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Please post all the articles regarding the show Ghar Ek Sapna in this thread.

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Ajai Sinha's new Sapna

After churning popular shows like Hasratein and Astitiva Ek Prem Kahani for Zee, producer - director Ajai Sinha has now shifted his loyalties to Sahara One as he comes up with a new show, Ghar Ek Sapna.

"One can see the channel has also changed its profile"

So the first obvious query posed to him is, why the change? "Well, how long can I sit at home? After Astitiva...., I waited for almost eight months. Though this particular show wasn't the one I had pitched to Zee, but maybe some people were made to believe that my shows cater to a different class. Also, as one can see the channel has also changed its profile," said the path breaking director, very matter of factly.

We sense a certain creative angst in Sinha, who's always known to ride against the tide with his subtle and sensitive style of direction. To which Sinha laments, "I think my best work was a show called Samay on Zee, which was a story of a 70 year old woman and her struggles in life. But, somehow nobody remembers it. Everything looks the same nowadays as people don't want to watch anything new and we are so much caught up into the TRP race. "

So, how does Sinha plan to combine the best of both the worlds in his upcoming serial? He says, 'We have tweaked the script to suit the new audience profile. Ghar..has a off beat script yet its modern in many ways. Viewers will get to see an opulent wedding sequence, with loads of masala, and even item numbers to the latest songs like beedi and kajra re. We had planned a number with Rakhi Sawant but somehow she's too busy so we have found a replacement."

"Viewers will get to see an opulent wedding sequence, with loads of masala, and even item numbers"

Ghar….is a story of one large family with three brothers. Interestingly, one of the brothers, just flirts casually with Kakul (the lead protagonist) at a friend's wedding and both are forced to get married as she belongs to a upper class business family. Elaborating further on the script, Sinha says, "The plot takes forward from the age old custom in Bihar, wherein powerful families often times kidnap the boy if they like him to get him married. But, somehow, after the marriage, Kakul is not accepted into the family. Her husband too doesn't really love her and has a girlfriend. As the script unfolds, it explores Kakul's journey of finding her dream home. We all have our idea of what our dream home should be like…some crave for a love, some for material wealth whereas others dream of a dream mansion."

Ajai has already tackled sensitive issues in his previous shows with great maturity and finesse but sans any masala (as he himself puts it). Will this added ingredient work in his favour? Or will Sahara One's lukewarm positioning benefit from this product from Ajai? We'll have our eyeballs tracking the TRPs.

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SaharOne is releasing two new shows on the small screen, Ghar-Ek Sapna, and Zaara-Pyaar Ki Saugat, featuring three strapping young studs; Jatin Grewal, Abhay Vakil, and Darshan Dave.

Darshan Dave has done a few commercials and telly films.
He makes his debut in a serial with Ghar-Ek Sapna...

A little about your character in Ghar-Ek Sapna …
Sujeet is a newly married, good-looking don from Bihar. He's enraged when he sees a Mumbaiite flirting with his sister-in-law at a wedding in Bihar. He forces the guy to marry her at gun point. For some he is a hero but he is a villain for the rest.

Isn't this too far-fetched?
It is not like Mumbai. These things happen in small towns of Bihar. They also do this if they don't find a suitable match for a girl.

Do you feel this was the right role to debut with on television?
I found this character very positive. I'd a choice between playing Sujeet and the hero. However, I felt that it was better to be strongly negative than being cheaply negative.  Anyway, it has always been my childhood fantasy to play a strong, larger than life character.

What have you done before this?
I've done a few commercials besides telly films with Ajai Sinha and Ravi Chopra.

How about films?
I would love to do films but only main leads for me. Otherwise, I am happy doing central characters on television.

Don't you feel that it's difficult to get good film offers once you become a recognisable face on television?
I don't think there are rules like that. You never know. Here singers become actors and film actors become TV actors. The first person who breaks out of the mould becomes a sort of trendsetter. I've never planned my career. I've realised that it doesn't work for me. Today I believe in taking each step at a time and giving off my best. You keep moving ahead if you keep proving yourself at every step. Call it destiny, hard work, or luck but I think that is the way to move in this industry.


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'Just give me a good part'

By Hindustan Times
Wednesday January 10, 02:07 AM
Harsh Chhaya's plate is full. He is doing Ajai Sinha's serial Ghar Ek Sapna for Sahara One. He is also doing films with Pradeep Sarkar for Yash Raj, Rajat Kapoor's Mithya in which he plays a gangster and a Marathi film with Bipin Nadkarni, the director of the award winning Uttarayan. Speaking on Ghar Ek Sapna, he has earlier worked with Ajai on Hasratein and Astitva Ek Prem Kahani.

"I play the eldest son, the balancing factor in a large family of the hero. I try to keep the peace and harmony in the family intact." Considering he is only doing Smriti Iraani's Thodi Si Zameen Thoda Sa Aasmaan, did he take up Ghar because of Ajai? "Not just that. He and I are very objective about our professional differences." Harsh, who's picky about his work, says it is Madhur Bhandarkar's Corporate, that got him noticed. "I wasn't exactly flooded with offers but people noticed my work."

He says he is glad, that directors like Rajat Kapoor, who incidentally played his boss in Corporate, saw him beyond a particular screen image. The actor is happy when Madhur ensured that "my role turned out just the way it was narrated to me."Refusing to say much about the film Sarkar, he says he has worked with him in ads. The Marathi film tentatively titled Bunty, is about a 12-year-old who is coming to terms with the separation of his parents. "I will be speaking my own lines otherwise there is no point in doing a film in another language." So will he now concentrate more on films? "Just give me a good part, worth my while, TV or film does not matter," he says.

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Small screen, big dreams

Sitting pretty: Sayantani Ghosh
Look who's dancing to Beedi, Kajra re and Khallas on screen this year — our very own Sayantani Ghosh! The girl who entered drawing rooms across the country with STAR Plus's Kumkum Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan will be playing the lead in Sahara One's new venture for the weekday 10 pm slot, Ghar — Ek Sapna.

"Ajaiji (Sinha, the director) has given the serial a very filmi look. So there is a lot of dancing in the opening sequence," says Sayantani, set to be introduced as Kakul on December 15. Kakul comes from a political strongman's family in Bihar. The story takes off with her friend's wedding. So all the singing and dancing. "I am dancing to as many as six songs myself," the Bharatanatyam student says. "And by the seventh episode, I get married."

That is, in fact, the violent twist in the tale. A man from Mumbai who flirted with Kakul during the wedding and offended the men in her family is forced to marry her at gunpoint. "Such things happen, don't they?" stresses Sayantani, back in home in between a hectic schedule. "We are putting in mad hours — 16 to 17 a day. In Calcutta, 10-11 hours are maximum."

But Sayantani is hardly complaining. A second runner-up at Sananda Tilottama 2003, Sayantani has always dreamt big. Which is why she took part in Zee TV's Item Bomb contest even when she was set to debut in Tollywood, opposite Prosenjit, no less. After sealing her place here with lead roles in Raju Uncle and Nayak, she decided to go west, and fast. "I do not want to struggle in Mumbai at Rituparna's (Sengupta) age," remarks the 22-year-old.

The wait for Ghar — Ek Sapna has been worth it. "The three-four months before that were trying. I had walked out of Kumkum as my role did not shape up the way I was promised. I suppose they have their TRP-related compulsions but it did not make sense to leave lead roles in Bengal to play second fiddle on television. The offers after that were not satisfactory, but I decided to stick on in Mumbai."

Sayantani was selected for the role of "a dusky girl" by Ajai Sinha, the man behind Astitva and Hasratein whom she had contacted with her profile. This time, Hindi dialogues are no longer a problem for the girl from Behala. "When I started with Kumkum, I needed training but there was no time. My grammar was all over the place. So I used to mug up my lines as best as I could. Today, I am confident enough to improvise and add a word or two!"

What about Tollywood? "I am still shooting for Sujitda's (Guha) film with Bumbada (Prosenjit) and Swastika. It's called Sangharsha."

This is one Bengali babe not afraid to battle it out, at home or away.


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PRO-FILE: Harsh Chaya

Express Features Service

Extremely talented and gifted, Harsh Chaya has been around a long time and has been doing real quality work on television as well as films. You first saw him on Doordarshan way back in a show called Khaali Haath where he made his presence felt as the blind music teacher. Ever since he's been seen in memorable performances. Now he is back again with Ajai Sinha's Sahara daily Ghar Ek Sapna which premiered last week. Nitin Joshi in a brief chat with Harsh Chaya.

Tell us about your character in Ghar Ek Sapna.
I play this character called Rishabh—he is one of six brothers and sisters whose parents are Alok Nath and Himani Shivpuri. As with any joint family there are a lot of tensions and small squabbles and Rishabh is the guy who plays the calm mediator. He sorts out things with balanced views for both the warring sides and helps keep the family peace. I play the second child.

What do you like about Rishabh?
The fact that he has a very different perspective from the rest, he is very practical and unbiased. He is very stable.

You are back with Ajai Sinha again...
I have been working with Ajai Sinha for about eight or nine years now and the comfort levels are such that our working relationship has almost became a personal one. What I like about him is he gives each actor the respect he or she deserves. And he lets you be. His creative concepts are brilliant and one feels the role you do is worth making an extra effort for.

Tell us about your film with Ajai Sinha.
It's called STOP. I play a creepy, shady boss who troubles his employees.

By now, you have acted in quite a few films—Company, Janasheen, Dev, Ramji Londonwaley, Corporate. How was it working in big films?
I really enjoyed each one of them. In Dev I shared the screen with Mr Bachchan, Company with Ram Gopal Verma was a great experience too. too. So too. So was Corporate with Madhu Bhandarkar.

Which new films have you got in hand?
I am doing Mithya directed by Fayat Kapoor whose last film was Mixed Doubles in which I played a gangster. Am also doing Marathi films which is quite an experience.

Do you have any dream role?
One where my character is well-etched and not given to me because of some stereotype I conform to. It has to be fulfilling.

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Ujjawal Rana
Ujjawal Rana

Ghar Ek Sapna is the talk of the town today. Everyone is curious about who is playing the lead character Samman. This popular serial is directed by Astitva-Ek Prem Kahani fame Ajai Sinha. Viewers of recently launched Sahara One Television new soap Ghar Ek Sapna will identify him as Ujjawal Rana, the young handsome actor from Delhi. Few would know that before this actor found fame, he got recognition in Ravi Rai's popular serial Aaj Bhi Ateet in 2001. It was Ujjawal Rana's debut serial. Born in Tehri Garhwal (Uttaranchal) Ujjawal Rana has been a regular face on Television. Currently this young actor is enjoying his stint on small screen with a bang. If he has been seen in Aaj Bhi Ateet, Kahin To Milenge and Kabhi Sautan Kabhi Saheli, he has also been seen as Samman in Ghar Ek Sapna. About Samman, Ujjawal said, "It is a very interesting role which offers a lot of scope for performance and on television you see a lot of these characters. I had love to play one someday". Ujjawal Rana says he is glad that his character in Ghar Ek Sapna is being appreciated. "For an actor there is nothing more than appreciation. I am happy that the show Ghar Ek Sapna is being watched and most importantly my character is being noticed", said Ujjawal. Talking about Ghar Ek Sapna, Ujjawaj said, "this serial is very close to me. I can easily say this is not like the usual soaps of today. It is for the modern generation with glossy look. One can explore each character to the hilt." Ujjawal further told that, "Today television is so big that as an actor you are satisfied. I have always enjoyed working on television simply because it makes you a household name. A lot of people are watching your show and they shower you with all the love". Commenting upon his journey Ujjawal said, "An actor is raw material mouldable in other's hand. I have continued to grow as an actor and Ghar Ek Sapna is a good start in a way. I am very excited about shouldering the entire responsibility as a lead star. So, it is a challenging responsibility." At the end of the day an actor is only a cog in the wheel. But experience helps. I have done three soaps. This is meager output. Now I have learnt a lot." On his co-stars, Ujjawal said, "Everyone else in the team is so committed to 'Ghar Ek Sapna". This is the only way to make a good serial.

"I am happy concentrating on 'Ghar Ek Sapna" now I am on five days a week. I will proceed to doing something even more good, Ujjawal concluded. — D.P.

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Ghar Ka... treat

The cast of Sahara One's Ghar Ek Sapna were in for a surprise the day their serial went on air. Director Ajai Sinha invited all his actors to his house to watch the serial on his huge Plasma. Consequently, they wrapped up the shoot at 8 pm - they were supposed to shoot till midnight - so that they could catch the serial at 10 pm. At the stroke of ten, lights were switched off, snacks ordered and the cast sat back to view their hard work...

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