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~*Smile Again*~Chapters 17 & 18~Pg 15~ (Page 2)

Dark Love IF-Rockerz
Dark Love
Dark Love

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Posted: 20 December 2006 at 5:23pm | IP Logged
Chapter 2

I did not feel too bad after failing that calculus test. I mean it is not as if I am planning on going to Harvard or Princeton or some other expensive school. Besides, I totally cannot afford it.
Therefore, when the bell rings to indicate that it was lunchtime, I am the first one to bolt out of class. I go over to the cafeteria and save the usual table for the guys. Jake comes over first. He has a bag of lunch and I am itching to open it. Jake's mom always packs good stuff in his lunch and he does not even bother to peek at it. What a moron! But, hey, it's his loss that I get to eat his lunch every day.
"Hey," - I say casually.
"Hey," - he says back.
Anyway, we were making a small talk, when Kelly Moore comes over. She looked like a hooker, as usual, but still guys were attracted to her, including Jake. I mean he already had a GF. Let me tell you a tad bit about Kelly Moore.

- She is a crazy moron, with no brain (oh wait, that's me) or rather common sense
- She is a total player, dates about 2 to 3 guys at the same time
- She is like the queen bee of our school
- Everyone worships her, not to mention the ground she walks on and a Kleenex she uses (gross)
- We are mortal enemies
- I hate her
- And I hate her (again, for a dramatic effect)
So, she walks in with her army of insanely stupid barbies and I am laughing my head off, because my twin sister is one of them. Can you believe that? But that is not the only reason I am laughing in front of their faces. They had the most disgustingly red tan, ever. It is like they've been in the sun way way way too much. Like they have a tomato paste on their faces. I cannot help it, if they have no conscience! So then, Kelly looks over and starts walking to our table. I would not quite call it walking, because it was more like tottering and running on her stupid red high heels.
She glares at me and asks, "What's so funny?"

"That stupid tan on your face," I say, choking back a huge burst of laughter. You should have been there to see the look on her face. Priceless. You know, dissing her is my favorite part of school. That is about the only thing motivating me to come to school. Of course that and my mom nagging.

I understand that I tend to be a little mean, sometimes, but, hey, a girl's gotta survive, right? And high school is hell. No, actually it is worse than hell, because it makes you pay twice for whatever you did in your past life.
Anyway, then she growls almost and says in this really nasty voice, "Well, at least we get a tan, unlike some other stupid little person in front of me!" That was her best? Are you kidding me? I swear this girl should be a comedian, she's so hysterically funny!!!
Then I go, just to make her even madder, "Well, you are messing with the wrong girl, honey." Then I sit back and start talking to Jake.
"I didn't know you were a girl!"- she says and starts to walk away.
"Hey, you still have your baby fats? Lose some weight already!" I shout after her. Then I knew that I really pissed her off. Well, good. The madder, the better. Oh, but don't draw the wrong conclusion, I was not looking for a fight. I just wanna return the favor.

She slowly turns around and smiles at me this bitter smile. "Why would I work out, when I could get like, liposuction or something?" Ok, then I really burst out laughing. And this time, Jake is with me. We high-five each other and for a second I think we are going to die laughing. Even Michaela was smiling. Why does she even hang out with that creep, anyway?
"You are going to regret this!" with those words she took off, with her army following.
So, you probably noticed that I am not too much into details. Like, I don't describe every single person you encounter in this story and I think that's better, because that leaves you the important job of creating them.

But, I'll go through the trouble of describing myself. My name is Cassandra Ryder. I live in Chapell Hill, North Carolina. I am 5'7, 17 years old, a junior at Creston Dew High School (that's in Chapell Hill, North Carolina). I like swimming, playing my guitar, skateboarding, being the best sarcastic-self that I can be, sleeping and sometimes reading (it calms me down). I have short black hair(but unfortunately my hair dye is fading out and it's more like brown but I first dyed it black, so I think I'm gonna have to dye it again), blue eyes(I hate my blue eyes, I wish I had green eyes) and I am an incredibly messy person. My room is very messy, you can't even see the floor. I have at least 5 skateboards but my best one is a red one with the words "Pain is in your mind" written on the bottom with white block letters. Its name is Junior.
I am insanely crazy, I know, I've heard it just about a thousand times every day of my miserable life. And as far as fashion goes, I don't give a shit about it. I don't care, unlike my sister who obsesses in front of the mirror for about an hour or so before going to school, I throw on the first thing that comes into my hands. I really don't care what other people think about me. Also, I don't own anything that is pink, for the simple reason that I hate the color pink. I also don't own a skirt, because I hate skirts. I like shorts, capris and pants. Simple. I don't wear jewelries, but I'm a sucker for nice bracelets. Blah-blah-blah, skip through the boring part.

Now about my family. I live with my mom and dad and my twin sister- Michaela (she's the angel and I'm the devil, in case you haven't noticed). I also have two brothers -David's in college and Lucas is in 6th grade.

My mom is a private high-school geography teacher. Shocked? Well, here's more, my dad used to be a university professor at Berkeley, California. Both my parents are teachers and I still manage to fail academically. Its hard wok. My dad then moved here and got married and all that cheesy stuff, but he won't tell me why. Anyway, he now is the CEO of this new bank that's supposedly the best one around here. Ok blah-blah-blah, again skip through the boring parts.

Oh, did I mention that I have asthma? Yeah, I do. But that's not too bad, actually, you get to skip some of gym time because I get excused from it for having an asthma. Not that I don't like gym, in fact I love football and soccer, it's the teacher that I hate. He is so so so conceited!!!

brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2006 at 5:26pm | IP Logged
omg.. that is soo cool.. tell ur friend that she writes really well and we are dieing to read another part..

i just need one thing cleared up.. it said her dad then moved and got married. so are they seperated or something????

anywayzz.. plz post up the next part asap!!
koolaries4 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 December 2006 at 8:23am | IP Logged
quite kewl..plz continue...
desikudi818 Groupbie

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Posted: 22 December 2006 at 8:43am | IP Logged
great part!!!!!! Clap i live near Chapell Hill, sooo cool!!!!! lol!!! i ALSO
hate my gym teacher!!!! lol!!! i HATE skirts, sometimes!!!! basically she
kinda reminds me of myself except the sister part, and the sarcasm
part!!!! lol!!! Big smile continue soon!!!! Smile
Dark Love IF-Rockerz
Dark Love
Dark Love

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Posted: 24 December 2006 at 11:32am | IP Logged
Thanx for your comments guys!! my friend is really happy u guys liked it!! i sent her all the questions u guys asked-- through email-- and as soon as she replies to them i will post the replies..hopefully she will reply soon, she sent teh next chapter but i cant post it rite now, i will post it in an hour or so!! Smile

p.s. --she lives in chicago just like me...
Dark Love IF-Rockerz
Dark Love
Dark Love

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Posted: 24 December 2006 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
Chapter 3

    "Cassie!!!" my mom called as soon as I stepped into the house. I finally got through the day, went to Scott's house and did all our home works together just so we could all copy off of each other and then I came home, which was around 6- dinnertime. And my mom hates it when I or anybody else misses dinner. But this time, I saw that my mom was dressed in an elegant evening dress and was putting on her earrings as she came downstairs in high-heels (yuck!)

"Hey"- I say to her, not wanting to get on her bad side, as she looked kinda distracted.
"Hey, honey," - she says struggling to put on her earrings and I go over to help her. She kisses me on my forehead and puts a strand of loose hair behind my ears.
"So, where are you going?"
"Oh, didn't I tell you about tonight?" I shake my head. "Well, your dad and I are going to this dinner thing with his coworkers and we'll be late and you guys can order pizza or something." She tucked 20 bucks into my hand. "Also Lucas is in his room, doing his homework, I think," Yeah, right, I think to myself. "And Michaela isn't home yet and she has her car, I think, so she'll be fine and call her if she's late, ok?" I nod to show that for once I've been paying attention.

Right then a car horn blares and dad is waving from his car. I wave back and head up to my room.
"Have a good time!" I yell as I go up and slam the door, not waiting for an answer. I go into my room and the first thing I do is fall on my bed and lay down for a minute or so, thinking about Mrs. Pratt next door. She is English and has been our neighbor ever since I was born. She lives all alone, and you'd think someone who lives all alone, obviously is someone who is very cranky or just plain mad. But, she is the total opposite of that. She is really nice and kinda funny, too, if you think about it. Anyway, as weird as that sounds right now to you, I couldn't help feeling sorry for myself. Mrs. Pratt- who once had everything a girl could hope for- a house in England, nice family, a loving husband, respecting children and just about everything else, now had none of those things. Her husband passed away 20 years ago, in a car accident and she was too depressed and her children were concerned, so they sent her to the US for a vacation for a month or so. During that time, she fell in love with this really handsome guy and she decided to stay. Then a tragedy, took him away, too. He died from a heart attack. Ever since, she stayed here and her children never came for her, as far as I knew. How do I know all this stuff? Well, I guess you could say she is my only female friend. We have tea and cookies every Friday and she talks and I listen. It's kinda like I'm her shrink. Not that she's crazy or anything. So I'm thinking, she has lost everything but she still feels the will to live, while I, on the other hand who has lost almost nothing, feel no point in living anymore? Maybe I was just destined to be like this forever.

Are you wondering, why I am a selfish girl, with no concern over anything but myself and my miserable life? I mean, I do have everything I ever dreamed about. I have a great family (not really, but still every other teenager in America says they hate their parents), some cool friends, who just happen to be guys and decent grades (mostly C's) but in my heart I know that this isn't the life I want. I didn't always used to be like this- miserable and wallowing in self-pity, I mean. It was all ok, 2 years ago, when I was bubbly and funny and blonde. I had girl friends and I was close to Michaela. It was until that night, that everything changed...
In a way, I feel that Mrs. Pratt and I have a lot in common than we think there is. After all, both our souls had been sucked out by fate and some really mean girls.
Right then, Michaela came in and she yelled "I'm home!" and I shoved her the $20 and told her to order pizza. Then I slammed the door in her face.

After a while, I felt tears welling up in my eyes and I willed myself not to cry. I thought about Mrs. Pratt and Michaela and the frightened expression she had on October 17, 2 years ago, my mom and dad crying by me and David running and Lucas holding on to mom's leg. It all came back to me as it did every day and at some time in that evening I thought about going into Michaela's room and telling her everything from the beginning. I had never uttered a word about that to anyone and I guess that held me back. I got up from my bed and picked up the phone. I dialed Scott and asked if he could come over. He said he was going to dinner with his girlfriend, but he said if I really needed him, he could cancel. That's how much of a good friend he is, canceling his dinner with his GF for me. I told him to go ahead and have fun and thanked him. For a while, I thought about calling Damien, since Jake was also out with his GF, then decided against it. I thought, since I hang out with them every day, I'd give Damien a break.

So, when the pizza arrived, I took 3 slices of cheese pizza (I eat a lot and if people have a problem with that, then that's their problem) and went up to my room to work on my video. You see, for Christmas, Michaela asked for a car, since we had our licenses and I asked for video equipment. Even when I was a little girl, I always had a thing about shooting films. I would use my dad's video camera and shoot funny scenes, like my mom giving Lucas a bath and my dad coming out from under the car, when he was fixing it or just anything that happened by accident. So, I crept downstairs with my video camera and tried to make no noise, seeing how that would ruin my documentary. I stood by the stairs and saw that Michaela was in sweat pants and a simple shirt - which reminded me of myself and partly I was surprised, cause Michaela hardly dresses simple. What with the heels and the pink min-skirts and the small tank tops. Also her hair was up in a messy ponytail, instead of an elaborately supervised hairdo with hair spray and stuff. She was in front of the TV and was eating pizza and drinking something. That picture looked so familiar to me and I started to record it. Suddenly, she dropped her pizza on her lap and with a frustrated groan, she started to get up. I never moved that quick in my life. I leaped off and hurled myself at the stairs, like my life depended on it. Thank god, that she didn't see me, I thought. I mean, she would've thought I was a raving lunatic, sneaking up on her like that. Anyway, I kept recording. She walked across the dining room and as unreal as it sounds, she tripped on the rug. She gave a little scream and went down. The whole time I was recording it and silently smiling to myself.

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Dark Love IF-Rockerz
Dark Love
Dark Love

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Note from the writer:

Cassandra's dad moved away from Calif to North carolina and he got married to her mom and they had 4 children: cassandra and her twin sis Michaela and David whos in college and Lucas who's in 6th grade and her dad never told her why he moved away from cali. just wanna let you know, that her parents are not divorced. Smile

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Posted: 24 December 2006 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
great part!!!! Clap continue soon!!!!!!! Smile

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