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-Believe- IF-Stunnerz

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A girl in love asked her boyfriend.

Girl (g): Tell me... whom do you love most in this world?
Boy (b): You, of course!
(g): In your heart, what am I to you?
(b): The boy thought for a moment and looked intently in her
eyes and said,
"You are my rib. In the Holy Book, it was said that God
saw that Adam was lonely, during his sleep;
God took one of Adam's rib and created Eve. Every man
been searching for his missing rib, only when you find the
woman of your life; you'll no longer feel the lingering
ache in your heart." ...

After their wedding, the couple had a sweet and happy life for a while.
However, the youthful couple began to drift apart due to the busy
Schedule of life and the never-ending worries of daily problems...their
life became mundane. All the challenges posed by the harsh realities of
life began to gnaw away their dreams and love for each other. The
began to have more quarrels and each quarrel became more heated.

One day, after the quarrel, the girl ran out of the house. At the
opposite side of the road, she shouted, "You don't love me!" The boy
hated her childishness and out of impulse, retorted, "Maybe, it was a
mistake for us to be together! You were never my missing rib!"

Suddenly, she turned quiet and stood there for a long while. He
regretted what he said but words spoken are like thrown away water, you
can never take it back. With tears, she went home to pack her things
was determined in breaking-up.

Before she left the house, "If I'm really not your missing rib, please
let me go. She continued, "It is less painful this way... let us go on
our separate ways and search for our own partners..."

Five years went by...

He never remarried but he had tried to find out about her life
indirectly. She had left the country and back. She had married a
foreigner and divorced..... He felt anguished that she never waited for

In the dark and lonely night, he lit his cigarette and felt the
lingering ache in his heart. He couldn't bring himself to admit that he
was missing her.

One day, they finally met at the airport, a place where there were many
reunions and good-byes. He was going away on a business trip.

She was standing there alone, with just the security door separating
them. She smiled at him gently.
(b): How are you?
(g): I'm fine. How about you? Have you found your missing
(b): No.
(g): I'll be flying to New York in the next flight.
(b): I'll be back in 2 weeks time. Give me a call when you
are back...You know my number...nothing has changed.

With a smile, she turned around and waved good-bye.


One week later, he heard of her death. She had perished in New York. In
the event that shocked the world. Midnight, once again, he lit his
cigarette and like before, he felt the lingering ache in his heart. He
finally knew, she was the missing rib that he had carelessly broken.

Sometimes, people say things out of moments of fury. Most often than
not, the outcome could be disastrous and detrimental.

We vent our frustrations 99% at our loved ones and even though we know
that we ought to "think twice and act wisely", it's often easier said
than done.

Things happen each day, many of which are beyond our control.

Let us treasure every moment and everyone in our lives. Tomorrow may
never come; give and accept what you have today.

"The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that
she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must
be seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart - the
place where love resides."

Just Chill


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Mischeivous IF-Dazzler

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I once had a friend who grew to be very close to me. Once when we were sitting at the edge of a swimming pool, she filled the palm of her hand with some water and held it before me, and said this: "You see this water carefully contained on my hand? It symbolizes Love.

" This was how I saw it: As long as you keep your hand caringly open and allow it to remain there, it will always be there. However, if you attempt to close your fingers round it and try to posses it, it will spill through the first cracks it finds.

This is the greatest mistake that people do when they meet love ... They try to posses it, they demand, they expect ... And just like the water spilling out of your hand, love will retrieve from you. For love is meant to be free,

You can not change its nature.

Give and don't expect.
Advise, but don't order.
Ask, but never demand.

It might sound simple, but it is a lesson that may take a lifetime to truly practice.

It is the secret to true love. To truly practice it, you must sincerely feel no expectations from those who you love, and yet an unconditional caring.

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shizajaved IF-Rockerz

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Mischeivous IF-Dazzler

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Hey Guyz !!

I just felt like sharing this LOL

I Share U A StorY

DaY1 > Ek Larka Aik Larki

DaY 2 > Wohi Larka Dosri Larki

DaY 3 > Wohi Larka Teesri Larki

MoraL & Proved

Dekha LarkaY Nahi BadaltaY ...LarkiyaN BadaL Jati Hian....

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fakhra Goldie

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Hi All,
This is a true story of a young college girl who passed away last month. Her name was Priya. She was hit by a lorry. She has a boy friend named Shankar. Both of them are true lovers. They always hang on the phone. You can never see her without her handphone. In fact she also changed her phone from Airtel to Hutch, so both of them can be on the same network, and save on the cost.

She spends half of the day talking with shankar. Priya's family knows about their relationship. Shankar is very close with Priya's family. (just imagine their love) . Before she passed away she always told her friends "If I pass away please burn me with my handphone" she also said the same thing to her parents.

After her death, people cant carry her coffin, I was there. A lot of them tried to do so but still cant , everybody including me, had tried to carry the coffin, the result is still the same. Eventually, they called their neighbour, a "bomoh" from Thailand (pak Darin), who is a friend of her father. He took a stick and started speaking to himself slowly. After a few minutes, he said "this girl misses something here". then her friends told Darin about her intentions to burn her with her phone. He then opened the coffin and place her phone and SIM card inside the casket. after that they tried to carry the coffin. It could be moved and they carried it into the van easily. All of us were shocked. (can u feel the fear. I'm shaking at this moment)

Priya's parents did not inform Shankar that Priya had passed away. After 2 weeks Shankar called Priya's mom. Shankar :...."Atte, I'm coming home today. Cook something nice for me. Dont tell Priya that I'm coming home today, i wanna surprise her." Her mother replied....."You come home first, i wanna tell you something very important." after he came, they told him the truth about Priya.

Shankar thinks that they were playing a fool. He was laughing and said "dont try to fool me - tell Priya to come out, i have a gift for her Please stop this nonsense". then they show him the original death certificate to him. They gave him proof to make him believe. (Shankar started to sweat) ..

He said... "Its not true. we spoke yesterday. She still calls me. Shankar was shaking. Suddenly, Shankar's phone rang. "see this is from Priya, see this..." he showed the phone to priya's family. all of them told him to answer.he talked using the loudspeaker mode. all of them heard his conversation.

Loud and clear, no cross lines, no humming. It is the actual voice of Priya & there is no way others could use her SIM card since it is nailed inside the coffin they were so shocked and asked for pak Darin's help again. pak Darin brought his master (tok Chen) to solve this matter. He & Darin worked for 5 hours. Then they discovered one thing...
>HUTCH has the best coverage LOL

Wherever you go, our network follows!!!!

Please dont look around for me I too was a victim....n'joy.......

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spoiledbrat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 January 2008 at 3:54pm | IP Logged

- I love you;

I suppose this is kind of like a diary for me. You will read things that seem strange for a 16 year old girl to experience. One of them is LOVE. When i was young i would go out with a guy and we'd say "love you" and stuff but its not until Alfie walked into my life that i relised the true meaning of that word. Of course we would tell each ther that we loved each other, but he taught me that "love" is totally misunderstod. Apparently it means a strong bond of FRIENDSHIP and most importantly TRUST.
He first said it to me when we were at the clinic. He said
"I'm so proud of you and none of my other girlfriends would've given up a baby for my sake, I love you for this. I really do love you."
I felt a bit awkward; he'd never spoken about any of his other girlfriends before. I felt a bit selfish because I never let him talk about himself. I always spoke about my problems and never asked him if he had any. But I little did I know under this shining persona he was a scared, little, troubled boy that had no idea where he was going in life, even though he had a girlfriend, a good job and a nice apartment. I suppose that never came into mind because he did seem so perfect.

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spoiledbrat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 January 2008 at 3:55pm | IP Logged

- True love story;

This is a true story. This is about how it ended between me and my ex Freddie and how everything went really wrong. I really liked him and even thinking about how it ended and what made it end makes me want to cry. We are now really good friends and I (still) really like him but maybe there is nothing left in his heart for me but the fact that I'm only thirteen makes all of this seem really stupid but I don't care really. Everyone always says you're too young to love but I think that love can come at any age. My parents met when they were six, first date & kiss at twelve, married at twenty three and first child at twenty three. So I say f*** off to people that say I'd be too young to love.
I have written another story that is already on here and it's called the hardest goodbye and I wrote it after Freddie and I ended so I think I used some things from our relationship, so if you've read it and see familiarities then that's why. This is going to be a hard thing for me to write but I want to share what happened to me with all of you and it's probably nothing compared to some other people but Freddie has really had a lasting effect on me. I'll try to spare no details.
Well I had always thought of Freddie as "buff" but it was only after a massive flirting session under some desks on the last day of term that I decided that I really did like Freddie. I spent the Christmas holidays talking to my friend Luis that liked my best friend Lucy so I tried to get Lucy to go out with Luis and Luis tried to get Freddie to go out with me but Luis didn't have his number. When we got back I was dead set on getting Freddie but there was one thing in the way. The new girl Lauren. I really don't want to get rude about her because she is one of my best friends now but I'm going to say how I felt at that time. I was so annoyed it was unbelievable. I had liked him for so long and she comes waltzing in and expects him well she's going to have some battle ahead of her. I flirted like nothing ever before just to show Lauren that I wasn't the type to give up easily. She backed down finally and I took my chance and I told him I liked him. I did actually text him because I was kind of scared. After school I turned on my phone and I had a text from him and it said "sorry I just want to be friends" I was a little hurt but I just though I'm going to keep going. So between the period of the time of that text and Valentines Day I had a crush on Luis and a guy called Myles. It was never really anything serious when it came to them, I was just looking for other options and after realising that I really liked Freddie I stuck with him.
It was coming up to Valentines Day and Freddie and I started getting really close. We made a date to go to the cinema when he got back from skiing. I was thrilled.
Then it came to Valentines Day. I'd decided to give Freddie a card and I made it the day before in the toilets with one of my best friends Misty and it was just a little card and all it said inside was "take a chance love Maddie" I remember thinking "wow I'm going to give it to him and it will all be fine." Well Freddie got the card and within about three seconds my entire year knew about it. I remember walking up to music and thinking "oh crap what have I done" all the boys were saying take a chance and I couldn't look Freddie in the eye. I was so embarrassed! Well I had lunch and at third break (we finish school at five pm) misty and I were inside and we walked past the classrooms and Freddie was getting changed and we saw him in his boxers. Oh my gosh! It was a sight to cherish.
So misty and I came up with a plan. We went over and told me that we saw him in his boxers and I flirted with him a lot. I walked back over to all my other friends with a huge smile on my face and then Misty ran over and screamed at me "you're going out with Freddie!" I was stunned. In French he sat on the desk behind me and was being so sweet. I was in a daze that whole week. On Friday Freddie sent me a text saying "well I'm going away tomorrow and I won't be back till Sunday urm I'll miss you and I don't know how to do those cross thingy's but I'll just say it. Kiss kiss." I just smiled and thought of how cute that made him seem. Not much happened the week he was away apart from when I went to Misty's house for a sleepover with Lindzey and I left him so many voicemails because we had just watched a film called crazy/beautiful and it made us all think of our boyfriends so we called them and texted them.

The next few weeks are a bit hazy but I remember the first time we hugged. We never kissed. I kind of regret that but we held hands and hugged. In a way I preferred that because I if we had gone out for longer we might've kissed but I liked the fact that we managed to survive one month (it seems a short time when you say it, but it felt like such a long time) and it took me about two and a half weeks to get him to say love you. Well things were going fine really, nothing really happened when we were actually going out. I got the call on Thursday March 15th 2007. Freddie never called me, so when I saw that it was him calling I knew something wasn't right.
"Well after I say this I'm probably going to be embarrassed so I'm just going to hang up. You're." I hung up before he could say dumped. I said to my best friend Lindzey "he did it" it was all I could say before I burst into tears. Sitting on the steps by the bus stop I cried and cried then everyone came around and comforted me. It was at that moment I was so glad that they were my friends; they tried to make me laugh and not cry. Well I found out the reason he dumped me was because people had been saying that I was two-timing him and going out with other guys. The main person was a girl called Georgie that I'd already had trouble with because she was flirting with him A LOT. She had told him that she saw me with Luis in Wimbledon "flirting". I got so annoyed with her. My first thought was" how dare she! She had absolutely no right to go and say that." I couldn't be bothered to shout at her really so I just talked to her and had a bit of a go at her. On the Saturday we had a huge drama rehearsal of our play so everybody had to go. That day I'd texted Freddie but I can't remember what it said. He sent me a text back saying something about me being really slutty and something else. I was really offended by the text and texted back saying "stop texting me please, I don't want to waste my credit on you anymore." I know that was harsh but that was what he made me feel like saying. Throughout the four hour rehearsal Freddie seemed quite depressed so when I got out of school I left him a message saying that I was really sorry and I wanted things to go back to normal. He texted back saying "yer I agree, we both said some stupid stuff. Let's just forget about it all. Friends? X x."
Lindzey says that I never should have forgiven him but I just wanted him so badly that I thought it was in my best interest to forget it all. But the topic kept coming up. There would be little things that would spark up the conversation again so we'd get into a fight again. There was one time where he said that he wanted to hit me. I can't remember why but I remember that said "look Freddie, I do still like you and stuff" that's all I can remember saying and then as I said that Lindzey burst in saying"oooh Freddie's getting thrills!" after that it all cooled down. We talked like we were best friends again and we flirted just as much. I guess now everything is cool between us and we text each other a lot and sometimes it can get awkward but it's never too bad. Well I'm not fully over him yet but I think I'm close and this has really helped and I'll probably look back on it and just think how dumb I was probably. If anything else happens between me and him I shall tell away, but bye for now.

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shizajaved IF-Rockerz

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One day a young man was standing in the middle of the town proclaiming
that he had the most beautiful heart in the whole valley. A large crowd
gathered and they all admired his heart for it was perfect. There was
not a mark or a flaw in it. Yes, they all agreed it truly was the most
beautiful heart they had ever seen. The young man was very proud and
boasted more loudly about his beautiful heart.

Suddenly, an old man appeared at the front of the crowd and said, "Why
your heart is not nearly as beautiful as mine."

The crowd and the young man looked at the old man's heart. It was beating
strongly, but full of scars, it had places where pieces had been
removed and other pieces put in, but they didn't fit quite right and
there were several jagged edges.   In fact, in some places there were
deep gouges where whole pieces were missing.

The people stared - how can he say his heart is more beautiful, they

The young man looked at the old man's heart and saw its state and
laughed.  "You must be joking," he said. "Compare your heart with mine,
mine is perfect and yours is a mess of scars and tears."

"Yes," said the old man, "Yours is perfect looking but I would never
trade with you. You see, every scar represents a person to whom I have
given my love - I tear out a piece of my heart and give it to them, and
often they give me a piece of their heart which fits into the empty place
in my  heart, but because the pieces aren't exact, I have some rough edges,
which I cherish, because they remind me of the love we shared.
Sometimes I have given pieces of my heart away, and the other person
hasn't returned a piece of his heart to me. These are the empty gouges
giving love is taking a chance. Although these gouges are painful,
they stay open, reminding me of the love I have for these people too,
and I hope someday they may return and
fill the space I have waiting. So now do you see what true beauty is?"

The young man stood silently with tears running down his cheeks. He
walked up to the old man, reached into his perfect young and beautiful
heart, and ripped a piece out. He offered it to the old man with
trembling hands. The old man took his offering, placed it in his
heart and then took a piece from his old scarred heart and placed it
in the wound in the young man's heart. It fit, but not perfectly,
as there were some jagged edges. The young man looked at his heart,
not perfect anymore but more beautiful than
ever, since love from the old man's heart flowed into his. They embraced
and walked away side by side.

How sad it must be to go through life with a whole heart.

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