Tum bin! Ratri TS last part on pg 11 (Page 6)

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Very emotional teaser i must say !
Felt like crying with Raghav. She is getting married to someone else and he can't do anything ?? Cry

Tum bin jaaon kahaan !

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Originally posted by babita..

Very emotional teaser i must say !
Felt like crying with Raghav. She is getting married to someone else and he can't do anything ??Cry

Tum bin jaaon kahaan !

The story is going to be emotional and you have to wait and c what is going happen
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Originally posted by braveheartdoc

So heartbreaking for me... I can't see Raghav crying...please I request you to finish this story fast... So that we can soon see their reunion...
But I must say a very emotional teaser...

The story is very emotional you can see both of there heartbreaks
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Originally posted by 1973deepak

Such an emotional teaser, Raghav's condition shows his love for Trisha. Hope Trisha is not married to anyone elseCry

You have to wait and c
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Originally posted by Tasha1994

such a awesome teaser. raghav crying as he got to know trisha is getting married to some one else and its all his fault. and someone comes.awesome teaser dear .loved it

Thank you will update tonight
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Originally posted by Az07

Teaser 2

Raghav sat on floor and cried. He had lost her. Lost her forever. It's all his fault that she was not with him now. He don't know how long he sat like that and cried out his heart. He felt a hand on his shoulders. He turned back and the person whom he saw was unexpected
Was Trisha there behind him... ??/

Nice teaser... but felt bad to see a crying and lost Raghav... !

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Originally posted by bawaswift

Originally posted by Az07

Teaser 2

Raghav sat on floor and cried. He had lost her. Lost her forever. It's all his fault that she was not with him now. He don't know how long he sat like that and cried out his heart. He felt a hand on his shoulders. He turned back and the person whom he saw was unexpected

Was Trisha there behind him... ??/

Nice teaser... but felt bad to see a crying and lost Raghav... !

you have to wait and see what exactly is happening.
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Part 1

Raghav was revealed that he is finally back to Delhi. After long three years. He missed the atmosphere of this city. He had left this place three years back only to complete his mission. To find his dad's murderer. Vidhushakh! He himself didn't know where all he had travelled for this past three years to catch him. Finally after years his mission was accomplished. He was able to reach vidhushakh. But before he could see his face or know the reason why he murdered his father vidhushakh he jumped off from a cliff and committed suicide. They were not able to get even his dead body. Because no one had came alive from that cliff. Even getting dead bodies is equal to impossible. He sighed. Maybe few stories a meant to be incomplete. He was able to reach his dad's murderer but couldn't put him behind bars. He himself escaped from his clutches for ever. Raghav thought was this the punishment for hurting trisha? He had just like that resigned from cbi and left without even a word with her. He could imagine her condition after hearing the news of resignation. She would have definitely be hurt by his actions. Though she never voiced out he knows that she loved him. His resignation and moving out from Delhi would have been a shock to her. He missed her so much in all these years. Her care, affection and there sweet tiffs.
But he had no other go. He had to stay away from her. For her safety. Vidhushakh was after him. He didn't want her to get involved and put her life in danger. He knew she will never allow him to resign because of which he had to do it without anyone's knowledge.

Cbi office

Raghav was so nervous. After all he is going to meet trisha and his teammates after 3 years. Obviously they will be angry for leaving them with out even a word. He was astonished as there was no body in office except for security guy.
Raghav: trisha aur baaki sab log kahan hai?
Security: sabh log toh trisha mam ki ghar gayi. Aaj shaadi hai na woh attend karne gayi.
Raghav was stunned. Trisha is getting married to someone else. He felt like he will faint at any moment. He just couldn't stop blaming himself its all his fault. He never opened up his feelings for her and left just like that. He neither asked her to wait for him nor he tried to contact her ever in all these 3 years.
After coming out from his shock he decided to go meet trisha before her marriage. He at least had to try once had to reveal his feelings for her once the rest is in trisha's hands and of course his destiny too.

Trisha's residence

Raghav had never drove this fast in his life. He had to meet trisha before her marriage. He saw her house was beautifully decorated and was filled with people. He decided not to go by front way. He some how managed to enter her house through back gate and went upstairs to her room. { he had came to her house years back few times when they were working together. So he knew her room was upstairs}

Trisha's room

Trisha was in front of her mirror putting pin to her maang theekha. Raghav had tears in his eyes seeing her. He was seeing her after long three years. She was worn a beautiful red with golden ghaghra choli with same colour dupatta and matching ornaments. Her hair was platted and the make up highlighted her beauty. She was looking so elegantly gorgeous.
Raghav: trisha
Trisha was stunt. Without even looking she could recognise his voice. She couldn't believe her ears. Did she really heard raghav's voice? She turned back and she couldn't believe her eyes. Raghav was indeed standing there. She had tears in her eyes. 3 years! It had been 3 long years she is seeing him.
Raghav could make out that trisha was surprised and happy to see him. But soon her expression changed from surprise and happiness. Her face became clouded with anger.
Trisha: raghav tum yahan kya kar rahi ho? Kahi aisa toh nahi ki tum kissi galat jage pe aayi?
Raghav: trisha please listen to me once. Uske baad tum jo decide karogi muhey manzoor hoga.
Trisha: oh really itna kuch hone ke baad tum yeh expect kar rahi ho mein tumari baat sunu?
Raghav took her hands and kneeled down in front of her.
Raghav: i really love you trisha. From the moment i saw you i had fallen for you. Mein jantha hoon muhsey bahuth badi galthi hui. Bina bathaye tume chodh kar chali gayi. Ek baar tume contact takh nahi kiya. woh mere liye aasan nahi tha. Tumse dhoor rahna. Par mein kya karoor? Muhey vidhushakh ko pakdna tha. Woh meri haar movement ko track kar rahi thi. Mein tumari aur team ke koi bhi member ki jaan khathrey mein nahi dalna chathi. Mein jantha hoon tum bhi muhjse bahuth pyaar karthi ho. Mein samjh sakthi hoon tumari narazgi jayaz hai. Par mein tume khona nahi chathi. Apni parents ko mein bahuth pehle kho chukha hai. Aur ab tume khona nahi chathi. Please trisha muhey chodke math jao. Please iss shaadi math karo. Mein mar jaongi tumari bina.
Trisha closed her eyes in frustration.   
Trisha: pyaar? Woh shabdh tumari mooh se suit nahi karthi. Agar tum muhjse sach mein pyaar karthi thi toh iss tarah muhey bina bathaye chodhke toh nahi jathi. Kamsi kum muhsey tumare liye intezaar karne ko toh kahengi jane se pehele par tumne aisa nahi kiya. Tume kya laga mein hamesha tumare liye intezaar karongi? Tum iss tarah muhey for granted nahi le sakthi. Mein tumari shakal takh dekhna nahi chathi. Aur yeh shaadi ho kar rahegi.
She left from there. Raghav was stunt. Raghav sat on the floor and cried. He had lost her. Lost her forever. It's all his fault that she is not with him now. He felt a hand on his shoulders. He turned back and the person whom he saw was unexpected. Trisha's mother.
Trisha's mother too was shocked to see raghav in trisha's room. That too in this condition. She had came there to call trisha but she was no were to be seen in her room and raghav is there.
By seeing his condition she understood what would have happened.
Raghav composed himself and wiped his tears.
Raghav: i am sorry. Muhey ab yahan se chalna chahiye.
Trisha's mother: raghav kuch samey baad shaadi hai woh toh attend karke jao.
Raghav smiled sadly.
Raghav: muhey maaf kardhiji ye. Mein yeh shaadi attend nahi karsakthi. Mein kaise apni trisha ko kisi aur ke hote huae dekh sakthi?
Trisha's mother: raghav tum kya bol rahi ho? Shaadi triisha ki nahi balki unki choti behen tejal ki hai.
Raghav was stunt.
Trisha's mother: aur tum yeh kaise soch bhi sakthi ho trisha tumare alava kisi aur se shaadi karne ke liye tayar ho jaongi?
Raghav was surprised.
Raghav: par trisha ne muhey kuch nahi bataya
Trisha's mother: obviously woh tumse naraz hai. Ek toh bina kuch bataye chali gayi aur upar se tumne yeh soch bhi liya ki trisha ki shaadi ho rahi hai kisi aur se. Raghav tum kahi nahi jaogey. Tume yeh shaadi attend karna hoga. Aur bidaai ke baad mein tumse kuch baath karna chathi hoon. Ab muhey thodha kaam hai. Aur trisha kahan chali gayi?
She went out in search of trisha.
Raghav sighed in relief. Trisha was not getting married. That fact gave him so much strength. He couldn't blame trisha for not clarifying his misunderstanding. After all she had gone through a lot of pain because of him. He knew it wouldn't have easy for her to convince her parents especially when she herself didn't have an assurance from him. He washed his face and went down stairs.
He was noticing trisha who is running here and there doing multiple works. Of course she has to be busy. After all it is her sister's marriage. She will have to take care of many things. He felt like he is falling for her once again even more strongly.
Raghav could hear her relatives and family friends murmuring about tejal getting married and trisha is still single. Few people directly or indirectly asked about her marriage. Trisha somehow excused herself as she become uncomfortable when she hear about marriage. Raghav felt guilty for putting her in such a situation.   
Raghav had met rajbir, bikram and dr. Arathy as they have came to attend the wedding. swathi had gone abroad for her studies. So she is not in cbi team now.]]
Of course they were surprised to see raghav after a long time. They were angry too. Raghav apologised to them and revealed about vidhushakh. They felt bad for him at the same time they were revealed too finally raghav can move on in his life.
Trisha had literally no time to chit chat as she was busy with works related to marriage. Trisha thanked her team for coming and when they tried to talk about raghav she excused herself saying that she is busy. She didn't want to stress herself and spoil her mood. After all its tejal's wedding.

After sometime - in lawn

Tejal's marriage and bidaai took place grandly. After that guest started leaving one by one. Trisha was looking after the other works related to marriage. Trisha's mother asked raghav to meet her in the lawn. For the first time in raghav's life he was nervous. Trisha's mother could understand his nervousness.
Trisha's mother: tume pata hoga teen saal pehele mein hamesha trisha ke peeche thi uski shaadi ke liye. Jab woh hamesha sare risthey thukhrathe humne socha uski career ki wajhse hogi.


Raghav's resignation from cbi had been a shock to trisha. She just couldn't believe that raghav had left her just like that. She tried her maximum to trace raghav. As said if a criminal tried to hide he can be traced but when a cop does that tracing him is next to impossible. Trisha was totally shattered. She became totally silent after raghav left. She became totally preoccupied by her work. Trisha's change was noticed by her family. They became worried for her. Finally when they realised trisha is not going to open up her mother decided to speak up to her team mates. They too informed her that she rarely speaks these days and if she did that will be related to work. They gave a hint to her that could be because of raghav's sudden disappearance. Trisha's mother had a suspicion that trisha loves raghav. That's the reason for her denial about marriage. And his sudden disappearance had shaken her. She decided to talk to her.

Trisha's room

Trisha was lying down after coming back from office. Trisha's mother came there with a glass of milk.
Trisha's mother: tumne kuch nahi khaya. Ab yeh dhoodh peeyo.
Trisha: nahi mumma man nahi hai.
Trisha's mother: aise kaise? Tum already bahuth dhugli pathli ho aur kuch dino se mein tume notice kar rahi hoon tum theekh se kuch khate nahi ho. Kya hua trisha kuch parishani hai toh batao.
Trisha: nahi mumma kuch nahi hai.
Trisha's mother made her lied down in her lap and she caressed her hair.
Trisha's mother: maa hoon mein teri. Mein samjh sakthi hoon tumari har takleef. Sach batao trisha tum raghav se pyaar karthi hoon na?
Trisha cried. Her mother understood that her suspicion had turned out into reality. Trisha loves raghav.
Trisha's mother: aur raghav? Woh bhi tumse pyaar karthi?
Trisha: muhey nahi pata mumma. Woh hamesha meri saath prank karthi aur meri chehre pe smile le aathi. Woh kuch directly nahi patayi par mein janthi hoon woh bhi muhjse pyaar karthi hoon.
Trisha's mother became worried.
Trisha's mother: agar aisa hai toh woh tume chodh kar kyun gayi woh bhi bina bataya?
Trisha: apni zindagi ki makhsad ki wajhse.
Trisha's mother: trisha tume yeh nahi pata hai woh tume pyaar karthi hoon ya nahi. Aur tume yeh takh nahi pata woh wapas laut aaongi aur nahi. Agar laute toh bhi tume accept karo yeh baath ki kya guarantee hai?
Trisha: woh wapas aajaongi ek din muhey pata hai
Trisha's mother: kab?
Trisha: woh muhey nahi pata. Woh zaroor wapas aaongi. Aur mein unki intezaar karogi
Trisha's mother: tum pagal hogayi hai kya? Tum aisi ek insaan ke liye intezaar kar rahi hoon jisko man mein tumare liye kuch hai woh bhi tum nahi janthi. Agar uske man mein tumare liye kuch hota woh tumse intezaar karne ko kahengi. Raghav ne aisa kuch nahi kiya. Trisha jitna jaldi tum yeh sachayi accept karo utna tumare liye acha hoga.
Trisha was stunt and she cried out her heart.

Trisha's parents didn't bother her after that day thinking that she need some space. After all time can heal all wounds. They thought after sometime she will understand and cope up with reality. After some days when they again started talking about her marriage and they started searching alliance for her. But much to there shock she denied even to meet guys. She was stern in her decision. If she marry someone that will be only raghav. She can never give that position to anyone else. She didn't care if he loves her or not.
As days passed there had been rifts between trisha and her parents. Her parents became really worried for her future. They were not sure whether raghav will return and if he comes back will he accept her or not. They wanted to see trisha settle down in her life. They can't see her spoiling her life waiting for someone without even an assurance. But trisha was firm in her decision.
One day trisha's mother had noticed anti depressants and sleeping pills in her room. She also found a hospital file from which she understood trisha has been consulting a psychiatrist.
Her parents became worried and secretly they met her psychiatrist. From him they understood trisha is going through a lot of emotional turmoil. He advised her parents not to force her for a marriage. That can only land her up in severe psychic conditions.
After giving a lot of thought her parents decided not to pressurise her for marriage. They don't want her to lose her mental balance. But they were worried for her. They silently prayed to fulfil her wish.
...flashback ended...
Raghav was feeling guilty for putting trisha in so much pain. At least once he could have revealed about his feelings for her.
Trisha's mother: humare liye aasan nahi tha trisha ko iss tarah chodhne ka. Par hamre pass koi aur rastha nahi tha iske alava. Hum apni trisha ko khone nahi chathi. Hum tejal ke liye bhi worried the. Par unho ne apna life partner khudh chunli. Aur woh log ko trisha ke bare mein sab kuch bataya. Iss liye tejal ki shaadi mein kuch rukhawat toh nahi hui. Mein apni beti ko tumari wajhse tadapthe huae dekha. Tumare jane ke baad woh ek zindha laash ki tarah ji rahi ho. Mein unhe mushkhurathe hui kabhi nahi dekhi pichli 3 saal mein. Raghav mein sirf apni beti ko khush dekhna chathi ho. Tum ek bar unhe chodke gayi. Kya mein tum par aaj barosa kar sakthi? Kai tum dhoobara unhe chodke toh nahi jayegi na?
Raghav: mein aapko vaada karthi hoon. Mein aaj ke baad trisha ko chodke kahi nahi jaogi. Aur unko apni zindagi ki poori khushi lautadhoongi. Jise woh deserve karthi ho.
Trisha's mother: trisha bahuth naraz hai tumse. Mushkil hoga unhe manana
Raghav: jantha hoon. Par mein kuch bhi karke unhe manathi hoon. Aap fikhar math kijiya.
Raghav was determined to win back trisha in his life.

Whereas trisha was determined not to forgive him soon this time. If she did that he will always take her for granted. Her self respect didn't allow that. But at the same time she was revealed to see him back. Many nights she had bad dreams about him. She was scared what if something happens to him? She had prayed for his safety secretly.

Next day - CBI office

Raghav had came to office on time. After he had solved vidhushakh's matter he had contacted dilip chauhan. He had requested about joining back cbi. Usually its not possible once resigned its difficult to re join. But knowing raghav's skills he had considered his request. Raghav had requested him not to reveal about his return to anyone as he want to meet everyone personally. Rajbir and bikram was happy that raghav is back. Trisha understood why her mother didn't oppose when she had told her that she had go to office. Her mother on usual circumstances wouldn't allow her to go to office as tejal will be coming home today for pathphere. Trisha wished rajbir and bikram and went to her cabin.
Raghav entered her cabin.
Raghav: good morning trisha
Trisha just stared him and continued her work.
Raghav: trisha tum muhey maaf nahi karogi
Trisha: nahi
She continued her work. Raghav was thinking a way to pacify her.

Conference hall

Everyone had gathered in conference hall.
Trisha: ek nayi case aaya hai. Dehradun mein ek honeymoon resort pe pichli ek hafte mein dho couples ka murder hua hai. Dono couples ke beech koi connection ya link nahi hai. Dono murder ek jasi hui. Couples ke body uski bedroom mein mili. Forensic ka report yeh hai mauth ki dham guthney ki wajse hui. Woh kaisi hui ab takh no idea. Couples ki body mein koi struggle ke nishan nahi hai. Nahi uski post-mortem report mein koi sedatives ki nishan. Mare hue dono couples kafi influential family mein se. So issliye ab yeh case cbi handle karegi.
Raghav: boss muhey lagtha hai killer zaroor uss resort mein se koi hoga. Kyun na hum target banke jao?
Rajbir: tum kehna kya chathe ho?
Raghav: boss aapko mere saath honeymoon mein aane mein koi takhleef toh nahi na?
Rajbir and bikram was stunt. Trisha started at him angrily. Raghav smiled. He knew trisha is so professional. She will never mix her personal issues with her work.
Trisha: rajbir aur bikram tum dhono backup banke rehna.
Raghav thanked almighty for giving a chance to win back trisha. He was determined to solve there issues before returning from Dehradun.

Ps: i am extremely nervous. Hoppe you guys liked the story.

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