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~*Smile Again*~Chapters 17 & 18~Pg 15~ (Page 8)

candyprincess IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 February 2007 at 10:49pm | IP Logged
great part

brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 February 2007 at 9:15pm | IP Logged
awesome part. suspension, detention, now groundage from mommyyyy

i wonder why erica went to jail anywayz..

continue really soooooooooooooooooooooonnnn

and is ian her bf?
Dark Love IF-Rockerz
Dark Love
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Chapter 9
"May 20, I will never forget this date" said Erica to me, when she was driving me home, I looked at her and she smiled back. "It is the day I got out of jail and got to see you again"
I sneaked up into our lawn and tried to open the door as quietly as possible. But unfortunately the damn door creaked and probably gave me away. It was almost midnight. Well, we had gotten a little carried away, we went out and hung out at a club(oh, we had fake id's) had a few shots and came back to Jake's house, played video games and finally, just talked about nonsense, like the three of us always had, when we were younger. Damien and Scott split after the club. So then I went home, knowing that I would probably would get caught. But I didn't care, some part of me wanted to let all my anger out, I wanted to ruin this perfect little family, with their tight but fake smiles and I was so sick and tired of pretending everything was fine.
I slipped in and everybody was asleep. I knew it. I knew that they wouldn't give a shit if I disappeared. They would rather be glad that the outcast was out of the picture.
Right then, my mother came out of the living room, it seems like she'd been sitting in the dark on the sofa. Well, I was busted.
"Cassandra Love Ryder! Why the hell were you at Erica's house at this hour of night?" my mother demanded. Ugh! And she called middle names, that was not good!
"Erica got out of jail," I muttered
"I know that! I had to find out through Erica's mother! Why did you not tell me?" she screeched and let me tell you, she looked extremely pissed. Which scared me a little. I mean, what if she had a stroke right now?
"It's none of your business, why should I tell you what happened," I snapped back at her. She looked taken aback. "God, why do you have to blow up everything out of proportion?!" I screamed this time. Then I started to sob. It came out of nowhere. Suddenly, my throat felt like it was going to explode, it hurt badly and my cries came out in quick breaths. I made a move to go upstairs, when my mother grabbed me. She pulled me into her arms, when the phone rang. I wanted her to ignore the phone and stand there hugging me. She hadn't hugged me in over a year, or rather I haven't let her hug me. But right then, my mother's warm hug was all I wanted. All I needed. But to my misery, she let go and went to answer the phone. Now, I was pissed. I went upstairs, without another word.
I threw myself on the bed and started to cry uncontrollably. I haven't cried in a long time and it felt good to know that I still had tears. I was still able to feel things.
Later, when I was getting ready for bed, a slip of paper came in through the bottom of my door. I picked it up and read through it. It was my mother's clear handwriting. I read it again and threw it on the floor and cried myself to sleep. Cass,
Whatever's the matter, we can talk about it, or you can see Dr.Coleman. Please, come out and talk to me, now. If not, then know that you're grounded for a month, starting tomorrow. Also, don't forget that you have been suspended from school for a week and honey, please do try to get all your homework from Jake or Damien.
                                                    *           *          ;  *
Well, today I was going to stay home all alone. But it was going to be great. I was going upstairs when I collided with Michaela.
"Gosh, you're such a klutz" she said in a really snobby way.
"Whatever," I said back, not wanting to start an argument. I mean, it was going to be me, who was going to get blamed. I tried to step around her.
"Is it true, you got suspended, coz u punched Azra Pollinsky?" she asked, turning me around
"Um, yea" I chuckled and she started to laugh. "Why? What's so funny?" I asked her
"Oh my f****** gawd!!!" she screamed and mom glanced up from the bottom of the stairs and gave me a curious look. Then, my mother held out her hand, as Michaela handed her a dollar, from her pocket. So, the Dollar Bill was still in effect. Now, she was hysterical, laughing uncontrollably. Pshh, she was never going to tell me, so I might as well, save my breath and my time. I turned around to leave.
"Sweet, sweet revenge," she cried and I knew exactly what she meant. It was such an old thing that I thought she had forgotten it. But, she didn't, she still remembered it.
When we were younger, Michaela always used to get picked on by the older girls in the hallway(she was kind of a dork in elementary school) and I would always defend her. I would step in front of them and punch them in the stomach and we used to run away. Then afterwards, I would always scream "sweet, sweet revenge!" and we would fall over laughing. Even though, we would always get in trouble, we never stopped doing it. I knew that, Azra and Monica somehow had been mean to Michaela and she was quoting me. I turned around and she was already going downstairs, still holding onto her stomach, because she laughed so hard. Right then, I suddenly missed her so much, I wanted to hug her and never let go. But of course that was absolutely impossible.
I was in my room, when all of a sudden my cell phone rang. I decided not to answer, since I wasn't in the mood to talk or anything. I mean, I just wanted to hole up in my room and stay there forever. I felt empty and hollow. It was one that I felt everyday. I longed for it to stop, but so far no success.
My cell rang again.
"Ugh!" I screamed and went up from my bed to get it. Surprisingly it was Jane. I picked it up.
"Yeah," I said into the phone
"Cassandra?" said Jane back unsurely
"Um, yeah, it's me, what's the matter?" I asked her
"Oh, nothing, I just have the most exciting news for you!" she cried into the phone "My daughter is coming today!!!"
"Oh, wow, really?" I tired to sound as enthusiastic as possible.
"Yes and I'm so excited that I can barely speak"
"Wow, so I think we should hold off on our tea break today?" I asked
"No, no, of course not, I want to introduce you to my family"
"Oh, that's really nice, but I don't think I should, I mean, it's not like I'm a relative or anything, besides they will find a bit too weird" I said a little too quickly. And she sensed it, which is why she asked me what she asked next
"Did something happen?" I didn't answer, hoping she would have to go and hang up and this conversation would be over. "Cassie, what happened?" she asked again
"I know something happened and I want to know!" she demanded
"Ok, fine, I will tell you today" I said, when Lucas called me, "I gotta go, Lucas need me" I said into the phone
"Oh dear, all right, bye now, and do not forget to come after school straightaway to our house and you will meet my daughter and her children. Oh, I can't wait, now bye-bye" she hung up. She sounded so excited, for it meant the world to her that her children could be with her. And I had a feeling that this meeting wouldn't go very well. And it didn't.
                                                           *           ;      *           ;     *
I did pretty much everything around the house and outside the house except studying. I napped for like 3 hours after lunch. Around 3, Lucas came home and hour later Michaela came home. Except I saw her before she set foot in the house.
I was passing by the living room and into the kitchen, when I saw someone outside. Someone with a CDH(stands for Creston Dew High) jacket and I wondered what she was up to. So I looked outside and there she is, talking to a guy. That was so like Michaela. I closely looked at the guy. He had on all black and his pants were low and he had dirty blonde hair(couldn't see the color of his eye; I seriously need some glasses) and he had both his hands in his pocket. He was decent-looking, I guess. My sister was continuously flirting with him and it was so obvious. I mean, she was like flipping her hair and batting her eyelashes as if they were long enough. Plus, she had on her cheerleading uniform with them short skirts and a jacket. Then suddenly, she started digging around in her little purse and took out a small piece of paper. Of course, she was giving her number to the guy. I turned around and walked away. I went upstairs to change to go to Jane's house, when my cell rang. Boy, was I popular today. It was Jane. Speak of the devil. Turns out, she called to ask me if I can come over for dinner, instead of now. I eagerly accepted and hung up.
"Thank you, honey, you will have the most marvelous time, I promise you that," she had said, before she hung up. Sure I will.
I started to edit all the videos that I had gotten, when I found a really old tape. There was not any type of labeling I looked at it and decided to see if it was worth my time. It was a tape of someone, cheerleading at a football game. She looked incredibly happy, in her cheerleading uniform. Then she did a few flips and some complicated jumps and then finally, she stopped. I kept watching. Then suddenly she was on top of the pyramid. She happily cheered and waved her pom-pom around. When she got off, one of the football players came over and hugged her. He took off his helmet and I realized that it was George. And then the blonde girl turned around and looked straight at the camera and waved. To my shock, the girl waving was- me!!! I looked so different. I actually looked pretty, with eyeliners and stuff. I turned in my chair and looked at the mirror. Staring back at me was an unsmiling girl with a really weird colored hair. I touched it and it felt smooth under my hands. My roots were growing, revealing yellow hair and the black dye I used was fading away, making me look like a skunk. My hair wasn't too long, actually it was pretty short, just a couple of inches above my shoulder. My eyebrows were thin and brown. My eyes revealed that I hadn't slept in a few days. I yawned. It was pretty useless to be staring at myself, I thought and turned my attention back to the videos. I started to edit for real, cutting all the unnecessary parts of myself and all those around me.
I opened the window in my room and took out a cigarette. I scrounged around, looking for my lighter and finally found it in my sneakers. Huh, guess I forgot that I hid it in there, from my mom, who sends in Esther(our maid, but she comes in only on the weekends) to clean my room. I mean, I've told her only about a dozen times that I didn't want some stranger coming into my room and going through my stuff.
Then, I climbed out of my window and since my room was on the second floor, it was easy to get to the roof. It was the most perfect place I've ever been in. More about that later. I took a couple of drags and lied down on the roof for about an hour, just staring at the sky. It was kinda pretty. Then, I decided to get something to eat, cause my stomach was growling.
Just then, someone knocked on my door. I quickly came into my room and sprayed an air freshener all over the room in case there were any scents left, and popped a breath mint that was sitting on my desk into my mouth. I told them to come in.
"Mrs. Pratt is inviting you for dinner at her house. Seems like her daughter finally came" my dad said to me, from my doorway.
"Fine, I'll be ready" I said back, not looking at him. I prepared to change, when I noticed that he was still not gone. I looked at him, questioningly. He shrugged.
"Do you need something?" I asked. He shrugged again.
"Just thought to remind you to wear something lady-like for today" he said, looking at me, in my shirt and baggy overalls. Then, I laughed at his comment. He looked confused.
"Fine," I said and slammed the door, almost hitting his face. I quickly took a shower and saw the black dye streaming down the drain. Jeez, you can't even get a good dye-job, these days. So, then I put on a green faded tank top from, like, last year and my normal baggy jeans. Sneakers and a ponytail did the finishing touches. And best of all, it took me only 20 minutes.
I rang Jane's door bell at 7 sharp. But, who opened the door, surprised me. Guess. Yep, it was the guy that Michaela has been continually flirting with. And weirdly, the guy looked surprised to see me, too. He stared at me.
"Um,"- I started awkwardly. I guess he snapped out of it, when I said something.
"Hey, was just going to call you after dinner, what's up?" he asked me in return. I was dumbfounded. I mean, I didn't even know the guy.
"'Scuse me?" I asked
"Oh, don't tell me you forgot me already!" he gushed out, "Hm, something's changed about you!" he concluded.
"Is it your hair?"
"What?" I asked again, when all of a sudden it dawned on me. This guy thought I was Michaela!!! Oh.My.God. Oh, no, this won't do.
I opened my mouth to tell him that I was not Michaela and that I was her twin, when this guy- a complete stranger, suddenly leaned down and kissed me.
brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2007 at 4:08pm | IP Logged
hahaha!!! he thinkns its micheala.. and now she is gonna start likeing him.. rite????


continue realllyyyyyy sooooooooooooooonn!!!
ritu_the_gr8 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 February 2007 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
this seems like reading a book....
an interesting one....
i am kind of allergic to reading bok... LOL
anywayss hehe...he kissed her thikning she is michaela...
i hope she doesn't kill him...
adn where did the Ian guy go?? Confused Confused
anywyasss continue soooooooooon
candyprincess IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 February 2007 at 4:54pm | IP Logged
great part....OMG he thought she was her sister wow....wonder wat will happen next
Rachu_1987 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2007 at 5:37pm | IP Logged
fab 2 parts!!!!! i wanna kno wat happened with erica!!!! n omg dat dude just kissed her thinking shes michela LOL omg i felt sorry 4 her in this part Cry neways cont sooon Clap
Dark Love IF-Rockerz
Dark Love
Dark Love

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Author's Note:

"Hi everybody, im writing Smile Again and i hope u guys like it. So, let me just clear up on a few things, Michaela and Cassandra are twins and they are the complete oppsites. Their dad Gregory was born in California and he worked there, but he moved to Chapel Hill, where he met their mom, Denise and they got married and had children, David, Michaela, Cassandra and Lucas, etc. And so the story goes, so please keep your comments coming, because they are very interesting to read and, i guess, it motivates me to write more. i guess. Sorry, i say i guess a lot. lol"


Chapter 10
I have to admit that the kiss wasn't too bad. But still, I didn't want to be kissing a random guy in front of Jane's house. Why did he open the door anyway? Why was he here?
I pulled away and slapped him across the cheek. It must've hurt! He looked surprised and gave a little yelp.
"Gosh, what did you do that for?!" he hissed. I frowned.
"Who do you think I am? Cause I'm not who you think I am." I said. We were still outside.
"Well, who do you think... I think you are?" he asked me. He looked confused.
"Um," I paused. Now, I was confused. Then, he laughed.
"You're not Michaela, are you?" he narrowed his eyes at me and I scowled at him.
"Obviously. How did you know, anyway?" I thought we were supposed to looks so identical, that no one could figure out who we were. But, of course the clothes and hair...
Right then, Jane appeared at the door, with an apron around her waist and oven mittens. She smiled, when she saw me.
"Hi, Cass!" she said and started toward us. I waved at her. "Oh, Walker, would you invite my guest inside, or should we have eat outside?" Hm, Walker, nice name. She pulled both of us inside. As I walked into the dining room, Walker nudged me. I looked at him.
"The only way that I figured you weren't Michaela was because, she didn't taste like cigarettes, when she kissed me." I gasped at this. He gave me a devilish grin. "Nice pants, by the way," he said as he walked away and into his chair at the table. Only then, did I notice that we were wearing same pants. Oh.My.God. Well, I was wearing guy's pants. Will the humiliation never end?!
Right then, a woman of about 40 something years old, came down the stairs with a little girl in her arms. The woman had brown hair, all done in a neat bun. She was wearing a white blouse and a pencil skirt. She had on a pair of slippers. The little kid in her arms was about 5? She tried to get down, but the woman wouldn't let go. The girl had wild curly hair, sticking all over the place and a pink dress.
"Well, hello! And you must be Cassandra!" the woman gushed out in a high but strong voice. She came down the stairs and surprisingly gave me a hug.
"Hello," was all I managed to get out. I mean, so would anyone, if someone was squeezing you till all the air was sucked out of you. She then, took my army jacket away. I stood, awkwardly, at the center of the dining room, with Walker staring at me and chuckling.
"OWW!" I screamed, as the little girl bit my hand, with her vampire-like teeth. Jane came running out of the kitchen and looked at my hand. They were swollen and purple, with small teeth marks on them.
                                                   *           ;   *           ; *
About, an hour later, we were having a dessert, at the table. I had gotten introduced to everybody, properly(after my hand was cleaned and a pack of ice put on it). The woman, who hugged me was Jane's daughter- Caroline Buchanan. The little devil who bit me was Christina, Jane's granddaughter. She was 5, like I had guessed. Last and least was Walker, Jane's grandson. He was 19.
All through dinner, Caroline and Jane basically talked and Walker, surprisingly didn't talk much. The occasional, yes or no, would be sufficient for him. Once, even through dinner, he kicked me in the leg and asked me where Michaela was. I'd told him that I didn't know where she was, cause I really didn't. Ok, I did know where she was, but I didn't wanna ruin it for him. She went with her bf, to some concert. I just hoped, that Walker knew what he was getting into. I mean, Michaela already had a boyfriend, but she was looking for a new one? The classic move by her. But I wasn't going to waste my time, moping over that. All the while, Christina had been giving me the evil eye. She glared at me. Then she hugged Walker and then she glared at me again. I mean, what did I ever do to her? I've never met such an evil person in my life, before. Ok, I have. More than once, in fact.
Then, I got up to leave, cause it was almost 9.
"Thank you so much, Jane. Oh, and Mrs.Buchanan nice to meet you. It has been great, and I hope to do this sometime again," I said(please note that my tone was spilling with sarcasm) and started toward the door to get my coat, when Jane grabbed my hand and looked outside, pushing the curtain aside.
"It's really dark outside" she commented simply. I gave her a questioning look. So?
"So, you shouldn't walk all by yourself at this time of the night," she said, answering my silent question, " Walker will accompany you,"
"What?!" me and Walker said simultaneously I mean, I wasn't about to walk home with this creep. Besides, I lived right next door.
"No, Jane, that's very nice of you, but really, it's right next door!" I said firmly. Ok, ok, I whined, "Besides, I took karate classes" I continued
"No way!!! You took karate lessons?!" Walker cried all of a sudden. I gave him a look, like he was crazy. "I just wanted to say, that I do karate, too," he said quietly and turned around to leave, when Jane grabbed his hand. Then, she gave him a killer look. Like, if you don't do what I say, now, you are going to get it...
He groaned and pulled on his jacket.
We both walked outside, when I got an idea to get rid of him. No, it wouldn't work. Never mind. So, I started to walk and he lagged behind. I turned back and he was smoking. O.m.g.
"You smoke???" I asked in an incredulous voice.
He nodded and blew off a smoke. Wow, I thought. Then he started to walk.
"So, you're Michaela's twin, huh?" he asked
"No, I'm her sister," I answered. He chucked
"You're funny," he commented
"I have my own comedy channel on HBO," I offered again. This time, he laughed. He had the most gorgeous laugh in the world. It was deep, but gentle like silk. And kinda hoarse. Probably, because of the cigarettes. I wondered if I sounded like that. Then, the awkward silence settled between us.
"Um," I tried to find a subject to talk about. I wanted to make him laugh again.
"You don't have to try to talk to me," he said in a soft voice
"I wasn't," I denied it, but I didn't want to admit the fact that I wanted to hear his voice again.
"Sure," he muttered.
Then I started to talk " You know how people say, some people can talk with their eyes?" he nodded. "Well, I think that's bs" I chuckled. Then, he chuckled.
"I mean, how do you that? Just wiggle your eyebrows and roll your eyes?" I continued on and somehow I found all this interesting.
But I heard him saying, " But, there's bound to be some kind of connection," he looked at me, with a questioning look. I narrowed my eyes. He smiled. Then I rose my eyebrows. he narrowed his eyes and squinted. I laughed.
Right then, my front door opened and Michaela came running out. She was in flip-flops and short pajamas. I held in a blast of urge to laugh, not to be seem rude. I mean, what look was she modeling today? Ghetto stripper? No offense to her.
"Hi!" she said, in her most enthusiastic voice
Walker looked thrilled all of a sudden. A minute ago, he was very moody and now he's the happiest guy on earth? Wow, I guess Michaela has that kind of effect on people
"Hey!" Walker said to her
"So, I see you've met my sister," she said, glaring at me. I started to walk toward the door, when Walker grabbed my hand. I pulled my hand away and said
"Please you don't know me like that, so don't be touching me!" and he looked shocked, and somehow all this struck me as incredibly funny. "Oh god, ever heard of something called a joke???" I yelled and ran inside.


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