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Opposites attract - a fanfic

.Anamika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 January 2007 at 1:20pm | IP Logged

Hey guys, I've read many fanfics in this forum. But most of them are about Lakshya and kt and although I love them I'm going to try one with Eklavya and Manthan. This is the first part and in this part I've just introduced two new characters, in the next part the story actually starts.

                                                Character Sketches:


Barkha Bisht 02 


          Her twin sister

          To Dance!

          Her rude landlord's cute puppy.


          Her landlord

          Waking up in the mornings!

          MATH! PHYSICS! CHEMISTY! And difficult college courses in general – except dance of course!

Thoughts on love?

After her father left her mother, she hasn't really accepted the fact that there is still love around. Plus, the pathetic boys at her school that make life hell for her by wolf whistling at her and scrutinizing her don't help improve her thoughts on love either…She's dated many boys in the past and they all turned out to be idiots. Nobody really liked her real, they were just time-passing.

A girl in her twenties. Isha's an orphan and has been since her mother died. She has led a very rough life with her twin sister, Nisha. Her father left her mother and her mother died afterwards. With no money and care from a mother, Isha took things in her own hands and has learned how to live in a brutal city like Mumbai. She and her sister have learned the hard way how to live in a big city, currently they live in a small apartment with a rude landlord. Nisha tutors little kids to get money and Isha dances as a lead dancer in small shows. Together, they make just enough money to survive. Isha realizes the importance for money for two girls living alone in a city like Mumbai. She saves as much money as she can and dances at as many shows she can to get money for paying the rent. Isha needs her sister for everything. Her sister, Nisha is the only one she trusts with anything and can depend on her at any time. She loves her twin more than anything else in the world. Isha is a dancer. Dacing is her passion. She has mastered the art of salsa and ballet. With years of ballet practice, she has a perfect petite frame. Her thoughts on love aren't really positive just as yet but somebody comes in her life that changes her thoughts forever…



          Her twin sister, Isha and Rani, the landlord's puppy.

          Math (and any other challenging course that most people fail)

          Tutoring little kids

          Cooking ghee parathas for her sister to fatten her up! (ballet dancers have like 5% of fat on them!)


          Her sister's tiny clothes!

          Her sister's habits.

Thoughts on love?

Even though her father left her mother, she still believes that someone somewhere is made for her. It is just a matter of time to find her Mr. Right. Well, hopefully at least!

Nisha is a girl in her twenties. She has been through a lot with her sister, Isha. As mentioned before, her mother had died after her father left her. Ever since then, nobody accepted Nisha or Isha. They were just the two orphans. It is very tough to live in the city for the two girls and they have learned this the hard way. Nisha is a very smart student. Currently, she is studying on a scholarship with the courses she is taking.  Unlike her sister, Isha, she can't dance but she can solve complex math equations. She tutors little kids to contribute money for the rents, college supplies, food and basic things that they need. She is a very traditional girl; wears salwar kamez, also speaks saying "Aap" and wears the typical Indian jewelry like jumkas, anklets, bangles etc. Nisha know the importance for money but she can't stand to take money from little kids sometimes. Unlike her sister, who is even willing to get paid on a charity show. She knows money is important but sometimes she lets tutors some needy kids for free even though it drives her sister nuts.  Even though she has patiently waited for her Mr. Right to come along, most guys seemed to be more interested in her twin sister, Isha, the sociable, outgoing dancer. Especially the popular guys in her school. Little does she know but a very popular boy is about the enter her life.

Manthan Virani:

Amit Tandon 


          His step sister, Bhoomi and his mom, Tanya

          Chilling with his friends

          To Do anything but Math



          College! (Why should he have to go anyway? He's born rich!)

Thoughts on love?

He never got it from his dad. His dad always loved his sister more because she remined him of Nandini. He never got fatherly love. Even his mom, Tanya, tries to love Bhoomi more to prove to her husband that she loves Bhoomi, who is her step-daughter, more than her own blood, Manthan. His sister's and his mother are the only two people that he loves, so he doesn't think much about love.

Manthan Virani. Name sound familiar? Of course it does! He's a Virani! Everbody knows the Viranis. They are so famous for their business. As a baby, Manthan went through a lot. He was conceived by Tanya when things were edgy in the family. He even got kidnapped as a little baby. But that was 20 years ago. Now, Manthan is just another spoilt brat from a rich family. It's arguable which one of his parents had the bigger role in making him this way. Tanya has pampered him and given her son and daughter, Bhoomi, everything she has ever needed. His father Karan Virani never liked him as much as Bhoomi and that gets Manthan a little mad at times. Tanya too tried to love Bhoomi, Manthan's sister, more because she wasn't her own child and was scared that people would think of her as a step-mother. Manthan has grown up and gotten whatever he wanted and has never had any values for anything, especially things like poojas, bhajans etc. Manthan has gotten every luxury of life a person can dream of. Even though such people may come across as snobby and obnoxious to most people, its not really Manthan's fault on how he turned out. He was just kind of made this way. But somewhere deep down, he really pities himself for not having the love that everybody else has in their life. On the outside he may seem like the "dude that too cool for school" but inside, he craves for a relationship based on love. Little does he know, somebody will come in his life and change his thoughts forever.



          His family, especially his Tulsi dadi, who to him is a "devi"

          Pooja, aarti, bhagans and other spiritual things

          Simple things, very quiet, tranquil and calm person.


          goons that bother his cousins, Archita and Pari

          any insult inflicted on his Tulsi dadi or anybody else in his family.

          nothing else really, he's a very peaceful person

Thoughts on love?

Love? Like with a girl? Oh…Well, Tulsi dadi is there to decide that for him. If he marries somebody it will have to be out of the elder's decisions. After all, they are the elders of the house and they ultimately know what's best for him.

Eklavya is a very calm and peaceful person. He doesn't get into fights or anything like that unless it is to save somebody innocent. It is a fact that his father, Ansh Virani, had raped Nandini, his own wife but Eklavya would never dream of touching a girl. Even though him and his father look exactly alike, they share nothing more than that. Eklavya is a very spiritual person while Ansh was very devil-ish. They are pole opposites of each other. Eklavya loves his Tulsi dadi. She is the closest thing he ever had to a real parent. His father was killed by his own Tulsi dadi for the crimes he did while his mother died before as well of cancer. However, he has no bitterness about his life. He loves his family and loves his life. He has no complaints about it. He is adopted by Damini and Gautam who are biologically his chacha and chaachi. But he still calls Damini his maa and treats her like one. To him, it doesn't matter who his blood relations are with. Damini is his mother, whether people accept it or not. Eklavya loves to spend his time in the temple and pray with his 104 year old Baa and his Tulsi dadi. He knows how to respect elders a. He is what parents would call "the perfect husband". Little does he know that his life is about to change and the order and tranquility is about to change as somebody special slowly makes a spot in his heart. For the first time, Eklavya, the shy one, will have to talk to a girl!

Part 1: Nisha – Isha, the twin sisters

"Didi! Utho!" Nisha slammed a pillow on her sister. "Di!" she gave up after her last attempt. Nisha was used to this; her sister was always woke up just at the right time. Everyday she had to go through the calamity of trying to wake her up, not that it ever worked. "Isha di, aapko aaj college mein woh show karna hai na? remember?" Nisha attempted again to wake her sister up. "hmmh?" was all Isha said. "Yaad aaya?" Nisha said it louder this time. It was almost time for her sister to wake up and realize that she was going to be late. "Yaad aaya, di? The charity show? jiske liye aap charge bhi kar rahi hai?", Nisha said, rolling her eyes that her sister actually insisted on getting paid to do a "charity show". "Lagta hai sir ko call karke show cancel karna padega" Nisha yelled at her sister's pillow. "Matlab- aapko paise nahi miley ge!" Nisha gazed at her watch. "5..4..3…2.." She murmured to herself looking at her watch. "KYA!?" Isha woke with a jolt of energy. Nisha smiled, her sister would never lose an opportunity to lose money. Not that Nisha blamed her twin, after all, they were orphans and they had to work very hard to survive in a place like Mumbai. "Ok, meri dress kahan hai?" Isha finally snapped to the reality. Nisha grinned and passed her sister her outfit for the dance function and everything else she needed to get ready in her usual "maha-rani style" as Nisha refered to it as. Nisha heard her sister turn the shower on and start her bathroom singing. Nisha quickly got the breakfast ready and took one last look at her salwar kameez, choodiya, bindi and jhumka to see that she looked decent enough to go to college. Just as she finished setting up the table, her sister came in with a towel in her hands and wet hair drenching the floor. "Maine subha subha hi jhadu pocha kiya tha" Nisha exclaimed. "Lekin abhi abhi to subha hui hai!" Isha protested. "Shayad aap ke liye, magar humare liya subha 5 baje hoti hai" Nisha said as she offered the food to her sister. "Acha baba, I'm sorry," Isha gave in to the pointless argument. Nisha put three parathas on Isha's plate. "3? No way! Mein yahan dieting karne ki koshish kar rahi hoon aur tum 3 parathe- woh bhi ghee wale- mujhe kila rahee ho!" Isha said putting 2 parathas back. "Chup chap ka lo aaj aapko extra energy chahiye dance ke liye." Nisha said putting the parathas back on her sister's plate. After they finished their breakfast, they took the bus to their college. Much to Isha's pleasure, she had to miss her classes in order to prepare for her dance show. She didn't have to worry about the notes either as Nisha had promised to take notes for her. That was the best part of having a smart twin! Nisha on the other hand hated these plays and dance shows her sister performed in mini-skirts to get money for them to survive. But she couldn't protest because it was the only way for them to stay in college and get money. Isha did dance shows at their college and Nisha did tutoring.

Ok guys end of part one! Please write what you think about it and if you want me to continue. If the majority of you guys don't want me to continue, I won't. 

Here is the index. I'll keep editing it as I post a new part.


Part 1 – Nisha – Isha, the twin sisters PN=1&#8601821

Part 2 – The dance function PN=1&#8601821

Part 3 – After effects of the show PN=2

Part 4- Professor Mehta's tutoring idea and Isha's best friend PN=2

Part 5 – They meet again… PN=3

Part 6 – The tutoring lesson PN=3

Part 7 – Asli mulakat PN=3

Part 8 – The ride PN=4

Part 9 – cute little moments… PN=4

Part 10 – Pyaar ki shuruaat PN=5

Part 11 – Hair Oil ka khisa PN=5

Part 12 – Subha ki pooja PN=5

Part 13 – Subha Subha PN=6

Part 14- Hum tum ek kamre me band ho… PN=7

Part 15 – Good Morning! PN=8

Part 16 – The Bus Ride PN=8

Part 17 – Cooking PN=9

Part 18 – Date? PN=10

Part 19 – So close PN=10

Part 20 – Passing Notes PN=10

Part 21 – Valentine's Day PN=11

Part 23 – Valentine's Day Evening PN=12

Part 24 – The rose garden PN=13

Part 25 – Good Night PN=13

Part 26 – Confessions PN=14

Part 27 – The next day PN=15

Part 28 – Dance! PN=16

Part 29 – Holi ke din… PN=17

Part 30 – Pehli Holi PN=18

Part 31 – Holi Hai! PN=19

Part 32 – The Consequence PN=19

Part 33 – Back to the Normal Life PN=20

Part 34 - chot usko lagi par dard Manthan ko hua PN=22&#9602867

Part 35 – Silent Sobs PN=22&#9602867

Part 36 – Times of Turmoil PN=24

Part 37 - Ghar ki Safaiye PN=25

Part 37 – Time for Graduation PN=27

Part 38 – The Shocking News PN=29

Part 39 – 'He was going to do what he had to do' PN=30

Part 40 – The depart from the hospital PN=31

Part 41-  The Surprise! PN=32

Part 42 – "Did Romeo every climb a tree for Juliet?" PN=33

Part 43 –  Nisha: "Aapko yeh romance karne ka waqt lagta hai?" PN=35

Part 44- Engagement(s) PN=36

Part 45 – Beautiful Brides PN=37

Part 46 – Suhaag Raat PN=38

Part 47 –  Bakra! PN=39

Part 48 – the role of a "bahu" PN=40

Part 49 – Honeymoon decisions PN=42

Part 50 – Plane issues PN=44

Part  51– The plane ride PN=45

Part 52 – Maui, the magical island PN=47&#10400593

Part 53– CHOR! PN=48&#10429882

Part 54 – Nakul's take on things PN=49&#10461387

Part 55 –  Mystery Man 65&TPN=49

Part 57 – Ride the bike Indian style! PN=51&#10623357

Part 58 – Back to Mumbai! PN=52&#10712038


Part 59 - …couldn't stop grinning … PN=53&#10777737

Part 60 – Fallen in love all over again PN=54&#10838861

Part 61 – Two nurseries PN=55&#10935531

Part 62 – Congratulations! PN=56&#11050283

Part 63 – Opposites attract. PN=57&#11138973

                                                     -Pooja Tongue

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-mango- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 January 2007 at 3:39pm | IP Logged
great fanfic. But i don't think it has anything to do with kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi Confused .
-mango- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 January 2007 at 3:40pm | IP Logged
please continue pooja girl.
complication Goldie

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Posted: 03 January 2007 at 3:54pm | IP Logged
great job, can't wait for manthan to be introduced!
mz.jess IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 January 2007 at 4:04pm | IP Logged
nice fanfic.. pzl continue

love;; jess
~lil Mizz Tanvi Goldie
~lil Mizz Tanvi
~lil Mizz Tanvi

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Posted: 03 January 2007 at 6:29pm | IP Logged
me niether...i cant wait until manthan is introduced
sujal_kashish IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2007 at 7:27pm | IP Logged
gr8!do continue soon!

.Anamika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 January 2007 at 11:54am | IP Logged
ok guys, part 2, the male characters enter...

Part 2: The dance function
"Meri heels kahaan hai?!!!" Isha bellowed. Nisha knew this was her sister's usual drama that she performed every time she had to do her shows. "Yahaan hai" Nisha said quietly to her twin. "Thanks Nisha, I don't know what I'd do without you!" Isha said as she hugged her sister. The curtain lifted as everyone was in their place and the series of dances began. Nisha really hated to see her sister dance in skimpy clothes and have the college boy stare her down so she preferred to sit back stage and wait until the show was over. But this time something urged her to watch her sister perform. As she peeked out and watched her sister perform to the song "Shake it" (from Naksha), her eyes wandered out to the audience. She noticed the usual guys staring at her sister. Disgusted, she moved her hand to close the curtain but she felt herself gazing at a boy she didn't know. The boy was Manthan, the dude that was too cool for college. She didn't know what it was but she couldn't drop her gaze from this boy. Suddenly she jolted back into reality as the audience clapped hard telling her that the show had ended. Embarrassed that she had spent most of her time watching a boy, she flushed and decided to go get her books from her locker. She ambled off, then stopped a bit awkwardly and hesitantly looked back to where they boy had been. Surprised, she didn't see him there. She sighed and walked towards the other campus building to her locker, wondering why on earth she was acting so strangely.
     Isha was so pleased. The entire show was a huge hit! That meant that there would be more offers and that she would get more money! She sighed after the dancers gave her high fives and encouraging praises. She was just about to get changed when some boys that had been in the front seats during her shows began wolf-whistling at her. She started to fume with anger. She charged her way to the boys and asked them, "Koi problem hai kya?". "Haan, hum aapka dance firse dekhna chathe hai…" said one of the guys. "Waise aapka dance bohot hi acha laga hum sab ko. Specially woh Shake it wala gaana! Agli bar aap "choli ke peeche kya hai" kyun nahi kart hi?" the guy asked with the others all started singing "cuko cuko cuko" Isha glared at them. Disgusted she said "Pathetic!" and walked off trying to find her sister. When she didn't find her back stage, she realized that she must have went to her locker. "Uhh!" she said to herself "I hate these stupid campus! Why can't they just have one big building instead of two buildings?" she spoke to herself. Because she didn't have time to change she kept all her bracelets and jewelry on from the dance and rushed outside to get to the other building.
She ran ahead fast, rushing to get out of the chilly evening. Isha had an odd habit of moving her handing as if she were marching while she was running which caused her to get her bracelet tangled with a beaded mala worn as a bracelet on a man's hand. The man was also in a hurry and was headed the opposite way to Isha. At first both of them didn't realize that as their hands had brushed, their bracelets had gotten stuck to each other. So when both went their ways, the tangled bracelet pulled them together. At first both were confused, but then Isha yelled, "Kya hai yeh? Huh?" The man clearly confused at the situation tried to talk to her, "Woh-" "Woh kya? Dekho main tum jaise ladko bohot achi tarase janti hoon! Ladki deki aur hath pakad liya! Kya samajte ho huh?" Isha, who had already been in a bad mood with the pathetic boys after her show, just got into a worse mood assuming this boy was one of those pathetic boys who had come trailing after her to pester her more. Again the man tried to explain but Isha cut him off. "Mujhe kuch nahin suna!" She tried untangling the bracelets with no success. The man grinned secretly at the girl's problem. He took her hand off the bracelets and smoothly untangled them. She looked at him for a moment with something other than annoyance gleaming in her eyes but then briskly walked away with a "Hmmp!" She wondered who this boy was. Come to think of it, she had never seen him in the college much less the pathetic "thug" guys group. She felt kind of guilty for storming up on him like she did and taking out the stupid boy's anger on him. He couldn't have belonged in that clique because he didn't look like them at all. He didn't wear the leather jackets, big sun glasses and look as if he was trying too hard to look cool. He hadn't checked her out at all and in fact he had helped her untangle the bracelet without trying to grab her hand or anything. And she couldn't feel him scrutinizing her right now either. Weird, she thought, the first guy that hasn't looked at me up and down on our first meeting! She quickly looked back at him and saw that he was opening the door to the other building. She shook her head and went back to finding her sister. The man, Eklavya, pulled the door and went to search for her cousins Lakshya and Archita and KT because they had told him to pick them up after a charity function. KT and Lakshya had been involved with the sound system of the show and Archita had been one of the dancers. He wondered who the girl who snapped at him was. He turned around to look at her but she was gone.

Any Comments? Should I continue?


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