Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka


Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka
Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka

PYAAAR-Fan Fic *imp* note. see page 5 (Page 2)

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Chapter two

When she enters the lift, there is another girl inside. That girl looks at nimmo and starts talking to her.
girl: hello! tum offive mein naye ho ky?
nims: hhan. aaj mera pehla dhin hai.
girl: wise tumaara naam kya hai?
nims: mera naam Namrata Mathuria hai, lekhin aap mujhe nimm bhi bula sakte hain.
girl: hey yeh "aap" bolne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai. waise mera naam Jaanvi hai. i am one of the employees. aur tum?
nims: mein MD ki personal assistant hoon.
jaan: oh!!! so welcome to our office. i am sure ki tumhe yahaan bahut mazaa aayega
nims: thanks!
They get inside the office. Jaanvi shows her the MD's room an goes to her seat. Nimmo close her eyes for a few seconds and then knocks the door
MD: yes, come in
nims: good morning sir. mein aapki nayi PA hoon sir
MD: Oh!! ok, ok!! so you are Namrata Mathuria. welcome to our office.
nims: thank you sir.
MD: well, for me, tumaara kaam bilkul perfect hona chahiye and u should be punctual to the office. i dont like late comers. kya tum apna kaam aaj shuroo karna chahthe ho ya kal?
nims sir mein aaj hi shuroo karna chahthi hoon.
MD: good, very good! bahar ek ladki hogi, jaanvi; usse poocho, woh tumaare kaam ki details batayegi.
naims: thank you sir.
she comes out of the room and looks up. she thinks in her heart" dekha? ki meine apna pehla dhin kaise start kiya. abh dekhthi hoon ki tum kya karoge.
She meets jaanvi and jaanvi explains to her about the work. Nimmo starts her work and is vry happy. in the evening nimmo and jaanvi, when they were in the lift.
jaan: toh nimmo, tum ghar kaise jaa rahi ho?
nims: auto se, kyun?
jaan: kuch nahi, wiase tumaara ghar kahaan hai?
nims tells hr the address(actually i dont know much places in mumbai)
jaan: mein nhi toh roz ussi direction se aati hoon.toh mein tumhe drop kar deti hoon.
nims: nahi, koi baat nahi. mein auto mein chali jaati hoon.
jaan: hey, come on yaar, dont show formailities. mere paas scooter hai, hum saar mein chalte hain. aur mein tumhe roz pick up bhi kar loongi.
nims: ok, thank u so much.
as they were going in the scooter....
jaan: waise nimmo, tumaare ghar mein kaun kaun hain?
nims: mere papa, Anand Mathuria, mama, neeta, do behnen-naina aur swati, ek chota bhai, vishal. aur mere chacha, vallab, chachi, ketki aur unka beta, candy bhi humaare saat rehte hain.
jaan: wow, iska matlab tumaara ek bada family hai. kitna maza aayega na?
nims: aur tumaare ghar mein?
jaan: mere ghar mein sirf mein aur mama hain? papa ki mauth ek saal pehle ho gayi.
nims: oh, i'm sorry. aur tumaare koi rishtedaar?
jaan: patha nahi. actually, mama ki love marriage thi. isliye unn donon ki families bahut gusse the.
nims: kya woh abh bhi gusse hain?
jaan: patha nahi! shaayad!
nims: bas jaanvi, wahi mera ghar hai.
she gets down
nims: andar toh aao?
jaan: nahi nimmo, aaj nahi. lekhin ek dhin zaroor aati hoon. mama ghar mein akeli hain isliye. ok then bye
nims: bye, kal milthe hain.
nimmo tells her family about her first day at office and about jaanvi. they all feel sorry for her. then swati and naina get into the gathering and swati notices nimmo's new phone. nimmo tells that sundar gifted her.
swati:mamaji? kya aapne sirf nimmo ke liye gifts laaye hain? humaare liye kuch bhi nahi?
sundar: laaya hoon na. are, aise kaise sirf nimmo ko doonga. yeh lo.
it was a small video cam for swati and a beautiful gown for naina.
naina: wow, yeh toh bahut khoobsoorat hai! thank u so much mamaji.
the rest of the evening went as usual. and for the next few weks, surprisingly nimmo's life went very smoothly. she did all her work punctually and the MD was impressed by her work. jaanvi and nimmo became best friends. nimmo often went to jaanvi's house to stay with her and her mother. they had great fun going around the city in the scooter. as these happy days were going, one day
nimmo was in the shopping mall, in a jewellery shop.Her cell rings and she picks it up. it was jaanvi...
nims: haan jaanvi bolo.
jaan: nimmo, kahaan ho tum?
nims: mein yahaan shopping mall mein hoon. kyun?
jaan: kuch zaroori kaam hai, isliye. mein abhi wahaan aati hoon, hum entrance mein milthe hain. waise tum mall mein kya kar rahi ho?
nims: tum bhool? sgle hafte naina ki birthday hai. mein uske liye gift khareed rahi hoon.
jaan: achcha teek hai. bye. entrance mein milthe hain.
nimmo was buying a pair of earrings and looking at the diff designs. suddenly a person standing on her right unkowingly got pushed on nimmo by a couple who were standing on his right. like they were standing like this
nimmo-----the person---the couple.
at first nimmo ignored him. she couldn't see his face as he was talking on the phone.
person: bhaisab, woh bracelet dhikhayiye , woh wala.
nims: sir, mujhe woh earring dikhayiye. haan wahi.
they were pointing at the respective items.
Again the person got pushed by the couple on nimmo.She looked at him angrily but he was facing the couple. But nimmo thought that he did that purposefully. bu she gave a second chance for him. And guess wat happened. It happened the third time and this time the force was very heavy that nimmo was about to fall when the person saw that and aught her round her waist.
And the person was KUNAL. They looked at each other for 2seconds and .......

                                                                                                                                      to be continued................

Hope u liked it. please post in ur comments.

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gr8 job.
plz cont soon. Clap Goldie

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Can't wait for more continue soon Clap
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awesome part Clap
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Chapter three

Recap: nimmo was about to fall when the person caught her by her waist. and the person was KUNAL.

She moves back and then starts.....
nims: hello Mr., whats your problem? mein kab se dekh rahi hoon ki tum jaan boochkar mujh par gir rahe ho. what's your problem huh?
kunu: excuse me!! meine aisa kuch bhi nahi kiya. woh actually yeh couple.....
he turns to see that the couple had escaped.
nims: kya couple? yahaan koi nahi hai?
kunu: woh, yahaan ek couple kade the. and they were the ones who pushed me ok?
nims: achcha, abh tumne ek imaginary couple ko bhi create kar diya hai kya? sharam nahi aati tumhe?
kunu: hey mind your words ok? tum kuch zyadaa bol rahi ho.
nims: mein zyadaa bol rahi hoon: kya mein zyadaa bol rahi hoon?
kunu: haan. tum kuch nahi, bahut zyadaa bol rahi ho.
nims: you you. abhi dikhathi hoon. Manager manager?
A person comes near her. He was a Korean. She gets confused.
nims: ap mnager hain?
kor: sorry ma'am, i dont understand hindi. please talk in english.
nims: i want to see the manager.
kor: sorry ma'am, he is not here. but dont worry ma'am, i'm his assisstant. you can tell me the matter.
nims: actually this man here is purposefully pushing me.
kunu: no sir, she is simply putting the blame on me. i did nothing. (he thinks looking at nimmo--yeh apne aapko khoobsoorat samaj thi hai)
kor: please sir, ma'am, you can continue your fight outside the shop, not here.please.

both nimmo and kunal are shocked. they tell the men who were showing the jewels to nimmo and kunal respectively to pack the jewellery. and nimmo and kunal gave a very look at each other.
nimmo was scolding him all the way to the entrance. then she sees jaanvi waiting.
jaan: are kahaan thi tum? mein kab se intezaar kar rahi hoon.
nimmo explains what happened. jaanvi simply laughs.
jaan: bas nimmo, itni si baat!
nimmo gets more irritated, but then jaanvi cools her down and then both of them leave.

YOU see one big thing happened in the shop apart from nimmo and kunal's fight. its that, their phones got exchanged. now all the calls will reach the wrong person. another thing is that nimmo doesnt know his name and he doesnt knoe hers.

kunal is going in his car at abt 6 or 7 in the evening. His cell rings.
kunu: hello?
sunny: hello, mein sunny bol raha hoon. nimmo hai?
kunu: nimmo? sorry you are on the wrong number.
he cuts the call. and again a call comes.
sunny: hello, kya yeh nimmo ki number hai?
kunu: sorry again. yeh nimmo ka number nahi hai.
but again sunny calls him. kunal gets irritated.
kunu: are kitni bar kahoon ki yeh nimmo ki cell nahi hai. cant u understand?
sunny: sorry sir. sorry for disturbing you.(he keeps the phone.)agar ek aur baar phone karoonga, toh gadbad ho jaayei.
now kunal is in his room.
kunu: KK?.....KK?
KK: yes sir, aap ne mujhe bulaaya?
kunu: haan kk. mein woh nahaane jaa raha hoon. so please keep my clothes ready. ok?
kk: yes sir. i'll do that.
kunal goes to his cupboard and looks at the towels for a long time.
kk: kya baat hai sir? mein aapki kuch madad karoon.
kunu: haan kk, woh mein kaunsa towel loon?
kk smiles. he takes a towel and gives it to kunal.
kunu: thanks kk.
kk: you are most welcome sir.
kunal comes out and puts on his dress. his cell starts ringing.
kunu: hello?
vishal: hello di, kahaan ho tum?
kunu: di, kaun di?
vishal: sorry, yeh nimmo ki number hai na?
kunu: nahi, wrong number.(he cuts the call)
another call comes. he checks the number but can identify it. and so he picks it up and before he could speak.
candy: hello, nimmo, kaisi ho? tumne do dhin se phone kyun nahi ki?
kunu: nimmo nimmo nimmo? kaun hai yeh nimmo? decko, mera naam kunal hai, nimmo nahi.
candy: sorry
kunal gets fed up. after about half an hour later, he goes out, but doesnt take his cell.
now its night and there at nimmo's house, nimmo was going to sleep when her cell rings. before nimmo could speak.
suman: hi darling! kahaan ho tum? mein kabse tumaara intezaar kar rahi hoon?
nims: darling?....kaun bol raha hai?
suman: tum kaun bol rahi ho? kunal kahaan hai?
nims: kunal? sorry. yahaan kunal naam ka koi bhi nahi hain
she cuts the phone and goes to sleep. at about 12.30, again she receives a call.
nims(sleepily): hello?
preeti: hey kaunl, mein preeti. hey i'm waiting for you at the disco yaar.
nims: sorry, there is no kunal here.
and she cuts the phone. but 4 phone calls come continuously and all the callers were different: Jiya, Tamanna, Rita aur Sitara. all tell the same thing. nimmo gets fed up and switches off her cell.

there kunal enters his room and checks his cell if there was any missed calls from the above girls who called nimmo. but no. there was none.
kunu: are, yeh kya? kisi ne bhi phone nahi kiya. atleast jiya toh mujhe bula sakti thi. lagta hai mujhe hi call karna padega.
he checks his phonebook and surprised to see some other contacts.
kunu: yahaan toh kisi aur ke number hain? mere friends ki nuber ek bhi nahi hai. are, wallpaper bhi badla gaya hai.(he thinks for a second) kya yeh mera hi phone hai. check karta hoon.
he takes another phone and dials his number and keeps it on his ears.but it says" The number you ar trying is currently switched off." he cuts the phone.
kunu: oh no! iska matlab yeh mera phone nahi hai. kisi aur ka hai. toh mera phone kiske paas hai? kahin woh nimmo naam ki ladki ke paas toh nahi?............

                                                                                    be continued............

hope u liked it. please post in ur comments.

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awesome chapter
plz cont soon
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great part Clap Clap plz continue soon

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