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Mission Impossible:(AK) Part 13, PG- 49 (Page 6)

Mini786 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 December 2006 at 5:33pm | IP Logged
great promo
cant wait cant wait
pleas continue soon!
Big smile


Tania.k IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2006 at 2:15am | IP Logged
nice promo

can't wait

continue soon

brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 December 2006 at 3:33am | IP Logged
nice promo! guess ur updating today.. ill check it out later.. rite now is tooooo early Wink
Krishana Tulsi Senior Member
Krishana Tulsi
Krishana Tulsi

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Posted: 27 December 2006 at 4:37am | IP Logged

hey neha!!! glad u finished wos n ut!!! they were great!!!!....umm havent been able to come on the net for the past 4 days coz wasnt at home but now im back n saw it all!!! was a great present!!! Embarrassed LOL Embarrassed ..jsut wanted to say wen u gave the choice of stories i couldnt vote so r u gonna do the other stories at sum other point? coz i [knowing its a bit late] vote the 1st one ...not that i mind reading the others it jsut sounds reali interesting!!! about doin two during the xmas break?!?! Embarrassed

ps: the first thing that came into my mind reading the promo for this is mr n mrs smith!!!! ...lolEmbarrassed

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mpatel97508 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2006 at 8:36am | IP Logged
awesome! Embarrassed Embarrassed Big smile
neha9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2006 at 3:29pm | IP Logged
thanks guys! i meant to cont. yesterday but i couldn't cuz IF wouldn't let me log in Cry i'll post the first part in a few mins
neha9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2006 at 3:43pm | IP Logged

Chapter One

Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back, blasted from the speakers of her sound system, compelling her to revolve around the bed to find the remote control. Upon finally finding it, without looking, she found the power button and turned the monster off. When she was just about to fall right back into a peacefully, her alarm began to buzz, on the dresser beside her bed. Defeated now, she pulled the velvety blanket over her face and looked up at the off-white, slanted ceiling, of her fifth floor apartment in New York.

Stretching her arms, she sat up and tied her hair up, after locating which wrist her tie was on. Rolling out of bed, she grabbed her towel that was laying on the arm of her royal red settee and ambled into the bathroom. Standing under the shower now, she pressed the button that said cold, and pushed the button labeled shower. She jerked back and her eyes opened as adrenaline pumped into her. Instantly, she pushed the button that said, warm, and stepped back under the spray.

When she stepped out of her bathroom in a robe, she instantly found her phone bussing somewhere in her bed. Pulling the blankets and sheets aside and received the call.

"Hello." She said walking the her million dollar closet.

"Hi sweetheart."

"Yes, Mia."

"Don't be annoyed darling, its your day to bring in the coffee."

"Oh. My. God." She said lamely. "I so totally forget, gosh!"

"Hangover, darling?"

"Shut the hell up." She demanded and began looking through her piles of clothing. "Text me what you guys want, I'll pick it up on my way."

"Awesome, see you in a while."

Without a goodbye, she disconnected and tossed the phone over her back, on the bed. She was correct, she thought grimly, rubbing her finger against her temple. The damned hangover! With a sigh she turned and found a bottle of aspirin in her drawer, popped two pills in her mouth, and washed them down with a small sip of water. Now, quickly pulling out something classy to wear, she dressed. Blow-dried her hair, leaving curls at the end, and rushed to Starbucks after gathering her stuff.

When she entered her office at exactly eight-fifty five, everyone in her way greeted her and moved out of her way. The lady who was about the enter the elevator got out of her way and allowed her in, alone.

On the fifteenth, and last floor of the large building, the Editor-In-Chief of the magazine Secret, asked his staff sitting in the boardroom, with a control temper, stripped with a sarcastic smile, and asked, "Where is my darling, Kripa Kapoor."

"Right here." She said, opening the door with her hip, carrying coffee in her hands. "I'm sorry to disappoint you, Ethan, I'm not late." She gave everyone their coffee's never taking her eyes off the handsome man. Still looking at him, she stripped out of her black Prada coat, set it on her chair, her coffee on the table, her briefcase on the floor, and stood, gracefully, in front of Ethan with a smile. Looking at the elegant, diamond and white gold, watch bound around her wrist, she said, looking back at him now, "There are exactly thirty seconds till nine. My contract says, if you don't remember, I'm paid for being here from nine to six Monday to Friday, and am paid double for every hour I spend after six." She sat down and the clock hit nine.

Not at all surprised by her, he sat down and cleared his throat. "Our ratings have dropped in the past year, we've come down to number five, from one. Explanations?"

"Our lack of sensibility." Kripa said leaning back comfortably in her leather chair. Everyone watched her reach for her briefcase, from which she pulled out a few magazines and spread them on the table in front of them.

"This says nothing, Kripa." Mia said slightly confused.

"Wrong." She stood and watched to the bill board that had the covers of the past fifteen covers. "Martha Stewart. Bill Gates. President Bush and his political battles." She said pointing at all the coverer. Then, walking to the magazines laid on the oval table she read the titles, "How Brittany divorced Kevin. Jessica Simpson finds herself a new boyfriend. In n' Out: the latest trends of 2006." She sat back down, joined her hand under her chin. "You still don't know why?" She sighed and sipped her coffee, spoke again after a new seconds. "We live in New York, like is fast here. No one has time to breathe for themselves in this busy place. Our job is to make their life easier by giving them lighter topics, less stressful topics. Secrets that are and aren't true, controversy. What do we give them? Politics. No one cares! There are fifty news channels that do that, over four newspapers who inform New York every morning with the latest details of D.C. That's there job."

"What are you trying to say Kripa?" Ethan said drumming a pencil on his palm.

"We aren't living up to what we have delivered in the past. Our performance, our layouts, our staff, at a large proportion, are old, repeated. We need people who are young, who know what today's generations wants. We also need people who don't care about exposing people. We need to change our flavor, our layout. That's all I have to say."

Slightly dumbfounded, everyone just looked at her and than waited for someone to speak again. She rolled her eyes. "Ethan," she gave him a glare. "It's time I got a promotion and you a demotion."

Ethan's mouth dropped open. He looked at her with the same look she was giving him.

She mimicked his open mouth and rolled her eyes. "For Christ's sake, Ethan! I honestly don't get paid enough to do the work."

He shrugged. "Nor do I."

"Bull's crap!" She threw her hands up, stood up and looked at everyone. "Let's be high school students now! Assignment for tomorrow, twenty points, a list of ideas. Good, secretive ideas. Dismissed."

She watched everyone but Ethan leave. But he stood, turned, and met his girlfriends mouth. She wrapped her arms around him and moved her head back slightly, met his sexy blue eyes.

"You need to stop treating your boyfriend like crap."

She laughed and kissed him again. "Correct. But you see, I hate my boss." Laughing she kissed his cheek and let go. "But honestly Ethan." She picked up her coat, tossed her coffee in the dustbin. "We don't have a staff that efficient enough."

"I can't fire people."

"Editor-in-Chief, you are sweetheart, you can do anything you want to anyone." She tied the belt of her coat at the side of her waist and picked up her purse, leaving the briefcase alone. "I have a few meetings with a few photographers. I'll see for lunch?" She leaned over and kissed him again.

"Look through the few samples in my briefcase. Bye!" She wiggled her fingers and rushed out the door.

Looking at the swinging door, Ethan sighed and laughed. "She's crazy."


He listened patiently to every suggestion every leading fashion company had to give him before actually voicing his own opinions. "I honestly don't mind being to new male model for Guess.

"We would love to add you to the family, Mr. Khanna." Said the representative from Guess.

"It's Angad." He smiled at the young lady. "And, the pleasure would be all mine. I would like to see your contract…"

"Ashley Snow."

"Ms. Snow. You can fax them to me, and then I will give you my final answer." He stood up and took his jacket. "Thank you." He walked out the double doors of the room, with his assistant following him.

"Why Guess out of all the others?" Asked Veronica Blunt, once they were in his car.

"I liked wearing the brand as a kid." He laughed when she rolled her eyes. "I'm kidding. I've never done anything with them before, so I thought I'd give them a chance. Forget all that, how's your daughter, she was having complications."

The lady beside her, in her mid-fifties, sighed. "She's better." Then leaned over to kiss his cheek. "It's very nice of you to remember, handsome."

"Anytime. You can go home if you want now, we're done for the day."

"Thanks. Anything for tomorrow?"

"Nothing big, I have a few shoots. I can manage them." He said before she could pull out her agenda. "Be with your daughter."

"Thank you." She said again and smiled warmly. "I'm lucky to have a boss as understanding as you."

"I'm lucky to have an assistant like you. Have a good day." He said as she got out of the car. Once she was gone, he threw his head back.

"To where, sir?" His driver asked.

"I want another cup of coffee."

"Coffee it is."

Kripa walked out of Starbucks after her long and boring meeting with the useless photographers and crashed into someone, spilling her coffee over her coat. She cursed under her breathe and then looked up at the man. She recognized him right away.

"I'm so, so sorry." He reached in his pocket and gave her his handkerchief

"You should be." She snatched it, cleaned the spot, and shoved it back in his hand. She looked up at him for a moment, rolled her eyes, and back into the store to get herself another cup. Before she could pay for her order, he paid for her.

"I owe you," he said handing her the cup. "I'm sorry."

She looked up at the man who was much taller to her, five, seven height. "I agree. Now please excuse me." Throwing her head back, she blew up at the hair falling in her eyes and walked out the door.

Slightly confused at her behavior still, he asked for his coffee and walked away.

He reached home and walked straight to his phone and listen to the messages while check his mail. He tossed the bills in one pile and fan-mail in another. His ears disregarded all the messages until he heard his mothers voice. With a smile he leaned back in his chair and listened to her sweet voice, asking him how he was, and when he was planning to visit her and his father.

"Very soon, Mom." He frowned and fished his cell out of his pocket and called her.

"Hello." Her voice was still young and pretty, like her face.


"Angad! How's my child?"

"Great. Just got your message, so I thought I'd call. How are you and Pa?"

"He's great, so am I. We miss you, as does you sister."

"I'll come home for Christmas and New Year. Promise."

"You said that when Spring and Thanksgiving came around, sweetheart. You need a break, and I need to feed you more."

He laughed. "I miss you a lot. If I could, I would come over right now."

"Why don't you, for a week?"

"I would Mom, but I can't. There's so much happening." With an exhausted sigh he ran a hand through his hair.

"I know, baby. For a weekend?"

"You're too much. But fine, I'll come for the weekend, don't tell anyone else."

"Deal! Love you."

"Love you too, Ma." He hung-up and began reading his fan mail.

Later than night, when Kripa entered her own house, she walked to the phone and listened to her answering machine, while stripping out of her cloths and finding herself a night suit. The messages begun with random calls, from random companies, and ended with her mother called just a few minutes before her arrival. After changing into a pair of pajamas and a tank top, she sat on the bed with a glass of wine and called her mother. She had hell of a large family, and she hated seventy-five percent of them for the people they were.

"Hey, Mom." She said pushing the thoughts away. "You called?"

"I was just calling to check on you. How are you?"

"The same I was when you called Friday night. God, Mom, I'm your twenty-six years old, very independent daughter. You don't have to call me everyday to find out if I need something. Specially because I don't about oh, 99.99% of the times. And, when I do, I never call you guys. I stopped when Dad threw me out of the house freshman year of college."

"I know." Her mother said very disappointed. "I called to let you know your younger brother decided he's getting married."

Kripa's blew out a breath when she heard her mother sniff.

"I'll call him Mom."

"Yeah. Fine. Bye."
"Bye, Mom." She hung-up and fell down on the mattress and closed her eyes.

"Ideas?" Kripa asked standing behind Ethan's chair, hands on his shoulders.

"Considering that most of our magazine is completed for this circulation," Mia began looking at the hands that were resting in his ex-boyfriends shoulders, "and we have room for one more article, why don't we give our best writer this assignment."

"And, that is?"

"You, Kripa, should expose the Casanova, Angad Khanna."

"No!" Ethan stood up instantly, shocking Kripa. "The man can sue us."

"Not if what we publish is true, and we have proof to back it up." Kripa pushed him back down on the chair. "But I'm not up for it."

"Kripa." Mia said lifting an eyebrow. "Chicken."

"My left foot, Mia. The man more than likely knows who I am."

"He doesn't. I checked. You've never interviewed him, you've never come in contact with him…"

As Mia continued listing, Kripa thought about the encounter the day before.

"And think!" Mia said loudly, getting her attention back. "If we can be the first magazine to publish anything against the man, with enough proof so he can't deny, our rating will fly."

"I like it, Kripa." Ethan said nodding. "Very nice. And, I think Kripa would be the best at the job."

"I'm sure he won't have a hard time finding out who I am."

"Nope. Look at yourself in the mirror, Kripa." She turned and looked at the mirror as Mia asked. "If you changed your fake dark blond hair back to your original brown, and took the contacts off so your natural blue eyes were exposed, no one would be able to recognize you. Cut your hair a few inches, it'll do the trick."

"I agree." Ethan said nodding again.

"Well, Angad Khanna," Kripa said looking at herself in the mirror, "if you're my key to success, my key to the top, so be it." She winked at herself and smirked.

Hey guys,

I hope you guys enjoyed it.  I know it was slightly slow, as it was just introduction.  I promise it will get better! Tongue

Hugs and Kisses,

Neha Embarrassed


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Iqbal Neha1 IF-Dazzler
Iqbal Neha1
Iqbal Neha1

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great part
i really liked the caring aspect of angads character and kripa also was very good
it looks as if kripa and angad changed personalties
cant wait 2 see what kripa does

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