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COTW: Antariksh

*Reemz* IF-Stunnerz

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Hey Sindoorians,

Hope you're all doing good. This is a new concept of analysing characters for a week, so we get to know them even better. We discuss their positives and negatives with each other and maybe this will make us see a particular character in a different light altogether.


The first character in the spotlight is our Grey boy...Antariksh. An extremely controversial character due to his acts. He was responsible of making Vedika made again (attempted to anyway), he raped Niharika and he even tried to kill Rudra. But he has also been a devoted son, a favourite of the late Kavita Raizada.


Why do you think he did all those bad deeds? Do you think it had to do with this disability, which led to insecurity? Or was he a victim of Niharika's conspiration? How good or bad is he?


Also discuss how sucessful Pracheen has been in carrying Antariksh's character. Has he been sucessful or not?


Discuss here. Smile

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zhasan2 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 January 2007 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
Well, I think Pracheen does an excellant job in carrying his role! Clap Clap He can do all his shades and roles excellantly.

But now, for Antariksh.
I dont think his bad deeds had to do with his disability Confused I mean, he never talks about it or brings it up at all..i think he's just a man who has a really hot head and lets his anger get to him. I think the bad deeds he did were all from being selfish. He's a really selfish character who thinks about himself first, rather than others....yes he has tried to be a good son...but what kind of son kills his own brother, giving his family pain Confused Ouch
Yes, maybe Niharika being tricky for him has made him a little worse than before because he hates it when people get the better of him...
*Reemz* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 January 2007 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
But don't you think he felt cheated by the fact that Niharika played a game with him? The condition was that if Niharika married Antariksh, Dhruv would marry Vedika. So maybe somewhere he thought that Niharika left him because of his disability. Not sure how to put it but I think his disability did play in his mind somewhere. He raped Niharika to enforce control and power over her? Confused
zhasan2 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 January 2007 at 1:15pm | IP Logged
well...yeah i think at that point, he did feel cheated by Niharika...and maybe he did feel that his disability wouldn't let him go on in life Confused but for the most part i think it was his anger..i mean, just by feeling cheated..he couldn't have done such a wrong thing Ouch
i agree in his mind, somewhere, the fact of his disability did come up and that worsened his anger
moderngirl Goldie

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In a way, Ant has done all those bad things because of his arrogance! He just thinks HE'S always right and does things the way he wants to, and then later repents for his deeds. He thinks that he's in charge and has the tight to do anyting, which is why he killed Rudra, probably thinking he had the right to!

I really don't think he's dissability plays a big role or even any in what he has done. Because of his disability he has been a favorite of the late Kavita. She gave him the most care and love. Theres no reason why he should have done this except for his own arrogance.

In the begining he was hurt by Niharika which is the result of some bad deeds but then later on I think his arogance plays a bigger role. Ant isn't completely evil but Iam sure if he actually uses his head more then he'll see through.

Pracheen as an actor has done a fab job of playing Antariksh's role. He has portrayed the physical ways of a disabled person and also the expression of a killer and husband very well. Hats off to him!! Smile

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DivyaD IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2007 at 1:32am | IP Logged

Very good topic Reemz!!! And what a brilliant idea: COTW! ClapClap

 I am glad that you said in your intro "favourite of Kavita". I think this may have contributed to his egoism and bolstered his confidence to allow him to do as he pleased, which led him to where he is today. There were times when Ant was favoured over Dhruv, not really openly but from the beginning - Kavita asked Dhruv to forget his love for someone else and marry Vedika, just so that Niharika would agree to marrying Ant. She asked Dhruv to put his happiness aside so Ant would have a shot at married life. This showed us that background which allowed Ant to begin seeing life as his own to order.

Why do you think he did all those bad deeds? Hmmm... Because he felt it his right? He saw no wrong in it? He was so blinded by hate, arrogance and a sense of ME-ness that he saw nothing wrong in doing ANYTHING to achieve what HE wants... He felt he was wronged, wronged by his disability, by his family for pitying him for his disability, wronged by Niharika, later on wronged by Sundari, wronged by Kajal (when she proved to be an exotic dancer) ... the list could be endless!

  Do you think it had to do with this disability, which led to insecurity? Only a weak person will look at a disability as inconsequential as Ant's as a weakness that can make one insecure - and Ant IS a weak person. He has always blamed others for his downfalls and never realised that he always had everyone's support. Instead of using the support of loved ones and turning it into something positive, he trod upon it and threw it in everyone's face! And anyway, insecurity is one thing, being evil is another...

Or was he a victim of Niharika's conspiration? Victim...? Ant? Of course Ant is a victim!!! A victim of himself... blaming others is too easy! He is a man and needs to face life and take the blame himself for some things!!! Angry

How good or bad is he? I don't think he is a very bad person - he has kinda redeemed himself in my eyes by facing the family and accepting whatever punishment they would give for "murdering" Rudr. But raping a woman, especially one that he was at once married to and then NOT accepting blame... No! That was the limit, that was when he crossed all lines of humanity and crossed over to a monster! No one except a monster an a very weak person resolves to rape. In my books, a rapist is as bad, if not worse than a murderer. Remind me someone - has he actually been punished for that? Angry

Also discuss how sucessful Pracheen has been in carrying Antariksh's character. Has he been sucessful or not?

Pracheen is an excellent actor. He has breathed such life into Ant's character that any other actor will be lifeless next to him. He has brought Ant to such an extent that we all identify with Ant's downfalls and weaknesses. Not many actors can do that. We forget that he is just a character - that is how human and life like Ant has become for all of us... and this is due only to Pracheen's prowess and mastery!!! Clap Clap He has been more than successful as Antariksh. From the beginning of STNK he has showed us a swet face, an evil face, an angry face, even a pitiful face... and with what aplomb!!! Truly great work!!

Everyone should participate in these discussions - will add more fun for all!!! Wink

crystallove Groupbie

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Posted: 16 January 2007 at 5:13am | IP Logged
I agree it is a great topics and is leading to fantastic discussions.

Pracheen plays the role of ant. very well indeed and I agree with Divya he breathes life into the role.

Ant. evil characters comes about with Nih. betrayal because not much is known about him before, he is very hot headed and reacts without thinking which causes him to repent later on. Alot of his actions is reactions to things that have happened.

shikha87 Senior Member

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Favourite of Kavita?

Hi guys here i tell you my points of view. I think antrakshish is a more of a monster then a human being and i give you my reasons later on why i think so. Antrakshish all the bad deeds can only be blamed upon one person apart from himself is on kavita. The reason for this is that every human being has around some percentage of good and bad in them. When they are child they either work on some percentage of evil and make it a strong one or some part of goodness and make that strong. For antrakshish this has been an example. Kavita has used his disability to make an excuse for her to luv him more when the truth is that she had tot ell him and make him understand the difference between what is good and right. Not let him have everything that he wants in life and show him that he is not the boss. She let dhruv sacrifice his luv for him when she could have explained and told antrakshish like telling dhruv that you cannot have everything in life. So to add some percentage of blame in his bad deeds then he has the right to blame it on his mother because she should have scolded him off and punishes him when he raped Niharika.


Why do you think he did all those bad deeds? I think the reason for this hence is because of his mummy. Antrakshish never saw any wrong of getting what he wanted and because of that he done his evil deeds. His disability cannot be told to play major part in antrakshih's bad deeds because so many people are disabled, blind or deaf do they go round kill people? Nope they don't so why does antrakshish think he can get away with it. If any chance he sued as this is an excuse then he is a weak man. He has always made hate, arrogance and selfishness to be part of crime but the fact is that they don't come by them selves antrakshish ahs allowed them to take over him.  You can say that some characters in the show make him the way it is but that does not mean you do what you wanted. If the character has wronged him then what about what eh ahs done? he raped Niharika which no man should be allowed to live, he has killed kajol's mum which eh still has not been punished for it, he tried to kill rudra twice and thrice he nearly succeeded which he got away with it and finally he decided tot ell rudra to get away form him and his family when rudra was accused of raping which antrakshish really did.


 Was he a victim of Niharika conspiration? Antrakshish had no right to blame Niharika because this man ahs done more bad deeds then Niharika could never do in her life. he had raped her, which is the biggest crime of all human beings can do and in my opinion a rapist is a bigger criminal then a murderer or a terrorist. The rapist does not only ruin the poor girl's life but also her confidence, her pride and her family's life as well. Killing rudra? Niharika never played any part of it or making vedika mad? Did she force him to do it? Nope the guy can think can't he?


How good or bad is he? I think him 80% bad and 20% good. He ahs showed that eh can be good when he wants to be. Making rudra and Niharika unite when naina tried to separate them. Giving his child away to dhruv etc.


how successful Pracheen has been in carrying Antariksh's character? I have to say pracheen has showed us what acting is. when it comes to him he actually steals all the thunder form the show and makes it as his own. no character can act next to him except Niharika and still come and say that i done better then him. he has showed that all the other characters need to take some tips from him. he has made the characters alive instead of just acting. i have cursed antrakshish when he was bad which shows that i felt antrakshish was like me and no one can do that unless they are superb. pracheen has made the show what it is now and right now he is only side actor as shivam is a baddy now but i have to say i miss him like hell. Their was time when i only watched this programme because of pracheen so pracheen this shows how well you are doing. if someone claps with you or cries with you then that means you are superb and we cannot even put it in words to explain how well you are carrying your character. From the beginning of this show pracheen has made us aware of his many shades in this character making it more like a human being as i can say that if an actor does not act well then we easily can say that is not true but for pracheen we cannot say that.


Thumbs Up  Clap Hats off to you pracheen Clap Thumbs Up



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