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Rahul Roy & Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar

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Rahul Roy Wife Rajlaxmi Pics&Videos : W=srsr



Rahul Roy ties the knot

12th Sept 2000  
By Deepti Sharma  

Rahul (Casanova) Roy has finally settled down. After going around with model Rajlakshmi Khanvilkar for over two years, the wedding finally took place.

Earlier the couple had scheduled the saat-pherasfor November 21 but for undeclared astrological reasons, they finally settled down on Ganpati.

However Rajlakshmi's parents were quite apprehensive about the match because of Roy's reputation.

Rajlakshmi, ex-wife of model Sameer Soni is thrilled. Right now, Rahul is going through the worst phase of his career despite that she is ready to give him a chance.

The couple are full of praises for each other. Rajlakshmi who has gone through the pangs of a broken marriage with model Sameer Soni has chosen him for his patience and fatherly care, which he bestows upon her. Rahul admires her for her bluntness. Rahul believes that his marriage has made him religious and he has started believing in god.

The two ex-girlfriends of Roy were surprised that finally the incorrigible flirt made it to the altar. Suman Ranganathan, famous more for her roaring affair rather than her films was taken aback

Manisha Koirala who was good friends with Rahul was thrilled with the news and called back to congratulate him.

To me Rajlaxmi is perfection
....And many more truths from Rahul Roy

Rahul Roy "There's no business like show business", they say. And for many the business of cinema is as volatile as the cinema itself. Thus upon meeting Rahul Roy the man, as opposed to many of the two-dimensional characters he's essayed as his screen persona, he is surprising three-dimensional. To those that know him he is reputed to be warm, kind, extremely responsible and a real life hero.

Rahul lost his parents at the tender age of twelve, and both he and his brother grew up overnight in a world that didn't have parental love and guidance. Both boys studied diligently and pursued their dreams.

After the first blush of meteoritic success with Aashiqui , the star dealt with a low career ebb and flow with a spat of consecutive mediocre and unsuccessful films. Till date, although Rahul can boast of thirty-four films in his dossier, he is still struggling, according to Bollywood's definition of "true" success and stardom. We get a chance to meet the man and learn of his achievements out of cinema that some may say are the most important. Outside Bollywood in his life and relationships.

ShaadiTimes caught up with the star at Mehboob Studies where he is currently shooting for a film on Sufism. Rahul plays one of the leads... this time as the father.

Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar & Rahul Roy Refuting media reports of marital break-up
At the onset of the interview we dismiss rumours of any discord with his lovely wife of six years, former model Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar, "Yeah a few months earlier a couple of papers had said that there was a break up between us," says Rahul. "This was completely fabricated," he attests.

"I know it is part of being a celebrity that you are scrutinized all the time, but it can be frustrating and lead to more problems." He adds, "It is true Rajlaxmi is presently living in Sydney," and then clarifies, "she is there to obtain her degree in architecture and she has my complete and unconditional support on this. I try and visit her every few months depending on my schedule or she comes here."

Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar & Rahul Roy Has marriage changed the man?
"Obviously," laughs the star. Rahul who also shared a longtime relationship with actress / model Suman Raganathan says of marriage, "I think it mellows a person and makes him more responsible and emotional. Today our marriage is working because we have an understanding in a relationship which is a tough thing to achieve." He pauses, "I was reading a recent article where Shah Rukh Khan has said 'there has to be commitment in work and this has to also continue into your relationship and both need the same amount of effort'."

The most important factor in achieving a successful marriage?
"I think it is in spending quality rather than quantitative time together."

On his wife Rajlaxmi
"I hate to sound clichd but she completes me in every sense of the word. She can complete a sentence before I even say it. It's uncanny how she knows my innermost thoughts and even what I am going to say to her before I actually say it. "Plus, "to me she is perfection. I am still trying," he jokes.

The qualities he admires the most in her?
"She's honest," he says without hesitation. "She's straightforward. Once she chooses a particular cause she goes all out for it. She's also compassionate, soft and yet tough and blunt when she has to be."

As he enters this phase of his life what has he learnt?
"I think most people when they are young they are slightly brash and reckless. And then you get older and other things become priority. We get carried away with I need to have a house, a car pay down debts. I need to get that woman.

I think I've remained the same more or less, but I don't party as much and I look forward to spending quiet time with my wife. We go shopping, enjoy nature, watching television and just being with each other." He sums it up, "we still go for walks together and hold each other hands." I think you also learn to try everything. I have a business outside of cinema where I run a company that imports raw wool and LED board, and I think that keeps me grounded.

Actors and actresses in Bollywood and Hollywood he admires?
"The first would be Amitabh Bachchan. I also watched a lot of Clint Eastwood movies when I was growing up. For actresses it would be the legendary Katherine Hepburn because of the way she carried herself," he says. About today's stars, "I would like to work with Ajay Devgan and Kajol both are incredibly talented, and have also completed many quality films."

Rahul, Rajlaxmi split

July 27, 2006 : Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar and Rahul Roy; Yet another marriage in the glamour industry bites the dust. Actor Rahul Roy (of Aashiqui fame) and model Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar's marriage is on the rocks.

Our source told us, "Rahul and Rajlaxmi have been staying separately for nearly four years. Rajlaxmi is currently in Australia, doing a course in architecture. Because of the distance, the couple has drifted apart."

One of the main reasons why the marriage is over is because Rajlaxmi wants to settle in Australia, but Rahul does not want to leave his roots.
When contacted, Rahul initially said, "I don't want to comment on my personal life," but later admitted, "Rajlaxmi and I are still in touch.

She comes to India sometimes. I have visited her in Australia. But yes, the distance has taken its toll on our marriage, like it generally does in any relationship. At this point, I do not know where we are heading. I leave it in the hands of God."

Is it that they have started thinking differently because they stay in different countries? "I don't think that's the reason. Differences crop up in any relationship. There is nothing obnoxious like a third party or anything. Since my personal life cannot be controlled, I am concentrating on my work. I don't want to say anything more," he said.

Second innings : Rajlaxmi was earlier married to actor Samir Soni, whom she met while doing an ad for Cadbury's. Rajlaxmi modelled for print and ramp shows for a long time, and even featured in a number of music videos.She was also seen in the song Aa Tayaar Hoja in the Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Asoka.

Rahul burst onto the scene with the superhit Aashiqui, didn't make it big in Bollywood. He was also appreciated in films like Sapne Saajan Ke and Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayi.

What went wrong with Rahul's career?
Though Aashiqui made Rahul Roy a big sensation, his career went downhill after some pretty bad choices, like Pyaar Ka Saaya and Baarish. Sometime back, he did a few TV serials like Kaise Kahun? (Zee), Karishma — The Miracles of Destiny (SaharaOne) and Ehsaas (Doordarshan).

Rahul said, "I am going to do only films now. I have completed two English films, called Soul Rain and Dated. I am listening to some interesting scripts in Bollywood."

Rahul Roy & Rajlaxmi

Actor Rahul Roy and his (former top model) wife Rajlaxmi are upset about the rumors that their marriage is on the rocks. Rajlaxmi is pursuing a course in architecture in Australia. She wasn't enjoying modeling and decided for it. She says, "Rahul and I sat down and discussed what I should be doing. In fact, if support, my parents would never have let me come to Sydney." On their relationship, she adds, "He stood by me. He is the man I want too grow old with. He has given me that immense satisfaction, peace and security in the relationship i-11.php

Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar

Rajlaxmi Khanvilkars Picture Marathi Mulgi(girl), 5' 8 1/2" tall, Super Model, Brown Red haired, Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar was born in Oct. 14, 1976 to Maharashtrian Parents. Her father Manmohan Khanvilar is a builder, architect and an interior decorator. She studied at BPM High School, Khar, Mumbai and did her 11th and 12th from Mithibai College, Mumbai. She did pretty well academically and participated in almost all extra curricular activities.As her parents are dead against acting in movies and ramp shows to reveal cloths, she didnt do against her parents decission.

Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar started doing fashion shows when she was in college and was able to convince her father about that. Her first big ad campaign was Garden Vareli. She has hosted shows on Channel [V] like BPL Oye and did some music videos like Shiamak Davar.She met her fellow model Sameer Soni when she was in Cadbury's Choclate ad campaign and got married him at her age 20. Unfortunately they got seperated after 7 months. Now she is happily married to actor Rahul Roy. In future, she wants to open a skin clinic and wants to share her philosophy of life. Let us wish her good luck

                  Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar

Name : Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar
Height : 5' 8 1/2"
Hair Color : Brown Red
Date of Birth : Oct. 14, 1976

Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar is the only model who, at present, is appearing in more than 3 music videos. She has bounced back after her divorce from fellow model Sameer Soni whom she met when they were doing Cadbury's Choclate ad. She has just splashed all the magazines and TV with her face. She is everywhere. That'w why I decided to make her the model of the month. She has become one of the most sought after professional model today.

Rajlaxmi is from Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra thus making her hard core Marathi Mulgi (girl). When she was married, she was know as Rajlaxmi Soni and people thougt that she was a South Indian.

Rajlaxmi is not interested in movies as she says that she don't have falir for that. She says, "I get homesick very easily and I can't stay for extended periods of time at outdoor locations. Moreover my parents are dead against acting in movies."

Her father Manmohan Khanvilar is a builder, architect and an interior decorator. She says, "Truly, my father is my life. I'm completely carzy about him and I can't tale anyone saying anything against him. I love my mother too but I am closer to dad."

She studied at BPM High School, Khar, Mumbai. She loved to take part in every sporting activity was a complete tomboy. She did pretty well academically and participated in almost all extra curricular activities. Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar did her 11th and 12th from Mithibai College, Mumbai.

While in College, Rajlaxmi started doing fashion shows and was able to convince her father about that.Hemant Trivedi was one of the designers in one of the college shows and he told her that she ahs a chance to amke in really big in modelling.

Suddenly the word spread that a look alike of Aishwarya Rai and Namrata Shirodkar was the new face on Indian modelling scene.Her first big ad campaign was Garden Vareli.

At the age of 20 she got married and after 7 months, she got seperated also. At that time, she was just crazy about marriage. She wanted to get married from the age of 18. She says that she is not a career woman.

Rajlaxmi doesn't wear revealing clothes on ramp or for ad. Her parents are against it. Co-ordinators also adjust to this demand of her. In future, she wants to open a Skin Clinic and want to teach Art of Living.

Laughing at Rahul

September 11, 2006

Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy really doesn't understand his spouse. Either that or his better half, Rajlakshmi Khanvilkar, has no idea what he's been telling all and sundry.

In an interview, Roy confessed that since Rajlakshmi was in Sydney pursuing a course in architecture, the distance had taken a toll on their marriage.

Recently, Rajlakshmi reacted to our report by saying that she and Roy had a good laugh over the story. It seems Roy's pangs of loneliness have taken a toll on his brains.

He goes on record about something as important as his crumbling marriage, and then laughs about it with his wife. He says he's concentrating on work. Work? It's our turn to have a long, long laugh.



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Yeh aashiqui hai
By Our Correspondent 2004

Rajlaxmi and Rahul Roy

Rahul Roy's 'Aashiqui' seems a bit dimmed now, poor guy. His beautiful wife, Rajlaxmi, has been in Australia for the last few months chasing a dream of her own - one of becoming an interior designer. The model, who is still in demand with the designers and choreographers, is back in town for a brief holiday and has friends tripping over themselves to meet her. Dear husband would have been completely sidelined had it not been for the fact that Rajlaxmi knows exactly what her priorities are - and they are definitely with her husband.

Looking for something unique and extraordinary

P Vasudeva Rao

Rahul Roy

Rahul Roy who made a debut in Mahesh Bhatt's Ashiqui is back again with Rafta Rafta...the speed, after six years. As opposed to his earlier roles, he is playing a ruthless villain in it.

''When Ashiqui became a hit, I signed 47 films at one go trying to cash in on my success. Later I had to opt out of 21 of these films because of my priorities and time constraints. Junoon and Gumraah also did fairly well at the box office. At some point of time I realised what I was losing out on. I completely neglected my private life and family. My father passed away. So I took six years off after Achanak and took care of my family business of renting LET boards and import of wool. Now that things are back on the track, my brother looks after the business.'' he tells us.

''In spite of the break, I never missed acting as I did a few TV serials which, again I couldn't continue for a long time. I am not the kind who can continue with a serial for five years. The actors hardly get any recognition. On the other hand they are at the mercy of the channel,'' he says. ''In the last two years I started having this strong urge to return to films. When Raj Sharma approached me with the role, I accepted because it had scope for acting. Moreover, I wanted to act in films which offered me the opportunity to experiment with different roles.''

''I am open to unique and extraordinary characters. As an actor I have my priorities. I wanted to push myself towards that creative edge. The audience no longer wants to see me in routine lover boy roles. I have to be careful at this age. Also, I need to earn enough now to be able to retire after 10 years.''

''I think Rafta Rafta will be one of the series of experimental films I am going to do. In this movie I am a bad boy but two weeks later I will be seen in a comedy— Naughty Boy.'' The film is slated for release on March 3 and Mona Chopra of A Film By Aravind, is his lady love in it. ''The audience recognises me as a hero and with Rafta Rafta they would see the other side of Rahul. The film focusses on love and action. The stylish villain is from the underworld. He is often unpredictable and at times turns violent.'' says Rahul, who tries to convince us that he is having great fun working with new scripts and young directors, actors, music directors.

Rahul realises,''all my contemporaries are ahead of me but I don't have any regrets. Now I am taking every care that my private life is not neglected. I took three months off recently to spend time with my wife Rajlakshmi Khanvilkar who is doing a course in interior design in Australia. She has done about 30 music videos.''.

He is confident that ''Rafta worth watching. It is a good commercial film with a fresh outlook and excellent music composed by Sen Brothers.'' =IEE20060218072446&dt=2/18/2006



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