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Chat wid Rajeev

MrsRajeev IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 November 2004 at 4:35am | IP Logged

Rajeev Khandelwal

Transcript of LIVE CHAT with TV actor ,Rajeev Khandelwal at 12.00 noon s on Monday ,November 29, 2004 in Mumbai

Rajeev Khandelwal
TV actor

"I can't play with the emotions of viewers; shall decide in a week's time (to continue as Sujal or quit the serial)"

Laks > You said in an interview that achievement means SRK buying a house in such a short time in Mumbai. So, what would be your achievement?
Rajeev Khandelwal > What I meant was that Mannat (SRK's house) stands to the
fact that he achieved a lot in very short span of time. My achievement would not be materialistic but more spiritual.

Nazia > Heartiest congratulations Rajeev for winning soooo many awards! You deserve it. In fact you deserve more than this.
Rajeev Khandelwal > Thanks a lot Nazia. I hope I live up to all the expectations.

Nikki > Why are you leaving the show? You have only one show. Where else can I see
You on TV? I am (your) huge fan and I JUST LOVE U!!!
Rajeev Khandelwal > I can play with the emotions of Sujal but cannot play with the emotions of viewers. Whatever I decide would be for the betterment of you all and myself, trust me. And thanks for the love. In case I quite, you will have to wait for a while to watch me again on the telly.

Meenu > Hi Rajeev!! Firstly, hearty congratulations on all the success and awards that you have won! And now the question that's giving nightmares to all your fans. Are you ACTUALLY QUITTING KTH OR IT'S JUST A RUMOUR? I have my fingers crossed for your answer.
Rajeev Khandelwal > Firstly, thanks and secondly, it's not a rumour. There are certain issues yet to be resolved.

Jks > Whom do you consider an Idol as far television is concerned?
Rajeev Khandelwal > Amitabh Bachchan.

Malini > Rajiv please set the record straight. First it was said that you are quitting
Kahiin To Hoga and now it said that you are not. What's happening?
Rajeev Khandelwal > Sorry for all the confusion. But the fact is that the issue is yet to be resolved. You will come to know in a week's time.

Kaur > Welcome Rajiv, it is great to see you here. Rajiv, how much are you inspired by Rajesh Khannaji. Your gestures, eyes, smile and even your body language matches with him so perfectly.
Rajeev Khandelwal > I never did it consciously. If I am compared, it's a huge honour, as long as you don't find me aping him.

Laks > You said in an interview that you have discontinued engineering. Is it from Bangalore? If so, do you remember Rama Rao? He said that you used to tell them about your documentaries. What do you find more interesting - graphics and packaging, making documentaries or acting and why? What do you find more interesting - graphics and packaging, making documentaries or acting and why?
Rajeev Khandelwal > No, it is not from Bangalore; it's from Gujarat. I don't know any Rama Rao. Yes, I love filmmaking but acting is my priority. You might find me some day behind the camera also.

Laila > What do you attribute your massive popularity to? Is it your sex appeal or your talent or simply the charm of the character that you r playing right now in Kahiin to Hoga?
Rajeev Khandelwal > It's the charm of the character that I am playing for sure. I
(Rajiv) am yet to arrive.

Sonali > After the original Mihir quit Kyunki Saas , his popularity went down. Don't you fear you might suffer the same fate? People just might forget you...
Rajeev Khandelwal > We all come with our own destinies and I don't believe in
following the beaten track. I just follow my instincts.

Nycdude79 > Hello Rajiv, are you also going to star in the serial which is the
television launch of Amrita Singh ?
Rajeev Khandelwal > Now that is a rumour.

Lyndaazam > I heard that you had a showdown with Ektaa Kapoor.
Rajeev Khandelwal > I am just doing a show with Ektaa Kapoor and you better put
down all rumours.

Amna sheriff > Any future plans to come on big screen?
Rajeev Khandelwal > May be yes; cannot say when.

Clod > What do you like in a woman? Any one special in your life right now?
When do you plan to marry?
Rajeev Khandelwal > I like originality. No one special in my life other than my
Mom. Marriage is not on the cards, as of now.

Gs_baloch > Salam. I am from Pakistan. My name is Areeba. I appreciate you a lot. I must say that I am mad about you. I know Sujal very well but want to know Rajiv. So please can you give me your contact number or email or address; anything that will enable me to contact you.
Rajeev Khandelwal > rajeev_1610@yahoo.co.in . And thanks for your love and affection.

Parul > You and Kashish make a excellent pair. Does this on screen chemistry, exist
off screen too?
Rajeev Khandelwal > Whatever time we get, we spend on screen. So the question
doesn't arise.

Neha_4 > You seem to be a perfect brother on screen. Do you miss a sister in your life because every time I see you on screen, I feel I should have a brother like you.
Rajeev Khandelwal > I thought I looked like a perfect lover. But anyways, I do miss
having a sister.

Laks > How far do you identify with the character of Sujal in real life?
Rajeev Khandelwal > I am an actor performing the character of Sujal and he is a human character so obviously (there are) few similarities. I am not a replica of Sujal.

Panku > What will you do after Kahiin To Hoga . Any special plans?
Rajeev Khandelwal > I will take life as it comes.

Rad_rose > What is your thought about competitors like Hiten Tejwani?
Rajeev Khandelwal > He is a darling and a great friend.

Sujalkideewani > I'm from Pakistan. How are you :)? I really got jealous when I saw you in the award show hugging Aamna:(
Rajeev Khandelwal > I was looking around for you - my bad luck.

Msacv > When is your birthday?
Rajeev Khandelwal > 16th of October.

Meenu > Hi Rajeev! Why is it that Sujal is always betrayed by the people he trusts the most? Piyush, Kashish, Rishi and now you Rajiv? No one other than you can do justice to the role of sujal, PLZ DON'T QUIT!!!!
Rajeev Khandelwal > It's just a mind set; out of sight will be out of mind very soon. Whether I play or someone else plays Sujal, I assure you, you will keep loving the character.

Sumalathaksalian > Hello Rajiv, how are you? How did it feel when you received the
best personality award?
Rajeev Khandelwal > I felt humble and suddenly felt the weight of the award on my shoulders. I hope I live up to the reputation of the award.

Shivangi > Hey Rajiv, lot of people must have told you that you are really very hot and indeed you do give goose bumps. Can I know your age please?
Rajeev Khandelwal > I am 28. And please tell me who are those people, I wanna thank them!

Cgw > Hi, now do not keep us in dark. Tell us what are chances of your staying in the serial?
Rajeev Khandelwal > It could be either way. Wait for a week. I am not playing
any games.

Rajeev k > Hi, this is Ridhima. Were you and Aamna seeing each other?
Rajeev Khandelwal > Yeah I was, and still see her everyday on the sets – hahahahahah!

Mink_j > I love you . You really are a hunk!
Rajeev Khandelwal > And I always thought I was just junk.

Kehari > Your story looks like the Ambanis story where both brothers are at loggerheads. Here you and Ektaa Kapoor do not seem to get along. Please comment. What emotional turmoil is going on in your mind? Is it a matter of money as well? Are you asking for a higher pay raise?
Rajeev Khandelwal > Money has always been the last thing on my mind. Quality
is what I look for and I am not at loggerheads with Ektaa. It's just a creative disagreement and I respect her a lot.

Nafisa > Please tell some about your Khandelwal family ?
Rajeev Khandelwal > We are three brothers and along with my mom and dad , who live in Jaipur. My elder brother is in the army and the younger one is working for a bank.

Gigi > Your first crush? Did you have a girlfriend before?
Rajeev Khandelwal > Of course I did. I wasn't that bad. And my first crush is only in my memories. I don't know about her whereabouts now.

Panku > I think Amna is the luckiest girl on the earth. I wish I could be the one.
Rajeev Khandelwal > Do you really think so? She is definetly the most beautiful girl I have ever met.

Jks > Tell us a female in the tele industry whom you would like to work other than Aamna?
Rajeev Khandelwal > Farida Jalal.

Baloch > I heard that you have planned doing a Pakistani serial of Humayun Saeed with Aamna Sharif? Is it true?
Rajeev Khandelwal > Yes, the talks are on. Let's see, what happens.

Aditi10 > Rajiv, what is your favourite colour, favourite movie, favourite music, favourite food? Tell me all that you love!
Rajeev Khandelwal > Favorite colour is black. Movie – Shakti; Music – Indian/ Hindi; favourite food - home cooked Indian food and purely vegetarian. And I love all of you!!!

Sulekhs > Are you handling the graphics and packaging for telefilms too? I see your name in that category.
Rajeev Khandelwal > No, I am not. That is someone else.

Cutegirl_v1987 > I heard you married Kashish. Is this true?
Rajeev Khandelwal > That's a funny rumour.

Neville_sujalsfan > Hey Sujal urf Rajiv. I always knew that you would be great, since the time I saw you in Kya Hadsaa Kya Haqeeqat . You were so hot and dashing and you had also come to my college- Jaihind in Mumbai some weeks back. Did you ever expect such great success?
Rajeev Khandelwal > I always knew I would make a difference in whatever I do. Never thought of the magnitude.

Sign Off Message > Believe in God, believe in luck but most important believe in yourself because that is what shows. Love me always, Rajeev Khandelwal.

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kaleidoscope Goldie

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Posted: 29 November 2004 at 5:37am | IP Logged

Seems to be an interesting and witty person

Thanks Naina for the chat transcript

Who-I-Used-2-Be IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 November 2004 at 6:55am | IP Logged

Agreed choc, he really is very witty. Loved the way he answered all the questions.

And thanx Naina.......... 

HUMM IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 November 2004
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Posted: 29 November 2004 at 7:02am | IP Logged
oh thank you so much for giving us that update!!
and finally sujal fans get his mail addressWink:
Gs_baloch > Salam. I am from Pakistan. My name is Areeba. I appreciate you a lot. I must say that I am mad about you. I know Sujal very well but want to know Rajiv. So please can you give me your contact number or email or address; anything that will enable me to contact you.
Rajeev Khandelwal > rajeev_1610@yahoo.co.in . And thanks for your love and affection.

MrsRajeev IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 November 2004 at 11:40am | IP Logged
thats cool i just love him
perveen Goldie

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Posted: 29 November 2004 at 1:29pm | IP Logged

hi rajeev im from uk and my name is perveen and i dont know why but i just know that ur not gone quit so lets just wait and watch what u decide?Wink

and inshallah one day ur gone hit at the top with ur performance may allah always keep u happy bye Smile

nish Newbie

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Posted: 29 November 2004 at 2:52pm | IP Logged

hi sujal/ rajeev, i really think you and kahish make a good couple. but i understand ur just mates nway congratulations on all ur awards.my question, wen do u actually get together with kahish in the serial? please make it soon. wat do u think of Aamana as a person 

by the way i love u lots i have u all over on my fone and computer and my walls

from nisha

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anniegupta_ Goldie

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Posted: 29 November 2004 at 5:54pm | IP Logged
omg thanks so much naina!!! He is soo sweet!

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