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This show just started on Star Plus on Nov. 19th. This is a weekly and here is the update for the 2 episodes aired so far.

Thanks to Brandon from Yahoo Groups

Our story begins in an old cave where a Guru ji is reading some
ancient manuscripts. He states that after 111 years the KalCchakra is
coming back to haunt someone. He wonders who it will hunt down this
time around. There's a black cat in his cave that watches and listens
intensely to all that is being said. A raging storm rumbles in and
the Guru ji is alerted. The pages of his manuscript turn and we see
slight images of a man (Mohnish) and woman (Nausheen) as it keeps on
turning. A flash later the gates to a large grounds is opened by the
man we saw in the books. He walks around holding a lamp and his
journey is interfered by another time phase that is occurring at the
same time. He sees a bullet run past him and then he sees yellow
flowers fall. He wonders what is going on and then he arrives at a
monument that reads "In memory of my loving wife Rashmi." He asks
Rashmi why she left him and as he gets emotional near the monument a
hand comes out of the ground and grabs him.

Just then Takhur Rajan awakes from the horrible nightmare he had been
having. He looks at his wife Rashmi sleeping next to him. We see that
she's pregnant and he smiles at her as he falls asleep again.
Meanwhile the rest of the Takhur mansion is uneasy because there is a
strange wind and an eerie voice traveling through it. The voice first
haunts Rajan's sister Meena and then goes to the domestic Mariam's
room. They're both freaked out by it.

Early the next morning Rajan goes of on his horse to a body of water
where he visits for peace and quiet. Back at the mansion Meena
awakens and comes downstairs to the breakfast table where she shares
with Rifati and Mariam about her scary night. Mariam says that she
had a similar experience but Rifati shuts her up. Meena asks if they
believe in ghosts and Mariam says that she has heard the villagers
talk about things like that. Back at the water front Rajan's train of
thought is disturbed when he sees Rashmi in the water. He turns
around to see her there. They get romantic and he makes her promise
not to leave him. She tells him to love her like this always. They
return to the mansion and on the way they talk about their child.
Rashmi says that she wants a boy so that he will be like Rajan but
Rajan says that he wants a girl and Rashmi thanks him for that.

At the mandir two women meet the pandit ji after the pooja and he
gives them Prasad for Rashmi. One of the women complains that her
daughter is involved with the witch Kalinga's son Bhola. The pandit
ji tells her to get the girl Jhanvi to come and talk to him.
Meanwhile Jhanvi and Bhola are romancing at the river where they have
a small tiff when Jhanvi mentions that her mother calls Bhola's
mother a witch. They soon patch up though. Later Bhola gives Jhanvi
rose petals and says that Kalinga sent it for her and tells her to
look at the afternoon sun and eat it and afterward no one would be
able to separate them. Elsewhere Kalinga marches through the village
scaring off quite a few people. She and Jhanvi's mother come face to
face and Kalinga scares her as well. Kalinga walks off and the other
two women rush off as well.

Rajan arrives home and tells Rashmi that he's going to hunt. Rashmi
tells him not to but he insists on going. Unable to convince him, she
asks him to come home soon. Later even Meena asks him not to go but
Rajan says that he has to because he loves it so much. Meena tells
him to be careful and come home soon and says she didn't sleep well
the previous night and Rajan says neither did he. Outside at the
stable the workers get the horses ready and one of them is Jhanvi's
father. He relates to the men how he tried to tell Bhola to leave
Jhanvi alone and how Kalinga scared him off.
Rashmi is getting dressed in front of her mirror when her earring
falls off. When she bends to pick it up her reflection in the mirror
stays the same. When she gets up again the mirror shatters into
little pieces and she gets a slight cut. She screams out and the
other women in the house treat her wound. She relates what happened
and wonders what is going on.

The hunt begins. Rajan and his men run after a deer. Bhola is in the
jungle getting flowers for Jhanvi and Jhanvi is ready to eat the rose
petals. Jhanvi's mother asks her what she's up to and when she sees
the petals she knocks them out of Jhanvi's hand and the winds blows
them away. Jhanvi is furious as well as worried. Meanwhile at the
Thakur mansion Mariam goes to clean the broken glass and looks at
herself in one of the pieces when her face disintegrates in her
reflection. She screams and runs out alerting her mother, Rashmi and
Meena. They ask her what happened and when she tries to tell them her
mother drags her away and Rashmi is even more worried even though
Meena tries to comfort her.

Kalinga is in her hut; she holds a stick and watches the deer through
Bhola's eyes. The hunting party stops at one point and we see the
black cat from before perched on a tree. Rajan takes aim and opens
fire just as the cat jumps on him. He misses the shot and the bullet
strikes Bhola instead. Rajan is shocked and in her hut Kalinga's
stick breaks and blood oozes out of it. She gets worried and heads
out looking for Bhola. Rajan wants to take Bhola to a hospital but
the other men fear Kalinga and convince Rajan to bury the body in the
jungle. Rajan finally agrees although he's not happy at all. The
hunting party leaves and Kalinga arrives in the jungle looking for

She searches high and low and when she passes the spot where Bhola's
body is buried a hand comes out of the ground and she falls. She digs
the ground and finds Bhola there, dead. She screams and a raging
storm floods in. A bolt of lightning strikes the tree under which
Bhola was buried and it forms a KalCchakra out of which comes Bhola's
spirit. Kalinga asks him who did this to him and he says that it was
Thakur Rajan. Kalinga is shocked as well as enraged. She screams out
saying that there is no way in hell everything can be destroyed so
quickly. She asks the unseen forces to give her power to right what
was wronged. Bhola's spirit goes away leaving only the KalCchakra

Next Week
Kalinga curses the Thakur family for the death of her son in the most
unimaginable way. A dicey episode of KalCchakra, next week at 10.30
on Star Plus.

Episode 2

All the men arrive home from the hunt and tell their wives about
what happened. The wives are quite skeptical about what has taken
place but the men manage to convince them that they should keep
their mouths shut. Rajan arrives home and both Meena and Rashmi
notice that he's not himself. He excuses himself and goes to change.
Later he joins both women for some tea and even at that point he's
still thinking about what happened. At the lunch table Rajan tells
Meena and Rashmi that he has decided to give up hunting and they're
both very happy. Meanwhile Kaalinga roams the jungles in tears and
makes her way to the Takhur mansion where she screams for Rajan.

A strong wind blows in all directions and everyone in the mansion
hears the voice of Kaalinga. Rajan tells Rashmi and Meena to stay
downstairs while he goes and checks it out. Rajan arrives at the
balcony, Ousman, Rasheeda and Mariam stand at the porch while Rashmi
and Meena look at the scene from within the house where they can't
hear anything. Outside, Kaalinga blames Rajan for the death of her
son and he explains what happened. He tells her that he will give
her anything she wants and she asks for her son. Rajan says that
that's not within his jurisdiction to give but Kaalinga tells him
that now he and his family will suffer the same pain that she's
going through. Rajan begs her not tot drag his family into this
because they're not at fault only he is. Kaalinga screams out and
the skies turn dark, thunder and lightening fills the atmosphere and
the rains come pouring down.

Everyone is pretty freaked about this and Kaalinga stares Rajan
straight in the eye. She tells him that today she's cursing him.
Rajan listens as Kaalinga's curse echoes across the entire mansion.
She says that exactly seven days from now Rashmi will give birth to
twin girls and one of them will be the progeny of the devil himself.
Rajan's eyes widen and he can't contain what he's hearing. Kaalinga
says that whenever the girls are together they will be like two
halves of an enormous power that will shake the earth and bring
destruction to everyone around them. She asks him to remember the
curse and then she's struck by lightning and disappears. Just then
Rajan hears Meena screaming for him. When he goes downstairs he sees
that Rashmi's condition is quite serious. Rajan yells for Ousman to
go and get a doctor.

Meanwhile Jhanvi waits for Bhola in the jungle. Suddenly Bhola's
spirit appears and Jhanvi asks where he was. Bhola says that he's in
a different place now where he can't feel pain or fear or even
happiness for that matter. Jhanvi is confused as to what he's saying
and then tells him to drop her home. Bhola tells her to go by
herself and then vanishes in the same way he came. Jhanvi is shocked
when she can't find him and then goes home. When she tells her
mother that she went to see Bhola Narmada is freaked out because she
knows that Bhola is dead. Elsewhere Mariam goes to drop her cousins
off at her uncle's house and tells him about what happened at the
mansion. At the same time Ousman and Jhanvi's father try to go to
the doctor's but the vehicle breaks down. Kaalinga and Bhola watch
from a distance as the two men get out of the vehicle and run back
home. The villagers are frightened when they see Kaalinga's house
burning in the rain and they run away.

Back at the mansion Rajan tells Meena about what happened in the
jungle and about Kaalinga's curse. Meena tells him not to worry
about it but Rajan is not convinced.

One thing after the other leads to no one being able to go and get a
doctor for Rashmi. Ousman returns and says the car broke down and
the water level on the road is too high for anyone to go. Later
Mariam tells Rajan that the bridge has broken down and no one can
even think of going to the city. Rajan goes to Rashmi's side and she
tells him to hold her. When he does however he sees Kaalinga instead
of Rashmi. He freaks out and runs away but then Rashmi reappears and
asks what the matter is. Rajan goes back to her side and holds her
telling her that he won't let anything happen to her. Meanwhile
Bhola comes to see Jhanvi in her room and tells her that he was shot
and that no he's dead. Jhanvi awakens from her dream and screams
out. Narmada comes running in and Jhanvi tells her about the dream
and once again Narmada finds fear sinking into her.

The rain and the storms continue for seven long days without cease.
On the seventh day Rajan tells Meena that if Kaalinga's curse is
legitimate then Rashmi should give birth today and Meena tells him
not to talk like that because Rashmi has two more months to deliver.
Suddenly they hear Rashmi screaming out and they run to her side.
Rashmi has gone into labor and Meena rushes out of the room looking
for Rasheeda. She tells her to get a midwife from the village if she
can because Rashmi is in labor. Rasheeda tells Mariam to go and
bring Narmada over as soon as she can.

Later the entire household waits patiently. Rasheeda and Mariam are
in prayer and so is Meena. Soon after Meena joins Rajan near a
window where they watch the rain come down. Suddenly they hear a
baby cry. The two of them rush upstairs and Narmada walks out with a
little baby. She tells them that it's a girl. Rajan asks if there's
only one child and Narmada says of course. She takes the baby and
goes back inside and Meena tells Rajan that now he can relax. They
both go back to the window they were standing at and suddenly the
clouds part and the sun comes up. Rajan feels strange again but
Meena tells him to think of it as a good sign but Rajan says that he
has a feeling something is not right. In the jungle Kaalinga and
Bhola stare at the tree where the KalCchakra appeared with
lightning. Kaalinga says that after 111 years the KalCchakra is back
to claim its prey and this time it has unleashed its fury on the
Takhur family.

Back at the mansion Rajan, Rasheeda and Meena wait for Narmada to
finish up with Rashmi. Rajan tries to go to the room but Meena tells
him to wait and that she and Rasheeda will go first. The two women
leave and Rajan paces around full of worry. Seconds later Rajan
hears Meena screaming and runs up to the room. When he walks in he
sees his sister's fear stricken face and when he looks at her hands
he sees her holding two babies instead of one, twin girls. Rajan
freaks out and in the mirror next to Meena sits Kaalinga, smiling at
her curse that has now come true.

Next Week
Rajan is drained in sorrow when he realizes that Rashmi is dead!
Both he and Meena are afraid of what has happened and the entire
village mourns the loss of Rashmi. Soon after Rajan gets his hands
on Kaalinga and blames her for taking his wife away from him and in
the struggle he almost strangles her to death!

KalCchakra starring Nausheen Ali Sardar and Mohnish Behl.


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