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THANK YOU Cerealgirl, Sara, Miths, Anu, Sandy, Rishu and everyone who contributed. Shabir love to you all.

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Shabir's journey in the industry has been a long one. His career spans over almost two decades, but the best part is Shabir has grown hotter, younger and better with his life as well as with his career. Great health, well maintained body, a happy outlook and the best quality being how he spreads love and joy all around him. As he turns a year older, here we celebrate his birthday, the ever growing fan following!

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Shabir's career started in entertainment industry in his early twenties. with a school times soap, Hip Hip Hurray. And then he did Bajali Telefilms' soaps such as Kahaan Ghar Ghar ki.

But his biggest break came with his role in a negative character, Rishi, in the long running soap, Kahhin toh Hoga. The flirtatious, vengeful Rishi was a character of its own league. It earned him a lot of fan following and awards despite being a negative role, most of its credit going to Shabir for playing the character with conviction.

Milind Mishra was another milestone character in Shabir's career, where he played a rugged/rustic man with a tender heart in Kayamath. Milind also marked his first show as a main lead and he shone through the soap displaying his acting abilities in the genre of romance and pathos for the first time.

And then we have the most adorable character played by Shabir yet, aka Abhi in Kumkum Bhagya. Abhi has earned him love all over the world and his fans have multiplied in geometric proportions, as evident by the meet and greet events.

He has tried his hands at the big screen too and done justice to his action-packed roles in Mission Istanbul and Shootout at Lokhandwala.

And with his witty sense of humor, he has hosted a bunch of shows on Television.. such as Dancing Queen, Meethi Choori no. 1 and so on.

He has kept up with his passion for sports all through. When he is not acting, he is found playing football and cricket as a part celebrity/charity matches. But he is also an adventure sports enthusiast, he holds a Guinness World Record for the longest motorcycle ride through a fire tunnel and winning Khatron ke Khiladi Season 3 are just evidence for it.

Rumored as the highest paid actor in the Indian TV industry, Shabir continues to entertain his fans. He sure is one of the most loved stars to cross Indian Television.

The best part about Shabir remains his talent.
Versatility thy name- defines Shabir the best when it comes to acting. He always has hand picked and chosen his roles carefully portraying them realistically as characters with their shares of issues and moments of glory, to leave a longstanding impact on the audience's mind. His portrayal of Abhi is the latest example of that.

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Shabir is blessed with a cool family!!  He has a really wonderful   loving relationship with his wife Kanchi Kaul and they both are like good buddies and terrific spouses for each other.  That's anyone's dream marriage!!  And their two little sons make a picture perfect family.  Azai and Ivarr are growing up into handsome young boys like their hot dad.  Kanchi looks stunning as a wife, mom, and a celebrity and carries herself with such grace.  Shabir has awesome parents (Mrs. Mabel and Mr. Vinod Ahluwalia), brother (Sameer), and sister (Shefali) and it's wonderful to see so many different sides of him with all of his family members. And he has a new addition to the family recently, with brother's wife, Sharika Raina.

As much as a good actor he is, he is a perfect family man. Often in interviews he shares his want to just pack up and go home. His holidays with his immediate and extended family are just the proof of how he has maintained his relations and how they contribute to the cheer in his persona- and of course vice versa.

And here Shabir's fan-mily cheers for Shabir's lovely family, on his HAPPY BIRTHDAY.



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Sadly, It's not a long long ago story... It must be 2 years and a few months back I discovered you.Embarrassed
A boring day, while surfing different channels on TV, I found a man. He was hot, handsome. He had his own style. It will be so wrong if I don't mention about his dialouge delivery and sense of humour. I learnt he was Abhi, the Rockstar.Star
Characters are written by writers but they reach us only when the performer is outstanding and Shabir you are brilliant as Abhi.ClapStar
It dint take me long to realise Shabir is more hot, handsome, stylish, sexy, humble, funny, cute, adorable than Abhi.HeartEmbarrassedWink
I love the day I discovered you and I cherish every moment I adored you.HeartHeart
Happy Bday ShabirBig smileParty

- Rishu

I still remember the day I saw kkb promo and you.. And frankly to speak the first thing I told was "is he the hero..?" You had long hairs and I didn't like it much and I wasn't glued to kkb.. But I still do remember the day I saw the episode of "badtameez dil" and there you made me stick to the show..Your comic sense is one thing I like the most.. Bcoz it always brings a smile on my face which I think the best thing you have given me and thank you soo much for making me smile more in my life.. 
Then onwards I started watching kkb without missing any epi and started watching all your IVs which are the best and makes anyone fall for you.. 
It's a complete entertainment to watch your IVs and I miss them much now.. You are the best person I have ever seen.. Be the same..Wishing you all the success..Keep smiling bcoz you look the best when you smile
Keep shining and rocking always...
With love

I got to know Shabir as I watched him play the dark hero
Abhi in the revenge marriage days. He
made me get so mad at him, laugh with him, and drool as he rocked as arockstar. His talent as an entertainer is
phenomenal!! I wanted to hate him as he hated Pragya, but I couldn't. I loved how he made Abhi such a multi-faceted
character such an affectionate grandson, such a loving brother, a hotboyfriend to Tanu, and a terrific and coolest rockstar.
Best part was no matter how much he wanted to hate Pragya.
he just couldn't. His big heart could feel that she was a good human being. Nowhe's rocking as a loving husband. Shabir
emotes such complex feelings and show the dilemma he's faces in hisrelationships so effortlessly. His
awesome looks, his talent, his on screen presence, the way he delivers hislines, his sense of humor the star quotient of Shabir and what he brings toKKB are just phenomenal.
At the Zee Rishtey awards, I love how he dedicates his
awards to his family to his wife and sons.
He's such a family focused dad. When a reporter asked him where he'dlike to travel, he said he wanted to go to his son's school!! What a quick andwitty response. That's the dad in him speaking.
Then I got to know him as a cricketer. Whoa!!! Is he
multi-talented or what?? He rocks as a cricketer. His batting is just terrific and is so much fun to watch that even commentators lose their cool and drool over him sometimes!!
Shabir as a person is the best part of getting to know Shabir. I was lucky to meet him when he came to San Francisco. I loved how he interacted with everyone. He was so sweet, so humble, and so social. You don't see him as Abhi or the cricketer,
but a wonderful person who keeps thanking you for watching him and keeps appreciating your support. He's a star who makes you feel like a star for being his fan.

I vaguely remember seeing you as Rishi from Kahin toh hoga but I got hooked to your acting when you played Dutta from Lagi tujse lagan,  though you were there for short time you were brilliant.
Then your hosting:
Shabir, you were amazing as a host. Hope you do one chat show in future. I saw you doing some wonderful stunts in Khatron ki Khiladi. you were phenomenal and boy, you emerged as a winner!!
but for me your best work is KKB as Abhi, you are freaking awesome as Abhi, no one could have played Abhi like you do, you bring depth to the character with those small nuances.
So, This is the journey with you. Hope I can be a part of journey till the end.
- Anu

Shabbir Ahluwalia...that name. Haha, when was it actually I first came to notice him. Yess, that drama, that story, KAYAMATH. At first I thought, who is this messy moody brute? Milind Mishra...great name but not a nice person. But then again, I watched and keep on watching that serial, yes this man is different. This actor actually. He is not your average handsome hero. I came to hate his character Milind. Very much. But then again, he turned out to be a misunderstood hero, full of misunderstandings himself. Haha...then I keep on searching his other projects, and came to watched Katron Ki Kiladi...Whoa!!! He is surely a no nonsense man eh...and he is very considerate towards his partner. Great teamwork. And then, he got married to this wonderful actress...sweet Miss Kaul. What a match made in heaven or whatever. But they are awesome together. And then, KKB happened, hmmm, I thought it was a miscast at first.LOLLOLLOL, Shabir acting as a Rockstar ? And then, it was all history...So, today, on your birthday Mr. Shabbir Ahluwalia...set the world on fire with your dreams and use the flame to light a birthday candle. I wish you a very Happy Birthday as you reach another milestone. You are a unique individual and a very fun loving person. I hope your day is full of good things & sweetness just like those you brought to us. Happy birthday Shabbir!!Party

Ages ago, when I was a little girl, I remember being bored and randomly browsing through channels. Then I caught a glimpse of a naughty, energetic boy who was just waking up from bed in a scene from a soap called Kahiin toh Hoga. I was glued and watched that scene for a bit and then I changed channel given I didn't want to watch a soap. But then two minutes later, I had tuned back in to watch this character named Rishi, who hooked me with his full of life, bindaas attitude. Later on, I have closely followed Shabir, his soaps, hosting, games, his life etc. And I have to say he is such a wonderful soul as an actor and as a human who makes me smile everytime and spreads joy. And hence I am such a proud fan of his!

THIS RISHI that caught my heart.Embarrassed
Love you Shabir, and happiest birthday!!!!

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Wish you many more happy returns of the day bro Party Getting one more year youngerWink Heart !! Wishing you happy healthy & successful days ahead!! Keep on rocking ROCKSTAHH PartySmile 
Party like a rockstar have a blast Smile Heart
Stay blessed & God bless :) 
Love you loads Shaboo Heart

- Sri

Happy Birthday Shabbir...May God Bless You All The Success...Love And Good Health...you are rocking as my Rockstar Abhisekh Mehra...keep rocking...have a blast...PartyHeart
- Mages

Happy birthday Shabbir
                  Have a great birthday                   
            May you get all the best things that you deserve.
- vinusharma

Wish you many, many happy returns of the day dear Shabir!!! May you get all the love, happiness, and success!! Lots and lots of love for you on your special day! All the very best for the years ahead with your family and friends... Have a BLASTT!!! and once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!<3<3<3 Big smile

Happy birthday Shabir!
Wishing you health & prosperity:)
- Ak47

Dear Shabir, Happy Birthday PartyDancing Star

Hope you have a lot of fun with your wife, kids, friends and family.  Rock on, rockstar!!

Wishing you lots of success and happiness. Have a blast!

 - Prani

                 TO TH  CUTEST  MOST ADORABLE
          N HANDSOME

Wishing you a day that is as special as you are in every way . May your all wishes come true. May your special day surrounded with happiness , filled with laughter , wrapped with preasure, Brighten with fun , Blessed with love, remembered with joy and enriched with hopes. Have a fabulous day & great year Ahead .
Lots of Love 

To My Tall, Dark, Handsome Hero,
To The person who define Love and Friendhsip,
To the boy who turn younger by days,
To the man who is adorbs with women and kids,
To one of the best men on this earth,
Happy Bday Shabir Heart Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Smile 
May your life be filled with lots of fun, adventures, love and joy.


Happy Birthday to one of the humblest actors in India! Thanks to KB that I got to know you. You are not only a rockstar on screen but also in real life. May your life be filled with love, happiness and success. Wishing you to have lots of happy and memorable moments with family and friends. Happy Birthday Shabir!! Heart

Happy Birthday Shabz, you are abso-freaking-lutely amazing and hope this year brings more success, health, happiness and love to you! Heart
- Naina

Happiest Birthday to my most favorite person ever !!
Shabir you are wonderful ,I just wish the best of everything for you because you deserve it.
Seeing you I really believe age is just a number, you are not 38 but 18 years with 20 years experience ... Tongue .
Lots n lots of love!!

Wish you a veryy Happy Birthdayy My Rockstar!! You're the best...love you always..thanku for being such a sweetheart Miss you so much shabz!! Hope to see you here again Have a great vacay in Croatia..loving your IG posts! Keep'em coming.. pretty sure your b'day is gonna be super special..have a blast
- Tilu

Happy Birthday Shabir! I am so glad I found you on TV whilst watching Kumkum Bhagya, even though it was by accident I have been a very big fan ever since! You are such a delight to watch all day everyday and I absolutely love you and your humour! Have a blast because you so deserve it! 
May all your wishes come true!
Love Simmi! (UK)

Happy Wala Birthday Rockstar
May your special day bring you a huge joy and a true happiness..
May your special day be amazing, wonderful, unforgettable... just like you!
And wear the brightest smile of yours
-With love

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Happy birthday Shabbir...You are one of my favourite actors in tellywood...Thanks to Kkb...I got to know you...
Hope this coming year brings more success, more happiness to you and your family...
God bless you.

A year has passed already
A year of beautiful memories to hold
A year of blessings and dreams 
A year  of a mixture of Chaos and Fun
A year  of surprises and impossible happenings
And now you're entering into a new year
A new year full of hopes and promises to fulfill 
A new beginning and a fresh start all together
A new year to become a more strong person

I wish You dear Shabbir Ahluwalia Sir...A very happy and Wonderful Birthday! God bless you always! 


Many more happy returns of the day SA!!!
May god bless you and your family, Have a great yearSmile

Happy Birthday to the coolest person I've seen on-screen and off-screen. The only one who can enlighten our day and mood by giving just his one warm smile.CoolStar

Happy birthday Shabooo: a wonderful son, loving husband, Rockstar dad, amazing friend and copartner!!!

Wishing you all the happiness you deserve, may your every day be filled with love, joy and rocking events.Party

Keep shining Shabir!!

Love alwaysHeart

Dearest Shabbo!
Wishing you the best of birthdays yet from the bottom of my heart. On this occasion, let me say one thing I really love you for (of 100 other things). When you have a scene where the focus is on you, your facial muscles move in 20 different ways every minute.  How do you do that? There is not even one minute of boring or repeating in your expressions, no matter what the mood of the scene is. For example this edit below. These expressions are caught from a 2 min scene. And just look at you. Every face you make is just so perfect. How do you even do that man? But guess what.. that gives me a reason to celebrate!

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