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Kya Yehi Pyar Hai Updated P14 (Page 3)

berkeleygirl818 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 November 2006 at 10:09am | IP Logged
i just read it, it is LOVELY Clap , but i prefer reading AK patrs. but the other parts r good 2!!!!!!! PLEASE continue soon!!!!!! Smile

aishika_pyar_5 Goldie

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Posted: 22 November 2006 at 10:14am | IP Logged
Now back to kkavya and anjali

It was the engagement.

A: anjali was all dressed with her hair done in bounce curls and looking beautful as ever as she remembers what kkavya had said in the store.

She arrives with the gifts and flowers and she kisses karishma and gives her the gifts. Anajli walks up to Tanishya her other freind and they both start talking. Soon the wedding was over and anjali feels bored as sujal and anagd was to follow her but angad had a show and sujal had a meeting.

They were having the wedding on a beach so she takes off her shows and walks on the beach.Just then she feels a soft warm hand place its hand onher shoulder. It sent shivers down her spine and when she turns around...

A: aap.....

K: ha main lekin tum yahan.....

A; this is my frend karishma wedding

K: suprisingly this is my cousons wedding too

Both laugh

A: so what are you doing out here

K: the same reason your outhere bored and just wanna be alone

A: thats true

K: since weve met again we havent even got to know eacothers name?

A: oh im so sorry im anjali ....anjali khanna

K: oh so your anjali khanna the sister of angad and sujal khanna

a: thats right

K: ive head alot about you

A: what do you mean

K: well my business partner is sujal

A: oh my god you kkavya, bhaiya always talks about how busioness deals and how sucessful and stuff

K: thats right, well now that we know eacother would you like to go out for dinner. Im not in the mood to be at a party right now

a: anjali blushing says yes

K: kavyya gives him her arm and she wraps her ahand around his arm and the walk off the beach into his car

They both leave... What will happend next...will this be the start to kkavya and anjali's relationship.....what will prithivi do to kripa what has fate got in store for kashish is she really made for find out read kya yehi pyaar hai
aishika_pyar_5 Goldie

Joined: 08 June 2006
Posts: 1807

Posted: 22 November 2006 at 2:44pm | IP Logged
Angad and Kripa

The both finish hugging as kripa says angad please....please before i break down more do you think you could leave so i could have some alone time.

A: teek hai....if you think its safe beacuse i dont want anything like phritivi coming in when im gone

K: angad beleive i can take care of myself

A: he kisses her cheek while they both starte into eacothers eyes as their title song kaise yeh pyaar hai plays. Its the slow version.

A: He then tries to hug her and kiss her again

K: anagd to jao abhi nahiye

A: he says nuzziling her neckbut we love eacother so it dosent make a difference

k: Anagd jao....

K: nahiye...nahiye tum jao she says pushing him out the door

A: sif ek baar he quickly kises her and runs out.

K: paagal. she then decides to take a shower as it has been a long day. she coumes out with her hair weat and srtingy an she is wearing a pink and black with silver saree. it has heaving silver embroidery. She then wavezs het hair with the hot comb and wears the heavy jwelery and bangles. As she had to preform with anagd at the stadium. she then turns in the closet to get her purse she gets her purse and when she turns around she screams

P: he quickly puts his ahand on her mouth and braced her to the wall.

P: aww miss kripa sharma.....infact miss kripa bhosale

P: you thought you could have escaped me...the one and only pjritvi bhosale. Nahi kripa your wrong.

P: he takes a knife and is about to stab kripa when he gets hit from at the back by anagad

He quickly lifts up kripa and takes her into their car as the quickly drive off. The arrivve at the place and the press is bugging them like hell. Kripa is trying to hold back her tears but she cant. They then preform to the song vaada raha from khakee.

They finish the song and kripa quickly runs into the back room. she is crying like hell.

K: anagd muje mat jao please dont leave me. I cant live a second without me past taunting me.

A: dont worry you wont go back home tonight you will sleep at my house.

K: kripa then tells him everything that happend

A: Im gonna kill him...i will kill him kripa

Anj and kash: Kya hua...kripa didi tum roh rahiye hoh aur anagd bhaiya...ka ghusta....

Anj: kripa did muje bhole na

K: kya bataonye main.....kya bantaonye maine.....anjali please dont leave me

kash: come on lets sit and talk.

K: kripa tells anjali everything about phritvi and what happend with anagad.

kash: itna bada raaz aur tume muje chupaiye

K: anj its not easy. she starts to cry on anjalis shoulder and is holding kashish hand.

Anj; dont worry didi i will make sure you and angad bhaiyalive happily ever after

This is anjali khaana's promise and anjali khanna never goes back on her word. Kashish and anjali decides to keep this from shaila beacause she has heart problems and she wont bear the secret. Anjali and kashish leave kripa to get changed as the took her stuff in the car. Kripa quickly got changed and went into the car with anjali and kashsish and shaila left with sujal.

They all arrived home and the 3 gurls went staright to anjali's room and started to talk.

K: OMG....tears start to roll down her eyes...Angad

A: oh shit anagad bhaiya must have left in a passion to fight phritvi

Kash: lekin prhtivi is armed and dangerous....anything seroius can happen..... heres the plan anjali and kripa you leave to find anagd while ill call up his firneds and stay here to make sure shaila unty dosent suspect. But first change cuz you dont wanna leave seraching for anagd in a heavy saree do youu....

Anj: teek hai kashish didi well change and leave and you stall mom and bhaiya.

Kash: konsa bhaiya

Anj: you dont know him he just came to india after a year from englad..his name is sujal


Anjali: ha sujal khanna.....di were leavin

Kash: suno mere baat....rukho ....

K and ANj together: bye didi

Kash: ab mey kya karoon

Shaila: kashish beta kahan hain anjali aur kripa aur anagad kahan hain?

Kash: nahiye aunty its just that they all had a after party to attend isliye

Shaila: you come and help me with dinner

Kashish: accha...chale

Shaila started to feel sick so she went and liad down and took medicines so kashish made the dinner all by herself. She finished and dinner was laid on the table.

Sujal: excusme me shouldnt you be in uniform...he mistaked her for being a servant

Kahsish: excuse me....aree aap

Sujal: aap....tum yahan karate ho

Kashish: my sister is kripa and right now i have to stall shaila aunty beacuse anjali and kripa have snuck out

Sujal: smells so good who made it...

Kashish...i made everthing

Sujal: really well you are beautiful, intelligent and can cook very well. Im suprised.

Kashish: smiling and blushing im gonna call aunty

Sujal: hold her hand from going as ssayz no need too she will have dinner later so its just us. They then look into eachothers eyes lovingly with their theme song plays and yes its non other that the song thoda sa pyaar hua hai from the movie maine dil tujke diya. So when you have time i suggest you listen it this song very good song.
Scene slowly fades away.

Thats it for tonight will post folling part in next 2 hours

Luv you so much

berkeleygirl818 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 August 2006
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Posted: 22 November 2006 at 4:26pm | IP Logged
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Clap Clap continue soon!!!!!!!! Smile
BengaliChica92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 November 2006 at 4:40pm | IP Logged
Very Good!!!!!!! Clap
aishika_pyar_5 Goldie

Joined: 08 June 2006
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Posted: 22 November 2006 at 6:54pm | IP Logged
Thanx crystal blue and berkley girl you rock yaar and now im gonna update.

Anjali and kripa re searching everywhere for prhitvi and angad but none of them is anywhere to be found. Just Then kripa remembered that they would be at her house.

They quickly ran upstairs and saw anagd and phrivitvi fighting. The were fighting so much that both of them was bleeding non stop.

ANjali: anagd bhun karo yeh bakvvaas

Kripa: angad let him use chordo

A: main nahiye chordunge nahi chorduge main

Phritvi: who do u think you are one of us is going to die today and its gonna be anagad. He took out his knife and he was a bout to stab angad but he ended up stabbing anjali

Kripa and anagad: ANJALI

angad is only the floor crying and he quickly picks up and they all run ionto the acr and head for the hospital.

they rush her into the ER. On the PA system the call for KKAVYA NANDA. Yes kkavya is the surgeon( he seems like a stalker to anjali LOL)

Kav: He sees anajli lieing on the bed =...ANJALI ....kya hua anajlai ko

A: she was stabbed

Kavy: nurse take her in mr anagad please complete the formalites.

K: please doctor...please save my sister

Kavy: dont worrry i will do my best

6 hours past

Angad and kripa: how is she

Kavy: she is completley fine ive saved her

The quickly run inside. The all satrt to talk about what happend with phritvi. Anjali decides that to defeat phritvi we need more help i mean he is armed and will be after kripa 24/7 i meanlook at him he is completley obssed with kripa.

Pa system: visiting time is now over

A: didi we have to leave you take rest and we wont tell mummy cuz u know waht will ahppen

K: take care of youself love you di

Anj: You all go i am fine.....

kkavya comes in: hi miss anjali how are you feeling

Anj: im just fine kkavya...kkavya thank you so much i really didi enjoy myself that night but something so fast had arisen that i couldnt even thank you. I really am sorry.

Kkavya: its okay anjali even i had a great tyme as it is its not everday that you get a dinner with a beautful gurl. well im gonna go now

Anjali: holds back his hand kkavya do you think you could keep me comapny for a while. So they both chat away the whole night and have fun. Anjali didnt even feel as if she was in hospital.


Kkavya wakes up. Anjali is already dresed as kripa and anagd was gonna pick her up at 1:30 as that was the time she was going to get discharged. He Then goes to anjali and says he will be back from his cabin. He brings the medicines and tells her how to use them. Finally angad and kripa came to pick her up. She was about to leave when...

Kavya: anajli do you think we could go out sometime

Anjali: sure anytime

Kkavya: friday night at 7 pm

Anjali : its ok and remember to confirm on thouday night.

Kkavya: anjali....

Anjali: han kkavya

he then kisses anjali on her cheek and says see you later.

Anjali is holding he cheek and is blushing as to what has just happend.

Thats it for tonight i will update tomorow
BengaliChica92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 November 2006 at 8:27pm | IP Logged
Great part!!!!!!!!!Plz go on soon!!!!!!!!!!! Clap
brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 November 2006 at 10:23pm | IP Logged
just caught up! great parts!!!!!!!!!!

cant believe that happned!!!!! with kripa i mean

luckily the sis's have great destiny's. their boyz are right infront of their eyezz...

contine soooooonn

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