Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi


Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi
Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

kisna kt love destruction p:51pg:56

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sorry guys...i hv already posted this topic....but i kinda got this iz all da stories i hv written put 2gether as 2 check out more cum 2 this forum.....

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hey guyz...dis is my first tyme bare with me..
thisscene takez place when tripti findz out abt KT n kisna affair n decides to marry kisna to another gurl..

pari n archita talk to kt about the feelings she has for kisna.
A: why can u jus tell him dat u r in love with him
P: she'z rite u should tell him before sumthin weird happens
KT: wat do u mean??
P: how would u feel if Kisna wwaz marrying sumone else?
KT: OMG is he
P: no...but u shuld tell him before sumthin happens like dat .. but god forbid it happens
KT: k i'll try 2night...since it is Kisna's bday i will give him dis gift
P n' A: dats da spirit! but how will u tell him
KT: why dont u guyz ask lakshya to cum to my room at 6:oopm..n say dat kt want to give u sumthing
P: goood idea
both Pari and archita leave
while they are talking Tripti over hears it...n she decides to stop KT from sayin it...cuz she knew dat Laksya wil want to definately marry her.

KT is her room getting dress for da big party that kisna held..(n all for da big moment)
itz sign of kisna...
a knock on the door...Kt thought it waz kisn

KT( thinkin it waz kisna):y r u soo late ...didnt archita n pari tellu when to cum...u r 30minutes late
t for tripti
T: i think u have mistaken tulsi
kt turns around n wonders what da hell did i say to my future mother inlaw (LOL)
KT: oppz i thought u were someone else i was expect...i am sorry!! Ouch
T: waz it Lakshya
KT: (all shy) ummm ya.. Embarrassed
T: i cam here for a special reason tulsi... i knoe u r gona tell kisna ur feeling today.. plz dont
KT: wat do u mean (in confusion)
T: i knoe ur eyes are on virani parivaar's wealth not my son..
KT INTERUPTS: wat no way...i really am in love with him aunty
T: dunt call me aunty... wat are u? who r u to call me dat? u have no rights can i let u b my daughter in law..ur an orphan! an ORPHAN!! na tere baap ka pata hai ya tere ma ka... tum hoti kaun how is parivarr ki bahu banai wail...dont even dream abt becoming a bahu of this family...tumari au cad kya hai.. Angry Angry it would b beter if u jus dunt bother tellin hiim...cuz i will never acccept u as my bahu. so.. plz keep ur damn mouth shut!! Angry Angry anywayz i have already choose my bahu she iz from a very respected n rich family...n remember...dunt get it her n kisna's way or else...

tripti now leaves angrily n KT burst in to tears

after sum time kisna enters....

L for lakshya

L: hey KT u called me..archita n pari said dat u vere gonna give me a bday present.. ( his eyes lay on kt's sad face n c her packin to leave SN)..wat r u doin?
KT: i m leaving tthis house...i cant stay here anymore...i am going to delhi where i got accepted into a college n i m gona stay in da hostel...
L: wai wai wiat...where is all this cuming from ur leacving me..was this my birthday present
KT: yes...i thought u wud be happy for me dat i will finally stop buggin u and callin u a chilgosa...n dat i got into one of da best college in india
L:( comes closer to he, holds her tight around her waist) i waz sooo happy when pari n archita told me dat u called me...i thought u would say i love u to me..
KT inerupts
KT: ( in grief)...i have already told u i dunt love u...i never had or will have any feeling for u...or neither i ever felt like marryin u
KIsna interupts
L: (holds her even tighter...puts her chin up) look ito my eyes n say dat u dunt love me..SAY DAT U DOT CARE FOR ME!! SAY DAT U NEVER WANNA MARRY ME)
KT is tears
KT: dats rite...i dont..!!
KISNa shocked..
L: why did u dent do da karvachut fast for me...why did u stay up for nights until i was cured after the accident? why were u jealouse of dat gurl ...? why KT WHY KT?
tulsi calls KT from downstairs
KT: coming baa... leave me Kisna...baa is callin me... i gotta go..
kisna holds her even tighter...n kisses her tears away
L: i wpony let u go today ... i ant sum answersKT..rite NOW!! until u respond to my questions v rnt leving his room UNDERSTAND...i dunt care i dadi cums or there is a volcano...wernt leaving)

KT: wat aswers do u want??
L: wwhy did u do da karvachut fast for me...why did u stay up for nights until i was cured after the accident? why were u jealouse of dat gurl ...? why KT WHY KT? i alwyaz love in ur eyes...i i still c it

KT: its not for u...
Kisna shockef n says wat????????
KT: dat rite...i dunt love u...n this love dat u c in m eyes is for MANTHAN!! not all and all this karvachat and not sleepin at night business i did this just to win da bet with Pari n archita

L: wat BET??
KT: they betted dat u can never fall in love with me...n i told dem dat i bet u 1 lak rupees dat he will n i will make him
L: wat...??? so i waz jus a toy dat u use n then trow it away....
KT: ya...cum on kisna...i wud want 1lak n now they owe me dat money..
L: oMG KT i neva knew u were sooo SELFISH>>>>JUS LIEK DAT IDiOT MANTHAN...i had soo many dreams but u hv shattereed all of them KT...THNKS alot..
KT: dont u dare callmy love idiot...understood
Kisna leaves n jus walks away...
L: by da way...very awesome birthday present KT...i luved i like soo much..(being sarcastic) ..(SERIOUSLY in grief)buut remember one thing KT ...i will alwayz luv u even if i dutn want to u already have my heart n i dutn take ack wt i give people..(being sarcastic)
n he SLAMS da doooor behind her

KT is her rooom crying lookin at kisna so heart broken...
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DATz IT GUYS>>>i think it wazz so sad ehh .. Ouch Ouch Ouch

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Part 2..
Kisna goes down da stairs thinking why did KT do this to him...what did he do wrong...??

then tripti comes from behind

T: kisna
L: yes mom
T: meet Poonam
she introduces kisna to a very beautiful, tall nvery rich gurl from a respected family. ( dont worry guys she iznt a vamp...actually she waz very nice and sweet)
P: hey
L: hi, please to meet ya...
T: why dunt u show poonam around da hose kisna
L: sure, come on
bth leave taking to each other with kisna sad deep down inside
pari n archita see kisna wih poonam n start to wonder if Kisna talked to KT. both run to Kisna
A: bhaiya..
Kisna interupts her
L: oh pari, archita meet poonam. ponaam this is pari n archita
Both say hey ..n u knoe all da formalities..

anywayz..pari pulls kisna over an asks her if he taslked to KT... Kisna's wounds come to live again... n he becomes very emotional...n just leaves withut a response to pari's question
Pari n archita are both confused...wondering wats wrong with kisna...they go upstairs to to KT 's room...
KT: hey u guys...wat r u doing here...rnt u suppose to b downstairs...
A: wat da hell is wrong with u KT...wat did u do to Kisna
KT: ( confuseed) why wat happen to him
P: we asked him if u talked to him but he rfused to say to us...wat did u tellhim...
KT: nothin...jeez guys..calm down..
Pari( lookin at da luggage ): wat da hek is all this.. where are u goin????
KT: i m leaving..
both P + A: WAT...where Why.???
KT: i got admitted to da best college of india in i am gonna go there ot study!! n before u ask me if i asked Baa...i did k..n if u guys stop buggin me i have to finish packin cuz i m leaving tonight
Eklavya comes upstairs to call all da gurls and sees KT's paking
E: wats hapening gurls...n Kt whr are u goin..?/ wats all this packing for
KT: ooo..bhaiya i am goin to delhi..i got admitted to da college there
E: wat about laksya/?
shocked KT , feelin as if her heart just came out of her chest says wat about him??
E: cum on KT v all knoe dat there is sumthing goin on between u and quit pretending..
dats rite KT!! said archita and pari
E: why dont both of u go downstairs wile i just have a consversation with KT
P: but..
E: go
both leave sadly

E: now KT ..wats wrong
KT: nothin..seriously nothin at all
E: if u call me bhaiya weelll treat me as one...i knoe there is sumthing wrong
KT starts sayin da storyn there a bacgrond music playin (i dunno which one)
after her dukh bari kahanni is done
E: OMG... i neva knew Tripti aunty waz like dat
KT: but u have to promise me not o tell anone...NOT EVEN KISNA...dats why i had to play this drama about like manthan n everything
E: but KT..
KT: promise is a promise dunt u dare say it.
E: ok then..why dunt u frehen up...n cum down to the da party...jus act normal..
KT: if u say soo..
KT gets all dressed up...wearing a beauiful salwa kammez dat manthan gave her for her bithday

as kt cums down lookin extra preety..Laksya jus stares at her n remembers all da beautiful moment they spent together...there is still a lot of luv dat is there in his eyes n heart n everywhrer for her...same with KT when she sees laKsya her heart starts beating fast remembers beautiful mombents she spent with him... but pretends to ignore him...
Manthan cums forth to KT jsu to make kisna jealous
M: omg KT ..u lookin very sexy (LOL_)
KT: oh thnkx
at this time Kisna's heart boiling n his face turning all red in anger

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KIsna's heart boiling n his face turning all red..

KT: dunt u think its too crowded around here...lets go out..
M: OMG KT i cant believe this dat ur saying it...SURE lets rock n' roll   (LOL)
just then they are about to leave Tripti gets up on stage
T: thank u all for cuming to my son's 25th birthday at this point in time i would like Kisna to cum up and cut his beautiful birthday cake
everone applauds n sing happy birthday to u...((u knoe da drill)
after kisna cuts da cake Tripti, Sahil, Baa, Tulsi and Ganga (who surprisingsly cums) feed da cake
T: now everyone since my kisna is 25.. it is said dat v start to think about his marriage
Ganga surprised...wondering how can sahil not let her make the decision to who kisna marries.. and KT at his point in time in grief
T: soo i knoe my son will agree with me on da girl i chose for him to marry
pari and archita all happy...thinking dat triti will say KT
but tripti giving an evil smirk says >>>
wat do u think
everyone applauds.. but kisna waz can his mom make this decision on her own... pari and archita shocked...they get the idea that dats why KT would have been sad for.. Manthan happy thinkin my darling KT is soo much pretier den her (SHE WAS)KT sad!!
KT: (TO MANTHAN) lets soo manthan
M: hold up sweety i wanna c kisna's face seeing u in my arms
T: poonam, kisna will plz cum up....
both goo up on stage...stand beside Tripti...
S: son congrats... here u go take this ring and put it on her
T: poonam take this ring n put it on kisna plz
while putting da ring kisna remmebrd his past, his dreams putting this ring on KT ..he looked at KT pretending to b joyful for being engaged with poonam..
they now put da rings in each other's fingers n every one applauds...

Ganga now cums up on stage wishing Kisna and poonam..n announces "LETS party..""
G: i would like kisna n KT...i mean poonam to start teh dance on one of my favorite song..
while ganga says stuff Tripti goes to KT
T: see KT how happy my kisna is...n look at their jodi...its like jodi made in da way..i heard u were leaving..i would appreciate in if get ur but ot of this house a.s.a.p n cum bak after poonam n kisna's wedding. i hope u wudnt mind
KT starts to cry
M: hey dare u talk to KT like this get out of here...leave us alone
tripti leaves
then tripti goes up on stage n says
T: i want more people to join da 2nd couple dat will join this kisna n' poonam dance will be KT and Manthan
Manthan all proud n in joy gives KT a rose
M: would u like to dance with em
KT: (pretending to be happy) sure
as KT and manthan cum to dance da music changes to KT-kisna song.. kya yeh hi pyar hai
While dancing kisna stares at Kt still thinkin about wat she old him....he sees her happy in manthan's arms n thinks...ya she was rite..its waz jus a drama dat she played arounf me for money...

hope u liked it...i m not dat good as nimmi man..i wish i can b like her (LOL)..thnkx for reading guys.. and oh ya....ppl i can think of wat to write now...soooo why dutn u seend me part 3 ideas...n i'll mix them up...n create sumthing new!!..****but remember....thyey cant get together verys sooon...plz send me creative n reasonable ideas not cheesy ones; !!

** n ur names will be posted for ideas u gave**

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here v go guys....thnkx for awesome comments again!!!! luv u all....but i m cum no one iz givin me ideas....cummon guyzzz!!! Wink Wink

recap: manthan n kt dancing...jealoused kisna

after dancing with manthan kt feels tired( n upset ofcourse) for hurting her love KISNA Embarrassed
KT: wow dat waz great...i really feel tired i think i'll jus go upstair and finish my packing manthan...
M: oh darling sure...but one request ..dont call me manthan...i prefer sumthing romantic...
KT: sure sweetheart...iz dat better
M: yup!!
KT: leaves the party in grief pari and archita watch her upset and wonder why da hell did she do this ...they follow her upstairs to her rooom

KT: wat r u doin here..??
P: v want answers
KT: for wat..
A: wat did u do to Lakshya Bhaiya...n why is he getting married to wats happening...did u tell him dat u luv him dearly
KT: i dunt ok..leave n stop buggin me (KT turns around crying)
Pari cums forward to comfort her
P: if u dont like him denwhy r u crying...tell us wats the matter...if u can tell eklav bhaiyya den ofcourse u can tell us...v r ur well wishers KT
KT: i will but u have to promise sumthing to me...
A: wat
KT: never tell anything i say to any one...n i mean NOOBODY not even lakshya or baa or anyone do u promise
P + A: but y
KT: promise or not
P+A: sure..fine we promise
while they are chatting ganga cums upstairs to meet baa n hears KT crying... she stops behind da doors to eavesdrop in their conversation...n find da reason for her grief
KT starts to restate the story, when she waz ready to say i luv u to lakshay...n then tripti cums in n insults her...n tells her to stop liking lakshya n how she is not worth of virani family... (U KNOE DA DRILL)
ganga has a glass of juice to baa in her hand n she accidently drops it in a shock..
KT pari and archita look behind and see Ganga's shocked face...
KT: plz dont say anything to anyone please
G: OMG KT is this why u were dancing with this the reason of ur sadness in the party this why u left the party and came up hear.. if i hadnt came here to meet Baa i would have figured out about da sacrifice u made jus for dat Bi**h tripti!!
KT: dats not true..
ganga interrupts...
G: how can u do this to my kisna...KT...every heartbeats in kisna is for u...i am a mother....i figured this when i hugged him after he was engage... n i heared dat this heart waz beating jus for sum other special person...i never nknew it was u kt...
P: dats wat we told her... she jus doesnt listen to us...
KT: plz ganga chachi....
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RECAP: ganga over hears KT talking about how much she loves kisna

KT:plz ganga chachi
G: wat...i cant let u suffer darling
KT: i dutn want to upset tripti aunty (Y R U CALLIN DAT UGLY WOMEN AUNTY>>>>STOP CARING FOR HER she will kill me ... n anywayz if v r ment to be den we will kget married and lakshya will find da truth out a.s.a.p... but if v rnt den dats lifee...u dont get everything...look at this u got kicked outta ur own house...but u r ment to b with sahil ... so in future u will get together...cuz he luvs u more then tripti..
G: ohh shut up!!!!!stop going of topic
KT: this iz not off topic...n' if u really think i shud cum together with lakshya then y dunt u cum 2gehter with sahil...den u cant make me da bahu off virani parivarr.. cuz u think i m worth it...but tripti who is da bahu now doesnt...n i dunt wanna marry lakshya is people do agree...

G: but this is impossible..i can get 2gether with sahil
KT: thr u goo...soo this is impossible tooo.. n i think it would be better if u jus leave me alone plzzz...i hv to do da packing

Ganga is about to leave and LAkshya cums to KT's room but doesnt hear the converstion.,.. BUT KT, Pari, archita and ganga are shocked thinkin dat he heard everything

P: bhaiya wat r u doin here....go down enjoy da party...
L: sooo this waz all goin behind me...n u archita n pari...dint even bother tellin ur bro all this..
PAri, archita , n kt r sure dat he heard everythiing...but for real he didnt..! KT bursts to cry.
L: wat happen to her
KT: i m soorry lakshay it waznt my fauth i m really sorry i didnt mean to do this...i cund nt think of another way to do it!!
L: (CONFUSED) wat i m not talking to u....i m talking to pari and archita... why did they leave the party....why r they up here talking to thsi bewaffa n selfish aurat...
KT is relieved dat he didnt hear anything...ganga archita and pari are shocked, lakshya callin kt bewaffa n selfish
Ganga cums for and slap lakshya on the face....
G: mind ur looks dat ur Tripti mom didnt raise u properly...n didnt teach u to respect women...
L: xcuse me mom....i leearned everything...n i was also taught to not to talk to selfish and bewaffa people understand MIZZ GANGA!!!
ganga shocked
LAkshya leaves angrily,...with sorrow in his heart

end of part 3 guysz....hope u liked it...
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RECAP: laksya leaves angrily..

KT starts crying
KT: i never knew dis wud happen to him
P: wat did u think..???
A: he luvs u sooo much obviosly...
P: dunt care abt tripti aunty ...if u dunt tell him...well then v will
pari and archita are about to leave when Kt stops them
KT: sSTOP! u guys promised me to dat u will keep this a secret....forgeting are we da promises...
Pari and Archita thinkin OH DAMN IT!!
just then MAnthan comes in with karan, tanya, and tulsi
T: Krishna...y r u crying
KT( wiping her tears): umm...
G: its beacuae she feels very sad to leave this house as she is gona b alone in ya..
ganga winks at KT and KT smiles
KT: ya exactly
Ta is for tanya
Ta: well hopefully u dunt have to leave this house for ever KT
KT: wat...wat do u mean?? (CONFUSED)
Ta: oh cum on KT v have all found out dat u and manthan are in LOVE with each other...the way u danced in the party with him...n also manthan has told us everything about wats going on btwn u 2
shocking faces of KT, Ganga, PAri and ARCHITA
KT: WAT???
T: wat, wat? u didnt tell me...Krisna...i thought i knew ur heart but i didnt knoe u didnt telll me da most import thing of ur life
K: maa v luv KT u can ask her if she is interested being a bahu of virani family...n making rishta with my son manthan
T: oh karan...i m preety sure its a yes...but i'll still ask her...

tulsi takes KT in a corner and asks her...Kt first stares at manthan, then Ganga, then pari and archita...flasbak of tiems spent with lakshya...
T: wat happen u??
KT: (hurriedly) YES... ( and she runs outside leaving tulsi, karan, manthan and tanya smiling and poor ganga, pari and archita in shock)

T: ok then v should do the engaement a.s.a.p...
tripti cums in by dat tyme..
Tr for tripti..
Tr: at happen everyone is soo happy..
Ta: it is a happy moment
T: there are now goin to b 2 special celebration in this house very soon
Tr: wat..WHich (CONFUSED)
K: (happily)KT said yes to marry Manthan!!
tr: did she...wOW (makes a 'i am soo smart' smile)
T: isnt dat great ganga...laksya and Kt both very goood friends marrying at same time.. dats called friendship
G: (making a sarchastic smle0 yup..sure!!
T: cum on gurls (reffereing to archita n pari) taiyari shuru kardau, abh 2 shaddi hone wali hai ish ghar sai
pari, archita, tanya, ganga leave givng a happy smile
K: maa isnt dat great, i alwayz wanted a very ideal bahu...n now i hv one
T: yup kanran...good things happens to good people
Karan, and tulsi leave leave.. now v have tripti smiling..
Tr: (speaking in her mind) dats great KT...u marrying sumone lakshya has no chance 2 reject poonam.. my best friends daughter
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this scene is dedicated to yashrajsinh since it waz their idea!! also..thnkx guys for gr8 coments..luv ya all!!!**MUAAHH** (LOL Smile LOL )

RECAP: lakshya engaged to poonam..KT will be marrying Manthan
next day
KT and tulsi in the kitchen... Kt helping tulsi with cooking...Lakshya come in with a frown face, looks at KT but she pretends to not look sad and just avoids him
lakshya goes to tulsi
L: wat r u making dadi
KT:(angirly) none of ur bussiness
lakshya mad (SERIOSLY)
T: Krishna... r u trying to ruin such a special day today...atleast dont fight with ur best friend
L: wats so special today
T: i bet u will b really happy...but u hv to promise me to do wat i tell after i say the good news
L: ok dadi...wat is it
T: tonight karan held a party i joy of his bussiness project and for annocement and engagement of KT and Manthan tonight
KT and Lakshya both shocked...but the difference is dat kt doesnt show the shock but lakshya does (sorry cant really explain it Confused )
KT: wat.. engagement tonight , this early why??
T:its better if we do it a.s.a.p... adn v hv also called panditji to fix the date of urs and manthan and laksya and poonam's wedding
L: WOW!! i cant wait... hope the pandit says tommorow ( he's being sarcrastic...thinking dat hope the pandit says never)
KT looks at lakshya in a shocked face
Tulsi goes and brings some mithai decorated nicely in a beautiful silver plate
T: both of u...come on feed it to each other... its so surprising both best friends getting married around same time
kt and lakshya feed it to eaxh other... and have a little staring scene and the song kya yeh hi to pyar hai playing in the background ( JUS CREATING A MOOD Wink Wink )

T: now u to stop staring..., there is a lot of work to do for tonight k. and lakshya u promised to do wat i say why dunt u help eklavya, nakul and joydeep decorate and KT y dont u go shoppin with pari and archita for your engagement dress for tonight

both KT and L: ok baa/dadi
tulsi smiled.. lakshya is about to leave and she stops him
T: lakshya listen..
L: yes dadi
T: now that KT is gona soon be 1st virani parivaar bahu of this generation and manthan is older than u... start calling KT bhabhi k ( LOL THIS IS SOO FUNNNY LOL )
KT: wat.. no need baa its ok...i will feel awkward if he calls me bhabhi..
lakshya interrupts
L: ok dadi as u wish..
KT grins at lakshya
L: shall v proceed KT bhabhi
Tulsi smiles as they leave the kitchen
while walking lakshya pulls Kt towards him and seals her lips by covering them with his hands in the corner.
kt tries to let go but cant...finally lakshya takes his hand off
KT; wat r u doing Lakshya...i told u alread wasnt dat enough...I DONT LOVE U!!
L: when did i say u did...i knoe u dunt
kt interrupts..
KT; lakshya ...
lakshya puts his hand over her mouth
L: u had you turn to speak and i listned .. today i will talk and u will listen! KT what u did to me was terrible...i had soo many dreams about how we will get married and kids we will have , what kinda house e will live in, and ofcousrse ROmance..but u have shattered all of them... u have hurt me soo much.... let me tell u sumthing u will never b happy with manthan... dats the curse dat i m giving u rite now, u will alwayz love me...( gets closer to her, holds her arms) u cant forget me! never.. it doesnt matter how much money u will have, cuz i knoe u r marrying him for money , u will alwayz love me kt and all teh hurt u have caused my heart will never go away...u will always remember ! i knoe u said dat u dunt love me but i u will still remember me BHABHI!! (he lets her go, kt starts walking away in grief and suddenly he stops her)
L: KT stop! ( she stops0
L: one more thing , i am marrying poonam for ur sake KT ... i will alwayz love u even my last breath willl b dedicated only to u...i will never forget u.. jus think of poonam and my marriage as a compromise jus for u KT! i mean BHABI
kt runs away crying!!
lakshya standing there upset with a frowning face...n having a funny feeling abt sumthing
L:(in his mind)i m sorry kt i had to tell u the truth... but i wonder.. are u telling me the truth. the way u ran away weeping your eyes i saw love in them...but was it for me or for manthan
(ofcource its for u retard ) Angry   Angry i cant bear to c u like this honey ( Embarrassed ) i hv a feeling dat thsi is am act u are playin on me... my heart... my feeling..!
his thoughts are stopped by tripti callin from behind
Tr: lakshya!! wats wrong
L: (glances at tripti) nothin at all mom
Tr: missing poonam (NOT EVEN RETARD!!ITS KT)   Angry
L:(looks down pretending to b shy) well i dunno!!
archita and pari cum, lookin for lakshya
L: (to archita n pari)wat is it? y r u yellin i m rite here
P: oh lakshya cum help us with the decoration plzz..
L: me ??? y (angrily)
A: because... u knoe more about KT's likes and dislikes obviously...since u r her very good friend n v wanna give her a surprise dats why v sent her with bhoomi for the engagemnt dress shoppin
L:(shocked.. n depressed) ya u r rite im jus her friend.. good friend..nothin else
archita and pari look at each other remembering wat KT told them about lakshya n why she cant love him
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------- ------

L:(shocked.. n depressed) ya u r rite im jus her friend.. good friend..nothin else
archita and pari look at each other remembering wat KT told them about lakshya n why she cant love him

manthan cums down stairs... sees joydeep, nakul, pari decorating...
M: hey is my engagement...n u guys still rnt done decorating
archita looks at him in anger
A: ya manthan.. hv patience...we will be done soon..n anywayz u cud start helping
M: ohh archita.. i cant help i hv to go shoppin for Kt's engagement dress with her...actually u knoe sumthin why dont u cum with us...
Pari looks astoyund
P: sure manthan...we will cum...n can wee also take lakshya...both kt n him hv the same taste..
A: ya manthan can v
M: ok is a special day n i dunt wanna hurt anyone so sure...
L: noo no...y me...i dunt wanna cum...n u knoe pari.. i hate shoppin
M: oh lakshya jus cum
L: k fine manthan...(he looks up n sees KT cum down)here is KT
M: no lakshya not KT, say bhabhi
L: (sadly) oh ya bhabhi
A:omg kt how long does it take u to get dressed..
M: (cums close to KT) it k archita...the more time its takes her to get dress.. the more beautiful she looks.. (LOL LOL this is suppose to b romantic..not perverted) anywayz... lets proceed towards the car

outside SN
manthan has this really beautiful sports car they proceed towards the car n lakshya is about to sit besides manthan (drivers seat)
M: ughhh.. lakshya...hope u dont mind..but can my jaan sit here n can u sit at the bak with archita, n pari.. i hope u understand
lakshya's heart pounding very fast...feeling to punch manthan for calling his KT JAAN Angry
L: sure...
all get into the car...n leave for shopping


------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------- ------------

Part 6

all get to this mall...very beautiful, rich, eligant looking. KT looks at the stores n has a shocking expression on her face wondering "AM I IN HEAVEN"
KT:_to manthan): uhhh...Manthan lets leave, i dunt wanna shop here
M:((shocked..)) wat..?? wats the matter with u...this is india's best mall...n u dunt wanna shop. wats wrong
KT: (thinking, in her head)wat do i tell u manthan.... there nothing dat i can say
while shez in her thoughts lakshya looks at her Confused
L: (thinking to himself) i knoe kt u must b ffeeling ver odd here... i knoe u more than anyone in this family
L: (to manthan) manthan i think bhabhiji is kinda worried dat this must b a very expensive mall n u knoe all the gurly thoughts...but wat to do (comes close to KT) she doesnt knoe dat ur rish...n can afford anything n all her wishes can b fulfilled by marrying u ofcourse...but if it waz sumone else...her wishes wud neva b fulfilled . am i right KT BHAAABHI
KT turns looks at him in the eye....sees all the love he has for her
manthan from back cum towards her, holds her from her hips...KT thinks to herself...i wish this waz lakshya. n lakshya face turning red, heart falling to his mouth
M: is dat wats bugging u jaan
KT: (whisper) manthan leave me...this isnt da place
M: ok fine
KT: dats better...yes dat wats bugging
M: wow lakshya u r sooo good... u shud hv been kt's fiance... atleast u knoe..wat shez thinkin
L: hahah i wish..NOT!! i hv my u can keep ur KT to ur will take practise... (cums close to KT...n she actually hears his heartbeats) am i rite bhabhi
kt just stares doesnt say a word
they proceed toward this beautiful dat lakshya suggests
L: wat do u think u like this sharevani...
M: (CONFUSED)lets ask KT
on the other side of the store...KT, PAri, N' archita r busy picking out clothes..
KT: i like all of emm i cant think of which one to pick
P: KT...why dunt u ask JUST UR FRIEND LAKSHYA
KT: i dunt hv to ask him..wat does he think he is...he's makin manthan feel soo bad...jeez...
manthan cums from behind holding 2 gorgeous sharvani one red, n one cream
M: darling...which looks better this one this one
KT: this one (she picks the red one)
M: wow KT...u n lakshya do hv same likes...he picked the same one!!// i take this one.. soo r u done urs
P: dats the problem...kt cant decide which one to pick...v sellected these 2 (holds a brown n blue dreess)
M: hmm...both r beautiful
A: manthan lets ake both..
M:(hits he on the head playfully): its not ur wedding
A: fi9...lakshya which one do u think is better
KT nudges archita...
L: i think wud look good on her...
M: gr8 choice...(cums close to laksh's ear)
KT: lakshya can u teach me how to shops plz
Lakshya looks at him n smiles...
KT: fine i'll take the blue one
they go to the cash register n pay for the stuff...n get out of the store... as they get out of hte store...lakshya bumbs into poonam...
L:poonam..wat r u doing here r u doin here darling
L; nothin...came shoppin...with manthan, kt
Po; wow...i neva knew you vent shopping
P: hey poonam...
poonam turns...
A: poonam..hey
bpth hug her...even KT
Po: wow...ur bro was such a hider...i neva kneew he vent shoppin....
KT: u knoe nitting abt him...hez not wat u think ur..very LUCKY poonam
Lakshya stares at KT...not beliving his ears..thinking did she realkly say this
Po: i the way did u meet my aunty ...she jus came from london...
the aunty flips...n its meera...
pari, KT, anr archita: r u?
Po: aunty this is kt, pari, n archita...n this is my aunty madhu
m: hello
po: cum aunty....this is manthan...KT's fiance to be and this is my KISNA...
M: (gives lakshya a suspisious glare)hey... this is lakshya ur no.1 rite!!
M: hello
L: hi aunty..( touches her feet..)
M:thinking dats whr u belong looser
L:gets looks like i hv seen u somewhere
M:(shocked n' scaredly) iz really small
L: sure..maybe
M: ok beta c u at tonight's party ...ponaam..lets go home.
po: k..bye guys

k guys end of part 6......hope u liked it
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------- ------------------------------

bfore i continue...i gotta clear sum stuff...this story takes place after following:
nakul, lakshya,n' manthan dunt hv dat weird relationship btwn them
bhoomi n' joydeep r happily married.....n joydeep already got a makeover(HE LOOKS HOT)
our baa is very sick i mean fairly close to die
Part 7
At shanti Niketan (evening)
the beautiful house is decortated, lots of goodies (sweets/ indian food) is prepared. everyone buzy getting ready... well girls... guys waiting n greeting guest as they arrive to kt-manthan engagement.
**lakshya lookin damn hot hot Embarrassed Embarrassed in his blue sharevani n manthan lookin damn sexy in his red sharevani. (BUT LAKSHYA LOOKS BETTER)
tulsi cums downstairs
Tu: aree lakshya, can u go check if our panditji is here yet.
l: sure dadi
Tu: by da way ur lookin good today
Lakshya smiles n says thnkx, tulsi smiles
pari, archita r helpin KT get ready
P: archita, dunt u think dat KT is missing sumone
KT: idunt miss lakshya , n i dunt like him either
pari, n archita give a "i knew it" smile
A: then how did u know dat v were talking about lakshya,
P: i knoe why, its cuz she still loves him rite!
KT: no i dunt , plz for godz sake plz dunt ruin the evening for me
P: watever, anwayz..v werent even tlking abt lakshya v were tking about Manthan.
KT looks at pari in grief... talking to herself in her mind she thinks... yup...dat the only person i can think of...n how can i tell u pari, this jus a compromise dats it Confused Confused Ouch
Damini cum into the room..
D: rnt u guys ready yet...KT hurry up panditji n' everyone else iz wait for u down stairs
A: chachi, v'll bring her down in a juffy LOL
damini leaves
pari helps KT put on the duppatta...while KT thinks of all the romantic moments spent with lakshya
A: all done...(picks up a camera ) KT Smile..takes a surprise pic

in the HALL down stares
manthan desperately waiting for his bride Dead Dead Dead watever manthan .shez not ur bride....
M:(to bhoomi) wats taking her soo long
B: hv patient...bro
joydeep beside her..(after getting a makeover n stuff)
JD: y dunt u chek BHOOMI
B: fi9 i'll go
as she 's abt to step on the 1st stair.. KT cums down looking all beautiful...
M: wow!!!
lakshya speachless

KT cums down..manthan gives his hand to help her down...(u knoe..formalities)
M: wow..jaan ur lookin stunning
KT:(smiles) thnkx
as KT n manthan r 2gether....n manthan touching her...lakshya hearts boils....he decides to leave the party as he cant c his love marrrying sumone else..jus as he's abt to leave poonam cums with her soo called aunty madhu
Po: hi kisna...whr r u goin
L: hi darling...hello aunty...jus gettin a drink...
while this conversation continues...Karan gets up on stage
K: can i hv ur attention ladies n gentle men
everyone turns n focuses eyes on karan
K: today i m really happy...dat my one n only son iz being engaged...the happiest part abt this is dat i hv gotten a very ideal daughter-in-law..she is the perfect girl...very respectful n its soo hard to get gurls like dat nowadays....we must hv done sumthing good in our past lives dat thies gr8 honor of being father-in -law of krishna tulsi has cum to me ...
(he says alll this juborish....n everyone applauds....) i wud like my son manthan...n my bahu to cum up on exchange their engagement rings...(everyone applauds again)
manthan n KT cum up on stage
Lakshya sees his love drifting apart...looks at KT in grief...Ponaam turns to lakshya n sees tears n his eyes...rolling down his cheeks...she gets a funny feeling inside....but ignores
Tanya, mihir, tulsi, karan, bhoomi, n Joydeep r all on stage along with da bride n groom
Ta: beta, put this ring on krishna
Tu: no...wait...KT iz suppose to put the on manthan 1st
Ta:oppz..i forgot maa...go ahead KT
bhoomi give KT the ring
she puts it on manthan, everyone applauds
M: now can i put it mom
TU: yes manthan (everone smiles, besides Lakshya, pari, archita, n ganga)
KT brings her left hand out for him...tulsi stps manthan
TU: KT its the right hand
KT: there iz a problem baa...i cant let put the ring on dat hand
eveyone shocked
TU: wat iz it...
KT: ummm baa...i got hurt last nite while i waz taking off i hv this cloth tied around m 2nd n 3rd finger
Tu: u neva told me...ahh..its k..manthan put it on her left hand k
m:(smiles)k dadi (he puts the ring on n eveyone applauds, n pari, archita, n Ganga loook at each other n feel relieved..n smile n KT...n she smiles bak . her eyes then search for lakshya , n see his head down in grief) Lakshya didnt hear or see this this drama play by these ppl which proves dat she still loves him
tnaya, n bhoomi hugg kt n manthan, tanya kisses KT on the forehead n compliments her on how stunning she looks...n the party continues...
then archita n pari get up on stage...
A: ladies n v will hv dances as usual...i wud like kT-lakshya..i mean KT-manthan, n Lkshya- poonam, bhoomi-joydeep, n pooja-eklavya to cum up front..pooja is eklavya's girlfriend
P:this is how its done...when da music starts...the lights will b turned off...n the guys will swap partners..wat dat means is dat lakshya-poonam n' kt-manthan u r partners....n joydeep-bhoomi, pooja-eklavya are partners...soo eklavya u'll swap pooja with ppl cant c..get it..then bhoomi...n u 'll dance while joydeep n pooja dance...itz gonna b very dark......there will b loots of spining for girls...n when u spin it can switch or not to switch!...get it!!!!!!
A: ya so iz everyone ready...n oh ya...lights will b turned on very see if u r uin ur really pairs or not...n itf ur swaped u win a prize...
parin archita: k ready here v gooooo
they turn of the lights pplay sum song..

the song Kya yeh hi to pyare hai iz playing

Manthan-KT n' lakshya- Poonam r dancing..poonam n KT both now KT ends up in Lakshya's arm...
L:(joyously) i told u one day u'll end up in my arms if u lyke it or not
KT: i hv to tell u sumthin
doesnt listen to her....keeps lectureing her...abt how smart he iz n how selfish, n rock hearted she really is. he keeps repeating da fact dat she'll neva b happy with manthan n all dat shit
KT: shuit up Lakshya ...i hv to tell u sumthing...
before she can finsh saying ... she iz spun...
then the finalkly say
i love u too teh voice replies....n the voice waz
...soo predictable
MANTHAN...the music stops n ...KT's in manthan's arm...
pari n archita...proudly announce the winners...which were...bhoomi-joydeep, n pooja-eklavya..since they had switched partners...

anywyaz...the party continues...lakshya wonders wat KT waz gona tell him...

after the KT's bedrroom...Pari, n archita help her undress herself with all the jewellery n other stuff.
P: did u say it???
KT: wat??
A: I love u
KT: (her head down) yes
P: WOW wat did he say
KT: i love u too??
A: i can belive lakshya said dat!(excited)
KT: he didnt i said it to manthan!!
pari, n archita's shocked face make them drop their djaw....n try crunching the jeweellery in their hand
P: wow ///u must b soo
jus then ganga cums in
G: girls can u all goo plzz i hv to tk to KT privately
P: k... (both archita, n pari leave)
G: KT r u happy with this engagemnt
KT: ofcousre i m happy...wat kinda question is this...manthan luvs me dearly...
(ganga interrupts)
G: do u love him...
KT: (her eyes turning red) dats impossible... remeber u told me...u can only fall in luv once n i already did
(she huggs ganga tightlyas if she found her long lost mother, n cries in her arms)
G: dunt cry hun
KT: wat do i do ... my only love i hv hurted him...even though i love him soo much...he has can i live....n i can evn tell lakshya dat i luv him soo much...because of his retarded soo called mom...i wish u vere his mom...u cud hv understood me....
g; stop crying hun...i m his mom.. Cry Cry
KT: not in his life....because of me u had hear his..curses...i feel like dying....wat do i doo ....tell me!!!(she sobbs...n brings tears in ganga's eyes) Cry Cry Cry
i knew it!!!!!a voice calls....
ganga n KT turn n c lakshya at the door...
KT n ganga r shocked to c him their
lakshya w/ a regreting face cums close to them
L: thank god amisha (bhoomi n joydeep's daughter who is 3yrs old) brought me here...i waz playin with her,...n she forced me to take her to ur room... n if i hadnt came i udnt hv figured this gr8 sacrifice u made... (his face turning red)for my so called mom tripti. (bowed his head) n i m sorry mom....
tears came into ganga's eyes.. she tried controlling them...bu tthey jus cudnt stop... since they heard the word mom after soo many years
Lakshya continue
L:: i m soo sorry mom....i alwayz thought u were my enemy...i neva knew this..
G: dont appologised to me son...apologise to KT
KTruns to the bathroom... she didnt want anyone especially lakshya to c her like this...crying..sobbing
L: ok mom ...i luv u...n huggs her
lakshya gets up...goes whr KT the bathroom...he cud here her tears....he opened the door..saw KT with all the love he had for her
KT oh the other hand.. was crying her eyes out...her face, eyes all red
Lakshya put his both arms on KT's shoulders, held her tight
L: KT, i knoe wat i did waz soo insane...can u , i mean will u ever forgive me!!!
Lakshya got on his knees...held his arms out...
L: plz...I LOVE U!!!!!!!!! Embarrassed
KT then huggs him tightly ... thinking finally my dream came truee.
Pari n archita cum in...n see them hugging..........n smile...Ganga hushhhes themmm n they rleave lakshya n KT alone in the room

end of part 7...hope u liked it....THEY ARE TOGETHER as ppl wanted happy..but there iz still the problem...both r engage to different ppl...wat will hppen next....wat will hppen to KT's promise made to tripti dat she wont tell this to Lakshya,........wat will happeen to manthan. stay tuned...i'll write it next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------- --------------------

this tyme i m gona try writing in hindi...(i m not good at with me)
part 8
in KT's room
Lakshya n kt hugging!!n oh ya...KT crying at da same time Tongue
L: uhh KT..kya tum itna hi roti ho..yaa kubhi kabar jyada
KT punches his chest...
KT: lakshyaaaa!!(n smiles in anger,n playfully)
lakshya laughs...
L: sirf mazak kar raha tha....tum har baat itni serious kyun lati hau jaan LOL LOL LOL (OMG...he said JAAAN)
KT: kya kaha tumne???
L: kya...tum ne suna nahi kya...ok let me repeat it:sirf mazak kar raha tha....tum har baat itni serious kyun lati hau..ok khush
KT: uske baad
L: uhh...(thinking) jaaaan (n smiles)
KT lets her self out of his arms...n runs to the windows shyly..
now ganga cums in with pari...n archita
G: uhhh lakshya...hogaya...
archita n pari giggle
L: han
G: thek hai tau tum yeh ring kt ko pahena dau abhi
KT takes out the ring from her left hand..n gives it to lakshya n put the rite hand in front
Lakshya looks at the stip of cloth tied around her fingers shocking ly
L: kt kya huah tumhe yaha
G: oh hoo KT...atleast abh tau yeah fake cloth nikalo
KT: oh ya....mai tau bholgayi
L: (confused)...lakin maa..KT neh yeh kyun pehana tha...
G: (got very emotional for lakshya callin her maa)woh tumhe KT hi samjayegi Embarrassed
Lakshya finnaaly puts the ring in her 3rd finger of her right hand...n kisses hebakside of the hand!! n kt shyly shivers. archita n pari applauds...n all smile...
A: finally...abh humm tumhe KT bhabhi bula sakte hai...
p: alrite bhabhi...hum ko to bohot nind arri hai...hum tau jahre hai...
G: oh ya...aur mujhe bhi office jana hai kal..toh phir main bhi chalti huan
pari...archita...n ganga...leave...leaving kt n lakshya allone once again
KT: ab tum yaha kya kar rahe ho...leave now
L: kyun...
KT: kyun nahi...
L: (hold her arms) sirf ek sharat par...
KT: sharat...ok...kya
L: kiss me
KT blushes....
KT: pagal hogai ho kya...

end of part 8

hope u liked it !!!!

n u knoe da weird thing abt this is dat i started writing this story looooooong ago...n now...sum of da stuff i wrote seems 2 cum up live...for example...lakshya meeting tripti's friend.....n NOW LAKSHYA N SANIYA ENGAGEMENT WILL B ANNONCED ON LAKSHYA BDAY PARTY....JUS LIKE POONAM N LAKSHYA ENGAGEMENT WAZ IN MY STORY...this iz soo creeepyLOL

Edited by rani712 - 12 March 2008 at 6:50pm

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