Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi Dec 1 Update

jammy Goldie

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Posted: 01 December 2004 at 11:01am | IP Logged

   The Daily Dose of comments :- Well, todays episode was the shortest. There were more advertisements then the serial. For a min I thought today instead of jassi, I was watching Dabur Chyavanprash Jaisa Koi Nahi.  Todays episode was so short, that if you want to know what happen and if you have read todays preview of mine in General Section. You will get an idea what happened.

Today's Episode.

       It all starts with jassi sitting in her cabin and thinking to herself about armaan's proposal of yesterday, and she is thinking as to how she will go with armaan sir, she thinks that kya armaan sir mujhe par koi ahsaan kar rahe hain meri halat dekh kar, kyonki mujhe kisika aehsaan nahi chahiye and she is in those deep thoughts when she realises that armaan sir is standing right before her eyes. He tells her to jassi abhi soch rahi hoon?? Jassi says that ek din main sab kuch bhool ja nahi sakta, and aur ek din main faisla bhi kiya nahi jaa sakta. Armaan tells her that  jassi ek din bahut hota hain sab kuch bhula dene ke liye, ek din bahut hota hain kisi faisle pe pahuchne ke liye. He then tells her that kahi tum yeh to nahi soch rahi ki main tumpar koi charity kar raha hoon?? Kyon ki jassi main to tumhari zindagi se ek din maang raha hoon aur main tumhe yehi saabit karna chahta hoon ke ek din main sab kuch badla jaa sakta hain main tumhari zindagi se ek din lena chahta hoon aur usme thodi si khushiyaa bharke tumhe wapas dena chahta hoon. Jassi looks at him and says that she cant come as she has to go to the fashion exhibition, armaan says oh that exhibition is today. Then he tells her then you will go there and she says yes. In the office the gang is excited about the exhibition and bindya tells everyone to work fast as they have to finish one days work in half day (Ohhh They work, they work!!! Thank God I never saw them, but they work!!!) veeru asks them why ,bindya replies to him that they want to go to exhibition. Veeru says that he will also come bindyaa says no and that he is not coming, maria tells veeru that they are going to a place where people are of highfy profile and they dont want to be seen with a lowlife like him and suggest him to do his work at ease. Veeru looks at her . Mallika is still trying to reach armaan and armaan is not picking up the phone. mallika is very annoyed, and pari shreeks in a wierd expression(a failed attempt to raise some laugh) mallika tells pari as to what happen pari says mallika mood tumhara kharab hain aur gussa mujhe aa raha hain, kuch leti kyon nahi. mallika replies that loongi pehle jaa kar us raj ki kharbar loongi, kyonki woh mujhe se chupa raha hain ke armaan kaha hain.  Raj himself comes into her cabin and says hi, pari remarks lo khud hi katne aa gaya, raj informs mallika that he was searching her and that he had a good news for her that her tickets are ready, mallika inquires to where, raj informs that such a big fashion show is happening in goa and stores from all over the world are coming and there she and armaan can be all alone and they can get orders and then they can be alone over there for one day and one night. Mallika inquires they, raj says haan 3 invitation the main bhi aane wala tha but  main kabab main haddi nahi banna chahta isliye maine socha ke main nahi aaonga, pari tells raj ohh raj 3 invitation hain to koi chautha adjust nahi ho sakta, raj say haan ho sakta hain naa, to armaan, mallika, raj aur main jassi ko lekkar jaonga. Raj then goes to armaans cabin he then tells armaan as to why he is still worried, armaan says dont you know why i am worried, he tells about jassi, raj says that why are you worried about her, armaan says jassi ne Gulmohar ke liye kitna kuch kiya hain (jassi ne Baniye ke liye bhi bahut kuch kiya hain to woh to worried nahi hain). Raj says haan isi liye to woh secretary se aaj CEO hain, use tankhwa milti hain, mujhe samajh main yeh nahi aa raha ki tum proffesional se itna personal kyon ho rahe hoo?? just then the tele rings armaan picks up and says jassi, jassi informs him that she is going for the exhibition , armaan asks her so what have you thought about my request, jassi tells him that i have told you what I wanted to, armaan says that he just wanted to take her to a new place where she will feel a change and new and she will be happy, jassi says that where i am going is also a new place, armaan says that you are going for is work and he wanted to take her away from work, jassi says so what it will be a new place and a good change. She then hangs up, raj is a bit suprised at the talks and he says yeh tu kya kar raha hain. Armaan is about to reply something related to jassi when mallika walks into his office, she tells armaan that she is very angry (when you arent angry??? Shayad woh episode dekhne ke liye mera T.V nahi rahega!!) she tells him that why are you not replying to my calls  and why is that i have to get the news of thier trip to goa from raj and not from him, raj says kitni Garmi hain yaha nai, But AC to full chalu hain, mallika gives him 'the look' and tells him to shut up , armaan tells mallika that he is yet undecided about the trip and that he has not thought about it, mallika tells him that to ab hamari trip ke baare main discuss karne ke liye tumhare paas time nahi hain. Armaan says that mallika tum ab ghar jao aur main raat main waha aonga aur phir hum baat karenge, mallika says nahi abhi, armaan says that main abhi ek supplier ke saath meeting main jaa raha hoon. Oh to ab tumhe supplier ke saath meeting main jana hain, Armaan says that main tumse raat main baat karoonga and he leaves, raj says 'socho yaha inti garmi hain to goa main kya haal hoga main to so raha hoon ki waha bhi apna AC saath main lekar chaloo, mallika replies Raj sab se jyada garmi jahhannam main hoti hain tum waha kyon nahi chale jaate.

Jassi and the gang have reached the exhibition and they are looking at clothes when a few girls keep looking at her as if she is exhibition, just to add fuel to her odd feelings, maria remarks as to see how these girls are looking at us and she says that she feels like sratching thier eyes out (wow cat fight!!). bindya moves them away (sigh!!!) and they all are watching at clothes and jassi is still in her thoughts this time about armaans offer. Bindyaa asks her as to where is here dhyaan, jassi says nothing and they keep looking at clothes just the veeru comes there he is there . maria asks him as to what he is doing there he says that he wanted to come and he is not any less important then them. Throught out the exhibition girls are looking at jassi as if she is maleria mosquito!! she keeps telling her self that inki galati nahi hain main hi aisi hoon Dead . She then looks at a red dress longingly very beautiful dress then she tells her self that its a very beautiful dress but she wont look beautiful in it. just then armaan comes behind her and say that it is beautiful, she says armaan sir aap (pehle purab har jagah pahuch jata tha ab armaan, yeh jassi hain yaa dabur honey!!! another advertisementWink) . Armaan says that he is still has somewhat knowledge about fashion though not as good as her and since he is still somewhat involved in fashion industry he thought that he would come and then he says that jassi agar tum yeh dress pehnogee to yeh dress aur bhi khoonsoorat lagegi, jassi says that mian is  dress main khubsoorat kaise lag sakti hoon, armaan says nahi tumhari wajah se yeh dress khoonsoorat lagegi, jassi se mujhe jasi ladki ki wajah se koi dress kaise khoobsoorat lag sakti hain, armaan takes her infront of the mirror which is reflecting the dress and makes her stand in such a way that jassi's head is on the shoulder of dress and shows her the dress and him self. (the traditional couple in one mirror shot!! oh so sweet Dead) .  In the office maddy comes looking for armaan in mallika's cabin, mallika tells him that its her cabin, maddy says that he thought armaan was not in his cabin so he must be in his g/f's cabin mallika corrects him that mangetaar and not g/f. he says that there is no material in gulmohar and how should he design with paper or platic, mallika tells him that armaan has gone to the supplier only maddy informs that he just spoke to supplier and that armaan isnt gonna meet the supplier any soon today.

Jassi and armaan are then standing near some potrait (modern art where the face is not that preety!!)and armaan tells jassi yeh painting dekh rahi hoon, jassi yeh painter is ladki se bahut pyaar karta tha is liye usne is ladki ki bahar ki khoobsoorati nahi andar ki khoobsoorati paint kiya hain, aur isi wajah se aaj yeh painter apni is painting ki wajah se jana jaata hain (LOLFrankly I have seen that painting for first time in my life LOL). He then tells jassi that he wants her to know that she is beautiful from inside. His telephone rings and its mallika he is not picking up the phone jassi tells him that he should pick up the phone, armaan picks up the phone reluctantly mallika tells armaan as to where he is as he is not at the suppliers place, armaan says that he is busy and he will talk to her later, just then there is an announcement that welcome to the biggest fashion exhibition and enjoy. mallika hears this and armaan disconnects the phone, mallika tells pari that armaan is at exhibition and that she doesnt wants to hear another lie from him and that she will herself go and findout she and pari leave for exhibition. at the exhibition the gang comes and they ask him armaan sir aap, Armaan says that he has come to see the exhibition the gang says that then what are you doing here the actual things happening are happening there. The gang moves and jassi follows. armaan goes behind jassi and stops her and tells her that will you do something for me, will you allow me to drop you home , jassi says how the whole gang is here and they have come for work and armaan says that ok if you dont want to come then ok (emotional blackmail!!) armaan says that jassi main to chahta tha kis aise waqt main main tumhara saath doo but agar tumhe hi meri zaroorat nahi to main chala jaata hoon & pretends to leave, jassi says thik hain sir, agar aap ko mujhe ghar chodne main koi aitraaz nahi hain to mujhe bhi koi aitraaz nahi hain, armaan says thank you jassi. They are leaving when from front gate mallika and pari enter (they are walking like munni bhen!!!) armaan tells jassi, 'jassi  maine car peeche park ki hain chalo hum peeche ke darwaaze se jaate hain' and he takes her and leaves from back door, mallika catches the gang and she asks them where is armaan the gang fumbles with the information they tell her that he left and she asks from where they say front door and then back door and then someother stupid stuff mallika tells them to decide thier response , veeru says that he left with jassi, mallika is abit shocked. in the car armaan thanks jassi for coming with him . mallika calls armaan (aaj to orange mobile company ki network choked ho gaya hoga). Armaan picks up the phone. mallika tells armaan as to why he lied to her and he told her that he is going to supplier and he came here for jassi, armaan tells mallika that he came here because jassi has the details of the deals with that supplier and he wanted jassi with him. mallika calms down and then he tells her that he doensnt thinks that he has to reply to everything she asks for and tells her that he will talk to her later when he comes at her place. and that now he is going to supplier now. he disconnects before mallika can say sorry. Jassi then asks him as to why he lied that they are going to supplier. armaan tells her that if he hadnt told so mallika would be calling him every 2 mins. They are then shown driving into a place which looks like some society jassi inquires as to why and where they have come armaan says that this is a special supplier he wants her to meet and then takes her towards the entrance, jassi is lagging behind armaan goes to the security gaurd  the security gaurd gives him the keys and he salutes him and just when he sees jassi he shoo's her away and tells her to get out armaan sees this and he grabs the collar of the security gaurd and tells him how can you say like that about my guest?? the gaurd is very scared, jassi tells armaan to leave the gaurd buthe doesnt, jassi then tellls armaan that she came there on armaan's saying and now he has to leave this gaurd because she is saying armaan leaves the gaurd the gaurd is scared to say anything. Armaan then opens to the door of a very nicely decorated apartment and jassi is reluctant to enter and armaan invites her in, jassi then tells armaan as to why they are here. armaan tells her that he brought her here to  spend some qualtiy time with her. and that he wants to relax with her and talk. and he then tells her that here there is only me and you and we both are alone. Jassi then looks into armaans eyes and armaans looks back  and they keep looking into each other eyes (jyada matt dekho armaan warna tumhe bhi chasme aa jaayenge). Just then the camera freezes on jassi.

The End.

I dont know why I have a feeling that nothing will happen, atleast not what we are dreading about. haan maybe some makeover might happen.


pj04 Goldie

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Posted: 01 December 2004 at 11:14am | IP Logged
jammy...great update but the episode gave me shivers...errr jitters....whatever.....be done with whatever it is you (talking to armaan)are supposed to do already(sleep together/go for makeover/have an ankhon ankhon me baat contest /have more buckets of jassi's tears over purab with armaan's suit drenched in it/mallika crashing in) or will we have to wait for a week to see .....Dead

Edited by pj04 - 01 December 2004 at 11:17am
jprasad IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 December 2004 at 11:22am | IP Logged
Jammy -

You are so excellent! Thanks for the update and adding a dose
of humor to my day.

Sadly, I guess I will be needing another insulin injection!   Dead

"...Jassi then looks into armaans eyes and armaans looks back
and they keep looking into each other eyes..." Dead Dead Dead
Dead Dead Dead

kya hora hain!   Pinch
Minnie IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 September 2004
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Posted: 01 December 2004 at 11:24am | IP Logged

         Jammy,If you continue this way,I'll die laughinLOLgLOL

         Thanks for the long update of the short episode.But I must say these ppl are really moving like the shatapdi expressLOL.

         Armaan thinking Jassi beautiful,yeh baat kuch jyada hi rub ho rahi hai.I really think he's feeling very sorry for her.But probably he also has developed a protective instinct for her.So that's why he being so obsessive about her feeling good.

jprasad IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 October 2004
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Posted: 01 December 2004 at 11:24am | IP Logged
sorry for the double reply posting.

Edited by jprasad - 01 December 2004 at 11:33am
Daisy Senior Member

Joined: 07 August 2004
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Posted: 01 December 2004 at 11:24am | IP Logged
Great update and great comments!
I feel he'll give her the card (shown in promo) tomorrow.Usually what they show in the promo happens in the last 2 mins of thursday.
Rifhat Goldie

Joined: 29 August 2004
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Posted: 01 December 2004 at 11:27am | IP Logged

Jammy your comments were splendid.

And my whatever the makers do once they have portrayed Armaan in a negative and a spoilt brat sequence its very hard to digest the goody two shoes look which happens to be served as platter to him by Purab's blessings which i must say Armaan is not justifying it.


RTee IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 09 June 2004
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Posted: 01 December 2004 at 11:42am | IP Logged
Thanks for the update Jammy.

One request, could you give a different colour to your comments, since I am now only interested in your comments and the discussion that follows. I stopped watching JJKN and have no desire to read the update either.


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