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At Home with Daljeet Kaur

Daljeet aka Niyati of Kulvadhu will soon be back on screen in a thriller drama. Co-starring with Sachin Sharma she says she is very excited about the role. We catch up her at her home and find out some of her favourite possessions and her hidden secrets.

I am from an army background. My father retired as a colonel and I have two elder sisters - Amrit and Jasmeet who are also Army officers.

I have won many beauty contests including Miss Pune, Miss Army and was runner up Miss Mumbai.

I got my first break with Balaji and was given a role in one of their shows of Sab TV. After that my big break came with Kulvadhu. Although the show is off air now it gave me a platform for other shows and I will be back on TV soon. I used to come to Mumbai in my vacations for auditions. I also met Tanushree Dutta during that time.

I am a firm believer in God but I believe that there is only one God and people just worship him with many names. I have an idol Gods from every religion in my small temple. I never leave home without praying.

I love using the computer and spend most of my time surfing the internet on it. It was gifted to my by my father when I was in the 11th standard.

I am very sentimental about things given to me. When I was signed on as the lead of Kulvadhu, the production house presented an evil eye bracelet to me. When the show went off air, they presented a painting of mine which was also used in the serial to me as well as a pair of Kangan which I used to wear in the serial. These gifts are very close to my heart and I will always preserve them.

I love eating but don't like to get involved in cooking. I love eating spicy food and I hate sweets.

My best friend is Neha Bamb. We have stood by each other through thick and thin.

My favourite actor is Akshay Kumar.

My favourite actress is Rani Mukerjee.

My dream Role would be the non glamorous role of Rani Mukerjee in Black.

My date of birth is 15th November 1982

My zodiac sign is Scorpio.

I am proud of my parents and my two brave sisters.

I have a fear of heights.

I am not over ambitious at all and I make myself happy and comfortable in whatever I have.

My first crush is still to happen!

My dream man should be honest, trustworthy and hardworking. He should respect his parents because if he doesn't respect his parents he will never respect mine. He should have self respect only then he can give me respect. Not rich, but wealthy enough to suffice my needs.
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TV is a bad world:Divyanka

Divyanka Tripathi
It is a big bad world out here. Yes the Indian Television industry does seem to be glamorous but once you enter it, you know how bad it is. Where on one hand a few actors are pampered, some new comers have borne the brunt.

Divyanka Tripathi aka Vidya of 'Banoo Main Teri Dulhann' fame has had a taste of this bitter reality. Though she is one of the protagonists of the serial, she is underpaid. We are not saying this; it is Divyanka herself who had admitted the fact a few weeks ago.

We had followed up with her in order to know if the production house has reacted to the news and considered her plea, but it was shocking to know that Divyanka has not been contacted at all.

"Yes it is true that I am underpaid but I do not want to blame the production house for it", says this girl from Bhopal. She admits it as her own fault that she was unaware of the ways the industry functions since she was a newcomer.

"I was a participant of 'Zee Cine Star Ki Khoj' but it was one of my friends who referred me for the serial as I fit the image of Vidya" informed Divyanka.

So is it that finding her a new-comer into the industry, producers have taken advantage of her simplicity? Knowing the truth, Divyanka says that she does not want to "protest against the producers since even they look after their profits". She wants to put up a Gandhian fight and when time comes is willing to speak to the producer about it. "But I think that as an actor I'm being cheated" says Divyanka. Our sources say that Divyanki gets a mere three thousand for an episode where as Daljeet Kaur, another new-comer in Sony's flop serial 'Kulvaddhu', was receiving fifteen thousand for the same.

Shocking isn't it. But again, it is a big bad world. Divyanka is so obsessed with the serial because of the fact that it is her first venture in the television industry that though she had received film offers from big banners, who she does not want to name, she refused them 'because I had to leave the serial' and she does not want to give 'dagaah' to it.

"The director had come to the sets to meet me but I did not sign the film" clarifies Divyanka.

Is this what actors deserve even after the kind of dedication they give to the serial? Even Divyanka feels that it is high time she gets paid according to what she deserves though in the beginning she had not given money a thought.

But should there be so much of a difference in pay. Guess one has to be smarter with the smart producers who tend to cheat on the actors.

http://entertainment.oneindia.in/television/top-stories/spec ials/divyanka-banoo-main-teri-dulhann-260407.html

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Yet another landmark case in the history of Indian Penal Code. Alistair Pereira's drunken hit and run case allegedly killing seven people has now taken a new turn. With the sessions court sentencing him for six months of imprisonment (saying that it's culpable homicide and not murder), the High court has stepped in suo moto. The case is now being reopened. It will be tried all over again, as an act to deter others from the same.

We asked our TV celebs on whether the 21 year old should be sentenced to ten years of rigorous imprisonment.


Aroona Irani:
Of course! Ten years is less, even if he goes for a lifetime he will not be able to get the people back. Nobody has the right to kill anybody. When I read about the six months jail- majak bana ke rakha hai kya? Ten years means the value of one life is only sawa saal? Problem is that people think money can buy you anything, even the law. Koi bhi ho money should not be higher than somebody's life.


Ajay Gehi:
The law should take its own rightful course. He is guilty of murder and he will be punished. And it doesn't really make a difference if he is 21 or 34 years old: what you are as a person does not change. If you like fast cars and bikes you will like it all your life, if you enjoy drinking and driving you will continue to do it irrespective of how old you are. Age really has nothing to do with this! Today, there are so many hit n run cases; someone has to be rightfully punished for it to become an example.


Rajeshwari Sachdev: Rules are rules and they should be followed. If the attitude is: there are so many hit and run cases and this is just another one; then he should be jailed: sab ko dus saal ki sazaa do. The 'why make a big deal attitude' should not prevail. But if we're looking at a 21 year old who has his entire life ahead of him, and we know that he has made the biggest blunder of his life; we should think of an alternative punishment. He should be forbidden from driving all his life and should be made to do community work. Jail is no solution; he will only be an addition to the many in there. One needs to understand that six months or ten years is not going to bring back those lives.


Sachin Sharma: I will reserve my comment on this issue. Simply because it is a matter of life and my judgement may affect someone's life. I do not know the issue in detail; I have only read it in the papers. I do not want my remark on an issue of this magnitude to impress people to change their stand. What I say will be read and it may just influence others. I do not wish that, please accept my apology, it is after all a matter of someone's life, I can't be frivolous with my opinion.


Ashwini Kalsekar: I am happy that the High Court has taken up the case now. He should be jailed, and I will hold the same opinion for every other adult drinking and driving. It is illegal, period! I believe that a ten year sentence will bring him to his senses and make him a sensitive human being; of course his sentence can be reduced if his conduct in jail is good. I don't pity the boy, he killed seven people; who were probably the only earning members in their families. But I do sympathise with his parents. They must have gone through a lot to bring him up and look at what they have to go through now. Also, think of all the poor people who work during the day mending our streets and sleep in fear of someone driving over them. Alistair will be a lesson for every other reckless drunken driver.


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Sachin Sharma speaks out

Actor Sachin Sharma, former journalist and anchor for a business channel voices his angst on the latest trends seen in the paparazzi industry. Sachin has CID, Vaidehi and the latest Kulvaddhu to his credit. Currently the actor is on a well deserved vacation in Delhi. We spoke to him as it would be interesting to know his take on the celebrity journalism today, when he is on the other side of the fence.

Sachin avers, "There is a rat race in the filed of journalism as well ! Today everybody is behind 'the breaking news' irrespective of whether they have the complete knowledge of it or not. Just because one channel is covering it, the rest want to do the same." He further adds, "Being from the field, few of years ago, it was mandatory to do our homework and not assume things. Today anchors speak with too much confidence over very little content they provide."

"Remember a kid named Prince well in a 50 feet hole? There was another kid, and then another...one Prince got a channel TRP's doesn't mean the channels should keep showcasing the same kind of news. It has become a joke! News should never become a joke, if the story hasn't a soul to it, it can't be news. The Abhi -Ash wedding was splashed all over the channels and papers. Yes, it's the wedding of the year, everybody wants to know. But why lose your self respect in the same; I saw how the reporters were treated. The principal is that you keep their respect and don't lose yours", he adds.

What does he have to comment on the seriousness of the news? "Young reporters need to apply their mind to how news should be presented. I don't say that every media is the same, there are people doing good work even under pressure and I respect that. There are sections of media who refrain from any seriousness to the news, when we had the blasts; a channel was reporting that 'x' number of people died, then the changed the figure at least four times. Compare it with BBC covering 9/11; they clearly stated that they did not have the facts and were in the process of gathering them."

So, who is to be blamed for the sorry state of affairs? Is it the reporters who run after a story or editors who want an exclusive at any cost? "Its both, today's journalists are good and very talented but they are not given a free hand, the choice of stories and level of importance. Also the reporters need to stand up and face the truth, if you are right about it, then you will be heard. The editors should guide them not rule them."

He chuckles calming himself over the sensitive issue insisting that with time things improve. We pray it does for both the Indian TV circuit and the media industry.

Write to us what you think about the ongoing aggressive nature of the paparazzi, do you want the scoops and sensation from the media or do you think they should take it with easy and let the celebrities just be. Email us at editor@tellychakkar.com


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Mobbed by Fame!

The upside to fame is that every one knows you; the flip side to it is that one often gets mobbed in public places. The popularity of their shows and characters has spread far and wide thanks to TV and media. We mobbed some TV celebs with questions on them being mobbed or doted on in places by their fans; and how elated or hapless they felt on account of their fame!



Ronit Roy
Usually in Mumbai mobbing isn't prominent, except if it's a mall. When one is mobbed whether it is Mumbai or a smaller town the response is the same, people ask you the same kind of questions. They throw questions on the shows you do and your co-stars and of course when they see me dressed casually in a denim and tee, they remark that I look younger in flesh than on screen. In smaller towns things can get embarrassing, at times people come forward and touch your feet courtesy Mihir of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabi Bahu Thi. These are times when I feel hapless and pressurized, the only thing more hilarious than this is girls screaming out my name when they see me in public!







Anuj Saxena
In Mumbai mobbing hardly happens. People recognize you and do come forward for an autograph; sometimes there are hesitant watchers who maintain distance. Outside Mumbai mobbing does happen as public is not used to seeing stars on a regular basis. People abroad who are glued to television and films love to interact with stars. Places like Los Angeles where Kkusum was aired garnered a lot of fan following and people there often express their reactions freely. The most common question people ask me is how do I juggle my work with Maverick (production house), Elder (pharmaceuticals firm) and Blue Waters (restaurant) simultaneously apart from acting in soaps? They often joke if I get more than twenty-four hours to live, unlike others? In brief I have learnt that one needs to have a lot of patience when dealing with variety of fans as there isn't an actor who doesn't like adulation.





Anchal Dwiwedi
I have never been mobbed in Mumbai. Once at a shopping mall, I was quizzed whether I was the lady in Sindoor Tere Naam Ka and she commented 'tum bahut bura kaam karti ho'! Whenever people recognize me, they extend a compliment for my acting skills, looks, costume and even make up. I have been mobbed in my hometown Itawa, though. People keep asking my parents about me all the time. After Kaveri's success in Saat Phere whenever I go to Itawa, we need to keep the house gates closed otherwise people start gathering in to see and meet me.





Rajeev Khandelwal
Reactions across the globe are nearly the same. I get pleasant smiles especially from women. Questions with regard to serials are asked, they ask me about my shows, my look in different shows and about Aamna Shariff! Crowds in small towns end up pushing each other to have a glimpse of you. In Maldives and Dubai where my shows are watched, the recognition is instant. My best experience has been in Ahembdabad, it was my first commercial Dandiya amongst a crowd of nine thousand people. Cops were called in and they had little choice than to get tough with the crowd. Police were sent to escort me, amongst the chaos I lost the track of my nephew who had tagged along. One policeman even asked me who I was to be so mobbed!




Rohit Roy
Mobbing happens a lot of times. Recently I was mobbed at the shoot of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Hungama. People ask variety of questions about Ronit and Sangeeta (Ghosh). Some people ask why I haven't got my wife Manasi and my equation over the on-screen or off-screen wives. Then there are requests, I can't tell and you can't print. Mumbai is relatively cooler as they are used to seeing stars but outskirts of the city prove to be crazy. Once, I was shooting outside Mumbai, where some college girls had come for a picnic. On seeing me they mobbed the set and it took a lot of time to get things back on track.

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Sachin Sharma urf KrishnaEverything in a name

When an actor becomes famous for the character he is portraying people tend to call him with the character's name. He becomes famous with the name, but considering changing his original name with the famous one is a bit unbelievable. Here is what....

Sachin Sharma, Krishna of Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki, has changed his name to Krishna, even though he is no longer in the serial. We catch up with some famous tellyactors to know about their point of view on changing their names.

Rucha GujratiRucha Gujrati of afternoon soap Bhabhi is famous as Suhana, the character she portrays in the soap. She says "I receive a huge amount of adulation when I meet people. Some call me Rucha and some Suhana. It's nice when people recognize me. But I cannot think of changing my name. I am happy with my name, and also I have my own identity. I will never change my name."

Juhi ParmarJuhi Parmar famous as Kumkum from the serial with the same name is very particular about her name. She says "Yes people do recognize me as Kumkum and it's good if they do so. But the fact is it's only the character name and in my entire career I will be playing many characters. This doesn't mean that I change my name with every character I portray. I will never change my name. I love being called Juhi, since it means flower. I love to be called a flower".

Jay BhanushaliJay Bhanushali aka Neev of Kayamath says that "There is no reason that I should change my name. Jay means victory and I am very passionate about winning. Hence I would like to win everything maybe a situation or such but cannot think of changing my name."

Sharad MalhotraSharad Malhotra aka Sagar of Banu Mein Teri Dulhan considers his name lucky. He says "my mom and dad named me and I am very happy with my name. It is even lucky for me. People say that it sounds very nice and this makes me happy. When I came to Bombay I wanted to add another extra letter to my name, but my mom said me not to change the name at any cost. Hence I didn't change it".

Reshmi GhoshReshmi Ghosh popularly known as Bhoomi in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi says "why shall I change my name. I have my own identity. I am much close to my father and he gave me this name. My name matches with my personality and I am very possessive about my name. I cannot even think in my dreams of changing it".

Daljeet KaurDaljeet Kaur who played Niyati of Kulvadhu which is off air now says "My name means winning a group and hence I would like to win my audience. I am very happy with the name I have and I see no reason to change it. People call me Niyati most of the time they see me but I would love to be called as Daljeet".

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