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Fanfic: Shuruaat Pyaar...fresh updt 4/24 (Page 54)

huneymonsta Senior Member

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Posted: 03 August 2007 at 5:07am | IP Logged
I love this FF. Please contnue! Big smile

akaur IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 August 2007 at 6:03pm | IP Logged
pls update
mintfresh Senior Member

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Posted: 04 August 2007 at 2:18am | IP Logged
where r u ?
plz cont soon
ladoos Groupbie

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Posted: 05 August 2007 at 8:59pm | IP Logged

hey all,
yes, i'm still around but busy like crazy Cry work load is unimaginable and i can't even get enough sleep Ouch anywayz, will continue when i do get a chance to write the next part...yes, that's right...i haven't even written one line of the next part but not to worry...i have no plans of abandoning the story yet! Smile
sum2005 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 August 2007 at 9:14pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by ladoos

hey all,
yes, i'm still around but busy like crazy Cry work load is unimaginable and i can't even get enough sleep Ouch anywayz, will continue when i do get a chance to write the next part...yes, that's right...i haven't even written one line of the next part but not to worry...i have no plans of abandoning the story yet! Smile

sure we will wait honey as u assured us that u r not abondoning the story so sweet just like ladoos ....u ladoo.Embarrassed

*mad* IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 August 2007 at 9:14pm | IP Logged
no worry..... update when u get time..i was wondering since u r bck wht happened to u.. thts all LOL

go n sleep properly Tongue
ladoos Groupbie

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Posted: 10 October 2007 at 9:27pm | IP Logged

Recap: Finally she looked at him, "It's ok. But please, no more jokes for tonight." "I promise," said he smiling. "How could you be in mood for a joke after tonight?" she couldn't help asking. Shiv replied as they sat down and he turned the car on, "because the old Shiv Kapoor is back. The one who knew how to live life, knew how to have fun and smile." Gauri shook her head & smiled, "I had just begun to understand you & now you're saying there's a new you?" "No, not a new me but the old me. And I promise, you're in not just for a surprise but also a thrill ride." Gauri looked at him with wide eyes, "What do you mean?" He flashed her his mischievous smile & said, "just wait & watch!"


It had been exactly a week since Gauri had found out the truth about her marriage & also a week since the "old" Shiv was back. And boy, was she having a tough time keeping up with him! That night when they had returned home, Gauri's family had been getting ready to leave. Ipshita & Nikhila stood looking very disturbed with Nikhila slipping away to call Shiv's cell every few minutes but the number kept coming as not reachable. She was worried that Shiv might have told Gauri everything. And if that happened then their whole plan would go to waste. She couldn't afford to let Gauri discover the truth. But she heaved a sigh of relief when she saw the two walk in. Gauri was smiling and Shiv looked preoccupied. That's a good sign, thought Nikhila. This means he didn't tell her anything otherwise Gauri was bound to be very upset & as for Shiv…well…he looked like he was confused & disturbed about something…he's probably still trying to decide how & what to tell Gauri, thought Nikhila with satisfaction. Neither she nor Ipshita realized how wrong they were.

Shiv had asked Gauri to pretend as if nothing had happened as he didn't want either Nikhila or Ipshita to start scheming against Gauri any further. He had promised himself that he would shield Gauri from further problems & he had realized that the best way to do this for the time being was to let Nikhila & Ipshita believe that he had not gotten up the courage to tell Gauri anything. As Gauri & Shiv made their way to sit with the family, Dadaji asked teasingly, "You're back already? You've been gone ONLY 3 hours. What was the hurry?" Everyone in the room burst out laughing. Gauri looked at Shiv nervously as color rose to her cheeks but Shiv smiled & said, "It's nothing like that dadu. I took Gauri to the Mandir as she had been feeling a bit low lately…that's all." Dadi looked at her grandson surprised & exclaimed, "I had heard that marriage changes all but this drastically & this quickly…I had yet to see this! Dadaji, shaking his head said, "Haven't you heard that saying? Mangni hui to gharwalon se gaya, shaadi hui to duniya se gaya." All burst out laughing again while Shiv looked a little lost. He asked, "And what exactly does that mean?" To which his dadi replied, "What he means is that once engaged, a guy forgets his family & once married, he forgets the world. In other words, all he can think of is his fiance or wife." Shiv looked at a blushing Gauri & stammered, "Nnnoo, it's nothing like that." To which his dadi asked, "Really? Then explain to me how my grandson, who didn't believe in anything religious or traditional a few months ago & never would be seen near a mandir would suddenly start visiting? I can only come up with one answer….Gauri!" Everyone burst our laughing again while Nikhila rolled her eyes & Ipshita stood burning in jealousy. Finally, Gauri's dad came to Shiv's rescue & said, "Mandir jaana to acchi baat hai (Visiting the temple is a good thing). We shouldn't be harassing Shiv like this." Shiv looked at him thankfully & smiled, "Thank you." Dadaji exclaimed, "Bhai wah! Sasur ho to aisa! (Wow! One should have a father-in-law like him) Gauri's father smiled warmly at Shiv & said, "We should be leaving now as it's getting quite late." Everyone stood up to bid him, Massima & Kaya goodbye.

Another two weeks later…

"Gauri….Gauri!" shouted Shiv. In the kitchen, Gauri looked apologetically at Dadi while Dadi only smiled & said, "I've been telling you to go for the last 30 minutes. And you still have to get ready! You should go otherwise you'll be late." Gauri smiled at Dadi nervously as Dadi patted her cheek lovingly & said, "Abhi to sabzi bhi nahin kaati…who karloon phir chali jaoongi" (The vegetable still hasn't been chopped…I'll do that & then go). To which Dadi laughed & said, "No, I'll manage. But why are you so nervous? You should be happy that Shiv's taking you to one of his parties." Gauri looked back at her not knowing how to voice her nervousness. Dadi read her like a book & continued, "I know. You're nervous because you've never been to such a party, right? And of course, it's not just any party, so how can you not be nervous? Right? After all, Machan has thrown this party for the newly weds & is an occasion to introduce you to Shiv's circle of friends." Gauri looked back at Dadi weakly and tried to smile but failed miserably. Dadi smiled seeing Gauri's state & said, "Chal mere saath" (Come with me).

Shiv was getting restless & irritated while going through his wardrobe now. Where was she? And why hadn't she come by now, especially when he had called her endlessly? He was about to shout her name one more time when she walked in slowly & closed the door quietly. Shiv knew the instant she was in the room despite her not making a sound. He had started to feel her presence now, no matter where they were. He was surprised himself at this odd behavior of his & he didn't know what could possibly be the reason. He turned around & saw her leaning on their closed bedroom door deep in thought. He called, "Gauri, where were you? I have been calling you for ages and…" He stopped when he saw her still in her trance & called her again, a little louder this time. And finally she seemed to have heard him. "Ji…kuch kaha aapne?" (Ji…you said something?) Shiv sighed when he saw her quickly turn around the other way not facing him. He looked down at himself in just a towel & shook his head. This woman was hopeless. He walked over to her, turned her by her shoulder, and leveled his face with hers. She immediately closed her eyes while he chuckled & said, "Gauri, you should have learned to admire what you see by now & not turn away." She continued to keep her eyes closed as her cheeks flushed a rosy red, so he continued, "If another girl was in your place, she would have been all over me by now." Gauri's eyes shot open & she saw him smirking at finally being able to force her to open her eyes. She looked away again, still flushed, but this time with anger, while Shiv noticed a shopping bag in her hand. He knew she was mad & to distract her he asked, "What's this? A present? For me? Oh…how nice of you!" Gauri moved away from him, still angry, and placed the bag on her bed. She then moved to their cupboard & took out the suit that she had already readied for him. She walked over to him & handed him the suit. He looked up surprised that she knew what he needed without him asking her for it. Before he could say anything, she began, "I had told you before I left the room that I had left your clothes in the cupboard then why did you need me? He smiled sheepishly at her & rubbed the back of his head with one hand, trying to look innocent. Gauri's anger melted away in a second but she kept herself from smiling at his cute faces that he was making. He knew that he was in hot water & was trying to use his charm on her. She had not yet fully learned how to pick up on when he turned his charm on her. She could easily tell when he used it on other women. And of course "other" was NOT restricted to just relatives…as she will learn pretty soon.

But as for now, she had recognized instantly what he was doing. Initially, in the past three to four weeks, she used to fall for it instantly but she had started to pick up on things slowly & realized how Shiv used this weapon to get out of any & every thick situation. It didn't work so well with his dad so, instead of his charm, he used his attitude there. Gauri was horrified to see such tension between the father & son & had vowed to bring them closer after a close encounter in which Shiv would have insulted Mahen horribly had Gauri not come in between & apologized on Shiv's behalf & dragged him away from Mahen. Shiv had been drunk that day & emotionally disturbed & Mahen had chosen the same time to confront him about a certain business decision that Shiv had taken the day before. It was nothing but pure wrong timing. Shiv had overheard his mother scheming against Gauri again along with Ipshita. He had been furious & would have confronted them had he not thought things through. If he confronted them then he was bound to admit that he had confessed everything to Gauri & then the two of them would be alerted & would try something else. If he didn't confront them then they would atleast be unaware that he had found out about their new plan & could act accordingly to ensure Gauri was not harmed in any way. He also realized that it was about time that the whole family was made aware of their wrong doings. If he didn't say anything then his mother & Ipshita would never stop & who knows how far they could go to turn their dreams into a reality. So, Shiv had stayed mum & had instead gone to the bar & gotten drunk thinking how his own mother could be so insensitive. He thought that she would have understood his feelings when he had made everything so clear to her & Ipshita last time. He could care less about Ipshita but his own mother had failed to understand & accept his decision. She knew how much she meant to Shiv & how much support he would have needed from her. He felt as if he could not turn to anyone. That he was alone. But then Gauri's smiling image had come in his mind & he had immediately stopped drinking & headed home, knowing how worried she would be about him not coming home. He was much closer to her now. They were best friends & Shiv swore at himself for thinking that he was alone. How could he think he was alone? Gauri was always there when he needed her. Be it to get him ready for office or anywhere else, to help him get out of thick situations, or to make him realize the consequences of his actions.

Gauri came back from her thoughts hearing Shiv addressing her. She looked up & found him in front of the wardrobe again but fully dressed this time. "Do you need something else?" asked Gauri, confused. Shiv turned around & said, "No, just putting something back." Gauri came over to him & saw him putting the tie back that she had gotten out for him to match with his black suit & the black silk shirt. She looked at him still confused & he said smiling, "You seriously didn't think I would wear a tie to the party, did you?" "But you've worn it before to the two or three parties we've attended…so I thought…" said Gauri more confused. Seriously, she could never make head or tail of the things he said or did. She looked up questionably so he said, "I think you're forgetting what I told you. In case you don't remember…the old Shiv's back & that Shiv would never have worn a tie to a party. Come on man…I'm going to a party so I can relax & enjoy myself not to feel suffocated & bored!" Gauri just shook her head. She wasn't even going to try. Half the things he said these days didn't make any sense…well…to her at least. Shiv went over to the dresser & started styling his hair…as he fixed himself up he looked back at Gauri through the mirror as she watched him get ready. He said casually, "By the way…you look stunning…all my friends are not going to be able to take their eyes off of you. Seems like I'm getting all dressed up for no reason…especially when no one's even going to look at me!" Gauri looked up at him surprised. Since when did he start complimenting her looks? She looked at him confused. He sighed & brought her in front of the dresser & pointed at the mirror…indicating for her to look at herself.

When she looked up she found a woman with flour on her right cheek, haldi (turmeric) stains on her sari in a few spots, & her hair a bit disheveled. She looked at herself horrified…she shouldn't have come in front of Shiv in such a state! Oh…there goes her chance of impressing him…she had resolved to look neat & tidy in front of him always. But by the way things were going…she was looking just like she used to look in Kolkatta before her marriage…except the sari. Before it used to be salwar kameez always. And she never used to care about how she looked. She was never interested in "sajna-sawarna." She had thought it to be a waste of time really. And now…she cursed herself for not taking care then & learning how to groom herself properly. She looked at Shiv embarrassed but instead of making her feel better he threw his head back & laughed holding his stomach. Her cheeks turned a rosy pink…she wanted the earth to swallow her. She looked back into the mirror at both of them & thought, wah…kya jodi hai! Rajkumar aur naukrani ki (wow…what a couple! a prince & a maid). She was furious with herself & Shiv's laughter wasn't helping her feel any better. She was hurt & looked at him with a hint of anger. She quickly went to grab her clothes & hurried into the bathroom, closing the door in a flash. She could still hear him laughing as she turned the shower on. "Don't worry Mr. Shiv…I won't let you down. I'll make sure that your words come true!" muttered Gauri, to herself. She smiled slowly as she thought back to what Dadi had said to her. She wasn't convinced earlier but now as she thought it over she couldn't help but say, "Dadi, I think you were right. It's time to give him a taste of his own medicine!"

so? how was it? i only just finished writing it...i am hoping for a positive feedback but then again constructive criticism ALWAYS helps! Smile I'm still pretty busy & will try to post the next part sooner but no promises Smile do comment & thanks to all those who've waited so patiently & for those who weren't so patient...i hope i've made u happy! was it long enough? i sure hope so...i need to get some sleep now...nite-nite! Tongue

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wow.. thank god u continued...

it was as always brilliant...!!

please do continue!!

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