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10 Ways to Improve India VOTING

Morgoth IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 June 2004
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Posted: 03 February 2007 at 11:00am | IP Logged

Hello Everyone,

The response for the "Top 10 Ways to Improve India CONTEST" has been great!

So now, as promised, the entries are being put up for voting!


~ You are allowed to vote only ONCE before February 10, 2007

~ No chatting is allowed on this thread. All posts which are not votes for the contest will be deleted.

~ Contestants are allowed to vote for any entry except their own!

~ Please do NOT create another ID to vote for your own entry or try to publicize it in anyway! Any such attempt will result in automatic disqualification.






#1 - Peace (no civil wars or any other types of wars between other countries including terrorism)

#2 - Reduce the amount of crime

#3 - Child Labour Forbidden

#4 - Free Primary and secondary education and also make it compulsary

#5 - Poverty - Government should supply basic needs for the poor community

#6 - Improve health care e.g. better hygiene in health institutes in public hospitals!

#7 - Environment!- government should provide public transportation e.g. trams and buses that are environmentally friendly. Also provide recycling bins!

#8 - Disease (the government should provide clean water to prevent disease and also provide vaccinations against diseases free of charge)

#9 - Unemployment - to decrease the amount of unemployment, the government should provide Job centres throughout the country where citizens can search for a job more conveniently!

#10 - Improve the countries infrastructure!



1.future of our country is in the hands of our next improve them..our country will improve


2.reduce corruption in politics


3.encourage the youth to join politics..they can make a big difference in county's progress with their innovative ideas

***************************************************** practical..n try to do what u say..b'coz we r good in planning but poor in apllication

***************************************************** united


6.we shuld follow a clean future..i.e.clean environment, clean surroundings n clean hearts


7.we shuld ourselves take this respnsilbity for removing the pain of ailing persons

****************************************************** n health facilities r already provided..but the need is to implement them on all sections of the society to eradicate poverty,  illeteracy n ignorance

****************************************************** independant..don't depend so much on foreign soil 4 ur needs


10.last..but not the least..change urself n ur country will b changed!!!





1.      shut all pan ki shops

2.      shoot all corrupt politians(if any one is left our India is gr8 )

3.      Reduce the level of bureacacy (i don't think i got the spelling right but i meant all paper work one have to go through whilst starting a new business)

4.      make more loans/grants available to poor people who wishes to study further

5.      ban ekta

6.      encourage more international trade

7.      create new jobs for youths (or vice versa )

8.      clean local municipality (phir age ki sochenge )

9.      inspire ladies to work

10.  encourage more youths in politics and discourage corrupt oldies from their



1. All Religious should work together as one big community insted of haveing different community.

2. Avoid any riots suchy as fight between two religious hindu and muslim ( p.s dont take it affencive )

3. Everyone should ask for their rights and stand for india and for them.

4. Political parties shold become one so everyone will have same point of view.

5. In the tourest area there should be regular cheaking to see if there is any thing wrong if there is then improve it as soon as possible so tourist keep coming to visit india.

6. Have more facilities not just in mega cities but also in small towns and villages.

7. Many people mix their personal life with profetional so it should be kept it different.

8. More security in imprtant places such as taj mahel or any airport and railways stations and bus station.

9. Help poor people by annoucing new benefit which can help poor people who has not got job

10. Police should be more strict and honest toward their job.



1.      Give food to every person homeless.

2.      Give everyone a shelter.

3.      Give everyone some clothes.

4.      Grant everyone one wish to help them.

5.      Give them some money to buy needs.

6.      Give out clean water.

7.      Help connect people to their lost ones.

8.      Sort a way of transport for people.

9.      Have a special day so the public can meet a celebrity...the money will go to charity and building new homes for India.

10.  To have every Person in India be proud of their country and walk with pride knowing the fact they represent India wherever they go.





  1. Sachin Tendulkar for Prime Minister.

    2. Conserve gas, fart in a bottle. Helps alleviate energy crisis!

    3. Aliens invade, and place us in Intergalactic Federation, please.

    4. Osama in bikini calendar as compulsory viewing in schools! Jokes!

    5. Compile India-wide collections of dog pooh and use as fertilizer! Save on farming inputs!

    6. Remove tarmac and keep dirt roads. It will alleviate potholes problem while driving!

    7. Tell the aliens to act in TV serials! Beam them down Scotty! Let's make things better!

    8. Bring back Miilee for second season.

    9. Make me the resident "sant" in charge of everything!

    10. Place us all in alien hovercraft and bulldoze everything and make
    India a vast wildlife sanctuary! We will look after them and phase out man-caused animal extinction!




  • Abuse Domestic Violence Act to Reduce Population: The domestic violence act is double-edged. Agreed it can help women caught in violent relationships, but it can also put men behind bars for the silliest of reasons. Women should abuse this law. That should get about 90% men behind bars. Which means 90% less chnace of galti se mistake(pregnancy ) Voila! population is curbed!
  • Tax The Tax Department: The roads still not laid, the water supply still not restored. Well, you wondered, where did my Tax money go? Exactly! Where does our tax money go? No one knows it yet! (probabily stolen by martians or into the IT deptt officers' pockets!) We get penalised for evading minial tax, but what about our right to information to know where and how our tax money was utilised? WE can have a computerised stsyem to track the utilisation of tax money. That should tax the tax deptt, and get India some benefits!
  • Sanitaion and Health care facilities: Yahan Pesab karna mana hai! To pesab kahan karey?  

A country of about a billion and hardly any public toilets, what a paradox! Don't we all get nature's call? Then why not have more toilets? And more health care facilities, health is waelth, then why not preserve the good given wealth, rather than dimish our wealth just to earn more material weath? If each of the earning citizen contributes just 30 bucks from each month's salary, then we can build public toilets/health care facilities, and won't have to go asking, 'to pesab kahan karey?' OR 'dawakhana kitan dur hai?'

  • Kachra Hai kachar!:

Puraney note pe plastic chadhatey hai

Nayi car ki seat se cover nahin hatatey hai

Jo accha lagey ussey zyada se zyada chaltey hai

Hum HINDUSTANI kehlatey hai! (taken from a radio Ad)

^ If we Indians' are known to be biggest kanjoos, then why shy away from this stamp? Why not reuse things , why not recycle them? It's only logical! With the amount of waste we generate, we can have flourishing recycling industry and the problem of disposal of waste would also be reduced!

  • Become Gundas: How come most politicians have a criminal record? Duh! because only gundas can threaten public to vote for them  - Vote daltey ho ki kaat dalu? .

So here's what you can do. You can turn into a bhai, do some ghapla, bribe someone, steal from some politician, get certified a criminal, and then you'll easily get votes. Now, once you get elected as an MP, you take a U-turn, become a good citizen again and work for the nation! That way you'll shake the criminal politicans and light a flicker of hope in the heads of aspiring politicans!

  • Vote Now:  If you vote generously for Abhijeet sawant in Indian idol, or Rakhi sawant in Big Boss, you're simply wasting your time and money, and gaining what? - nothing!

However, if you get your bum off that couch and go to a polling booth to cast your vote for electing an MP, you're gain on 3 grounds-

1.      The satisfaction of fulfilling your right and duty to vote

2.      Hoping that someone positive will be done by your candidate

3.      Lose some wight-you Couch Potato!

  • Appreciate:  A little motivation and appreciation can maake a fish walk and a porcupine swim!

So much is being done to improve India, but alot more still needs to be done. But what hurts me is that if someone is doing something good we rarely appreciate their efforts. We'd probabily scoff them off saying, 'ah! they just work with an NGO!' Guys, if you can't do anything for this nation, atleast you can stop scoffing! You can atleast appreciate someone else's effort and motivate them, who knows a little appreciation and motivation will trigger a tsunami of progress!

  • Ditch The Dollars/Stop Making Swades: This may offend the NRI's on IF, but this has to be said! Many of highly qualified individuals(from Indian Universities) leave this country and go abroad for dollar generating jobs. This is helps other nations flourish, but what about India?

Bollywood has made Swades which was a hit over-seas, but didn't NRI's get inspired to return to their land? Movies with messages are made in plenty, but do we realize and act upon the message?

How can you abandon the nest of the mother who raised you? Can't you repay her by living  in India? Agreed, you'll earn a few 1000 less, but that won't make you poorer, it'll only make India Richer! C'mon let's reverse the Barin Drain!  I'm sure it'll help India big time!

  • Macro, not Micro perspective: Boys, we know you love micros mini's, but that's not what we're talkign about now.

When we do something or act upon something, we should not just think about how it'll better our lives, but also how it'll affect the people around us, the enviroment, and how it'll affect India! If you want to maake it big, you can do so without trampling other people by wrong means. The more the goodwill you earn on your way up, the more you'll be loved and the more you'll benefit. And the more you're loved, a bigger difference you can amke to someone's life!

Think not what the nation has given you, think about what you can do for just one soul - cause it can make a huge difference to India from a Macro perspective!

  • Be PROUD and Preserve Indian Values and Culture: Till you aren't proud of who you are and which country you belong to, you'll never work for the country. So have pride in being an Indian. Accept the flaws in our system and co-operate with fellow citizens to make a difference!

We can progress even if we don't kill our traditions and values! If we preserve our culture, it'll only reap benefits in the future. Family ties are very important in India, and that's how it should be. family helps you through bad times, they'll always love you-

Wherever you may be,
You belong to the pack.
And to your family you can always go back!

Traditions, values, and family bonds are a hindrance if only you don't give them a chance. Give Indianism one chance, after all - 1 BILLION PEOPLE CANNOT BE WRONG!



1.Every child should go to school till 12 class ..

2.There should be no atomic bombs and more security in popular cities and airports etc

3.The TVshows should not put much voilance and adulty things as many children are watching it also

4.There should be no difference between rich and poor or big or small

5.There should be no rapes and all ..and if then proper justice at court if rich or poor...

6.Teachers should not beat the students much...because at its not gud..and sumtimes it causes to serious injuration

7.The prices of materiels on markets should not be too much

8.Proper justice for everbody

9.Everbody should be welcome to come to india...and no difference between any religius

10.Ther should be no eranged marriages or marriage only fro revenge......



1. Run Parliament like a TV reality show. Instal cameras in every nook and cranny, and every week allow the public to vote out one MP. This will keep those chaps on their toes and prevent them from wasting the valuable time of the public.

2. Pass a law decreeing that all MPs supporting reservations can get themselves or their kin treated only by those doctors who had gained admission into medical college through reserved seats.

3. Instead of giving dowry, every would-be bride should ask for dowry. Yes, I mean it! The bride should demand from her prospective groom that he plant 7 trees as a symbol of the 7 vows or saat pheras of marriage.

4. To ensure that every citizen casts his/her vote, introduce attractive incentives for those who line up to vote. Something like, "Congratulations! You are the 1000th voter at our polling booth. You have won yourself an all-expenses paid trip to the Capital to witness the proceedings of Parliament."

5. Donate blood on your birthday, and pledge your organs. You will feel greater bonding with your countrymen if your blood is running through their veins.

6. Make it mandatory for everyone running for elections to undertake 1 year's military training and 1 month's posting in Siachen.

7.  For every 5 branded items that you pick up, buy something from the local handicrafts mart; for every 5 Hollywood/Bollywood flicks you see, watch a fine piece of regional cinema; and for every 5 international bestsellers that adorn your shelf, add a novel in your local language.

8. To cut down national expenditure, MPs should be made to car pool. Their security guards can follow on bicycles—after all, they are supposed to keep physically fit!

9. Instead of being jailed or fined, make tax defaulters adopt a village and use some of their ill-gotten wealth to take it to the heights of development.

10.  SMILE!!! Our country needs more Happiness Quotient. Our ills are not going to disappear overnight, so why not take them with a dash of humour?



THE WINNER "IF Citizen 2007" WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN THE FEBRUARY 12th edition of the India Forums NEWSLETTER!

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Jennifer.L IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 05 May 2006
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Posted: 03 February 2007 at 11:06am | IP Logged
omg all the entries were simply awesome Clap ,my vote goes to #9 Wink
pari0706 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 December 2005
Posts: 8783

Posted: 03 February 2007 at 11:09am | IP Logged
awesome entries my vote goes to number 9
*Spandana* IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 June 2006
Posts: 6954

Posted: 03 February 2007 at 11:09am | IP Logged
undoubtedly no - 7 from me.

Edited by yamulya1 - 03 February 2007 at 11:14am
Prenz~13 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 07 August 2005
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Posted: 03 February 2007 at 11:12am | IP Logged
OMG!! Big smile all of dem r gr888!! Clap Clap
but i luved ENTRY NO. 9 the best! Big smile Clap
tiya1 Goldie

Joined: 18 June 2006
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Posted: 03 February 2007 at 11:13am | IP Logged
vote for #1 Big smile
realitybites IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 11 December 2005
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Posted: 03 February 2007 at 11:16am | IP Logged
My vote goes to entry no 1 Embarrassed

All the best to all participants Smile Great Work Thumbs Up
scarletteblue IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 June 2006
Posts: 14349

Posted: 03 February 2007 at 11:23am | IP Logged
Clap Clap Clap
OMG all are fabulous! Clap

mine goes to entry #9 Clap

good lick to all the participants! Smile


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