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2017 :: Hello from the other side ::

PanchaliKaArjun IF-Rockerz

Jedi of CC
Joined: 29 August 2014
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Posted: 29 December 2016 at 11:12am | IP Logged

"A happy new year to all of you ! " 

Am I a little early to wish you all ? Well since this article is gonna be published near the date so I guess it's alright . It's not my fault after all , like every other person alive in IF , I too am somewhat really intoxicated by the New Year's air ! You can't blame us , can you? After all New Year is no small talk , the buzz it creates every time it hits the calendar can be fatal. 

With some drink in our hands , as we sway to the high pitch music we look forward for a new beginning . Each time the cold liquid makes its way through our throat we wipe one of our unwanted memory of the past year . Taking all the frustration out  on the dance floor we promise to make a new move next year . Promises ! Same as those resolutions which never make anyway out of our notebooks. But we still need to party right ? And the reason is that my friend , we yet again successfully ended our unsuccessful year ! 


Some of us grumble at the thought of a new year coming ahead . Maybe because we all know nothing is "oh so" new about the year . The same old expectations which get harassed by the same old reality . At one point we even stop keeping our hopes high and stop dreaming about the upcoming year . But yeah since it's New Year season and hypothetically we ought to be happy we have ways to celebrate the day/night to mark the upcoming journey . 

There are the usual official , street and club parties we attend . Swaying hips to DJ wale babu ka gana as swearing to party all night we tend to enjoy the noise while all the year round we complain about our neighbour singing in the bathroom. We may be drunk enough to throw out and loose our conscious but we still wouldn't stop cause Badshah said "abhi toh party shuru huwi hai".Dancing

And then some of us have reached the point where such loud parties seems as strange as PK with the radio . So then we relax at home , gather family or friends and do something traditional . Like eat turkey on every New Year's Eve
^wait we don't usually eat turkeys during New Year right ? It's more of Thanksgiving thing. But anyways you got the point ! 

New Year's Eve just goes in bliss and then comes the new day where with hundred of promises we enter a new year. It may not be as simple as this for some of us since we had partied all night . We people welcome our new year with the annoying hangovers and the incomplete resolutions of 2K16 that were originally made on 2K15 . But that's alright , at least you are not going to get stuck in leather pants like Ross for doing something new . 

So people as we keep complaining about past whilst enjoying the new beginning ahead , lets see why New Year can be as not so good as it is supposed to be . 

Tag credits : Zaaratq

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.-Amethyst-. IF-Sizzlerz

Captain Jaifal
Joined: 11 December 2015
Posts: 19350

Posted: 29 December 2016 at 8:34pm | IP Logged

Partied enough, eh? So now that we've fancied it all in our dreams, let's move onto the reality which stares us in our face. Naah, I'm not talking of standing in long queues to exchange money or the miseries of going cashless. It's a matter graver than getting 2000 Ka chutta. On this threshold of 2017, the Crazy Creatives bring to you, for the first time ever, 16 blunt and bold reasons why New Year s u c k s! Yeah, you've heard that right. And we'll tell you why. Let the countdown begin!

16 :  The Date Amnesia - The foremost reason why New Year's is not-so-cool cause we are engulfed with this thing, through the whole of January at least. The 17 written over 16 in cheques, exam papers and everywhere makes us feel ... An Amnesiac!

15 :  The Online Traffic - There's so much of load on internet servers that even Wi-Fi fails to please us, very much like daily soaps. All the Social Networking Sites are jam packed at midnight and before, with people going frenzy wishing each other. Did you think only roads had traffic?

14 : Crappy TV Shows - We have to point this out folks. Every channel is filled with either marathons of their vexatious sagas or some similar, nonsensical Award Shows. It's the same insane stuff every year, with Sunny Leone dancing to some item song and Manish Paul presenting his mediocre gigs. Give us a break!

13 : Dukhiyaare Hostel Students - You can't help but pity these souls. When the whole world is busy drowning in parties, these people are still confined to the four narrow hostel walls, dreaming to catch hold of an invisible cloak to escape the cat, err, Warden.

12 : Annoying FB invites - When that one friend, who hasn't talked to you since five years (and you never knew him well in school) asks you to join the bestest and the awesomest New Year bash in his drawing room, you can't help but throw away your phone!

11 : SMS Forwards - We all face this frustrating moment at the stroke of 12, when we're trying to do something important on the gadget but it doesn't stop singing the notification tune. The same old fashioned messages (Wishing you loads of prosperity and health in coming year) read repeatedly vandalises the brain. Agree?

10 : The Hole In The Pocket - The ludicrous amount of money charged by the hotels and organisers either burns your pocket or your mood to party. Entry at Taj costs 7 i-phones and that at Trident is like giving away a Volkswagen in charity. And this year, PM Modiji aren't helping us either.

9 : People People Everywhere - This can only happen on the New Year's Eve that every single mall, pub, restaurant and beach is oozing with public. It's equivalent to refugees gone berserk after a war.

8 : Dancing With Strangers - We don't understand how people aren't awkward dancing with some random drunkard sweating it out on the dance floor. An overload of the New Year spirit, we guess. Shocking enough!

7 : Pressure To Party - It's so pressurising to make plans for this particular night. It's almost like going through the pressure to get into IIT. There's this notion in general that if you're at home on the Eve, you're a loser. WHY?

6 : The Loner Jantaa - It's hard to imagine but how melancholic do you feel when you don't get an invite to a single party? And the depressing pictures of your so called friends unwinding at discos gives you some serious suicidal tendencies.

5 : I Don't Know What To Do - Tauba, aaj main kya karun! The planning and cancellation and planning and cancellation makes you feel like pulling and scratching your hair. And the thought of 'doing something for sure' doesn't help either. Why can't you just sit back and relax, huh?

4 : The Horrendous Singlets - It's so despondent a feeling when the countdown is over, the clock strikes twelve and you've no one to admire or hug. These are the same people who had cried seeing Bunny & Naina together at The New Year's, ranting the countdown.

3 : Women Teasing - When men do cheap tricks to grab the attention of, or in extreme cases, the women herself, it's simply nasty. As a punishment, these men should be locked in 'Men Only' pubs. It won't be long before they realise the feminine importance.

2 : The First Time Drunk-holics - Life suddenly becomes so colourful when for the first time ever, you gobble down a drink and eventually get heavily drunk. And it turns smelly the next moment when either you puke on your best friend's dress and even worse, pass out. Need we say more?

1 : Hangover Pichlee Yaadon Ka - The one moment when you get emotional is when the clock strikes 12 and you think back how awesome/disastrous the previous year was. It seems so difficult to move on into the next year. Getting the feeling of End of the world? And we completely ignore the pleasure of having a fresh crisp calender on our tables.

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thegameison IF-Sizzlerz

Jedi of CC
Joined: 01 July 2010
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Posted: 29 December 2016 at 9:13pm | IP Logged

The One-Person Guide to a Fantastic New Year's Eve

DISCLAIMER: We, at CC, do not know, if this minion member of our teetotaler community wrote any of this in her senses. Thereby, we cannot rightly take credit for any of the content that follows. We all wish you a happy new year's eve, of course. But these wishes are, well, mostly hers.


Shy, I am not. It grieves me not at all that I'm meeting no one, doing nothing that needs me to wear real pants and a bra on New Year's Eve. I'm going be in my pajamas, a sweatshirt quadruple my size, dancing around an empty house, reading excerpts from my favorite books, trying to find something to watch but to no avail.

I will be home alone, it would be just me and a bottle of my choice of poison - most probably, vodka, or whatever I can afford, given the special occasion.

Speaking of special, what am I to be happy about on New Year's Eve anyway? That a year that felt a lot dung-flavored slaps on my face is finally over? That tomorrow I will wake up, my spirit on reeking of the dung caked on it?

Okay, fine, not so morbid, not today! NEW YEAR'S EVE! 31ST DECEMBER! IMAGINARY CLEAN SLATE! Yay!

Anyhoo, it gives me great pleasure to be sharing my new year's eve routine with you'll lovelies. You don't have to be as in love with solitude as I am to enjoy following through to this guide. I promise. Yes, so:


Meal for millions - Cook through the evening, or carefully take your time to order food in bulk, just for yourself. A brick of chocolate chip ice cream for dinner, snacking on pasta Alfredo and the most authentic, mouthwatering, karaariest (you know, crisp?) Biryani all through the night works for me.

Drink like there's no tomorrow -But remember, that there's always a tomorrow. And it's easy to forget that after a lot of wine, but that beautiful beauty sleep that follows drunkenness is not sleep at all, bro. It's called passing out. So, if that's what you wanna do, because I'm all for passing out, drink more water than wine. You'll thank me. Just. Stay. Hydrated.

 Paracetamol paas mein please -When you wake up on a couch you broke by jumping on it, listening to Beedi Jaliyele, you'll need pain meds and wait for it, more water. You're welcome.

One last thing on the matter of booze- Do not get creative with your forms of alcohol. Either drink a crate of beer, a bottle of wine or some whiskey, or whatever, just don't mix them. Because if you do, all the beautiful memories of last night will come out your mouth and who knows, even nose, in the morning.

2016 is dead- Yes, it is freaking dead. What's dead should stay dead, and even though Dean Winchester doesn't practice what he preaches, we do. We will think nothing of any nakli baes of the past and only the very real ones - our booze and our biryani, okay? Love you too!

Did you miss me- Not me, obviously. Sherlock! How could I leave on such a morbid note? You know I'm such a sunshine person. First day of 2017 gives us Sherlock series four. And I'll break down in sheer excitement if I elaborate on this point.


ANOTHER DISCLAIMER- We strictly have no hands, legs, arms or other body parts in this matter. We don't raise our minions like this. But some run wild, they just do.

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.sweetchick. IF-Sizzlerz

Jedi of CC
Joined: 07 November 2011
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Posted: 01 January 2017 at 6:12am | IP Logged
Epic thread sweethearts ROFL

Points 16 - 15 - 14 - 12 - 11 and 1  ... this is so meTongueLOL 

Point number 13 when I was at school - uni and I had to revise for my exams coming right after the break UFFFOOO D'oh

LOVE THE TAGS DIVIDERS AND COLOURS... it looks so refreshing Embarrassed

writing up is just MASTERPIECE! Cool

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Radhikerani IF-Sizzlerz

Captain Javitri
Joined: 31 August 2011
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Posted: 01 January 2017 at 6:15am | IP Logged
A very happy new year to all IF-waasis! <3
The thread looks gorgeous! Loved all the WUs! :D

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.-Amethyst-. IF-Sizzlerz

Captain Jaifal
Joined: 11 December 2015
Posts: 19350

Posted: 01 January 2017 at 6:22am | IP Logged
A very happy new year to everyone!Hug
This is crazily fun!Silly

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-Tulips- IF-Sizzlerz

Captain Kalaunji
Joined: 15 August 2006
Posts: 17566

Posted: 01 January 2017 at 6:27am | IP Logged
Wishing the whole IF a very very very happy new year.Thumbs UpBig smile
The thread is super fun and the graphics are truly wonderful. Clap

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Sonatia IF-Dazzler

Stormtrooper of CC
Joined: 11 December 2014
Posts: 3646

Posted: 01 January 2017 at 6:54am | IP Logged
Happy wala new year,Party gorgeous threadApprove
BTW, @ bold It is me ROFL you again reminded me of my neighbourROFL
There are the usual official , street and club parties we attend . Swaying hips to DJ wale babu ka gana as swearing to party all night we tend to enjoy the noise while all the year round we complain about our neighbour singing in the bathroom. 

and this was epicROFL 

2016 is dead- Yes, it is freaking dead. What's dead should stay dead, and even though Dean Winchester doesn't practice what he preaches, we do. We will think nothing of any nakli baes of the past and only the very real ones - our booze and our biryani, okay? Love you too!


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