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Tumhari Disha update for Dec 1

OodlesDoodles IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 01 December 2004 at 5:43am | IP Logged

Tumhari Disha update for Dec 1 ...by Disha77 from bollyteens.com

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat Episode! It begans with DK (who is quite drunk,
actually) sitting in Disha's bed and keeps staring at her intensely,
as if trying to judge something. He then takes his hand towards her
face and very haltingly touches her face, Disha wakes up with a
start and freezes in the spot. They just keep staring into each
other's eyes for a moment and then Disha gets out of the bed with
fright and asks him what is he doing here. Their interaction in the
dialouge format:

Disha : Aap yahan is waqt kya karne aaye hain?

TRANSLATION: What are you doing in my room at this time of the day?

DK: Ek pati apni patni ke paas kyon aata hai.......isi liye (DK has
a strange dazed expression on his face, as if he himself doesn't
know what is he doing here!)

TRANSLATION: What do you think a husband comes to a wife for at this
hour of the day?

Disha: Aap please yahan se chale jaaiye, isi waqt.

TRANSLATION: I request you to please leave this room right now.

DK comes to her and holds her closely ( ), Disha is scared stiff to
react as she realizes that the door is also closed. She tries to
free herself, but DK has held her hand very tightly.

DK: Mujhe pata hai ki hum sirf ek contract se bandhe hai, magar
kanoon ki nazar main mein tumhara pati hoon, aur us haq se tumhare
tan, man and dhan par mera pura adhikaar hai. Aur agar main us
adhikaar ko istamaal karna chahoon, toh tum mujhe rok nahin sakti.
Agar main yeh raat tumhare saat bitata hoon, tumhari marzi ke saat
ya uske bagair, toh main contract ko koi bhi clause nahin todta
hoon. Us contract main aisa kahin bhi nahin likha hai ke tumhare
sharir par mera koi haq nahin hai.

TRANSLATION: I know that we are bound by just a contract but still
in the eyes of law we are man and woman and by that law, I have
right over your mind, body and wealth. If I exercise my marital
rights, then I am not breaking any rules of our contract. I have
every right over you physically with or without your permisson, you
cannot stop me from exercising that, can you?

Disha is stunned to hear this and realizes that she won't be able to
escape tonight. DK lets go of her and she moves backward and leans
against the wall. DK keeps staring her with obsessiveness in his
eyes and moves forward to her, Disha doesn't say a single word, but
she is definitely terrified.

DK: Aaj tum mujhe nahin rok sakti Disha.....

TRANSLATION: You cannot stop me today, Disha.

Disha: (Very calmly) Main tumhain rokoongi bhi nahin, DK. Tum teekh
kah rahe ho, mere pati hone ke naate, tumhara pura adhikaar hai mere
tan par.........magar meri atma par tum na kabhi jeet paaye the, na
kabhi jeet paaoge. Agar mujhe paa kar, tumhain yeh lagta hai ki usme
tumhari jeet hai, toh yahi sahi, meri ankhon main haar dekh kar,
agar tumhare kaleje ko thandak padti hai, toh yahi sahi. Main tumse
lad kar thak chooki hoon aur haar bhi chooki hoon. Tumhain jo karna
hai tum kar sakte ho, main tumhain nahin rokoongi.

TRANSLATION: I won't stop you DK. You are absolutely correct when
you say that by lieu of being my husband you have full control over
my body, but not on my soul. If you feel that you can have me
physically, you are correct, but you can never win over my soul. If
you feel that by corecing me into a physical relationship with you,
you have won, you are right, you have won over me, I won't fight
with you any longer. I am tired of fighting with you and I have
given up. If you want to see failure in my eyes, then so be it, go
ahead with whatever you want to do, I promise you neither will I
protest nor will I stop you. But also remember that it is only my
body over which you have won, you will never win my heart.

DK stops where he is and his face shows a gamut of emotions (this
guy is a brilliant actor......expresses so much with his eyes!) It
shows guilt, shock, realization, denial, love, pain......He just
keeps looking at Disha who is standing opposite to him defiantly and
strongly yet with humility. Just then stupid Sanya comes in and is
shocked to see DK in Disha's room (Disha dressed in a very sexy
nighty doesn't help the situation!) She keeps staring with her frog
like eyes and comes near DK who looks completely dazed and lost. She
asks DK what is wrong with him, DK doesn't respond to her, he just
keeps looking at Disha with a glazed expression who keeps looking
back at him with the same expression! Sanya who has no idea what on
earth is going on, gently pulls DK and takes him out of the room who
goes with her mechanically!

Sanya and DK go to his bedroom, where DK sits down on his bed with
the still dazed expression on his face. Sanya in her artificial,
honey coated voice tells DK that he has been under too much of
stress for the past few days since his marriage to Disha and that
she thinks that both DK and Sanya should take a short break and go
to Switzerland or someplace. DK has now snapped out of his dazed
expression mode and tells Sanya in a very emotionless voice that he
is very busy with his work and extremely tied up and is least
interested in going anywhere with Sanya. DK then says that he is
very tired and would like to go off to sleep, Sanya very seductively
says that it is quite late now and that they should go off to sleep,
when DK looks at her and tells her matter of factly that he wants to
sleep alone in his room. Sanya is furious and retorts back that was
he so drunk that he walked into Disha's room in the middle of the
night and was not able to find his way out. She asks him what was he
doing in Disha's room at this odd hour. DK is now really irritated
and tells Sanya to leave him alone and that he is going off to

DK goes off to sleep and Sanya is now shocked at DK's reaction. She
thinks to herself that earlier she thought that DK's obsession for
Disha was just a whim for him, but now it is growing stronger day by
day and she can see very clearly that his hatred for Disha was just
a facade for some deeper emotion he feels for Disha and now that is
wearing out. She resolves to herself that before DK's obsession for
Disha turns into his love for her and before Disha comes inbetween
DK and Sanya, Disha will have to go out of their lives forever. She
then realizes that the next day the shoot is going to began and gets
very happy that as soon as the shoot is over, DK and Disha will get
a divorce and then she won't have to be insecure about DK ever
again. She smiles to herself and comforts herself with this thought
(Stupid woman!) and goes out of DK's room (Good for her!)

Disha who is now alone in her room after the great confrontation,
stumbles and falls down on the floor and breaks down heavily!

Inder and Anupam are shown having a father son talk about Inder's
future. He says that he has tried his level best, but he finds it
very tough to let go of his past and is afraid that it might affect
his future with Ranu. Anupam assures him that once you began life
afresh, the past slowly erodes itself out of your life and that he
is sure that Inder and Ranu will be very happy with each other.
Inder doesn't look very convinced but nevertheless doesn't say

At the Bhosale parivar, bitchy aunt Sukanya taunts Suhas that they
are spending way too much in Ranu's wedding and that it is going to
weigh heavily on her husband as he is the one who is bearing the
expenses. Azuba and Hrishikesh are standing there and Azuba feels
very bad and so does Suhas who is quite embarrased. Hrishikesh for a
change tells his wife that Ranu is also their daughter just like
Gautam is their son and that he won't spare a single expense for her
wedding. Sukanya is really irritated and walks out of the room in a
huff. Azuba gets very emotional and tells Suhas that it was his
dream to see both Disha and Ranu get married nicely, Disha left them
all without a proper wedding ceremony, but he wants to make sure
that Ranu is married grandly. Hrishikesh promises him that they will
make this marriage memorable.

The next day at the Kanaka house, Disha is praying in front of God
and flashes of yesterday's night comes across her mind, DK holding
her hand and trying to kiss her, then she remembers Inder coming and
meeting her in DK's house, she remembers Ranu taking a promise from
Disha to come for her marriage. She opens her eyes and gets very
emotional. Just then Dev comes and tells her that he thinks that she
should go to her sister's wedding. Disha says that the day she
married DK, all her relationship with her home broke the same day
and now leave aside meeting anyone at her home, no one even wants to
hear her name. She says that except Gautam (he is so cute!) and
Ranu, no one wants her to be there at the wedding and that she won't
hurt her mother's feelings by going there. Dev is very touched by
Disha's committment and love to her family and says that through her
sacrifice and purity of heart, she has erased all the bad karma of
her real father. Disha immediately replies back that she has paid
for her biological father's mistakes, but has not forgiven him and
nor will she ever forgive him. She says that he is partly
responsible for her state of affairs that she is currently in. Dev
feels very low on hearing this and thinks to herself that he has to
hide his real identity from her at all cost or else he will lose his
daughter forever.

Just then Disha becomes very sad and depressed and when Dev asks her
what happened, she says that Sanya has just told her that the shoot
is going on floor from today onwards. Disha says that she has no
option but to go ahead with it, she prays to God to give her
strength to endure this humiliation. Dev is very worried and wonders
what will happen now.

The scene shifts to DK's room who has apparently just woken up from
his sleep (looking so vulnerable and lost!) and has the same dazed
expression on his face that he had the last night. Flashes of
yesterday's night's scenes comes across his eyes, when he held Disha
close to him, when she replied back to him that he can have her
physically, but can never conquer her soul and that she has won
morally even after losing to him phyiscally. DK gets very disturbed
and tries to shake himself out of his stupor. Just then Taj comes
inside his room and very cheerfully wishes him good morning and
tells him that he has a great news to tell. DK doesn't react at all
and just keeps ahead without even looking at Taj.

Taj says very enthusiastically that all the arrangements have been
made and that the shoot starts from today onwards. He says that he
met Disha just now and she seems to be ready to began. He then asks
DK when is he planning to come for the shoot. DK looks at Taj with a
serene and intense expression in his eyes and says "Cancel the
Shoot". Taj is shocked out of his wits and his jaws drop out. He
incohrently asks DK what is he talking about, he says that every
arrangement has been made and lakhs have been spent already. Taj
tells DK that he married Disha only so that he could force her to
model for his assingment and now that the day has come, why is he
cancelling the shoot. DK gives a cold stare at Taj and tells him in
a low voice but with finality that Taj should only concern himself
with what he has been told to do, he says that he wants the
assingment cancelled. Taj shakes his head in despair and goes out of
DK's room mumbling something to himself.

DK looks very vulnerable and lost sitting alone on his bed!

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------

DK looked so sweet, so helpless and so soft in yesterday's episode,
his face showed so many expression, he looked really, really cute in
the last scene when he tells Taj to cancel the
HIM AND RECIPROCATES HIS LOVE (Though I doubt that seriously!)



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Posted: 01 December 2004 at 8:24am | IP Logged
sounds like great episode....from what i hear dk and disha get divorced next month after krutika desai's entry....i hope they will change the story (i would like to see atleast one show that is free of remarraiges and divorces) and we will get to see two people come close and devlop appreciation for each other when tied in bonds of matrimony. dk already has devloped feelings for disha and disha does seem to empathize with him at times. let us see if this beast can make beauty's heart beat for him.it would be great show if it goes down that track. thier verbal spats and chemistry sizzle on sceen. ashish nayyar aka dk is a great actor.he conveys so much with just his coldness and facial expressions.
anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 December 2004 at 8:33am | IP Logged
thanks fortvpur...

I donn't know what will be left if they get divorced....how else they have planned the story...
Princess IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 01 December 2004 at 6:39pm | IP Logged
thanks for the upate. this is so good. omg i can't belive DK cancled the shot. that really is somethingBig smile
adi04 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 December 2004 at 7:41pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by pj04

sounds like great episode....from what i hear dk and disha get divorced next month after krutika desai's entry....i hope they will change the story (i would like to see atleast one show that is free of remarraiges and divorces) and we will get to see two people come close and devlop appreciation for each other when tied in bonds of matrimony. dk already has devloped feelings for disha and disha does seem to empathize with him at times. let us see if this beast can make beauty's heart beat for him.it would be great show if it goes down that track. thier verbal spats and chemistry sizzle on sceen. ashish nayyar aka dk is a great actor.he conveys so much with just his coldness and facial expressions.


I agree!!! Ashish is a great actor....His expressions seem so real and natural.....

And Disha and DK have amazing chemistry....which is quite evident...

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