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*~PRINCE CHARMING~*last part ~p15 (Page 10)

sidra01 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 April 2007 at 5:30am | IP Logged
awsome part u finally con just loved it and as long as ur con tommorow its great

*dels* IF-Rockerz

Joined: 24 February 2006
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Posted: 12 April 2007 at 6:31am | IP Logged
wonderful!! oooh, too hot to handle Wink interesting..hmm. continue soon
insia12 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 29 December 2005
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Posted: 12 April 2007 at 7:12am | IP Logged
awww sis it was awsome....but shrt ...cont sooon
apra IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 December 2005
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Posted: 13 April 2007 at 11:25am | IP Logged
the next part to be up soon
apra IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 December 2005
Posts: 3908

Posted: 13 April 2007 at 11:41am | IP Logged

Originally posted by armaghan0

awsome part u finally con just loved it and as long as ur con tommorow its great


yeah thank you


Originally posted by *dels*

wonderful!! oooh, too hot to handle Wink interesting..hmm. continue soon


hmmm very interesting just wait to read


Originally posted by me_iq

awww sis it was awsome....but shrt ...cont sooon


awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thanks sisi i will 


Originally posted by cupcake

u continued YIPEEE!!!hehe.. Embarrassed Embarrassed wonderful part Clap


Originally posted by candyprincess

great part




Originally posted by love_jaan

hey apra how are you just catch up with your ff and its really unique and different from others i read so far and one more thing what is happening in next part LOL
pls conti soon Clap Clap

yeah i will and thank you


Originally posted by brainychild92

awesome partz.. just got caught up.

so kripa and anjali dont know angad and kavya are magical...    this is going to be interestingg

im thinkin theyre the two princes.. riteee??????

i totally agree!!!! they are too hot to handle Wink LOL

continue sooooonn

yeah i will and wait to read more this is a confusing fan fic


Originally posted by eijaz-anita

it was really tooooo gud...apra di...awesum nd im wating ttooo eagerly for d next prt..plz continue soon.


thank you and i will post the next part soon

Originally posted by Shazia_haya

hey i liked this continue soon......


hey thanks



apra IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 December 2005
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Posted: 13 April 2007 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
  Part 5J RecapJ  Angad and kavya call anjali and kripa for a date  ContinuedJ Angad and kavya waited for kripa and anjali to arrive and finally kripa and anjali arrived across the road where the road was dark enough where no one could see them appearing from thin air of course there was no doubt they had decided to save money on taxi.  "hey" anjali and kripa screamed quite normally when they crossed the road  "hi how the hell did you get down on the other side of the road there were no cars or taxi's allowed there as the road is under construction" angad asked  Kripa gulped "well we walked down from our home its near by" kripa said "or should I say we rather flew down" kripa muttered under her breath  "did you say anything" angad asked  "no of course not I guess aren't we wasting time here" kripa nudged anjali who was simply lost in kavya's eyes who was right now staring at her. "well kripa you look too very" angad lost words in describing kripa  "sexy" he said instantly, kripa turned red at his comment "thanks" she muttered after a few minutes "now can we go in" she said finally. They went in and sat together in the corner most table "so what would you have" angad asked, "well you need not be so formal with us after all now we aren't your patients" kripa said, "well we are more than just patients or friends" anjali said, kripa gave a mad look at anjali "well we mean you paid our bills" kripa said  "that was no favor it was our duty" angad looked at kripa   "actually I wanted to ….." kavya began to speak when angad cut him "dance" he asked kripa  "sure" kripa and angad went over to the dance floor         ude jab jab julfe teri - 2kawaariyon ka dil machale - 2, jind meriyejab aise chikne chehre - 2toh kaise na nazar phisale - 2, jind meriye (it's rocking, yaara kabhi ishq toh karoit's rocking, maro tum ishq pe maro) - 2 chaahe agar yeh dil toh kya roshan jahaan kardeisaki inaayat ho toh jarre ko khuda karde (main sadke jaanwaan - 2ho ishq pe yaara main sadke jaanwaan) - 2 kya jamin hai kya palak, hai duniya jahaan talakdekho dekho silsila hai ishq kachaahe gum de ya khushi, har haal mein yuunhikaro jara shukriya tum ishq kajidd pe jo aa jaaye toh ik pal mein fanaa kardeisaki inaayat ho toh jarre ko khuda karde(main sadke jaanwaan - 2ho ishq pe yaara main sadke jaanwaan) - 2 tujhe chaand ke bahaane dekhu - 2tu chhat par aaja goriye - 2, jind meriyeabb chhedenge gali ke sab ladke - 2ke chaand bairi chhip jane de - 2, jind meriye isse jisne na kiya, mehroom woh huvause bhala kya pata hai ishq kyayeh isaki saadagi hai ru??? jindagikoi ise de pata hai ishq kyaye ishq jo chaahe toh puri har duva kardeisaki inaayat ho toh jarre ko khuda karde(main sadke jaanwaan - 2ho ishq pe yaara main sadke jaanwaan) - 2 (it's rocking, yaara kabhi ishq toh karoit's rocking, maro tum ishq pe maro) - 2chaahe agar yeh dil toh kya roshan jahaan kardeisaki inaayat ho toh jarre ko khuda karde(main sadke jaanwaan - 2ho ishq pe yaara main sadke jaanwaan) - 2main sadke jaanwaan. Both of them danced to the song like never before "look at them" angad said pointing towards kavya and anjali "what about them" kripa asked "the way they are staring at each other" angad said "so??" kripa asked  "I guess they like each other" angad said  "no ways anjali will never like him" "and why so???" "you will never understand why" kripa said hopelessly "but right now lets leave them alone" "ok so can I leave you at our place" angad offered  "sure" angad and kripa walked down to kripa's place "so come in and have a coffee" kripa offered, angad followed her into her house "nice house and very clean too" angad commented  "well thank you…. You wait here while I get you a cup of hot coffee as its cold outside" a few minutes later kripa arrived with two cups of steaming hot coffee's "here" she offered a mug to angad  "so tell me for how long have you and kavya been friends" kripa asked  "well me and kavya are not friends we are half brothers I mean my dad and his fantasies , he married my mom first and then one day my mom came to know that my dad and made her own sister pregnant she did nothing but pitied her condition because at that time she discovered that she had been pregnant with me….. with no other way out she got my dad and her sister married" angad was sad at this point  "I am extremely sorry I shouldn't have asked you about" kripa paused  "no its not that but we still cant hate each other for what our dad did to our mom's and that is why we left him" angad stopped and looked at kripa, kripa noticed his eyes were filled with tears and unable to control herself she hugged him "but then why did you eave your mom" she asked "well we dint want to but my mom and kavya's mom died when we were just 4 in a car crash and after that my dad married again" he hugged kripa tightly, after a few minutes they came apart "I am sorry I shouldn't have bothered you with my problems" angad wiped his tears and kripa simply stared at him "its ok" she muttered as she straightened herself "I guess I will leave" angad got up and approached the door when kripa called him "angad" she thought for a moment and then said "its better you leave its getting late"  Kripa accompanied angad till the door and again turned to say a small bye to her, at that point kripa was totally lost in what angad had told her she was thinking why she had told this to her after all what relationship did they have, she simply dint notice angad staring at her "kripa" he said softly breaking her chain of thoughts "I am sorry angad I was just…"  "its ok kripa no need to sympathize with me" he placed his palms on her cheeks "bye" he added quickly "bye" kripa said and stared into angad's mesmerizing eyes, they stared at each other for a few more minutes and then angad bent down and brushed his lips against kripa's and soon enough they were kissing each other like mad, a few minutes later angad pushed kripa against the wall and deepened his kiss using his tongue and kripa enjoyed it and joined him. Angad slowly moved his hands on kripa's shoulders and touched her neck slow his fingers moved on her neck and went down towards her dress and he moved her dress revealing her shoulders and started kissing it, at his time kripa realized what she was doing and pushed him away shocking him even more "angad I guess you should be leaving" she said firmly. A disappointed angad left the house leaving behind an even more shocked kripa.                       "god how could I do this" kripa slidded down the wall now even more shocked and disgusted at herself "why??? I should have controlled myself… can I ……. Me and angad……. We don't even know each other so well…….. was this just lust or do I really like him???? How on earth can I like him he is just a friend….. and I don't even know him so well oh god what should I do now……." Kripa muttered to herself "I guess I will check it in the loved-o- meter which would tell me exactly what I feel for him" A love – o – meter was the most reliable instrument for all confused witch and wizards who wanted to see what they fell about some one the moment the witch kept her hands on the instrument and remembered the person it would tell about the feeling the witch has for the person, it was a tricky instrument and was always true and right now it was the only thing that could tell kripa what she felt about angad. Kripa took out the shining instrument from her closet and placed her palms on it and remembered angad soon enough the meter beeped. Kripa slowly opened her eyes and stared to see the answer the meter was giving. The meter was pointing between attraction and love, kripa once again closed her eyes and imagined angad and the meter beeped again and this time it pointed "love".  Kripa through the instrument aside "this cant be possible.. he is a muggle …. Or maybe the meter is lying …. Oh !! god why is this happening to me" kripa kept muttering this to herself and went to sleep. The next day early morning when she woke up she found that anjali had not yet returned "now where the hell is this girl" kripa was about to leave the house in search of anjali when she heard the door being knocked, she quickly opened the door to find anjali standing right in front of her she moved aside making way for anjali to come inn "where had you been last night" an annoyed kripa asked  "I was with kavya" "all night" kripa asked aghast "what were you doing with him all night"  "kripa me and kavya……"  anjali stopped and looked at kripa "you and kavya what???" "kripa I slept with him last night" anjali broke the ice finally  "what are you mad anjali do you even remember that you are a witch you slept with that muggle …. Are you mad" screamed kripa "I love him kripa ….. I love him ever since the day I met him"  "Oh come on anjali have you forgotten or do I need to remind you that you are a witch" "kripa he needed me last night…. Last night when you and angad left we had a couple of drinks together and when kavya was totally drunk he told me about his past and he revealed that angad is his half brother and last night was his mothers death anniversary …. He cried in front of me …… and while comforting him we never realized when we lost control over ourselves and…" anjali paused  "you made love with him right" kripa asked and anjali simply nodded  "you are sure you love him"  "yes" "and what about him does he love you??" "I think so"  "well do you think the love- o- meter is always right"  "yes I am sure why did you ask this"  "well it showed that I love angad"  "what… oh my god!!! Kripa I am so happy for you" "yeah and for now lets get ready and go and tell this to them… I am sure they love us too" "lets go then"  Kripa and anjali quickly got ready and went to angad and kavya's place and before entering they stopped to catch an interesting conversation.  So that is all for now I will post the next part on Sunday and now only continue on week ends because the coming two weeks are very hectic for me so please try and understand and co-operate. Coming up—will kripa and anjali get their love?????? Keep reading and commenting . Love ApraJ

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monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 April 2007 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
Clap Clap Clap awesome dear Clap
Numera* Goldie

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Posted: 13 April 2007 at 3:55pm | IP Logged
omg kavya and angad used them!!!!!!! this was sooooo a plan!! its so convieneint that they both told the smae story making anju and krips feel sympathy, only diff is kripa stopped angad- which explains his not soo happy state when he left and anju actually slept with kavya!! lol this is gonna get good, they dont know they messed with two brilliant witches lol i pity them!!

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