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sowmyaa IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 August 2004
Posts: 3658

Posted: 06 July 2005 at 1:15pm | IP Logged
yup thats true! LOL   Hug

Edited by bgdesai - 06 July 2005 at 1:20pm

pj04 Goldie

Joined: 02 September 2004
Posts: 1623

Posted: 06 July 2005 at 2:53pm | IP Logged

India vs not india is an issue that has comeup in the lives of all NRIs and profesionally educated individuals in India. india is a country of contradictions, while the economy has fared very well in last few years, the job market is flourishing, almost all developed nations are taking interest in investing in this country, education levels are rising as is the standard of living. you can even see absolutely no difference in lifestyle in metro cities and in an european country. everything points to a very bright future ahead  for this country and its also have the advantage of a very family oriented society and support systems. on the downside the levels of inflation are on rise. the lifestyle is becoming more and more materialistic which is in turn increasing corruption at all levels (as if we already did not have enough of it already). getting even basic human facilities can be a fight sometimes.the workculture is still quite bad and bossy and is full of politics utterly acking in professionalism(i have worked in india and found that staying late at work and kissing boss's a** is appreciated more than a good throughput). to add to the woes the society is still very judgemental and still hanging between mordernism and traditionalism.women in particular are expected to be great career women who loses all her self actualization when she returns home and is expected to cater to the whims of her husband and in-laws.while india has a lot to offer , there are some inherent troubles too. it becomes a very individual choice.

                   just as bgdesai said while i am proud on my indian roots and wish to return back someday(i feel lonely at times without my big boisterous family around). my daughter's future has stopped me from making that decisions.i know she will get a lot more choices both in her personal and professional life here abroad than she will ever in India.she will never feel tied up and forced to take a certain path because she is a girl or a victim of widespread corruption.and that is all i wish for her.

              rumi's sentiments are very genuine too, i felt the same way some years back , however the picture of abroad painted in india is not right(it is by no standards a perfect society or as comfortable as people often state). however one cannot be expected to not realise his complete potentials because of his patriotism. i agree that braindrain is a big problem, but there is more than just comfortable life that attracts people abroad.while a person gets an opportunity to live up to his potential abroad more than often and is given free rein in doing so , his talent is normally choked  up in politically charged corruption infested beaurecratic system in kills me when i see a cop in india take 100 rupees to let a hit and run case pass by, it is almost impossible to make such a thing vanish abroad(it is not like cops are paid more here or they lead very comfortable lives....what they have is work ethics which is lacking in indians somehow...not that i am very proud of the fact)

              in all both abroad and india have a lot to offer, what one chooses depends largely on ones capabilities, family circumstances, financial backgrounds and many other issues.                        

|iami5o4| Goldie

Joined: 09 April 2005
Posts: 1487

Posted: 06 July 2005 at 5:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by tvmaniac

Originally posted by |iami5o4|

Beautifully said Rumi. Clap Your post was definitely chicken soup for my soul! Approve It was really touching! Smile

You know... many Americans too leave America to go live in India. Believe it or not .... I had this one English teacher who has a sister that lives in India and absolutely loves it there! Every time she comes to visit her family in America she always complains that she wants to go back to INDIA~ immediately!

I also used to know this one art/yoga teacher and her DREAM is to actually live in India and run a Yoga Clinic there. ^.^ She really loves anything that's has to do with India. Even her ex-boyfriend was Indian~!

Y'know America may have many things India doesn't have but one thing is for sure ... AMERICA certainly doesn't have the culture and respect India's people have. You'd be surprised at the amount of people I know that aren't even Indian that say that India is the land of culture and respect and that's the way every place should be.

So, what I'm saying is ... people in India may leave in search for a better life while at the same time~ people from America (who aren't even Indian) wish to leave America and move to India to lead a more peaceful and more spiritual life. They don't care if 70% of the population is poor and illiterate or 80% of them are even below the poverty line. Even with all the bad things India contains they still want to and choose to live there. And that's not an opinion ... that's a fact!

I Beg your pardon , but how can you say america has no culture & WE have a great one at that. What does our culture do ? Burn women for dowry , Throw out old parents & grandparents out of the houses to rot ? Is this the way elders are respected?

About americans settling wanting to settle down here in india , arent agendaless , they make a profit out of things , religious conversions , etc , Im not pointing a finger at your teacher though on a personal level.

You have completely overlooked the beautful point rumiji made. She readily agrees that india is not a perfect society ,but is willing to work for the people to try to make it into one. Most of us are happy & too engrossed in our materialistic pleasures to even understand what she wanted to say fully.  Most of the people here weighed the scales between the comforts / difference in the  standard of living between America & USA .
I wouldnt want to judge anyone , but what you want is a america in an india, a  life of luxuries.

Well, I definately can say that we have two different ways of looking at things. Since it says your location is in india I'm assuming you have a better say to what india is all about.

I never been to india. I live in america and I'm just writing down what i know from living here. When i said that America hasn't the culture or respect that india has what I meant was that in india at least you can easily call someone "uncle" or "aunty" and address them with at least a level of respect while here in America you'd be caught dead if you'd do something like that. You just look at everyone as complete strangers to a point where you can't even trust your own next door neighbor.

America doesn't have that bond in which India has. Not that I'm saying india is a happy and united nation nor is America okay!

Sure there's a lot of americans who go to make "profits" and what not but thats besides the point. Many go for spiritual reasons too y'know. And I never said Indian Culture is pure or flawless. It has its share of unfair things that result from it.

And I never said Ameirca has no culture. Most of the "culture" America has is deprived from other cultures. So basically you have a bunch of cultures colliding with eachother thus no solid culture is built. Meaning you can get discriminated for being a certain way. Countless Hate crimes occur. In india like you said they throw out their parents/grandparents out of their house while in America its the parents who are throwing out their own children out of their house. So, tell me whats so great about that?

sweetrani_neha IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 January 2005
Posts: 2747

Posted: 06 July 2005 at 5:47pm | IP Logged

Hi.. well as said this topic is mostly based on how you perceive it. I was born and raised in the US but I am very close to India. I visit there every alternate year (and these are few months long visits) and it is a home to me. Speaking as one who's practically lived in both country (though mostly in US)... there are pros and cons of both places. I am deeply attached to my roots in India and I love the beauty of the nation, not just physically, but culturally as well.

As for how it is perceived, both sides of the fences as amreen had put it, have different pictures painted about the other side. Many think that US has an easy-going, luxurious life as compared to India with everything readily available. However, I have seen my mother's slaving over house chores and her work as well.. believe me it is no where near easy. She says that had she been in India she probably wouldn't work as much as this and get to rest as home like her sister-in-laws do. Now I know it isn't all rest in India because I see the labor my uncles do, but the life isn't so easy here too. America can be said to be the land of opportunities, but sometimes I find many limited. I love the US as well and the abundant educational opportunities I have here, but basically everything isn't as simple as it seems.

Likewise I know many who think India is a land of farms. Much of the land is for agricultural use, but India is rapidly developing on the economic front. Many people invest in India's resources, heck America Online Services (for US people primarily) have call centers based in India. No doubt in my mind India will be a primary global power soon. Some here are misinformed that India is completely an unsanitary place but despite the garbage alongside the road, there are better sanitary measurements  being taken in some places, at least by where by grandparents live, and scraps of paper on the road are hardly a distraction to the beauty of the land there.

Basically what I'm saying is that it all comes down to how you see it personally. There are many, many positive things to be found in both places. Personally, I am happy living in the US, with many social and educational opportunities available to me, but I feel equally fortunate I get to visit India often and experience its rich culture as well.

Rumi Goldie

Joined: 01 January 2005
Posts: 1704

Posted: 06 July 2005 at 10:33pm | IP Logged

in all both abroad and india have a lot to offer, what one chooses depends largely on ones capabilities, family circumstances, financial backgrounds and many other issues.   


 on one's personal wishes and ideologies also. i agree with whatever you have written. but  i am staying here due to my personal wish and my ideology,the word sounds foolish nowadays. Smile                      

indyan_the_best Newbie

Joined: 23 June 2005
Posts: 16

Posted: 07 July 2005 at 2:21am | IP Logged

India is a good country and i dont thnk so that they r no such options open as that open in US


Minnie IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 September 2004
Posts: 8633

Posted: 07 July 2005 at 2:57am | IP Logged

 Rumi, what you have said is beautiful and perhaps true to a certain extent.

 However, it is just due to this brain drain that today the Indians have the largest slice of jobs in the job market in America where they are valued much more than the ppl of this land itself. It is due to this that today 30% of the jobs have moved back to India and India has become such a big global player.

 In India, an average middle class employee earns maybe a around 3 lakhs of rupees, which is roughly around 7.5 thousand dollars. he pays taxes, and tries to make a decent living there.

 Now, this man becomes an American citizen, and his roots pull him back to visit India. What does he do? He happily pays a visit, spends around 10 thousand dollars for a visit, visits some tourists spots, spending maybe another 5 thousand odd dollars, in total adding almost 15000 dollars to the Indian economy........roughly 7.5 lacs in one go.....and he does that almost every year,  sometimes buys some property for his folks for maybe another 20 thousand odd dollars (something if he was living in India would only dream to do) and in all he actually adds double of what he would have spent had he been living in India, that too in foreingn currency, to the economy.

 Besides, he gets to live a marginally comfortable lifestyle and have a job satisfaction where his work, and not his 'yes sir and the dada' attitude wins him accolades. He is not denied promotions every year because he refuses to be political and beleives in hard work.... He also, more often than not, funds a few poor kids back in India, actually giving them a new life, something he would have been unable to do had he been struggling to put his own kid thru an expensive school in India,after of course cleaning out his savings to dole the the donations to that school, because he could not even dream of sending his school to a govt school. But being in States actually means he is in a much better position to help his own kith and kin..... 

 On a personal level, in India, I had a very laid back lifestyle, had a cook, 24 hr maid to look after my kid, a maid to clean and even fold my laundry, had every comfort that I could think of. I had the freedom to move around alone in a city in a rickshaw, or had the choice to accompany my hubby in the car, yet thought 10 times before buying a quality product for my kid because it cost 10 times more and did not fit my budget. I could not get a decent stroller for my kid because I had some interfering people who made a huge issue if I spent so much on my own kid..... and for most women the freedom to work is of course unheard of, and unfortunately i am not the only one. Unless of couse I am an enginner,or a doctor, or a teacher, or work in a bank.

 Not to mention I almost lost my child due to lack of proper medical facility where we lived, and had we not moved right on time to Calcutta to show him to a doc who charged 250 bucks for each visit, I even shudder to think of the consequences......

 Today, I have to work almost 18 hrs each day to keep my house clean, cook, look after my house and kids, drop and pick them up from school and any other place they need to go,and not a single person to put food on the table if I am sick . . But in those 18 hrs, I have the freedom to do what I like, cook if I want to, or maybe just eat a sandwitch. Clean if I want to, or just decide I want to net instead. And not have a busy neighbour breathing down my neck trying to find out if I was having an affair on the sly. And I can actually work professionally, something near to impossible in India, without being a doc or an engineer or work in some equally respectable place. Not to mention the everyday tension, interference and woes your extended family brings everyday to your doorstep.

 Here I can't just go out the shops or the market because there are hardly any public transport, so i have to depend on my hubby to ferry me everywhere. But I get guaranteed quality things off the racks, that too in my budget. And my kid has actually learned to say 'Good morning' to the cleaning guy on the road. For me, that is the biggest culture on earth, learning to respect a fellow human being, no matter what his job is.

 I love India, I love Bengal, I miss Durga Puja like nothing else, but I would say, I don't have any misplaced sense of patriotism. For me, patriotism means trying to do whatever little you can for your country, in whatever fashion you can, from whichever part of the world you are in.

loveU_Abhi Senior Member

Joined: 19 June 2005
Posts: 423

Posted: 07 July 2005 at 3:04am | IP Logged

I can't explain my feelings that how much i m missing my India
& My Family & friends Cry Cry Cry

I vl love to go back to India.

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