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Hi all,

Please post all articles relating to Fame X here. Again, no comments! They will be deleted.



Originally posted by Synopsis from Sony SAB Website

Fame X

Coming Soon

Concept & Story

Young is what defines today. Fame X will find talent which will be omnipotent and a firepower with respect to music and performance. 14 young and raring-to-go individuals will try and survive 13 weeks of raw competition in the university of music. These X-Factor contestants will be groomed under the vigilance and tutelage of 3 music icons and other professionals from different fraternities. Fame X is more than just singing…it's life… and in life - it takes more to win a competition. Fame X is a battle, a hunt to find those contestants who have that X-factor in them…who will survive the test of time and breed only the spirit of winning.

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WOW...HIMESH as a Judge...he kinda sucked as a guest judge on Lil Champs soo may be this was for good...but as an individual judge he was really good, completely supported shishak.
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All good things in life come with a price tag and so does Mallika Sherawat.
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Posted: Oct 8th 2006 by Ayushi Sinha
Mallika Sherawat is known in Bollywood for being over priced and now with the recent success of her 'Pyar Ke Side Effects', the actress has gone ahead and doubled her price.

The actress was recently offered Rs. 1.5 crores ($325,000) by Sab TV to judge their new talent show 'Fame X', but that does not seem to be enough for Mallika, who - according to industry insiders - is demanding Rs. 3 crores ($750,000) for judging the show.

'Fame X' is not a regular run of the mill talent show, as the selection team will only be picking a contestant, who has some unique quality and keeping in with the theme of the show the channel felt that Mallika would be the perfect judge as there is something mystical about her that makes her so unique.

However; after hearing Mallika's counter offer, the channel honcho's have started approaching other celebs, but are still negotiating with Mallika as she happens to be their first choice. So it would be fun to watch in the future if she will or will not judging the show, which by the way would set a new record if it happens, as Karisma who demanded Rs. 1 crores for 'Jhalak Dhiklaja' was rejected and they settled in for Shilpa Shetty, who charged Rs. 75 lakhs ($175,000).

Hearing Mallika's quote, it sure seems like "Stardom ke side effects" to us.

courtesy of Bollywood
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"I have a total disregard for organized religion"

There are times in all our lives, when we desire the need for divine intervention; times, when life refuses to acknowledge the seemingly obvious and decides to take refuge in a world that is far away from ours. A world that gives the body and mind the spiritual healing that it yearns for. We, at Telly decided to delve deeper into the lives of our favourite stars and know a little about their lives beyond the obvious.

He is one of the pioneers of VJing in India. His stylish persona sets precedence to style statements. With an attitude to die for, this big daddy of the VJing fraternity gets solemn about his spiritual side. Nikhil Chinappa gets talking to Ruhail Amin about his metaphysical connections.

I don't believe in organized religion

I have a total disregard for organized religion. Although I am spiritual to the core, I have chalked my own course to address my spiritual needs. Traversing beyond scriptures, rituals and religious mantras.

Music and Solitude

I consider music and solitude as my two distinct ways of connecting with the cosmos. I believe that music works like a fuel for me. It pushes out all negative thoughts out of my system. Solitude on the other hand gives me the much needed state-of-being where I dive deeper into myself.

Books that inspire me

Richard Bach's writings have influenced my approach to existential needs to some extent. But, at the same time I would consider it "silly" given the way it talks about life.

Life's Great

I have enjoyed every moment of my existence till date and I attribute this to my profession which is rooted in music. And I believe that music is a great way to connect with the divine.

Posted on 22 November 2006 7:30 pm

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sophia chowdhary

Femme fatale she is. The striking Sophia Chowdhary from the girl band Sansara has left searing hearts with her cover version of Ek Pardesi. All ye Sophiya fans, wait. Thy tickers shall tick faster for this lass when she says ye to some among the many film offers coming her way. A self-confessed shopaholic, she was recently voted the most stylish female pop star by MTV. Brands is what Sophiya roots for and gives IMAGES BoF a sneak peek into her wardrobe.

Casual Comfort

For me, my jeans is extremely important. It has to make my butt look good, legs longer, make me feel comfortable and most importantly it has to be versatile. The fabric has to be soft. I only wear designer jeans like Armani. When I was in college I used to spend maximum 80 on a pair of jeans and that seemed like a lot. But now my jeans cost over 200 each. I also like Seven for the fit. I tend to buy a lot of Mango and DKNY t-shirts as they fit very well and look good too.

Formal Tucks

It depends on the formal occasion. If it's a Bollywood awards function, I wear Indian clothes from Rina Dhaka, Rocky S or Suneet Varma. I really like their creations. For other formal events I wear westernwear from DKNY, Gucci or Prada. I like to mix and match my outfits.

Foot Loose

More than my clothes it is the footwear, handbag or jewellery that hold centrestage. I am crazy about shoes. I know it's not a very big trend in India. But when I look at a person I look from bottom to top and not from top to bottom. I only wear designer shoes from abroad as there is hardly any choice here. I like stiletto heels and boots. The brands I patronise are Gucci, Prada and Gina. I also wear a lot of Swarovski shoes. In fact my friends call me the crystal queen for the amount of Swarovski I wear.

War Paint

I am a big fan of makeup. I don't understand how girls in India say that they prefer not to wear any makeup. In fact abroad they teach you that a good moisturiser, sunscreen, and foundation are very important to protect your skin. I always wear foundation, lip gloss and mascara when I go out. My favourite brands are Mac for lipsticks and lip gloss, Chanel foundation, and Trish Mcevoy.

Be Jewelled

I can't wear much fake as I am allergic to it. I like Swarovski chandelier earrings. If it's real it has to be diamonds, solitaire, white gold and platinum. I also like antique jewellery from my grand parents. Among branded wear I like Tiffany and Cartier.

Treasure Tote

I think the handbag you carry makes a bigger impact than the clothes you wear. I like Louis Vuitton travel bags, Gucci and Dior for eveningwear. I also wear a lot of Swarovski studded bags for glamourous evening occasions. I don't like long straps bags. Only short bags with nice, cute handles work for me. Pink is my favorite colour and I just bought a pink Louis Vuitton bag.

Under Secrets

When I studied in Paris an old lady once told me that the lingerie you wear has to be good 'coz if you meet with an accident and they take you to a hospital and undress you, you'd rather be dead than wear bad lingerie! But seriously, I believe what you wear inside has an impact on what you wear outside. Good lingerie makes good clothes look even better. It also makes you feel better. I shop for innerwear in London. My favorite brands are La Parla and Agent Provacateaur.

Shopping Destination

Shopping in Courtyard in Mumbai is lovely. I also like going to Crossroads. It has all the international brands like Mango, Morgan and Nine West. In New Delhi 1 MG Road is good for designerwear. But mostly I shop in London, Milan and Dubai.

Brands I Long For In India

I think we need more affordable international brands like Zara. Kookai, which is more like Morgan, will also do well in India.

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Nikhil Unplugged

Rashmi Ail | June 18, 2003 11:26 IST

This MTV VJ loves to hunt tunes, but hates to chat

Nikhil Chinappa

Claim to Fame: 
MTV VJ who hosts MTV Select.

What do you enjoy doing on the Net?
 I mostly surf music sites to hunt for new tunes. I frequent sites like
Blackmarket Records. I am a complete music guy.

What is your daily routine like? How much time do you spend online?
On a daily basis, I spend at least half an hour online. Sometimes, if I'm in the mood, I spend half the night listening to music.

How would your favourite Web site be like?
The presentation of the site is important and the information critical. It doesn't matter whether the site is colorful or not. Connectivity is no longer a problem since it's pretty well tuned.

What are your favourite sites? is my favourite site.

What is your favourite Web-based gadget?
Real Player.

What do you like the most about the Net?
More than the information, it is getting the music at my fingertips that I like. I explore music on the Net and listen to samples. When I'm shopping abroad, I know what I'm looking for and what to buy, since I've heard it before.

What do you hate about the Net?
Junk mail. Hotmail is filled with it.

Anything you would want to change about the Net?
Nothing really. I like it as it is.

Have you chatted with strangers?
I don't chat at all. It's a waste of time.

Do you ego surf?
I have never keyed in my name to look up what has been written about me on the Net.

Do you download music and pictures?
I don't usually download music since the quality is bad. The remixes are crappy stuff. If anyone wants my pictures, I suggest they download it from

Any celebrity you would like to chat with?
 It would be Bono (U2).

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Daler Mehendi, high on the title track of Rang De Basanti, will now be seen as the judge on SAB's first big-ticket reality show, Fame X. The second season of the super successful Fame Gurukul, Fame X will start on November 24 and will be aired on SAB every week from Monday to Friday.

Like last year, Fame X will capture the journey of 14 talented singers vying for a place in a coveted music academy — Fame Academy. Adapted from the successful Spanish reality show Operacion Triunfo, Fame X will look for two new winners to take over from Qazi and Ruprekha.

Speaking about his new role, Daler Mehndi said: "I agreed to be a part of Fame X as I liked the concept of this show. It will be a journey of the 14 contestants and their constant endeavour to excel and become the singing sensation of the nation. I play a key role in their growth as I am their mentor, their critic and above all a guiding force."

Vikas Bahl, senior vice-president and business head of SAB, said: "We are glad to have the nation's biggest singing sensation, who has already made a mark with the Indian youth, as a part of Fame X."

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Who'll be the next 'fame'ous one
Friday, November 03, 2006 10:57:31 IST
With Daler Mehndi announced as the first judge, Fame Gurukul will now be revamped in terms of its concept and name
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Last year, there was a sudden spat of reality shows like Nach Baliye, Indian Idol and Fame Gurukul. While Indian Idol has finished with its second season a long while ago, Nach Baliye is halfway through its second season, then how could Fame Gurukul be left far behind?
Starting from the 23rd of this month, Fame Gurukul will now be revamped not only in terms of its concept but also in terms of its name. The show, which essentially is a singing competition, has already conducted its auditions in the various cities of India. From as many as 200 participants, 14 will be selected.
The show has a couple of twists too. It is now called Fame X and now Euphoria lead singer Palash Sen will be the dean of Fame Academy. While Fame Gurukul was telecast on Sony, Fame X will be aired on SAB.
"Fame X is very different from its earlier version in terms of selection of the judges, look and feel of the academy, which will be an indoor and outdoor set up. Also there will be one single winner who will be entitled for a Sony BMG contract and a special honour of singing an anthem for the Indian cricket team," said Priya Mishra, Programming Head, SAB.
The first judge to be announced by the channel is Daler Mehndi. Speaking about his new role as judge, Daler Mehndi said, "I agreed to be a part of Fame X as I liked the concept of this show. I will be playing a key role in the growth of the 14 contestants as I will be their mentor, their critic and above all their guiding force."
Explaining the reason for the choice of their judge, Vikas Bahl, Senior VP and Business Head, SAB said, "SAB is consciously making an effort to reach to the new age Indian and offer them popular entertainment that is innovative, inspirational and optimistic. We are very delighted to announce that Daler Mehndi will don the judge's cap in our first reality show Fame X. We are very glad to have the nation's biggest singing sensation, who has already made a mark on the Indian youth, to be a part of Fame X."

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