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PADMAN- Reviews, Box Office, Discussions. (Page 2)

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Pad Man Movie Review: Watch This Akshay Kumar Starrer For Every Woman In Your Life


Pad Man Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5 Stars (Three and a half stars)

Star Cast: Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor, Radhika Apte

Director: R. Balki

What's Good: Akshay Kumar & his heroic presence, obviously the subject and its execution, Sonam Kapoor's cute little-extended cameo

What's Bad: It tends to get melodramatic at times & also some things just get executed to easily and quickly

Loo Break: First half might tempt you to have some but sit tight second half has some entertaining stuff in store for you

Watch or Not?: Some scenes might make some people a bit uncomfortable but watch this one for every woman in your life

User Rating:

Pad Man is a story which can be narrated in a single line but the team behind this tries to add every ingredient to make this connect with everyone. Lakshmikant Chauhan (Akshay Kumar) is the man who wants to create pads for his wife and family. Being in the middle-class zone, the branded pads comes under the luxury section for Lakshmi's family.

Living amidst people of a total orthodox thinking makes Lakshmi attempts some unthinkable steps. Padman is not just about this journey of a man who makes pads, it spotlights the issues wrong with people's thinking. Lakshmi starts his journey tackling many failures and moves on to success.

Pad Man Movie Review: Script Analysis

The script of the film Pad Man dances on a tightrope, what could've been an extremely preachy attempt manages to entertain you most of the time. Written by the director, R. Balki himself the story stays honest with itself. "Charas gaanja de rahe ho kya? Akshay's character says in a scene while purchasing pads from a medical shop. So, there are ample of such moments accurately portraying what's been wrong with our thinking since ages.

The process of making the pad machine has been so amazingly displayed by Balki. The final speech by Akshay Kumar is surely going to be one of the best scenes this year. The makers start the film by addressing Amitabh Bachchan as a superhero but his cameo has a minimal impact. Based in the year 2001, set in some remote area, Balki might've done his homework well to portray such strong reactions by the people living in the film apart from Akshay Kumar. Situations do go over the top many-a-times, mostly in the first half, but I can give makers a benefit of doubt.

Pad Man Movie Review: Star Performance

Akshay Kumar, once again, lives his role as Lakshmikant Chauhan. His never-ending appetite for making things work for his family really makes you feel for him. He implants his trademarked innocence to the character making it even more lovable. Not his best performance, but surely one of the best.

Radhika Apte is earthy with her presence but she has got a lot of tears to shed. Crying almost in every scene, she raises the bar of being over-dramatic. Overall, a fine job but she deserved a better-written character.

Sonam Kapoor is pretty bold and bouncy in her small appearance and surely sparks the chemistry with Akshay. She was last seen with Akshay in Thank You which never made me go high with the hopes of their chemistry in this one, but in the end, it surely surprised me.

Pad Man Movie Review: Direction, Music

R. Balki has this habit of writing his own films and with Pad Man it has actually proved beneficial for the film. The story required the same guy for both given its sensitive subject. Balki has made sure to say things in a way everyone understands without getting uncomfortable. Some might feel thorny about some scenes but that's what a film with such subject comes with. Making a mother say "Kitna dubla ho gaya on seeing his son's photo after years in a newspaper is what Padman offers you.

Music by Amit Trivedi is a hidden gem of Padman. It's there and it's very good but very few will get it because it's piled under numerous layers such as story, performances, screenplay and narration. It starts with a melodious song in Aaj Se Teri and ends on a goofy title track having a couple of good tracks in between.

Pad Man Movie Review: The Last Word

For those who're thinking if you could connect with the message of Pad Man, trust me you will. Every good thing comes with an expiry date and enjoy this era of Akshay Kumar till it lasts (Hope it's here for a couple of more decades). The combo of entertainment plus message-driven plot is a rare occurrence and Padman fits the bill.

Three and a half stars!

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Padman review: Akshay Kumar delivers career best performance in audacious film cursed by underwhelming first half

Firstpost    Feb 08, 2018 21:58 IST

By Devansh Sharma

Had Padman released on its original date, 25 January, along with Padmaavat, it would have surely dominated the 'vagina monologues' (remember Swara Bhasker wrote an open letter to Sanjay Leela Bhansali stating that his film made her feel reduced to a vagina at the cost of Rajput honour?). Akshay Kumar-starrer Padman battles an abstract notion of shame (which masqueraded as a shield of honour in Padmaavat) around the conversation on menstruation.

Inspired from the life of Arunachalam Muruganatham, the inventor of a low-cost sanitary pad manufacturing machine, Padman is based on a short story in Twinkle Khanna's book The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad. Akshay Kumar plays the role of Lakshmikant Chouhan, the character modelled on Muruganatham, a mechanic who lives in a village in Madhya Pradesh.

Akshay Kumar as the reel Padman and Arunachalam Muruganathanam as the real Padman

Akshay Kumar as the reel Padman and Arunachalam Muruganathanam as the real Padman

Soon after his wedding to Gayatri (played by Radhika Apte), he notices how she is ostracised from the house during menstruation. She uses a dirty rug to clean the menstrual blood which makes Lakshmi apprehensive of the health hazards it could cause to his wife. Gayatri is averse to the idea of using a sanitary pad because of its high cost, which prompts her husband to come up with a low cost sanitary napkin of his own. His efforts backfire as his single minded agenda to invent a pad only makes the entire village dub him as a madman. Thus starts his journey to evolve from a madman to a Padman.

Pardon the done-to-death rags to riches/underdog trope, but that is what the entire promotional narrative around the film has been like to project Kumar's character as a superhero (even Amitabh Bachchan pops up in a cameo to commemorate the mighty Padman).

Kumar remains refreshingly aloof of his 'the next big thing' persona and pumps humility into his character. I'm deliberately using the word 'pump', because it seems like he invests a lot of effort into his act (watch out for the scene where he demonstrates how his invention is operated). He acts as the perfect bridge between the 'classes' and the 'masses', using subtle humour and a straight face to debunk one menstrual myth at a time.

The divide between the 'classes' and the 'masses' plays a character in the film as well. R Balki and Swanand Kirkire creatively deconstruct Khanna's short story and then build a narrative of their own. The film is aptly divided into two symbolic halves. While the pre-interval portion focuses on the countryside (Lakshmi's native village), the post interval bit transports the viewers to New Delhi and Indore for the most part.

In a strange twist of events, this film suffers from the curse of the first half. The norm these days has been to falter in the second half but Padman makes for an exception.

Its second half plays out far better than the first one. The plot, though, quickly dives into the central issue (after Arijit Singh's incredibly hummable 'Aaj Se Teri'), and I reckon Balki could have taken the cinematic liberty to chop off some stretched parts: he plays his best cards in the second half.

The cinematic liberty gains immense significance in this film because Muruganatham has given his consent (as per a discliamer preceding the film) to the makers to alter certain facts of his success story. The free hand has been fruitfully utilised in the second half. Now, it can be argued that Balki was more comfortable bringing his own inputs to the table, which is why the second half is constructed deftly. It can also be argued that Balki feels more at home projecting a mileu he is familiar with. In one of the best yet the most understated scenes of the film, he puts forward his writing genius through a freewheeling conversation between Sonam Kapoor's character and her father. This scene boasts of the trademark organic smoothness that his films like Cheeni Kum and Paa  are known for.

Sonam's character is completely a figment of Balki's imagination. She plays a tabla player cum MBA student who acts as the catalyst in realising Lakshmi's vision. Balki draws her character sketch rather well. While the original text had a female character who played Muruganathan's English tutor, his language has been treated as a non-issue in the film. The focus is entirely on menstrual health, which is where the inclusion of Sonam's character benefits from.

Instead of a man picking a fight for his wife, like in Kumar's Toilet: Ek Prem Kathalast year, the viewers see a woman take equal charge by providing the marketing and finance expertise to Lakshmi's idealistic vision, in Padman.

In one of the scenes, Sonam Kapoor also mentions how being a woman helps in initiating a conversation around periods. It is a smart move to allow space for a major female stakeholder in the process. Sonam, known for her oft feminist stance, fits into her character like a glove, but her limited acting skills do stand shy in front of a more experienced Akshay Kumar.

Still from Padman song 'Hu Ba Hu'. YouTube screengrab

Still from Padman song 'Hu Ba Hu'. YouTube screengrab

But what her character is scarred with is a romantic angle with Kumar's character. Given that they look the best together when they are platonic, the inclusion of a love angle can be argued to be adhering to formulaic redundancies. In Muruganatham's story he confessed a romantic attraction towards his English tutor, but Balki could have easily chopped this bit out.

If Balki had to give a steeper character graph to one character, he should have given it to Radhika Apte. Her role is overtly melodramatic just like most of the other villagers. Balki stays true to the Bible here and even Apte conveniently plays to the gallery. It's not like Apte is wasted in the film, but she could have used her proficiency to bring more depth or quirks to her cliched character.

Amit Trivedi's fast-paced music lends an air of purpose to the film. The cinematography, besides promoting MP tourism, gives a sense of sorcery to Kumar's pad making process.

The costume designer chooses lighter tones for Kumar (because Padman), vermilion red for Radhika Apte (because blood) and loose printed outfits for Sonam (because South Delhi). The production design is one of the few elements in the first half that fare better than those in the second.

Overall, Padman packs in a lot of meat within 2.5 hours but most of it is the concentrated second half whereas the first one stands diluted. Balki's direction elevates the film almost as much as Kumar's charged portrayal. It is certainly one of the best in his career so far. An extra hoot to Padman for being the first mainstream film to dare address what has long been stuck between the legs. A small film (Phullu)did try to make its presence felt last year, but Padman has proved to be not only a bigger but a better film.

Resident_Evil IF-Rockerz

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Errr...this doesn't look good. Confused
Ogreatone Goldie

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Needs to cross Jolly LLB 2 and become February's biggest grosser
Kaoridz Groupbie

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Reviews are quite good so far apart from Sneha May Francis who I don't really take seriously : she is so obviously biased.

Many critics have rated it better than TEPK and Jolly LLB 2.

I'm waiting for Raja Sen, Shubra Gupta, Anna Vetticad, Masand and Chopra ...

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Rekha_ji IF-Dazzler

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The only thing that appeals to me about this film is getting to see Radhika Apte on the big screen. Will wait for a few more reviews before I decide (Su4ita to be precise) - but also, I kinda wanna see this film with my mommy, because of the message.

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Sneha May Francis hates almost every BW commercial movie
Udan-Khatola Goldie

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Originally posted by 2RsFan

Sneha May Francis hates almost every BW commercial movie

Pretty much

She once tweeted that she gives negative reviews to gain attention in terms of increasing her popularity and then deleted it in 10 mins. She does praise South films a lot however

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