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BLUSHING IN LOVE #2 -pg51 last part

angadkripafan IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 May 2005
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Posted: 13 January 2007 at 4:18am | IP Logged
since the original topic of blushign ni love has exceeded more than 150 pages i have 2 make the new topics

incase anyone wants the link 2 the original topics 2 read the previous parts , here is the link Big smile

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rajeevskituix iishiqaa xo

miss_neha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 January 2007 at 7:33am | IP Logged
Kool, cant wait for u to cont Smile
sidra01 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 August 2006
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Posted: 13 January 2007 at 8:04am | IP Logged
awsome when are u planning to con its been long yaar
Dark Love IF-Rockerz
Dark Love
Dark Love

Joined: 19 June 2006
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Posted: 13 January 2007 at 10:55am | IP Logged
great! please continue soon Embarrassed
brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 June 2006
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Posted: 14 January 2007 at 4:35am | IP Logged
okay but continue soon
lildude13572003 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 October 2005
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Posted: 14 January 2007 at 4:38am | IP Logged
cont soon ! Smile
Shazia_haya IF-Rockerz

Joined: 25 May 2006
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Posted: 14 January 2007 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
wow......then plz continue.....
angadkripafan IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 May 2005
Posts: 5034

Posted: 19 January 2007 at 2:44am | IP Logged

angad avoided kannan for 2 days
he didn't even see her face
angad thought may be it was best not 2 tell kripa about the incident , it would just complicate matters

today was the day when kripa would come back Big smile
angad was really excited n went 2 pick her up at the airport

angad was waiting outside the airport , he was in the VIP zone so no fans could come up 2 him when he would meet his sweetheart Wink

after a few minutes while angad was still waiting he got a call on his cell from kannan

a-(thinking) should i pick up the phone or not Confused

finally angad picked up the phone

kan- angad , i wanted 2 talk 2 you 2 clear out things lekin tum mujhe avoid kar rahe ho

a-(uncomfortable) nahi aise baat nahi hai

kan- jhoot mat kaho angad, anyways , i just want 2 say sorry 4 that night

a-its ok kannan just 4get it

kan- thanx alot , i'm glad everything is ok between us

a-(still uncomfortable) ya , bye

kan -bye

angad shut the phone n was lost in his own thoughts
suddenly he felt 2 hands around his chest n a whisper in his ears " did u miss me?" Embarrassed

he turned back n it was kripa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big smile

angad hugged her tightly

a-i missed u like mad , don't ever ever ever ever ever like me again Cry

k -aww my baby , seemes like u miss me 100000 times more than I did Embarrassed

a-I would bet 4 that

k-umm…… Angad I think v should go hug somewhere else people r staring at us (blushing) Embarrassed

a-(blushing) ya Embarrassed

angad picked kripa's bag n was almost abt 2 fall

a-kripa the weight of these bags says that u have shopped a lot

kripa laughed n then st in the car n drove away

a-so jaan howz uncle? Doctors kya keh rahe hai?

Kripa was sad – its his last stage , theres no hope angad

The pain in kripa's voice was as if someone was chocking her
Angad kept his hand on hers – just relax , main hu na tumhare saath Smile

Kripa n angad both knew that nothing could be done , but still angad's consoling did have an effect on her , she knew that no matter wat angad would always b there 4 her n he is one person she could completely rely upon Smile

They reached home n everyone was happy 2 see kripa back , it was like the house had life in it once again Big smile

The khanna's simply loved kripa , n of cause they would , after all she was like their own daughter not to be daughter-in-law Big smile

Later in the evening.......

k-hey angad lets go to the disco , you me josh aaliya prithvi and kanna , wat say?

Angad wasn't happy abt kannan coming but he still agreed so that kripa shouldn't suspect something fishy

a-fine as u with Smile

k-(excited) cool!!!!!! Ok main josh aur aaliya ko phone karti hu tab tak tum prithvi aur kannan ko invite kardo Big smile

kripa was really excited , she would meet her friends after an entire week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She joyfully skiped n hoped n went 2 her room like a kid

her innocence was something that angad loved most abt her Embarrassed

b4 going he went 2 karthik's room 2 inform him abt some meeting time

he entered the room n saw his mishti bhabi sitting on the bed n watching tv

a-hey bhabi , n hey little baby or baba (pointing at her stomach) Tongue

m- hi angad aur baby or baba bhi hi keh raha hai

a-btw bhabi how many months are over ur stomach has grown so big already

m- seven months Embarrassed

a-kool! Anyways bhabi bhai kaha hai?

m- hes just returned from office , taking a shower , kyon kya hua?

a-actually bhabi voh kal ke meeting ke bare main kuch discuss karma tha

m- 2 minutes ruko , he went in some time back , he'll come out in some time


m-waise angad


m- karthik ne kaha ki u n kripa........ r quite serious

a-(blushing) yup Embarrassed

m- I m very happy 4 u angad , kripa is the right girl 4 u , I just hope ab mere bhai prithvi ko bhi koi achhi ladki mil jaiye n then even he will b settled

a-same here Smile , waise bhabi , want me 2 share a secret with u? Wink

m- abt prithvi Tongue

a-nope me n kripa

m- secret......... Yeh to batana hi padega

angad whispered something in her ears

m-omg! r u serious? Big smile

Angad was blushing Embarrassed

m-gr8!!!!!!! I m very happy 4 u both Big smile

just then karthik came out

kar-kya baatein chal rahi hai

m-(excited) angad kehraha tha ki…..(cut bhi angad)

a-bhabi that was supposed 2 b a secret

m-oh!!! Ya anyways , karthik u will have 2 wait 4 it Tongue

kar- not fair! Confused

a-lolz anyways bhai kal meeting 2 pm hai don't b late , yeh bata ne aaya tha , timings changed


a-byeeeeeeeeeee Smile

angad ran out of the room cause he knew that karthik would ask him abt the secret

kar-mishti plez batao na kya baat hai?

M(with a big smile) – so Mr. husband u will have 2 wait 4 angad 2 tell it himself , n don't worry kal voh khud batadega Big smile

Angad went down stairs n saw kannan ready n waiting

a-oh ......ummm..... hi.....hi kannan

kan- hey , how am I looking?

a- Fine

kar-bas fine!

a-I mean good Smile

Kan- sirf good!

a-great! Terrific! Fabulous ummmm….. wat else….. excellent.....superb..... bas ya aur kuch kahu?lolz LOL

k-aur main kaise lag rahi hu angad?

Angad turned back n saw kripa coming downstairs

She hadn't dress as much as kannan in other words she didn't try 2 hard , she was looking gorgeous

a-(completely fallen 4 her) the prettiest angel ever ....... My angel Embarrassed

Kripa blushed a lot , after all she had got such a sweet compliment from her boyfriends n secondly it was a wayyyyyyyyy better cmpliment than kannan's , kannan's was rather sarcastic than realistic but the funny part was that kannan did get the sarcasam!!! Lolz Wink LOL

Kripa was almost abt 2 laught after thinking all that , but she somehow managed not 2

Just as the three stepped out of the house prithvi met them

p-hey kripa Smile

they both hugged
k-hey prithvi , how r u ? Smile

p- I m fine , n u n kannan r looking lovely

kan- thanx

k-lets go , v r already late as usual

as always angad n kria went in 1 car while prithvi n kannan went in another

angad was lost in his thoughts wondering wats wrong with kannan? One moment she kisses him n the other moment she blushes when prithvi compliments her as if she likes him . His ex-girlfriend was a bit weird he thought

k-angad r u planning 2 b quite all the way till the disco like now? Or should I put the music on n pretend that I enjoy listening it more than talking 2 you

a-sorry baby , kuch sooch raha tha

k-yahi ki kannan aur prithvi..... u know wat I mean Wink


angad just wondered that wat if kripa came 2 know abt him n kannan kissing? Wat would her reaction be? Would she 4give him 4 hiding it from her? He took a deep breath nbrushed those thoughts off his mind
tonight was special 4 him , he just hoped everything would go according 2 his plan

k-angad stop the car


k-stop the car

they were on a deserted road n so there was no car at all , prithvi's car had already gone ahead

angad stoped the car aside n looked at kripa

kripa slowly moved towards him n kissed him on his lips n he returned it with equal love Embarrassed

k- I missed u every second .......every moment (now tears in her eyes) u know angad , when I was talking 2 the doctor n he told me abt dads condition I felt so lost……so lonely……. No one 2 hold on to....... this distance made me realize that I can't live without you ....I need u,want you, love you, trust you

the word TRUST made angad remember abt him n kannan n cause of his guilty conscious he quickly hugged her cause he couldn't look into her eyes , he was afraid she would read his mind through his eyes as always

a-(still hugging) kripa I love you to , n I never want 2 loose you , promise me 1 thing , if I ever make a mistake will you 4give me?

Kripa aparted- angad wat...........

a-will u ?

k-i promise

angad hugged her back
a-(thinking) I m sorry kripa I m lieing 2 you , but I don't have another choice , if I tell it 2 u now , may be u may think that I cheated on you

k-angad I thought we were going 2 the disco , lets stop crying lolz

a-lolz ya

angad started driving
k-angad yes disco jaane ka raasta nahi hai

a-pata hai , I want 2 take u somewhere b4 v go 2 the disco

k-fine , I'll call aaliya n tell her that v'll b late

kripa called aaliya n told her abt their plans

angad drove to the khanna farmhouse
k-angad hum farmhouse kyon aaye hai?

a-that's a surprise , andar aao

they entered the house n it was dark
k-y is it so dark ?

a-main lights on karta hu

angad went 2 on the lights while kripa stood there alone
suddenly she heard people screaming SURPRISE!!!!!!! N the lights were on

k-omg !! whats all this! Big smile

Aaliya,josh,prithvi,kannan and angad were staning ahead of her with a cake n the entire house was decorated

Angad walked 2wards kripa n kissed her on her cheeks n said – happy birthday jaan Embarrassed

k-u all remembered! Tongue

p-ofcause v did , but angad warned all of us not 2 wish u

aa- he wanted 2 do this surprise party 4 u

k-cho chweet Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

kripa kissed angad's cheeks Embarrassed

k-thanx a lot jaan Big smile

a-anything 4 Smile

all wished kripa n then kripa cut the cake n then began the party........ the music was on full volume n everyone enjoyed themselves

angad excused himself 4 a moment cause he had 2 attned a call on his cell

he went 2 the garden n when he finished talking he saw kripa entering the garden

a-hey birthday girl y aren't u dancing? Smile

Kripa had a sad face

a-kya hua?

k-lets sit angad


they sat on the bench in the garden , kripa rested her head on his chest n angad wrapped his hands around her n kissed her on her forehead Embarrassed

a-whats wrong? Didn't u like the surprise?

k-wo baat nahi hai angad

a-to phir?

As kripa began 2 speak tears rolled down her eyes – 2 speak the truth angad , I didn't even remember it was my birthday 2 day , I was so tensed about dad n stuff......... how can someone even 4get their birthday

a-come-on kripa , I know u wouldn't b so upset just 4 forgetting ur birthday , there more 2 it isn't it?

k-hmmm ..... u know me so well , remember last year angad , mom n dad threw such a grand party 4 me , all my friends everyone were there , it was just so perfect , n this year....... Mom's past aways n dad's suffering from cancer ........ it like everything had got screwed up so badly , I could never magine my life without mom n dad but now I have 2 life without them , I don't know how I will take care of my self

a-u don't have 2 take care of urself , I will be doing that Wink

kripa smiled Smile

k- thanx a lot angad , its gives me so much of comfort when I talk 2 u

angad kissed her on her cheeks Embarrassed

a-I think v should go back inside , its getting cold out here


they went inside n joined the party

aaliya whispered 2 kripa – you love birds just need a reason 2 romance don't you?

k- Embarrassed

after sometime they all very exhausted n sat n talked

a-ok guys attention please!

all looked at angad

a-kripa this is going 2 b one of the special moments of our life Embarrassed

k-huh? Confused

Angad went down on his knees n took out a ring that was in his pocket

a-kripa could I have the pleasure of making you my life partner? Will u r my life n now will u be my wife ?

kripa was almost about 2 cry with happiness– yes ......i will Cry Embarrassed

aaliya n josh cheered 4 angad n kripa while angad slipped the ring in kripa's finger Embarrassed n prithvi n kanna looked at them with blank faces tryign 2 force a smile on their faces Dead

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