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When 'Karamchand' first came onto television back in the '80's it made waves. Being one of India's very first detective series it gathered a massive fan following, and went on to receive cult status.

Same old Karamchand, with an all new look is abck on Sony.Some of the things that contribute to the success of the serial are brilliant performances, plots that connect with the masses and the stunning characterization chalked out by the director that make detective Karamchand and his side kick Kitty both vivid and irreplaceable.

Detective Karamchand is a delightful mix of humour and logic. Unlike most other detectives, he doesn't rely on high tech gadgets or forsenics to solve his cases. He instead looks into his cases from a different perspective and uses methods of deduction and logic. He is aided by Kitty, a glamorous but ditsy assistant. They solve the cases based on Karamchand's quirky deductions, and sometimes a stroke of luck as well.

An interesting facet to Karamchand's characterization is the fact that he keeps chewing carrots all the time, especially when he's thinking… and somewhere subtly through the plots his genius is linked with the carrots, just the way Pop –eye's strength comes from his spinach!

The talented Bollywood actor Panakj Kapur plays Karamchand and the series is directed by the veteran filmmaker Pankuj Parashar who is director of the original series too.

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Karamchand is back!

   When Karamchand first came to television back in the '80s, it made waves. Being one of India's very first detective series it gathered massive fan following and went on to receive cult status. Now, it once again presents the same old Karamchand with an all new look.
   Some of the things that contribute to the success of the serial are brilliant performances, plots that connect with the masses and a stunning characterisation chalked out by the director that make detective Karamchand and his sidekick Kitty, both vivid and irreplaceable.
   Now about the comeback — the debut episode has a very catchy plot: detective Karamchand goes to the laundry to collect his coat. There he meets a girl who is waiting for her delivery. He overhears an argument where the worker at the laundry is screaming hysterically at someone. He walks in and discovers the dead body of the laundry owner, Mrs Lobo (played by Anita Kanwal), wrapped in his coat.
   Thus he begins to investigate. First he questions the servant who tells him that the laundry owner has a stepson who usually used to fight with her. Could he be the killer?
   When Karamchand and Kitty go to Mrs Lobo's house, they find the same girl that Karamchand had met at the laundry. Could she be involved with the murder?
   Inviting readers to help Karamchand solve cases, enter the
Bano Jasoos Karamchand Ke Saath contest — SMS KC to 2525 and make your guess. The winners will be announced on the show in the next episode. So, catch Karamchand every Saturday at 9 pm on Sony Entertainment Television.
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Television's favourite detective returns to the small screen next month after 20 years. But as actor Pankaj Kapur tells Ruchika Talwar, he'll still be the same old wily fox.
We all loved the detective. The carrot-munching Karamchand played by the inimitable Pankaj Kapur. That was on Doordarshan approximately 20 years ago. His eccentric detection skills and his unforgettable admonishment to his young female assistant— "Shut up Kitty" —made him accessible to all ages. Now, reach for those carrots, again: the small guy with the piercing gaze returns to the small screen, this time on Sony. The Pankaj Parasher thriller Karamchand will roll out mid-February with a new Kitty but Karamchand remains intact, carrots and all.
Pankaj Kapur is no great believer in re-runs. However, he took up this role at the "incessant insistence" of Pankaj Prashar. "Pankaj was too upbeat about Karamchand's return. He left me with no choice and I had to agree because of my longstanding relationship with him, spanning more than 20-25 years," explains Kapur, "Also, as an actor, it is interesting to revisit a role I played 20 years back and see people's reaction. I took it up on a purely experimental basis." He adds, "this was my introductory role on TV and made me popular among the masses, so I agreed to give Karamchand a new lease of life." However, although the thriller will be two decades older than the original there are no efforts to change Karamchand with the times—make him tech savvy in keeping with the modern techniques of solving mysteries. "We are going to retain the same flavour of Karamchand, Kitty and their nuances of unraveling mysteries. Yes, carrots will remain Karamchand's favourite snack," reveals Kapur. The one changeover is that of Kitty. Sushmita Mukherjee, who played the original assistant is being replaced by Sucheta Pawashe. You might have seen her as the new daughter-in-law in Kadvee Khatti-Meethi, the sequel to Tu Tu Main Main. Now Sucheta will have listen to Kapur snap "Shut up" and reply, "Yes boss," with a pleased smile. This is the season of re-runs for actors who began their careers with TV and went on to bigger things in films. Shah Rukh Khan has just come a full circle with KBC, his first TV show
since he became a Bollywood Badshah. Pankaj Kapur returned to TV with Office Office and has kept his oar in with the sequel, Naya Office Office. "I returned to the small screen in Office Office and then Naya Office Office as it gave me the chance to relate to the common man that I am. The problems we confront on a daily basis while making both ends meet are not a mystery. Along with presenting those irritating issues, we added humour for the enjoyment of the audiences. This way, I could empathise with them." When there is a dearth of good drama and actors capable of playing dramatic roles, why would some one of Kapur's calibre confine himself to either comic or detective roles? Neem Ka Ped on Doordarshan was the last serial which saw him in a dramatic role. "I did Lifeline and Kab Tak Pukaroon. But one has to take the best from what is being made and offered. You should appreciate the fact that I am not part of some run-of-the-mill saas-bahu serials which are glaring examples of poor treatment of the character. When and where do you see women dressed for a wedding 24X7? A drama should be such that the common man can easily relate to the character (s)." Yes, boss !
Last question: "Karamchand, gaajar khaaogay?"


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COMING SOON KARAMCHAND The most famous detective of all time is back! Pankaj Kapoor reprises his role as Karamchand with his bumbling lovable assistant, Kitty. Sony TV, February 10, 9 pm.


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The Return of Karamchand

The carrot-munching, quixotic detective and his ditsy assistant Kitty will be back on Sony.

Karamchand, India's first detective series took the small screen by storm by gathering a massive fan following and soon giving it a cult status. The popularity of this detective was so high that even eating his favourite carrots became a fad! This was almost 2 decades ago.
The carrot-munching quixotic detective Karamchand and his ditsy assistant, Kitty, will be back on Sony Entertainment Television from February 10, every Saturday at 9 p.m.
The country's very first detective series sure dangled the carrot for others to follow. Many detective serials were launched but none with the style and panache of Karamchand. This series is a delightful mix of humour and logic.
In fact, it's the coming together of a dream team that makes this show so special - Pankuj Parasher, as the director, and his team of talented writers, the ever popular Pankaj Kapur, who brings his inimitable style and side kick Kitty, in adequate measure.
Karamchand's plots connected well with the masses, the stunning characterisation coupled with powerful performances made this detective series irreplaceable.
Said Albert Almeida, Business Head & Executive Vice President, Sony Entertainment Television: "We are really happy to bring this hugely popular brand Karamchand back to the viewers with new stories, a new Kitty, but the same adorable Pankaj Kapur, in the character that made him a household name. It was the plausible story line told with humour that grabbed the attention of millions for Karamchand. It is like bringing back an epic series after years. We are sure this popular series will bring back nostalgic memories to viewers and also introduce the spunky detective and his quirky ways to a whole new generation."
Unlike most detectives, Karamchand relies on his unique logic to solve cases rather than hi-tech gadgets or forensics. His unusual perception of the cases and unorthodox methods of deduction and logic result in nabbing the culprit in style. Some of his cases are solved on the basis of a unique combination of quirky deductions and a stroke of luck. Once again director Pankuj Parasher returns with his master craftsman Pankaj Kapur as they intend to resurrect Karamchand.
Like the famous cartoon character - Popeye and his spinach, Karamchand is inextricably linked with carrots and Kitty! Who can imagine Karamchand without either? He is all set to return to the small screen once again with both!
Watch out for the eccentric detective every Saturday from February 10 at 9 p.m. on Sony Entertainment Television. p;subsection=showbuzz&xfile=February2007_tvtrack_standar d348&child=tvtrack

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Karamchand returns, to pricier carrots

Sonia Chopra | February 09, 2007 14:22 IST

Nostalgia envelops director Pankuj Parashar when asked about shooting Karamchand back in 1985. The serial with the carrot-eating, sunglass-wearing eccentric detective is back.
Despite the serial returning after more than two decades -- it's interesting to note that some things have changed and most have remained the same. It was director Pankuj Parashar who directed the legendary serial then, and he claims that most of is crew, except the sound department and his assistants, remains the same.
He also reveals that at that time, actor Pankaj Kapur was just starting out and was pretty much unknown, and now-famous director Sanjay Gupta was his assistant on the show.
The director informs that characters of the protagonists and the feel of the story will more or less remain the same. But how different will the series be technically? Answers Parashar, "The sound and picture quality will, of course, be in keeping with today's times. We used sync sound then, and are going to use sync sound now as well. We've kept the same music composed by Anand-Milind. What has changed, of course, is that a kilo of carrot cost Rs 2 then, and costs Rs 12 now."
Even the cult dialogues like 'Sir, you are a genius' and 'Shut up, Kitty' remain.
</IMG>When asked how the serial would incorporate today's changing milieu in the storylines, Parashar replies, "20 odd years back, there was no concept of reality shows. Now, we can show an incident that has taken placed in a reality show, and Karamchand reaches there to investigate. I am sure incorporating these things will make the series more exciting."
For his part, Pankaj Kapur remains cool to all questions. It is a well-known fact that Kapur, a trained actor from the National School of Drama, was wary of doing television when he was offered Karamchand and accepted the part as he had no money in the bank. Having traversed an impressive career path in all the years, why did he think of playing Karamchand again?
</IMG>Says Kapur, "As an actor, this seemed like an irresistible experiment. To go back to a character I had played, and then try and play it again after such a long gap. It's very exciting for the performer in me." So will the new Karamchand be with-the-times, and comfortable with new technology? "On the contrary, he's not very comfortable with technology and gadgets. We discussed this aspect a great deal and decided that Karamchand is a character who relies more on his intelligence to solve cases. His assistant Kitty, however ,is very tech-savvy." Admitting to being a huge fan of mysteries himself, Kapur says his favourite detective will always be Sherlock Holmes.
One person conspicuous by her absence on the series is Sushmita Mukherjee, who played Kitty then. Parashar's reply? The predictable "I had the gut feeling to hire someone younger." Kitty will now be played by television actress Sucheta Khanna, who has essayed several comic roles including the daughter-in-law in Kadvee Khatti-Meethi, the sequel to Tu Tu Main Main.
Incidentally the credit of recreating the serial ought to go to Parashar's children who kept asking him about Karamchand. "Whenever someone one would talk of the serial, my children would want to know more about it. That's when I thought, 'why not?' I spoke to Kapur and he seemed enthusiastic as well. That's how the thought of bringing back Karamchand took ground."
</IMG>The remake of an old serial is an unconventional step. Little wonder then that Sony has chosen to take baby steps with only 13 episodes (one season) airing in the beginning. The channel hopes to take the serial forward with more episodes, judging by the response it garners.
When quizzed about this, Sandeep Sikand, Chief Creative Director, Sony Entertainment Television says, "At Sony, we believe in a mix of programming. We like to concentrate on fiction, Monday through Thursday, and concentrate on alternative programming on weekends. We were very interested in Karamchand as its one of the few shows that needs no introduction. We are targeting the audience that had enjoyed the serial 22 years ago, and also the fresh audience that has only heard about it and will sample it for the first time."
How the serial fares remains to be seen -- but the carrot munching detective, older and wiser, is back to his antics on the telly. Now that's some food for thought.
Karamchand starts February 10 on Sony, every Saturday at 9 pm

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The carrot has gone stale

Detective Karamchand is frozen in time, says Anil Thakraney.

Pankaj Kapur and the new Kitty, Sucheta Pawashe in Karamchand

In the world of television soaps, sudden 20-year leaps are a common phenomenon. But Detective Karamchand has made that jump quite literally… the carrot munching, eccentric detective played by Pankaj Kapur makes a comeback to the small screen exactly bees saal baad. Then, we simply adored the character, those were DD ruled days, when most of the prime time programming involved stuff like 'Krishi Darshan', 'Aaparyana Pahilat Ka?', and 'Aao Maari Saathe'. Karamchand was like a breath of fresh air for entertainment-starved audiences, his quirky-cool attitude was a roaring success. The detective's trademark line, 'Shut up, Kitty', was part of daily conversations inside office urinals, college canteens, local trains and bus stands. And carrot sales went through the roof in the mid eighties.

Cut to 2007 AD. Indian television has gone through a mega revolution since the time, there are now 100 channels to choose from, and the quality of entertainment is both attractive and varied. And being a sharp thinker, the detective must know he would now have to work extra hard, gobble down a lot more Vitamin A, and be far more appealing, to recreate the Karamchand magic. Sadly, however, going by the first episode aired last night on Sony, which was about a murder in the laundry, our homegrown Sherlock doesn't seem to have done his homework. So while the sleuth retains the eccentricity, the quirky mannerisms and has got himself a brand new dumb Kitty, he's chosen not to evolve with the times in terms of the tools, techniques and the execution process. Karamchand continues with his ancient, low-tech and simplistic ways in his solving of crime, and therein lies the rub. We need a young, tech savvy, smart-arse geek to play the new world Karamchand, that's the persona the new gen would want to see and connect with. Think how silly it might have been, if Bachchan had been cast in the new Don (which was also remade twenty years later), instead of the hot and happening SRK. Would never have worked.

Yes, Pankaj Kapur is a very fine actor, and he does try very hard to impress. But we rather see him as an ageing underworld don in a Maqbool, than as a jaded detective in a crime serial. The makers of new Karamchand overlooked one very important change between then and now: There was no remote control then, but now it's held as a weapon of mass destruction in the restless audience's hands. Elementary, dear Watson? p;sectid=12&contentid=200702110228311098d49cb1a

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