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Unravel the death in the courtroom!

   This week's episode of Karamchand is a special one as it features Naseeruddin Shah in a role of a reputed lawyer, Ninad Roy. Roy is fighting the case of Shivani, who has been given a life sentence for killing her mother Radhika. In his inimitable style he fights the case only to lose it. The shock claims his client Shivani's life.
   Karamchand is there investigating the death of the peon who used to work in the court. He gets suspicious as he had seen the same peon speak to Shivani outside the court. He realises that the peon and Shivani both died of a heart attack. He goes to Shivani's house (to look for some clues) where he chances upon a wheel of an expensive and rare suitcase. From Inspector Khan he gets to know that the suitcase belonged to a man called Ajay.
   He also finds some retirement forms in the name of Radhika from Hospital Apollo (where she used to work). He checks the past records of the hospital, and finds out that Roy's wife had delivered a still born there. In the meanwhile Ajay goes to the garage for a spare wheel. The case takes a turn when Karamchand realises that Radhika and Ajay knew each other.
   Who committed the murders? Ninad Roy? Ajay? Or is a piece of the puzzle still missing?
   Enter Bano Jasoos Karamchand Ke Saath contest to help Karamchand solve the case. SMS KC to 2525 and make your guess. The winner will be announced in the next episode. Catch Karamchand, every Saturday at 9 pm on Sony Entertainment Television.

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Track this triple murder case

Three mysterious murders… ace detective Karamchand is on the case. He finds out that the three murder victims were called for interviews (lucrative job offers in Dubai) around midnight

   Karamchand and Kitty decide to patrol the area in the night and there they find a man standing with a file at the bus stop. Mistaking Karamchand for the person making the job offer, the man agrees to sit in the car. But he's in for a shock as the detective takes him to the police station. On questioning, he reveals that he got the job information through the newspaper. Later he also identifies the victims through their photographs and informs that all three were chefs in the same restaurant 'Gulbarga' which had closed down some time ago. Karamchand finds out that the restaurant owner, Girdhari, a married man was in love with one Monica. But the hitch is that the restaurant is in the name of his wife. So, Girdhari closes down the restaurant and plans to murder his wife. Apparently on that fateful day when he and Monica had planned the murder, a series of unexpected events take place. Interestingly, to thicken the plot, there was a Kutty who was blackmailing Girdhari as well.
   So, who is behind these gruesome murders? Girdhari? Kutty? Monica? Or the man who made the job offers?
   Enter the Bano Jasoos Karamchand Ke Saath contest to help Karamchand solve the case. SMS KC to 2525 and make your guess. The winner will be announced in the next episode. Catch Karamchand, every Saturday at 9 pm on Sony Entertainment Television.
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Naseer back on TV!

After almost two decades, Naseeruddin Shah is returning to television.

This time, he is matching strides with the carrot-chomping detective Karamchand (Pankaj Kapoor) in the new Sony weekly.

Shah was last seen on the small screen as Mirza Ghalib in Gulzar's rendition of the legendary Urdu poet on Doordarshan in 1988. Karamchand, a hugely popular and trendsetting show, aired on Doordarshan in the late 1980s.

It is currently enjoying a second run on Sony every Saturday. The master detective is known for his wry sense of humour and his dim-witted secretary Kitty.

Sucheta Khanna now plays his Girl Friday, a role previously essayed by Sushmita Mukherjee. Says Karamchand producer-director Pankaj Parashar, "Naseer last did television ages ago and will never do it again in the present scenario. When I asked him to be a part of the series, he told me to give him something that would excite him, something that would challenge him enough to take it up. I hope I have.

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"Karamchand made me a household name"


We all loved the carrot-munching Karamchand played by the inimitable Pankaj Kapur on Doordarshan, around 20 years ago. His eccentric detection skills and his unforgettable admonishment to his young female assistant- "Shut up Kitty"--made him accessible to all ages. Now the small gent with the piercing gaze returns to our telly, this time on Sony.

Karamchand had a strong brand identity that you had managed to shake off. How do you feel revisiting it?
For me, it's just a job, something with which one has to experiment.

Are you excited about the re-play?
There is a certain level of excitment but also a lot of apprehension about how it will be received by the audience. Two decades ago, there was only one channel, Doordarshan, today there is a plethora of them.

Will Karamchand retain all his peculiar characteristics?
Of course he will continue to be a carrot-chewing detective. There are no major changes except for the fact that like me he will be older by 20 years.

How are you taking the serial forward?
Ideally, as an actor I would have liked them to give some explanation about what had happened to the detective, where he had disappeared for 20 years and why he has made a comeback. But that hasn't been addressed in the serial. The channel (Sony) and the director thought it better to bring it on as a fresh series.

What are your memories of the serial?
Before Karamchand happened, I was into theatre and films. This was my first television job in terms of a series. I knew nothing about the medium. I had to concentrate hard on developing my part and play the character, yet all of it was spontaneous. I enjoyed playing the character but the plot and shooting situations were quite tedious.

This time did you feel any difference?
I don't feel much of a difference. I have grown by 20 years and there are times when I feel there are loopholes in the script, much more today as a professional, but then I felt the same even 20 years ago. Finally, I have left it to the director.

How keen were you to play the role when the director approached you?
I confess I don't believe in re-runs. Creatively it doesn't offer anything new to those involved in the making. But I have a long-standing relationship with the director (Pankaj Parashar). In a way he was instrumental in making me popular. As I told you I was a stage actor and at that point it was important for me to get mass recognition and Karamchand made me a household name. Also, I haven't revisited any of my characters in the past and this will be an interesting experiment.

But you are doing Naya Office Office, a kind of a sequel to Office Office?
When Naya Office Office came to me I looked at the other choices in the medium and found nothing to my interest. Obviously, I cannot be a part of saas-bahu sagas. Naya ... was the only serial that was socially safe, culturally decent and giving insights into the functioning of a common man and his problems, with a sense of humour. The viewer can digest the goings-on because it doesn't make him morose and at the same time delivers the message - 'Life's like that'.

Most actors complain of fatigue...
Definitely, fatigue has set in in a big way doing the same thing, but there are commitments that one has to fulfill.

What is your take on the comedies aired these days?
Well, each to his own. But I defintely expect a better sense of humour. However, the concept is skewed. Vulgarity takes top precedence. Humour, actually, lies in real-life situations.

Which of your films are you looking forward to, this year?
There is Blue Umbrella, where you know, I play a small shopkeeper, Dharm in which I am a pandit, Halla Bol where I am a theatre activist and Good Sharma where I am some kind of a landlord. I guess all these films will release this year. 

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Kapur & Kapur

Shahid Kapur teams up with father Pankaj for Rajkumar Santoshi's next

Shahid Kapur and papa Pankaj Kapur are teaming up for Rajkumar Santoshi's next flick. If sources are to be believed the director had a series of meetings before he could convince the father-son duo for their respective roles. Santoshi informs that the lucid storyline did the trick for him. "I had simply narrated the story idea and they agreed to do it," he says.

Apparently, his other films including London Dreams and Ramayana have taken a backseat for a while. The director says that he has been working on the script and is yet to decide on the dates and location. However he reveals the fact that the film is a comedy of sorts. "I'm still giving finishing touches to the script. It will take us some time to determine the date of the film going on the floors. Also, I'm yet to finalise the rest of the cast," he says.

Unlike a bunch of other filmmakers, Santoshi did not have to labour a lot to get the duo to sign on the dotted line. Shahid had ruled out the possibility of sharing screen space with his daddy in the recent past. Sources inform that the actor wasn't too happy with the scripts that came his way. Also, rumours were rife about Shahid making a special appearance on Karamchand. "Shahid shares an amazing chemistry with his father. Not too many people are aware of it as they don't make public appearances together that often. A lot of banners had approached them before. But this time around they seem to be quite enthusiastic about the film," informs a source.

Will they play a father-son duo in the film too? Santoshi refuses to divulge the details. "It's too early to give out their characters. You have to wait for the formal announcement," he says. ctid=30&contentid=200703220243111879c2cd004&pageno=1
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Case of the game show winner

   In the coming episode of Karamchand, an interesting case unfolds. Lakhon Ki Baat is a quiz show anchored by Abhay Verma (played by Aman Verma). The format of the show is such that there are three contestants and as you answer the questions, the prize money doubles after you have cleared the first round. One of the contestants, Champaklal Bhumia, is the only one who answers all the questions and clears all the rounds. He is the rollover contestant in the next episode.
   Next, he is to play with Constable Srivastav's wife who is very enthusiastic and is sure of winning because of the preparations she has made. Once again it happens that Champaklal is the winner and this time it is for the third time. The producer of the show, Ranjit, is suspicious about Champaklal's abilities and poses some tough questions. However, there's no stopping Champaklal. Even before the entire question is asked, he hits the buzzer and gives the right answer. Constable Srivastav, whose wife loses against Champaklal Bhumia, is convinced there's foul play and asks the producer to get detective Karamchand to look into the matter.
   Taking on the case, Karamchand visits Champaklal 's house and realises that there's something wrong. He does a close study of the previous episodes of the show and
then requests the producer to put him as the participant on the next episode. Karamchand is asked questions and he answers them even before the options to the questions are given. Champaklal is upset and puts up a fight. Karamchand tells him that there is nothing to get disturbed about as he is using the same trick that Champaklal has been using so far.
   Karamchand discovers that there's a lot more than he bargained for in this case. There's an entire facade surrounding Champaklal's 'missing wife', Zeenat. Karamchand requests the producer to put both Champaklal and the anchor Abhay on the show and he plays the quiz master… Will Karamchand get to the bottom of the case?
   Who is instrumental in Champaklal's winning – Zeenat, Champaklal's wife, Champaklal, the participant himself, Abhay, the anchor or Ranjit, the producer?
   You can be a detective, as you can participate in Bano Jasoos Karamchand Ke Saath contest to help Karamchand solve the case. SMS KC to 2525 and make your guess. Catch the winner being announced in the next episode of Karamchand — every Saturday at 9.00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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Boxer murdered before the big fight

   The much-speculated boxing match is scheduled in the next two days. The match is between Aditya, the reigning champion and the new kid on the block, Vikram. Aditya, the champion of the past few years is quite sure about his victory while Vikram, who is relatively new has left no stone unturned to prepare himself for the fight. The two boxers can't stand each other. Though Aditya is married, he has a special liking for Vikram's girlfriend. On the eve of the big fight Aditya is found dead in his swimming pool.
   Karamchand takes up the case. During interrogation he finds no fingerprints, no weapons and the forensic report too yields no results. However, during investigations Aditya's wife Bipasha seems to be one of the prime suspects, as she wanted a divorce, which would have given her the much awaited freedom. Bipasha is said to have been seeing Vikram's coach who too died under mysterious circumstances.
   Apparently, the coach too was found dead in the swimming pool with no weapon or no fingerprints, very similar to Aditya's death. It is also revealed that Vikram's girlfriend Priya was in love with Aditya. Karamchand finds a recorded conversation between Aditya and Priya and he realises that Priya had a reason to kill Aditya. What could be the reason?
   While investigating, he also finds out that the weapon used is a piece of ice found in the ice box from her house. Priya is arrested…
   Karamchand soon finds another clue that directs another person to the murder. Who is the killer? Vikram, Priya or Bipasha?
   Enter Bano Jasoos Karamchand Ke Saath contest to help Karamchand solve the case. SMS KC to 2525 and make your guess. Catch the winner being announced in the next episode of Karamchand – every Saturday at 9 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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