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Arjun raped his wife..?..how.=0 (Page 2)

aaliyah Senior Member

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Posted: 26 November 2004 at 4:38pm | IP Logged
nice updates..i think u must definatly tape these episodes to remember them so well.

TiN24 Goldie

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Posted: 26 November 2004 at 5:46pm | IP Logged

Actually.........i have only taped 1 episode ever since I watched the show when it started. I wrote all these updates by just remembering what happened.

Hope you guys enjoy them!Big smile

TiN24 Goldie

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Posted: 26 November 2004 at 6:54pm | IP Logged

-Arjun comes in and sits next to kajal on the bed. She seems annoyed but doesn't say anything. He has a talk with her and holds her hand, after a couple of seconds, she takes her hand back. He keep trying to convince her that this is a mistake and she should not take out her anger on him on the baby. He again gives her an emotional speech about how badly he wants to be a father. Kajal walks over the window in the room and looks outside. Arjun follows her. He tells her something (can't remember exactly what) but it was regarding comething religious and he sort of get's through to her. The doctor comes and says that everything is ready and kajal and arjun stare at each other.

-Arjun walks away and goes to the door, he looks one last time at kajal with puppy dog sad eyes (so cute) and goes out. Arjun, kajal's dad, and her sister are all waiting outside pacing back and forth. Finally the doctor comes out and arjun quickly asks the doctor if everything is ok and how kajal is. The doctor says off course she is ok....why wouldn't she be. Just then kajal walks out perfectly healthy and fine. The doctor tells them that kajal decided last minute not to go through with the abortion.......arjun is happy.

-Then arjun is at a flower shop buying flowers for kajal. He bumps into kushaal (the evil boss that's after kajal) and kushaal starts to bluff saying that kajal loves him and not arjun, etc, etc. Then arjun tells him that kajal loves him and to prove it, she has decided to keep his baby. Kushaal is shocked to hear this. Arjun gives him a dirty look and leaves.

-Arjun comes over to kajal's house to give her the flowers and some imlee (cause I guess that what most pregnant women like to eat). He comes at stands at the door. Kajal father is sitting on the bed reading and her mother comes up to the door to see who it is. She sees it arjun and turns her back. He tells her that he is like her son and even a mother forgives her child. He says he got "a bouquet of imlee" for kajal. What he meant to say was that he got a bouquet of flowers AND some imlee for kajal, and her mother starts laughing. He comes in and just then kajal comes. She see's arjun and he thanks her for not aborting the baby. She tells him that its her baby and she felt as a mother she shouldn't take her anger out on the innocent baby.

-Arjun tells her and her family that its his birthday and samay is giving a big party for that and the coming of the baby so he came to invite all of them. He tells kajal that if she comes he will feel as though he has gotten the most expensive gift in the whole world. And then he leaves.

-he comes home and tells samay and his parents that he invited kajal and her family for the party and they are happy.

more to come...........

TiN24 Goldie

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Posted: 26 November 2004 at 8:46pm | IP Logged

-The next day kajal's mom is sitting at the dinning table cutting up some food. Kajal comes along and says hi to her mother. Her tells her that she is making some dish for her that she likes. She says that arjun likes it too. Kajal looses her smile, get's up and walks to the window. She asks her mother if she's making the food for her or for arjun, she says both. She comes up to kajal and tells her that arjun has tried to phone her 3 times now and tells her that she should call him back. Without saying anything, kajal just goes inside her room.

-She is in her room and picks up the cell phone from her bed. She checks it and see's that arjun is still trying to phone her. She contemplates whether to pick it up or not and finally does. He says kajal and she in return says Happy B-day Arjun.........boy or boy is he happy. He says thanks and asks her if she is going to come to the party tonight. She says she's not sure cause she doesn't feel well and suddenly arjun get's worried and asks her if he should come over and take her to the doctor. She says there's no need and she'll see. And they hang up.

-Kajal then goes and sits on her rocking chair. She thinking and then see's illusions of herself, 1 good and 1 bad. The good one is telling her to forgive arjun as he is guilty for what he's done and the bad one tells her that she should not forgive him cause he raped her. She sitting and listening to all this and goes crazy.

-Its arjun's party and everyone is there. Everyone is wishing arjun happy b-day and his attention is diverted cause he's waiting for kajal. He goes stands next to the door and is trying to call kajal at home but no one answers. His parents come up to him and tell him and they know he's waiting for kajal but the other guests are waiting for him. Once his parents leave, he tries calling kajal on her cell phone and it rings. But when it rings, he hear an echo and starts looking around where the echo is coming from. Once he turns around, he see's kajal looking at her cell phone and is surprised to see her. They both have tears in their eyes (tears of happiness off course) and stare at eachother while the background title song is playing saying "tu hi dil mein hai" instead of "koi dil mein hai".

-Arjun's parents come up to both of them and tell arjun that kajal has been here this whole time and is the one who did all these decorations and organized this party. Arjun is happy to hear this and they all go to cut the cake.

-On a side note, Kruitka and samay are having problems because she accuses samay and kajal of still liking eachother. She even accuses samay and kajal that the baby kajal is carrying is samay's not arjun's (courtesy of kushaal brainwashing krutika against kajal). Samay get's fed up of her accusations so he tells her to leave the house. (this happens during the whole arjun/kajal storyline)

more to come.............

meghavi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 November 2004 at 10:03am | IP Logged

thx..for theses so far..

ill be waiting for more.!!

TiN24 Goldie

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Posted: 28 November 2004 at 4:55pm | IP Logged

-Krutika goes back to her mothers house and has a crazy moment. She goes into her room and starts throwing things all around. Her mother comes in and asks her what happened. She hug's her mother and is crying and her mother understands that she has had a fight with samay. Saying this to herself, malani (krutika's mother) says "the punj family will pay for every tear of yours".

-Krutika is sitting on her bed crying and her mother comes up to her and gives her papers saying that this will get back your happiness. What she gives her are papers stating that because the punj family look a loan from malani and her business and have not paid it back as yet, their business, property, house..everything is krutika's now. She can kick them out of their own house now.

-Meanwhile, the party is going on and arjun and kajal share a dance together. Everyone is watching and are happy. Samay is watching them and in his head is saying that he hopes their (kajal and arjun's) happiness lasts forever. Just as he is standing watching them, Krutika comes up from behind him and starts clapping. She comes stands next to him and is clappinp. He looks next to him to see her standing beside him. He says "what a great party......but samay, why didn't you invite me?" Samay gives her a dirty look.

-She looks at arjun and kajal and says "kajal, I see you have forgiven arjun now right"? Before she really gets out of hand, samay grabs her by the wrist and takes her upstairs. He takes her into his room and asks her what the hell she is doing. They both have a couple of words back and forth to one another and then finally krutika show's samay the papers. He reads them and gets upset. She's about to leave, and he beg's her not to do anything crazy and ruin the party, they can discuss this later. And they both go downstairs.

-There are too lady's standing there talking and krutika goes up to them and says something she shouldn't have and samay pulls her back. He says not to put on a tamasha but she say's you haven't seen my tamasha as yet. The party is over and the family is in samay's room. They are all wondering what krutika has done when samay gives the paper's t his father. He reads is and Krutika starts taunting them saying that everything is her's now.

-The next day neetu (arjun's mother) goes over to malani's house to ask her why she is doing all this. Malani in return says that she has a choice/condition, neetu asks what it is. Malani tells neetu that either they have to pay back the loan (which is A LOT of money they can't afford) OR Kajal has to abort the baby and leave the punj house for good. There were krutika's and malani's 2 conditions.

-Neetu get's upset and says she can't do this and leaves. Meanwhile at the punj house, kajal and arjun are thinking of a way to get the money. Kajal is holding a glass of milk/juice and is thinking. Arjun turns around to say something and see's that she is not drinking it. He gives her a lecture on how she has to take care of herself and the baby. Just then Krutika walks in and again has a confrontation with kajal and arjun.

-Everyone is at the breakfast table and kajal is serving them. Krutika comes along and says what kind of breakfast is this. From now on she wants eggs, toast etc, not parathas. One by one, everyone get's up from the table and leaves. Kajal is left standing there and tries to talk some sense into krutika, but it doesn't work. Kajal, Samay and arjun all bring breakfast to manmeet and neetu's room. They say that they will eat breakfast together as a family. They are all sitting on the bed when Krutika walks in and again taunts the family.

-Manmeet and Neetu are in their room talking and he asks her why she is upset. She tells him that she went to meet malani and these were her conditions. Manmeet hears the conditions and says "what, kajal's abortion"? When he looks up, he see's kajal standing at the door and heard everything.

-Kajal is upset at the fact that she has to choose between her family and her baby. She thinks about the well-being of her family, but also the fact that arjun want's to be a father so badly. She is up on the terrace starring into the sky. Arjun comes up from behind and says he has been looking all over for her. He see's a shooting star and asks for a wish.......little abhimanyu. He tells kajal that he has a feeling they are going to have a boy and wants to name is Abhimanyu. She tells him that if "Arjun" (religious figure) had to choose between his baby and his family and he choose his family.......what would you choose?" Arjun says "off course my family". Kajal starts thinking.

-Krutika is in her room and kajal comes along and tell her that she has to speak with her. She says what do you have to say, but kajal says what I have to say I can't say here, so you have to come with me. Kajal takes Krutika to the beach. She tries to explain to krutika that what she is doing is wrong. She can give her any condition, but why is she asking her to sacrafice her own baby. Krutika says because its because of yours and samay's relationship I am doing all this. You still love him and are trying to take him away from me.

-Kajal finally spills the beans and tells Krutika that it was acutally kajal that sacraficed her love (samay) so that she (krutika) can have him. Krutika is shocked to hear this. Kajal says fine, she accpets her condition and will abort the baby for her family's sake and happiness. Krutika is still thinking about kajal's words about her sacraficing her love for her best friend.

-The next morning kajal comes down and tells her family that she is going out for a while. Arjun get's up and asks her where she is going and that he will take her. She says no, she will go by herself. Just as she gets to the door, Krutika comes infront of her and asks her where she is going all by herself. (she is still talking in a very sarcastic tone). She tells kajal and she must think she's great for sacrafcing something so important for her family's sake. Manmeet asks kajal where she is going and Krutika says she will tell everyone. Finally Krutika breaks down and says kajal is going to the hospital to complete my condition about her aborting the baby. Krutika finally comes to her senses and asks kajal for forgiveness and from the entire family. She goes up to samay last and gives him divorce papers saying that they were just not meant to be and that she has already signed them.

-Malani is also there and gives Manmeet all the paper's back saying that the business and property is theirs again and that she hopes they can start new relations now. Everyone is happy and crying except samay. Krutika goes up to kajal and hugs her. She tells her that tomorrow they are having a party and that kajal has to come. Kajal tells her how can she forget her best friends birthday. Krutika is surprised to see that kajal still remembers her birthday even after everything they have been through.

-Krutika looks back one more time at samay and leaves. The next morning, kajal is sitting on her bed putting choorian on and arjun just comes out from the shower dressed. He goes to the mirror to comb his hair and kajal and him say that they have to bring krutika and samay back together. Kajal get's up and goes up to arjun to put his jacket on him. He turns back to mirror and kajal get's cramps. He truns around worried and asks if everything is ok. She says yes its just cramps and he goes down on his knees, and puts his head on her stomach. He tells the baby not to bother his mother because she is a wonderful person. He get's up, kisses her on the forehead and they both hug. Just then arjun gets a phone call and has to go. He tells kajal he loves her and will meet her at the party. (oh, I forgot, while they were talking, arjun came up with the idea to get a gift and send it to krutika saying that its from samay to get them back together).

-Now comes the party scene and the worst episode. Kajal is waiting for arjun and is dreaming about him. When she snaps out of it, she looks at the door and see's arjun just walk in. He doesn't look to great. As he walks up to her, she opens up her arms to hug him. He comes up to her and quickly hugs her for a while. Once they seperate, she looks at him and he looks flushed. She sees sweat on his face and his eyes are red. She wipes off the sweat from his forehead and begin's to get worried. Arjun looks at her and has a smerk on his face while still in pain. He holds up his hand and its filled with blood.

more to come............

amreen Senior Member

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Posted: 29 November 2004 at 5:56am | IP Logged
TiN24 believe me i tape these episodes incase i am busy and i can't get away from house work so i tape then and store then by me and go bk to them whenever i feel like it, obvioulsy without telling my sisters cause they are not big fans of ejaz like me.
TiN24 Goldie

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Posted: 29 November 2004 at 12:57pm | IP Logged

-Kajal sees the blood on arjun's hand and get's really worried. She sees that he is slowly going down (health wise). He collapses and falls to the floor on his back. Kajal is covered in arjun's blood (coincidently she is wearing a white sari) and sees that arjun has been stabbed in the stomach. Since he is wearing a white shirt, his whole chest is covered in blood. She is shocked at first, but then starts crying and goes down to arjun. She yells out his name and one by one, everyone hears and comes to her.

-Manmeet comes rushing, samay comes rushing, then neetu comes close with malani and sees arjun on the floor with blood and faints. Krutika then comes and all of them are around arjun. Everyone is crying when Krutika spots someones hand covered in blood with a knife. She quickly gets up and goes after that person. Samay is about to get up to folloe her, but arjun grabs his hand to stau. Just as that person is at the door, krutika grabs them by the shoulder, turns them around and sees that it is none other than Kushaal. She says "tum"???? He shoves her back and quickly runs away.

-Krutika comes back and everyone is crying as arjun has passed away.

-The next day everyone is crying and are getting ready to perform the religious rituals for arjun. Kajal has no tears or expression on her face cause she is still in shock. The police office comes in and asks manmeet and samay if arjun had any enemies or grudge against Kushaal. Samay tells him that kushaal and arjun hated each other and he killed arjun and that he wants kushaal in jail. The police officer says don't worry, we will catch kushaal.

-They take the body away for cremation. Once they come back, Kajal gets up and says "oh, arjun has to go to the office and I have to get his clothes ready for him". She runs upstairs and krutika and kajal's mother followe her. Kajal opens the closet and starts to take out arjun's clothes for him to wear (basically she's gone crazy and is still in shock). Her mother tells her why is taking out clothes for someone who is not in this world anymore. Kajal says you are crazy and arjun is coming home. She takes out a baby shirt and tells her mother arjun brought this yesterday for our baby, so how can he be dead. Krutika says that what your mother is saying is right. Kajal says that's not true and starts to laugh. Her mother shakes her and yells to her saying that arjun is dead, and that he is no more. Kajal has flashbacks about arjun coming and hugging her and then dying with all that blood on her. She snaps out of it and starts crying and yelling out arjun's name.

-Weeks go by and krutika and samay are taking care of kajal. She keeps thinking about arjun and has nightmares about the night he died. She begins to have stomach pains when samay walks in and takes her to the hospital. He takes her there and gets her checked up. The doctor says that she has to be taken care of. Samay calls up Krutika to let her know. She is happy to see that samay calls her in his time of need. He also calls his father up and he comes to the hospital.

-Manmeet thinks about it and comes to conclusion that kajal is still young and needs someone to take care of her and her baby and the only person that would be suitable for this job is samay. Manmeet tells neetu that he thinks that kajal and samay should get married for kajal and her baby's sake. Neetu says what about krutika, but manmeet says that she has already signed the divorce papers so.....Once he looks up, he sees krutika standing at the door and she heard everything.  Krutika tells them that she was thinking the same thing and that kajal and samay should get married.

-kajal's mother and neetu are talking downstairs about the same issue and kajal over hears everything while standing in the stairs. She runs up to her room, locks herself in and cry's her eyes out. Meanwhile, krutika called samay to talk to him about this whole marriage stuff. She asks to meet him somewhere. She meets up with him and convinces him to marry kajal. Before he can say anything, his mother calls him up and tells him that kajal has locked herself in her room. Krutika and samay rush back home. They all try to open to door but kajal doesn't listen. Then krutika tells her for their friendships sake she has to open the door, and kajal listens.

-Kajal still hasn't decided whether or not she will marry samay. She is sitting in her room and samay comes sits next to her. He explains to her how from now on she has to take care of herself and her baby. He brings the diya that arjun made when he was a kid and puts it infront of arjun's picture with the mala on it. Kajal gets up and lights the diya. All of a sudden, a gust of wind comes from nowhere and the kajal and samay both put their hands around the flame of the diya so that it doesn't go out. Just then, the mala from arjun's picture falls off and the both of them are left with a blank look on their face.

-The next day, kajal comes down from her room and tells her in-laws that she wants to go out. Samay asks if he should go with her, but she says no she wants to go by herself and manmeet tells samay to let her. Kajal goes over to krutika's house and krutik asks her what she has decided about the marriage proposal. Kajal doesn't say anything and leaves.

-Kajal is driving on a dark road all by herself when her car breaks down. She get's out to check and sees that its a flat tire. She goes back to get something from the drivers' seat or sit back in when she sees something in the side mirror. She's shocked and turns around to see arjun standing under a tree dressed all in white and their smoke/fog all around. He smiles at her and waves his hand. Kajal tries to through her hands around to get rid of the smoke to see clearly, but when she see's, he's gone. She goes back to the car door, looks around one more time and is about to sit when she looks up and sees arjun again standing in front of her. He looks at her and turns away and starts walking off. Kajal runs after him but again he disappears. She turns around to walk back to the car when samay comes up from behind her. He tells her that he has been looking all over for her.

-She tells him that she saw arjun and that he is alive. Samay  asks her where. She points to all directions where she saw him and samay tells her that it was an illusion and all in her head and that arjun is dead. They both go into the car. Samay tells her that his mother wanted them to pick up a "sika" (coin) from the jewlers for some religious purpose and the daughter-in-law of the house has to pick it up herself. She says fine let's go. Once they are at the jewlery shop, samay is looking at the coin and kajal looks outside the window and sees some kids playing with fire-crackers. She looks closely and sees arjun again watching her from outside. She runs out of the jewlery shop and goes outside to see. Samah follows her and she tells him that she saw arjun again and know's he is alive. They both leave and go home.

-Once they get home, kajal tells her in-laws that she saw arjun and knows that he is alive. They tells her that is impossible and its just imagination cause she wants him back so badly. Neetu tells kajal to go to her room and rest. Kajal goes.

-Neetu the next day comes up to kajal's room and tells her that she was planning on going to her parents house (kajal's parents house) to talk to them about getting kajal and samau married. Kajal tells her that she has not decided yet, but neetu snaps at her and tells her that it is in the best interest of her and her baby. Kajal thinks to herself that what she saw was really arjun and not her imagination and that she knows that arjun is really alive and it ends.

Well, that's all the update from then until now. This is all that has happened so far. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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