Tum bin! Ratri TS last part on pg 11 (Page 10)

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Originally posted by Tasha1994

awesome start dear .simply loved this chapter soo much .
Thank you glad you liked it

so Raghav left cbi without telling anyone to get vidhoodhak. and finally after 3 years he caught him .felt soo bad for Raghav seeing he couldn't even see vidhoshaks face and couldn't put him behind the bar's
Yes he left cbi for catching joker but fate he couldn't complete his mission he suicided in front of him 
 . raghav came back to Delhi after 3 years and went to meet trisha first.but he got to know about marriage liked the way he went to trisha house and confessed that he loves her
Yes his worst fear became real
 .trishas anger is truly justified .
Yes any one in her position will react that way 
so finally raghav got to know its tejal who is actually getting married .loved to see relief on his face 
Yes it's Tejal who is getting married not Trisha 

.so Raghav got to know how much trisha suffered when he was away .
Yes she suffered a lot because is disappearance 
so a new case and RaTri going as undercover honeymoon couple .that's soo interesting. 
thanks for such a awesome update. loved it soo much
Thanks for ur lovely comment 

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Originally posted by 1973deepak

Such a nice update, 
Thanks glad you liked it
Raghav was so shocked that Trisha is getting married with someone else. 
Yes his worst fear became real 
I thought that Raghav almost lost Trisha but thank god it's tejal wedding. Trisha is so angry with Raghav, it is justified. 
Yes it's tejal's wedding. Her anger is justified 
For a minute she scared him too much that she will not wait for her. 
Her anger is justified more than that she is hurt that he left her without a word and now MU her getting married to someone else. Absolutely no need for her to clear it 
Raghav got relieved that she wait for him. He will definitely won her heart but it's not easy to do so. 
Yes it's a tough job 
Now about the case, 
The case sounds interesting and Raghav asking Trisha for honeymoon. I could imagine Rajbir and Bikram faces what a shock? But Trisha handled it nicely. 
Yes they both are shocked as I said Trisha is so professional she won't mix her personal interest with her work 
So next part is going to be romantic and full of mischief and flirting. 
Please update soon. 
Thank you updating tonight 
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Originally posted by Shaina744

Awsmmm update dear... Trisha's anger was really justified... Raghav left her for his mission without confess his feelings for her but Trisha had waited for him... This shows how much she loves nd believes him... She could not accept anyone in the place of Raghav! Day Dreaming so now RaTri s going to disguise as married couple... Eagerly awaiting for next part... Update soon... Nd tnx a lot dear for this amazing part Clap

Thanks glad you liked it 
Her anger is justified after all she got hurt by his actions 
She knows him too well and trust him 
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Originally posted by bawaswift

Awesome starting Uma,,,, StarClap
Thank you 
Raghav had to see this day as what he did ... the consequences were abt to come to him this way..
Yes its consequences of his actions 
THe marriage of Trisha to someone else made him thinking of his life dead n gone... he almost had lost Trsiha forever...
Yes he almost did 
But he tried his best to avert the scene.. ! He rushed n for the first time drove so fast not to let Trisha marry ... 
He tried his level best to not to lose her 
But she was so fuming that she did not even respond to his confession... n left him crying n bewildered... !
I feel her anger is justified she is so hurt because of him and suffered a lot 
Loved how her mother pacified him n told him the truth of her sis' marriage... he was relieved but felt guilty after knowing how Trisha suffered all these years n was going thru mental trauma... 
Yes her mom did an awesome job. She had seen Trisha craving for him and her struggle as a mom she want her kid to be happy. For Trisha it lies in Raghav 
His guilt made him think of her n he fell for her once again... Wink
Not only his guilt but her love for him, her faith in him her waiting all made him fall for her once again 
Ppl taked abt her n she avoided them... the same time he was at guilt... 
I liked how her mother asked him to win her back n promise her that he will never leave her again... !
We know how our society is when a girl stays unmarried how much ever successfull and pure she they tend to talk about her. Her mom wants her to be happy. She had seen her worst days. 
Now... he is at the office n back as an agent... ! Loved to see him meeting every one n even Trisha n asked for forgiveness.. 
Yes Raghav is back as agent Raghav 
But more liked how Trisha responded... Embarrassed Why wud she forgive him so soon... only for taking her for granted as always.. ??/ No .. no this time,,,, !
Yes this time it's her self respect that is affected so he is going to have tough time 
So the case needs to be go on...
N Raghav is all settled to play hubby to Trisha n landing to that resort as a HM couple... Time to watch out how he will win back her or at least will try his best to..
Yes have tried to make romantic and interesting 
Romance n comic scenes are in the cue as i hope../ 
But wanna see RaTri scenes n Trisha taking hell of the time to forgive Raghav...
after all... how dare he... WinkEmbarrassed
Have tried my level best hope I could stand upto your expectations 

Very nice starting Uma... Loved it n enjoyed while reading n writing abt it too... 
Thanks,,, !
 Thank you so much dear 

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Originally posted by babita..

Uma, please reply to the pending comments at this and the other thread !
No hurries, take your own time, but please do. Smile

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Originally posted by babita..

Hi Uma Hug
I loved the starting and the way Raghav came back after taking revenge from Vidooshak. But is he really dead ??
Yes he is really dead this time 
Now his visit to the CBI. Learning about Trisha's marriage was a jolt to him and her rushed to her home only to ask her not to marry someone else. Liked how he was crying and was feeling so helpless and rushed to her.
After all he loved her he didn't want to lose her he tried once 
Looking at the stunning Trisha made him loving her but Trisha got more angry and left him to cry and lost. 
Years later seeing her that too in bridal attire he is stunt and her anger is justified after all she is too hurt his time 
Her mother did a lovely job of telling him the truth and even taking promise from him that he will never leave her again. 
She had seen Trisha's worst time. She knew Trisha's happiness lies in Raghav as a mother she want her daughter to be happy 
The past that she told was so shattering of Trisha. He felt so guilty that he felt responsible for what she is suffering today. The tensions, turmoil, pressures from home, taunts from relatives. Everything he felt responsible for. 
To an extent he is responsible for it he had to feel bad. He never want to hurt her but ended up doing it 
And now he is determined to win her back with his love and make her the old Trsiha who used to smile and laugh with him. 
Yes he is and he is going to give his maximum 
The case seems very interesting and tough. But at the same time Raghav has a chance to win her back. Disguising as a couple and going to the Honeymoon resort will given him more chances to be with her and ask for forgiveness. He will be able to manao her in the last.EmbarrassedWink
He will try his level best. I have tried my level best. Hope I did justice. 
But the way things take place will be the time to watch and enjoy Big smile
Uma, i will be waiting for those cute and RaTri moments when they will be so close but won't be able to go ahead in love as Trisha is full of anger. 
Have tried my best hope you guys like it and I live upto your expectations 
Thanks and hugs for this beauteous. Loved it. Loves Heart

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Originally posted by braveheartdoc

First of all sorry for being late...
No problem 
Started nicely with Raghav coming back after 3 years and the reason why he left cbi and went away nicely unfolded... well presented...surely some stories are meant to be incomplete... just hope he is actually dead...this time he should not come back into their lives again...
He is really dead not going to come back this time 
Raghav thinking about what would have happened to Trisha over these years, how would she have reacted after he left like this... and the thought that vidushak could not be caught and that was his punishment for hurting Trisha... just shows how much he loves her and cares for her...LovelyClap
The love he has for her made him feel that way 
He getting the shock of his life when he went to the cbi office... he must have been shattered to hear this... 
Yes he got the shock of his life. His worst fear became real. 
and the way she recognised his voice without even seeing her... the depth of her love has made her so attached to him that she didn't need eyes to recognise him but just her heart does everything for her...
She loved him a lot. They are connected by there souls. 
The way she reacted was totally justified... i too stand by her when she decides to not give in so easily so that she is not taken for granted in future...
Yes she is a women of self respect she can't easily forgive him for hurting her self respect 
But i also felt like crying with Raghav when she told him that the marriage would definitely take place.
How relieved he would have been when he came to know that Trisha is not getting married...
For what he did there is no need for her to clarify his MU. He is indeed revealed that she is not getting married 
Felt so much for Trisha when her mother told him what she had been through when he was not here, she almost lost herself to him and his memories and could not smile since a long time. 
After all she loved him a lot. Her world surrounded around him so her behaviour is justified when he left just like that.
But i absolutely appreciate how her family supported her at this time as they didn't want to lose her...
They have seen her emotional stress. After all they are her parents. They don't want there daughter to end up as a psychiatric patient. 
She not forgiving him in office as i think that inside she wants him to manao her, she deserves that for her self respect and for the turmoil she went through...
Somewhere inside in her heart she want that. 
They deciding to go undercover as husband wife on honeymoon... expect the next part to be full of pranks and lots of romance...Day Dreaming
Have tried my level best to make it interesting 
Waiting for the next and final part eagerly...
Thank you for a lovely story...
Thank you dear 
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note: I have replied to all the comments. sorry for the delay. I was so busy these days with my work.
note: vidhushakh indeed died in this story!

Part 2 - last part
The cbi team had travelled to Dehradun that day itself as they had to solve the honeymoon couples murder case as soon as possible. So they have boarded the evening flight to Dehradun. In plane rajbir and bikram purposefully sat together so that trisha had to sit with raghav. They have by now understood there feelings for each other. They had suspected about this by seeing trisha's change when raghav had resigned from cbi and his appearance back in trisha's house after years indicated all the clues to them. They knew trisha is deeply hurt by raghav's behaviour and she won't easily pacify this time as any girl with self respect will do the same. Both of them didn't ask anything about this either to raghav or to trisha. They were waiting them to open up in front of them. At the same time they are ready to do all the help they can as they just want to see raghav and trisha happy.
On the way in plane raghav did try to speak with trisha but she completely ignored him. She was totally engrossed in the book she had brought along with her. Raghav did try to irritate her with his pranks but her angry stare made him kept quiet. That was the power she had with her stare. If looks could have killed someone raghav would have died by now.

Honeymoon inn resort - Dehradun

Raghav and trisha had reached the resort around dinner time. They both have changed from there formal wear to casuals in airport itself. Trisha was wearing knee length floral print skirt along with purple colour sleeveless top and a small net white jacket along with it. She had left her hair loose, a small drops earrings was the only ornament she wore. She looked so stylish and gorgeous in this attire. Whereas raghav had worn blue denim jeans and white shirt looking handsome as ever.
Receptionist: welcome sir.
Raghav: we had a booking.
Raghav put his arms around trisha's waist. Trisha was stunt. She didn't show it out as they were here as a couple for a case investigation.
Raghav: i am raghav sinha. And yeh meri wife hai mrs. Trisha raghav sinha!
Trisha started at him. Raghav had a naughty smile on his face. She looked at him angrily. And he slowly removed his hands from her waist.   
Raghav finished all the formalities and they were guided to there resort room by a room boy.
On the way to there room-
Trisha: bhai sab kya yeh sach hai ki pichli hafte mein yahan dho couples ka murder hua.
Waiter: ha madam ji yeh sach hai. Dho couples ka murder ho chukha hai.
Raghav: kaise hua murder?
Waiter: ab kya batao sir ek din mein dho dho couples ka murder. Kaise hua kuch theekh se nahi janthi. Dhono couples ko khathil ki agle din subah uski kamre se uske bed mein unki lash mili. Police ka kehana hai mauth dham ghutne se hua.
Trisha: aap ko kya lagtha hai kyun kiya hoga unka khathil? Chori karne ke liye?
Waiter: nahi madam ji koi chori nahi hui. Kamra bhi saaf tha. Muhey lagtha hai koi pagal insaan hi kiya hoga.
Raghav: aap dekha tha agle din unki lash?
Waiter: haa saab mein kamre ke bahar se dekha. Kyun ki jab mein aaya tha police uss kamre ki talaash kar rahi thi. Meri tho uss din koi night duty nahi thi. Issliye jab mein subah aaya tha yahan sab police the. Ap fikar math kijeye madam ji uss khathil ke baad hotel ko police ki security mili thi jab tak khooni ko nahi pakdthi woh log yahan se nahi jayegi.
They have reached the room by that time and the waiter opened the room for them. After he left trisha called rajbir and bikram. She had kept the video call on so that they all can see and talk.
Trisha: rajbir tum kal hotel ki har ek waiter ko interrogate karo. Saath saath uski background bhi check karo. Aur bikram tum kal police station jakar case ki report collect karo aur jitne bhi guest the resort pe murder ki waqath woh log aaj bhi yahan hai. Police unhe wapas jane ki permission nahi thi case solve hone takh. Uska background bhi check karo. Aur kal hum kisi bhi tarah unh logo ko bina shaqh hotey huae uss logo se kuch pata karne ki koshish karengi. Aur hotel ki owner ko bhi milne ki koshish karegi. Cyber cell sab logo ka calls track karahi hai. Kuch khass hai toh woh log hume turandh contact kar legi.
After cutting the call she decided to freshen up. Suddenly raghav pulled her towards the wall and locked her on each sides with his arms.
Trisha: kya kar rahi ho raghav? Leave me
Raghav: nahi
Trisha: raghav! Tum apna mazak kisi aur pe try karo. Mein bahuth takh chukhi hoon. Fresh up hoke aaram karna chathi hoon.
Raghav: kisi aur ko irritate karne mein koi mazaa nahi hai jitna tume irritate hote huae milthi
Trisha: raghav i am warning you stay away from me.
Raghav: kaisi baath kar rahi ho honeymoon mein apni biwi se dhoor kaise ho sakthi trisha?
Trisha: mein tumari biwi nahi hoon. Nahi hi hum honeymoon pe aayi. Hum yahan apni kaam ke liye aayi hoon. Pati patni ka natakh bahar karo. Kamre ki andher nahi. Samjhi tum.
He leaned close to her face and unknowingly she closed her eyes. He whispered huskily in her ears
Raghav: tum iss get up mein bahuth khoobhsurat dikh rahi ho.
Trisha blushed but she quickly hide it. She pushed him and went to the washroom. She just couldn't stop smiling while bathing.

Trisha was surprised to see candle lights in the room. Raghav was waiting for her.
Trisha: yeh sab kya hai raghav?
Raghav: candle light dinner hai. Khaas tumare liye.
Trisha: not interested raghav.
Raghav: trisha mein jantha hoon tum muhjse naraz hai aur woh jais bhi hai. Tum dhupair bhi theekh se nahi khaya. Kuch toh khalo warna tumari thabeer kharabh hojayegi. Please mera gussa apne khane pe math nikhalo.
Triisha didn't say anything. She sat to have dinner. Raghav had ordered her favourite dishes. Sandwiches, salads, fruits, fresh juices. Trisha was amazed that he cares for her likings.
Raghav too sat opposite to her. Trisha stared him. He smiled innocently.
Raghav: bahuth bhookh lag rahi hai boss. Muhey abhi kahana hai warna bhookh ki wajah se mein mar jaongi.
Trisha murmured: dramebazz!
Raghav smiled.
Trisha: tume aaj bhi yaad hai muhey yeh sab khane mein pasandh hai?
Raghav: mein kaise bhool saktha hoon trisha? Jab bhi mein tume hadh se zyaada miss karthi hoon tumari tarah yeh sab diet conscious food khathi hoon.
Trisha didn't say anything further. After that dinner was silent affair. After having dinner raghav went to freshen up. Trisha called her parents and her younger sister tejal and spoke with them.

Raghav saw trisha opening her sleeping pill packet and when she was about to consume it he threw it away from her hands.
Trisha shouted: what the hell raghav? Iske bina mein kaise so sakthi hoon?
Raghav: aaj ke baad tume yeh piills lene ki zaroorath nahi hai. Mein hoon na tumare saath.
Trisha: tumara koi barosa nahi hai. Aaj hoga kal chodhkar kahi aur chala jayega. Mein iss pills se kush hoon.
Raghav: nahi tum aaj ke baad woh nahi looungi. Aur mein vaada karthi hoon tum uske bina aaram se so jaongi.
she just stared him. He came near her and took her hands and caressed it.
Raghav: mein vaada karti hoon trisha mein tume chodhke kahin nahi jaongi.
Trisha left her hands from his and went to bed. He too went and lied down near her. She looked at him angrily.
Trisha: tum aur mein ek bistar pe kaise so sakthi hoon?
Ragahv: kyun raath mein tum apne apko control nahi karpaoge?
Trisha: shut up raghav
He smiled.
Raghav: tum batao bistar pe nahi toh kahan soangi mein? Iss kamre mein koi sofa nahi hai. Aur mein dinning chair pe bait ke toh so nahi sakthi na?
She knew he has a point. She didn't argue further. She switched off the lights.
Raghav: trisha mein tumhe ek kahani sunathi hoon
Trisha: raghav mein choti bacchi thodi nahi hoon kahani sunkar sone ke liye.
Raghav: yeh meri maa ne muhey sikhayi. Tum suno toh sahi.
Raghav narrated the story which his mother used to tell when he was young. Though trisha pretended disinterested from outside she listened to his story which his mother used to tell.
After sometime
Raghav: tume kaisi lagi mumma ki kahani?
Trisha didn't respond. Raghav saw her sleeping peacefully. He looked at her angelic face. He caressed her hair and kissed on her forehead.
Raghav: goodnight trisha!

Next day morning

Trisha woke up when sunrays hit her eyes. She was astonished that she had slept off listening to raghav's story. It is after long time she is sleeping without having her sleeping pills. She saw raghav was holding her hands and sleeping. She slowly withdraw her hands from his. She looked at his face and caressed his hair affectionately and murmured: thank you raghav!

Raghav and trisha had gone to the resort's restaurant area. While taking the buffet for breakfast they talked to the other people who are staying in the resort and was present during the murder night.
After the breakfast
Trisha: tume kuch clue mila?
Raghav: nahi trisha. Muhey nahi lagtha inn sari guest mein koi khooni hoga. Yeh logo ko marey huae couples ko janthe takh nahi ho. So woh unn logo kyun mareyga?
Trisha: yes you are right. Muhey bhi yahi lagraha hai. Matalab hotel ki staff aur management mein koi hoga culprit.
Raghav: chances usski zyaada hai.
Trisha: hum ek kaam karthe hai. Mere pass uss couples ki call records hai. Kuch unusal nahi hai iss mein. Par uss call records mein hume uss couple ki sare location mili hai. Jahan woh log iss jagah aane ke baath gumney gayi. Muhey lagtha hai hume ek baar yeh sari jaga jake dekhne padhega. Kuch khaas nahi mileyga. Par phir bhi hume koi surag mile tho?
Raghav: haan toh chaliye. Aapke saath Dehradun ghoomne ki maukha mein kaise haath se nikhalo? After all hum yahan honeymoon pe aayi hai na?
Trisha started at him!
Raghav: mera matalbh hai yahan ki logo ke nazar mein.
She rolled her eyes in irritation.

Raghav and trisha went every places were the murdered couples went before there murder. They tried every possible ways. But luck was not favouring them. They just couldn't get any leads.
For lunch rajbir and bikram joined raghav and trisha.
Bikram: police report mein kuch khaas nahi. Sabka statements hai. Aur mein ne resort ki sare guest ki background check karli. Kisiki bhi background mein koi gadhbadh nahi hai.
Rajbir: mein ne resort ki sare waiters ko poch thaj karli. Sabki ka statements wahi hai jaise woh log police ko di. Aur in logo ki background mein bhi kuch shaaq karne ki cheez nahi hai. Sare log yahan saalo se kaam kar rahi ho.
Trisha: so humko ab takh koi lead nahi hai.
Raghav: hume resort ki cctv check karni padegi. Especially murder ke din.
Rajbir: mein ne police se mangwai. Woh footage toh trisha ki offical mail id pe woh log mail karli.
Trisha: mein apni phone pe mail open karthi hoon.
Trisha opened her mail in her phone. She played the cctv footage.
Bikram: another dead end. Iss mein bhi kuch nahi hai.
Trisha: muhey lagtha hai hume resort ki management se aur owner se baath karni padhegi.
Raghav: aur resort ki security se bhi.
Rajbir: ek problem hai. Wahan ki sari logo ke nazar mein tum logo ek usual couple hai. Aur tum log kaise interrogate karogi?
Trisha: tum fikar math karo. Hum manage karlegi.

Trisha somehow managed to talk with the management and the owner of the resort by pretending as a guest who is appreciating the resorts maintenance and service. But after talking with them she couldn't suspect them being involved in murder. She came back to the room. She saw it was locked. She opened the room with the spare keys. She closed the room from inside. She went to the bureau and got a dress. She thought to freshen up. She kept her dress on the table and removed her kurthi and leggins and put it in the basket for washing. She was standing in her slip. She heard the bathroom door opening. She turned only to get shocked. Raghav had came out after bath wearing only a towel. Even he was shocked to see trisha standing only in her slip. They both screamed and turned.
Trisha: tume itna bhi manners nahi hai agar naha rahi thi room upar se lash kyun nahi ki.
Raghav: bhool gayi thi upar lash karne ke liye. Sirf center lock kiya. Yaad nahi thi tumare pass bhi ek extra chabi hai.
Trisha: ab tum washroom mein chali jao. Muhey change karni hai.
Raghav: ha zaroor. Waise tum iss slip mein bahuth hot lag rahi ho.
Trisha blushed profusely.

Night - restaurant

Trisha and raghav had gone to the restaurant to have dinner. Trisha was wearing a white colour short strap top and blue colour wrap around skirt.
Raghav: waise trisha tume iss tara casual kapde bahuth suit karthi hai.
Trisha: raghav! Kaam ki baath kare.
Raghav: mein ne security se baath ki. Yahan ke sare securities ek agency ke contract se aaye huae hai. Mein ne rajbir ko bol tha uss agency ke bare mein patha karne ke liye. Aur jitne bhi log yahan kaam kiya unke bare mein bhi.
Raghav and trisha had dinner. While drinking the lime juice trisha felt some taste difference. But she continued drinking her juice. After finishing her juice she felt her vision getting blurred. Raghav noticed her change. he became worried.
Raghav: are you ok trisha?
Trisha(her speech was slurred): pata nahi sar ghoom raha hai.
Raghav took her juice glass. He could smell vodka. He understood someone mixed alcohol in her juice. He was astonished. Raghav called the waiter.
Raghav: yeh kya hai? Meri wife ne toh lime juice maanga tha? Aap logo ne unhe vodka mixed drink de thi.
Waiter: mera yakeen maniye sir mein ne madam ko lime juice hi thi. Muhey nahi patha iss mein sharabh kaisi mili?
Raghav felt weird. He saw trisha had passed out. He decided to take care of her first. He carried her in his arms and took her to room. He put her on the bed. And when he turned he felt a tug on his hand. He saw trisha pulling him towards her. He sat near her.
Trisha: kahan gayi thi raghav itne saal muhey chodke?
Raghav was astonished. Trisha had tears in her eyes. He caressed her face.
Trisha: tume pata hai mein kitna aakhela ho gaya tumare jane ke baad? Kitna khabharayi hui thi mein. Bina kuch bataye chali gayi thi tum. Mein kitna koshish ki tume dhoondhne mein. Kahan hai kiss haal mein kuch pata nahi. Raat mein neendh takh nahi aati. Agar tume kuch hogaya toh? Vidhushakh ne tume kuch kiya toh?
Trisha had started crying. Raghav felt bad seeing tears in her eyes because of him. But he thought let her bring out all the pain she had stressed herself in her heart. She need to have this heart to heart conversation. After this she will feel better.
Trisha: mumma aur papa muhey pagal samjha jab mein ne tumare liye intezaar karne ka faisala kiya. Woh log mere liye bahuth worried hogayi thi. Par mein karo tho kya karo? Mein kisi aur ke bare mein soch bhi nahi sakthi thi. Muhey bahuth bura laga jab mein ne apni parivaar ko parishan kiya. Mein bahuth buri hoon na?
Raghav: nahi trisha tum kitni achi ho. Mein bura hoon iss tarah tume chodke jane ke liye.
Trisha: meri rishtidhar aur ass pass ke log tarah tarah ki bate kar rahi thi mere bare mein. Muhey koi problem nahi par meri family woh bahuth hurt horahi thi yeh sab sunkar. Kuch logo ne muhey aisi nazar se dekh rahi thi jaise mein sirf ek piece flesh hoon.
Raghav too had tears in his eyes. What all she had been going through all these years. How much ever progressive we are still a women in our society have limitations.
Raghav: mein vaada karthi hoon trisha mein tume chodke kahi nahi jaongi. Tume har ek buri nazar se bachaongi.
Trisha smiled. She kissed on his lips. Raghav was stunt. He knew she was not in her senses. He didn't feel right to take advantage of her. Where as trisha was shocked and hurt that he didn't respond.
Trisha: tum muhey reject kar rahi ho?
Raghav: nahi. Aisa nahi hai. Tum ab apni hosh mein nahi ho. Yeh sahi nahi hai. Trisha please try and understand.
She started crying badly. He felt for hurting her. He just couldn't see her tears. He kissed her back with passion. He just couldn't control himself. All the love he had buried for her came out.

Next day morning

Trisha woke up when sunrays hit her eyes. She felt severe headache. She just couldn't remember what happened last night. Last thing she remembered was she drinking lime juice in the restaurant. She was astonished to see herself lying down only wearing a shirt. She recognised that it was raghav's shirt which he had worn last night. She covered herself with the blanket. She became confused. What's going on?
She saw raghav entering with breakfast tray. He kept the tray in table and went and sat near her. He caressed her face.
Raghav: tum subah aur bhi khoobhsurat dikh rahi ho.
She looked at him confused.
Trisha: kal raat kya hua raghav? Sach batao
Raghav: tume yaad nahi hai trisha? Tum woh sab kaise bhool sakthi ho?
Trisha was shocked.
Trisha: matalab
Raghav: kya trisha tum bhool gayi tumne muhey kiss kiya. Jab mein ne respond nahi ki tum rone lagi aur uske baad hum
She saw him blushing. She was stunt. How can she do that? How can she break the trust her family had in her?
She started crying badly. Raghav became worried.
Raghav: kya hua trisha tum ro kyun rahi thi?
Trisha: mein kaise itni badi galthi kar sakthi hoon? Mere parents ne muhey pe kitna barosa kiya. Meri har ek khawaish ko poora kiya. Aur balde mein ne kya kiya?
Raghav: trisha relax and please listen to me.
But she was crying so badly. Raghav hold her in his arms.
Raghav: trisha just listen. Yeh sach hai kal raat hum dono ne apni feelings ko control nahi kar parahi thi. Aur hum almost galthi karne wale the. Par mein ne bahuth mushkil se apne aapko control kiya. Mein tumari halaath ka faida udana nahi chathi. So please relax jaisa tum soch rahi hai waisa nahi hua. Tumne kisi ka barosa nahi thodha.
Trisha felt relived and she hugged him tightly. He caressed her hair. After sometime she realised what she had done and she slowly withdraw herself from his arms. She was feeling awkward.
Raghav: tum jaldi fresh ho jao aur khana khalo.
She nodded her head in agreement.

Trisha wondered why raghav had called everyone in the resort lobby?
Trisha: raghav kya ho raha hai? Tumne sabko yahan kyun bulaya?
Raghav: case ka climax reveal hone ki. Sab log ko uss khooni se milwane ke liye. Rajbir le aao ine
Every one was astonished to see the new security of the resort shyam.
Manager: sir yeh toh hamari nayi security hai shyam.
Raghav: haan. Inho ne uss couples ka murder kiya aur utna nahi kal iss ne hume bhi marne ki koshish ki. Kyun sahi kehrahi hoon na mein shyam? Ab sab kuch sach bato. Tumare paas koi aur rastha nahi hai.
Shyam: haan mein ne mar dala un couples ko. Muhey pyaar se sakth nafrath hai. Pyaar sirf ek veham hai. Jab bhi mein andhe pyaar karne logko ko dekhthi hoon dhaam ghudtha hoon mera. Mein ne uss couple ke juice mein sharabh mix ki. Aur jab woh log raat mein kamre mein aaram se sorahi thi tab mein ne unke kamre mein ghussa. Bandha kamra thodna mere liye utna mushkil kaam nahi tha. Mein jan bhujke apne duty ke din nahi chuna. Kyunki muhey pata tha police muhey pooj tahj karegi. Mein ne unn couples ko uski partner ki thakiye se dhaam ghut kar mardiya. Bahuth pyaar karthe hain na ek doosare se. Issliye. Tum logo ko bhi marne wale the kyunki tum dono bhi ek doosare se bahuth pyaar karthi hain na. Par mein khamiyab nahi hui. Kyunki kal raath juice sirf iss ladki ne pee thi.
Trisha shook her head in disbelief.
Trisha: tume maad ki zaroorath hai shyam. You are mentally sick. Rajbir isse local police ko handover karo.
Bikram: raghav tume iss par shaak kaise hua?
Raghav: kal raat jab muhey pata chala trisha ki juice spiked hai mein ne yahan ki waiter se baath karli. Woh bhi suprised aur shocked hua. Kyunki unho ne juice hi banwaya tha. Jab mein aaj subah unhe phir se bula kar pooj taj karli pata chala kitchen mein shyam bhi shamil the jab yeh juice banthe waqath. Shyam wahan sabko milne aur khana khane ki bahane aaye the. Aur jab maukha mila juice spike karli. Aur mein ne murder ke din ki cctv phir se check ki. Mein ne notice kiya dinner ke waqath uss couples ne koi sharabh nahi pee thi. Sirf juice pee thi. Par phir bhi unki post mortem report mein alcohol content mila. Aur mein ne murder ke raath mein shamil hui har ek kitchen staff se pooj taj karli. Shyam uss raath bhi kitchen mein the. So sab kuch saaf hogaya. Aur upar se shyam ki foot prints bhi mili muhey uss kamrese.
Trisha: good job raghav. Case aasan nahi tha.
Raghav: iss bar mein tume bhi thanks karna chathi hoon. Agar tumari drinks spiked nahi hui thi mein shyam ko kabhi suspect nahi karthi.

Rajbir and bikram had gone to police station to complete the other works related to the case. They had got tickets for next day only. So they decided to stay in Dehradun itself for this day. Raghav was surprised when trisha asked whether he will accompany her for a walk. He was so happy and instantly he agreed. Trisha was really happy by the efforts he had taken from the moment he came to her life. Last night's incident have made her realised how much they craved for each other. The fact that he stopped himself and controlled his emotions made her happy as that clearly showed how much he loves her and respects her. She know when it comes to physical intimacy men is weaker. To control themselves is very much difficult. She was revealed that she had poured out all her stress and emotions last night. His promise, his confession had give her the assurance she needed.
Raghav: trisha hum resort ki terrace mein pahun chukhey hai.
Trisha: jantha hoon. Bas dekhna chathi hoon tum mere liye kuch bhi karogi ya nahi meri maafi ke liye kuch bhi karogi ya nahi?
Raghav: kya karna hoga muhey?
Trisha: kuch zyaada nahi iss building se khudh kar apni jaan de dho
Raghav was stunt by her demand. He understood immediately that she is testing him.
Raghav: tumari baath ko thukhraoge nahi. Par ek baar tume chodne ki galthi karli ab ek aur baar nahi karoongi.
He forcefully pulled her in to his arms.
Raghav: to ek kaam karthe hum dhono saath saath kyun nahi marlethi? Khudhu yahan se?
Trisha: raghav! Pagal hogay hai kya? Agar marna hai toh mein kabka woh karlethi? Mein tumare saath marna nahi jeena chathi hoon. Bas dekhna chathi thi tum ek aur baar muhey chokdar jaoge yaa nahi?
Raghav: kabhi nahi trisha. Mein apni poori zindagi tumare saath bitana chathi hoon. Mein hamesha woh sapna dekhthi thi. Mein tume aur intezaar karna nahi chathi. Tumne mere liye bahuth intezaar kar liya. Jantha hoon bahuth dher hogayi phir bhi pooch rahi hoon kya tum muhjse shaadi karogi?
Trisha smiled: haan i will. I love you raghav.
Raghav: i love you too trisha.

The end!

Ps - i am very nervous while writing this story through out. I tried my level best to make it interesting. If you guys feel not dignified in some parts of the story i apologise in advance.

Edited by Az07 - 27 May 2016 at 8:36am

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