ab kahan jaa rahi ho kripa, andar jao. Aur jab party khatam ho tab mishty aur angad se maafi mango." She said this and left.

Kripa was surprised to hear this but din say anything and thot,

' angad ne apne jhooth ko sach bana diya hai aura b agar main kahungi ki who jhooth bol raha hai toh koi nahi maanega. Shyad mujhe mishty ke saamne angad se maafi maang leni chahiye.'

She then waited for the party to get over. After about another hour it ended. Then she heard mishty and angad talking in the lobby,

"its ok mishty, its not a big deal. Jab tak tum mujhpe trust karti ho, kripa ke jhooth bolne se kuch nahi hota."

"angad bahut kuch hota hai—"

"lo aa gayi tumhari behen. Kripa kya tumhe kisi ne knock karma anhi sikhaya?"

"who..main …mishty main yahan tumse maafi maangne aayi thi."

"par kripa isse koi farak nahi padta, its not the same. I hate u."

"I…I am sorry mishty.", kripa was cryig, "mujhe laga ki angad was not so imp, toh I missed him but I was wrong, now I know that tum dono best frens ho aur, mujhse bahut badi galti ho gayi hai." She said all this while looking at angad. Mishty din see any of it as she had her bak towards kripa. Angad was feeling bad but he thot, 'serves her right.'

"its ok, ab tumne maafi maang lii hai toh its ok, ab tum jaa sakti ho." Angad said this and kripa left.

But in her mind kripa thot that she would go and talk to him in the morning.

In the morning she left early for angads home. As she reached heis home, she thought. So she tried his cell, but it was still switched off.

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superb   gr888888888 co n soon
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In the morning she left early for angads home. As she reached heis home, she thought. So she tried his cell, but it was still switched off.
"Arre beta, kripa tum?" she called out to her. Kripa turned and saw that it was dadi. ' oh god! Ab main kya kahungi dadi ko'.
"who dadi main to abs aise he", the struggle going on in her mind must have shown on her face because then addi asked, "kya baat hai kripa? Tum itni pareshan lag rahi ho?"
kripa din luk directly at her and replied, " NMahi dadi, aisi koi baat nahi ahi."
"Nahi kripa, mujhe 65 years ka experience hai, beta tum bahut pareshan lag rahi ho.", she paused and then asid, "Agar kuch tumhe pareshan kar raha hai toh bol do, kyunki jab tak tum use apne dil mein rakhogi, who tumhe tab tak pareshan karta rahega jab tak who naasoor nahi ban jata. Aur tumhe pata toh hoga hi ki naasoor kitna bada dukh hai."
Kripa felt dadi was right and when she felt that all her troubles are too much for her, she started crying and tehn she blurted , "dadi can we talk, please?"
"Of course beta", she said smilingly, "lets go to my house." Kripa drove both of tehm to her house. Kripa was crying very much and then she told addi everything. Each and every single thing.
When she had finished dadi smiled and said,
"kripa tumhe kya lagat hai, angad tumhare saath aisa kyun kar raha hai?"
"pata nahi dadi, mujhe toh kuch samajh nahi aa raha ki angad iss sabh mein josh ko beech mein kyun laa raha hai, aur agar laa bhi raha hai toh itni sick baat kyun kar raha hai." She said half crying.
"hmmm…." Dadi took a breath and thought, 'yeh ladki bhi ana, isse abhi tak anhi pata chala, k angad isse pyaar karne laga hai?' then she smiled to herself and said, "kripa tum chinta mat karo mai angad se baat karungi."
"pakka dadi?" she asked her.
"pakka. Ab tum ghar jao, aur yeh rona dhona band karo….uuuf yeh khich khich , agar dadi se baat karni hai, to hiss sab ko band karma hoga."
Kripa den wiped her taers and smiled.
"that's like my good girl."
Dadi and kripa had breakfast together and then she left.
All her way home kripa could not help but think about the way angad had held her, she was so close to him… close that she could actually feel his breathing ….so close that she could actually feel hers and his soul meet. Suddenly the thot of mishty hating her crossed her mind and she felt hatred for angad. Pure hatred.

Meanwhile at Khanna residence, angad had came back home very late last night and was very heavily drunk. He thought about the time when he held kripa so close to him...that he could actually count the few freckles she had …. She was so gentle and delicate but he had held her arm so tightly, it must have hurt her.
"What crap, yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai." He said to himself and shook his head. " all these thoughts dammit. Usne mujhe thappad maraa tha mera bas chalta tohmain use choddta nahi."
So his whole day passed by thinking, smiling, thinking, fuming and thinking about kripa.
Then the thought of her holding josh's hand to get up crossed his mind, and he was full of fury. So he took out his punchbag out and tried to vent out his feelings on it. Then somebody knocked on his bedroom door,
"kaun hai?", he asked.
"teri dadi.", it was dadi.
Angad smiled and said," dadi ko knock karne ki zaroorat nahin hai. Dadi owns angad." He hugged her.
"cahl chal, batien kam bana.agar itna h hai toh dadi ko batata kyun nahi?"
" Kya, I mean kya dadi?", he was astonished to hear this.
"Wahi, jiski wajah se tu is punchbag ko itna maar raha hai, hmm."
"Arre dadi who to workout—"
"tab fir tu aisi baatien naa kiya kar, I own u, because u don want to tell ur dadi the truth."
"Nahi dadi, main toh sahi mein-", he then paused, looked at her and smiled. She returned the smile and he said, "aapko kaise pata chal jaata hai dadi, aap batao naa. You know everything, sab kuch."
"main teri dadi hoon naa, isiliye." She replied a little amused.
"Theek hai dadi, toh aap mujhe bas itna batadijiye, agar koi hamien tabancha (slap) mare toh hume kya karma chahiye? He asked hesitantly.
"Umm..hume uss se poochna chahiye, ki usne aisa kyun kiya." She said matter of factly.
" aur agar hume pata ho toh?"
"toh hamien dekhna cwoh galti kisne kii jiski wajah se tabaancha pada."
"Aur agar dadi, galti maarne waali ki ho?" he was lost in thots now.
"Tab depend karta hai ki hum galat kise kehte hain aur sahi kise." She said this and got a little irritated. Indeed it was a tough job to make angad see the way.
"dadi, aap mujhe galat maanti hain na?" he said, his voice full of sarcasm.
" Matlab kya tumhe kise ne tabanchaa maara hai?" she wanted to haer his side of srory but to be true she was taken aback at what he said.
"Oh dadi abniye mat. Maine subah aapko aur krpa ko yahan se jaate hue dekha tha."
"Achcha hai, main bhi usi bare mein baat karma chahti hoon."
"Dadi aap mujhe kripa ki problem solve karne ka mauka toh do."
"Angad problem kripa ki nahi, tumhari hai. She din think twice before saying this. "kripa ne tumhe kuch nahin kaha, tum uss bachchi ke peeche pad gaye ho."
"Dadi", he was trying to keep his calm now. She was his dadi and she was siding up for kripa. "Aap mujhe waqt do, main iss sab ko theek kar doonga."
" theek hai tumhe maine waqt diya, par tumhe bhi mujhe iske badle promise dena hoga."
"baat to sunlo angad, tum mishty aur kripa ke bich ki saari problems door karoge, aur dobara aisa kuch anhi karoge jisse uske rishton mein daraar aaye. Promise me angad." She demanded.
"Pakka , promise."
"Who bachchi subah se itna ro rahi hai, keh rahi thi wapas jaana chahti hai. Angad badla hamesha limits mein reh kar poora hota hai, but u, u crossed all ur limits."
"Arre dadi. I will use the right way now. Pukka. Promise." He smiled but he felt a dreadful guilt pang in him. He knew it was all his mistake.
After a dayz time, angad cleared up everything between kripa and mishty by telling the latter a goofy story of how he dint read kripas sms abt the party.

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hi.great beginning.suprb part
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perfect story gr888888 con soon
Iqbal Neha1 IF-Dazzler
Iqbal Neha1
Iqbal Neha1

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Amazing fanfic Smile
all the parts were really good cant wait 2 read what happens next
hope kripa and angad become friends soon
i really like the relationship between dadio and angad its really good
cant wait 4 the next part
continue soon
rimsibani Goldie

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Originally posted by Iqbal Neha1

Amazing fanfic Smile
all the parts were really good cant wait 2 read what happens next
hope kripa and angad become friends soon
i really like the relationship between dadio and angad its really good
cant wait 4 the next part
continue soon

thanx...hun its great encouragement seeing that i m writin 4 da 1st time...tahnx again
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gr8 part

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