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Rakesh Sharma

Age - 30 years

From - Chhattisgarh

Extremely simple and gentle his music exactly reflects his personality. This young lad from Chhattisgarh is rooted in traditional folk music. Rakesh has been singing since he was four years old and considers his father-in-law as his only guru. His dream is to become a singer as great as 'Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan'. For Rakesh, Fame X is a 'larger-than-life' platform to become a popular singer, which he has always dreamed of.

Rehan Khan

Age - 23 years

From - Mumbai

He is the street-smart brat from Mumbai. He has been trained under his father and grandfather and has performed lots of shows. He is someone who wants to make it big in the entertainment industry and one day wants to earn lots of fame and money. His is an intellectual whose dream is to become a star some day.

Ritu Pathak

Age - 19 years

From - Madhya Pradesh

Ritu has a lovely smile and a great stage presence. Her personality reflects the truth that a girl from a small town has big dreams of making it big in the world of music. The beautiful Ritu is all set to conquer the world with her performance.

Samrat Kaushal

Age - 22 years

From - Punjab

This 22-year-old hails from an Army background. The most matured amongst the lot, Samrat is like the big brother to all. At a young age, he has experienced highs and lows of life, but still has the passion for fulfilling his dreams.

He is very articulate and soft spoken. He is extremely experimental with his music and has a very peculiar style, which also reflects in his personality as a whole.

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Trupti Pandkar

Age - 20 years

From - Maharashtra

Trupti hails from Pune, and belongs to a middle-class Naval family. Trupti talks very little about herself - She believes in letting her work speak for her. She is among those extremely complex types, caught in her own world. She has a great voice and has been learning singing for a while now.

Vidhan Pandey

Age - 21 years

From - Uttar Pradesh

Just like any other kid, Vidhan also though he could never make it to Fame X. But destiny had something different in store for him. He is a simpleton with big dreams. You will not believe that this guy has a speech disorder, because when he sings...he sets the stage on fire.

He makes instrumental sounds and has been playing triple congo since he was very young. He is the desi boy who has utmost faith in the lord above and his music.

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Episode 1: In search of the X Factor
Fame X , the anticipated sequel to the hugely successful Fame Gurukul, came on air with a bang with Dean Palash Sen opening the introductory episode with his magical voice.

Following this act, Sophie Choudry 'the Fame Kudi' sang in as a diva in her unique style giving the audience the glimpse of what makes her a true star.

The judges, each a star in his own right, 'Bhangda King' Daler Mehndi, Bollywood's hot favorite choreographer Ganesh Hegde and MTV VJ, Nikhil Chinappa, took an entre and settled in the hot seats. Sowmya Raoh joined the faculty to keep a watchful eye on the contestants, keeping them strictly on their toes.

Then started the performances - First turn was taken by Arunima Bhattacharya who shaked a leg on the Bunty and Bubbly song 'Mera Chain Vain Sab Ujada'. She was given thumbs up by the judges and a special mention by Dean Palash when he said she has the 'sex factor'!

Next was Bangali babu Banjo, Priyadarshee Banergjee. He sang 'O Handam Suniyo Re' from Sathiyaa and got a nod from Sowmya as 'Great job'. The judges were not as happy though. Nikhil, suggesting he should work on his looks, Ganesh asking him to smile more and make eye contact with the

Priyanka Purohit from pink city of Jaipur, took over the stage singing the seductive song 'Ye Mera Dil' from Don. 'Britany Spears of India', was the compliment from Ganesh, '100% on the mark' from Nikhil, 'You Rock' from Palash was compensated by 'Abhi to Shuruwat hai' from Daler.

Sammy, Panjab da puttar, the 'sidha sadha' ladka Samrat Kaushal, sang 'Iski Akhon Me Bate' from Dus. Nikhil - connect with audience, Ganesh - you should try Bollywood, yaar, Daler - Tension feel hota hai and Palash - I am a Sammy fan!

Vidhan Pande came out stuttering but sang so smoothly that it was difficult to believe it's the same person. And he chose perhaps the most difficult song for him, the classic 'Khaike Paan' from Don. Palash immediately rewarded him by complimenting him saying he is Fame academy ka sugandh. But Nikhil wasn't happy of his appearance and Ganesh about his singing. Daler, though encouraged the brave boy by appreciating his performance.

Self proclaimed 'Drama Queen' Anandrupa Bagchi, sang the fitting song 'Sharara Sharara' from Mere Yaar ki Shadi Hai. Though Ganesh liked the performance and Daler found the voice quality good, Nikhil wanted more chutzpah. Palash, too, advised her to tone her body.

Ritu Pathak, danced on 'Dille Jalaye' from Omkara and got good reviews on her voice from all the three judges. Her smile is her biggest asset was the unanimous opinion.

Rehan Khan from Mumbai, son of a singer dad took to the stage and simply thrilled the audience on 'Mitwa' from KANK making Daler give an instant Daad, 'Bahot Surila Gaya'. Nikhil and Ganesh, obviously happy with his
performance beamed when Palash and Sowmya said 'He's in Top 5'!

Bhajan specialist Alok Choubey, 'Ek Bihari Sab Pe Bhari' really made everyone laugh by mimicking Lalloo but not before he thrilled them by singing 'A Meri Joharajabin' from Phir Hera Pheri. The judges and the Dean both were of the same opinion - Seat guaranteed ek bande ki!

Next came Trupti Pandkar. A singer in her own band 'New Breed', she did 'Main Saat Samandar' from Chameli. Famous for her dirty look, Nikhil was quick to point out the she has a hidden 'sherni' in her. Sowmya's advice however was 'to smile' !

Neeti Nair came, saw and conquered. This 'Kaisi Paheli' from Parinita was no paheli to the judges who gave her a 'thumbs up' right away. Dean Palash Sen went as far as saying he was mantramugdha by her performance.

Rakesh Sharma came out with his hair locks and sang straight into hearts of public with 'Piya Ke Rang' from Dev. This Sufi singer impressed the judges with his singing and the Dean with his humble attitude.

Rohitraj Sinha, clearly a very talented young boy, got to a bad start. His voice was not in the top form today and made him uneasy. But then he got into the groove and shook a leg, too. But the first impression wasn't very
good and the judges kindly pointed it out to him.

Jyotika Sharma, was full of energy singing 'Ishk Ki Galli Vich' from No Entre and got applauded for that from all the judges.

Ashutosh Jain, a former software engineer claimed that he finds keys of the Piano more interesting than that of the keyboard of a computer and proved it by singing 'Lagan Lagi' from Tere Naam. 'Cracking performance but go easy on
energy' was the comment from Nikhil and 'Good voice' from Daler. But the real constructive bit came from Ganesh when he asked Ashutosh to loose the leather jacket !

And lastly 'cherry on the cake' from Delhi Aditya Jassi ! This guitar swinging dude came on with the right attitude with 'Kya Muze Pyar Hai' from Voh Lamhe. Got a nod from all the judges and Sowmya promised that next time
he will get a chance to play his guitar.

Sixteen stunning performances and a knockout performance from the man himself, the one and only, Bhangra King, Daler Mehndi really brought the evening alive. Now all was left was the results form the judges.

After great suspense the four contestants were named for the Danger Zone - Ritu, Trupti, Rohitraj and Aditya !

Palash Sen, however had the authority as the Dean of Fame Academy to recall a participant back into the Safe Zone. After much pondering and it was needed, he finally decided to accept Ritu back in the academy.

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Episode 2: Rohit is saved
The contestants were taken to the Fame Academy and were shown to their beautiful rooms. In the living room, where the walls were adorned with their photographs, Dean Palash Sen pointed out the faults in the performances of those contestants in the Danger Zone. He told Aditya that it was his worst performance and that Trupti seemed to be forcing a smile. Rohit's mistake, obviously, was his asking for concessions during the performance. After a heartbreaking session of decision making, the contestants gathered together again in the presence of Dean Palash Sen for voting. Suspense started building fast as Aditya and Rohit were head to head in the number of votes. Finally it was Rakesh's turn to vote as he was the last in the line. His vote was extremely critical as it would determine the fate of Rohit or Aditya. Finally Rakesh revealed it was Rohit who would join his fellow contestants back in the academy.

Trupti and Aditya will be up for public voting. They will get one more chance to perform and stay in the competition by performing at the Caf round.

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Episode 3: Fun at the Academy
Rohit attended a closed-door meeting with Dean Palash and Sowmya, where Sowmya rebuked him for not taking his cue and, instead, blaming his mistake on the sound system. Renowned music directors Salim and Suleiman joined the contestants for a fun session. They divided them into two groups, gave them lines and asked them to compose a tune. The contestants did this with lan and made the music directors very happy. Rohit fractured his ankle (albeit a minor one), making him limp around. The doctor advised him bed rest for four to six weeks. Aditya was also not feeling well and was detected with a possible case of malaria.

Watch out for the Wednesday Caf round. It will be interesting because Aditya and Trupti's performance will be their make or break chance—the performance on which their futures in the Fame Academy will hinge.

Episode 4: Aditya, Trupti in the ring

Fame Kudi Sophie arrived at Fame Caf full of nostalgia for her old college caf, fondly remembering the cuddling couples, hot samosas and sweet, hot tea ever present there. She welcomed the two contestants up for the elimination round, Aditya and Trupti, to the stage. She asked Aditya if he was feeling nervous to which he replied with utmost confidence that he was not. She couldn't resist the temptation of asking him about the jacket he was wearing. And when he answered that it was his lucky jacket which he wore at all the Fame X events, she asked him jokingly if he ever washed it. Trupti said she was confident but when asked what she felt on viewing her performance at the gala round, she confessed with a smile that she felt like packing her bags. But this time she said she would give her 100%. Daler wished the contestants good luck, but wanted to know why would Dean Palash Sen, who practically had to convince Aditya to participate in the show, wouldn't pull him back from the Danger Zone. Dean Palash replied that his going after Aditya was to prove a point. Aditya was of the opinion, like many people in the country, that reality shows on the television are not to looked at with respect. Dean Palash said that he had done his job by getting Aditya to the show, but the rest of the journey was in Aditya's own hands. Ganesh wanted to know why Dean Palash Sen voted for Ritu to be called back in the Safe Zone. Dean Palash clarified that the reason he did so was because Ritu comes from a village background where, unlike Aditya and Trupti, who have their own bands, she hasn't even gotten a chance to sing in front of a large audience like this on stage. He said she deserved this break and so he gave her one. Aditya sang Bhigi Si Hai Rate, strumming his guitar strings as best he could. And even though his illness was showing, his bravery shone. Daler, the strict one, appreciated this, but gently reminded him that illness shouldn't affect Sur. Ganesh wondered if the performance would've been better had Aditya sung the song standing instead of sitting. Dean Palash, however, was very considerate and reminded the judges that his low energy was because of illness and not because of spirit. Sowmya, too, was proud of Aditya for singing under such strenuous conditions. Trupti sang the seductive song Doston Se Pyar Kiya from Shaan, giving it full justice. Daler appreciated the unique style, but felt it was her strength as well as weakness. Ganesh gave her a wonderful compliment when he said that she was a combination of Usha Uthup and Tina Turner. Dean Palash was just exhilarated by her performance and it showed in his demeanor. Next was the Mentos – Dimag Ki Batti Jalaye round of fun questions. When Daler asked Aditya which instrument he preferred, he named Banjo – not the instrument but his bed-partner Priyadarshee Banergee. Trupti, when asked if she liked Indian Music or Western, diplomatically said – Fusion!

Both the Danger Zone-ists, sang together their versions of songs to each other as they both knew this was the last chance they would get to do so. The songs they chose were done so in good humor and the idea was to pull each other's leg.

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We can be jacket buddies:
Daler Mehndi

Sochna pedega: Palash Sen 


Though judge Daler Mehndi and dean Palash Sen are not exactly on the same page when it comes to Fame X, Mehndi's recent generous gesture took Palash by complete surprise.

On the sets of the SAB reality show, Daler gifted Palash one of his dhinchak sequinned jackets. This created a warm bond (sort of) between the duo (for that moment only).

We can almost visualise Palash in his next music video, spoofing Daler in his brand new jacket. Bolo ta ra ra ra!

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Episode 5: Goodbye, Trupti!
Today was the first elimination round. 'Fame Kudi' Sophie Chowdry led the two Danger Zonist to the stage. The judges as well faculty were anxious to know what was going through Aditya and Trupti's minds. On Daler's question what would be the biggest loss if he was out, Aditya replied that he would loose the chance to learn more. And when Ganesh asked Trupti how many votes she would get, reminding her that she'd got only two last time, Trupti said she hoped more than two! Dean Palash Sen assured the two that getting selected out of more than 20,000 auditions and ending up in final sixteen was itself a sign of their talent and advised them to be strong no matter what! Cut to Aditya's hometown New Delhi over to his father who admired his son for being a multi-talented personality but more so for being a good son. His sister emphasised that for her, her brother was and would forever be a Rock Star. And at Trupti's home in Pune, she got lots of praise from her father and her sister and lots of good wishes from her mother. Rest of the Fame 'X'ians, in an emotional moment, sang the lovely song 'Chalate Chalate' as a gesture of their feelings towards the one who would be leaving X Academy. It was such an emotional moment that Rehan couldn't hold back his emotions giving way to tears and so did a few others. It was seen that during the break, Aditya and Trupti signing autographs for the crowd. No matter who was eliminated, they were stars already! Then came the moment of truth. In a suspense filled way that would've made Hitchcock proud, 'Fame Kudi' Sophie finally revealed who's got 65% of the audience vote – it was Aditya Jassi! As soon as this result was announced, Aditya's friends rushed to congratulate him. Dean Palash Sen consoled Trupti by saying that she didn't need Fame X as she had great talent. Ganesh mentioned that he felt bad for losing a good singer.

Trupti sang a farewell song 'Ab Ke Sawan' enthralling the audience by her unique voice and unique style. Then Dean Palash Sen had to fulfil the sad duty of presenting her officially the transfer certificate thus saying her goodbye on behalf of the Fame Academy

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Episode 6: Cyrus defines 'X' factor
Fame Kudi Sophie Chowdry described the elimination round perfectly by saying, "Not only 'X'treme talent but 'X'treme emotion!" Today's guest judge, bakra specialist Cyrus Broacha, came in on behalf of MTV. To a question—what is his definition of the 'X' factor—he said it was something indescribable. Neeti, fondly called 'Mirchi from Mumbai', was the first contestant to perform the song Dilwalon ke dil ka karaar lutane and received smashing reactions from the crowd and the judges alike. Cyrus asked her what was the capital of UP and, in the same spirit, Neeti answered that as far as she was concerned, it was "Cyrus"! Rohit, with a big plaster on his foot, sang Sathiya, veliya and was asked by Ganesh if he was unhappy because he felt it showed in Rohit's performance. Daler told him that "besurapan" would not be tolerated from a singer like him. Banjo, the Bengali babu, sang Ek ho gaye hum aur tum. Daler advised him to sing in sur. Ganesh asked him to express himself better. Cyrus said that he fell in love with him, but not before clarifying that he is a heterosexual. Marwadi tadka, Priyanka from Jaipur, sang Jara jara bahakata hai. Daler said performance "bedhadak hai" but "niche vale jagah sur nahi lag raha hai". Ganesh encouraged her by saying that sometimes people make mistakes, but she should not take it to heart. Andandrupa, the drama queen, sang Tanaha tanaha yahan pe jina. Ganesh said that "usme adaen bahot hai". Cyrus asked who snores the most to which she named Arunima. Of course it was done in good humour. Punjab da munda, Sammy sang Dil se re. Ganesh's compliment was "mind-blowing". Daler said that when he sings "Dil se re tab dil ko chu jata hai". Sammy ended his performance with his trademark "Ho"! Alok sang Jo hai albela from Kisna. Ganesh encouraged him by saying that he is a good singer despite what everyone says. Cyrus mentioned specially that being himself was his X factor. Daler told Alok of his mistakes and Dean Palash Sen immediately rushed to his student's rescue. Daler had a small argument with Palash about the quality of singing, but since the point of argument was the student's welfare, it was settled amicably. Vidhan sang Aa jaa re from Lagaan. Ganesh said it was his favourite song because he had picturised it. But he wasn't happy about the way Vidhan sang it. Daler said "Academy ke sheron mut ho dheron". When Cyrus said he had to get rid of his nervousness, Vidhan explained that he did not like being talked to about his talking problem. Cyrus joked that even Bollywood's King, Shah Rukh Khan, has a stuttering problem (he was referring to one of Shah Rukh's many roles). Aditya, Delhi's rock star, sang the classic Aamir Khan song Papa Kahte Hai. Ganesh said he wasn't performing for all the audience. Daler said the X factor was very much present, but "sur ka khyal rahe". Cyrus pulled his leg by pretending that he was angry and pulled a bakra on him. Palash mentioned that he shouldn't depend upon the X factor alone and prove to the world that he was a good singer, too. Chulbuli Jyotika sang the sensual Aap jaisa koi. Daler asked her to make sure she sang in the correct beat. Cyrus cracked a joke on her dress, but Jyotika gave an apt reply. Sowmya liked her performance and Dean Palash exclaimed, "Zakaaas!". Rehan showed his comic side by changing his voice and acting as if he was a little kid. But when he sang Jara dekho kaun aa gaya hai from Don there was no trace of any childishness in his performance. Ganesh, though, felt that for a powerful singer like Rehan, it was a poor song choice. But Dean Palash made Daler admit that Rehan sang better than the original singer. When Arunima sang Chupake se raat ki chadar tale, everyone, especially the male contestants, enjoyed the performance, a fact which didn't escape Ganesh's keen eye. When Cyrus learned that Arunima had been an airhostess, he asked her to sing the flight announcement. Arunima rose up to the occasion by improvising and sang it so beautifully that everyone was left speechless. Rakesh has had a tough time leaving behind his wife and two-year-old daughter. His song Maaraa jiya re reflected his emotions for his family. But Daler asked him to not let that be a deterrent as it could affect his performance adversely. When Ritu from Jabalpur sang Aa bhi jaa ae subhaha she got the least criticism from Daler which in itself was a compliment. Ganesh thanked Dean Palash for pulling her back from the Danger Zone last time on which Dean Palash, happy by the improvement Ritu had shown, assured everyone that she wouldn't be in the Danger Zone hereafter. Ashutosh sang Mohe tu rang de basanti, which was originally sung by Daler Mehandi. Ganesh was tickled pink by that fact and said that to accept a challenge like that was Ashutosh's X factor. Daler was very appreciative, too. But then he asked Ashutosh to sing in the original 'patti', which is quite high. Ashutosh made an attempt, but wasn't very good. Daler then took the step even higher showing everyone the stuff real singers are made of. It was a stunning and revealing performance from the great singer and everyone including Dean Palash Sen gave a standing ovation. This time the judges formed four groups out of the contestants, declaring that one of the four groups would have to go to the Danger Zone. Banjo, Alok, Sammy and Priyanka formed one group. The second group contained Arunima, Ritu, Rehan and Aditya. While Ashutosh, Neeti and Rakesh formed the third group, the fourth group had Jyotika, Anandrupa, Rohit and Vidhan. It was the fourth group that the judges selected to go into the Danger Zone. Dean Palash Sen and Sowmya Rao were not happy about the inclusion of the two girls, whom they thought had performed very well. But rules are rules and so they had to respect the judge's decision. Dean Palash, after a long discussion with Sowmya, finally decided to get Anandrupa back into the Academy.

The fate of the remaining three will be decided on the coming Monday.

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