Tum bin! Ratri TS last part on pg 11 (Page 12)

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Originally posted by Tasha1994

thanks for the update dear off to read it

No problem take your time

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Originally posted by braveheartdoc

Read it in metro, awesome will reply asap, on duty

No problem 
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Originally posted by Tasha1994

awesome update dear such a wonderful story and a interesting case.
Thank you glad you liked it
RaTri and the whole team going to deharadun .the flight scene was soo cute BikRa trying to make sit together and Raghav trying to play pranks with trisha was soo cute .really loved it .
The team is like a family the can understand each other so well
so now RaTri are undercover as a honeymoon couple. loved all The RaTri scenes this update soo romantic and cute .first Raghav and trisha entering the room and raghav trying to get close to her .and trisha getting irritated. their candle night dinner was soo cute . raghav getting trisha fav thingd and she aking he still remembers was soo cute the ratri story scene was soo cute raghav telling trisha a story and trisha sleeping after hearing it soo cute.   
Raghav tried his best to Manao her Trisha tried her best not melt so soon. But the true love they have for each other is an hindrance unknowingly she is melting with his efforts 
so the next day RaTri go for sight seeing to find some leads but to Vail.loved the team scene when they discussed about the case. to towel and bathroom scenes was soo cute. could literally imagine RaTri and their expression in it .
Was very nervous writing that part glad you like it 
the hotel scene was soo awesome raghav taking trisha to their room after she got drunk and the way trisha opened her feelings to raghav was soo cute .trisha trying to kiss Raghav and raghav not responding was soo mature of Raghav. he didn't want to take advantage of the situation.
Under the effect of alcohol she opened other wise she wouldn't have. She is very much reserved and strong person. Raghav loves her truly. That true love made him stopped himself in doing something which they shouldn't have to 
 the scene in the morning was soo nice so finally the killer is caught because of Raghav thanks for writing such a awesome and interesting case.
Thanks was really tough for me to write that case part. 
and finally the awesome confessions loved trisha telling raghav to jump off but Raghav telling her he will never leave her .thanks for writing such a wonderful story. loved it soo much

Thank you so much glad you liked it 
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Originally posted by 1973deepak

Uma I love your story very much, so romantic. 
Thank you 

Trisha and Raghav went as couple to solve a case. Raghav placing hand on her waist and introducing as Trisha Raghav Sinha!!!!. 
Raghav took advantage of the entire scenario 
Trisha taking sleeping pills and Raghav telling her his childhood story, Trisha slept peacefully. 
Raghav understood her emotional turmoil and wanted her to have a normal life 
Then comes my favorite part, someone mixes vodka in Trisha's lime juice and she was almost unconscious, then Raghav took her and made her lay on bed. 
Trisha revealed all her emotions in effect of drink and then the kiss. Raghav tried a lot but finally kissed her. 
Trisha would have never opened up herself otherwise considering her personality Raghav knew she is not in her senses he can't take advantage of that. After all he loves her and respects her. 
Trisha was so shocked in the morning seeing herself in Raghav's shirt only. Raghav could understand why she reacted then made her understand. 
Raghav is seriously a good man and respect Trisha. So Trisha realized her love for him. 
Any girl in her position would react like that. His true love had once again win her heart 
The case was nice the killer was shyam, such a psycho. 
Sadly such psychos do exist 
All in all love your story and just want that you wright many many stories like this
Thanks dear 
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Originally posted by DEKER

hi ,i love ypur story it was amazing and the case was also very interesting Clap
i love the seen where raghav use to put trisha in his arms and the conversation after that,
trisha reveal all the emotions of her in front of him, raghav also had tears in his eyes...i love it
raghav love as well as he respect it was too good
ClapClapClap i just love your all story's whichever you written till now 

Thank you gladyouliked it 
This story was really tough for me to write 
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Originally posted by babita..

Awesomely awesome story Uma ClapClap
Liked the case and how it solved, all were clueless but raghav took the clue from the drink served to Trisha and all got solved ! As usual kuch nahi chup saka Raghav ki aankhon se StarStarStar
Thank you yes nothing can be hidden from Raghav's eyes. He is someone who thinks out of the box. 

The story line is superb ! Loved how Trsiha got irritated by raghav's jokes and his all trials went into vain Tongue
She is a women with loads of self respect so it's a tough job for Raghav. 
 Liked to see them fighting over nothing and Trisha was not ready to forgive him this time as she is a self respected woman and can't let him take her advantage to hurt her once again !
Yes indeed she is 
Liked how Rajbir and Bikram knows the bond they shares and let them sit together in the plane. 
They are like a family now. They all can understand each other so well and can do anything for them 
Loved to see them all in the casuals, The beautiful and the handsome were complementing each other, what a scene it would have been !
Yes they would have been such a lovely couple 
The washroom scene was a lovely coincidence Wink and later i loved the candle light dinner from the " dramebaaz " ! LOL
His small small efforts to bring her back to her old self 
But the way he took care of her not take the sleeping pills and made her listen to the story his Mom used to tell him and she slept without fail. Lovely to see him kissing her forehead and she woke up amazing that she slept without the pills. 
That is my favourite part too. He is trying his level best to help her to lead a normal life 
Lovely scene, when she was drunk due to the culprit's tactics to murder them, but all went into a lovely outcome that they were so close to each other and Trisha opened up her heart to him. He finds him guilty and wanted to pacify with every means and that's why he came more closer to her but never crossed his line. Wonderful man he is Clap
Trisha would have never opened up herself the reserved person she is. He has to feel guilty for putting her in such pain. He loves her and respect her so he can never take advantage of her drunken state 
She knows that men are hard to control their feelings but Raghav did it for Trisha and for the love he has for her. The love comes back to them and Trisha somewhat got melted over her angry views towards him.
The way he controlled himself shows his true love and respect for her. That indeed win her heart once again 
Loved the terrace scene where she was testing Raghav and he did not jump to leave her, rather opted to jump together to be together after death even. 
He can never do that mistake once again. 
The RaTri becomes one once again and confessed what they were to confess long ago. !
Finally after eternity they did 
Sometimes, we shoud say our feelings, becos being silent in love becomes killing sometimes !
Yes sometimes unsaid love becomes a punishment 
And the most beautiful question is being asked.. Trisha kya tum mujhse shaadi 
The question he should have asked long back 
Ps - i am very nervous while writing this story through out. I tried my level best to make it interesting. If you guys feel not dignified in some parts of the story i apologise in advance. 

Uma. this was so awesome that i wonder why are you apologizing. U have given a real and a perfect update to the story moves and it turned into a sweet love story in the end ! 
I was very nervous especially writing some personal scenes. 
Well portrayed the characters and well presented the scenes. All is stupendously superb ClapClap
Thank you 
Hats off to your written abilities. Hugs and loves Hug Heart
Your comment really means a lot

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Originally posted by braveheartdoc

First sorry again for being late... 
No problem take your time 
It was nice to see a bonding between the team members, the way Raghav and Trisha were made to sit together intentionally by the other two team members... just shows how much they all love and care for each other... cute scene...
The team is like a family they can understand each other so well 
Raghav again trying to irritate her but this time she is determined to not give in easily... ab thodi mehnat to karni padegi aur narazgi ko sehna padega... he knows she'll forgive him soon... she deserves this effort from him... after what he did to her...
She is a women with loads of self respect so he need to work hard 
Lovely scene when he introduces her as Mrs Trisha Raghav Sinha... he knew she won't say anything now as they are undercover for a case..
Yes Raghav took advantage of the entire scenario 
The room scene was well written by you... the way he kept on trying to irritate her and she making it very clear that they are a couple only outside the room... so sweet...
Raghav is trying his level best to pacify Trisha and she is trying her level best not to melt so soon this time 
The candle light dinner... so romantic... he ordering her favourite meals... he obviously remembers each and every like and dislike of Trisha... after all he also was not happy to be away from her all these years. He was trying to apologise for leaving her like that and never expressed that it wasn't easy for him as well... she was his only soulmate in this world.. this is the beauty of their relationship... they feel for each other more than they feel for themselves...Clap
It was not easy for him too. Fact is he can never forget her. She is a women who had touched his heart and soul 
The way he narrated a story to her and she slept while listening to it... sooo cute... he must have been so relieved to see her sleep without those pills...Heart
Raghav wants her to come back to her normal life 
Next morning Trisha thanking him for making her sleep without medication... she had waited for this day since 3 years... she must have been so relieved..
Indeed she was 
The way they tried to interrogate each and every suspect and possibility was nice...i liked it a lot..
The room scene was lovely... both of them must have been shocked because of this unprecedented situation... but they handled it nicely...
Sometimes this do happen. I was very nervous writing this part. 
The best part of your story was the way he took care of her when she was under alcohol effect... she brought out all that she had in her heart for so many years in her semiconscious state... all that she had been through... that could happen only like this... she would never open up easily when she is in her senses... such an introvert she is... he just listening to her and blaming himself for everything was so beautiful...ClapHug
As you said she would have never opened up herself. She need to have that heart to heart conversation with him 
I liked the way he controlled his feelings and didn't take advantage of her situation... he would never do this with her... he however kissed her when he realised that she was feeling rejected just to pacify her and express his love for her... so romantic and very very mature...
He loves her and respect her truly he can never take advantage of her drunken state. 
Trisha becoming anxious in the morning... expected considering the type of person she is...
Any girl in her position would be 
The way the case was solved was great... there are such psycho people existing in this world... who would do anything to satisfy their ill psyche...
Unfortunately yes such people do exist 
The terrace scene was lovely... he would never leave her now in any situation... come what may... she just wanted to test him and he made her very clear how much he loved her... the final confession had to come after all this...they both had been waiting for this since so many years...
He can never do that mistake leaving her alone. The late confession finally 

Ps - i am very nervous while writing this story through out. I tried my level best to make it interesting. If you guys feel not dignified in some parts of the story i apologise in advance.

Please Uma don't  be nervous... The way you presented each and every scene was so cute, romantic, full of emotions and absolutely dignified considering the beauty of their relationship and the turmoil they both went through all these years... YOU DON'T NEED TO APOLOGISE FOR ANYTHING... each and very part written by you is close to our heart... loved every bit of it...
Thanks a wonderful story once again 
Thank you so much that really means a lot it motivates me 

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Awesome story uma ma'am

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