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TS : MY desi FANGIRL last part pg 4 completed

dhakad_chori Goldie

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Its about ASR -THe shrewd business man & his crazy desi fangirl Khushi kumari gupta .


" hey !!!! Helluuu...!!!!    "

Arnav heard some one ' s   calling from his right , he ignored it for the nth time and continue doing what he was upto & what was that ..yes yes .. kissing another one of his girlfriend of few months . She has won miss spain this year , they had met at the after party of the miss spain . They are personalties had hit it off instanly by personality i am meant their   charged bodies .    

Arnav was hot , smart , handsome & to top it all he was a billioner with youngest emerging businessmen , girl hit a jackpot .    He was very famous , no newpaper or channel ended its day without flashing hils face on it .

Miss spain   lavanya who was half indian & half sapanish , the best como ever . She has the perfect figure , hot body and she is ready to share it without fus or asking for something more - perfectly ASR Type .

ASR brought his head forward , his lips near her sexy plumed lips in a second ready for another round of intense making out . Arnav looked at her big b**b from the periphery of his eyes , he gulped controlling his arousal .   His eye went to on his right when , he somthing rainbow cloured coming towards him with fast speed.

* bomb*   #dhadag #   

" what the "   arnav   screamed in pain   as a very skiny girl collied with him ,resulting in him falling on the floor and she on the top of him . who the hell distrubed him in his imtimate moments . Arnav held girls shoulder pulling her away from him , her face has been hiding in his chest with her hairs cascading down her slim back .

Girl looked at arnav shyly , her cheeks red with embarasment , she slowly moves away from him but remain seated the floor besides him .

Arnav looked at a inocent looking girl probably in early 20s . She is wearing   rainbow coloured chudidar with pom-poms on every nok and corner of her dress . She looks as if she just stepped out of POGO channel dont ask how he know a cartoon channel .. its a long story .   

Well a hot girl - less brains and fan of Bhim you got the gist right . not one of his best moments .

Girl put a small box in his hands , making him come out of his thoughts & shock . Arnav looks at the box wrapped in multi coloured girft raping paper . Whats with rainbow colour huh! Arnav thought .

Lavanya looked at them shocked especially at ASR 's behaviour , he havent shouted a word whereas a second back he had practically fired a waiter because he was passing near their personal table .

Arnav still siting on the floor on his knees looked at the desi girl siting in lotous postion like at the time of yoga ,fidigiting with his fingers nervously .

Arnav opened the small box   to find a beautifull black metallic combo wrist watch in it . It is not of some big brand but has amazing design   but why was she giving   him this . Arnav looked at    her questioning   her actions .

The girl smiled at him   and hugged him tight , making them both again fall back on the floor while screaming ' I LOVE YOU '

Arnav could   only mutter "what the "

Khushi   come out of the hug , her eyes briming with unshead tears of happiness , taking deep breaths .

Arnav looked at her shocked   anger quite visible in his stance . He stood up and    asked   gritting his teeths " who the hell are you? "

" i .. mei apki phanki   " khushi said dreamingly while shaking her right hand   depication the action of fan .

Arnav gave her what ; the -hell -are -you - saying looks .

Khushi stood up quite comicaly almost falling back two times . She looked at him dreamingly   and said everything in one go .

"I you biggest phannn . I khushi "   khushi spoke in her tuti futi english    with her lucknowi accent .

Arnav looked at her puzzeled .   Khushi started jumping with excitement while trying to hold her happy tears back . She took out a magzine and pen out of his bag clumisly while giving him smile in between .

She forwards the magzine in his hand which has his picture on the front page . She asked for his autograph while jumping and brings her hands near her face in excitment , her eyes wided in awe   as his well mancured hand took the pen from her hands and signed it effortlessy , thrusting it back in her hands , hoping she will leave him alone    at least now .

Arnav looked at the girl   who still stood there nervously   looking here and there as if accumulating courage to say something .

Frustrated and angery with the girl and this situation arnav shouted   

" what do you want now ? "

Lavanaya flinch at his voice , her mini heart had almoat had a heart attack because of it .

Arnav looked at the girl in front of him open mouthed muttering what the .   there is no one and i mean no one in this whole world   who doesnt get scared of his anger .

But this girl gosh   its look like her admiration reached much high on listening to his shout . She looked at him blinking her eyelashes    sweetly, smiling   wide , she even put both her hands near her head in fist like tv serials mother do taking balaya of their handsome son .. uhh that refrence is weird .

Arnav shook khushi to bring her out of her thoughts as she was standing there lost looking at him   with her puppy dog eyes , admiring him from head to toe .

" hey !! Get out of your day dreaming    desi girl " arnav again shook her . Khushi looked at him lost in his perfect english accent ..

" aapka english kya mast h . Ek baar fir se boliye na " khushi lookef at him dreamingly . Requesting him to again say something english ..

" are you crazy ? " arnav looked at her shaking his head muttering what situation he has get himself into , should have walked out on the first chance itself .

" oho..   english ...   you   ghuming ( spining )   .. i ..   i .. fainting "     khushi    fake fainted in his arms listening to his oh so sexy english . Arnav stood their holding a fake uncouncious khushi .

She opened her right eye first then her left smiling sheepishly at him . Done with her drama arnav left khushi 's waist that he was holding and let her fall and left the place not giving a look back once .

Khushi fell on the sofa that lavanaya & arnav were siting a while back . She smiled happily as arnav had taken her gift with him .


" aman , have you invited all the guest ? " arnav asked while walking down stairs in his office with his one hand in his pant's pocket and other holding his mobile . Aarnv walked confidently amog his employess not responding to their greeting .

" yes sir ,   mr. Mittal is waiting on conference room right now sir . After the meeting we have to go check the venue for saturday 's party " aman told ASR   while walking bhind him . Aman coilled with arnav's back due to latter's aprut halt .

Aman muttered sorry and step beside his boss , who looked shocked and angery at the same time staring infront of him .

Aman followed his gaze and looked at    a   petite &fair girl   in orngane - yellow salwar kameez god !! She is a walking fashion disaster .    

Khushi was waywing her both hands to arnav , shouting a big    HI   from the gate of the building   while two gate guards trying to push her away and stop her from entering the office without permission .

" arnav ji hum aap k liye jalebi lae h .     Kya mast lagte h aap chalte hue   . Agar ye khali size uncle hume rokne k khoshish nahi kar rahe hote toh hum toh paka faintwa ho jate " .khushi   spoke every word so aloud that even the    whole delhi can hear her .

Employess start gossiping and lauging while seeing the scene in front of them   . Arnav looked at them scremed    angerly   " get back to work now !! . "

As everyone started to work silently . Arnav walked towards a wide smiling khushi who was still    waywing her hands and shaking the tiffen in her hands .

Arnav    told guards to go . He looked at khushi   dangerously , he wont spare this chit of girl who is making fun of him infront of his whole office . Enough is enough now ! He will show her who ASR   his .

Arnav holded her wrist tight   pulling her towards him excepting her to feel pain but instead she looked at him loveingly .     For next ten minutes arnav shouted , screamed and insulted the girl infront of him with every possible word in his dictionary . But contrary to his exceptations , her face grew more and more fonder of him , she smiled ,blinked shyly , her cheeks becoming pink with each passing minute .

Arnav left her losing to get the required response   from her .   Arnav   looked angry towards her , she bring jalebi box in front of him   , arnav 's eyebrow shot up in respone   so confident she is   or stupid he cant understand .

Khushi said coely " arnav ji say what the   "   

Arnav responded    at her crazy talk   " whaaa...t "
Before he can even complete his phrase    a big piece of jalebi was thrusted in his mouth not having any option but to chew it .

Arnav looked at her wide eyed shocked out of his wits at his so called desi fangirl confidence   but he was wrong he havnt seen anything yet .

Khush thrust the jalebi box in his hands   and jumped up and kissed him     ... on his cheeks    ,

Unchewed piece of jalebi fell out of his mouth looking   at her shocked . No one...   that is one have kissed him without his kowldge not even his girl friends .

Khushi ran away   screaming   " SEE YOU LATER "

Arnav for a change   said a new word   " F*** K "     

what did she mean by see you later ?



Please coment & like      thank you Embarrassed
scroll down for shot -2       and shot -3 /last part on page 4

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dhakad_chori Goldie

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 9:56am | IP Logged

Shot -2


"is every thing ready  for the party? " arnav asked aman while sipping his fifth glass of scotch of the evening , he needs this to  forget  this whole week's  antics of that crazy  desi fangirl


Arnav is still  remembers  that gym's event as  if it happened yesterday , gosh he still get nightmares from that day . it was Wednesday  his  maximum work out day with his personal trainer  micheal rover , he cost a  million for a day , so all in all very important day with very expensive trainer . 



Arnav was   lying on the bench and lifting  heavy weights   with both his arm , his full concentration on the workout , his muscles were relaxing and tightening with his movements  while sweat making his  biceps shine in the florcent lights of the gym . 

Arnav  heard a  loud  voice of someone sipping   something  with sup sup sound  like someone drink enjoying his drink to the fullest . arnav ignored it for a while but then it got combined with  crunching sound    as if someone was  eating chips  .


Arnav turned towards his right to shout at  the culprit  getting. He  got  shocked out of his wits seeing   khushi siting  on chair besides him and looking at him as if looking at some shirtless Bollywood hero , god he had never felt so exposed  ever in his life  .  she has been seeing him with her hawk like eyes  but for how long ?.   her eyes expanding and contracting  with his actions of his muscles .  her face giving her creeps as SRK  did in DAR , how he knew about this Bollywood movie don't  even ask -    very clingy girlfriend fan of srk  you got the gist right ., 


 her eyes , he has never  given them much needed attention like he is giving now , they are the most beautiful eyes he have ever seen in his life ,  big almond size hazel eyes with a twinkle like a star  in them . his eyes  travels to her  cute little nose  then to her blushing cheeks  which turned more  pink under his  scrutinizing eyes ,  then came her lips  naturally pink  shinning with simple gloss .


she blew a kiss to him with her Roseberry lips  making arnav lose  his balance on the weight , making the  rod connecting two heavy weights  fall on his chest ,   heavy weight making it hard for him to breath , his face turning red .


"hey devi maiya !   koi bacho  inhe   "    khushi shouted , a tear making its way out  due to worry  , she will never be able to forgive herself if something happened to him .

" I am really sorry arnavji " khushi apologised .


Arnav s trainer helped him out , arnav took few deep breathes controlling his fast beating heart .  khushi  tried drying his sweating body with her dupata  , arnav pushed her hand  away from him  looked at her angrily , this crazy little girl  gonna be end of him  someday .


"stay away from me "  arnav said to her griting his teeth angrily

 arnav walked out of the gym not looking back once to see a crying khushi's face .


Aman s question  brings arnav out of his thoughts  " sir !  all the  guest have arrived  , its time for toast "   arnav  nodded in acknowledgment  and  started walking towards the main stage . his mind taking him back to another memory of that  girl .


 He was siting  on the table in a five star hotel waiting for his lunch and very potential client to arrive   , he    was sipping    his coffee when  his eyes went to  someone  who was holding the newspaper upside -down  , two clear  holes in the middle of the newspaper , before he  could further investigate the matter ,  client he has been waiting for came to him.  They got busy in talking about business  , arnav s  eyes wondered again and  again to the crazy  person reading newspaper upside down  as if feeling something  fishy there .


The person shuffled  here and there few times ,the person  put newspaper up near his face whenever arnav turned to him , arnav finished his meeting quickly  .



Arnav  got up from the table after biding the client goodbye , he  went in the opposite direction of the exit door  where that  weird person was siting . that person  followed him still holding the newspaper in his hands , arnav  quickened his pace and turned a swift right  and left then again a right   from the corridor of the hotel . he was successful in confusing the person  who  stand near    stair case  not able to understand which way arnav went .


Arnav turned back and came behind the person   now  noticing detail in his mind .   he was wearing   black jeans  with  white  shirt and red jacket   and a black cap on his head ... Wait a second  .. oh !  !  it's a girl  her   figure quite apparently showing her feminine appearance .


Arnav was some where sure who she would be . its been   two days to  the gym event  after that she had not meet him anywhere looks her resolve of staying away finally went threw window , who can resist arnav singh raizada  anyway .  


Arnav holded her wrist tight turning her towards him , pushing her to  the near by wall . she looked surprised seeing him and nervous  too .  arnav threw the cap away from  her head making her long hairs come cascading down her back making look like a majesticing angel .


"so you changed your desi looks .  hmm  to bad I think that was way more hotter than this one" 


arnav  said while smirking at her . she looked at him shocked at his words  ,she opened her mouth to say something but arnav stopped her  by putting his lips on hers , kissing her lips fully .khushi just stood their too shocked to react .


Arnav pulled back from the kiss , forcing some girl is not his thing , he is doing this just to scare her off  , he knows girl like her would never like to get intimate with someone other than her husband .  he will  get into her bad guy list and she will forever get away from him . he made a final blow  with his next words   winking at  completion of his words  with nasty smile on his face .


"  lets go to   my bedroom , I am sure  you wont forget this night in million years "


Khushi  pushed him away from him , looking disturbed  and ran away  . arnav stood their looking at her retreating back  hoping he haven't hurt the girl too much .



Arnav  hugged   his brother akash on the way to stage , saying him to join him . he had thrown  this party for  akash and payal s one year successful marriage . only family and very close friends are  invite to the party . he was talking to payal and akash  when he  eyes  flashed with rainbow colours , he turned to his right on instinct to see  khushi in her  rainbow coloured langha  making her way to the stage .


No ! not here   why don't this girl left her alone  . arnav ran towards the stage to  stop her from doing anything stupid  but he was too late , she stood there with mike in her hands.


Then she started crying   , speaking  gibberish   while pointing his fingers towards him as if accusing him of something , she sniffed  , sobbed ,  but didn't stop what ever she was saying but what  was

 she saying .


   khushi kept on speaking while crying bitterly



Anjali  came to arnav looking at him angrily   she said

" arnav what she is saying ? "


"what is she saying ?"  arnav  knew that from his sisters reaction she had understood what the girl was saying and as di reaction goes it is not something good .


"don't joke with me arnav "   Anjali  looked at him  getting angrier more and more with khushi's increasing  crying and complaining dialogue


" why would I joke di, I don't understand what is she saying "   arnav answered his sister  not seeing one eon of understanding  shine on her face , arnav frustratingly  looked here and there  to look at someone who can help  him . but to his bad luck every one was looking at him angrily  as if ready to eat him alive , seriously what had she said ?  looks like every one understood her gibberish   except him  .


Arnav looked at everyone holding his hands up  in defeat  , he thoughts  its better that he explained to everyone in  his way , though he didn't understand what she said  but he knew it must be related to the kiss.


" I can explain   ok !  it was just one time ..   I "  arnav started explain but before he can say anything further khushi closed his mouth with her palm  and give  weird looks  as if saying something with her eyes  god ! he was never good at  dhumstrats .


" kisko ko koi explain karne ki jaroorat nahi h , humne sachi bata di ha sabko "    khushi said  while  looking at everyone who nodded their heads as if agreeing to her .arnav pushed her hand away from his mouth and spoke in one go .


"  I kissed her ... Just once.   Nothing else.  everything else she said  is a lie ."   



After his statement all he can hear were shocked gasp coming from  everyone  . he looked at khushi who  was sting on the floor  her  face covered in her palms .


"you kissed khushi ji"  Anjali asked no able to hold it anymore


"yeah  ... Wait a second you know her ?"   arnav   registered  her words a little late and looked at her shocked . wow looks like our arnav babu is in for a lot of shocks .


Anjali  looked at her brother sheepishly  , biting her tongue  while all the people in the  hall started o laughing  . hearing all laughing even Anjali started laughing not able to take it anymore .   arnav looked at everyone shocked .












Now  its your turn to guess .  why every one was laughing ?   what is the real truth? Who is khushi ?   please give your feedback


A few more lines left and this  two -shot story will be completed  , I will update the next lines tomorrow  after getting to know your guesses . lets see who guess it right . 

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vvini Senior Member

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 7:30pm | IP Logged
I loved it...nicely written... Clap

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dhakad_chori Goldie

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 10:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by vvini

I loved it...nicely written...Clap
   thank you :)

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maitydeblina Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2016 at 12:56am | IP Logged
hillariousLOLLOLASR no clueWinkLOLausumSmile
update soonSmileSmile

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dhakad_chori Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2016 at 6:12am | IP Logged
 i am trying posting but it keeps on saying invaild words what does that mean.
'what words are included in it ,

foreverhers IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 April 2016 at 6:27am | IP Logged
Oh my effin' Lord! I've been ROFLing so hard that my stomach has started aching and my lacrimal glands have started forming tears.ROFLROFL
I've fallen helplessly and hopelessly in love with the first part of this TS.
Just like Khushi, even I've become a bada wala pankhi of your imaginative brain.
Khushi... Kudos girl! Never knew the extent of craziness she would show for Arnav.ROFL
I just thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
Update it soonish!!

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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simply amazing
loved it

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