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KYPH-Meera Jaisey kahani Part 27 ,28Jan07

vallanki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 December 2006 at 1:27pm | IP Logged

Part: 1


"Angad! Angad! My God abhi tak tayar nahin ho?", Shabbir is hurrying Angad who is getting ready in formal attire in his bedroom. Angad stopped whatever he is doing and turned back to Shabbir. "I think I'm getting ready. Am I not?", Angad asked showing hands pointing himself. Shabbir nodded his head and says,"okay Okay I'm sorry but jaldi karo yaar" he settled in sofa in the corner of the room. Angad turned to mirror and involved in getting ready.

Angad is owner of a upcoming music production company. Shabbir is music manager.

Who has a responsibility including development, getting a booking agent for tours, developing a great promotional package, creating the artists image including wardrobe & stage presence, getting the artist a web site, songs, producers, studio time, publishing, publicity, etc.

He is the best friend of Angad who trusts and shares everything from personal to business matters. Shabbir by profession is a lawyer and maintains responsibility of Angad's legal matters and managing his music industry.

Angad is a music producer who by himself is a rockstar.

They are going to attend a dance program for which shabbir got invitation. Angad came just two days ago from US after finishing his two month international concerts.

Angad and Shabbir started to the concert. Angad is silently driving and shabbir is checking his watch every second impatiently.

"hum kahan kis concert pe jaarahey hai abb bhi batana chahogey  ki nahin ", Angad asked with blaming tone.

Shabbir angrily looks at Angad."haan kyon nahin Lod saab abb itni jaldi bhi kya hai wahan jaake sab patha chal jayega na" Shabbir answered compliantly.

Angad laughed loudly and said,"arey Shabbir kiske concert hai yaar itna betaab ho rahey ho".

Angad was busy in these two days with settling down at home and couldn't go to office and Shabbir hurried him to the program today. Angad is not awre of the information on program.

"Hai ek ladki ka wo humarey company ki naya Record label A&R hai" Shabbir  answered slowly giving up hopes of reaching the place at time.


The record label A&R position is probably one of the most hectic jobs in the music business. A&R stands for Artists & Repertoire. The main function of a record label A&R is to help their artists creatively while helping the record company financially by signing hit acts and developing them. They are usually music industry professionals that are hired to oversee the entire recording process which includes finding the right songs for their artist, working with the right music producers, finding the right recording studio, etc.

Angad looked at Shabbir surprisingly and says,"Lady for Record Label"? And she is giving performances. ? yeh kya hai shabbir? Humarey company band karney pe tuley huvey kya?"

Shabbir looked at Angad with frustration and asks,"kabhi aisa huva kya mere kaam nakam rahey? Wo bahut hi talented artist  hai. Honors in Music both karnatik, and Hindustani, Diploma in Dances such as kuchipudi, bharatnatyam, kathak, odyssey. She did diploma in audio engineering in Citrus college, Los Angeles.

Angad laughed at Shabbir who is non-stop defending himself in selecting a lady for Record Label. "okay! Okay! Now I'm impressed at your ability on selecting her. Abb bathao kahan jana hai", Angad smiled.

Shabbir hit his head and says,"bhoolgayey? Common Angad spoonfeeding bahooth hogaya..think on your own…It's Ravindrabharati, cultural auditorium.

Angad and Shabbir came to Hyderabad to select some artists for their company and they gottu go for this program one of the nice evenings. Hyderabad is the capital city, metropolitan city of Andhra Pradesh, South India.

The program manager of Natyakala Company, welcomed both and took into the hall. Shabbir enquired if the program started. He told it has just begun. Shabbir showed an angry look on Angad. Angad ignored and walked silently into the hall. No sooner they entere than they were given a pamphlet of the days cultural program timetable. Angad looked at the brochure but couldn't read any as the lights went off to begin the show. They were stopped at the half way into the hall when 10 teenagers started the program with Ganesh puja on the stage.

Once the puja dance finished the program manager took them to the front rows reserved for them. He introduced Mr.Nishant Saxena, program organizer and husband of the performer. Nishant shook hands of both and introduced himself formally.

"Aap thodasa der kardi nahin tho main meri biwi se mila paatha. She is very talented and I came all the way from US to organize this programme with sponsorship of Natyakala company",.Nishant explained.

Angad and Shabbir settled in their seats and Angad is about to open his brochure to find out the details of the program and again the lights were off to the next program. He is thinking that the performer must be very well known as he observed the arrangements in grand manner.

There is a setting of rajbhavan and dance stage. The music started. The performer/dancer came in sindoor red bharatnatyam dress with red duppatta covering her face in dance steps and stood with pose at the center. The song started…….Amrapali:

Neel gagan ki chao meinDin rain gale se milthey haiDil panchi ban ud jaatha hai

Hum khoyey khoyey rahthey hai  ho ho ho ooo…….

The dancer started doing steps and removed the duppatta………

Neel gagan ki chao meinDin rain gale se milthey haiDil panchi ban ud jaatha hai

Hum khoyey khoyey rahthey hai  Ho Oo Oo Oo

"Kripa!" Angad moved front in his chair. Shabbir stopped him by putting his hand on his thy. Angad looked at shabbir confusingly. Angad's face is filled with surprise and pain. The song and dance continued. Kripa is dancing without interruption and immersed into the dance. Her face is full of glow and admiration, excitement in involving at her performance. The whole audience is mesmerized to her dance and melodious voice.

Jab phool koyi musquatha haiPreetam ki sugandh aajathi haiLas las main bawar ka chaltha haimadhumaas jalan kalapathi haiYaadon ki nadi ghir aathi haiHar mouz mein Humko behthey haiDil panchi ban ud jaatha haiHum khoyey khoyey rahthey hai    !!Neel Gagan!!

Silence filled everywhere except the music and dance on the stage. Angad is admiringly looking at Kripa and puzzled. He leaned back of the chair and put his hand on chin, folded his left leg on right. Flashbacks are flashing in front of his eyes. Shabbir is surprised for Angad's reaction and wondering if he has something more to know about Angad's life.

Kehtha hai samay ka ujiyaraEk chandre bhi aanewala haiIn joth ki pyasi akhiyan koAkhiyonse pilane wala haiJab paath hawan se bajthey haiHum chownk ke rahe tak they haiDil panchi ban ud jaatha hai

Hum khoyi khoyi rehthey hai  !!Neel Gagan

The dance is done and Kripa went back stage. Angad is still in trance and looking blankly at the stage. Lights are on and Shabbir brought him into senses.

Angad is startled and looked at Shabbir. Shabbir asked him about the matter. Angad nodded his head "kuch nahin" and rubbed his face with his right palm. Nishant came to them and asked to follow him so he could introduce Kripa before the next program start. Angad is hesitating and Shabbir took him inside. Nishant knocked the green room door and Kripa responded that she is changing. They waited for a moment. Kripa came out wearing a white chiffon sari embroidered with glass work with matching pearl set of jewelry. Red lipstick, black eye liner is giving brightness to her fair complex face. Black beads mangalsutra is hanging around neck.

"Kripa! Meet Mr.Angad and Mr.Shabbir." "Mere biwi aur famous dancer –cum- classical singer" Nishant introduced all of them. Kripa surprised and her eyes lit with brightness of happiness and wished them looking deeply into Angad's eyes. Angad is stunned and staring at her as he got back his lost valuables. Shabbir smiled at her and introduced himself as her new work's manager. Kripa nodded her head and said that she recognized him. She turned to Angad and Shabbir introduced him as he just returned from his international trip. Kripa nodded her head and admiringly looking at Angad. Both forgot the entire surroundings and staring at each other. Shabbir is embarrassed and worried if Nishant notices it and took Angad out. Kripa also told that it's getting late for her performance.

Kripa is supposed to sing a bunch of songs from her collection of ghazals and bhajans after dance performance.  She started singing on the stage.

Angad walked out and went to the car without stopping anywhere. Shabbir followed him. "kya hua Angad! How do you know her? Is there something new I dint know about you?'"

Angad looked at Shabbir sitting in front of steering and nodded his face "Haan Shabbir something new, strange, past,Wo Kripa Gayatri maami ki beti.. Hum donon kuch khaas dost nahin they magar Wo mere dil ke kareeb hai. We never know much about each other but we were close. She loves me" and paused a while and continued nodding his head " no no wrong ..she used to love me" took a cigarette from his car and lit it. Shabbir is confused with his statements. He put his hand on his shoulder. Angad is smoking and sighed loudly and started the car. Shabbir is eagerly waiting for him to continue.

They drove on tank bund, bank of Hussain Sagar, and parked at Lumbini Park. They sat on a bench on the footpath facing the lake. Angad is seriously smoking and looking into water and continued.

"Kripa ki parents Gayatri mami, Surya mama aur hum ek saath aas paas rehthey they. Gayatri mami is very particular about certain things and very strong on Kripa's career as cl;assical dancer. Mama aur Gayatri maami hamesha ladthe rehthe they. I never been friendly to Kripa and she hardly spoken to me. I never met Kripa for last 3 or 4 years. Mujhe patha bhi nahin tha wo kahan rehthey hai."

"Phir wo achanak kyon yaad agayi?", shabbir asked.

"yaad tho rehthi thi magar hoton pe kabhi nahin ayi kyon ki wo shadi shuda hai aur uski ata patha bhi nahin maloom tha", Angad corrected Shabbir.

"kitna acha gaathi hai", Kripa's song is still ringing in Angad 's ears. Shabbir nodded his head silently.

"Thanks to you for appointing her uske liye kitna intezaar kiya" sighed Angad. Shabbir looked at him puzzled.

"ekbaar kehthey ho tum usse pyar nahin kartha aur again u r saying waiting for her…yeh kya confusion hai Angad!, Shabbir asked.

"Is she coming to work tomorrow?" Angad asked without answering to Shabbir.

"Not sure she suppose to join today but coz of this program she might join later kuch kahn nahin but she asked for sometime to finish her close programmes",Shabbir answered.

"Wo US mein rehthe haina phir yeh job kyon?", Angad asked out his doubts.

Shabbir nodded his head as if he doesn't know the reason..

"Chalo bahut raath hogaya humey subah hi Mumbai nikal na hai meeting ke liye" Shabbir got up to leave. Angad followed him.

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maurader4evr Goldie

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Posted: 03 December 2006 at 2:33pm | IP Logged
wow.very nice vallanki di.i wonder who kripa is married 2...continue soon. Embarrassed
ShellyB IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 December 2006 at 2:50pm | IP Logged
nyc start Wink

seems really inrtigin i cnt w8 4 u 2continue wid da next part Tongue
DJKM IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 December 2006 at 3:00pm | IP Logged
vry nice Clap Smile
vallanki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 December 2006 at 5:45am | IP Logged
Thanks for liking it Embarrassed Hug
vallanki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 December 2006 at 5:46am | IP Logged
Part: 2
Angad had very restless sleep with flashing past. Shabbir woke him up at 6 and they headed to Mumbai. After reaching Mumbai they had a lengthy meeting with their artists, and publishers till night. Shabbir informed Angad in the evening that Kripa is going to start working with them after two days. Angad nodded his head as he received the message and involved in his routine meetings. He cleared all the paper work waiting for his approval and looked at his appointments in next few days. All the time Angad is remembering Kripa and her song is still ringing in his mind but never exposed it to Shabbir. But Shabbir realized that Angad is trying to overcome his feelings after seeing Kripa.
They went out for dinner and Angad is driving back home. They stopped by their favourite spot where they always share their feelings, thoughts while sipping beer together. They always go out skirts of the city almost every evening and sit on a lonely place where no one can spot and disturb them. They sit on a partly demolished compound wall which looks like a barrier to the road from the valley nearby. Road is at least 15 feet away from the wall. They parked the car and Shabbir got beer to both. Angad lit his cigerrette and opened the beer bottle. Both are silent for a while and sipping beer. Shabbir is waiting for Angad to start. Angad is deeply thinking remembering Kripa's dance. He started humming the song. Shabbir looked at Angad surprisingly. Angad smiled at him nodded his head as he is not getting over of her presence and smoking in between..
"kripa!" Angad muttered her name patting his fingers on the cigerrette box and rubbed his heart. "I couldn't realize that time her heart beats for me" Angad sadly commented.
"Aakhir mamla kya hai Angad! Shabbir took a chance to get to know about his past. Angad started telling his past .
Surya Sharma and Gayatri are south Indian family who speaks almost all the south languages and taught the same to their only daughter, Kripa too. Sharma is an English lecturer in a college while Gayatri was a classical singer. Gayatri came from an orthodox family and maintains her status by being picky to all the things. Her father, Shanmukha Sastry used to live with them since Gayatri was the only daughter. Kripa was born after a bunch of prayers done by Gayatri and Surya. That's the reason Gayatri wants to fulfill all her desires through Kripa. They settled in Mumbai after buying the house.
Dilip used to have a small business and Naina was a lecturer in a women' college. She was famous for a strict and straight forward lecturer. Khannas have three kids Kartik, the eldest, Angad, Aaliyah youngest in all the three. Dilips mother Devayani was also used to live with them.
Dilip was very easy going and best friend to Surya. Dilip and Surya were neighbours from the time they got married and became best friends since they bought houses at the same time and were at the same age group. They share a common compound wall. Both couples married at same time but Sharma family had kids very late. They used to share evenings at a club. But Naina and Gayatri always fight like rivals. Gayatri doesn't like Angad being a brat and loves Kartik and Aaliyah for their obedience. She always goes into fight with Naina complaining on Angad.
They have some more families nearby in which more close to these families are Harshini Patel family and Prithvi Bose family. These two families share a common compound wall.
Harshini's father Raj patel has a grociery store in the colony. Prithvi's mother Damini Bose being single mom used to run a small music school with 10 kids. Misthy is their eldest daughter who used to study in Damini's parent's house in Puna.
All kids are used to go to the same school near the colony.
Kartik is older than all kids and being a studious he never played with other kids. Kripa, Harshini are same age and study in same class. Aaliyah is a little older to them. Prithvi and Angad are classmates and have similar tastes and interests. Angad is always used to tease Kripa directly or indirectly with unknown reason. Kripa never complaint against him.
All kids are used to be scared of Gayatri since she has very big mouth and expects kids in discipline. She never allowed kids enter home with shoes, and school uniforms. Harshini used to come for Kripa but always after changing her school uniform to casuals. Gayatri never allowed Kripa to play outside unless she finishes her school homework, practice her music both vocal and instruments, and dance. Kripa used to get very less time to play outside since she was always tied up with classes and practices. Kripa was learning music from mother and dance, violin, guitar from private institution. Angad used to imitate her whenever she practices, along with Prithvi and used to run away whenever caught by Gayatri.. Gayatri never entertained boy friends for Kripa from childhood. Her father is an old man and being orthodox he used to insist kids also to have water or any drink without touching to their mouth. Kids are annoyed to follow their rules. Kripa has been brought up as a most obedient kid with less talk in this atmosphere.
Naina is little lenient on kids   at home giving them opportunity of learning their own responsibility on their own. Naina loves the simplicity and softness of Kripa but dislikes to entertain her coz of Gayatri.
It was the period when Kripa and Harshini are 8 years old and Prithvi, Angad are at 12 years old. One day Kripa entered into the house hesitantly and Prithvi was following her silently. Gayatri was busy with evening work and saw them coming like thieves. She caught Kripa and asked for the reason being cat-walking. Kripa nodded her head confusingly with rolling her big eyes and started crying without speaking up. Prithvi showed her braids and ran back home. Gayatri is shocked to notice Kripa having one braid half cut and other is open. She demanded Kripa to tell the reason. Kripa is silent and dropping tears. Harshini came running after changing her dress to casual that Angad cut her braid. Gayatri was furious and entered into Khannas house grabbing Kripa too.
"Naina! Naina!" Gayatri entered into Khannas house screaming loudly.
Naina came out of her room and saw both mom and daughter in tension. She confused for their status and asked "what happened?
"Abb pooch rahey ho kya hua hai? Tum kehte ho na mainey bewajah hamesha Angad pe complaint karti rahthi hoon ki wo meri beti ko satatey hai? Abb dekho unhoney kya kiya. Meri Kripa ki choti kaat diya", Gayatri pushed Kripa to Naina. Kripa is still crying silently. Naina shocked and took Naina into her hands, caressing her hair and asked softly for the reason. Kripa didn't speak anything and silently sniffing. Gayatri again started showing at Kripa and said"yeh naadan hai bejuban rehthe hai aur tumhara beta isko is taraf satatey hai. Pata nahin kis janam ka badla le raha hai wo" She pretending sniffing. Naina assured that she will take care of him and Gayatri went back cursing Angad. Dadi came into the house from temple and heard the entire nuisance.
Angad was hiding in Prithvi's home scared to face his parents and Naina went to pick him up on Damini's call. She asked for the reason as soon as they came home. Angad was silent and dadi convinced Naina that she will take care of him. She took Angad inside her room after dinner and asked softly for the reason to do such mischief. Angad told that it happened accidentally as he is trying to cut something with the new scissors in drawing class. Dadi understood the situation and advised him not to mess with Kripa in future.
Gayatri gave ultimatum to Surya that night that they have to move from the colony and she had reached her tolerance level. Surya and Dilip talked at club and decided to leave it as kids act. Naina warned Angad to keep distance from Kripa.
Gayatri cut the other braid also to the same level and sent Kripa to school the next day. Angad couldn't stop laughing at Kripa's bobbed-hair. Kripa was silent and Harshini fought with him on her behalf.
Angad was very mischief to Kripa and Harshini always supports Kripa and fights with Angad. Kripa never complaints against Angad defending he didn't do anything on purpose.
Angad was used to put some dead frogs in Kripa's violin box; used to put secretly his leftover non-veg food in Kripa's bag which irritates Gayatri and doubts Kripa if she was having it in school with friends. Angad used to put ink marks on her shirt. He used to hide her books. But Kripa never told that it was Angad's mischief and kept it secret in her heart. Angad never know that Kripa knows about his mischief but bearing him.
Such small silly incidents happened between two families through out three more years and Naina got fed up of Gayatri and whole khanna family moved to some other place when Angad finished his high school.
After three years gap Angad and Prithvi met in engineering college as class mates. They shared all their childhood memories and he invited Angad to visit their old colony sometime. After few months Angad went to the old colony along with Prithvi.

Prithvi took him to Harshini's house. He met Kripa there. Kripa was as silent as she was before. She had grown up and wearing half saris. Harshini became more blabbering and talked a lot about their childhood memories and their current college. Kripa and Harshini joined same college where Harshini took Arts as specials and Kripa took music. Angad told that he is learning music too and Naina wants him to become a musician after engineering. All the time Kripa was a silent spectator and Harshini talked on her behalf too.
Harshini took him to her house and Kripa's house too. Gayatri received him warmly and asked if he was changed or maintaining same mischief. Angad blushed and updated about his family. Gayatri also shared her family news with him. Surya is doing good in college and Gayatri started a small school at home. Kripa gave her 'Arangetrum'(first dance performance for kuchipudi) and finished her diploma in musical instruments too. Now she took music to master in it in future.
Naina is helping Dilip in business and doing well. Kartik was doing his MBA and would join Dilip in business later. Aaliya was finishing her higher secondary soon and would join Law course in graduation.

Prithvi informed that they are also moving from the colony soon since Damini got property from her father to start a music college. Misthy is going to join her soon.

Shabbir checked his watch and found its 2AM. They forgot to check time in remembering Angad's past. They went home thinking of continuing the story next day at same time at same place.

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shanaila Groupbie

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Posted: 05 December 2006 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
o wow..........thanx 4 posting
saman611 Goldie

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Posted: 05 December 2006 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
woww .thts gd
must of taken long

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