Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi Nov 30 Update

jammy Goldie

Joined: 28 September 2004
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Posted: 30 November 2004 at 10:52am | IP Logged

      First for the daily dose of comment on todays episode. Well those who dont like to watch sugary things and thought that purab was sugary, well today's episode is extra sugary LOL. Armaan sugary oops!! I meant suri was very sweet today. I recommend get your blood sugar levels checked tommo. Embarrassed

I know somepeople hate me for  my comments but kya karoo kuch apne liye bhi to karoo Wink.

     Todays episode,
      It starts from where we left yesterday in jassi's cabin,  Armaan comes around jassi and tells jassi that why is she upset when everytime its her who always gave them the strenght to fight the odds, and why is she loosing her strenght. Jassi just looks at him. Just then raj enters the cabin and he tells hi, and tells them that its good news and the whole market knows that Gulmohar is doing great (in two days?? Confused) we have new buyers new orders. and then he sees the paratha's and tells jassi ohh waah parathe then he tells parathe dekh kar yaad aya ki kal to tumhari mangni thi naa congratulations. He then tells her that he wants to see how jassi looked while wearing the ring and having a ladoo and smiling. armaan in between trys to stop him from speaking uncontrolably, armaan then takes raj's hand and he takes him out jassi face is very sad. harmaan then takes raj out and informs him that purab ne jassi ko hamesha ke liye chod diya hain purab ne mangi tod di, raj is shocked. Armaan then comes back in the cabin and jassi is still in a bit dazed condition when he tells jassi that he wants her to be ok and then he tells her that she needs to send him some files, jassi says yes, he then tells her that she has to call aryaan, jassi says yes, he then tells her that she needs to get the old supplier list and jassi says yes, armaan then says and you need to eat all the paratha's, jassi says yes and then she wonders how she said yes, armaan tells that jassi that you need to take care of yourself and he leaves outside armaan and raj talk, raj is happy that purab paschim se nikal gaya (aur tu uttar se wapas ghoos gaya) aur ab jassi ka dil bahut dukha hoga, armaan get angry on raj for talking in this way about jassi he tells raj that tumhe majak sujh raha hain jassi ke saath aisa hua he tells that jassi is going through bad phase, raj is a bit suprised he tells armaan as to why is armaan so worried about jassi's personal life, armaan tells raj that jassi ne Gulmohar ke liye bahut kuch kiya hain aur aj pehli baar mujhe nahi jassi ko meri zarrorat hain aur main uski madaad zaroor karunga. Armaan leaves raj just watches him. Jassi's house bebe is standing in balcony and is in deep thought and just then amrit comes and tells bebe what is she thinking, bebe tells that she is thinking about jassi and how she must be feeling right now, she tells amrit that jassi needs our support and her biggest support is billu and billu is so angry now who will make him understand just then the door bell rings and bebe goes and open the door and when she opens the door she says 'tum!!'

 jassi is walking  when she (still dazed) bangs into a manquien mallika is there she sees this and tells jassi sambhal ke, she tells jassi that tumse to kuch bhi nahi sambhla jata ek rishta bhi nahi sambhla jata tumse, Kal ka din to tumhare liye bahut burra raha hoga, meeting se pehle CEOship jaati rahi aur meeting ke baad mangetaar jata raha. mallika then says that tumse to kuch bhi nahi sambhala jata pata nahi tum chairman ko kaise sambhal leti hoo. jassi tries to stop her but mallika continues, purab ne tumse to sirf isliye mangi ki thi ki woh tumhare zariyeen Gulmohar ko haasil karna chata tha, aur jab woh jaan gaya ke aisa nahi hoga to woh tumhe chod kar chala gaya. mallika then goes, jassi also moves from there just then ruby mom is shown listening to this. She goes to the gang and informs them what happen, the gang is talking as to how to help jassi, just then jassi comes there she asks for a supplier list file and telling that she leaves bindya tells her that jassi tu aaj humse nahi poochongi ke hum yaha kya baat kar rahe hain?? jassi just looks at her, bindyaa tells that we are talking about you and how to set your mood up, veeru comes and he says that we can keep a party for jassi bindyaa rejects , she says that we can go to a fashion show that is there and there they can get good hunks maybe thier luck can shine once again, ruby tells bindyaa that this time you have given worse idea then veeru's ruby mom then suggest them betting. nazneen and bindyaa both reject ( what the hell kal bouncer aur aaj bettingConfused).  jassi tells them that she knows that they are worried about her but tells them not too and leaves. they are all sad.

At the door its armaan sugary (oops suri). He tells that he has come to talk to them he then puts his hands around bebe and amrit and lead them in (see dejavu!!). bebe then asks armaan how is jassi he tells that jassi is fine and then he tells them that is is not her mistake and many times jassi has supported her family and now its her family's time to support her saying this he keeps his hands on amrits. bebe tells that we know that jassi is upset and that at this juncture only billu can take care of her but he is angry, armaan says yes i know that uncle (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......) is angry, bebe tells that he is not anrgy but he is doing natak, actually he is angry at purab, because he trusted purab alot and since purab has broken his trust he is now taking his anger on jassi, armaan sees this and he is shown thinking something.

In the office raj is scolding someone 'Mujhe kya maddy samjha hua hain, arre maine models ki file mangaayi thi, yaane female models ki file, yeh male models ki album ka maine kya karoonga' . he sends that person away, then mallika ask raj where is armaan, raj says that armaan bahar gaya hain, mallika as kaha, raj says woh dance karne gaya hain?? he then tells mallika you know dance is so relaxing. mallika tells that you mean armaan has gone to  learn dance, raj says yeah, woh kya haina tumhare ishaaroon par naachte naachte woh thak gaya hain, is liye dance sikhne gaya hain, he then tells her that dance is very relaxing and they both should dance to relax he take mallika's hands and trys to make her dance with him she leaves his hand he tells her that lal pari(mallika is wearing red saari) kya hua tum mere saath dance nahi karoogi? just then pari comes he takes her hand and says pari yeh lal pari to mere saath dance nahi karegi kya tum karoogi and he takes pari's hands and starts dancing, pari is like 'raaj' in a romantic way and then raj exclaims dekho maliika main to abhi se relax hone laga hoon, pehle main dance karke relax karta hoon, aur phir ghar jaake ke dancer ke saath relax hota hoon. he then goes, mallika tells to her self that raj is definetly trying to save armaan's neck. pari exclaims to mallika that she is so relaxed with all that dancing, mallika shouts at pari to stop talking like raj. billu is cleaning jassi's room still cursing her as such a big girl is keeping her room so untidy. he then sees her photo and he takes her photo (here is a blooper in long shot billu is not wearing his glasses and closeup billu is wearing his glasses). he is watching the photo when armaan comes into the room, seeing him billu keeps the photo and showing his attitude he stands at one side showing his back to armaan, armaan tells billu uncle aap kabhi mere papa se mile hain, mere papa bahut hi intresting hain but woh jayada baat nahi karte, but ek baar woh drinks lete hain to woh bahut baat karte hain, woh jab pehle peg peete hain to kehte hain to woh mere baare main baat karte hain, kethe hain ki main kitna burra buisness man hoon kuch bhi nahi sambhaal pata (arre woh to main bina piye hi accept bolta hoon, roj bolta hoon, matlab main tumhare dad se accha hoon!!!).  he then says that when my dad takes the second peg he says how much my son talks, bus baate hi karta hain. But jab woh teesra peg peete hain to kehte hain ki jaisa bhi hain yeh mera beta hain aur main usse bahut pyaar karta hoon. He then tells billu that you are also jassi's papa and that you should be on her side. he tells billu that its not jassi's fault that the trusted a wrong person, he tells billu that you are so experieced phir bhi aap galat aadmi ko pehchaan nahi paaye phir to jassi kitni bholi hain, billu tells armaan you mean to say that its my fault , armaan tell billu no and that its not his fault but its not even jassi's fault. billu tells armaan ke jassi ko maafi nahi milegi because jassi ne mujhse chupaye rakha ke sach kya tha. he then leaves and armaan is like phew!!

Jassi is walking on road when she see's nandu fighting with someone, nandu is beating someone, jassi then comes and seperates them she then asks nandu what happen, the guy who is getting beaten says that nandu has lost it and that he just asked him something, nandu tells jassi that he is lying and that the guy was joking about jassi and the guy had asked nandu that nandu why did jassi's prince left without his ghodi!! . jassi looks at them and tell that guy to leave, nandu gets angry and tells him that he will not leave until he says sorry to jassi and goes on to beat that guy again, the guy reluctantly says sorry to jassi and leaves. jassi then tells nandu that since when did he become so strong, nandu tells jassi that he cant hear crap about her. he then tells her that he will keep fighting for her. He then tells her that he was going to come to meet her at office good that she got him here and telling that he tells her that he will meet her later and he needs to go home now. Jassi then goes she enter's her house, jassi keep her file on the swing and just then we hear billu that no no we are not doing it we are not eating, bebe tells billu that she is feeling very hungry billu tells that nobody in house will eat till his queen victoria eats food. jassi listens to this and she gets very emotional, she says papaji and hugs billu. billu then tells jassi that he was angry on her because she had hidden her problems from them (that means you give her more problems). but then somebody told him the reasons behind why you did what you did  and then it entered his thick skull as to what was the real story. Jassi asks him who was that guy (ok any guesses??? Tongue). billu shows the person and its armaan in slow motion with a voice over saying yehi hain woh farishta (ok this is what will cause majority daibetis)and jassi looks at him  and she is crying . jassi then comes to leave armaan out of her house and she says thank you armaan sir for whatever you did, armaan says that he will not accept her sorry until she smiles and says the same, jassi says no she cant do that. jassi says that she is not able to laugh now , armaan takes a gift from his car and its that mirror which he had bought and tells jassi that this is for you, jassi say that main iska kya kroongi (its the same mirror which says jassi jiska dil hain aina), armaan tells her that this will keep her reminding about him and this will make her look herself from his eyes. Jassi accepts the gift and then tells armaan how can she thank armaan , armaan says that she can , she can say thankyou buy giving him one day of her life, and that she should spend a day with her, jassi is suprised and shocked a bit the camera pans on her face and .........

The End !! What else, did you expected her to be jumping?? Embarrassed

pujas Senior Member

Joined: 14 September 2004
Posts: 938

Posted: 30 November 2004 at 11:05am | IP Logged
Thanks Jammy fo rthe awesome update and the hilarious comments. I just love reading them so much.
anitha.b IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 September 2004
Posts: 3506

Posted: 30 November 2004 at 11:11am | IP Logged
one day of her life instead of one night I suppose....Wink

hmmm...mera moon to bahut meetha hain...main to chali spicy mexican ya chinese khane.....LOL

Thanks Jammy for your wonderful update as always...very good!

loveneha_r Goldie

Joined: 19 August 2004
Posts: 1552

Posted: 30 November 2004 at 11:18am | IP Logged
thanks a lot jammy! loved ur comments!LOL
jprasad IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 October 2004
Posts: 6974

Posted: 30 November 2004 at 11:25am | IP Logged
Jammy -

Thanks for the update. I was laughing so hard at your
comments that that I started crying!   LOL LOL LOL

Jammy, can you tell us why are they always looking the
suppliers' list? Don't you think they need keeper of the
supplier files? Also, why is the binder so big for a three page
supplier list?
giaa Senior Member

Joined: 01 November 2004
Posts: 875

Posted: 30 November 2004 at 11:27am | IP Logged
Thanks for the update, Jammy...

and ofcourse you can do something for yourself....the comments were rather
appropriate I thought.
sweetgal Groupbie

Joined: 12 August 2004
Posts: 188

Posted: 30 November 2004 at 11:29am | IP Logged

Thankss jammyy fo yet another greatt update !!!!!!! Smile And speciallyy forr ARMAAN SUGARY LOL  LOL  LOL  thatss is realllyy funny !!

manimau Senior Member

Joined: 24 August 2004
Posts: 716

Posted: 30 November 2004 at 11:33am | IP Logged
So will our "Purab clone Sugari" give Jassi 'THE MAKEOVER' or make her repent (acc to blf) for rest of her life in that one day from her life?????????

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