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Shezaadi Goldie

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Posted: 27 December 2006 at 11:13am | IP Logged

Originally posted by gr8amna

Areej bhaag hi gayee LOL

Bhaagi nahin hoon... hosala barhaa rahi hoon

Ayesha how long did it take u to get all those questions! That's crazy!!LOL

i'm not gonna lie, i'm kinda scared

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Shezaadi Goldie

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Posted: 27 December 2006 at 11:14am | IP Logged

Originally posted by usmani_girlzz

Wishing u many many more birthdays like this Smile

Thank  you Shereen, for your kind wishes!Hug

Shezaadi Goldie

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Posts: 2301

Posted: 27 December 2006 at 11:46am | IP Logged

Originally posted by ayeshag

here r my questionss..not that many..enjoyy oh i'll enjoy alright!

What is your greatest achievement? winning my scholarship for school
What is your biggest fantasy?(ahh i think i know this one ) hmmm a day out with imran Abbas!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed (was that wut u were thinking??)
What is a friend to you? Someone you can fully trust and no that she will always be there for u
What is the one most important thing that we need to surive on? foodLOLLOL n waterLOL
If you havn't weren't a member of IF, what would you be doing? I would be trying to find videos on google, n getting frustrated cuz i would always land on IF n I'm not a member
Do you think you are special? How and in what ways? Yes i'm very special, .... becuz my mommy tells me i'm "special"Wink

Rapid Fire:
Karela/tinday :
Jeans/Dressy Pants:
Sweat shirt/ dressy shirt:
Ofcourse TuWink ya mein :

What you do in your spare time: I go on IFBig smile
Your fav sports: soccer n basketball
Your fav brand: don't rly have one, wtv looks good to me
Who you click with the most on KS or IF: IF
Who you find annoying? well you were fine before but now with all these questions... yeah ur sorta annoying... but just a bit
What is 2x + 3 = 9 (it's a simple algebra problem--- thank u for telling me cuz i wouldn't have knownLOL) --- 2x + 3 = 9 ---> 3
What is evolution in your terms or phrase? the process by which everyone n everything chnages over time
If you had a son what would you name him? k well i like a lot of names... some of 'em are... Adam, Shazaib, Sharyaar, Amaan
If you had a daughter, what would you name her? again there's lots of names.... some are... Amna, Mallika, Malaika, Fariha, Madiha
What is the greatest gift of your life? my family
Do you believe in destiny and can you change it? yes i do... u can't change it completely but i think you can work with it n make the best of it
"Smile, it makes people wonder what you are thinking,"! Do you agree to this quote? in some ways yeah
Is sacrifice a strenght or weakness? it could be both, it depends on the circumstances
Do you believe in the live and let live? Why? not always

What does the statement "forgive and forget" mean to you? something everyone should Try to do... it'll make everyone much happier

Do you believe that love is blind? the idea of it is cute... but it's not always a good thing i think

Do you believe in the statement the "poor gets poorer the rich gets richer" Why? (I feel like i'm in english class--- my least favourite class) Not rly no, i think the opposite kinda works

Describe what does the following word means to you:

o        Love is: freindship (total KKHHLOL)

o        Friendship is: love and trust

o        Commitment is: is a big responsibilty but necessary for life

o        Trust is: something that once it is lost, it becomes very difficult to regain

o        Hatred is: the cause for destruction in the world

o        Soch (Worried) is: soch is important for a person to be living a normal life... if a person can't think then it can't live normally

o        Money is : is another cause for destruction in the world

o        Romance is a fantasy world where everything is perfect??

o        Education is: the most important thing in this world

o        Life is short, live it to its fullest

What makes you hyper? watching my favourite actors on tv

Are you allergic to anything? If yes what? Unfortunately yes, I'm allergic to nutsOuch

What makes you cry? any movie with the smallest bit of emotion in it

What makes you happy? iunno lots of things... I'm a happy person lol

If you are down, what will make you cheer up? a good movie or song

Do you wear make-up? yeah

List the items that anyone will find in your purse? lip gloss, cell, money

What kind of cell phone do you have? Razer

Do you have siblings? If so are they older then you or younger? I have one younger sis

what is your favourite place to eat out? this Pakistani restaurant downtownEmbarrassed... they have awesome food!!
what is your favourite hobby? IF
what is your favourite car? Lexus SC430
what is your favourite time of day? Night time

which member of your family are you closest to? My mother
which member of IF are you closest to? all are greatWink
which member of friends would you say you are most similar to? hmm... i'd say my freind sarah
what do you like about school/college? it's fun a times... n meeting up wid freidns i guess
what don't you like about school/college? the amount of work
what are you studying at school/college? i'm in high school... but planning on sciences... health
whereabouts in the usa do you live? I'm in CanadaBig smile

name 10 features of your ideal bf or hubby!!! funny, mature, smart, tall, polite, not tooo talkative, not too quiet, fun, good looking, respectful,
what is your favourite tv programme- indian? dont' rly have one.. they all go bad after some time
what is your favourite tv programme - english? hmm gilmore girls, n grey's anatomy
what is your favourite item- such as a lucky chasrm bracelet? my watch
what is your favourite holiday destination? i love traveling all over the world! but i like the east best
what is your favourite day of the week? friday
what is your favourite day of the year? dec. 26

what do you like about this forum? the people are super friendly and lots of fun
what do u hate about this forum? nothing in particular...
why are u so funny? LOL LOL LOL   iunno it just sorta comes naturallyLOL

if you were desserted on an thing you would take? my ipod

if you could be any fish...which one would you be and why? wow i'll say goldfish cuz its the only fish i can remember right now

if you could befriend a cow or a snake who would you choose and why.... a cow cuz i'm scared of snakes

What is the one thing in ur life u cherish the most ? my family

If you were given a chance to torture a person who would that be ? well right now i wanna get u back

What do u prefer.. brains or beauty.. why ? brains cuz it's more useful

What do u prefer... a person with u or a person for u ? a person for meEmbarrassed

Well for instance think that u r angry with a person.., and there is an important information u need to let him know what would u do... ?  just say it outloud n pretend like i dont care n i'm only telling him/her cuz i'm forced to

Imagine.. some of ur friend misunderstood u and insulted u in front of everyone.. what will ur love still remain for her the same or change ? depends wut she says n stuff iunno

If by any chance u r said to be guilty for the thing which u r not would u react? i would cry

Tell the incident .. where u felt like banging ur head to the wall ? oh's there are lots... I do all kinds of embarrassing things but now i just laugh along with them so it doesn't seen too embarrassing

Why do u like irritating people the most .... iunno it's just lots of fun!

What is ur goal? to pass school n get into med

If anytime in ur life if u r asked to prove ur love.. would u do it .. if so how.., if not why ? no i shouldn't have to prove it

When u r tensed... do u take ur anger on anyone else..? yeah my poor sister gets yelled at

What is that excites u the most? ooh all kinds a things! I get happy very easily

If u r angry.. what immediately cools u down ...or who hahaha ? my sis... she tries all these corny jokes n stuff LOL

Would u like to be cut.. or pricked .. hahaha ? ( dont mean to hurt u jaanu .. just for fun sorry if u feel bad) LOLLOLLOL i guess pricked (seriously where are these questions coming from??)

Did u anytime climb up a tree..did u fall down ... hahah ? I climbed up n i was too scared to come down, i sat up there for like half a day

What subject r u good at ..? math n science

What do u say about the latest technology...? it's waayyy tooo much for me to handle

Life without love is waste... ur go on it ? true... u need love to live... i think

Ur fav song.., sing one loudly nowwwwwwwwwww... did u hhahaha ?( first let me run away...) my singing isnt that bad!LOLLOL come back!!... k well i like old songs (r u running??) aap ki nazron ne samjha is a good one

What if u slip into a well.. without any water...? iunno u tell me what should i do in a situation like that??

U feel sleepy and tired.. in the middle of the desert.. in hot sun .. what would u do ? i keep looking for my camel... n ry to stay awake

What's your favourite recent song? hmm... I like salaam-e-ishq

What are your likes and dislikes? i like movies n music(indian), i dislike ppl who are tooo full of themselves for no reason
Who's your role model in life? my mother

who do u like better actor: salman khan or sharukh khan? sharukh khan
who do u think is a better actress: kajol or aishwarya? kajol

If granted 3 wishes what would they be? i'd wish for more wishes, happiness, and success in my career
do u like Flowers, or Teddy Bears? both
Do you like poetry? yes

Was there a time in your life that you felt helpless or lonely? not rly

If you were to become the president of usa, what would your first and farmost goal? call back all troops and just keep to myself

Would you rather be girl or boy? girl

would you be rather Sad or happy? happy
would be be muscly and thick or puny and clever clever
Televison or books? books
computer freak or book worm?book worm 
chocolate or fruit? fruit

Your Dream Date would be : anywhere with imran
What is your favourite Car : ur repeating questions!LOL ... please refer to the answer stated above
What is your idea of a perfect romantic evening with your boyfriend: umm... candle light dinner near the water
What is the last movie you saw and what did you like / dislike about it? Babul... I  liked Rani in it... she was quite simple in it... i dint like the songs too much, there was like only on song i liked

Tell us something really interesting about yourself that we already don't know... u just asked like a million questions jo nahin bhi pata ta woh bhi jaan gayi hogi!

What is your nickname? reej, ujji (don't ask)
Who do you admire the most? my mother

One of the best compliments your have ever received? i carry myself very well and i have pretty eyesEmbarrassed

Do u take life seriously or easily? Why? seriously... i rly don't no y... but i still make it funny

who is ur favourite crickter? no one in particular

If you could ever become an animal for a day, which would you be? hmm... a bird

When you are around friends, you wait for them to say hello or u are the first one to say hello? i wait for them to say helloLOL

If were to become one of the disney character........what would it be and how would u feel? Jasmine! i'd feel like royalty

the biggest blooper you've ever made in life? nothing too big yet
what do you regret most? nothing rly

are you serious of fun-loving? both... but i think more fun-loving
your biggest dream? to become a big doctor
your ambition? doctor
your fav. Comedy/Romanitic movie? KKHH it was both funny and ramantic

fav. Romanctic jodi( television/movies) Kajol and Sharukh!!

what is the embrassing thing u have done i fell down the stairs at school it was kinda funny, i walked into a door once haha that was fun, umm wut else ooh i got my uniform stuck in the car door once n my dad started drivingLOLLOL
where do u think u will be in five years hopefull in med

confess something really bad that happened to you or you've done there's nothing rly rly bad 
your fav name english and hindi for english- Natasha Hindi- Sneha
what's the thing you're really obsessed with? music
your worst nightmare? i'd show up at school thinking its a free dress day in my normal clothes when its not a free dress day
your best friends name? i dont have just one
what would you wanna change in your life nothing in particular
what's the worst and best habbit of yours worst sometimes i get shy randomly n it bugs me... umm i'm freindly

choose one:

sweet or hot?

chaat or pizza?

juice of fizzy drinks?
movies or soap operas?
phone or IF?

winter or summer?
flip-flops or high-heels?
chocolate cake or vanilla?
strawberries or bananas?
what's your shoe size? 9... i no it's big
lip gloss or lipstick?
do you have a pet? if yes, what? nope

what would u prefer for dinner :....

Dahi / milk

Rice/ Fried rice

Vegetables / Non veg

aloo mutter / palak paneer

custard / ice cream

roti / bread

mustard / turmeric

thali / hand

water / soda

coffee / tea

Describe u in 15 words 15????? wow... k well funny, smart, tall, ambitious, respectful, responsible, nice, friendly, trustworthy, outgoing, caring okay i'm rly bad at describing my self so that's it
List ur friendz on IF U have got to be kidding! that's crazy
best friends??



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notfadedaway IF-Addictz

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Originally posted by Shezaadi

Originally posted by gr8amna

Areej bhaag hi gayee LOL

Bhaagi nahin hoon... hosala barhaa rahi hoon

Ayesha how long did it take u to get all those questions! That's crazy!!LOL

i'm not gonna lie,i'm kinda scared

hahahha lolll....u didnt answer alll LOL LOL LOL
CuteFairy91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2006 at 4:07pm | IP Logged

Happy Birthday Areej!!

Sorri...I am late as usual.. Hope you had a great day.. Dont worri I will make it up.. Wink By posting questions.. Congratz... Dont worri I will b bak.. LOL


amreen1409 IF-Dazzler

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Areej!! Hug

I m back with my questions! Big smile hope u'll enjoy
  • Which is ur fav section on IF?
  • Who is best after Imran Abbas?
  • What do you like most about yourself?
  • What do you like to do in your free time?
  • What is more important to you, appearance or personality?
  • What is most important to you in a friend--loyalty, generosity, honesty--why?
  • What makes your best friend your best friend?
  • What talents do you have?
  • What three words would describe you right now?
  • What four things are most important in your life?
  • What colour makes you think of happiness?
  • What quality do you like about yourself--creativity, personality, appearance--why?
  • What is something you dislike about yourself?
  • What is something you do well?
  • What is your favourite room in your home and why?
  • What is your favourite time of day?
  • What is something you are optimistic about?
  • What is something you are pessimistic about?
  • What is your favourite song and why?
  • What is the best birthday present you ever received?
  • What is the best birthday present you could receive?
  • What is your favourite book and why?
  • What is something that really bugs you?
  • What is your favourite holiday? What makes this holiday special?
  • What is your favourite day of the week?
  • What is your favourite month? Why?
  • If you could have been someone in history, who would you have been?
  • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  • If you could break the Guiness Book of Records it would be for?
hmmm... that wud be it for now, shall get back soon

Love youuu & Many Happy Returns of the Day once again!! Hug

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Shezaadi Goldie

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Originally posted by ayeshag

Originally posted by Shezaadi

Originally posted by gr8amna

Areej bhaag hi gayee LOL

Bhaagi nahin hoon... hosala barhaa rahi hoon

Ayesha how long did it take u to get all those questions! That's crazy!!LOL

i'm not gonna lie, i'm kinda scared

hahahha lolll....u didnt answer alll LOL LOL LOL

I will.... eventually.... it's gonna take some timeEmbarrassed

Shezaadi Goldie

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Originally posted by CuteFairy91

Happy Birthday Areej!!

Sorri...I am late as usual.. Hope you had a great day.. Dont worri I will make it up.. Wink By posting questions.. Congratz... Dont worri I will b bak.. LOL


Thank you!!

But don't worry I don't mind at all... u don't need to make up for anything!!LOL 

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