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*-* Fashion & Beauty Tips *-*

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*-* Fashion & Beauty Tips *-*

Thank you!!

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Beauty Tips


  • Skin Care Tips - Tips and tricks for beautiful skin. Learn the Beauty secrets of the elite and have the clean clear skin you've always dreamed of having.
  • Hair Care Tips - Make the most of your crowning glory. If your hair looks good, you'll look good too, so check out our hair care tips and discover a more beautiful you.
  • Cosmetic Tips - Make up maketh the woman! Check out our cosmetic tips and trick and find out how to make the most of your natural assets with a stroke of a make-up brush and a dash of powder
  • Nail Care - Nails can be a thing of beauty or a sign of an unkempt and messy person. To be sure you have beautiful nails every day, follow our nail care tips and have your friends wanting to scratch your eyes out with envy
  • Slim Face - Makeup - Use your make-up routine to trick the world into thinking your chubby cheeks are slim, contoured and well defined facial features by using these clever cosmetic tricks and tips
  • Slim Face - Hair - Round or Square face? Disguise those chubby cheeks that round shape or your square jawline with the right hairstyle for yore face shape.
  • Breast Enlargement - Ever considered a boob job? you may think again after reading this interview with a patient who underwent breast surgery in April 2002. Even though the surgery was a success, would she do it again?
  • Unwanted Facial Hair - Worried you're turning into the bearded lady? Check out our low-down on all the available solutions to problem facial hair in women
-Khushiyana- IF-Rockerz

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Cosmetic Tips

Make-up timeline

To ensure your eyes stay healthy and free of infection when using make-up, heed the following due-date rules. Throw out your mascara after three months, powder eye shadows every nine to 18 months, and cream eye shadows every six to 12 months. Sharpen your eyeliners often to keep them clean.

Mascara mistakes

To avoid mascara flake-off or smudging on your face, apply a thin cost of mascara to top lashes only. Then run an eyelash brush through lashes to prevent clumpy mascara build-up.

Get a rosy glow

Want your face to radiate a healthy glow? Try using a gel blush or cream (instead of powder) in a rosy shade of pink to create a more natural look. Gels or creams are more transparent and blend smoothly – rub it on the apples of your cheek and blend up towards the eye for a glowing complexion.

Minute manicure

Need a fast fix for unpolished nails? File nails into a square shape, buff them to create a bit of shine and apply a clear coat of polish. Next rub in cuticle oil around the edges of the nail and moisturize your whole hand. It takes less than 15 minutes and will give your appearance a polished look.

Brow etiquette

The trend in eyebrows for this season is natural looking, not sparse and skinny. Use a tinted brow definer or eyeshadow to fill in scanty brows.

Fix tired feet

Pamper your tired feet with a luxurious footbath. Fill a basin with warm water and add a few drops of essential oils. Next place marbles or small stones (found at your local garden centre) into the basin. Run your toes and soles of your feet over the marbles, and relax for 15 minutes.

Eye/lip pencil care

Before sharpening your eyeliner or lip pencil, place them in the freezer for 10 minutes. They will harden slightly and not break when sharpened.

Eyeliner hint

Women with deep-set eyes should use liquid liner instead of regular pencil eyeliner, to prevent smudging in the crease of the lid. Liquid liner does not smudge as easily.

Nail polish know-how

Is your nail polish from last season too thick? Chances are the polish has begun to thicken at the bottom of the bottle. Add a bit of nail polish thinner to the bottle to get the maximum use of your nail polish.

Foundation tester

When picking out a concealer or foundation, always test the colour on the inside of your wrist. The skin there is the most unblemished and will give you a good idea of how it will look on your face.

Extend your foundation

Want to extend the life of your foundation and cut down on heavy concealer? Mix a drop of it with your natural moisturizer to create a luminescent look for your skin.

Curl your lashes

Before curling your eyelashes, heat the curler with a hair dryer for a few seconds. Test to make sure it is not too hot, then apply to eyelashes. The heat will lock in the curl on extra long eyelashes.

Foundation secret

Apply foundation to your face AFTER you have done your eye make-up. This helps you to fix any last minute smudging from mascara or eyeliner under the eyes.

Lipstick trick

Love matte lipstick, but feel your dry lips wreck the look? Apply a lip balm to lips before starting your make-up routine. By the time you have done your eyes and rest of the face, your lips will be moisturized and ready for the matte lipstick.

Manicure tip

If you have been sloppy applying nail polish, simply soak nails (when dry) in warm water for a few minutes and then rub off extra nail polish gently with a finger.

-Khushiyana- IF-Rockerz

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Nail Care

Your nails may be craving something - If your nails are weak, splitting, fragile etc, the problem could be traced back to an inadequate water intake.

Most people don't drink nearly enough water. Drink up!

What to do about brittle nails

The most common nail wreckers are harsh detergents and water, which can stress nail fibers. So be sure to put rubber gloves on while you clean or do dishes.

Also, avoid using perfume lotions that usually contain alcohol if your nails are brittle. It will only make your nails worse.

It may be possible that your calcium intake is low, as well.
How To Give Yourself A Manicure

Whether you prefer your nails to be long or short, they can still look stunning with a little know-how.

  • Wash and dry your hands.
  • Using a double-sided emery board, file nails using a gentle stroke. Avoid corners of your nails as this can weaken them.
  • Begin to shape your nails. The most popular shape to use is oval, but choose what is most suited to your hand and finger shape.
  • Check to see how well you have done. Run your nails over an old pair of pantyhose. Your nails should not snag the hose.
  • Apply a softener to your cuticles. Allow to site for a minute or so.
  • Transfer hands to a bowl of warm water and soak for an additional few minutes.
  • Gently push back the cuticles. This should not be painful. If hangnails are present, carefully clip them.
  • Apply hand lotion and begin to massage the palm of your hand with the thumb of your other hand. This will help to circulate the blood. Work your way over the remainder of the hand and then repeat giving equal time to the other hand.
  • Before color is applied to nails, they must be cleaned and the easiest way to do this is with an orange stick that has been wrapped with cotton. Dip into nail polish remover and then rub over the surface of the nail. Check the nail for any creamy residue. When none remains, your nails will be ready for polishing.
  • Time for color. Pick up a small amount of polish on your brush and paint one stroke down the center of your nail. Your brush should hold just enough color to accomplish this. Stroke the sides of the nail and you are done. The nail should be completely colored in three strokes. Allow to set for a minute or so before applying the second coat.
  • Wait until polish is set (dry to the touch) and then apply the top coat. Don't skip this step as it not only adds life to your manicure, it will protect your nails as well.
  • Sanitize all of your equipment with alcohol and when they are dry, store them away until the next manicure.

Nail Tips:

  • Nail polish can be stored in the fridge.
  • If your nail polish is too thick, try thinning with a polish thinner.
  • To prevent the cap from sticking, coat it with a little Vaseline to prevent this from happening.
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Dress Slim

Go monochrome

Monochromatic dressing (one colour from head to toe) makes anyone look taller and slimmer. Tone-on-tone colouring was a key trend on the runways for spring and is a style that makes anyone leaner.

Get a leggy look

Legs will look longer and slimmer if you always closely match your hose to your shoes and skirts. For a print skirt, use the background colour to find hose in a similar tone.

Hosiery tips

Two-tone shoes pose a dilemma when selecting hosiery. Always wear a neutral colour hose or match your hosiery to the lighter colour in the shoes. Never wear nylons that are darker than the lightest colour in the shoes.

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Clothes Tips

Fresh scents

Scented waters, such as lavender water, are a great way to infuse a heavenly, yet subtle smell into your clothing. Add scented water to an iron, and on steam setting, gently waft over clothing. A great tip for clothes that have been in storage for the season.

Bra dilemma

Does the underwire in your bra always poke through after a few wearings? It could be the way you are storing them. Hanging bras on a hook in your closet prevents the underwire from getting twisted and pulled, as it would in a dresser drawer.

Perfect purchase

If you find a pair of black pants or a skirt that are the perfect fit, consider buying more than one pair. Black tends to fade after a while, but with two pairs of the same pants, the wear and tear takes longer. And black matches with everything!

Spot remover

Trying to remove a stain from your favourite suede jacket or skirt? Lightly rub over the stain with an emery board to get rid of the spot.

Static cling control

Need a quick way to fight static on your clothes? Carry a dryer sheet with you in your purse – rub it on the underside of your skirt or pantyhose to keep your clothes static free.

Fast fix for loose buttons

Losing the button off your jacket but don't have time to sew it back on? Use a dab of clear nail polish to seal the threads onto the center of the button as a temporary solution.

Keep clothes fresh

Before you put your clothes away for the winter, insert a fabric softener sheet, lavender sachet or to keep them smelling fresh for next season.

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Fashion Tips Buy Clothes to suit Your Shape

Layout your clothes before putting them on and check the proportions. Juggle jackets, scarves & belts to re-arrange the clothes to get the look you want.


  • Thinner fabrics are more slimming.
  • Tops and bottoms of one color will make you look thinner.
  • Wear clothes that fit.
  • Wearing too large clothes will exaggerate your figure not hide it.
  • Avoid belts unless you have a slim waist.
  • Use accessories carefully.


You can make your wardrobe impressive with mix and match jewelry.

Shoes depend less on you body shape than you height. Do not buy clothes on impulse. Plan before you buy a blouse or pants. Be somewhat scientific about shopping, consider your body type, and colors.


Ask your self some questions;


  • Do you have anything you can mix and match with it? Does it match your lifestyle?
  • Will it be comfortable, nonchalant, and easy to wear?
  • Is it machine wash or dry clean only?
  • Will it fit your budget? Is it appropriate?
  • Is it a fad, can it be worn more than one season?
  • Is it of good quality? Quality counts, it is better to have four or five mix and match out fits of quality, than 8 or 10 'steals.'


Think in terms of outfits when you shop, and be practical. When you buy a new dress, be sure you have shoes and other accessories to go with it. Maybe a jacket or scarf to wear over it to give it a different look.

Clothes Styles and Body Shapes

  • High collars shortens necks.
  • Tight tops with short sleeves and breast pocket is detracting from your figure. Shoes with straps shortens your legs. The torso can be shortened or narrowed with seam lines, belts, bows, and collars.
  • A short necklace can shorten your neck.
  • A scarf or belt that hangs down toward the legs will make the legs appear longer. Knitted texture, lace, floras, prints, and plaids can assist in creating an illusion. T
  • hicker vertical lines in plaids lengthens and slims.
  • Wear a larger print where you want people to look and smaller print where you do not want them to look.
  • An all over print can camouflage figure problems, but prints here and there can create a fuller you.
  • Prints around the neck and over the shoulder can make your shoulders appear wider. Just wear prints near the parts of your figure's assets, because they are usually more eye catching than a solid color.
  • When buying pants be sure they fit well. Defects are emphasized in a pair of pants that may go unnoticed in a skirt.

Petite women.

 Petite women need to keep clothes in line, slim narrow belts. A slight contrast in colors and fitted lines will flatter you endlessly. Also stay with fabrics that are soft and flowing that fits well. Over powering prints should be avoided.

Tall women.

Tall women can indulge in wide belts, avoid tight clothes and skirts that are to short or to long. Beauty expert Stephanie Faber recommends tall women play down their waist by wearing their blouses over the pants and skirts and avoid tight belts.

Hip heavy triangle woman.

A hip heavy triangle and round full figured women can use clothes with vertical lines to make an up and down illusion. V-necks and skirts with slits up the sides are also good. Clothes with small padded shoulders should be chosen . Too big of pads will make you look like a foot ball player. Wear long tops that go passed your hips. Choose jackets, tailored suits and shirtwaist dresses with straight, classic cuts. Lighter colors on top can be worn, this brings eyes up. Wear dark stockings and avoid patterns. Select vertical, fluid patterns and avoid bulky fabrics. Adopt the just below the knee look in dresses and skirts. Choose accessories close to the same color clothes you are wearing including shoes. This gives your body an unbroken slimmer look. Avoid very wide pinafore skirts. Stay with straight or Aline skirts.

Top heavy woman.

The top heavy body types need to choose long jackets without shoulder pads. Do not wear blouses with fancy details and ruffles. Do not wear clingy fabrics on top, choose darker colors on top. Do not wear tops that are to light. Tops with dolman or raglan sleeves and ones that fit loose and slims down to hug the hips and waist are good. Wear pants or skirts that are pleated to bring the eye down. Choose thin materials like cotton, or cotton jersey. One color dressing will also be thinning. Flat shoes are best unless you are short, then wear heels. If your legs are in good shape shorter hem lengths will draw attention away from your top.

Rectangular type woman.

The rectangular type can accentuate curves by wearing jackets or tops that hug the waist, feminine thick sweaters over skirts or pants. Use patterns in your tops or bottoms to add dimension. Round out the neckline with necklaces, scarves and other accessories, and use shoulder pads.

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Un Wanted Facial hair

Many women suffer from unwanted facial hair. Often facial hair in women appears first during puberty and then becomes more prolific from the age of 35 +. The main areas it seems to appear are on the lip and chin but many women experience unwanted hair growth on their jaw cheeks and neck area. Worse still is that for some reason, as you get older, so the facial hair seems to get darker and coarser.

Here we list and rate the different solutions for unwanted facial hair in women:

Shaving - Fast cheap and easy method of hair removal, but the hairs grow back very quickly and appear thicker. Not recommended for female facial hair

Bleaching - Bleaching can make dark facial hair less apparent but it can also make it look like you have fur on your face, especially in the sun.

Depilatory creams - Depilatory creams are a kinder method of hair removal, but can be a bit messy to use and some people react to the chemicals and get pimples

Plucking - provides a very clean look to the hair removal site, but it can be painful and time consuming and is often needed daily. Prolonged plucking can damage the skin.

Waxing - provides a very clean look to the hair removal site. It's results are longer lasting than the aforementioned methods, but some skins can be very sensitive to it's harsh action

Electrolysis - You have to be very patient with this one, but if it is done regularly for 1 or 2 years it can result in permanent hair removal

Laser Hair Removal - By far the best method, producing relatively fast permanent results with 6 - 8 sessions, the only downside is the price

Vaniqa - A great cream to use with any of the above hair removal methods because it actually inhibits the growth of new hairs and ensures the results last longer. Vaniqa is expensive but worth it.

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