~ ArYa's Hadh Se Zyada Marriage ~

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Welcome To The Hadh Se Zyada Marriage of Arjun Maya 

Hadh Se Zyada Kuch Bhi Nahi Hota Pyaar Bhi Nahi ,Beyhadh .Maya ,a CEO of Fashion In The City a business tycoon who has a deep past within her .Arjun on the other hand,a full of life person with a determination of reaching on top and becoming rich.Destiny makes them together as it's Arjun,the man who can bring the colour back to Maya's colourless life.

They are the 2 extremes that met together and created the beyhadhgiri of Love crossing all boundaries.

So let's join in the celebration of the union of Air,Water and Fire which is ArYa's Journey Of Love 

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The Propose

Maya's Propose

Maya fell in love with Arjun since the time when he had saved her from her devil like father beatings.As Arjun passed all the test of proving he was the perfect man for Maya who obeyed Maya's all Beyhadh decisions like sending Arjun back from 15th floor and making Arjun locked up in the toilet the whole day or making him drink 6 bottles of beer as his punishment.Maya decides to propose Arjun in a unique and hadh se zyada (beyond limits) in a Hot Air Balloon in mid air in Lonavla . Which is the first phase of their union that is element Air .But Arjun doesn't know to react to her sudden proposal and requests Maya for some time.

Arjun's Proposal 

Maya gives an assignment to Arjun to go to Mauritius and do a photoshoot.A incident happens where Arjun is lost in an unknown island because of his foolishness.Maya comes and saves him and she reminds him that he is her everything which makes Arjun think over the moments spent with Maya and how important she is in his life.Who gave him so many things be it bringing him and his step mom back to his life , releasing Ayaan from jail, giving him a good job and bringing him to new heights and giving him ,his professional cabin.He falls in love with Maya and  with her half past decides to propose her under water in Mauritius.It's again a unique and hadh se zyada way of proposing.The second phase of their union with the element of Water .Arjun puts the ring on Maya finger and she accepts it wholeheartedly as this is what she was longing for.

The Proposal for Marriage

Arjun proposes Maya for marriage within 7 days so that he can save her from her father .He decides to protect Maya through the decision of becoming one within 7 days so that no one dares to separate them and Ashwin Mehotra who is Maya's father cannot even harm his beloved.

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7 Vanchan ( 6 Vachans written by dhrishti_ and the 7th by me )

First Vow / Pehla Vachan 

Maya "(Pehla vaada.) Humare beech kabhi koi nahi aaega - na koi insaan, na koi rishta, na koi raaz, na koi pehchan. Sirf tum, aur mein."

Arjun's response: *holds Maya's hand and nods*

According to the first wedding vow, Arjun is promising Maya not no let anyone/anything get in between them, no kebab mein haddi in other words. He promises to stay faithful to her, not allowing any person, relationship, secret or identity get in between them. In a way he has also promised to be truthful to her, and not hide anything as Maya clearly emphasises that no raaz should get in their way.

Second Vow / Dusra Vachan 

Maya "(Mujhe mera doosra vachan doge?) Har bharose se upar, mujhpar bharosa rakhoge. Aaj ke baad, tum kabhi mujhpar shak nahi karoge. Kisi aur ki baato ki vajah se, tumhara yakeen mujhpar se kabhi nahi uthna chahiye. Aaj ke baad, puri duniya ki awaaz ek taraf aur meri awaaz ek taraf. (Yeh hai mera doosra vachan.)"

Arjun's response: "Tum aur mein, mein aur tum, aaj ke baad, humare beech mein kisiki bhi baatein, kisike bhi yakeen, kisike bhi shak ki koi jagah nahi. Aaj ke baad, mein sirf aur sirf tumpe bharosa karunga."

Arjun promises Maya that he will trust her over everyone else. He promises that he will not question or suspect her. He tells her that any person's words, beliefs or misunderstandings have no place in their life. He will not be affected by the rumours swirling around, spread by everyone. He also promises that he would let himself be guided by her voice, and no one else's. 

Third Vow / Theesra Vachan

Maya "(Mujhe vachan do) Ki tum mujhe kabhi nahi choroge. Humara rishta tumhare liye sabse upar hoga. Har rishta bhale choot jae, yeh duniya toot jae lekin tum is rishte ka haath kabhi nahi choroge. (Mujhe mera teesra vachan do Arjun)"

Arjun's response: "Tum aur mein, mein aur tum, aaj se alag nahi hai. Saasein tumhari, dharkan meri, aankhe tumhari, nazar meri, jism tumhara, roo meri. Na mein tumse alag, na tum mujhse judaa. Tum meri dost ho, tum hi meri dushman ho, tumhi mera pyaar. Aaj se jo kuch bhi ho, sirf aur sirf tum ho. (Aur yeh mera teesra vachan tumko.)"

With this vachan, Maya is asking Arjun to commit to their relationship, placing it over every other thing in the pedestal of priorities. Arjun promises to never leave Maya, he promises that the relationship he shares with her is above any other relationship of his life. No matter what, he would never let go of this relationship, even if the world was to break, he would hold onto it. Arjun also marks his union with Maya, as he tells her that it would be her breaths and his heartbeat, her eyes and his view, her body and his soul. He promises that she would be his everything.

Fourth Vow / Chautha Vachan

Maya "(Mujhe mera chautha vachan do) Tum mera hah kabhi nahi choroge. Chahe kuch bhi ho jae, tum mera hath thame rahoge."

Arjun's response: *holds Maya's hand firmly* "Tum aur mein, mein aur tum, kabhi alag nahi honge, koi aandhi, koi toofan, koi sach, koi galat, hume alag nahi kar sakta. Yeh vaada hai mera. " *kisses Maya's hand*

Arjun promises to never let go of Maya's hand, he promises to Maya that they will never be separated. He tells her that no darkness, no storm, no truth, no wrong could come in between them. This has, so far been the most vague out of the vows, since all that Maya asks for is for Arjun to promise to hold her hand forever, she is not being excruciatingly specific unlike the previous vows. Emphasis on when Arjun mentions "sach" in his response, saying that no truth would have the power to separate them, [I hope that caught Maya's attention and would make her feel a bit easier to share her hidden truth with Arjun].

Fifth Vow / Pachwa Vachan 

Maya "(Vachan do mujhe.) Vachan do ki aaj ke baad tum sirf mere ho."

Arjun's response: "Tum aur mein, mein aur tum, mere jism me, mere dil me, meri roo me, aaj ke baad, sirf aur sirf tumhara naam. Bhagwan ko bhi tumse ijazat leni paregi, agar unko mujhe tumse door karna hai. Yeh vaada hai mera."

Vaguest vow so far on Maya's side!! Maya plainly asks Arjun to promise to be hers. That's about it. We can see as we go ahead in the wedding vows Maya doesn't have much to ask Arjun for, just the plain factors of happiness to build a foundation in their relationship. Arjun promises Maya that she would be the only one in his heart, soul and body. He also tells her that even God would need to ask for permission before separating them.

Sixth Vow / Chatha Vachan 

Maya "(Mujhe mera chata vachan do.) Tum kabhi mujhse jhoot nahi bologe. Hamesha mujhse sach kahoge, chahe vo sach kitna bhi kadva ho"

Arjun's response: "Mein aur tum, tum aur mein, aaj ke baad ek dusre se kabhi bhi jhoot nahi bolenge. Hamesha, humari zabaan se srif aur sirf sach niklega. Chahe vo sach, humare gale ka phanda kyu na ban jae."

This vow is quite interesting. Maya asks Arjun to never lie to her again, to which Arjun affirmatively responds, saying that both of them will never lie to each other, only true and honest words will make their way out of their mouths, no matter how bitter the truth may be. For the first time, Arjun indirectly asked Maya, too, to agree to this vow and abide by it, in accordance to his promise. Unlike all the previous vachans in which Arjun is agreeing onto Maya's conditions, here he responds saying that both of them will never lie to each other, in a way committing Maya to her wishes.  

Seventh Vow / Saathwa Vachan 

Maya : Mujhe Mera Aakri Vachan Doge 
Arjun : Tumhare Liye Kuch bhi Hazir Hai,Kya Chaiye Meri jaan
Maya : Haan,Wada karo Mujhse ki hum saath jeeyenge saath marenge ,tumhare bina na mein saans loongi aur mere bina nahi tum ek pal jeeyoge.

Arjun nods his head and gives her the wada but Saanjh hand comes in between and she tells Maya that love isnt about dying and it's about living and to give your life and happiness to your love.Saanjh makes Arjun take up the 7th Vachan and brings his hand forward

Arjun : Saathwa Vachan mera hoga,Vachan do mujhe ki ,jab tak dil dhadkega,dhadkhan Meri hogi,jab tak saanse jalegi,jaan meri hogi,jab tak zindagi rehegi pyaar sirf mera hoga
Maya : usse sambal paayoge
Arjun nods his head saying yes 

Maya : Tumhari zindagi ki gale mein,Meri pyaar ki dor rahegi,jab dur jaayoge tab yeh gale ka panda banegi aur pass rahoge toh gale ka haar ,mein tumse wada karti hoon ki mein apni aakhri saans tak tumse pyaar karna nahi chodungi,sirf tumhara, yeh pyaar,tumhara yeh junoon mujhe bandega aakri saans tak

Arjun gives Maya the deadliest vachan that whenever her heart beats the beats will be his,whenever your breathe goes on the life will be mine, whenever will your life journey,the love will be mine.Maya smiles and faithfully gives her hand in his and tells him that his life in his neck a thread will be there of hers, whenever he will go far away from her that thread will be a choker ,and when he will come closer to her it will be a necklace.I give you a promise that I not stop loving you till my last breath,I will be yours,this love,this passion will tie me till last breath .

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The Marriage 

With the 3rd phase of mixture of 2 elements Earth (land) and Fire.Arjun and Maya's marriage became successful.We all know that with the agni (fire) ko saakshi manke taking the pheras is most important ritual of a Hindu wedding but in this wedding the whole mandap was on fire and taking the oath of the fire ,Maya and Arjun did their pheras .

Arjun puts magalsutra on Maya's neck 

And then Arjun finally puts sindhoor on Maya's forehead

Shaadi Sampan Hui ,Aaj se aap dono pati patni hue. [Marriage is over From now onwards you both are husband and wife EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

#The Union Of Land,Water,Air,Fire .
#The Beyhadh Anokhi Wedding .
#ArYaWedding Embarrassed

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Yaayy finally i managed to make the wedding thread 
Congrats on the Beyhadh Anokhi shaadi 
My Arya finally they became one after so many twists and turns 
I lost hopes during the first half of the marriage but then jaan mein jaan aayi when he finally made her his .
Yeppie Party
Guys please tell me how you liked my thread 
6 vachans credit Dhrishti,I have included her analysis of the 6 vows to this thread to make it more beautifulEmbarrassed

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Wow beautiful thread Sid
Congrats Arya on your marriage 
It's really a special day 
Am so happy Beyhadh giri aab shuru hui hai 
Now it's getting more intense and interesting 
First show in Indian Television that crosses all extremes . Inspite of Jenny in pain of being slightly burnt she still completed the scene faithfully and so beautifully.Arjun Maya / Kushal Jenny you guys nail it in every episode.Be it the haldi or tattoo you guys do it the besf

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Wow.. sucha beautiful thread.. Heart

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Very nice and beautiful thread
Congrats Arya 

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